George Karl joins Papa & Bonta

DeMarcus Cousin's former coach in Sacramento, George Karl, joined Bonta and Ray Ratto to talk about his old player and his fit with the Golden State Warriors.

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Let's bring in a former NBA head colds cost a king's house of sonic schools are gonna say lawyers won 11175. Games. George crawl a different program here early afternoon delight with bridal embarks on 57 games so. Coached us. Let's kick this off like this the markets 'cause it's hard to one year deal for five point three million dollars and apparently there wasn't a lot of offers. For DeMarcus Cousins I know he's coming up the kiwis injury and he may not be ready. The play until January or February who mills but are you a little surprised at the market dried up that much for DeMarcus Cousins this policies and. I think the market is not a strong market trading finances. It was predicted rules basically hand that it would cut back its offer to their money. Seemingly Arum. A lack of desire to spend a lot of money from it this year. Their questions of the entry to a recent period it's very difficult for a lot of guys whose careers are ended because the or affected practically because of the yeah being an extra 11285. I think there's got to be on there and you know here's a player that we all see as a special talent. Especially skilled player maybe the best skilled big iron in basketball he yeah it is probably should to do everything on the basketball court. And they had that less success and you know whatever you want to phrase it yeah. The game is going away for the victim of their he has an injury. You know he's not had a history of success are winning. So there are question marks but from the airport that count on and goes there's no question mark it is eastern as a child and I can go stated. It's. They've done a great job again commerce science or where they're getting better. You know from Kevin there and there are underrated dollar. You know picking out you know. Minimum contracts greater role than their winning championships. And how you put it counted conductors. That they can put 25 and fifty on the board pretty easily a lot of things they have yeah. That is good enough to probably win an MBA player. Which not many players. Talent. And it goes favorably of England they it is you know probably just posturing and and a proactive ways to continue the process of getting better every year. Oh. As a coach when you see somebody coming back from an injury of this. This severity. How quickly are you able to tell. How far. That players come and whether he is still a serviceable player. Is it something that you can see. In a week do you need a month gain and I know every entry is different but it is they're sort of sort of a rule of thumb where you can look at a guy. It either in practice or you know even a few games ago. He's not Beckett and I don't think he ever will. Take a substantial ma com I think it's more like month. Warned because. You know you sit out a long time and you don't play basketball do not only physically rusty. Here basketball. Skill like. I'm here and it should jump shots you know real protection task which are not going to be able to basketball. And so I think it takes time to future if you go back to being this is what is back in the game pitcher. You know you're cut back here yeah your creativity about it takes a law that along with. Physically I think the injury itself will create inconsistency. Here or. You know you're going to be able play maybe one night it really well but back to back going to be difficult for a five nights are going to be impossible. Europe has soreness sure you have to have you know this rehab process. Massage. Therapy Astor talked in. So I mean if it is it is a process and I would say. You know from this injury in the side of the players CA it's probably yeah and no. George Karl here owner of 11175. Wins in the NBA career and vehicles for the 25 seasons. Earlier in the late with rattled bonds or maybe 57 in game. And so you've coached DeMarcus Cousins. In Sacramento for season and a half here. Had he called the markets what advice would you give to Steve Kerr coaching DeMarcus Cousins. I think that I think I think I liked about clusters there's going to be hitting Mexico Jews Indians all that practice is about participating. Retreat before my irons. You're going to be in the culture of a championship Bergkamp Germantown. And I think that'll help him understand that yes he changed may be a move as well. And I think it also being in a winning situation which he's never been eight and that this time we're seeing. That will help I mean what is the best coaching basketball losing is the worst coached ball. And so winning helps you understand that there and learn the game or more culture. All the science so I think that process from whatever October's she. January or February. Error I don't know what the guys who wants him just being a part of the pain and the weather outlook earlier market and the market was the achievement. There's a good teammate obstacle in them not sure that you made on the court and in the locker room off the court he was really legitimate. Players like him. In the other you know father of the personal camaraderie. Or insure an injury or some. There's a lot of positives. There's a chance is it he energized. But I think that same sense I think it's a wonderful. Mood articles that are orders to stay on top because I mean I think it's separate than me though a bit more acidic. Is here I am. Any value in playing the what if game which is Tuesday. At cousins been drafted by Sacramento at a time when. Sacramento was good and he got to experience winning right away. That this might be a betters I'm a different story. Then then it turned out to be or was losing. So corrosive at the time that it set him. On a path where he became quote that troubled guy. The master hypothetical I understand and. I mean that's it's that's it's a difficult question her. I think the markets you know could've benefitted from being with a winning game no question about it. Let's see where is that what it was negativity that are here. But his career. Heavy on him I think you'll want to I think he's got to tell us where he's got takes responsibility. And and and then and then and then justifiably. Kind to him you can fade the situation was. George. Talk about playing in this way your system here and it's a lot of switching going on. Want to fire the way your switch more than any team in basketball cited LA lakers. And Houston Rockets last year as well. Can to Marcus Cousin suggestion I know is coming off the securities Willis is say hypothetically he's fine but the QVC's 89%. Does he gets to cable does he have the capability to lock and on that into the court because as you saw in Sacramento or use our New Orleans. There can be lazy tendencies here with the with DeMarcus Cousins Judy back on defense not switching on the pick and roll. Can he adjust to the system in Golden State. The only the only thing I would questions. As you transition. I think you know you answer me here is I think that would be is we get serious defense team goes about deep forensic age. I was always impressed with his ability to recede and understand it's in the size and making size difference will be. Shoot out. You know again his injury probably is gonna introduce some I don't know what they'll be it be something will be side side to side movement. I had the ability to retreat I don't know if he'll probably lose some some percentage of his skills and size and quickness. But. The markers. I would you know I really am a positive guy sweet. Yeah. And I think it's a win win for both the warriors entered the market because you don't have to rush. I mean anyway it'd be decided by a scene that we shot under that now I don't Wear it because now paid the markers 150 million dollars. I think he had been he would push himself maybe to be a problem. And now I think you can take it take your time and get healthy again this child is used to be. And some comeback in their rice says yeah or circle it or not trigger march. I mean that you want for the playoffs you don't want forever and read this she's there. Coach get your editor with this when we do thank you for return today. You know DeMarcus Cousins looking at everything he makes move and everybody in India seems to be complaining I'm not gonna say everybody but a lot of NBA writers players seeing. Worst of balance of power networks balance were spared yet did you at any. Problem with the Marcus Cousin saying you know what. I'm gonna go to stay and play with Tina and elect to rehabilitate our image. Work out and learn how to be a winner or how to be champion. Or should be done something else like take maybe the offered at New Orleans. The two year forty million dollar offer to -- real big problem with the market's going to Golden State as opposed to an orbiting. Nah I'm actually on both sides of that. I. Have a little problem with you know having true True Religion is a MBAs have that history law and lakers Celtics 76ers. And the lakers and I mean that there is there hasn't been dominant. Right out in the end yeah I mean to change them once 7% of the championship. So I mean would we are in the same sense. You know and it delayed it doesn't have the excitement took me in the regular season it normally doesn't think in the player roster. It's still fantastic basketball as the time on the track coach. But I in the regular season so many games that you are hearing here look at whether. It matters very little rain. Vote for the games and further differently because there is that they're they think it's awesome there as they'd euros for stronger somewhere near term. I think can't but I think in the same sense as the stats say cancer in love and it also. Yeah sure sure sure so also on the basketball. I probably would like to see me you know 68 teams have a chance when the sugar two. Thanks so much return culture and go out there and get his book furious George my forty year surviving NBA divas. Coolest eons and pour shot selection torch coral winner owner. Of over 111075. Victories in the NBA picks almost arbiter thanks so much returned a coach. Other guys that resentment about.