Greg Papa Show Basketball Hour

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 18th

Garry St. Jean & Kelenna Azubuike join Papa & Bonta live in studio for the first bball hour of the Warriors season!


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Steve Moore you. Yeah everything. Here financial. With ten seconds it's clear they really takes a dribble kick that did not okay no. Stepped up I noticed that the pilot did today. It's my job. They don't go. Helped off the loans. In the old days like Sam please say you're there on the locker. We'll open up the beer and celebrate recovery reveals it's incredible there's a there is a warrior Wednesday in our first super three quarters of an hour and here Rajiv by Porsche walnut street cage funny seventeen premier Porsche dealer. This slightly on his back at our group our bond today and Donald foil I saw the big ambassador last night. Pretty shot blocker or your history will be joining us periodically go we are gonna bring in a Kelenna. As a blue key who does he honestly and I am TV's sure would have great fun. We were all on the set last night and we couldn't get a clear view of it was the first one of the three run into his book he with the young guys that realized. There like that has sauce and shouting get it. Quit I want it. Oh loyalist jubilee is it loses disappointment. Barely. There and I also just that extra drill teams are nice lady. Didn't get off that hey it's one game like he said pop they can't really join own now so. Well as I was worried about was are on the go 41 of their own home doing his thing and start before noted are scary yeah you know I was hard on to rant at a post game that attitude that one little love rhythm dribble though you watch it I watched it back today Harden really kind of got in his way Washington. To put the ball on the deck but do you guys ever call. And in the old days saying they wouldn't really you know gun owners additives for the one and then. Even and you can you remember any games in recent years there was like that where you thought the team won and they're all happy at home and the cheerleaders or did solidify he's gonna doubted that a split edit. Well no law. It's Irish it's tough to remember you might then there is oil collars and I think my news. Then the score once or Kentucky made. They thought they beat LSU they're on the laughingstock of those college football for a long time and thought to be LSU does he do pastel mayor in the end zone all the fans rushed the field. And they really thought they wanna obviously have lost that's only got Cameron that's coming close of that where everybody's like celebrate and then into disappointment. Pop you you remember the old days now talk in the eighty's and ninety's. Before we did have the replay. You we taught the players. When you hit some like that happened run like tech did a lot. Certainly. The locker room every hour. Yeah because it's a visiting game the refs ran off the floor Joseph this is gonna add insult. To every. Costing you are gonna bring them back on the floor and and this starting replay thing you know we would have been one I know I have to do that this crazy stuff going on even. So let's see what I take it out they didn't have replay review Baghdad remember Garfield heard shots. All eyes he has Celtics yeah I have let's check in college ran up that subtle appeal ghastly guard they thought they won the game and I think it was. When it Mendieta was working again many word only they waved him back down and and they had a steady go to overtime as the Celtics thought that they Garfield heard shot was after they the horn and wanna go on overtime I think Boston won that game. I'm not Nellie was guard them as nice as if you if you remember way back that's a famous game or Paul Westphal took a timeout. Strategically. So let. Then they could keep the game go on and it was a teak. That was one the best playoff games ever without a doubt. That was a classic guard it is the warrior one stands for Archie about Friedman's appliances trusted name the Bay Area since 1922 going Azubuike. Well joining us once awakened as anyone so. Let's let's breakdown what you saw Kelenna I think very simply looking back out at the Houston Rockets won their game more and and they don't they made their date to at least played three subs off the bench was an eight man rotation work. Steve Kerr was playing everybody the foul trouble in the injury state would Allah. And dead drain our big problem instead of getting in debt and a foul trouble and I think the bottom line is last night's game and a hell of a lot more than Houston Rockets and a difficult. Say Gloria let's O'Leary as Astrid amazing ring ceremony. It's got to be so tough is a player get refocused. And try to got to win game against a team that's. Super excited tennis ball a nine point lead the way in the locker room during the reserve lawyer rarely get out there for the warriors got two really good start surprisingly especially. Klay Thompson knocking Dow Jones loans are available loosely as we're talking about last night like he's Bethea forty points. AON it was sixteen but he really got him Sarnoff frighten. You talked about laundry being out screwed up their rotations we saw everybody play in the first quarter staff gone Fausto in the first quarter he had to go out. Nick Young came in fire and use a monster off the bench last night knows really much needed Ellsbury to see and we talked about in the second quarter. And the third quarter look like the wars an economy be run away within the game was gonna target out of control. For the rockets the rockets kept fighting back in the rods from their short rotation. That's used performance is that everybody that plays for them for the most part by a moute it was a muscle us like PJ Tucker was a muscle us where we seen Eric Gordon. Did big numbers off to bed and she was driving basket. Finishing that amazing drive he had literally drove by Jordan bella that's the Basque why doesn't work out of the NBA kids exactly bird. All I said it came down low possession wars had a chance to win all over staffed reeled off like four rural uptick crazy one he hit. Well he's fallen to the right time then. He kind of bounce back captured. The foul trouble where I got immensely during our probably more than physically just teachers are so Madden and our new game because. On your thousand not the regular rotation but he bounced back nicely and had a huge fourth quarter. And calm that that's on the corner that was so visited three when their beards who goes obviously huge. And JD we he's talked about a man who almost almost had a good. Can get oftentimes. The midrange jumper was pure goes away and on time. Did you know guys I share a couple things we give from the Houston standpoint. Mikey and Tony treated this like a playoff game as you said popular guys. So he puts black and Nene on the bench he gave his playoff card away as to how he's gonna play the warriors got played Tucker it's five. That's that's very evident and you don't have Dray mind so now how are you gotta match up and and the NBA game is all about matchups and that. And carted touches on something that you none scorers off the bench mob moute and Tucker really played well I was very very impressed. We although Bob Gordon six man the year I he brings them another dimension in terms of a third guy. Then you run him off the three point line he can drive it to the rack and they outscored the warriors by over twenty points. In the paint. Why because the warriors defended the three ball well made him drive the war years conversely. Were OK from the three point line but they didn't have anybody to put it on the floor and and miss so they didn't score in the pay night that that was the difference in the game. Not you know Anderson played well for them so for then they really got to add to the performance Paul guided it out there. I wouldn't let me pop you called that early with a knee problem. Now you switch over to the warriors. And this is the beauty of Steve Carr plays eleven guys in the first quarter. You know that's that's amazing and now you know you can't let it touched on the guys who had hot periods during the game. But you got knocked out of whack with Kevin Durant and staff curry and foul trouble with three apiece in the first half. Then drain money is really having a big big game and and for me he's the heart and soul of the team. He goes out and I just thought it wasn't the same energy by the warriors and that. You've got to give them credit for coming back in and the warriors that hung around there and gave themselves a chance to win. But you know you're you've got four minutes left they're gonna give Kevin a little blow and they're bringing in looney. At catcher and but I called needs situation Joseph west to three minutes of the game he ever did before he hurts and you look at now who else might gonna put Dinara rookie bell. And we you know we didn't see and I thought maybe David West would come back. For me I relatively small. I would have played Livingston. It LA but you know what does it there's good news is we got beat last year by 25000. Per unit first if there's anyone left. Pop we still have a chance for your your goal this year to win 34 straight. That's unless every season and you recognize we're on the road I don't know I don't know all of us a little while it's. Now that we would exclude the lakers record on Christmas Day if they don't allow. I had an idea or whatever you call my eyes got all weekend about when I know guys good yeah yeah I'd much time on my head I got that they. Dark and all news are didn't do or O Brian. To debate the rockets could before lawyers 32 savings quite they're following last night three ceremonial lawyers watching championship worrying grapple. Four chance for a lucky fan when an authentic personalized when he sixteenth seventeenth NBA championship ring with proceeds benefiting the lawyers' community foundation for board he tells. Visit lawyers dot com slash. Ring raffle. More basketball hour here many five point seven game was last night the most gruesome injury in NBA history. Greg Copley show continues. On 95 point seven big game. Really got to commend my friend Kevin Carlin. His performance last night and one of the most gruesome injury certainly in the NBA the history of American sport. He just laid out he did not talk. Very good two minutes and just let the pictures. Tell the story and the anguish on the other athletes. No it's just it's just amazing and to see the what happened to Gordon Hayward is foot I go to sneakers fallen off and must really is foot inside their pit sneaker it was just. Beyond description I'd of these men go back and play we see in football. Just gruesome is the word has changed the landscape and Eastern Conference five minutes and fifteen seconds into a Celtic career. And horrific injury welcome back it's the best to follow orders changing Kelenna Azubuike great father Monta hill. Same way did you us stomach up enough courage to watch them hey your stayed away from it last night have you ever seen it yet. You know I seen so many and I I watched it once and that was enough like Connors said he could hearing. You know I I. The worst I've seen. Shaun Livingston yup that was my worst one and that I've gotten older I don't wanna watch doubles I feel so bad for those guys. But it was really asked. You know I felt great about the NBA last night you know all the players on both teams. You know obviously is something guys but the cavs guys you know will be the DNA and I heard Clint in my right at halftime that down. LeBron and Isiah Thomas. He was there when they brought him into the locker Nirvana and the cavs locker room you know and you know they went in the CEO man Nat personally as you said pop. You know that's tough to go out there and play after after witnessing something like that but I'm gonna give you some good news you look at Shaun Livingston and and then the return. Yes he's made after that injury. And in today's medical world. And with good surgery there in Boston great medical group out there. Hopefully that that young guy. We'll come back for the blast normally feels like six months thinks so Elliott is maybe April oh man you're no good. Among you never you never know what may be he'll take all year you know like Paul George. Outside let's say Iran may have Paul George who's seen those horrifying and and news's look how great Paul George came back and strong so. He says dolls watching all the players on the floor Hasan doing wage is to get the advice he's about to throw Jefferson Thompson was just. Discuss the Biden and when you feel so bad for the gallery can do is is pray for many comes back strong and and that he's not discouraged by this and then you rehab as well and every procedure that needs to happen on mangalore even though the way you'll. You wonderfully done and then and goes well but. It was it was tough to see and it's crazy to me how how well actually the Celtics were able that kind of refocus and absurd experiencing them. Her faith. Event happened to it's in their teammate and friend and and their brother. And come back out and try to refocus actually play game and compete which they didn't and obviously came down says. Though the final minutes of the game though. Do those really tough to see Mikey sent out loans there's no other players' reaction yeah I come over with them while shaking his hand and just trying to encourage announced trying to encourage them and use our carrier breaking down and then. His teammates told them out so. It's it's a brotherhood and when you see one guy go down to you everybody hurts for. Harris powerful. LeBron James. Yes I can face in his Jersey just couldn't even look at it annoy the Celtics all got together just hugged each other. Just amazing aggravate years and years ago wanted to Sam Bowie injury when they also run out of them. However than ever that pop. Smoke every where few years ago from Louisville Karzai has. There's only a home was sticking out to ski and I know. Right now I am just immense unbelievable so they do that to play enemy they did again 128 million dollars sixty. There it changes everything so saintly yeah I know you're a big believer in Cleveland I kind of thought Boston was he killed. Was gonna be there with Hayward and I don't have Hayward and it changes everything a lot of the young guys have to step up so how does this change the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Assuming that Gordon Hayward can't play anymore look. Let you know I would chat you pop. I'm a big Jalen brown a guy I really am I thought I here's my expression he's a jump shot away. From being a heck of a young player last night I didn't watch the whole game and I talked to both my Brothers in Massachusetts this morning. And they said he just played a hellacious game. Listen this guy's an athlete he's a quality young man very bright. And really good defender really can get up and down the floor drive it to the hoop. If he can hit a mid range to heck with threes just in the mid range. My guy she's going to be a heck of a player he's gonna get more minutes table play a lot more now that's the young rookies that they have when they're really really high Aaron. A Smart has lost twenty pounds. He's not gonna make a lot of shots he shot four threes last night. He shouldn't even shoot truly never mind that if it doesn't play defense and they're doing what you do best effect and then I'm a big Horford guy inquiries gonna do his job. They may be a little light in terms of depth losing Crowder Bradley's been challenged her defense. But Boston we'll be right there with Washington and Toronto. Does well and maybe Milwaukee at five but those will be your key teams in the east. Listen you are as you've got LeBron I don't nobody's good nobody's gonna stop them from detonate the role in the finals and you know in Rosen. Yeah it's it's going to be interesting to get a big infusion com the all star break or after when they get down Isiah back in. Caught I don't wanna say and I'd rather go to Boston for the finals. I have an illegal alien and we look bad and go back to northern Ohio hello I am going after I landed UN has not sitting in Cleveland in the red sox' main exit from. That this tiger I don't think. Anyone's gonna stop the Pluto is from news files and I don't think that before Gordon Hayward went down now it's there's probably going to be a little easier for the cavaliers look. I said this when the carrier ring and they're gone bust the Celtics I thought they got better offensively yet and worse defensively so to me they're gonna count on and open the same spot which. Last season they did fist in the regular season ahead of the Cleveland cavalier has been no one really took them seriously as far as like really stoppage in the Cleveland Cavaliers and into the finals. I'm ice you out I love Jalen brown might think he's super athletic big guy works really hard on defense that's probably thing I love about them demos and they see it and consistently knocked down a jump shots. You get to the basket is handles I think are getting married to finish above the rim. He's a guy that I'm really looking forward to watching the season and seen him take next step Marcus Carter couldn't understand why he's trying to post up everybody last night. He's got notified immediately was successful in the debit. Defensively is where they really need him 600 dominate in and do his thing on that Saudi or Al Horford. Is there is a pretty good player. But. It's a good team this is not a team but I think that the tabs are really gonna have problems with in the playoffs and now love. The wizards would John Wall and and Bradley bill I think those two guys are still gonna make that team go and if this John Walton. Consistently maybe knocked down a mid range jump release I think that'll be used for only did knockdowns and victories and in in the playoffs last year and I understand your lineup on the table right right and he really got a side answered knocked out of its case chassis are all 6000. Daytime but. Again I think the cavaliers can end up in the finals and it's really about paid. Can they stay healthy and the warriors stay healthy if both teams stay healthy now those big they'll be in the finals and you talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers with a Isiah Thomas hopefully gets back what. January February probably February 3 on how to cross the cavaliers I think right now is it is. They're back court there's some spacing issues there because the understanding that I'm not I'm not really gonna defend. Derrick Rose all the way at the three point line and adapt a little bit I'm not gonna really defend doing way all the way out the three point line gap in him a little bit so that's gonna make it tougher for LeBron James and these other guys to drive as one thing when they had JR Smith shooting his streaky shooter at least he had the gardens the three point line. As stresses the floor a little bit streets of space in their fur LeBron operating do those things I think. Dwyane Wade and one LeBron James are open their chemistry from from the Miami Heat days you'll. Kind of carry over enough figure always is Corbett does make it a little tougher when you don't have great shooting in the backcourt right now Kevin Love is like the. Hello you can start upon got your big shot blocker now it's five with Kevin Love yeah. But bring rush you know that right to say but yeah question for you once up your bulls men port took a guy credit. Tech red and I'm orders from Allah knows exactly rear bar. Seemed right should be our initial fear it could go out arrest don't want it. Nobody fell 46 weeks don't just happen to be fun to watch it as such and that's how well. Do you know Laura Martin an unlikely reason I had the minaret are gonna season yeah. I've you know TJ we flashy and back twelve noon don't pay don't sleep under old Milwaukee Bucks lately though Boeing's three elbow caught on. Oh it was a he's gonna be a best player in the league instead that Kevin's had that. He's a monster sixers Shaughnessy what Joseph owned and indeed does needs to stay healthier basketball our present and our free and it's applied to trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Can lawyers about this one game losing streak. Train and you don't brow on Friday. Called my show continues. On body five point seven big game yeah. It doesn't make and there's no reason they haven't had divergent here you are supporting him I don't even like a couple of doctors so. Although that veteran lives at nodding along and says that but again I'll put my left and I'm jumping the gun us. Bring him. That's Bob Myers president of basketball operations via the warriors should on this about a half hour. On the have been a lot of talk about ten minutes five point seven a game. Steve Kurt betray my did not practice today and I needed on recast me Steve Kerr is saying I don't think it's serious but we'll see. So there is some reason to be concerned welcome back we finish up the whoop our first of the year the rookie Kelenna Azubuike is doing very well this. So everybody's prayers and well. You know we watched it last night saint in it we catch a recap and say estimate. We didn't know if he banged knees with Trevor ariz they're not actually did that and Iran is landed on the floor I actually watched affects several times that they look like he can hyper extended. Where Kelly landed it kind of buckled a little bit and may have gone backwards so. What do you think yes he can he trade floundering against they yet that big Frontline of the tells us on this road trip to get Memphis and then and Dallas to winded out Hideki places we can't. But I said earlier in the hour I mean he's the heart and soul of this team and and where did you get hurt last night. Taking away the three ball we gave up dribble penetration. But last year your rotations keyed by him and Kevin Durant or so sharp that you took away easily upset the rim. And that pop I just looked at him with Bud Day and you're right on I thought they banged knees and I was open that's what it was Colette and ice. Hatter shared knee problems and das yeah I was hoping it was a bone bruise but debt. That didn't look so good to me so. I'm also we get some positive news here a couple hours. Right we need is now I don't know that men lawyers need them because lawyers automatic defense usually teams score so much easier to masculine drain money isn't there. He makes out for so many mistakes. And it. When guys get beat dosage or belong emperor. Dream on his awareness from the weak side. What area where he's at strong side on the ball why she's so good at making sure teams are tough times why the bats where he's blocked shots. Or can test this out to the basket dismay they're tough on guys and you saw that last night once he went out the game. Eric Gordon was getting to the basket. Obviously James Harden was trying to get a basket he was knocking around instead mag number llama he's had some tough shots are so that puts me right right. It is sometimes the senators and so on Tillman and mayors Utah shiny knock them down but without drain on there. Defense who is amending the wars ordered unless I'm on a Muster the sort about their offense we talked about last night out. The ball stop moving and they're trying to go ice so thirteen assess exactly. Turn over is seventeen turnovers. Katie had eight those things they can clean up I think elude you zero Alger among them the defense is a maintenance and suffer. How would you agree that he's the best weeks I'd blow defender in the only thing I've ever yeah I mean his anticipation these two counts quicker. Than anybody else I've watched heat in he's only six what are William close to 766. That's a good. There's maybe we sent Barkley was only six for just so you three don't go to our gathered by you know a boy I just can't give him enough praise he was playing one heck of a game pot you loved the when he was run a point forward. Consistently. Out there and how. But the play reads up on top and the rookie goes down and sets the screen in the floppy action and eat and doesn't feel contact any slips it. And goes in for the look for the lob. Dunked and we looked at each other we said gosh darn it looks like Magic Johnson easily here you know Michigan State Spartans. Are there right after there's when he hurt his knee got no right. If this team has one weakness in an inning and this is the one side pick and roll defense sale Bogut and a hard time getting up out of we saw fastest is Healy. Last night at some nights he was good member when they won the title in Cleveland. Game six he was able to fire out you know but then you you'd have JaVale snag great head even though he's shown looks like he moves well Zaza struggles with a David West struggles within the one thing Colette Jordan bell. And I hadn't seen a really have to defend the one side and switch shouted at last night's Harden or yeah garden Harden and Gordon software but in mean I had seen at the pre season alive but I feel everything they were saying about him he's a modern NBA big man defender he can do it. He struggles and what do I pick and roll when I have him so easy edit they get it figured out or he just as great the only big vigilant guard that well. You figure out is Risley drain on his mentor. Like he's got to figure out how much space heating gives guys you only get too close you get to close the guys when they're actually journalist if you switch out on to a guy. GAAP and a little bit the compensation for the quickness. Advantage that they have against you and anti contessa Saudi forces had taken a step back jumper whatever the case may be ally guys can make that sound asleep. But you can test that shot you live that but sometimes he gets. A little off balance maybe China again rule over zealous and get too close to the ball island and guys Eli and he'll figured out those. As these in the league longer is he gains more spears is dram on continued talk and there's no drama to talk to him. And we just a reminder to recognize us last I mean there are clamping his thing is that they closed their report very long recognized this guy's got a lot of potential on defense making moves he's got all the physical attributes. And now it's just about. Gaining more that I Q and figured out how to that it guard guards better and and and impose some better and all these different techniques that you learn. I remember when I first Donnelly I know some of the things I'm used three or four years and so is this is is one of those things where you go alone experience. About setting every individual blood defense of one inferno there. That last news I thought you know. He really hurt his seat really well he's playing against one of the best one on one players in the entire league I thought he showed me some don't last night and seen and in a couple of years. He moved his seat would an effort to contain the ball right he just got beat by a great player who was in a groove last night earth. So I don't have any issues with data all they do you know you didn't really have an answer for him because of their lineup. They gonna guiding guards in the best this clay and then the second best guys Andrei. How many times a James Harden lose the ball. And then just get to this step back and as is money Bryce he uses them crossover crowd though you still lose the ball there and cross over as wet as. He is a monster player if you make him take that shot I'm good I'm good I'm a contessa Osama run back on defense team I had tears. Your monster let's go scorn and other necessary ghost. Maybe the best game I've seen him play your stories only had three turnovers last night usually has three dozen denizens. I'd last night's. Colin did well did he say anyone they wanna bring back again it's almost record that's me tell you what my god every part of those are all are Colette. That's important and I. Three yeah I listen pop. He carries my old rear end off please that this he had this guy's a high lottery karaoke vogue on either way as well this whole lot better looking than me tells us this. Saying that's insurmountable same store on one basketball and I don't know for sure I could learn from them hooligans to Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. People lost their life all. We'll get I don't look good last night other I did we're gonna drive by focal lobbying so exciting years ago you didn't think through all the bloggers like the Florida. It was a weird night as I'm Rosemary was the weird the whole thing was we may not get IEA shared with you Carol Powell member Travis Stanley. Oh yeah you know he's president of the Napa chamber of commerce and I talked to my way in from Danville today. And he wants all our basketball fans to remember. And have and our prayers the all are our friends up there in Sonoma and Napa and they're going through a really difficult time and you know maybe those people enjoyed watching warrior basketball last night to take your minds off of the terrible situation wherein. But we had a great chat and he listens to us all the time and he was with me all my years with the kings and all my years with the warriors when I came back and there's a lot of warrior fans up there and now we we should all remember those people. Praying for those feminist wellspring at all Travis she say I say I'll do that for sure. Absolutely right now fellas it's time for some donation dollars are many five point seven game. I'm 51. They give you access the call. Code words care. It's. Technical word care not care bears they're saying we take scares me. They're scared of 788 wanna qualified for a long thousand dollars it's a multi city contests message and there are ways to apply the C weekdays at 9/11. One and three qualified 20957. And game dot com. Slash cache will next week we get a full hour. Well I love my you know he it's OK I got half an hour. I think they're very very very big deal they fellows we'll do it again next week see you guys missiles fund will be welcomed to the basketball and I definitely gen iPod about about not about me. Okay. Every go about what I. You normally you don't the public that maybe I'd better way to build a moral former writer she's gave it up next stick around you'll wait for some Damon in Gionta.