A's GM David Forst breaks down firing of Curt Young

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Tuesday, June 20th

A's GM David Forst sits down with Towny to discuss the firing of pitching coach Curt Young. 


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big ball or shot collar come player he's romantic. Sicker then a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. Easy eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast. I was really get on and on that now yeah. I know yesterday. I mean when I got news I was I was shocked and I'll be honest with you as somebody who. Has been a huge part of this organization not only as a player when he helped win a World Series here bit. They'll look just what the best pitching coaches and all the game especially for young pitchers why did you feel Curt Young they're needed be a move there. Yeah well let me first address which is that it was a hard day and a hard decision for us to come to Kurt. Has been a long time player minor league coach Major League coach. Great god be around. So it's not something we came to lightly. But it was something billion I felt like and talking with Bob. That we needed to make a change and we needed. Something different a different program for our young pitcher is as important as our group is for our organization and and for the progress we need to see on the field. We needed to see something different and they're just not. Getting better. And making strides the way we wanted them to it and I said this yesterday I I'm not here Phillies are here not to blame her for any one thing. Whether it's the performance. You know the injuries were not blaming curt but what we did feel like with that. The program had to be different and we need to try something new in these pictures. It's bitches do need to. Note to work a different way. Silly UC program yeah exactly does that mean everything that you guys don't see before 7 o'clock ever you know the side work the conditioning. All the mental stuff the video work the the information that we used to prepare these guys we just felt like. There was something we can change you know in all those areas. And if something we talk about in sports all the time is it's easier to change that and change the team right. That's the unfortunate reality absolutely and and you know there there are a lot of people who look at. You know these moves that sort of a scapegoat for whatever you know you cannot fire 25 players that that is the cliche that goes through sports. But at the same time we didn't do this just for the sake of doing that we did it because when we hope that Scott Emerson bring some real change to that that's now. Under the coaching staff calls Matt Chapman Captain America because there's like nothing he can't so wholesome yeah they have no choice and I did sacks I was able to be here yesterday are excited to be here tonight and to watch it. How excited are you when you start bringing up these guys as I wrote recently thing about Ryan really yes he played. And a 162 game Japanese get 27 jacks I mean. He's exciting to be he's a pillar for the future tell us about Chapman why you think he is the future that's exactly. Right you watch these guys play need to think about the idea that they are the future the days and Healy now Chapman Rodman's here gossage came out. You know cotton and I am the rotation. It is fun to watch what you eat you know getting back to Matt specifically there's so many things you can do on the on the field he can hit for power. He can throw across the diamond you can make the plays with his glove. And we said we want him to force his way here. It's sixteen homers and how long in national union meaningless two and a half weeks with a wrist injury. And he immediately solidifies our defense on that side of the infield it's it's exciting to think about him being there for a long time. Yeah people ask me what am I excited about what gets me excited to talk about this as I got talk about it I'm single day outsell this thing back and I'm like it's the young players it's the future of these young players. It's nothing to say we got young players and it's one thing when you have young players who really can't play and that's exciting. And rattling know he's so young and I I I respect the fact. You know all the fans like bring him up or we should worry about super suit that he still has eight. He really is yeah I just turned 21 spring training. Many got a lot of things to work and you know the thing about Matt is he has that the anchor of his defense to keep them productive and frankly needs a little bit of work on both sides of the ball and I think. It'll be a little more time AAA. You know at the same time. Jets playing great at second base Marcus is coming back here hopefully a few weeks at shortstop. So there's not as obvious a spot for Franklin right now is as clearly there was for about to jump in the third.