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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Voice for your Oakland Raiders joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to preview the matchup on Sunday with the Chargers. 


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The voice of the and the rear. Doing weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday when Joseph Louis did today's thirty dollar million but just okay this. It's been great. On the report presented by somebody constructive okay I'm careful I'm not five point seven game but I digest. Proper authorities brought to you by July do you construction companies celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. Catch him every day. Right here on 95 point seven the game from noon to 3 PM as host of red carpet show he's the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa joining Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven again pop we're gonna jump right into a conversation would be taken around all morning in the air quality was able to limit. The raiders practiced yesterday and the air quality doesn't improve by Sunday any chance the league looks to move this game. Yeah a lot of my friends are coming out from Southern California for the game and asked that very question and they're gonna back up flight and there's San Jose as opposed Oakland. I don't know I mean this is really strange to be that far away from Napa and have it be so smoking in these states. They they still practiced they they just cut through a cut cut off about thirty minutes in the individual stuff they did all the teams are so and that's stuff they can do other areas so late. And they are moving up practice today so I don't know why I mean I've not heard word one about any talk of moving the game and today's Thursday Lee you know I think games until Sunday. But the fires were last weekend so. This is scary it is really scary and our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks so for the north bay the raiders have training camp out there I'd love of that value actually reload the liberty until one day. And my goal and we'll see if we get there but it's it's just. Now to answer questions show it it's not you have to think about you know we thought that with the earthquake in Mexico City would they have to the game from a studio Azteca. I've not heard the league looking into it I'm sure the raiders aren't some level and communication. With the air quality people but as of right now I've not heard anything as far as moving the game or change in the time of the game. But it has to be concerned. Yeah we talked to will cancer recent attacks earlier today and he says they're monitoring the situation and I think were the first ones to actually bring out the idea pop Obama. Possible relocation because as we look at the air quality right now it's unhealthy. And the forecast for tomorrow as the same is there any sort of labor involvement we can see where the players can go to their unions say they didn't wanna be subjected to this and and have that be the catalyst remove. Well this is a home game hey dad I can't see whether I mean my chargers play as an essay that you know. I don't there yeah it's all if it's all yeah it's all there and Andy Smith is there and then get the little guy involved and let him you know fire off an email. I mean a lot of the high school football games are being canceled on on Friday I know so it is a concern. He has the end if you have to understand the mentality of pro football players are. They're two and four they got a game Sunday and again again the next Thursday against Kansas City if they have to play with Marshall unless I'm Marshawn Lynch is. Gas mass scandal play any day. Right now I don't think they're too concerned about it could be a factor. These are things we're not really that aware of to be honest for the a fighter you know it's a bad one obviously forty miles away that's arranging. It's impacting yeah you're equality here. But I I you know it's may be something they're discussing internally they may have a lot of them said yesterday there was just it was like being in a barbecue. I don't often really impaired they're they're breeding but if you're an involvement and you're in handling that there could be you know. Issues there so you bring up a good point but I think that is something for the union people don't play that game I think the players are now. Are you trying to figure out a way to beat the chargers and then keep Derek healthy and come back and do it again the biggest game of the year went on Thursday. If I continue to work out either of those days when I was done and cynical we never going to Arizona for these same reason criminals they need the fires. That women played in Miami Dolphins will include Arizona because the air quality so. I'd I'd I'd played in a situation. Let's talk about the game Harrell is Terry card at practice how's he looking he's able to go to all the drills got more minutes because he has full range of motion. How's it looking house on the ball pops. As some warm up before game on Sunday. Low when he looked fine he looked like Derek card again I got a good soldiers on Tuesday his practice time last Thursday a week ago today. When he was just are running the raiders scout team which simulates Joseph Flacco and the ravens offense they said he and his best practice of the year. He was just letting it rip he had no issue mobility wise. But he does have pain and he talked about that so the question for this game. Willie have to take a pain killing injection for the game to play the game will obtain these so severe. And typically as you know low we talked about this for the Romo a couple of Tuesdays ago on the football our though those Wear off so early have to take a second one and have time to play the second half. And then in outlook if he has to take one on Sunday or two on Sunday to play cutting back on the short week you don't want him taking. You know three or four pain killing injections in the span of 45 days so. These are concerns if they get through the game against the chargers without evidence taken pain killing injection would help. We had denied certain fiesta you know roughly eighty placed most quarterbacks almost all of them play with a hey A yep protective advice a device around their midsection around they're back anyway. I don't know if he's gonna have to increase that but you know the chargers are gonna target that area. And he does have three transverse process fractures not not just one. He has three and a one point they thought it was four. So he has three now as far as the healing and how you deal with it it's not that much different than having water to Tony Romo had one. Cam Newton had to when he had his car crash in story of already came back and play the next week we'll Tony Romo all. A couple of years later took a shot in the back in a pre season game in Seattle. And now he's next to Jim next thing he never played again. So they know these are all concerns for the here and now we know how to get in the place Sunday come back on the short week and then you just gave this guy huge contract extension you wonder car for the long term as well obviously. Greg I believe Jolo and lives on 95 point seven again I wanna go back to something you mentioned earlier very important. If you retired young bill are you gonna be a regular at the French laundry. All my dad and hello may I be you go they're like once every two months yes yes there would be right but there's so many great restaurants in town so these are John's day streak of read it is very underrated and this love that little town you don't Phyllis just said yes I actually thought about him I could live there now and commute. To work and my body is does that you know mark America should be in Oakland every single pay enough he had and how he does the head I thought about a helicopter. I thought about all of that Joseph but I had two kids in college simultaneously so once I get them all off the payroll it'll be any kind I. Right now and I surmise that that's that's why I'm stuck to what Mort it's your guy. And that's still partly due to the and charm his car with your team Harris. Thank you guys. Nuts are good we also emailed the had a PR for the NFL Brian McCarthy about the raiders' situation he standing assumption though so I took everyone's taking shots in the morning show this morning. I think it is something I'm sure they're talking about you know the because in the practice had to be moved but I think it would be. You know be it in May that fans involved I don't know I don't know I'm very it. It is something I thought of last night I just had heard of any you know mechanism no movie game or stats severe and bundle multiple alleviate protect you guys are always cutting edge you're always right on top of things before they happen and never had. That's why were the more. Hi Tony Gibson mid day and yesterday's news so you pick up our scraps and we appreciate you doing the best that I can't order could be the NFL relocate they gave the card said since the actually looked at data and LA galaxy have a game on Sunday but what about the idea of going to call com Mara of going down to the LA coliseum which of those would you prefer fewer of the raider owner. Then we got here that saw me and saying C a I haven't gone back it o'clock on again hello I'm never going bad thing and by the way my heart breaks here in the story about Marty Schottenheimer is also our I didn't know that. Or mail it really is on. Actually history shouts and enjoying it then donate to charity to join humps got a bunch of guys and players together and work. Don't some deals and synagogues so Marty and Simon at the hall of fame and it was said it was it was sad part of this team and hug on malevolent known as his wife pat. All that being said we're not going back to Q ever again so. Okay. Man she's the host of the Greg Papa shows you can catch noon to 3 PM right here in 95 points in the game in the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game thanks you're time Bob we always appreciate it. Table for four in at the French laundry try to second guess and all the still Bob bring you pray tell us smoky. And little smoky and I got. Siobhan has given you just look at the.