Geoff Blum joins Towny to talks Stephen Vogt

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Thursday, June 22nd

Geoff Blum TV analyst for the Houston Astros and 2005 World Series hero for the White Sox


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big ball or shot collar come player he's romantic. Sicker then a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. Easy eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast I was really you know on Monday and now it's. Welcome to the Chris Townsend pod cast and I got a chance to catch up with the one of my all time favorites. Jeff belong in the former cal bears the World Series hero for the Chicago White Sox in 2005. And really. One of just the coolest guys in baseball he now does television. Full time for the Houston Astros. And whenever the stroh's kinda town I loved to have plumber on so here. It is one of the greats in baseball won a best dudes ever. Jeff wanted to. That's unfair CS thanks for the last stop by captain podcast on these days or eat your CNB one of my first. Podcast guest of all time. They've got to expand you know keep it going out there but those they wrote a good real. Well I tell you what we are just talking about a kind of funny is that there's a new falcon after trying to keep this Eagles are you actually in your career. Had a little issue with a birdie and hot dog. Yeah we could have had falcon falcon face out there at Wrigley Field I was facing Jason Marquis. Against the cubs in it was a beautiful afternoon nothing crazy going on the all the sudden the Siegel sort of flew around a little bit. One of them got hold of a hot target somehow. And was behind second base and actually dropped it on the field source stepped out because assault of a commotion behind Jason Marquis. And all of a sudden about three or four singles jumped in and it turned into steps we've made him on that tore up our mind set we had a Brad Whittle away a little bit before they could clear the field. Well congratulations. Do you you took a big step because you do have one of the great gigs of all time that you only whip on the road with the Astros now you're full time you bless our Southern California. Moved your family to use and just was I've been like for you are you really going full time. Yeah it's been crazy got together the one thing I always made fun of although. Ex teammates I have when they understood it was only two of the road games of first part of the Mike broadcasting career. I always joked about the fact the one mistake I made was not sign in a twenty year deal. And walk about a place because I was truly one of the great gigs come back Southern California and hang around some friends and family budget. My guess on the other side because they thought that was doing well enough fan another team was doing well enough and had a vacancy and they allowed me even when their work full time. Nominate an I told rewrite all commit to the team if you guys commit to me and he. Made me an offer are literally couldn't refuse we packed up the family moved out to Texas and only regular pay raise say I got out of suit California so my taxes are all the better to. Things change when you go to the lone star state. When you come back here obviously a great cal there was a mean free always to come back here accent now lot of great memories for you. No that's exactly right I love coming back here and always allows me the opportunity to talk about some of those memories because I've got a new up play by play partner in Todd callous. Obviously I can you don't renew old stories and I keep telling with him because he hasn't heard him but. The Bay Area is always gonna hold a special place in my heart you know I was born a period knowing moved down to Southern California and grow ever coming back you're going to Berkeley. And really establish establishing who was a ballplayer and person appeared cal was. Something I'll never forget I had a chassis John jewelry yesterday. Bob along comes out every time we have a series you're so it's a real opportunity for me to you know keep in touch with some of the people that had a huge impact on me is as. As an as a young adult and you as a ballplayer. Yahoo! surreal. Crowd count as Bob Melvin he's even a season ticket holder for the basketball team get attacked him about it. We talk every once in awhile yet it's kind of interesting times right now considering there's a big dispute over there as far as up at. The head coach for baseball would get there's if there's a common bond. But I've really found over the years since leaving cal at that blue and gold blood runs pretty thick and it's opened on the coast. Dan McEnroe yeah I had a lot of good interaction with him down in Southern California was a great cal golden bear. But tell ya I run Rebecca talked to Bono every once awhile and it's good to see that he still interacting with the with the school. You and I actually kind of brought it up yesterday. It's amazing how this thing has flipped and after I have a conversation with you I went and checked out. In 2013. The ace went fifteen and four against the Astros which is crazy. And now it's completely flipped. Known as conclude flipping out what a difference like two or three years make and I know joking diplomacy after fans and things change a little bit stick with the process but. When you're going through your 2013 fourteen we would come in with the literally with our heads down. We know we were gonna call rough game even if the Astros had a lead late in the game they would find ways to lose are right there I guess you would find ways to just be dot com. Port Chad calls a thank you wanted to evacuate every time he came in this ballpark. But you know it was a credit to how well they were that the user point of the time that you Riddell the turn over on some of these roster has been pretty drastic in the last couple years. I was mentioning on my post game show last night because you know one of the things when you're going through the process and Steven Vogt DF made. Last night everybody's upset about it now the a's are officially gone young. I'm Mike let's straight days ago on young but if you look at the astros' roster they're the best team in baseball and other star players they're younger all 128. No it's amazing and I think last year I'm not sure what it is is through the last of their average age I think was around 26 years old. And they did bring in Carlos Beltran who just turned forty this year Brian McCann a little bit older in his mid thirties. Josh Resnick is in his early thirty so I mean they've got some guys that are a little little over your right to. That the true core of this team is young their under twenty years old pal to avail. Why it's my collar springer. Carlos Correa mean you can keep going on and on break and these guys but I think the reason that. They have guys like built on Redick and we can't hurt our ears to help that youth. Get through a full season I think they have enough experience as far as young guys are concerned. To play the game well and have the up close Susan but I think it's throughout the 162 games were sometimes you can bitch. Those. If you were around this team and of course are about to get to July in our subs are about trading deadline what would you do what what does this team maybe you don't need to do any Yang but if they have to do something. They're gonna get their starters back they're gonna get them back at some point what would you add to this team. Well if you look at this team right now you know you're gonna get. Michael colors back it'll have drastic injuries they're gonna finish out the season in this rotation. Charlie Morton spent surprise for a storm pretty hard he's gonna pitch in Fresno to dale believed but. It's when you look at the ballclub over the course of the season yes they're gonna compete yes they should win the west but then what would you do once you get to the playoffs. And that's where I kind of I wonder and some of these convince series. If you're gonna match up against the Boston Red Sox or the Cleveland Indians are you gonna go I'm with Qaeda more colors more in the would you rather go cardinal colors. Sorry but Sonny gray or eight Chris or thanks vital I certainly don't drive that mail and while I can't. But you know it's interesting dynamic and I think getting that you don't top tier starter wouldn't really be an opportunity for these guys to get to the playoffs but get deep in the playoffs. Penske Charny is a step does that sound good signing Greg laid and the thanks appreciate it. Now when I think about you and in any your career you know it's interesting night. Wherever you win it's the fans loved you write and I know that Ferrari are my family was season ticket holders for the Padres the Padres love you obviously. You think about being a World Series hero and all that kind of sat. Steve Campbell was a very popular guy and for him to leave we're gonna see it today it is going to be a lot of sad faces was out like when you have that. Great connection with a team and you leave that team. On its tough and we you know with wolves I do this day and age loyalty user is not a thought these guys' minds anymore unfortunate because contracts. The analytics got a lot to play in this in this role to as far as royalties concern. But when you actually establish yourself in this city you play well you enjoy playing their you can look forward to showing up and don't of the ballpark because you know no matter what you do fan bases of support you. Tom it's a unique experience and it's tough to believe that it's it's unfortunate that student has to leave a situation like this. We actually got a pretty good idea of Josh Redick and what he means to log home and home fans did a great job here in Oakland but he's actually done a great job in Houston. I don't know how law how much the Oakland fans see it back in Houston recent a great job and during himself. I think there's just. There's one or two guys on every ballclub that really knows how to connect with fans it's unfortunate student goes one of those guys and the numbers get tears sometimes and it does your organization feels you have to make a move but it. It's painful for both player and fan. Yeah the way this game is going someone actually told me get ready you're gonna have an analytic sky in the dugout in uniform. And I was I really think you're the player EEQ you think that's gonna go down. You ready for this so sick medal for the for the Houston Astros is 13 hyper analytic guys other core office will be in their short season and hall dugout. So it is it has begun in some organizations the Astros are one of them. They're gonna see how it goes I'm not sure how far to what extent they can actually pull that off because I think we're scenic route to a great guy and AJ pinch. Who has a handle on analytical also has a very very good handle on personnel. And I just not sure that's going to be a good mix in the dugout because it's gonna your neck clash with the problem with the river with your coaching staff to rule on. It's also clashed with a lot of personalities donor network in that our clubhouse and dugout. Yeah I was sick about this take yourself back as a player let's say it's your at bat. Your put that helmet on you're getting ready in the analytic guy goes now we should tea pinch hit and you're gonna know. The reason why you're not get your plate appearance is because of that guy with the folder with the numbers how are you as a player gonna feel about that guy in the dugout in the heat of the moment. Well you know as well as I do a few ticket and may be away from your taken money off table. And that's where the abuse users start to come in just the analytic guy's gonna say this is an a good match up. And I'm looking and say I'm for from my last week I'm swinging the bat well and scenic very dumb on the left side and this guy's got nothing to believe what he's gonna go to the number saying. Numbers don't always tell you everything. And I it's gonna be answered violate Vienna World Series here that never gets old doesn't know never know that's all it always results are pretty good opens it's unfortunate I can't talk about it as much with the Houston Astros Opel. What is it like when you go back to Chicago. It's good it's very beautiful yet Twitter Twitter been nice to be Chicago White Sox have been great to read your rise or an amazing bit. Now when you go back in Chicago and obviously I'm not not a I'm not a mark earlier Paul Konerko put upon walking and an example my name down for reservation in the and it clicks. Yeah I usually get a table pretty quick and we. Always appreciate that you're one of the best and congratulations on the success yet already had a great gig we've got now really gig of course being a cal guy will always love avenue on and continues success on you guys always plumber wanna come to the Bay Area alone Tucker thank you. Mean.