Greg Papa discusses his departure from the Raiders

Greg Papa discusses his departure from the Raiders on the Afternoon Delight with Bonta Hill. 

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Please it's pay it ought to do is stop I don't know if I. Unless there and. In India Latin music in the corners of the warriors and how how better our race. Yeah. Yeah it. And and well OK okay. It's moderately and it's. Yeah welcome to the afternoon delight glad to be back from vacation along with correct pop up we have a lot to discuss since we lasted a show together back on June 29. The boogie man DeMarcus Cousins he's now a warrior coli winner is north of the border he's it's warm rapper LeBron is an LA plan for the lakers. BA's 246. Or miss or through a journey it's in the Bay Bridge series. Book raider nation. We all know why you tune in today along with everyone else in the Bay Area it's been three weeks. Thank you for heard from them so I won't waste any more charm public. The floor. If I haven't I finished yet that's management's focus it's good. Size and weigh in July and looking for a permanent vacation 102. That is when they came semi permanent vacations so if you want to apologize to everybody that has reached out to me over the last three weeks there Richman. I really didn't want it some people liked it respond to most of the united auto compact fuel and time. But I wanted to do this when I came back from work because it was my suppose that vacation. Didn't turn out that way so just a catching up to speed so not to enact her last show and late chew on Friday. And I took off like the first three weeks in July. And I was actually driving down at Southern California on today it's tonight daughters. And that's for the news that the lakers it's right away like grab minister. And then at the next morning at wake up and that a beautiful bike ride leaving Santa Monica Venice Beach to stop element for a place it's very Rex is breakfast tea. Some to wash it down with his well and attacks. From marketing the president of the Oakland Raiders which is now at that income in this time of the year when later in the week after rounds together for. And I sediment Alan archer and come back later that was courts it's. It's literally speak in person. That old Erica so I knew I heard some rumblings throw Jon Gruden text of former raider Bruce Gradkowski and three touchdowns this is in Pittsburgh heard starts to uncle Louis Murphy. That something may be going on but. We were talking you know lately you'll now and I get this text remark and it was July 2. So I think in now all of them that your what it's gonna involve because there was talk earlier in the offseason about expanding role. With the raiders and then went to launch or shortly come home I mean mark on July the fifth which is the day after. And Al Davis is Arctic and that's always a special day certainly with me and with the raider nation and your family. And mark along meal which is very honest with me. And you know after the last line. And chat right to the crux of the matter he says are you back. And the reason it happened the way it did. Involves this great radio program. In echo expected January 25 team. Where and the raiders were looking for a new head coach and you know I lost jobs Inspiron yesterday loss of life really were almost the same nature. That we'll talk about it later also worked side of the day. Tony Soprano finished up there 12014 year for Dennis Allen and coach. And there was a report. That came to light about fifteen minutes before my radio show one day it was a Monday that the raiders are you Mike Shanahan coach the team. Now I know on this for about a week and a half before. I forget exactly who tipped me off there was coach met new conducted the interviewer Bill Romanowski was hoping that. Mike Shanahan would get the job because of that Romo were for the raiders in some capacity not coaching Denver. In any event I I knew what it wasn't gonna happen probably as standard and a great but. It was out there and it was going to be a story about fifteen minutes report. And I kind of got pushed into a corner you know me I am outspoken. And I just I felt it should be. Beyond my comprehension that aliens that Mike Shanahan to interview coach of the Oakland Raiders just it was beyond knowing how much dale Davis. Loads and am. It just couldn't happen. So I was trying to you know we start to show that day or night to go back and reach a man excerpts where it got heated. Which went Bill Romanowski was in studio that day with rod Woodson football our and they were openly campaigning for urged it. And I was extremely outspoken. About colleges could not happen in my opinion and threaten to quit as the bush team had no association at hand. And the reason I was doing it was night. My love and respect for Al Davis. And two interview Mike Shanahan to be the coach of the time national can't believe the concept. But in any event I enrolled at the Marcus Allen. Torch lighting. I found out about that few minutes before show on a Friday and they're gonna do it on Sunday. And markets. If you wanted to list l.s enemies it would be Pete Rose L Marcus Allen in March and lecture capture Roselle would be number one. And archer that you would be but he took his his hatred for those meant it was great and I. I was well aware that we all so this is to make cross the line. So. Show on that day in January they wanna earn your artillery removed. Mark it Jane if you remember when day. Installed jackets head coach Mark Davis also at a press conference. That announced that mark the names that the president. And a week or so later I spoke very nicely about the day and it radio did note Jack much yet. And it's a call from mark the day in a couple of ex leaders thank you for the Edwards called me back. We call it says got to go to dinner. So we had dinner and a couple days later. He says he's got a suit this over with the he has not happening said about is your connection. So I. Call Mark Davis the next morning very early. And the phone conversation did not go on them hanging up on me I don't know exactly. What he wanted me to say if you want him to apologize for my feelings I sent sorry you feel this way it was not a direction at a view. It just sometimes I feel as though there's nobody around here to defend it. And I knew how much as we re in it wishes to close details financing to have this happen. And you want to hang up on he was also very upset that I didn't call him. I got eighteen minutes before the show that they had known that we can laugh about it but I found it before this is when it became public leaked out to the media. In I had to address it. And I he wanted me to call him and talk about it and honestly it's an and you would have added fifteen minutes before me and the hair was not going to suit my emotions. So. It really would not help but he idol as the owner of the team. I understand the way he felt that way but for him to. Want me to say I'm sorry I'm not. And I'm not sorry to this very day. And I lost a job that I do it for over 21 years at the highest level job that I love beyond that any job I've had done at the longest. This is painful for me personally to lose this. This association with this particular team. But I do not take back those words. And I do. Move on and I don't like now what happen right away after this happened. I became to some degree public enemy number one in the organization immediately took me off that he. Pre season Sama can't we can't that Al Davis won a major. To go on one year. Because he was higher awards at the atom for Michael we can send each and need to control warn that. Hitler that. So anyway we get some cats parole while I was in Italy removed from that it could easily responded. That I was taken off the sound as because. Nobody likes drama cast you know it's not 1970 which are current or sell on the radio people that like the TV people that like it's understood they also took me off the show I did for a long long time since Jon Gruden second year. As the coach at Minnesota election. So I know I took my and it's. And I I understand. And I thought it was really over we never were able to mend fences mark Davis and I. However we are run around each other standing right next to each other many many times I reached out to him to say hi he ignored me. And it I thought overtime it would dissipate I thought overtime especially which I'm gluten coming back. That it would really go away and I John initially in the offseason. Wanted me more involved in the organization. And so to get informed. This so late in the offseason and when I asked mark beginning on July benefit when he told him not coming back you know. Could your told me archer why now. In his response basically was read into this for three and a half years and I've watched three and a half years. So. The question is why I don't have an answer. But I do want to clear up it's amazing mansion you know I'm napping on social media people sent me a lot of stuff. Summit and I read summit achieve I didn't die a whole lot easier to bury me yet. So. But some of the misinformation. Via a lot is just laughable with people put out there in your report what you're reasonable Lockett. It is just we are rampant witness information. But the Las Vegas angle. To this discussion. Was never in place. It was never brought up to me. And while I was away there was late laughable defense raised. Not an issue are greater than this one of the greatest issues and our country today. The difference between the words will would and wouldn't which is amazing to me but in any respect is it as it pertains to me. I was never asked what I go to Las Vegas I never said I wouldn't go to Las Vegas it was never presented to me. And I never. So I wouldn't go. I would certainly be open to go a lot not only longer obviously there at the time you know what's so bad about fly and a Las Vegas on a Friday and a nice weekend or during the game and Sunday with a hangover coming back to Miami so I that was never presented to me in and light. Of where I stood now in the organization and I don't work directly for the raiders never received a nickel. For broadcasting their games they were either radio stations over the years now compass media network says the rights they pay me. The raiders didn't pay me when I did the other things for the sort of black show and the pre season and never was a direct employee at the team. So that Las Vegas angle is not a part. But I think interest or wrap it up on the ticket phone calls coming up a little bit I don't wanna well understood and back and I want it back to work and I looked up at about sports and what it can and it was blown out of baseball teams DeMarcus Cousins. And all of that. But I think the bottom line. But today as I say good bye to the raider nation. Formally today. I don't. Anymore with this team I just enough and it's not just me it's John Pereira. It's John king and it's Bruce can't predict it should not gotten its Jimmy gotten it state Nash. Somatic. I just thought it and so I I wish them luck it's going to be a hard year for me you know how much I love this game. The hardest hit day for me is the day after the Super Bowl. Because and that could have again to broadcast for months. I am at a college football we'll explain that coming up later on I mean overall the NFL as well this year but. And the fact that it happened to me on July that it is certainly bad timing in all respects but. I just think as this team proceed into the future. I no longer it and this is not Al davis' football team anymore and maybe that's my own mistake. That. I never realized that day he died Saturday in Houston actually realized it years ago but I am realizing.