Greg Papa

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
The Voice of the Raiders and Host of Afternoon Delight w/ Papa & Bonta joined the show to share his initial thoughts on the Marshawn Lynch deal. 

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He's the voice of the Oakland Raiders. And noticeably does is the godfather Greg Papa would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven in the game pop a good morning it finally happened Marshawn Lynch is in Oakland raider you thought. For the first time in my life hero and heaven scales for Rex yeah. I'm sad or our goal on Easter Sunday they were thrown Skittles to me on the set for them all away and and every bit ahead it's kittles ever before and I'm having for breakfast today based motives are arrived at last this is your first time trying Skittles pop. Yeah I'd I'm not I'm not a big candy here. And a big candy what do you do for dessert a little chocolate I I'm not a big desert cat. Not utility that maybe just a touch of cognac GO at the end and nice team made me that I mean I I've had users but it's now my favorite student fuels this due to race. It's a low we talked about this show and saint patty's day. We did and eight Cadillac I thought you know Marchand to deadline guy getting it done before the draft I thought they may try to get a dinner on the Vegas vote either. Right before right after. But the reality is this is more than just. A business move to help help us soothe the pain of Oakland and I I think I talked to guys before about this I think Marshawn Lynch. It is arguably the greatest player to ever play. In the NFL from Oakland John Brody. Was a terrific player but he he did it across the bay with a niners or raiders have never had. In Oakland born. Player like this Lanka's from the south bay and so this means so much that beyond that from a football standpoint it made so much sense. And it was the day that let's say is merry signed in Minneapolis where. I was talkative you know Adrian Peterson and Mike you loosely I thought would have been a perfect fit that he wanted go on the New England leader lunch still out there. And then it was brought to my attention that they're talking to Marshal on an. The raiders wanna be a physical. Running football team and there's nobody more physical. This guy by far is the best tackle breaking running back I've seen in the NFL. And lo what 1520 attic yet to go vector Earl Campbell Mike Alstott. In Tampa but he was really a full back ram that forward lean. And got tripped up after the break a tackle Marshal on break at tackle run right over now. And they also as extremely quick feet to make you miss in the hole and hide Larry soccer Earl Campbell. Other players that I would go back to from another generation he's that good of a tackle breaker if you wanna be a physical mauling. Offensive line like Mike Tyson jacked Oreo wanna hand. You wanna have beast mode behind this offensive line and he can run any kind of steam and they can play with Derrick I understand he could put Derek in the gun and a pistol. Are shocked and running inside zone outside zone he can run power he could run fullback lead he could run single back. There's not a thing he cannot do was so. It means so much to the if from a business standpoint as far as you know make in this more palatable the last year to hear an oak lender three. But really it is all modesty mostly what they do on the draft they have to get a slot corner. But this could be the final piece to a championship football team. But I couldn't do Timor he can run in the two by an offset. It not just that they've people are talking about. Marshawn Lynch is last year only 500 yards on seven games but. It if you if you put seven more games that's a thousand yards in adults who you don't never know where he would end up but how much in your opinion pop was just that hang over from that. You know first and goal he picks up six in the second play they don't give the ball seem like it was a disconnect after that not just with him but a lot of players on that team. How much was that you think that is the latter why Marshawn Lynch kind of went to retire. Well I have no idea because they're not around at the talkative people in Seattle are you know and it was a problem and I think from a football standpoint Darrell babble made the right call it wasn't the right result. For the Seahawks but he made the right football call. The march on that's a little bit of the problem would bring in March on in here. Is he has to know his role. And yes you know how it's gonna work your race the raiders have a couple of young running backs they wanna give more to jail and Rashard meandering Washington. Especially Jalen being undrafted blew me away last year and he can do more. Marge Schott is not gonna have the same role he had in Seattle he's gonna have a role but it's not going to be the same earliest and always roll. And I am Ammon and anxious to see how they crafted his contract disperse the incentives. I would be like I read somewhere over the gonna get the thousand yard. Bonus you know I'd I'd be leery about that kind of stuff because gone back to your point about neck in the Bamako a lot of the Super Bowl. And he may not get the ball as much as she is he is used to get he's not going to regional older back he's not going to be a lead back here he's gonna fit in. But he's gonna have a role on this football team but as far as his last year in Seattle his body began to break down I think we're really. Became a problem was the twentieth fifteen year when he didn't make their playoff game in Minnesota they came back and played against airline and they couldn't block. But I watched an early game that year low at leave the ice against the 49ers and he and they gave it still wanna say six straight times on the goal line. And he just it was the end of first convert you know a second and third in one and at any given too much for that one to get the first down and they gave it to him again. They wrote him so early in the year before the abdominal problems came into play. Though he still beast mode and he's not going to do this to embarrass himself and he's not gonna have to get the ball eighteen to twenty times a game. He's not gonna go back Jewish years when he was carrying the ball 300 times a year. And I would think he get it eight to ten may be an average some weeks six some weeks sixteen you know some if its a certain game. We're trying to run the clock out the whole second half he negative 22 times so. Mean you know maybe a 160 care each for the whole year outstanding game. I think is the role and as I say at this stage of history here I think he's a perfect complement to what you're already have in the running back room he really could be. The finishing peaceful C about the defense but certainly a championship caliber office. With a 160 carries he need average seven Kerry to make that thousand yard at two million dollar bonus pop I wanna ask you about his ability. In other areas such as picking up the blitz out of the backfield and also his ability to catch passes a running back. I say gives decent they they did deploy him dare devils early creative offensive coordinator and they tried to get Marchand matched up a lot as now and not just out of the backfield that they would they would stretch him out and put him in a wide receiver spot. Try to get a match up with a linebacker. He's a big body guy and what he wants to block he's decent and it. I really and blocking will be as something he's going to be asked to do obviously but as far as catching the ball. I really think the raiders have two young guys that are really good at it now it's not always be. They're gonna screen the bowl to Washington and Rashard. And he's run Marchand hasn't worked that way you wanna have balance of left to do some of that but I think his basic role on this football team will be. To be beast mode you just run over people he is incredibly quick feet. Give it to him on third and one the short yardage the goal line situation. And just with this offensive line. Read all these stats my friends from pro football focus or given me about tackle breaking the best tackle breaker. In ten year and I go back to Campbell and and exotica. Rick when it when he breaks a tackle with this offensive line now he's going to be in the second level they enacted a touchy and he don't collect she's gonna poll. And you're gonna run power. And you know you've got the ability inside three there was Hudson engaged in Colette she. There very often he's got to get three. Through the these first line when he breaking that tackle. He's braking and at the second level I got to have a safety step up and tackle this beast. So he managed run over people. He's gonna give you some explosive play image some of the most explosive runs I've ever seen where the earthquake Ron of the playoff game against New Orleans. And it probably even better than that went that Sunday night running against Arizona. Which he broke about eight tackles on a play it was unbelievable. Pop we got a couple minutes left any idea perhaps what position old group the raiders may be looking towards it 24 tomorrow night. Slot corner. You know Morgan you boning up on your slot corners had a Jerry Jackson entered devious way. As we got to go tomorrow night's show and I think that's this is a match up late. And the raiders or shoot a guy your body inside linebacker and making it than other places. They've got to cover. Antonio Brown. They've got a cutter recover Andelman and Hoch in a and Tyreke hill if you wanna win this thing you've got to beat New England you've got to beat Pittsburgh you've got to beat Kansas City. And the Denver's gonna be better low I think San Diego when they get all their offensive weapons. Back in healthy they're going to be better. So you've got a match up with these guys in the raiders don't have if TJ Carrey on the roster I see they have some linebackers and I think in neighboring Perry rally junior back after the draft. You have got again. And slot cornerbacks guys that can go inside to match up with these slot wide receivers so we'll see if during Jackson's there Richard devious. White is a guy as well out of LA issue that would fit the bill that bill mostly you know who can fault them 24. It'll stop Greg pop attention today noon to three wood by dale tomorrow night on the draft show thank you Bob we appreciate your time this morning scandals Benedict never had a good. The hack. Thank you miles also watch a domino most time in any compact and this.