Giorgio Tavecchio

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, September 11th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Giorgio Tavecchio (Raiders Kicker)to discuss what it felt like to get the game ball, the progression of his career, and we discuss nicknames and fun stories from training camp.


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Giorgio just we heard the the audio in the locker room and checked Hillary and gave that game ball. What was that moment like after your first NFL game and make history a pair of fifty or feel those four for four or. In total and then get that game ball in the locker room after a win Giorgio. Our special Rick Hahn you know what we're back in the marred with. To start kicking that it was a secure release of emotion than in agreement very personal journey from me you know until this point and the English that. With the team now. You guys the guys command that I really care about. And don't want to contribute to the success so delicious that I am concerned in getting. Yeah pocket afterwards. Really special special. Yeah yeah it goes so beautifully. The nickname marketing the president of the team came to an atlas into the game it's idiotic or Italians I never thought of it could opt instead you'd stallion and now thanks. What do you expect. Let's get fiction QB go Italian stallion at a nicknames today family. I think I've ordered and again it's only been one game you know uncle long season on. You know I do love the Rockies thought that was gonna look into the montage. That special but I think a lot. A little way to go before it earned the nickname. Well and history and he needed something that has that been done and actually I was told us government and history in a felony which is the merger in 1970 that 205252. And and the big one at 46 yard repair. A fifty yard field goals took so just tell me how the week went his genachowski told me. As of Thursday he thought he was going to be over they kick in any re tweaked his back in and you had to go on the plane so after the raiders cut you and Labor Day Saturday and September the second Giorgio what what have you been doing an eight. Now they bring in three kickers who did it try your audience think yeah they don't watney here. What what what your thoughts when you when you went back back home de de Campo. Turn on the island pretty quickly you can imagine you know I've been through this before it's extremely captain at least again. People need to get here to cut them legal architecture and more more ticket from you get closer and closer and the ejected again. It really difficult so you know the soul searching. We can look I'm a new year and try to reflect what I did it better. All that was concurrent Kirk Kirk and small boys who tried adding. And later than Detroit. This week. And you know obviously complete Jamaica to be looking out and I figured you would be toward her. You're responsible in the case that will need to be called on. Selected student from making me like I can change just to normal we are following whatever we have been doing. The raiders and it didn't raiders rock creek students and a very little and it paid off. Georgia to Becky oh what a debut yesterday history with a pair of fifty yard field those government and in the first game in the NFL. 5252. Along with a twenty to 46 joining us senate. A raider Monday in Giorgio appearances driven by premier news out of San Jose we make it easier on Lai the premier Nissan. That that and I remember talking to you. Last year and I said I think you're ready to be a kicker in the NFL in May not be here because it genachowski that to me you are clearly ready. And and watching him in training camp and Annika to talk to you in camp about just how easy the ball is coming off your foot. When he brought out the skinny up writes the arena holding up right you nailed it right down the middle like you did it. Yesterday. Are you a better kicker than when you lift KO RE just getting a chance now what why is it working for you noticed once George. I think I could trigger a lot you know directly conclude that the late comer you know on the check seriously our school. And I happen all the sudden gotten into the under count it for years and I think. Our progress has been slow steady and it only got better and better over the years. He's a couple years ago I realized. I felt internally you know what I do it it could eat what you train camps and felt really believed I could believe that. It became more consumed I want to make it. All the more desperately. But that fueled the fire has just continued to be discipline train. You know and most people know that in the midst spiritually and injuring children. Are required to try to do what that's where the opportunities. Come my way and Arctic is a lot right there and put it that. Much of that yesterday. Got a lot of attention toward I really want to be too much about me you know could yet there isn't too out there. Very special date for me in person. Oakland Raiders is looking great organization. And you know be quite well for the game and couldn't ingratiating and highlight that as much as possible to that stage. Giorgio congratulations on yesterday parte hearing on the Penske also stock context where give them an abundance of nicknames for you may be the Buddha beat me. Maybe pop a Giorgio from lampooned Vegas vacation. Jarrah got. Did Georgia dagger to Vickiel whip it talk about this priest who is because pop and I did talk about July. And just talk about how much pressure you had on each of those kicks because you knew that. And I haven't been on the regular season roster yet trying to make it team and we bought their pre season Michael's kids are to so much more magnified because you are trying to make a roster. That's in the number the purpose for lecture wider performing as it is going to be outsider. Protect yourself and you'll stretching from Warner actually never been so picked. What woods. On the positive. And you want to make others. Experience in the sleepless. Can't get enough. Feel like you have the trust in the competent organization who want to check out the Hinckley swear I'll. Back more subconscious level I think it's allowed me to embrace speech you know instead of you can preach here and traditional wondered. I'd feel good and do they believe him. Is he going to be connect architecture. Georgia Temecula joining us generator Monday here in the afternoon that would pop and Dante and 95 point seven game enhanced view that your year kick off the ability. And just your your whole mechanics you remind me a little bit that changed hands in the line then retired and Jason would back up I think like twenty yards it was like yeah. Tomorrow. Picked equity backed up about twelve yards which is much greater than genachowski. And it's interesting when when they were in the attic you know five go way left Bible right at ten guys they're not really back in their position yet in your party starting to run forward. And he had a great Japanese your first kick off he hit it right off the crossbar with 75 yards and just it's all just just talk about. How you generate the leg strength in your whole free. Free kick off ritual you have your. I elitists you know you make it routine steps and really done a lot of the past couple years have to work and of course strengthen and anger. Leg speed earned career majors are being committed to doing her term. You know. Oracle Arnold Richie your current. He heart and soul music and control it and the player typically Whitney Houston at one point really kick a little. We'll talk that I'm not cuteness. Or you try to hit the ball clean and the ball hard. And bear in mind when you're adrenaline runs like that. Usually get more popped loose more Jews in the games. Yet here Whitney yesterday or Johnny Cash all day long accurately it's also saw that nailed it yet this year. Yes but I wouldn't call. The dishonor that are remembered announcing a hacker made humor it was between you and the anti song you like that it could play La Johnny Cash to chart which I appreciate. But but but the raiders were black not the titans they were like powder blue Social Security to Becky are joining us sunny afternoon delight. Here and bill with top in 1995 points of the game of what plane that was really funny was when a Tory Jackson Tory Jackson is a world class. Long jumper tried the long jump. Now I try to get that what did you Djokovic if your state solid five to add you to take about Giorgio. Where. Greg got airborne in my whole lot all totally illegal. Not counting sessions. It happens next column I entered a book and Apple Computer at its. Now stay low and if you were to occur. Talk about training camp because I remember one of the funny things was when Neitzel Jethro Franklin you're here's spirit animal is on the in you're throwing your body around taken like thirty or forty hits you what you'd like to mix it up even though yours small. Probably ghost going by by around. People people going around but. And apply those things again Eric I really want to contribute to seamer Andrew aren't beat. Applauded facilitated that that Clinton talked and reported in our and they were doing these again potentially warmup drew book their ticket and from each other fox. Look at the market to contribute if you let them the ball players and maybe hold a speech fades. You know a couple pitch on our bodies that keep some pressure on to something that is small token I wanted to show. You might commit right and even that aren't making that much about actual. You know that you get a couple articles about natured doctor Jack Brody and another congressman Lee should definitely been a distraction could. You want Richard it would decent looking like trying to install and it's. All the time. I do get them in her. Enter their spirit animal did you learn technical. You know bit their songs from captain. Unbelievable strength and the power seat and move around and it's something that. Maybe 82 current mine took the strong. That our shot is not the only space that we go to these mode. It's a place kicker Giorgio today acute joining us and yet in the letter writer money here in 95 points and the game. So how old were you we we know but Mikhail careers and rock and temple and a high. How old we were you were born in in Milan Milan know how old how old were you when you go to the United States Georgia. Came a little while about forty years old. At least close to that state moved back to Italy now sic lived in Rome Italy currently. After the meeting rooms and rocker arms treat and harder couple years in Washington DC and American rock. And critical to dog signs so remarkable. That component from her and her. And we knew it we love it out here in the Bay Area at aipac and should of been able to high school. Prior art the cattle to break the market. And then completely on talking you know that people can and. You go out of your first NFL game you make history go four for sure make a pair of 52 yard Google's so what spend the reaction. I hear on your phone flying home last night mostly blown out well what's been the reaction of the Bay Area Giorgio what you did yesterday. Are staying super Alderman and again am I can't using that word but there are so great gratitude and cut output and support. And meet and trained. You know I think you're account to your greater whole and I'm just I'm I'm humbled that have been able to hit hard and compete. And so many people aren't special you know one. Yes and the kicker. You don't have much control machine and and that he's kind of give you an opportunity and we'll take advantage of the term special feeling under very very grateful for that. Again pop up and look at making maintenance practices knack. We look. Your good team remember your first game in the pre season in Minnesota and incidents when he fourteen somewhere in there. You gonna do you came out of uniform at like noon and you are there for like hours before the game so you are thrilled to put on the trader uniform margin. Yeah it's special numbers. Don't want children black and whole world and the current worldwide brand. And it's been special right. I'm telling you for years you survey the cake and he should of and kick and a couple of years ago on an illegal and make 52 field goals twice. Yesterday your NFL debut I think you get the AFC special teams player of the week so charger to Vickiel thank you so much for your time and that congratulations on one heck of an NFL debut yesterday in different. Integrated intranet in preparation. To urge you to the cumulative. And.