Greg Papa Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, November 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Alex Pavlovic (Covers the Giants for NBC Sports Bay Area), Marc Spears (Senior NBA Writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated), and John Dickinson (957 The GAME Super Reporter). THis hour covers the idea of Giancarlo Stanton to the Giants, Warriors/Thunder, and what the 49ers will do about their quarterback situation. 


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Okay and they can all do this. Stop I don't know if I'm okay. Ole. Days in India and news from the boys saw the warriors it's. Larry it's. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Life from the DG DG dot com studio's high atop the San Francisco's skyline. Crystal clear advance. George fight Ponte. Breaking balls ground ball. And I hear from the Marlins again and first ball hitting a line drive base sit down in the left field and being used to work do. Stretch Walsh is lashes out but today many lasting issue ours is via Miami Marlins trade big yardage on parallel standard here the very voice of Dave van horn of Baseball Hall of Fame go to the radio voices of the Marlins listen to a grownup and the Montreal Expos game so. I am back. I'd say we are gonna talk altitude acclimation. And if I go back to Mexico City ever not gone back next year ago on a London and the way to act the next altitude is. Okay six got got to have more tequila more determined that was the problem I saw Belichick and Brady doing shots. At the bar Saturday night so I ever go back there. More particular idea will tell you about what happened on Sunday in Mexico City. When the boys Jonas Lorenzo Neal and Bill Romanowski Romo was in Mexico City actually stayed after went to a Green Day concert try to talk me into their position to carry accuracy balance and Monday I know I thought you had a bad call out their Mexico are some good Monday came and I just there was I was tired I was I heard it. That's 24 hours of travel there or get a no all of it and I will say exactly went down with a Mexican national land a man Marshawn Lynch nothing like you'd think that saw coming up at 1 o'clock on fifteen. Quincy baseball hour but after the football we're talking baseball here good baseball has descended on the brain to star Dante. The date was July. The seventh I just started a little respite. And my son Nicholas said I wanted to see the giants play the Miami Marlins so. I texted my security no handles tickets for the giants and traveled like 442. And he captured the occasion like two hours. And he winds up getting me for tickets are one of only used to SARS scare I'll make an uptick. That's your tickets writes in the first role. Right the first base bag. So I get a great show of what is happening here so. I. Just hits a routine ground ball on a one to knuckle curve ball from Matt Moore is again that met Moore got laid out. It cystic a routine ground ball you can't shift obviously with G Gordon and his speed sojo panic is not an. In shallow right field he's in his regular second base spot maybe shifted over a little bit just a routine ground ball. Abbott Brandon belt comes off the bag a couple of extra steps too much. So when Joseph panic in all the irony here fields the ball. And turns that throw to first to get. I he has to wait. Thabeet another neat for Brendan Bell to get on the based is random bill venture a little bit too far and you know what. It even at this stage in here I remember watching his dead fish for the Kansas City Royals as a nickname is flash which always confused me because he had a great curve ball he was like you threw hard. But his son is more like the Incredibles dash. This guy. It is incredible and they time can go on down the line that night at three point eight seconds left handed hitter coming out of the batter's box he's gone thirty yards not forty yards and think about how fast we're talking about coming out of the box after. Yes when the baseball bat so he is safe it's a bang bang play he's safe for her first space and I just the way he glided past the bag. Here's thank you wanna have played this guy is never watch it and it was a dodger shortstop they moved him to second base and Ambac down to the minor leagues and he's still. At this stage he's an old guy but he's he's in his thirties now still raw and so beautifully so he's over at first base and Ahmed more has to deal. Well as Jon Karl Malone. And John Carlo we talked about in the weeks leading up to the the series and even early in the year how he has changed his stance. Closed up his stance much more on top of home plate every got drilled in the face years ago also is still claim that protective mask. To protect the front side of his face so it takes balls to stand up on the flight after got drilled in the face but he does he's closed up his stance. And he said the ball to center right center and center a lot better that's why is she had issues breakout year so what does he get he would say 11 that. Changeup not even a fastball with the beauty having Gordon over first base engine Carlo in the box. The opponents are so worried about you Ed buddy Gordon steal the bag. And most guys would call mainly fastballs that that leads right in Asia on Carlos bat speed. But it was not there was a changeup away way away buster was reaching forward it was a Leyritz who was a yeah Ali left handed hitter. He would hit them. By John Carlo just lays an easy pass on the baseball. And hits it over there Willie Mays Walt 24 foot high wall he's a right handed hitter. That is highly unusual. Was a warmer night that night it wasn't in the fifties it was in the seventies the wind was blowing out what's stale. He did not give beautiful. John Carlo home run derby. Batting practice bat speed he laid an easy pass on the ball. And easily hit it over the wall in right field so what are we talking about here well we're talking about the National League most valuable player. He damn near hit sixty home runs he wound up with 59. And the constant rumors in the off season. That he's going to be trading ended there's no question the Miami Marlins are gonna trade him. Just a question of win and everybody's waiting to start the off season there are a lot of good pitchers on the market they can be done in the candidate John Carlo. But he's got to go first and the Marlins what they want. What they want you know I was thinking to figure do this. That you don't have enough in the system so you've got to give them. What do they want is gonna trade John Carlos Stanton the Paul Bunyan of baseball right now the modern day Mark McGwire slash Barry Bonds. You've got to gamble Paul Bunyan esque picture or something bad could the giant saying. Madison bum Gardner would be the guy so all the while I think again. In order for this to happen Madison Don garner has to go the other way. Fed then we get the reports over the weekend and now it's even heating up even more were a lot of new satellites bounce they're saying the giants are emerging as the favorite to lay and John Carlos Stanton. And the rumor over the weekend instill into this week now is that package would be. You would get not only John Carlos Stanton. But you would get. They're very hitter that I'm talking about how I thought you know go get him and put him in center field. That's who I was they can they would keep Joseph panic. They show would go the other way so obviously Steve Gordon would play. Second base here he would be a leadoff hitter for you here we'll get into the money because that's going to be the whole deal and Alex battle eventually giant insider. For an NBC sports Bay Area that time will like join us coming up at. 1215 an ever whispering in his ear in the NBC sports period newsroom. Playback in the summer about a bomb their underwear by a filing candidate be he chatted downplayed it but now. He opted this morning when I talked to him a 5% chance the giants forget John Carlo Nadal 40%. Chance and this is why. Went when the package what as far as what the giants would give back. Bank today. It was Joseph panic. And a couple of minor leaguers in the deal Tyler Didi who's a good young right handed pitcher and Chris Shaw. In outfielder. So and in this is like almost that's why we don't take callers on the on the show because that's the kind of trade a caller would propose. I only get John Carlos Clinton and G Gordon and get them Joseph panic Tyler baby and Tricia all the fact. But you're an idiot that's highway right males specifically what the hell would make a trade like that said that I mean your toddler were talking about. With the giants John Carlos Stanton. No matter where you wanna hit them in the order he can get 345. Tell the Marlins sit and true. They hit them right behind Igor did so in theory. You would take did dumbo the arguably the two mostly talked Bryce Harper in every category there are a lot of good top of the order hitters the Yankees were at their judge Joseph I understand. But have you had G Gordon won. And you're John Carlos Stanton to. You you're not gonna be last in baseball and offense anymore. It's gonna change everything you do and all you have to give back. Is Joseph panicked and I like joked that he's going to be a very good major leaguer he won your World Series 2014 of that double play solid guy. But really and a couple of minor leaguers so why would the sicker. Why well whoever gets John Carlos Clinton and the cardinals are apparently imply I'm waiting for the Dodgers. To get involved in some regard. But whoever does get him it's not so much about the major leaguers you're giving back or the prospects you're getting back. It's about the Benjamin's it's about big dollars signs you're willing to absorb it the other way. So the question there would be how much of this young car load type contract is set huge deal. Would you have to absorb and I think that is what we're looking at right now when you ran the numbers forming today. John Carlos contract was back loaded so he's you know John substantially now it's typical Marlon. A business the way they run things whether it's Wayne I Zynga years ago when he broke up to 97 seamer Jeffrey Loria. After he broke up the early 2000 teenie 03 team are now the new ownership we're Derek Jeter Michael hill running things. They're looking to shed salary. So. The giants can do this. They can do other you're not gonna make this proposal with these players there's now a jolt and it knows he's out there you're not gonna make this trade. Unless in theory the Marlins would accept this package back if you take. A huge amount of John Carlos contract back the other way and you had to take G Gordon as well. So you know part of me was think it could lead is due to other DD and Tricia off for John Carlo and you keep G Gordon McKee Joseph panic but now. They wanna move to Igor is money is well and you broke it down Dee Gordon makes 105. Next year ten million. 500000 next year thirteen 1000013 side there's an option for 21 you get out after a million if you keep them a cost of fourteen million. So just for 181920. And 21 in the last Elvis joins us coming up and a couple of minutes here and answer the light it up and Vontae. And any size seven game or breakdown. I shouldn't Carlos contractor when he can get out of it wants the plausibility and getting out. But just for the years that you're gonna have G Gordon 181920. John Carlo makes 25000026000000. And 26 million. So if you add those three years with these two players. You're taking on 36 and a half million dollars in 201839. Million in 1939. Side and twenty. And probably wouldn't take up Gordon but if you did 43000000. And 20/20 one so this is not a baseball transaction. This is that me and AT&T park in my son take it a lot. Well the giants be likely G Gordon. And John Carlos Stanton bunting hitting ahead of Buster Posey with a changer off I just a little bit I was honestly I don't a little while the questions not that this is an ownership question. This is a Larry Baer question this is a Charles Johnson. Question and how much money. Are they gonna blow past the competitive balance tax. There we've been hearing about it's real it's a 197 million hell if they just take anti Gordon on Ellis told me this morning. They would they would pass that so this is just a question now. If you agreed the deal and I think the cardinals they launch on Carla to be the next Mark McGwire. The giants one Jon Garland of the the next Barry Bonds hitting from the right side. And with his awesome power and closed up stance he could he could even take it out to right field he's not going to be bonds he's not going to be at malls in the bay. In a cold every day but he's gonna put that ball occasionally over the wall he would have to pitch dorm he can't just pitch him away she proved on this Friday night I'm referencing. So I just didn't I thought I thought Dante you'd have to give a big player back like a bomb garner to make this work but the way it may work is. How high do you wanna go. And if you take on these two contracts. We could be talking about a 240 million dollar payroll here. Which way they Cobb how badly the giants pissed off that they lost 98 games this year and the Dodgers went to game seven of the World Series. We may just find out but is this real is this even possible that she would get both of these players for Jobe pay that. Forward Tyler beating Chris Shaw but take I don't know like somebody called up and. Are opposed to deal on the air here. Possible I don't believe it at all I mean out that would be hot highway robbery as I mentioned yesterday in a show pod bay I just don't believe it I'll believe it when I see it referred to get Carlos then a guy who had forty not 59 home runs and I know this is his career high and there's been some talk about him playing the full season here and there but if we don't pal was real he can go to right field when he went to right field last summer right when might you say he's also what he did it because he had a liner went over to right Phil why is it's easy enough on the right side so he gave him and what what has this team lacked for the last few years here evil the World Series you you think about it. I'll go on the block he had speed the top of the biggest and arts band but I see him get picked off I see them get caught Staley ages doesn't have a speed anymore he DD electricity at the top of that lineup he Gordon gives you Wi electricity. Meeting grounder to second base. Easily RB you can G Gordon and I know you lot you want your carnal sin bad second I would put Posey air to have state and protect polls each 123 bull bull bull do you could slot allied health care and an important I don't care and care as usual that's just what Don Mattingly was still absolutely but did you do slot braided belt the six told you put Crawford back at seven all night got a Major League lineup that has some bulk to it and then you can start building the seam route that you give Will Smith back in the bullpen did. Did sales last year was an anomaly Matt Moore is terrible everything went wrong for charging ID also is Nadia losses but they're not forty games worse than Dodgers are better than that you can see what they played head to head charge you're right there what the Dodgers could dad sold me make this move now you're back in the conversation for ten minutes per ML western backed up the engine. When music is it. It's an obvious baseball millennia saying mean anybody and the Marlins fans are gonna go. Epileptic if they make this trade but this is gonna be a salary dump and a question then is how much of John Carlos and he Gordon salary. Well the giants have to carry back to make this proposed trade a reality that spring and Alice battle that you cover the giants giants insider. From NBC sports Bay Area that come back on the afternoon though I was five and Vontae here. I 957. They game one publication. Said today that the giants looking like they are emerging as the favorites to land John Carlos chanted. That's just how would you categorize their their effort to get John Carlo. You know I I think at this point I had to recruit that just because it does seem like there's a couple of things have become pretty firm over the last. Two or three weeks why it's become very clear Miami are the third unit the third to get rid experiment. And Derek Jeter's loan to take that editors won't explain that to that fair bit. And then what you do that I I mean we haven't seen. And you real movements and candidacies in terms of other team getting in all are they would love to get the doctors and all of your maybe a conflict Angel ball. If you keep the ball but it just seems like all along it's been there blew it and conservatives put the top and and no matter what the operas and at some point this is going to be. But instead and had been to the California kid who got where we want to play a I think it goes to the future entity entity that give the jar at the very real chance that the democratic goes there are a pill. SS other question is from a baseball standpoint it's a no brainer I like Joseph panic that Jesus and you get a get a mega two minor leaguers and Joseph litigation Carlos sting and Andy Gordon is a really good leadoff hitter with tremendous speed if so it's just the salary so all we would know for certain is 1819 inch one acreage and Carla can opt out after twenty. And Igor net you know if you pick up the action is fourteen million don't have to this investing numbers there. But really what you're taking out and then the next three baseball season's fans would be 36 and a half 1000039. Million. And then 39 and a half million dollars. How much of that could the giants absorb they would go way past the Getty that tax threshold just bring India should told me this morning. Hot hot or not they make this work is far as the same finances Powell hi will giants take their payroll. Well technically it they they want I mean they can they can't afford everything it's a matter what the wheel in the coming in I think. That play you know that the make sense to the final deal just because that's at Levine a tabloid away from the tax. As it is right now so that they could picture that have been your attic stand clutch 50%. Com on top of that I mean to ditch is really kick your payroll. And do it a place they've never been such sort of ownership get it together haven't got together over the last couple weeks from the same. Look we go to the market that wants what are supermarket. Aisle don't want to be entertained and in this do we have to do you buy a ticket that accepts. You get both of those guys but it confirmed that then I mean it it has the team that's built to win now so it I think there probably won't it take some pain. Palm over the next couple years there and try to figure out. After that it and figure out where you go long term with the power in and other people flowers but. They are built to win ballot and you know I think weren't anywhere close the dirt at a store roster. Obama heard get up a little bit beforehand together forty games out but you can put together the situation here at Rio we got stand. And mad bomber has the full piece from John equate it gets back to strengthen. And you can in your head make that up pretty quickly and get back to a well positioned so I think that you ought to take that it. Per head my I don't know that they would do for both guys. Yeah Alex I think if you do bring in June Carlos and then it helps sort of marketing helps Clinton bounced back in the seats we noted ties sellout allowed buddy we saw a lot of empty green seats here so my ask you this. If this trade does not go through because I think what the players veteran ball burnout that's highway robbery I cannot bring myself. To date that the Marlins would agree to distill some say it does deal falls apart in Giancarlo Stanton doesn't become a giant lost a fallback option for Larry Derek company. It's not great I think it's you know plan B here is. About it different from playing you can possibly get and I don't know. That they're you know that the permit special situation and it's the chance to. That a franchise player and it's a chance that a power hitter AT&T park where you can't do that create future these guys are gonna come here. I mean Judy Martinez who is not gonna compare the coach. It really have to overpay at least you have a path to power hitters so that's something I think there's probably separate. Many other equipment they have the boot for yuppie they don't get there I think you probably. Go to a much safer and much more pitching and defense involved quiet have been tried as they try to get to the achievement. Think there's better feel defense and then. Find somebody who's an upgrade at third victim and then you know I don't let you reverse of the first such you to truck there whatsoever that it. And that's just try to get Becker route put limited government without paying off Cuba or not. Plan B if it's probably far away from fitness you yet. Alex Stadler they tremendous resource area Dak down giants insider joining us and yet through life without the Daunte here and I'm excited point seven a game obviously from a baseball standpoint sponsor said it's highly driver and that's that's what's happening here it is a salary dump. And that's why they they want you to take. And the package would change so that the mare Miami is clearly doing what their history has shown. They're trying to dump salary so it's just a question again I think of how much the giants will absorb it the existing deals just from a timeframe. Pants because he's Dante said what's that what's that what's playing big united get to play and B and C had some resolution. Whereas John Carlo. What's hot what is the timeframe we'll we wait till December and the GM meetings in Orlando will it happen before around Thanksgiving. Wendy I think we'll have some resolution on where he goes. All the sport first royal send a team that can do whatever it is he is the worst. Her parents couldn't make but are gonna. It's given its shortly after noon yeah. We've all had our number two years ago I think are almost besides. The day after Thanksgiving servers are laughing at all the real the work but I you know it does seem like it's heating up the last couple they've they've just. On some people out of Miami at some local guys there from be writers very they seem to indicate. More around December First Amendment director for the winner being so. I. With so they have hobbies that those cute things are holding up the market and you haven't seen anything happen with any query which is a little bit our usual. This time here there's been no movement. In free agency so I do think that there are probably. A couple guys holding that up and and that there's probably some pressure on the mileage other kids from. Maybe the cardinals from the red carpet acute they're looking JD marquee that certain area and maybe make a decision here and don't let them know what they did. So what's your gut to have so we always talk to around the filing Kevin in the newsroom and NBC sports area while ago I was strong bond garter in their is that I it's it's all a question how much money will it take back in the giants must be receptive to. To taking a large portion of a back. And it this morning you said you Don may be up from 5% to 40% after doing more research since we spoke a couple of hours ago or checks said. What do you think does John Carlos Stanton become the giants next Barry Bonds. My gut is that it's about who coin flip that all you know. Say that I over the last week I come from about 5% accord which show premiered it the big move in terms of where they are. And part of that is put that earlier but I don't put think that if you've got that far down the process but it clearly has got. This part of the process the process for the priority is actually setting them off first and third in the prospect. All of that they might be interest that I think ownership it's probably. Determined where they're at sour divisive and what they can follow through that could be a big part of that though both can be a part of what they're gonna do here but you've got to the poor ownership feels like. They can take on maybe not all the contract for most of the contract or not for the culture. To get this done that would have a pretty good position then and really that again put you in a position where you may be just go to Mexico are also made eagle to get to vote. And the Red Sox so that I do think that they probably are and and to try to court put situation which is a long way from where we were a month ago and are talking about. Fighting without British that a good defense and them saying the product that much power the thought he'd better. It's a very long way from where we were two months ago where people tell me they weren't that much Gerald hoppy. And the other side there's just before I let you go real quickly. You know John Carlo has a full no trade clause so he he's gonna decide where he goes. And he's if he would come here I would think he'd want to pitching staffs intact. But if they do make this trade and take on substantial payroll do you think they would then. What would stand to allow it for them they may be traded. But yet some are Asia for a Johnny played -- to move some salary and yes if they do take out of a large chunk of these two contracts Gordon standards deal. Fans are gonna blow past him well enough to try to get at a higher payroll in the LA Dodgers fastener. You know that saves record that I mean I'm sure there is that the white or some party compute. You can't do that I am sure they would love to ensure there but don't Peron the better. You know could make a lot easier arm going forward but if you're gonna make this movie you're gonna get this guy. And you bring bring the minute they we continue to do when now voted return all the money out to try to trade prospects let. Are bad powered the to make this better for 2018. I don't know how you could go away from about it and decide portrait guys took it a big part of the success we had argued out sixteen then and also that we think we're gonna help us. Com into doubt making because again there are a lot of holes and then you know you can control world like that that would stand and help the American bombarded you'll all the way back toward. The Dodgers are back from Iraqis but you'll have to be realistic and realize that you lock our big picture you're. He OPEC public veritable walk off away from maybe government number one pick show. If you're gonna go out there and then gets stand and then turn around and trade a brand adulterer traders just barge. I don't know that that put your well positioned and Connecticut you've got to where maybe they were what are actually very entertaining your. People come to the park and watched batting practice in and I there's on Carlos are you but it it doesn't come about this but what. All right fans happy Thanksgiving is here really interest are not suppose it is not not just Thanksgiving it says standard puzzle let's go to a baseball thanks faster times so alert. Really interest in that release is seeing this thing happened in the week yourself. It may happen and breaking news out of Denver pestilence will start at quarterback this week against the Oakland Raiders but we got the casual Marc spears and Alaska miss Katie actually going to play his old team tomorrow night. Now back to the red accomplish all on 957. Big game. Yeah I got two years ago for Russell Westbrook it was part of a few old with Kevin Durant did last year you as a solo artist and averaged a triple double in the NBC announced part of a trio. Bringing in that PG thirteen fold George and also Carmelo Anthony the reason we're playing the Marcellus Brothers Branford and what Marcellus our next guest for the undefeated mark spears our friend Vernon. Fascinating column. Where he spent time with that Billy Donovan the head coach and it's under energy and Sam press state. And they talked a lot about it shares of the Marcellus Brothers. Influence so we don't wanna bring in Marc spears and the F and lemon poppy and Vontae here and any size seven again and he is. He is school his chance and he always gets the coolest assignments so mark welcome to the show and tell me about this sit down and reading initially fascinating. Well all for a small man I've been on to talk to you on the air for years may have been a quote I had good order and you know your Bay Area legend so it's a pleasure to finally be on there which you have noticed is. I guess the first time we checked this the first time ever that on the air together. On radio. On the radio I guess yeah I guess and we continue to get out of it and say they'll let you know so I guess. Long overdue rather. Yeah pleasure. Question. Yeah I actually know rep for mark so it's pretty well armed madam. Early 2000 had a team game and we haven't moralist sides. You know he got to be firm will then proceeded GM. Other thunder and coach. Billy Donovan is not the biggest saying but he just thought went Marsalis was brilliant when he talked about the correlation between sports and the music and teamwork within a jazz band and our way and always says that fast break is a fighter jet you know. Open GM and coach for a able to speak to our ground sort of written Marsalis to jazz legends. And pick their brains and how they can incorporate. What is used to have success in the jazz band. To have success on the basketball court. Yeah that's fascinating yet they get to. Mark sick column the undefeated check it out you know warriors guess all interviews Rajiv Rajiv DOD officials sound. Other warriors and I just love the edges team other column along with you know trying to get this just flow. On the basketball court and other worries out at a place that's under. And they are struggling that we all kind of thought it would take a little bit it's time marches figured out bringing in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony with Russell Westbrook went. Late game execution has been poor. They are merely seven and nine what what are the head coach tell you about what's going out on the floor what these scenes from your own eyes from its under this earlier mark. Oh I hit I had talked to wounded bowers. Before I could get it blocked the Sacramento against king recently. If you know problem MB if I how late do you do we wait before we panic and everybody keeps saying it's early it's early it's early it is earlier. Not even Thanksgiving yet. A lot of basketball to be played and you know but thought our common err on the side of caution. I do think they're gonna get destroyed tomorrow Obama there on the side of caution. And I expected rented get motivated but okay can query. But I yeah T-Mobile for us by the time to play outcome problem is there's seeding could be a detriment to them because of their own. MR Calabasas and maybe yesterday about this question as well Paul George who has it right to the gulf search for another team after a season that you mentioned a word patience top pace she can they beat when he gets the trading deadline and we all star break this team is still. Outside looking in what do you think Paul George representatives shall say hey you know what Sam. We would try to make this work. It's probably best we move on we're not gonna sign at the season and maybe Sampras deep and get their package of choice all sorts of sound that's a nine but that's the situation we're in right now mark. Yeah I think they got a raw food diet and stay within hope that it all worked out and can't unmanned. Okay if you trade quotes George at the trade deadline at a fire sale. Either run over somebody. And you know I don't know what you get you my have a attracted older. But. I expect the number I'm not gonna let you know I'm not gonna give up all of just yet. I'm await you need it come around I think they're supporting cast a little bit better. Com. Russell had to be what everybody is also need to be brought global well being brought oh. Doesn't allow. Obama to go out the floors of the moment is so once told me. You can only have so many McDonald all Americans to make you work warriors are special case. I'm my mom Miami Heat were a special case. Timeouts so if the founder spoke at our disposal Kapler. They're just too many superstars who can't figure out. March that you are as connected to NBA players is as much as anybody I've met and you hang what do you get inside to them you spent a lot of time to cultivate your relationship so you know what's going on here. I'd last year was hostile and Kevin Durant went back to the T can you mention the cup Paul the second time I the second time they went back he didn't play the warriors one. The relationship between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant is that where would you say right now. Pinoy it. You know blue radical like talking about it me but it wolf say that they're called now McCorkel not I don't believe it. I think there's certainly some hard feelings that I think he's still upset. And should be upset that after everything he's done that and honor him when he went back there might be king did. For content or or Indiana believe differ are followed George certain you know what I mean like. They say whoa we hadn't done that from past players these different. I know we suspected they had a 35. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't go at all arraignment remember as a hundred. I don't know who I have or ever be on the same page so I expected body to fill a lot better at a mall. And I expect a crowd would be crazy. And I expect him to come let them with the same force. That he did that first game it it will always be. Goodman Carter told me he was able to catch up and make up would put the raptors. I think if it would take a long time for Canadian opponent would be okay discussion group Russell there. Yeah and I think he will play tomorrow night warriors are flying as we speak spent the days in new York and aggregates Oklahoma City have been later on in. Go to brick town he's as smooth as the Marsalis Brothers and had a saying first time on Radio Marti got a handed backhand on the payment every. The fact that god to me I have yet every day and have an everyday thing it's a perfect let's do it happy Thanksgiving brother a talkative. Happy Thanksgiving to you both Desmond. Well do you speak. Nice benchmark CR during taxpayers so cool and Nico I know he's only guy I know. Who could pull off warned buddy not flowered shirts with flowers all replacing wears on with pride ascent and how could you put that off marquis smoltz got the confidence you don't love to have confidence is our reporter John Dickinson he's in Santa Clara we'll catch up with them are what John Lynch told the media today. Now after the red Conley shelves on Nike's vice Olympic Games. That we talked about this time but you know that's really how so wheel house but. I think the plan is to continue game can I get him ready very different system that he played under great system but a different system he played under New England. And that's how systems complex for a quarterback it's it's there's a lot of her mission every play call. There's a lot of adjustments on each and every play call that that the quarterback controls and so. We want to set Jimmy up for success and also the way CJ is playing itself and us to be able lists of back and now we have a bye week they're gonna work hard. During this week to get him up to speed. But right now we don't need them TJ just played great came in his teammates really believe in them and we think this. Nothing but a good situation. Better said that in general manager shadow lynch was in conversation with a niner insider from NBC sports Bay Area. Excuse me. Met males go. And John Lynch actually met the media today John Dickinson joins us from 4949 and they have to live with. I think about it here in 95 point seven games so. Did John Lynch JD address the the possibility of their apple playing this weekend you'd have to wait till tomorrow and head coach meets the media where we update and under hello. Play this Sunday against Seattle Olympia CJ investor. Yeah guys he really echoed did the sentiment today you've heard from the cut there in in stating that it it will be Kyle Shanahan is decision ultimately to announce but. It also sounds like kill they're pretty happy with the weighted CJ bastard played in and feel that maybe they have more time. Tickets Jimmy drop below up to speed just based on how well he played in that last game in the fact that they got to win I mean he used the term no real rush. Again no when he met when everybody for over forty minutes. Just afternoon just wrapped up within the last ten minutes here. The 49ers team headquarters so he he did say that. You know they they wanna get a look at drop below but they don't feel the need debt to have to Russia too much and they'll just kind of let them compete again this week but it it sounds like. CJ bat third at this point just from kind of read in the room would be in line did to continue to get another start and garrote blows first starter first appearance would. Would be on hold until May be pestered struggles are garrote blows further along and in no on the playbook and and where he wants to get to. That's not unusual for the GM to have a sit down during the violated free standard or any NFL this to get a little state of the franchise but to the head coach usually. Talks on Monday coming out of the bye we got to hear anything from Kyle Shanahan. Yesterday did he speak to anybody yesterday it I guess we'll have to wait until Kyle meets the media tomorrow when they go back to work his way to find out just a little late. Which Snyder quarterback is gonna start against Seattle hi Judy. Yes exactly as they did there were scheduled to have a practice yesterday there was no media availability off of that kind of that extra practice take their normal Los state today and then be back at the regular workweek. Wednesday Thursday Friday get ready for Seattle through the week so again he's got to meet. Right about this time actually tomorrow before they head out on the practice field in the locker room will be open both quarterbacks scheduled to meet. With the media during the the open locker room period tomorrow as has been the case. Since Jimmy garage below arrives it's been dropped below investor also available even. And in the weeks where. Kyle Shanahan had said that it's. CJ bastard is going to be the starting quarterback is they've tried to get about the speed did these last couple games of the 49ers have played so I suspected. That it may be a little it may be a little more of undecided tomorrow but I don't think we're necessarily going to get to an announcement of Kyle Shanahan saying. Eagle rock of those can apply you may you may get him saying CJ bet there's gonna play I think more likely than not he he's gonna say while. It's best they're going into the week it nimble and compete as he did day in the week we got to the giants game before the five. JD did John Lynch mention anything about current circumstances for once unique Rob Lowe or kernels high today. Yeah he. Was the fact it if John Lynch said that he did not. Speak with Kim Acropolis agent. About a contract extension before making the trade Dennehy admitted in said that he felt they were up against that the timeline when they had an opportunity. Ten make the deal and that they were comfortable making the deal without really exploring that too deeply then we're gonna allow that sit. You know I didn't needing to get a commitment from him her or an agreement in principle or something down the line that he would sign an extension they didn't need that to do to deal obviously they felt. With the franchise tags and in it that they have options available. At to keep Jimmy dropped low around as they do so it as far as. Iraq logos that wasn't a pressing priority. At the deadline when they made the deal and and John Blake show was open in expressing that they feel they stayed that they'll they'll do what they need to do to keep around whether it's an extension in the off season. Or whether that today's season no one that the franchise tag stick to keep them around for another year maybe beyond that. Carlos Hyde was somebody that that was talked about that they've been deal measured. In the off season and in the summer I'm Carlos Hyde day you know that he reiterated John Lynch that they'll something has changed in hide something change early on in training camp. It too weary if it's clicked in and maybe they had some reservations about him coming into the year as far as an extension. With Carlos Hyde Dan I think that's so little bit more unknown may have to defend the offseason and in what had become a free agent. John Dickerson joining us here NAS and a lot of thought and by ten any size seven again joining us from Santa Clara where John Lynch the nine additional managers met the F. Maybe as they get back to work off their bye week that Cheney is known as they super reporter who covers all the Bay Area change or just their reading actually from about nightingale. Loses. Connected the baseball world as anybody and he is categorizing the giants is that heavy favorites medal engine Carlos Santana. Followed by the cardinals in the Red Sox may get involved and I wondered about the Dodgers you cover the giants. Inside and out and it seems like a ridiculous trade to be able to get John Carlos stand handy Gordon and give up just show panic and a couple of minor leader to leader says touch other beating Chris Shaw but the question of how much money the giants where it would take back so. What what are you hearing JD enjoy what do you think about the possibility of adding that only John Carlo but also G Gordon has a leadoff hitting second baseman. Well it it just did take care do major problems right away I mean the leadoff spot was a major problem in and lacking power is a major problem and I think the giants find themselves in this unique position where. They have the ability to take on the more salary or willingness to take on more salary in lieu of maybe giving up as much talent and as much young talent and I think it makes it. For a unique opportunity for the tickets to try and get this deal done and it seems like they wanna get it done and it seems like they are the front runner. You know from from what I'm hearing and I and I think when you look at it. It's a situation where. You know they've got a lot of moves that they still have to make it may be they're confident that they can shed salary and that's the one thing I keep thinking if they're gonna take on the somewhere to try and trim some of that salary down to keep them out of that the luxury tax type of flu in a situation where they have to be out there. That the repeater attacks and it starts to affect international bonuses and all these different things down the line. So I think they're gonna do as much as they possibly can but they wanna compete next year they're not worried about 20/20 2212018. They wanna be in the race. In September and easiest way for them to do that is to go out and add a bonafide leadoff hitter they can they can hit it. And they can steal bags and get somebody that hit the ball out of the ballpark and in that I would take care of two major positions. And really set them up to where. Yet it would have to maybe add a third base but it would give them some flexibility there. To maybe take a flyer on a different player than go get a center fielder. And maybe not dale somebody that can defend but it's a bit they can't defend that maybe is not the most expensive option. As far as that and other outfield spots I think if they can get those two positions knocked out right away they'd be ahead of the game. As free agency also on and they continue to get into the offseason explore that trade market. Can't they take ambush on Carlo and he Gordon head that this I think that's if any is that they can trade some pitching maybe mad more so Marcia. That is our senator Sheila I think that after accelerates even better. And maybe get him go on here mania after you know in that peace can lead to under an hour span play a little more time until Doug Israeli I can't see them taking any more salary. If they do make this the issue of trade and take and the huge contracts or John Carlo on the other big contract did you learn. JD thanks for your time where we're gonna Mario and raiders tomorrow you're Schumer Mueller every day. I'll put it back to the 49 Ers tomorrow with CJ back there did you make Iraq a local available and you mentioned Kyle Shanahan won't Woolsey were. Kyle Shanahan takes as though it it seems after it into the session with John Lynch that it's it's leading towards CJ bastard for for for another week. We'll check the Nomar JD thanks your time happy Thanksgiving if we don't talk. All right happy Thanksgiving gas tanker Judy. And now hiring and a variance variance to see Donna Summer car a lot of positive activity comment from down there on the other tired today not so much to pull all our prison about Livermore Ford which experienced a rigorous hadn't Mexico last year. Barbara patrons better condition than the silver and black.