Greg Papa Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Warren Moon (Former NFL Quarterback). This hour covers the 49ers woes, friction between Pete Carroll and John Lynch, we preview 49ers/Seahawks, and discuss the A’s 20 game win streak being broken by the Indians today.


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We'll soon. Okay. So. You see the left leg for for a moment. Just it's devastating injuries along. Players. The film horrible. This morning are all little. My do. I had the opportunity schools earlier you know you didn't know what he's got you know we always got off last year coupons for. Nations don't you know somebody let me know I thought yeah. Yeah yeah everybody's talking and that is Carter Reagan and first I would definitely it's too hot there I can't sit on the sunny side it. You're looking for a point where it all flipped. Thanksgiving night nine to twenty short game. Turkey on the fifty yard line that John Mara that when did you and it came up with ideas you idiot you're broken right and the logo absolutely. You know going into that game. They were both. Seven in full hour you were called idea call are we call us stripped down in the paper it's prop after decade. And that is finished up eight in eight. And it was it can't predict it lost its way and he buried lost his way. Carbo is gone and it goes on and so for a lot I feel we always a back in the days and you know what what what would they we exactly talking a little. Thanksgiving night a 2014 but prior to that day. This was the best rivalry. Matches in the NFC west matches in the NFC. It was the best rivalry in the hands. Go indexes the peck and Carol are ball ability NFC west. Mentally constantly compared Russell Wilson Colin peppard outs when that is much anymore to catch up doing. They were doing John Madden football commercials remembered that they were like the premier quarterbacks in the league who would you rather have Colin Capra nick Russell Wilson College happening Russell Wilson and it was neck and neck for awhile. Not so much anymore pop nostalgia did you realize the San Francisco 49ers have not lineup one up in the emerald city since 2011 I remember that of the so you lost six straight there's insurance. Christmas Eve 2011 a 11917. Which bars Jackson was a quarterback for the Seahawks in. Actually that game the niners allow more Charlotte's a rush for over a hundred yards just like the first time. They're running back harassed over her yards in my tweets were 23 games ago supporting marriage if it's correct. The exact number games split pals the last time they barely won that one and that hasn't been closed since prop are. All lost his last four including the it's funny thirteen NFC championship game of the moment injury. Jimmy T lost their 152913. And ship Killy course luster last year and other I thought they moved the ball a little bit they kind of got to either. Cover three forced him to play man with a all the variety formation but they still lost 37. To eighteen but that's behind us right Harbaugh care at all. GM ET the ship it's all the hot we're moving on to a new area Crabtree he's gone from the niners and you'll have a Super Bowl or traders Seahawks are good at that with a mediocre receivers. But is that the reason we're talking obviously about it is the 49ers are gonna to sentry link. Where they pump in and always artificially and they will play the the Seahawks on Sunday. Did you infect Monta reader are here with Pete Carroll said about John Lynch today. I did he said something like theology and now seeing Monday Night Football and he was a bit surprised. That he's a general manager of welts on truth he said organizers that happy. Regina lanes because this is a new area of this rivalry. A ball he's gone are gone now it is it is Kyle Shanahan. Who by the way it lit up that defense of the playoff game last year it was John Lynch who went there that was the that was the game where they. At the production meeting and I talked to afterwards gently and broadcasted. That game and Pete Carroll is unhappy with the fan equipment the Bay Area media conference call. That John Lynch is giant and its US teams and act and Condit is reportedly went out to be AG and in our division. Because I like John a lot but he also hosts it. Yes still a lot a questions more than most guys do we went into a lot of debt so he knows how we think. Whether that's becoming part of what they do. I don't know where you place and I don't think there's any question that he went in there in those meetings looking to find information and getting answers to things. He was in debt the where most guys gold. He wanted to know why. And what we were thinking those kind of things it really put it together I thought he'd be doable can the united put something that some day. Nobody was Steward Pete he was scheme and they can't take you to judge either doubt. So I like that I I would Doc Rivers when he did the same thing when he was preparing to broadcast that speaker. Did the same thing helping Mark Jackson that is much. So you know that you have access to these people and sometimes even though you know other work for network and they should be neutral. You gotta think you know where this guy going to be so that they everybody that you over the Dodgers at the edits he was by and it's a layer. It is hilarious it is a big surprise everybody and that's why I think you also on teens may be Carter when it comes Jon Gruden because that element of while still angry gonna come back to coach could put what Dick Vermeil did owls were probably watching the program a date for milk where he was up the league for what fifteen years well these deals away for a long long time. He's going all these practices and he said at first coaches were were little reluctant to give them information. The amounts for so long that they you know I got comfortable with them and then ball and he's got a good read together to figure scrambled to get what did I tell what we're gonna concerts and I give all what did you go about our drive and all the saw. Partnership or Pete Carroll covered from what he's got a chill here today narrow the horror our rob the relax and be public to dig really give John Lynch for. Playoff guy what I saw Pete Carol last day of August I want him and tested for HGH I think that goes on something he's the best look at sixty's I guess if you tiger does every scene he's getting younger he's not aging he's seven Benjamin button. He's gone the other way. There and we're gonna talk to warn though in the hall of Famer. Played with a Seahawks are now one other broadcasters ST re able Jones 1230 got a busy show on AF in live with pop and Vontae here and had a five point seven a game rich again and it is that the football are what talk to rich coming up at 1 o'clock and rich listening today when the finalists. Underneath finalist in the five quarterbacks for the pro football hall of financial organist thought under current also be broadcast of the jets game last week as they can and play the raiders. He knows Josh McCown Jeff Garcia we'll talk niners quarterback play I ain't Eagles gonna work the raiders game jets game will be here. At 2 o'clock and Dave Campbell Jonas at 230 the president of the Oakland a's it is strictly a ball park site. By the way Dante to Cleveland Indians. Allay worn out away from go. Home. Violence. This is Ian Kinsler in the back and nobody on base in the hole. On. The record you never play by play. Against Dan wanted 210. The Cleveland Indians would be attackers history. This time Hamilton our friend from early to pick it up MLB network is of the TV broadcast. So we'll talk about what this means coming up at 1245 and eight K it'll joint institute thirty on the right off the top don't prior. It's just Litsch went into mountain to America that you are now doing it to the giants fans care their record is 26 all time Major League history the giants but they actually had a tie. Mixed in there but we'll get into this though is the longest in the American League sister congratulations Terry Francona. They just got victory number 21 in a row and they beat the tigers five to treatment. That will will address at 1245 and maybe Dave Campbell at the thought that the man talk about them the ball parks and all means he's meeting. The media today we of the flagship the a soldier and institute their duties president here. I think after Miller pop in 9095 points that are or moans coming. So I Atlanta and back and watched Seattle's first game against Green Bay and that the first thing that it's just shocking to heal. And they were a band kind of a mismatch. For awhile. And the raiders at the most expensive offensive line in football the Seattle Seahawks furiously the least expensive the most inexpensive. As they see is pick up guys from other spots. They signed Lou to local outlook to a local as the number two overall pick in Jacksonville 2013 plate. They know where that plane at guard or tackle me draft a guy number two leader expected to guard unit he's going to be at tackle. They paid Lou chokehold on today mower this offseason eight million dollars when Seattle in John Schneider sign him to a free agent deal in March the ninth. And their entire offensive line made collectively last year in and who is Mike Daniels cheers her rep. Through for the strip sack fumble. The Joker Luke Joseph cool and their their offensive line is just in shambles now. I think they need it they say expenses because they think Tom Cable will figured out in most years they do. And it's a stretch outside running game. In times Bannister ring in and defensive lineman flippant and office. Of what the hell does. They of any injuries they lost George fame to a torn ACL in in pre season game against Minnesota. But this is where in you talked about this this is where the 49ers defensive line. Has got to dominate the football when they go back and look in Green Bay is now I they do not have the front the niners. And any better on the back and and and their group back there but they don't have the front the niners Mike Daniels is a great player when they do their best overall player on defense. But not say this is where all those first round draft picks have got to dominate the football game and just off. The stretch outside running game backfield penetration the niners defensive line. As to dominate Seattle's offensive line to have Andy any change in his football game on Sunday. And I thought the niners defense of why would dominate the Carolina Panthers and really I didn't see anything. From his defense of line yet to play to run OK. But he gets the pass came noon had yet trying to pro football Campbell's is off. Now if they can't dominate this Seahawks offensive line. You have to worry about what's gonna happen to featured his defense of land like a big DeForest Buckner Solomon Thomas we're going to be a for a while. But can you look at Eric Armstead he gets to dominate that legal position which is called the elephant position Pete Carroll was a a little bit of money it's an ad off its bar but the warriors can't get the Russell Wilson and shut down this writing game for Seattle Seahawks. There to have a long long season and we're gonna Figaro we six what the heck do we talk about how how. Houses do you lied on the play or what's gonna happen in the future with because there it is and it's dirtier on the pop they got a doubted this would doesn't like excuse it. If they countered because the other areas we break it down and yet that I would puppet bunch here in 95 point seven a game of the hall of Famer Warren industry a broadcaster on 1230. And this is the one area where you really match they've got to dominate and I I think they will I think they're gonna change what they do. Solomon Thomas to me is not an edge rusher he is at pains to me is the second coming of Richard Seymour reminds me so much Richard Seymour if you're playing. And in a 34 fraud he would be a five technique he'd be covered up by any outside linebacker standing up I don't think he finished guy I think he's an inside guy. Now the problem is she got you know you got three of them got a Armstead yet Buckner. And you got Solomon Thomas and it arms that's got to mismatched here I think they can generate enough a push inside. From their front but and you do wanna check that because that's where Mike Daniels just 88 the game alive was over both guards mark Lewinsky either right guard and Lou joke of the left guard and back to back that it was a free place sequence he would lined up over Lewinsky got an inside second. And Russell came back the way the game flipped on at Lambeau. Packers and Seahawks on Sunday was mounting a strip sack back inside the ten and after that Green Bay was doing in Seattle defensively as good as ever will address them moment. So but I you know what I want in this game. You're talking about Leo's. You know I don't know if you can take arms and make them Leo. To me Elvis Dumervil. Is a natural pass rusher and with his let you know he's 511. Which it has got I have a little in the run game you know Plame in the run game based announced. But when it's you know lol man wins in football right and he so knows how to rush the quarterback saw I want I wanna go get them. In the middle obviously and around the edges as well. But. Aaron lynch. I know they are there and I I I understand what they were thinking with cam and you wanted to come through the envy GAAP. But I wanna come from all directions and so on cable just punctured that. And I you know you watch here and lynch you watched the last pre season game against the chargers. And he's happy there's no I think they tried to claim initiate procedures sucking wind in there were back to back plays that kind of summarized Timmy we. One play each case as to how I mean I mean and and slant status and outside and he chases Downey is now on air force he lets them get outside him and he just looks like you know that you wanna cut right rate the very next play each. Or picks up a tackle and just you know blocking sleds him right back into the quarterback's lap and angered there's no way bill worked that guy. So I don't know why you motivate you I don't know what you do but if he's not your roster I want him to have a profound role in this football game. I want them you know I think that you do it from inside but I don't see the edge rusher honesty Solomon Thomas is not an edge rusher. Eli Harold I'm trying to figure out what he is to meet its nuclear Ed Rogers that I know could do it. Our Elvis Dumervil and having sexist I have a history and you are under I've seen it. Anxious is eighty has an auto worker fax machine that could expect but then he just did an Aaron lynch I know what he can do now marketing plan teams and understand. He's happy to be in your base is giving yourself package but if you're looking for these ferociously heels but take an inherently it's got to be active on Sunday. I was scratching my hip hop Sunday when they announced that he was going to be an active when I look at the talent on this team. When I look at who is going to rush the passer yet Russia's instead but keep fires off the ball so high he has no leverage he loses containment. Why in the world would Arum let's be in street clothes are I don't care how bad he is he needs to be on a fuel for at least when he snaps or situational football worries weighing in on the sub package this is a perfect game for airlift to get up Russell Wilson who likes to run around who's got that stall back in a minute bit wary scramble around run around her rep Flutie or France Harkin and whatever you wanna call it but -- ledge. On this team the team that is what that lacks talent all across the board air let's got to be in uniform pot I don't I don't I don't honey give last week. I think it was Shanahan was doing with this. I tried to understand it but I just can't. Tumor bill in which our third hour could be a plural to stand on it after the quarterback at a sea air and which uniform because the put on saving uniform let's look if you are gonna play a cut. Retreat of magic cut amount of their car bring an element of that I was impressed with your Roger the dodger reference united Flutie is you know more contemporary right delivering chart continue to monitor your interest you hang out with an elderly go fiction the effect that you have a life I was a punishment a lot paso las like NFL films coroner yet again. In Warren mortal artists that at 1230 we have a packed show them the football our Rich Gannon. And Jeff Garcia coming up in the 1 o'clock hour and Dave Campbell John is cents a 230 NEA's ballparks like but I lynch she had a bit of a back issue and they said he was healthy enough to play he was healthy scratch it was because these wanna more interior. Pass rush but I think in this game you want a column from all sides are to the other side of that now. And you know Pete Carroll and moan about John Lynch getting all the Intel and and can use against us the real intriguing match up to me here is Kyle Shanahan. Against the Seattle defense and adding up Pete Carroll has a handle on it Chris Rashard is a young defensive coordinator. You know he'd lift them up and how he had some great players. That he does not currently hand that you watched that playoff game when he was in Atlanta last year. He let them up and that they because of the Earl Thomas injured they were forced to play more man. And that he just let them out and again he's got great players but he he least he knows this team well. And it you know he's gonna have to change it around to watching Seattle defensively. And they're as good as ever they they may be better. They may be better if they general Thomas back they made the trade to get Sheldon Richardson giving up the wide receiver Jermaine curse. Richardson is is it an interest in role within it onto a 34. Jeremy Lang got called for a bogus Marshal has worn more about that at 1230 when he joint tenancy. Pulled a hustle both studio and an interception returns when that was the play was this it was a lot of back on April but they they kicked plain out of the game for a punch that nobody ever saw him throwing. So they at a place check written more. They got this new guy they got from New England it is derided the played nickel. But they may have changed and they've always everybody's trying to steal. The Seattle. Defense and why not they said. NFL history they led the league out of you take all your yards and cram a mop your Crandall yards don't matter in this league it's points. They led the NFL in four straight years never been done. In history the league in points allowed. Last year they dropped all the way to eighteen points to earth which is still third and the reason being. When they lost Earl Thomas at the end of the year they allowed thirty or more in three of their last six games including. When Kyle Shanahan in a month for 36 in that playoff game in freedom 36 to twenty in Atlanta. But so because of their EO Thomas injury. They were forced to play Maine last year and they just were not good at. But you watch the game it label there is good defensively as ever. Bobby Wagner and KG ray KG rate may be the most underrated player in the league. But they it may be because they played against. Aaron Rodgers so much but Cheney knows there cover one cover three deal of the three deep zone or wonder man and they played man they had their corners. This follow guys around Richard Sherman was flip it around he was following Randall Cobb around a lot they'd they just may end up. And they played it really well and he really well I was shocked because there's such and they they won't open up and play bail and play their cover three here and there. But they played so much more main. And they lateral Thomas to roam around it's called Maine free. We have one free safety you have a man under and they didn't have Jeremy Lang when they're tapped corners and they may end up. So this deepest spot today. They are as good as they've ever meant so you'd think it was a challenge against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night out. Like gosh and it looks at the video back to back about he did that day. Playoff game in Atlantic market for the banks were freemen holed. The so I start giving a shot got Julio. I have polio is or else ought to do it. But I don't know if they can't do it because Seattle's defense is yet this is. This maybe that the steel curtain can they won four Super Eagles. This is the best defense in the NFL maybe suits really. That in Tampa and Baltimore didn't last long enough Baltimore was a run defense Tampa was that as statements. This defense with Auburn coming and they lost rain in the main. The camp I went to San Diego it ring and Sheldon Richardson Bennet in April he can run it now that it is a legion of boom you can't pass that. Our. Extraordinary. Or would you say the law today. A day by my my. Advice to Ted Robinson acted this wouldn't you know Tom Walsh show coaching. I treated first downs like touched. There was much. And so what if you want him Jacob burst out. Everett you get in the red zone day and that's about. It. Hopefully. The models are these bad cop out that laws degree date in the game by occasional war and in at home opener in Seattle. Austin and last year we forget that regular season game between the Seahawks. Where Richard serving god that we could pass an appearance. Over 300 in the game against Seattle some cows and those audits act. This defense. And tackle Bryant appear so he would in his life week by week we actually don't click and the rest as well as and this is Fusco and losing Eagles in the interior I just don't see governors were Morton points a game to game may name now. It's going to be in defense of why we need to see improvement from the defense and it's not like it seems scored like. Two. It like. The black adults are I'd I'd rather have seen sales office on the field at Seattle's defense. To at least it may be a story about. It's going to be ugly but still warm about the Seattle Seahawks Eagles the 49ers. Century in Seattle warm him up shall bouncing when this is my points. That Greg Copley she'll continue us. On 95 point seven game. Look very similar. That he put. On Lewinsky just a couple of plays. And Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on a call at Lambeau was a span of three plays he lines up over the right guard mark Lewinsky and Mike Daniels goes right through him. And any slips overlook Joseph Opel a former number two overall pick in the draft their planet. Left guard timetable is an Eagles right around him like joke who wasn't even ready for the snap count. Any strip sacked Russell Wilson the Seahawks for a treat at that point of the game it was industry. Erratic quick snap initiative winds up losing the game. That's bring in Gordon oh the hall of Famer conducted Jonas is the niners are gone up to us entry link to play. Seattle on Sunday joint top in bunch here on the at the delights and 95 point seven again sir thank you for your time and at timetables are great offensive line coach but it seems like the last couple years we've been talking about this incessantly how they just don't have the pieces and in early injury George Payne at left tackle assert. What what what's going out this offensive line is Russell Wilson was running for his life and got pounded us. Yeah it was a record. It short by a lot of open lines currently epic Sheila. In week one. Patrick that played a whole lot. Return to start short a lot of different than they have the emotional blow up the trees he's been a lot more blitzes a lot more stomped up front. And I think you saw a lot of in about it gluten lightly. Sealed. Utley did. Because they obviously for our guys to get a trial he used to play in one another and that's more important for proper ladder and haven't talent that they put the communication becomes triple. Book front as far as nor would block and every situation titans. Of those particular bit of time do should love. Religions down and its movement that we're going to that period right note structure down and get used to carry one. Yeah Russell you know he's been so good at being able to escape you know he's so calm in the pocket and just jump a sudden movement he's able to avoid it but on Sunday there were times with the inside rush from Daniel's. Or he just could not so updated so we saw Russell obviously play the raiders in late August. He's tremor reached down to lay tool eighties a father now. Where is he physically after last year when he had those two injuries in the first three games in the high ankle sprained right away that a a sprained knee ligament in other injury as well. Where's he at physically right now do you think more. I didn't Gershon and then his whole career utility that is the way you know. Went after it reopens its policies and gotten so they'll. Are being released only Shula streamline Dallas or has to do his training and you get so much excess weight at all by these so loudly and a lot more exposing. But he really told him tendencies and then. The other outstanding currencies and it's unfortunate but the first game had a goal like that all that pressure because I really feel like and still feel like he's gonna have one of the diocese and beverages because of the command the the alternate each other tell Padilla as around you it at all compatible but it doesn't try to pick give them. No amount of time that you need to I think he's gonna have an excellent season. It is hormone the hall of Famer joining us and they have to look with pop and about to hear netted five point seven game he works as Steve re able on the Seahawks radio network we had your partner on when the Seahawks came to Oakland that less pre season game. And I just marveling at it dubbed Baldwin's route running ability how he can just at top speed. Warren just you know paying change his route he can run you know post corner and out is is is abilities change direction. Its top speed I don't know if anybody in the NFL is better what what what do you see from Doug Baldwin in it's either guy. That Russell really looks to when he's got to get it in a tough third down as you look in 891 you think. You have built to go an excellent to a communication and trust one where he's going to be an. And Russell could not always to condone that lecture circuit. Doug has become very eager good route he's worked very hard and it's a bit here. Yeah of the great ability. To change direction all of elect Antonio borrow more. Warrior. Beckham junior who vote. That's what makes cute so great so ought to cover when you can be run Apple's new one directional so step off well. But most people to backs can't cover that that that's you know you do lose do an excellent hands and a big guys played a lot. Bigger than what he has because you have to agree. Leaping ability and judge ball away from the body would allow a lot of small guys we can't do that so. That's late term in the Webber's it was obviously he's worked tremendously hard. I have a lot of pride in the still plays that chip on the shoulder because what Brad. And catcher to company years ago and he's the go to guy number 89. Conversely on asking about number 88 Jimmy Graham the former New Orleans saint great. Now his third year in Seattle and just watch the game at Lambeau last week or it just seemed again. As though they just that we're Nat Nat together Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham there was one back shoulder the outside at Russell threw beautifully and Graham just flat out dropped it. They try to go to him a couple of times in the back of the end zone and you know Jimmy Graham was able to make it work for the undersized quarterback in New Orleans obviously the great Drew Brees. Why is Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham especially in the red zone. Just not able to get it done consistently lower. Good bet that Tokyo as well it also notre spring and Russell rigor and it's not used to throwing bad balls you have like the program balls and and when you sort of Jimmy's sometime in the red zone. You have to throw what I call eight period that ball where you're trying to throw the ball high and away the deeper to back the most quarterbacks aren't used to form a ball. Await troubled receiver remote they're trying to pull the ball to receive Purcell. Russell and use them all the ball higher in. And vertically Edwards Jimmie has Angola produced excellent clinical miraculous play you know ball because that's what you of the Bruins do. Russell got to have more trust that you can do that and they of Jimmy's gonna make the platform. An engine got to build more took over completely in to vote Olympic year that your game on Sunday. There was some bald elections should mention caught. And then wrap up there was one in the Google where you look presenters against that wasn't called but he's got to step up his game he played pretty well he's been here. We've got to step it up more than what he did last week. Warned John Snyder Pique your debris and Eddie lacy the offseason hopefully may come to bell cow and Arnold Thomas roles that Thomas Rawls still up thirty. Didn't play against Green Bay. This kid Chris Carson came out of nowhere had an impressive thirty yard run as Chris Carson going to be the guy until Thomas Rawls has brawl skits tackle what's gonna go along with his back to war. What can Qatar was wrong and be back on the this week from what I understand. So easily it is an opportunity to go along with him if he's not completely open yet the offseason ankle surgery. He's able lately and haven't explosiveness back yet on the season goal long that a goal continues to you know. In the interest Carson is crucial well look increasingly. You know. Competent and pour rookies started the game basically on Sunday the formation that they ran. And I usually ball appeared in the ball game is world. When you get to a book and baked at one cut a hole like about it record as well. You can also just blows about actual build a decent job blah and so. Or rookie or you don't use it it's. Complete terms of the ball game but. He's bigger they really can rely on policy to allow more than most rookies will. He says seventh round draft pick only four players were taken after him in the draft at Oklahoma State's he looks like a player Chris Carson great to hall of Famer or moan. Joining us sunny afternoon delight with pop and bunting here 95 point seven a game you know after you went to Edmonton lit up the CF failure joined the NFL and the Oilers in the early eighties. So you just missed the steel curtain in Pittsburgh wanted to struck an earlier. This may be the best defense I've seen in the NFL. Sensed the steel curtain. Better than Tampa Bay's better than. Baltimore's of all the defense as you've seen in the last thirty plus years playing in broadcasting you get to watch this great Seattle legion of boom of the fraud and Wagner and writer just raid inside linebackers where do you rank. This defense is a defense for all the once you've seen that throughout your years. Where you have to be right there to conduct such a long period of time you know partly at the 85 bears team that you know dominate that one particular year they were really great defense. Other than that didn't last long as a deterrent to as far as consistency. I'm waiting till they'll QB cents and they had grown grounded like some of the bridge you waited so Joyner at all. Are they were very deacons to with a deacons got broke up after a couple of years. But the defense continued you know Richie playing at a high level and we let the league and in the sport margin. Forty years in a row to last year I'll have to get finished third country well because a lot of injuries and our secondary. Only god deeper into line but all of oh and again this year and we average estimate we have another agreed to turn to run like we do in 2000 virtually on the super doubles so is gonna pick that. This team to get back when it was doable I think these guys aren't doing more Americans to go to Leo. In our own we think it is defense we think cover three you know 3-D four under maybe cover one you know there are times in the middle in Maine under. That you know watching you play at the end of the Eric is Thomas got hurt a lot more Mahan in and they came in at Lambeau. Was that just to match up thing against Aaron Rodgers could use scene of so much you wanna give a different look it. The Seahawks played a lot more demanded action remember them ever playing more. You know you can hear Roger is such patient quarterback is gonna take your little. Total dump also. Against our received so like most of the we're back won't go Google bit impatient. But Erin would do in that tends to. You possession of the football and that's why they're wrong pew for so long had 81 plays against those that. It did a great job of converting on third down because there were beaten some sort little bit more ranch so he could dump old balls often need to make. No more Avaya. Accurate passer and hope we got the pressure that we need to get to on him but we didn't get as much pressure on him like that happens we do them first and that's what made allowed him to keep those chains movement. And keep our altered so you also altered testicle parties and children and they need a party members the other day it might not be a short ball. This would be turn to when you give them some ground on the sidelines they come back on the field. Restaurant they can really give up your latter on the football but because of Iran feels so much it's going to be in the first game. And nobody really played that much a particular guest and so. The hall of Famer or Mona part of the Seahawks are broadcast team as a seahawk for a couple of years and obviously great players university. Of Washington getting maturity for the niners this Seahawks up its entry link hey you played in the old Kingdome. And is it seemed like a silly question in a dome stadium has to be louder than outdoor stadium right that. The way they constructed century length and there's always you know rumblings about them. You know pomp and sound banking and is there anyway you could say century link field Warren. Lautner. In the on certain that they could definitely use. I've been out there that trust like some travel bit nervous from start to trumbull a show on earth where a parent. And now we've already been measure of it would shall moderate wicca Whitman as far as the amount of noise and salvage the template can generate so for an outdoor stadium that problem allowed by the ever been and those indoor stadiums. They can be loud as well rubio Kingdome promoter concrete materially and grew louder and and so the astrodome and played down here astrodome. Or an outdoor stadium this crowd as an amazing job. Bring an interview that football team that's whether record has been so good well at that centrally especially in a week earlier started. I still haven't splitting headache from my children now it's inevitable. You let the raiders that was one of the greatest performances in other 409 yards 285. Touchdowns in a war was forty what do you think it here. A front for a look at the. So though the party unity government that gave them. You know. When you get to go to church number that you absolutely everybody talks about age whatever you don't do something right so you just wanna show people that. You know used to cam play of the game where you would be out here and yeah I do happen to be a certain age but more correctly her game age matter. Usually only matters it'll play well it was like Tom did play well here and right now a B or so Mitch. You might be done because it's forty years old. But the basic two years ago yet beat by Kansas City and Kansas City and came back and lost a global here's what would look up this guy yeah. Now aren't a lot of the great sort of backing years of votes that in any seven years age forty what forgot forty years of age and have more and threw for over 3600 years. Sir thank you so much for your time have a great call on Sunday until Steve your partner we say hi. Okay thanks Slava gaga and a derivatives and. Well classy man thinks more. Or movements and that has spiraled ladies offer the astrodome all of the great thrower of the football hall why didn't make him go to camp. I don't level I will really no place and yes we delve that we shouldn't give me that he's not like Flutie year. In Howard K Jeff Garcia he'll join Slater and Alter respected in our own pitch in the pocket that you are you well. He was it from the great throwers of the football it's ever ban Mandela once and that Moshood office educated and l.'s own special but topped. The 2002 ways record is two and don't cry cry. It's going to be okay Cleveland Indians game at war after 21 two sets. All this dirt would never Google's money ball he's now when did you get to review resumes you gotta check yet they've brought in three dollars and 25 stats are heard a sort Herman how if you are it's patched it wisely speaker I thought I tanks and realize he will discuss this legally these record I could write Arabic or but there's no probably about that Mort I love you all those original American electorate it's is that it bugs that game. That Greg Copley she'll continue us on 95 point seven per game. Well. We. Okay. We'll know there's a high drive. Wow okay. A swing at a bouncer to third or Seattle clubs girls. The third time. It would. Happy one won't be an. All the second team and I this time the American way. What is right. Joining me all the days of 2002. This time. Yes it's over her congratulations to the Tito Francona Terry Francona armories bench coach in that. That Hamilton elicited less than after it was not a happy are about to integrate called. The final inning there and if somebody amazing stats about this. Streak where they won it that Milosevic August it's August the 24. The first week it was against Chris Sale they lit up for sale in there it's today Austin's. But. They haven't they haven't trailed. They trailed four innings and that's what you want baseball games they've been behind exactly. Four innings Saturday the game started at 9 o'clock or ten so I'm watching it. Detroit homers right away right there the and it doubled up ahead with a one nothing. Cleveland comes back to the department of thrift stores. Really technically didn't trailed edited torched market for. An amazing run and amazing this is an American League record get a couple more. Ago they tied the Chicago Cubs of 1935. For the second longest winning streak and history of baseball two point one. The record is technically. I'm a gross giants in 1916. But when you look at that there was one game against it must've been because of darkness the game and didn't tie up a complete count I know what. If I if I'm the Indians. And a throwing protests that game make them go back and finish that game back in 1965. That's part of the week do we count a streak of 26 in a row when you keep your game and at that time what do we do. It does count and count it Camp David to say they didn't let dollar anyway and this county it's all right sixty congregated to have cellphones back and VCR is this is good players and as a result what are we have raised stances is over recent had a plaque from the 2002 year Sony does an hour yesterday fraud that could open and it fuels does what -- -- fans think that we set I want them to lose I didn't get a lot of them to lose a piece that it's it's a big winning streak to about the two years and remember that season for only for the money ball for both from its game winning streak ultimate ultimate authority here you know the he has Cy Young poet Allen we're not going to recall that divisional series well that's where excellence when I do. Vikings. Europe. Well at the hope. Gusinsky things AJ Pierzynski Easter is. I we're hoping that the agent and who they haven't they picked this site. Finally picked this site that right around the time of the week street takes them out of the record books they Campbell the president will institute thirty. And tell us about this site that they chose Sola remove and we're moving on May stands our follow up and arms over this like I am asking for. I think they are they're deciding right and they're all crying right now so you have to give some time to more pop the crying right now are little sad. But there is good news of the state in 20/20 three that the wait until 20/20 three with the way the location it's a good bills finally decided awesome but let's talk to Rich Gannon. But the Oakland Raiders corner and Nashville Tennessee beat the titans on Sunday they take on the New York Jets this Sunday at the coliseum Rich Gannon. Coming off for the football hour right here immigrant publish are about to know when this is 95 point seven again.