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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Host of the Greg Papa Show & Voice for your Oakland Raiders joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the Raiders previous matchup in Mexico City last year, the Patriots staying in Denver to practice in higher altitude, and Gareon Conley put on the IR for the season. 


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The voice of the and the rears. Stop doing weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday when Joseph low dips and 830 now. And grab. Palmer report presented by somebody who's got a Smart. Boy on 9517. Big game tonight is great. Feed you know my jealousy. Read all the report is brought to you by July do you construction company celebrating over 100 years and teamwork solutions and excellence. The voice and your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo in bids on 957. The game public good morning. I feel as if shenanigans. And foul play our foot the patriots and Martellus Bennett something stinks to me on this one. And I think. And this is a conspiracy theorist in me. But I think the patriots. Try to pull a fast one because they know they did Dell's too busy fight we Jerry Jones to try to go after them for another possible infraction. Yeah I am asking on and on about special she yeah I they he's so guided that play well in Green Bay I don't know about the shoulder injury that's that your domain. I just know it gives him three tight end you get a deal was. And we even take it about doing then there's the raiders always think about doing that obviously in light of what happened years ago. And at this offseason. With the raiders really getting good. Last year it was constantly about you know if we did face New England in a playoff game last year how are you match up with limited wind up happening Derrick got hurt. So the off season really has been about. Kansas City obviously in there and they're two great players two retiree Killen Travis Kelsey Pittsburgh. But mainly it's new England and how to deal with them and how to deal with their speed bringing membrane and cooks. And getting dropped back and now they in as you mentioned they bring in Martellus Bennett backswing Allen's been a huge disappointment. So I don't know if the raiders especially in light of the gearing kindly. Slowed heel injury and I'm going officially and I are. If there raiders are really improve how they match up. Where we know England's weapons around Brady. And it's now in an Indian and try to detect. They're Denver's corners they when Adam was their expert hired. And the tight ends that I had three so they they can. Put in 03 tight ends on the field simultaneously with a one back in one wide wide receiver at thirteen personnel in the NFL and the the opponents you know hunkered down they bring and their big unit. And then it is flecks of all out of they're all good pass catchers they all can run around so. I don't know if the raiders had ever really solve the match up issue with this team they they have played more zone. This year about three quarters or there's snaps or more zone especially in the middle of field. But Brady aging I saw what Pittsburgh last year in the AFC title game heats up. Teen cell zones and these guys know how to find soft spots and saw enjoy to play this team is demand a mob that. I just another raiders had the weaponry demand them up and and their defense they got so much better in their secondary so to me. This is still likely Minnesota storm has some good teams over in the NFC this is still to me the best team in football including the Kansas City Chiefs. Seven and two days certainly nerves haven't received your Philadelphia the only team with a better record at this point. How big of an advantage did the patriots have going from altitude Donna Mexico City where they're going to be ousted again pop. I don't know there's a theory on this the raiders are become expert out of because they we've played their last year in Mexico City against Houston that theory was treated there for two solid weeks. And acclimate to the altitude or if you can't be there for chewy cinnamon that's not going to be there to which they live tour. Denver this past Friday that gonna be there about a week and a half. Then the best way to treat it is just to get in and out as quickly as possible also the raiders had taken the opposite tack they're not gonna fly until. There early on Saturday morning that it's a long process to get there and it's a long bus riders are call last year if you land. So the raiders and actually get to their hotel the Saturday night at today's game and last year they played Houston it was on Monday Night Football is going to be a you know it's a 330. Or 130 to kick off a 330 to 130 quicktime there till 130 our time 330 mile an hour time 330 and expressed the same as Texas time. So while. By doing what's gonna end this is they really interesting element they're gone from Denver. Up to Colorado Springs which is she you know about Mexico City is a mile and a quarter. Above sea level it's not just a mile above sea level solar going to be their. You know on the heavens get ready for this now we'll see how it impacts them that they've obviously had problems in Denver's in years as they did not have a problem in Denver. On Sunday night but at some modest after C did the one thing. Is the raiders tax seemed to work last time we were there. They were not playing good good football game and all of you choose to really struggling. And then wound up you know taking it over in the fourth quarter they outplayed them late in the game they seem to be better condition than. Then Houston and Houston that's a short trip for them I think they wound up coming in the day before as well so who knows how it'll impact and I just did. Look at that their personnel as I said even you know before the Edelman injury. This is probably the most loaded Belichick team he's ever had as far as really marquee players both offensively and defensively and after a slow start. They are locked in and right now they're playing great football. Our competitive leagues it's the raiders want to compete at a high level offensively what are some of the key factors as it runs the deep ball as the past. What is going to be cement elements they're gonna have to do to you don't keep this often said Newman takes off about a bill. Here are our I. I would think run the ball's here that this team although you know a valid check you know he's he's so fundamentally sound what is with this team and he's his trot has always and it's very to. In Alley places front from snapped a stab. But they're corners slow just gotten so good. Anyway they went out and got to Stephon Gilmore. From buffalo that that really kind of surprised make of that Wesco morsel career rushing New England attack him. I member Chris Hogan beating Amanda stutter and go last year for a touchdown right away they seem to go at him. But he seemed like he was really sloppy this technique did not study. Belichick brings in many receiver struggling early in the year Tyreke children right by eminent Thursday night game and then the other guy. Malcolm but there once the contract dated reminded giving it to a productive AW to trade under their leadership and New Orleans he wound up staying. He got off to a horrible start he was not playing well all he lost some playing time. So although those two guys together and what they did against Denver's they've they've they manned up and Belichick normally plays a lot of zone. Rush's three drops eight now now he sprinkling in just pure man. Because he has great man coverage guys like Stephon Gilmore and he was done Thomas to Mary's Thomas on Sunday it would get Crabtree. This Sunday when they put Malcolm Butler on a Murray in the one area of their secondary that's a bit of a weakness Timmy is there slot corner. We have great safeties. The linebackers are figuring it out with David Harris fan noise are pretty good player and remember remember playing in the middle before his previous spot so. Belichick just as a way low. I'm really just coaching defense fundamentally I would think you may be able to run on them a little bit. You know maybe attacked him with a tight end as some of the back some of the areas the raiders are weekend. But I think just looking at a stylistically. With their corners they may be a hard game for Marty Cooper Michael Crabtree to go off on these. Asked Greg Papa would Jolo and heads on 95 point seven a game. Carrying Conley has officially been shut down for the season placed on IR Monday do we have an official injury designation or is it still just shin and no one really is at the bottom of this thing. Now they they they tell their doctors they know what's going on he's just been slow to heal you just some guys heal faster than other guys some guys don't and it just has not been able to heal. And you know there's a point. He played the jet game and played pretty well. And then. And I think they had to imitate him deal paying you know a hole while he was playing they they had to gimmick thing killing injection is to get on the field so he's just not. Been able to get over the pain. And this is something they're gonna have to address for them for there remainder of his career 'cause he recovered. From setbacks like this this what I'm talking about Hungarian academy would have been a terrific guy. To match up with these New England. You know threats you could even put him on one of these tight ends if you want that he was a matchup guys together can go inside a and also play outside he's by far the raiders' best corner he just hasn't been down the field in 92 snaps in total. Is his entire rookie Jiri at 46 and jet game played 46 against Washington. And he wasn't very good day and edit it shows movement skills. Just were not there so they they've got to figure out do away for this guy gets it to heal from injury that's going to be the key to his career. Pop what does it benefit the organization and not reveal the nature of the injury because to me as a guy on the outside looking in as a fans and broadcaster. It makes a player looks off when all you've heard it. Is the GM say he has shin splints now that he's done for the year why won't they just say what this injury is so we can all of some closure on this failed. Well there's a privacy issue that leads to much they want to disclose flew as far as their medical condition did I I don't you Leo I have to ask them I don't know I don't know why I think they. They were hoping he would come back. At some point I was told you know right around after the Washington game that they're gonna shut them down through Dubai. And then see if he could recover after that he's working with you know foremost experts in the field they they have a handle what. What it is it's just a situation of you know proceeding forward. With that there may be a point where they want to open up about we know what what is going out to him exactly but that's that's toward the team and and the athlete and his people around him as agents. It's a privacy issue and an athlete and he he wants to divulge I know we tried solo was this in training camp but we use a term she insulin around him and Romo which they pretty got a great. It's more than that and obviously is more than just to chancellor. To catch him right here every day from noon to three is hosted Greg -- show he is the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo and dads on 95 point seven again thanks for your time is always thought I had a good one we'll catch up soon. We will talk to your Thursday have a great day yes.