George Atkinson

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, March 29th
9-Year NFL Veteran & Super Bowl Champion with the Raiders joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas. 

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Very privileged to go to the phones and welcome in our next guest a Super Bowl champion with thirty career interceptions. He raider legend George Atkinson joining Jolo Indians on 95 point seven DAMR acting send an honor to have you on the program how are you sir. Ninety you're mark intrusion. Looked out the outlook on money's coax so. His eleven Sergio. Look at you just. You know and so good. I did my arm around. Me. Right last I doubt about. Pretty and Rio it's. George jackets and we don't go in bids on 95 point seven the end okay I as you I'm sure are aware we have been talking nonstop about the recent news regarding the raiders. And relocation to Las Vegas as he raider legend a couple days ago when you hear the news that this is taking place. Take us through your emotions what are you thinking right off the mat when you hear that. There is what Turco law you know I mean this franchise that. You look at it is scissors historic franchise that you're playing in an outdated medium and you give the opposition from. The Sudanese pound you vote you gotta make a business movement mark David mark respect. And band intro. Did the right thing and it is her Iowa and they had let out orders ran. If you if you remember guys and I came up to an error. Mr. David huge annual greatest player brands code you want the greatest round up you want the greatest fans and and then act goes for a true in the stated that you and they do it would there and do that brought the people at least. You gotta have a place then you know. And it's going to be in nice stadium if it all comes to fruition as it appears it will and 220 but what do Oakland George what about the fans. In east bay in particular who stuck by this team when they went to Los Angeles only does seem return now to depart. To Las Vegas what message do you send to the diehard raider nation was heartbroken right now. I don't know that the true read it and really broken up banks. If you are true red and you don't ban would that to racial. And hey you welcome our Newhall and it will be true Reagan fans call in Vegas. You know hop skip and a jump bit about Bob Lang. And happened patrol rhetoric and it won't affect you have that rated about right there they. And certainly. You have round that would jump on the ship. And on span and we ought to you know there are some fans who feel like they've been trade book if you look at the circumstances. You look at the situation that the rays and I mean it's a move that will benefit I don't know rate saying it. But the organization true and you know you hate this. You have to look at it Sundance from a point of view of what is what is tolerated and that didn't use Paul and battle with when aptly happens. Ninety the epic. You know. That long time since they've had their own place and out of it of their own they can compete in the league not only on the field. But they're out so they compete with the best. Agents around the country. George when you think about how the NFL's let me east teams just leads San Diego has gone home and went home only at San Diego their nominally Britain chargers. You'll do you look at the rams now on the an LA rams. So when you look at adding you you look at the last home game chargers had can the raiders. 65000. Raiders came out strong. To the Vista area it's a huge compilation for the raiders fans that is. So when you think about these street teams and go to Southern California and in LA going to Nevada. What do you think wins you know LA's hop skip and jump like you talk about sand eagle is hop skip and jump. Who wins who has the most have you had to look into the crystal ball would stadium is going to have the largest fan base you know over. Firing in a mall. No planes to trap the try to get into that stadium. And vegan and you will have that home made. There'll be a red or labor and that in the stated they get. And that little debate about it. That's got. And that a lot of outfield and that bird there's. She capacity grow. And I guarantee you they blow. Adjusted at rate or flavored. Little column that me and base and page that. I don't think that will be not a big benefit from all this. When you look at the preteens movement. Certainly did it is would be partly. The carpet they're doing the same and trying to create. Georgia what do you think this upcoming season will be like for the raiders and for the fans with so much expectation off at twelve and four year. Yet now against the backdrop. Of the team uprooting ain't going to Las Vegas do you think. That the the culture from the fan base of the relationship with the team will be different than it's been. Elective that Hillary at state and it will always be. So they go out to Yuma with the core group at the trading operation supplying. You have rapid jump off ship use right now but come on this ship. Appropriately and at night map that that you would you trust and they update it and you are too low wind. And you know that the situation is slaughter in the U local the championship. And they go to Vegas and known change that would be that. You know Olivo analysts on government to take. George Atkinson the Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game what type of issues do you think Las Vegas could pose. For young players were coming into new money do you think the distractions of sin city could prove to be too much for certain individuals. Yeah and you you're going to be human week. Wrote he would able. Or call was there and I think that the net strong policy. At a bank in the dad two point today where salaries. I'm not. To a point where you respect. For our problems new. And I think these young kids will be you won't error on what expected of him and what they are expected to be like yeah. Repression while they're not as an independent. The man called politicians. I'm not another man professional football opener got that which you're getting great to do. Our adult thank you will be a problem may be in Europe that aptly it and no could've tapped. There is different era. But in today's era with one is that you can have. Can make your security now what that route. That it would be a problem it matter what the situation. Super Bowl champion George Atkinson we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game George. Thank you very much for your time this morning we appreciate it we look forward to hopefully catching up again soon. In his hand it down I have a good day.