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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 27th

Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban are in for Greg Papa - they break down the Warriors win over the Cavs on Christmas & Lebron v. KD - joined by Garry St Jean [Warriors analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area pre/post game show].


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Please okay. They're gonna do is stop I don't know I don't. Okay. Do any Indian land do you spend the Tories suck the warriors. Very just how. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Life from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco's skyline. Crystal clear advantage. And I want to take. All not Gregg mob look good afternoon everybody welcome to another half under the weight without Greg. Yeah he's back the latest back visuals here but also alongside with me for the first time ever involve much area will boom. Irvin and see what up gee I'm not the best time already have thirty seconds and I'm having the best I feel like an outsider dissolver A Lister here. I was supposed to represent the show in the best way possible thank you for having yet trust me I'm not a lesser. Moreover as seamless as a minus but it's good to have you here is our world solo career. We're gonna have a fun show we are political for the sale only one here is changing and it's 1230 here. Some say we will be talking to all here and away your Wednesday percent of our pros show Portia wanna crickets when he said to premiere Porsche dealer Freeman's appliance. A trusted name in the Bay Area since nineteen. 22. We'll also talk that Rich Gannon a former raider quarterback see what's hormone with the raiders and also. See if he has in the Intel on Jon Gruden coming back to the side lines in the NFL also talked Jeff Garcia about Jimmy GQ BGQ. Gucci garrote what is your approach Disney princess that you just the first. G Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy G Disney prince Jimmy G Damon seriously actually made that observation. And if you look at Eric from The Little Mermaid and put that mug shot next to Jimmy G. Neighboring I'm not calling him and his inference but you don't have to tell that's the first pilot called the orphan. Laser Iraq or Jimmy gee I'm not gonna go Jimmy GQ could I have a tough time call another man pencil and he's about to be Jimmy coop he's got a gives major blue whether it's franchise tag your long term deal he's got to get paid. That is for sure you also talked to president of basketball arbor operations at GM of the Golden State Warriors Bob Myers. Talk too much Christmas Day game Kevin Durant his ascension on the defense and then I believe he has a real rule argument for defense employer a year let's just start carrier court lawyers who got some news yesterday about Stefan curry and a swollen right ankle watch and home. Pregame warmup suit or who is more around a bit just not quite ready we're gonna reevaluate him Friday. Just trying to play his hometown team maybe put no staff no problem lawyers for eight. It has been because a camera during Kevin Durant. Upon bawling you lease a league in blocks as of before yesterday's lead the league in blocks of 67 is averaging over three game and the warriors as a team herbs. I have over towards wouldn't pay four blocks move nearly a hundred more than a San Antonio Spurs were next on the list and they're on track to finish second all time. In teen blocked shots in NBA history it's been really phenomenal because you think about last season. The big talking point was. They don't have any voting or actually the rim are gonna protect the rim and the lawyers it is doing that a block shots my biggest cavaliers cavaliers with a segment and. There are due in no way different than what you you expect from traditional rim protector like when you're right when Bogut. When it was clear he wasn't coming back. When they didn't confessed suspect that was all the rage I mean you got it yet in nit picky team which is deep and talented business and that was that doesn't mean everybody was taken by. There rim protection is based on their they're the best in the league help side defense I mean that's where you see during get a lot of his blocks it's not necessarily on the guy he's second. It's on him slide Melbourne that's I dream run became defensive player of the year by his help defense and like I said they're the best in the league at that I think they're the best all around offensive team period. But they're they're better rim protecting team now than they were the quote unquote traditional rim protector she. Nowadays it's. You know Mario Boggan and see them particularly so well you think about the cavaliers with a demo Monday night. Thirteen 52 from non point point H yeah two was ever a point 5% torn apart from sit there all for seventeen mountains in the second quarter quarter second quarter unit and my dad dude turn corners they've missed every single 14 in order an MB AJ one. Everyone and how about this. Twenty points in the paint. All the bulls were the first quarter. Eight for last recorders here points in the paint to lawyers are really an elite defense team and we thought we talked about that last season where they have. Any lead defense of mindset or Ron Adams Mike Brown there. It really does seem don't take it on another level because he always bogs down at some point went downstairs Currie that's one less playmaker are million dollar struggling the bigger reason we've actually caught trying to find his regrets. Aggressive this. That's that's really been the thing that gets overlooked tweeted about the war as you can about the importance deputy about the off it's harder to Esquire power and I just thought. Our nobody talks about their defense and that's what separates them from every other team in the NBA. And the people yet nobody outside the warriors roster in the orders organizations talking about their defense but when you talk to the warriors and their coaching staff to a man. They also say our offense is predicated on how well or play defense if they get stops there every day they're able to get out and transition push that pace at which they like to play. It's all dictated by how good their defensively and again going back to a non traditional rim protection. It's about their quickness in their ability to get off the floor quick there's such a thing as quick jumpers. Like you see guys oftentimes straight month will not get credit for rebound but he chipped it to somebody and gets a rebound T Williams quick off the floor he didn't get off before twice. Before some people can get up before once and that's a huge part of getting to get into a position to block shots. It's a lot of tap I'll serve special army officer friendly McCain received toward bell with tap on the clay Thompson he gets a wide open to record your free go ahead reportedly gave the lawyers we've on Christmas Day but. It was above Acadia LeBron. And we saw the two minute report I really means nothing to meet a lot of Clearwire and do it by now it benefits from that nobody benefits from it but the two minute report has Kevin Durant fouling LeBron James twice. Also LeBron James got away with a child. I don't they Katie out LeBron totals clean hard fastballs where she can look at the season before Christmas Day we're closer germs are basically balls Katie onto the ground floor what's that all out of foul but the players play you all the referees are calling it a normal little little full social problem while Monday night but. Katie. Was checking LeBron a lot nagging and wanted to do he had wanted war began LeBron Jane Wells was not so I ask you urban I'll draw it up to the call as well two point 9579570. As Katie taken LeBron took place as the best all around player in NBA thing about this is not only in the conversation for NDP I mean. But he's also a conversation for defense of player of the year so McCain took off to the second wanted to Google wanna get the callers thought is Walter played 9579570. As Katie overtaken LeBron hasn't taken towards as the best player in the NBA herbs well. I think that's a semantics issue it depends on how you define. Best player. In the on the planet vs best all around player I think you can make you case for Canadian being best all around player. Because he can score well like LeBron can and he is in the conversation for defensive player of the year you know to how guys only two guys in history. I've won both of those awards in the same here as Michael Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon only two guys in history though so would be. Damn near unprecedented. I think Katy is the best all amen give you two answers that you call a fence sitting if you want. Best all around player yeah I think KD is there. It's still best Claire on the planet for me it's still LeBron and the way someone asked me well how do you define that. And it's just again it's a matter of perception and how you view these different labels. But if I had pickup game in the fate of the world depended on it I would still pick LeBron James first. And that's why I call him the best par on the planet but the best all around player yeah because KG has made this incredible league defensively. He's the guy. CR one goal. With LeBron James as the best all around player because of his passing ability. I mean he passes like magic you have one of the best doctors. Out there but the best player right now say Kevin direct he's on portable. You can check about cited a report rays we know what happens every pull over right hand the left hand crossover only a developing arrived. Mid range game toll officially especially in this offense that Steve Kerr has implemented here and go to state. He's just a dynamic offensive player ready if you can do no wrong on the often spend. Defensively I think that's where his call LeBron now. We tried blocks as you mentioned. He's taken on assignment scarring the best player army opposing team guarding the best wing player like clay Thompson your take on the point Garber Katie we'll take on that second winks or whoever it is at small forward position whether it's Paul George the usual way against LeBron James whoever. K nick Kevin direct is right they're so I think. Right now in the NBA if I had a double take the pickup game knowing how well Katie shoots. On how I charged LeBron James who struggle of the shot and I love LeBron James amid arguable popped for your doubt on on the same suit on the same tolerance. Katie right now is the best part came after a powerful senate in a pickup game you're good where they can do you have first pick your vindicate you over LeBron because I go to shoot. I know he gets in Iraq I know we can shoot well Roger is like the trickled gave you'll have to look like you've played a pickle gave LeBron James is out there. Any strident what's gonna tackle. If he's gonna take the ball out but I top at half court shot the ball well you're Baghdad hit about a guy you know easy buckets. I'm giving spaces they go heads turned at three RB. Go ahead pull a body that are jump. I think you hit it with the game on the line and that's. What makes him LeBron. I mean hey it's fine for us to do disagree I'm done here with the audience and got Lindsey good one 'cause I just. LeBron as unstoppable I think when he really. Like I always joke not a joke by a hypothetical situation I would love to see what would happen. If LeBron. Was allowed to every single time the cavs past half court they give him the ball and say gold bull rushed to the bucket. Every single time in regulation NBA regular season game. I contend that he would either get fouled. Or score 90% of the time. There lets her from Anthony in Oakland he wants an honest conversation led the beat army afternoon delight would sponsor and urge urinary possibly games going on that. I would format out of Lebanon today when it also had in Denmark are probably being the worry is gonna wanna freak you're out about what are probably freer so. That'd be Katie ending with poor ratings and right now I think all the around he's probably the most purist or to ever play the game. Over will over anybody I mean it will side beat it beat pretty darned get a lot of days to get get the ball get it he's got a double hundred. I think he's the most current court everybody game that's quarter but the game already and it's career not even close the dark art I'd have a don't. He threw it to be happy holidays man now you know what Katie is sore right now stepped out lawyers are 81. Eighties average between height basically thirty points a game nerves. Nine rebounds. By the half assists. Three blocks shots okay. He's doing everything you put money back I mean it's in Steve Kerr said he hasn't. If we all knew he was going to have to do that maybe not have to do it but we knew he would. And the beauty Steve Kerr says we have with KG if they didn't need to have that conversation he just nuke just like step mayor. When Katie went out last year that he was gonna have to take on more of the responsibility and then being the best thing that happened in the words all year last year is allowed step to reassert himself. And them what's Katie came back it was kind of a happy medium between stiff trying to make you be comfortable. And and still maintaining that aggression that staff needs to be an effective player is it's firm Mercer right now Fred it's KG asserting himself. As the alpha dog and wouldn't step comes back I think you'll find a happy medium he won't be. Deferential to staff but he knows how it needs to work in he'll have that extra confidence that if I need to put among my back. We all know I can't right. And which is why came out to gonna say because an Oklahoma City right those like hey Ross it's your turn. Russell you go back to K knowledge shirts our there but isolation ball too much stats work. Here's Katie this move around look at where he gets his shots even even though he's only average of seventeen shots again I say only tomorrow but you look at Harden and LeBron you and was prepared to these owners or 25 shots he's a fish and the efficiency within its offense. It is this was separation lawyers from anybody what separates Katie right now and Steffi and Katie know that they know that. Look in order first when checking just they're they're doesn't need to be paid my turn your turn my turn your turn a Miami Heat went through that their first year when LeBron James Wood down there when Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh got to see an old Dwayne wade and LeBron had to be this medium where global. We're doing way said basically LeBron misses coaching and you take it. There hasn't been the of that date at the lawyers don't need to do that words like Kate Katie HO team when they're both out there every step within the softens. Spacing that they create with Klay Thompson Jeremiah green don't need to do that it's just pass around that's why the average over thirty assists. And that's what makes them on percent unprecedented in NBA history because they're just. Every one of their superstars. Part of their game is being unselfish that's why drug ring that's the Kennedy took all the heat he took for the decision he made. Okay this these disloyal. That's not true because she stayed there for nine years that how can you say he's disloyal. But how can you fault a man who's come out publicly and said the reason for my movie clearly wasn't about money because you can get paid more there. He said I want to become an all around basketball player I wanna be. Not just to score which is always thought of hate on the guy for wanting to be a better all around player. Right he won this whole skill set unlocked right which the warriors have done here and I'll ask you weigh in Iran and whether or not we learn anything from Christmas Day gain the intensity with which you liked what she didn't like Mozilo as O'Neal first of late night by 79570. Antonio at Oakland police say Katie is better was going on its own bill. You know what's UK needs better than LeBron mean our electoral keep silent Obama better I mean maybe in the pat right now it's KD. You know I'm saying he's destroy them in the finals. You know he's he's short in this game offered me Andy and Katy can be destroyed or even MVP. I mean I mean they've been to the finals I mean yeah. Destroyed. Okay when they guard each other liberal and all of our shot 27%. He Kevin Durant shot 72% in Karbala Iraq. That's called silent little destroyed more than you know these. Techtag that's a hell was that there. I do you know still the small sample size Antonio because LeBron James did not take that assignment we saw a lot of Richard Jefferson. Guarding Kevin Durant no finals and a few times they did go mono a mono. LeBron James Dickey cook got cooked and I do give LeBron James a caveat based on the phone call as O'Neal and give LeBron James who. A pass to a certain extent because he had to do so much for that Cleveland scene where absolutely and whenever he sat on the bench for likely would seem we saw leads evaporate. Cave where the finals they would cavaliers go salute. Second quarter up ten. LeBron James sits opposite those anti gay or towards the end of first quarters OK I mean he just could not take arrest there and how much office he had to carry for that team. It's only by that time belies its fourteenth year. Katie looked fresh legs stinker so we played these guys write 3334. Minutes LeBron James at the Playboy maximum. 41 minutes so we dig it could borrow my given excellent excuse here. Kevin Durant did his thing he did what he had to do it gets LeBron James the most vital just and right now becoming the go to state. Looks like the source of the past I hey look I'm a LeBron James apologists. Love and a guy since he was at Saint Mary's. I had out there and Akron Ohio and high school. Don't have to apologize. Right look I could argue this go here. Here does show you don't have to I don't think public and I. Comes another hypothetical though and in in this thing in this aspect I would agree with Antonio if you had a scenario where you could not switch. On pics you've got to check you start the game you're assigned to check that guy this guy is assigned to check Q if it's KB and LeBron for an entire game. KB wins that matchup because I do think she can. Stop LeBron far more often than LeBron could stop Kennedy because Kennedy for one thing he's his body isn't as tired. I think we saw LeBron James ware down a little bit during the post season last year but. Give may be used you can make your case that he's having his best season his fifteenth season I mean the guy's ridiculously good but I think. KG could limit and did limit LeBron in that Christmas Day game if LeBron is asked to guard KD the entire game. He's gonna get him. So in essence. Katie is a better player. All around here he's just made all the talk reports. Rogers Centre on. All those things you just laid out there because in pick up game I'm not that rule doesn't exist where LeBron and KV air checking each other I'm just saying in a pickup game of the fate of the world. I'm picked LeBron first all right Dora. Yeah yeah. Are all camera I'll get a judge from a high. That's that's what I do end up on the nose dive that's what happens when you or was he listens to early afternoon the light. What asking what does that make the event she. Her her husband had a you know hey here's C lesser. You are Finnish and Bay Area actually got a lot of cried out there in the streets. Christmas Day game cavalier as lawyers. This is the biggest rival the rivalry I do believe in the NBA. But there was something listened to me who obviously know Seth Curry no Isiah Thomas Wright but Kyra Irving is now in Boston. It feels the one guy who I thought you know we Jamal rivalries. You know what what are the giants' starters are always good player and our rival you fear by diners the Packers you feared Brett Favre what every job back to pass like old old old though. Or whenever carrier ring had the ball in his hands. And your lawyer stringer like Romo. On the also to that's gonna happen now all of guy we think if you look when you when you think the giants. You think of a bunch of guys who were giant killers right I mean going all the we're back two days Iran's stated paying a nice giant killer hand. The warriors killer can think of anybody other than Tyreke now he's the only guy that list has one name is Irene he's not a part of my job and I gave sold the debt that gave mean anything to you because I did talk to Dwayne wade after the game. He said he felt something different. It just wasn't a regular basketball game he felt the intensity of sort of players course thought it was fair but watching on the TV screwed. Sitting there on the council urged. Did you think anything of it did you take anything out of this Christmas Aegon I don't. Don't think anybody learned anything we didn't already know or suspect. Nobody even if the cavs had won that game let's say those calls. But the NBA says they missed on KD is again drives me nuts nobody benefits from the two minute report at all why do it the only thing it does is throw your own officials under the bus. But. Even if the cavs get those calls let's say the cavs win the game by one point. It went out of convince you to capture better than the lawyers to vote no because that's not there any you could say Isiah is not there but we know who the lawyers are was staffed. We don't know who the cavs are with the eyes there. It may take them awhile to blame him NN a may take until next season. They may be worst team without Isaiah in the mix so even if the cavs had won that game I don't know. What we learned is that yeah other lawyers are still better team and that's that's it. SA and the lawyers even though they're fighting complacency and it looks like they got up for decades chair on Christmas Day he had learned anything differently than and it didn't already know I think we'll learn more important to king junior day when the lawyers got to Cleveland take on the cavaliers is going to air crew quickly in San Cisco lawsuit chime in on this Katie vs LeBron argument cardiac and delight magnified so many games why America. Oh pages throughout our own city beautiful day tablet are gone bad join them applauding Katy Clark in 2000 warrior who Obama truly schemes. In the NBA I really believe that way about it accuse them. All liberals you come playoff. I'm Celtics earning their worry at all no Celtics. Not at all now known up and out to memorize number I did they Thomas is coming back here this week or next. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a great record doing great things. Without their second best player. I just don't see could put that Celtics something of the cavaliers yet. I know that what brought in to ramp paying an action Durant hit a snake terrain that is disloyal I don't like your audition here. You married a woman her nine year of your 600 of them. Years now she he would do just that. Now he's got an apology and it annual. ET could have had a chance to win that title and Oklahoma City he didn't need. Order to become a defensive player soccer skills section. There are no rules that you can't play defense Oklahoma City that's so it's been Oklahoma City what do you bench he could show up this hill. You noted that it got their Q what did you have Asia broke policy ordered didn't need anybody wish they can at the end of that our guys. Our Derek K I just say this was a rather live in Oklahoma City. The Bay Area. We'd rather play for Steve Kerr. Billy Donovan would you rather play with staff Currie or war or Russell Westbrook who would think the answer is very disaster moral question. Yeah why why would you wanna say Oklahoma City you do rolled it out they traded away hard natured way bachus. Bells that. Would you rather live work you lose rather play with who would you rather play for. Jolie can ruffle some feathers by saying that the warriors are light years ahead of everybody in the NBA but was he wrong. I mean think about what they are the best that they're the best in a million different things I mean from the front office all the way down a hell they made it the best angles in the NBA. They're just great that everything. They're coach is probably the best at handling look at and nobody is asking handled more superstars. And Steve Kerr is in handled them beautifully including. Highly combustible drew among green who under a different coach. May blow a gasket and it absolutely destroy the chances of being his greatest they are but Steve Kerr knows how to handle that guy Bob Myers incredible GM laid it gives him blank checks we don't have pick go out biopic and it turns into Jordan bell. I mean I. I just do not understand they hit the cagey guy for wanting to go to a better situation for him son Justin holiday cheer here in the decidedly on Kerry's changing will join us very after the white and five similar game. They are very good but. It's. Now after the great publish else. On 957. Big game yeah provided crossover dribble down the lake goes up a lot like their. Biggest. Billy Jack handle lawyers. Guess they're fine. 2007. Feet. Course that is Tim Roy right here on many 57 again call on that last sequence there where Acadia LeBron went mono. The NBA says Debra freeze air there there should have been a foul ball Katie doesn't leave that. Don't think anyone here would sponsor errors here on the afternoon lightly by some of the game on the war you're on Wednesday certainly first ball Merry Christmas. Happy holidays did you enjoy game on Monday afternoon. 0000. All of our next deal. I yeah I know I got a real A Lister here are you homey feeling Esterline. You get out out there please see what's your restaurant Craig has gone know what nerves hearsay Lee he's he is an all star here we did this bird. We've just been breaking down the lawyers and calves and Katie LeBron will get into that with you later but let's start us off by by talking about Kevin Durant. And he has a little bit conversation. To be the defense clearly are easily illegal block shots. Lawyers average over eighty game they're smoking a competition when it comes a block shots hasn't seen in any S five on Christmas Day. Addicted torch has been tipped pass stately they Kevin Durant this is his lead now. Yeah I totally green rejects the statistics seventeen. Notes three two ball. Leading the league. Aren't sure what he did my B 21 car under prevention that's all not yet that I analytic stock I'm giving you the I'd get. She had been key in that there's no disrespect the trademark because he sat there as well. But. He hostility on the golf teacher to keep I Kiki get solidified yet to the Christmas Day I really don't try blocked shots. Great job are not. I'm a crime and no matter what the national scene saying. We have no follow the end of the game absolutely Cokie I'm gonna target widener in BA referees are not gonna give New England just keep Jack. At the end of the gentlemen that truly close you've got to get whopper he'd get but a light. We'll see we all know that the league goes out of its way to appease LeBron James you just offer up the suspension. Of drain money game five a couple of years ago as evidence of that. But it helped me out am I missing something saying that the last two minute report that the NBA sends out. Whenever whenever I'm faced with a decision it's a 5050 decision in my life I ask myself porn question who benefits. If the answer is Mimi only then I don't do it. I asked myself who benefits. From the two minute report. Nobody benefits in fact your undermining the authority of your own officials your thrown under the bus but. The word feel better know duke cavs and their fans feel better know they're probably more angry so what am I missing why did they even do that saint. You know it teach him all about change order to end to what our. I didn't Ian yeah rational part of the job getting our chuck I understood it yet it gate. There are a lot of crying going on in the beginning of the game and any New York State's arrests were with all the wet so they talk pop but then he told to bets. To the two best players are the two captains overtake guys. That or not we get too much going on and so you know all right chronic and I don't think it could try our week. But you know the transparency no doubt I think cart weekly wall. I just really cute. There awaiting our small little rope I haven't seen what their rating blood sport. It came about Christmas date but I bet it was enormous and it'll work were fortunate they area would sit there watching the best team in the world. Com and we'll keep. Just plain making basketball without steps and that I know that I can't Thomas will be intact when he comes back for them. And that's gonna happen sure it would almost veteran. I already tried that that was acceptable where they're a really really watch because. Andre that (%expletive) Pretty much coming up an injury. Clay and it Kevin had been carrying a heavy blow once purchased. But somehow we all gathered up circle the wagons. And Honda finally hit it poorly lit. I was a great Wednesday in all lawyers guests are brought to you by JD all the officials on all of the Golden State Warriors in 957 game of course there's changing catch him on the pre and post game show and I won a lawyer succumbing Utah jazz at ORACLE Arena and you know certainly before last season when Kevin Durant came aboard. Everybody's heart Barbara protection hardware is gonna defend her when. Are you gonna do that. Well I think you did DA's finding out here how to lawyers in particular when you're averaging over eight point seven blocks a game that's hard for an NBA record. They've smoke in the San Antonio San Antonio Spurs are more than a hundred it's just think about this alien that second quarter. It cavaliers were all for seventeen. From non three point range. Forty points in the paper the whole game all the holes are the first quarter the loyal warriors played defense is what separates them from everybody else in the NBA right now saying we. Also based HT really eat what they decided that we look valiantly Chad's. And the warriors because our ability to kick your lol I read. It isn't really special and all credit need to be shared with some different people groups. Coaching staff Steve Perry added weight each as a coordinator rod. And you tripped it about effort but also smarts get yourself in position to make the play. You guys know what ominous there but Kevin he can walk shot. Jump shot he can block on the plight to the basket. But he would also does great at least it exciting albeit at the bike lock at the side of it all down on the fox series. He locates Crocs. And he's to a culture that most people Kevin Kramer and her amazing role that. And and you can't teach. As pop which that you can't teach six foot Turkey. I mean each of may being Indians tightening in his effort this year that the senate and so we don't stoop guys. And it would slow clay is a big time defender. Andre Iguodala had been sick I got in really tight economic gain whether or not we are now deeply he's probably. One of the keys to win the championship because she does her yeoman job on the brought. And. You know I don't Sean Livingston that put the sender and initially this young gal. You know he shot blocking ability is terrific in. So that you got chain that we all talk about the docs at the shot making and that actually reassess. Are you guys go in any sport if you really really wanna be a championship till you've got to accept. All embedded and that actual certainly is just what's really stood out to me as we approach and new year. Placing bond to ask me earlier if there's anything that I learned from the Christmas Day game. And my answer was that even if even if Cleveland even if those calls went Cleveland's way. And let's say Cleveland wins the game by a point no I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know I knew the lawyers were a better team in Cleveland. And even if Cleveland won the game I would still feel that way now. Part of that is because shirt stuff was gone Isaiah was gone but we know exactly who the lawyers are women staff we don't know what the cavs are. We have guys day in fact they could be it it's it's certainly possible that they can be worse they can be less cohesive. And it is there anything that you gleaned from that match up on Christmas. That you didn't know going into. Well you know you're right I'm Michael national. I'd seen the emergence of the re emergence of Kevin Love. He's now the number two guys won't put it in the correct position to make sweet and let them when they're recount. Cheek he isn't that pretty unique player the blog had a great great year. I'd be kicking it short list is I know. I'd say it's come back you you've got out that child and becomes like that so her error or if your own car. I I don't like care bench you know I didn't while playing Wayne Gordon still I think court heard a great shooter. But the rest of the old die each. They don't have that you need most of the warriors bench and they would you talk about that. You know once a year game and west which can shun in and out with a knee but. He couldn't place a good game the other day. And then on official mostly guide them on all the rookie. And then you've got catch become and in. Orient point I'm trying to work after a heck of a college coming up your pin. And he taught I have that you're not gonna play great every night we starts. All in and you uniqueness of this team. Is this just stick chemistry in that locker were the respect in the least that they pat we each other they hold each other accountable. And Barack. You know you care victory little things go well another chain girl trying to keep saying I want a trade Iguodala can stop. Is it just special place will be quick that gene. Now you're exactly right saying we look at the cavs bench sure truce in Thompson. Not getting the job done Jeff green is not peace there I mean the cavaliers are stated in the warrior dances light years ahead of it's pumps and it's person's house I he started dating only cargo ship that's discard. Old thing we. At all that if say we up on the pop culture game here and I'm 57 games closer to. I don't. The Kardashians would enjoy your Christmas underwear that you told us about yesterday's hearing me. All it might try to get out that it shall we had it been huge age gets into everybody you'll end up like this sock and try. We don't export bowed out. So one of our friend EM moldaschi she got eighty boxers. That are just I'm like I'm ready to go and no rain. That's why they don't like us they had not yet you are off. My iPod and a bottle most. Oh well I'll try to make up that either. Often out on pop onset again we didn't see that here studios say we go ahead model right you're not by somebody gave. Her. It might have a chance to make pops speech was short or are we bestseller. Yeah I don't think I'll ever did speeches you know. And so the up. Trailing look at it and I don't reprieve polls do show on ABC sports Bay Area as the warriors get ready for the you talk just happy holiday saying wait and see you at the arena very very soon. OK guys got a great after I don't happy new year. Happy new measure everything you're saying Jane former vikings coach lawyers close GM all that good stuff to say the one always put Jenna positive. Master nice error here you know I would see him off camera when I was it to that content is called Comcast packed and literally have never seen him in an Batman that it's easy turn on the lights come on. It indeed a guy who's always in a good mood but I even when the lawyers have suffered a demoralizing loss I don't see him abandon you had no. Watch saint John's going with the to a rowdy when necessary coaching you say John okay saint Johns redmen or whatever you call not emirates saint John's red storm. I don't know they changed her name but anyway let's talk some baseball here on the order meetings are cold right now herbs. But the giants made a move last week Evelyn Gloria. Order charge make more moves are close to making another move would discuss her airman far superior. They're great accomplish your own. On 957. CBS. Let's say fifty. Hamilton on his way to second base neighborhood kids drive. And he goes live game with a three days included in the game. Lee Hamilton. When did you want to serves as well giants welcome back to the afternoon light without Greg Papa Bonser you'll hear what Michael Irvin. There hasn't rim who hasn't been linked to the giants mr. piano every now AJ never remarried helmets and John Carlos then show whale on a everybody's nearly two times he does what she is asking wedge within Billy Hamilton I understand these are no don't know punished and that. Billy held in a speech there plume and the giants do need to mouth old health center field right field right. Because the plans are to move her chance to left field unbelievable terror will total between the breaks your. Doesn't really only talking 'cause we also went there. Oh are we know that's what her reaction same expression here you're not hi I'm Billy Hamilton now. Oh and look at the post season press conference will vote it was bare boat sheets CBM. And Evans and what they basically did their voluntary. A three were you at their press conference I was not I was probably here it's like only press coverage your knob and I hear everywhere like agility. They basically presented to the media and their fans here's our offseason checklist here's what we're looking to do. And it included look Billy Hamilton would check off a few of those boxes. They wanted to get younger. More athletic and better defensively those are three of the boxes right up power was obviously a big a big big check I mean that was. The gigantic boxed in the yard I would Evan Longoria Lucas has it's what we pride and Billy doesn't address that obviously but he is he's 2713 years old so they get a little bit younger there. She is a really good athlete they get more athletic we see that he's you know that guy can flat out run we know that. Annie's good defensively he's not gold glove defensively but he'd be an upgrade defensively in center field so he checks off a few of those boxes. But his best season ever. Was what she's sixteen with a three toiling on base. Well it's nice like it would be ideal if you pick up center fielder and and that leadoff guy in the same human being. He would be that that's good. But he's not the prototypical leadoff hitter. In terms of getting on base right 329 and is best career best some base of his career. And you know it's a cliche but cliches exist because they're rooted in truth. You can't steal first base you can be as fast as the wind but if you can't get to first base on a regular basis. You're not a great leadoff man and he's not. Not a great leadoff guy he's great once he gets on base he's a pretty good center fielder and he's young so he'd be a nice addition. But again you and I more fuel people are went her yeah. Now if you debris and Billy Joseph Wilson for a low level prospect in my game and I'm Ramos I remember the prospect of the system everybody wants big. Hum Hamilton strikeout numbers went back up last year earned 3033. The most in his career his rookie season the had her seventeen strikeouts in emission we are on base percentage. Under 300 last year. 99 right that's not ideal not all looking wanted batting eighth you can live look better. Let the talk about a guy you want to come lead off on in your lineup he won a batting in front of panic and Posey and Longoria and belt. And that's not your brought in Jay Bruce may need to live with a deal like this. It by itself. Because of the Philly that's giants were not required to Lee Hamilton said in an Evans major showdown shop after that and I don't think it's enough you have OK Billy Hamilton is enough. I'm glad you brought up his strikeouts because you punch out a 133 times that's a lot right. Well Jay Bruce another name that the giants have been linked with and I think that would be nice pick out. He hit 36 bombs and only struck out not only but he struck gotta 137 time to write drivers from Jay Bruce Gil appealed to respect that tradeoff right. Because it's not an insane number of strikeouts. It's a pretty damn good number in terms of pop that would be the team leader. By far McGrady played in a damn box and those members are gonna come down for let Terry hitter and AT&T park but. 133. From a guy would return on your dime on base percentage. That is not what I want leading our efforts that you're not gonna have that that's not a championship lead off hitter. Not a not a charity should lead off hitter less than not that's not enough I'd like to speed aspect of it and he's always in the high fifties when it comes stolen bases. But he just doesn't get our base and also will ball flight where there aren't so what did you I'd say they bought their pay Jay Bruce to what was we all thought was battered by this point we'll see what happens. The what are prod the winter meetings at this whole loss he's been a little slow here. Did you acquires a groups critical of the right field. Certainly bargain basement deals out there that you wanna see insurance big mutual are Dyson. Commissioner field rod. Betray from the Lee Hamilton. Neither of those names really excite me I would rather they focus on what don't the one area that we saw movement at the winter meetings which were largely quiet. Was the sixth and seventh and eighth inning relief guys right and while there are some young relievers that have promised. On the giants' staff. They've been those young guys would promise for a couple years now they've had ample opportunity. To prove that they belong there in that they deserve to lock down that spot. Major League starters on average this past year Vontae right. They set a record low across the game. In averaging five and two thirds of an innings which means obviously the bullpen were used more than ever in history. There's a ton of middle relief talent on the free agent market and that's why it got that was why that was the only activity. In the winter meetings and I look at Bay Area baseball this is giant to DA's both teams could use significant bullpen upgrades. And I think they they missed the boat on that that's an affordable. At the highest contract the biggest contract one of those guys got a was I believe two years in 21 million. That's it that's a bargain basement dealing in this Margaret right. I wish they would focus if they can't get Billy Hamilton in trading making its neighbors and they haven't Evan Longoria I'd like to see him focus on getting their bullpen held a lot better. OJ play sorrow because would you go Stephen Dodd your Dugard dug her what do you think he's a year away assays a year away we honest Marcin. Carlos Gomez is out there weren't so keen is still out there float around Cameron Maybin. That in namely sergeant. Lorenzo can't a guy that if you could it if you pick I'd just be worried about him having. Multiple years left knee you're gonna be paying. For so there are presently thirty courier yeah I mean you don't I still see him is he'd be an upgrade certainly over Denard Span. But I see him is very similar to Denard Span I can see him coming here. And under and having a Denard Span type career regression we may see may have seen the best of friends or came. But I am I would rather they take a flyer on that. Then Billy Hamilton. Yeah doesn't solve really don't problem but I'd rather see him and Hamilton an idea what you say what the middle relief or because what brought the giants were chirpy Churchill's destroy the core for Jody I felt. Try population data. I don't think we appreciated them so much serves our man is we do married and now you do because you. She hunter Strickland struggle eternal. And Derek off one every Lawson below on this fast ball in these and then out of the lineup Walsh Smith you don't know what he's gonna come back with right is he gonna do the same I don't think they still need a lefty reliever but I cinema lens and not a bad start to Jack inaudible for. I I agree I think Dyson is a keeper there's no doubt about it and it Will Smith comes back and he's able to give them what they thought they were getting when they acquired him. Then sure that's a huge upgrade but there still a couple threes by your bullpen needs to be deeper than it's ever needed to be in the history of baseball. And there are still some guys out there. That are part of that free agent class you can go out and get. Through years 1213 million dollars that's nothing in today's game. But the importance of those players is greater than it's ever been in today's game are you are right on the money there let's talk to rich can hear former raiders and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback will get a mirror on a football our present and by Livermore Fordham will last rich. What in the world is going I would Derek Carr right here in many parts of the game.