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Tuesday, November 21st

Host of the Greg Papa Show and Voice for your Oakland Raiders joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss what went wrong for the Raiders against the Patriots in Mexico City and whether the 49ers should start Jimmy Garoppolo against the Seahawks. 


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The voice of the and the rears. Doing a weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday would go low he did today's thirty now. Single break all the records presented by somebody construction. And boy on muddy five. 17 McCain and I he has great feet you know my jealousy. Greg Haber reported Friday by July he construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. You can catch him right here on 9570. Game every day from noon to three Greg Papa would Jolo Indians on 95 cent in the game. Public good morning beg you for your time job and one of many conversations we had this morning do you see even niners are moving to Jimmy go Rob Lowe for this weekend's game all the body against the Seattle Seahawks. While papers magistrate your Halloween I think we all ought to they'll be the latest that he would get admitted no game you know maybe he could do it. Earlier put them CJ that they're just got better and better. You know the Tuesday after they made the trade. On this Sunday before that he was horrible and Philadelphia just a ball placement was really poor. Buddy got a lot better in the Arizona game and yet got the snot beat out of them and played really well. Against the giants and I just felt like. Now is not the time to take this job away and you're you're look at that to build a future but also as a young head coaching crowd Shanahan. It be hard to look him in the guide not gonna play that he has gotten better he's a young descending player. He's a third round pick you know so I. I would do it right now. To be honest to god wait until we all look at what we're thinking will slide back it is play that may be god had made these great player never. Gives up the job that I I just don't think it's time. Is now to make that change I want to say he would lose the locker room but. I think you have a player's role in their eyes shut why I like to make a change now that would be more of a manage remote for the head coach of the football team I don't think I'll be glad to do that. Certainly eyes are rolling out in nine northern New York with the Buffalo Bills still when they did Nathan payments are on the five interceptions. Some raider fans they may be deep size pop is worth the raider fans after a rough go of it in Mexico City. How did it take up the pieces and get right in turn this thing around for Denver on Sunday. Well they. Is Blake is Judaism and then Sunday's game in Mexico City reminded me a lot of the candle at when the raiders went to London. And play the Miami Dolphins and knowing what to far better football team and far better coach but. There was the same feel as though was just. Completely out coached and prepared. And the raiders want to make a coaching change after that game. I'm just a different situation obviously Gasquet the coaching extension but. They are gonna look themselves in the guys that just talked earlier prepared and worked for the environment and the competition. So the reality is they're bigger they're not a great team right now can they become one on offense again I don't know. Just a lot of miss fire going out with a chain manager Eric is still perched in some respects he took a shot late and I can't Kyle van nor got a good. He came over to the sideline right after that I thought it was gonna come off the field. He was limping and I think he tried to play tough and stay in the game he was limping when he handed off to Jamaica at the end of the game. So they got a lot issued share. But the reality is they AFC west is that that big of a disappointment at the raiders are bad now understand Kansas City. Denver's quarterback play became a monumental problem Forester and the whole team got another. Indeed over the top and are secondary makes fired Mike according. So what's there I think it's mathematics evident to play better you can get going. But they got issues in the secondary big time issues task OB to play corner. Or shocking to me. And then did not you know really have a plan that out of your brain crooks is speed. Was also shocking and I think they were performed in the altitude would know when the jump to the no huddle so. I'll look at that last game they got to look ahead but right now this football team is. His breaking down at all levels I wanted to get to look forward to watch when they hand it off which amazingly offensive line. Go back and watch that play cheat every single guys standing charade out they did not fire off the ball and all you all ought to be critical a lot of ball didn't go lynch. So I went follow Wally but look at the offensive line's performance shot that play it was just. Can't believe it's the same line that I've seen play so well just so awful lot that play. And and you do more pumped up I'm Emma and personal why I like to kind of ask why and a lot of these different situations things that are happening and when you if you watched that tape and you're there up close and you you're just an astute individual special when it comes down to football when you have guys like hall of famers rod Woodson on the and teaming you look at the defense and you look at the second their attention to details okay here's a guy. You know outside stand McCain these guys he's got outside stand you know K he's I'm trying to cut me enemies inside shade is inside stand depends on numbers. I'm learning something and run and out are gonna run ID five comeback. You there's little nuances of the game you can take away certain things do certain things and gives you tendencies and I gotta be always be right at least there's tendency. When you work always is is rod not this ride I know rods are good coach I know he's a Kelly and hall of fame player. Is he had the ability to get these guys to line up and understand and take away the nuances understand if a guy's. You don't outside shape he's not running out route he's can't run now Iraq as a sidelines there. They take care related things that you know that to shrink the field to make it easier. 'cause I just don't I just don't see there are these guys not capable knowledgeable. They understand what he's trying to do. And how they how do you balance system just trying to get my hands around. Rod Rod Stewart fine brought equality cultural hot quality players that there's a bullet there's a technique issue. That the raiders asked their corner of Baxter to do which is what Seattle does that there's some of the guys have a hard time with Chauncey has been struggling with a agencies spend here. I think rod gets frustrated when that but. Justice speak in generalities and chart on the radio heard explain things it's still stick to generalities. That did get when you watch New England play I watched New England play obviously but I don't study them. Going into this game and then watch them play against a raiders come back and watch it. The elements. Of a culture and that each element coaching to build public Jack. I've been reluctant to say he's the best ever because there's been so many good ones but I could site which is just his defense of coaching. Turns since he always adds one more. Guy in the secondary over the receivers. He's always got to over one tree over shoot four over trade. He's never outnumbered. So it's just systematic and they always just adjust to the different formations. That they do. And then offensively. You know a lot was said going into this game about the differences in how the change arrived in Mexico City. And a lot of that was schedule I mean did the Patriot Act for dating game in Denver before they went there was gonna be back to back altitude games to. The raiders are coming off their bye week. So was more or your schedule. But the way New England handled the altitude. I think their players were more. Fit for the game cardiovascular late because of being there there was a lot of debate Kellogg had to beat air. The raiders were guests guests look at all the Belafonte will. Early in that first series she used to establish chess play that happens helmet which then got sat out getting off this field. No one noticed she wound up playing one more snap. Navarro Bowman had the same problem. So what is knowing when do they jump into an extreme no huddle. Not just to no huddle and the raiders planned on going into the no huddle. On the first series but gauger actions glee came off they want to pick it up but first on anyway on the run to Marshal on the third short. But that they were not gonna jump into economic ship Cali. Quick pace no huddle which is going to be no audible and hold the patriots on the line where new England's plan. Was just acted look at when they snap the ball that first drive they were snapping a 25 on the play clock they were slapping they're restricting seconds. And they had to raise missile line in cash and I think it was dollar checks started. Well the raiders have more talent that much maybe some low mentioned several areas but the third the third there's schemes are clogged or not. We we can get overwrought so we choose it how to pitch yet. When you see the team up close and personal just everything that they're able to do defensively that Belichick on that side and the brilliant mind to Brady and the candles on the other side. And it wasn't a fair fight I've been able to beat the raiders without inside help when did she level. But an altitude it just got out of hand so fast. Pop how is that even possible when the raiders have played their before and patriots haven't. Did the raiders had two weeks to get ready they know what the elevations like the patriots have not played there they add the play the week before in Denver and somehow the raiders look like the ones ever caught off guard. Like I can't schedule. Oh well what do you want the radiation do they they had a bye week so the week of before by the requirements and that of the collective bargaining agreement you're he had to get the players we've got to can't spend two weeks of Mexico. So they W early as you can go there. Really would be anybody want to decline in two nuclear weapons say well but I think in retrospect it next year they're not gonna go back to Mexico all the international game's going to be in London. But I think just that. That it is not so much evened me out that you look at the definite factor I could Hewlett walk about the raiders needing homes were on the third floor of the hotel and that an elevator was so slow I walked up trees like this there's a lot and you can really feel there was a definite difference so. Especially early in the game we get that early burned. From going there for years what they're warriors Shea happens and got very lucky shot out of the basketball game to perform at a market that would bishops not market guys burn. And that's what New England chopped up. But as far as. It that finding other. No one would guess they ask for the back to back out it's good games and the schedule cannot go on April. I was pissed off right away could I solid knowing that was gonna get there were gonna go to dead birds stayed there. And they ask for that now a lot of experts including all of us you only have low would be a lot. At 1 o'clock on the football I'll ordered Abbott to get it do what he told me that you know it's not enough to be that you rejected are attending ejected either two weeks. But I read a lot about it before there are a lot of expert Chad no. You know look at their gender age seven everybody had a different opinions are hot you know. But the one thing I would say is in retrospect just add the players to travel that far both through customs. It was a long day Saturday to play at gate game like for instance what the raiders play Kansas City on Sunday they always go on Friday. You don't travel the day before. So I think the one adjustment in addition how do you deal with the altitude and that's hard. Because begin again it was a big game this year not a night game. They just ask the players to travel that far. Across two time zones and an international border and then go play game and actually in the afternoon that it was just to check some form. You can catch him here at noon to 3 PM every day's hosted Greg Papa show he's the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo in dibs on 957 the game. I'm glad you made it home save thank you for your time and we look forward to do it against him. Happy Thanksgiving got the talking actually.