Gameday Tip-Off: Episode 4

Gameday Tip-off
Saturday, December 2nd
Episode 4 of Gameday Tip-Off with Roxy Bernstein!

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Are you ready. For a hard hitting half hour. On the Blount college hoops or. And I liked when seven the team in the long term. I. Oh. Or welcome to another installment every Saturday to a different college hoops and ask pays half hour here at 95 points a game. It is a college basketball's pop rock secrets between you and show presented by US set top basketball visit USS John dot com for ticket information. To see it done on the hill top. Good stuff for you plans that you on this Saturday morning. Lots to get into here today again they'll want they'd join us he'll be out price recovered enough. A little bit you know any meat and nobody knows that college hoops in the Bay Area like Daniel wanted former coach if you mess up he'll join us in a little bit. As our five star recruit but first we'll get to. Our fast break now it's time at a fast. This week on the fast break the national outlook there's a lot to get to with a very big matchup tonight. Coming up right here in 95 point seven a game as the US at dons are down in the valley of the sun they're taken on Arizona State Wells Fargo arena in Tempe. And that ball game right here of course a mural for the Don that he five point seven game pat Olson will have it for you. The play by play the dons the Sun Devils at 6 o'clock tonight also coming up over the east bay united big showdown between Saint Mary's and cal. Pivotal game for both sides and both sides really need a win and especially Saint Mary's coming up disappointing showing last week and in Southern California that would legacy but our national outlook will start with the PK eighty wrapping up. The great event we saw last week in Portland I was airport. It was it on unbelievable weekend of basketball. Chu eighteen brackets sixteen of the top teams in the country all there to celebrate on a film night. The chairman and co-founder of Nike who's gonna turn eighty in February. So all these teams Michigan State North Carolina duke Florida Texas they. All. Went to Portland to play in this tournament in two side by side or reads literally. Not the Mota sender and the memorial coliseum the glass palace. Where Bill Walton used to dominate and I got to work the bill last week and up in Portland. There are about fifty feet away from one another it's crazy how close these two buildings are. So we had serious side by side Arenas and to turn it it's going not a victory bracket. Which ended up Michigan State winning. NN it was the motion bracket which duke came back to knock off Florida championship game that won it in. Unbelievable showdown between those two teams but it was a great weekend of basketball. In Michigan State I got to seated person Michigan State is so tough so physical Tom Izzo has got that group again right now I'd say Michigan State duke replaying the best basketball country. I'm not going out limb by saying that. But defensively they really get after Michigan State's really clicking on all cylinders because miles bridges is not a percent health. He sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago came back missed the first game in Portland from Michigan state of play in the final two but wasn't himself. And then earlier this week they knocked up Notre Dame in the ACC Big Ten challenge. Michigan State is for real physical they play great defense and Thomas those gotten one another wonder. Another one of those staple teams that he has that just knows how to win and any of all the young tell with duke and of course Grayson down who's a senior now. But I was just alone away how good market batteries. And first up executives. Still seventeen. As he reclassified to go to college a year early. And Marvin Bagley to meet the basketball IQ if things he can do out there he's long athletic. He can shoot it block shots rebound. This is why he'll be one of the top two picks in the draft. And it's gonna go back and forth from me all year who's the most impressive freshman between Bagley India Audrey eight in Arizona. Marvin Bagley is the real deal for duke. And they've they've come back in number of times already to win games when they were down and they had to do a couple of times data due to get Portland State the first game. Of the PK eighty last Thursday. Also added do it against Texas in the semis and then come back to beat Florida all three games that they want the PK eighty when an emotion bracket data come from behind. In winnable. Also on the national outlook this week the struggles of the Arizona Wildcats. As they get off to a 380 start they were number two in the country. Now Arizona has fallen out of the top 25. Which is crazy. Considering how much talent. It Sean Miller has but keep in mind is a team lost a lot yes there's five star dudes all over the place. But this stuff to learn to play it again in the young freshman have to understand what it means to be a college basketball play. And even the Andrei. And it. They'll they'll get it together well load of what it Aron Rogers say relax people that are jumping off the bandwagon what's out there is element. Lacks everything is gonna be fun over the wildcats that got John Miller an M tonnes at town. And the other thing for last week that it is the trading you probably heard about this. But any game back in Brooklyn. Alabama was playing Minnesota. And the two of them had teams had an altercation all these guys for Babel at the bench. And they all got thrown out so Alabama only had five guys laugh. Try to finish this game against Minnesota. One guy fouls out. Another one gets hurt so for the nearly the last eleven minutes of that game. They had to play three on five. Ending nearly one. As Minnesota had trouble putting Alabama way despite the five on three it was crazy if you watch his I don't know how. He would run away with that game Minnesota and give Alabama a lot of credit for hanging in there. What would you got a five on three and up below that team out that's nuts. Sets are desperate he opt for the full court press to the full court press will start with a couple key matchup here in the Bay Area. Tonight coming up cal Saint Mary's over at Haas pavilion is a big deal for Saint Mary's and because the gaels lost a couple of games last week they lose to Georgia and it was the Washington State Beagle won in two with a win legacy down in Fullerton. And rainy Bennett was critical of this team that they're struggling defensively. They got to find some toughness. And this is this a big game for them they're gonna have a chip on the shoulder going through the cal the got tunnel tonight. Take on cal because this is a matchup they really encircle look forward to because they feel slighted and Saint Mary's is gonna go over there. To take on count a little bit of confidence of the win earlier this week against C sun which is formally known as cal state north. They're not very. Am but cal did with the disposed to do it of that team may pound and a freshman Darius McNeill really looked good net game is biking Jones changes starting line up. He's bringing Kingsley a coral off the bench now Marcus Lee starting at the five to go with a smaller quicker lineup to try to speed up the tempo. It worked against north rich we'll see if it works tonight against Randy Bennett and Saint Mary's because the gales are committed to look at their wounds. And they're gonna wanna get after somebody. At cal finally won a game and it's been a turbulent week Africa. As there is some news off the floor about coaching situation Theo Robertson. Former cal players horrific player for cal part of their copper championship team owner Mike Montgomery. What Theo Robertson has taken leave of absence he was an assistant coach for liking Jones. No timetable if and when he returns in the meantime they've elevated director of ops. The Jones up to the spot. To be the third assistant for now on an interim basis but there's some problems for cal right now on and off the floor that a lot of youth. There's only two returning Letterman last year there's some distractions go on off the feel better off the floor. There's some staff that love liking Jones is dealing with in some tough things to deal with in his first season as accountant. But tonight right here in 95 point seven to gain US at trying to bounce back. From what was our marquee matchup last week with you CS becoming at a Hilltop and it got Joe's knock it off the dime. And a good win for use ESP is playing really well their five and two they're gonna play San Diego tonight but for US app that's about them. And they've got to get going and they've got to find a way to start knocking down some threes. Defensively I think they need to pick things up and and Kyle Smith. Look at this team don't. And in the WCC look there there's. The top three. Which has been in the top three for the most part the last number of years since BYU jointly with guns Agha. And Saint Mary's well for USF they get a crack at top three they got to start getting some wins and they're playing at Arizona State team tonight that's great senior guard straight holder Janet Evans playing while Bobby Hurley has in debt which he didn't have last year. They pounded Xavier last week in Las Vegas. Arizona State is rolling in May be the biggest surprise right now on the positive side in the pac twelve conference Kyle Smit the dons had their hands full tonight. Take it on Arizona State is now ranked all of a sudden. This is all of a sudden turn into a real dangerous game for both sides because USF they they need to get some wins and for Arizona State US that's a team to comply. And we'll see how they respond feel good about themselves now the rain in their percent out there on the floor since but for US at the last games coming up Monday night. Against central Arkansas on the Hilltop in Thursday night eastern Washington beat Stanford already this year shot to elect its former cal guard. The head coach at eastern Washington and then the Johnson though we toppled four on December 15 they host UC Davis at war memorial gym. So US at Arizona State tonight 6 o'clock right here on 95 point seven game but coming up we'll get to a prize recruit this week. Dan tell mom and former USF coach will join us next and your home for the Dunst. 95 point seven game this is accounts basketball tip off. This is these game to 8 o'clock. Point 70 big game. Here is our prize recruit. It's hit here at daddy's side point seven a game and Clark College basketball team Bob presented by the US and done. And action later. Arizona State down into the desert is too hot game. USF it's it's who's doing well it's time for a price of crude this weekend. You walk in the show in the Bay Area college basketball you think again don't want anything. He joins us here as our prize of this week Diddy. Always a pleasure to have you and talk to you. First off I just wanna get your impressions of what you seen so far for the Bay Area teams to start the season. Well where Wallach a bwic Iraq the you know I had a chance to see a couple of Bayer AG and you know let's start with that thing there intake areas like California and Ike so. I'm going to be like you know to be here for now once going to be that'll be a lot of fun and we know Saint Mary's you know lost. Jewelry on last year ago for starters back. And I think you know this is between that'll probably I think went 25 abort their their excellent team I know they've lost a couple of games. Dink and now they also lost last year it was you know got a shot about 60% from the field so. Saint Mary's is is still formidable and it was awfully departments and it. Of course and it Arctic they've got a great you know nucleus of players and I think California. Roxy is it is a work in progress. I can you hear it if you look at a from liking jones' standpoint I think he's gonna mix and match a little bit already. Bringing in can Israel coral off the bench starting market the earlier airplane ball players together. Darius McNeill started to play well suing another freshman at 67 is pretty good player. So I think you know of course Coleman. Has been a big score in some gains so California. I feel will get a little bit better the year goes on. I think USF has another team that that's a work in progress I haven't human person yet but it is practiced. A few times and I notice there's a night or Tuesday. Undefeated playing great. They've different tree holder and a believable so far so it's a three point shooting team. And I think it dobbs will also I'd get better batteries a year ago ought. But they got a tough. Wrote to follow because they've got preteen problem. With that BYU goods back and saying there's going to be tough handles so. Canaccord. At a bit rough start. And you know that the waiting is likely. You know the Bay Area always pretty good basketball. For I'm a little surprised that that the cardinal. You know I was under 500 at our. Topic play a little bit and yes Jarrett out. You know he'd say the same thing but they don't have all the players yet so they need to get. You know everybody else Vietnam War so that's just a quick analysis but it's early in the year a long long week ago. And which you look forward improvement not I deployed in and November and December tiger play you know February march accounts. Dan Gilani with us here daddy five point seven game mark college basketball tipoff in but let's start with Saint Mary's. Because this had seen that was at the top 25 data rough weekend last week it would legacy. Doubted Fuller today beat Harvard and outs of solid win. But did elusive a surprising Washington State to the cougars are unbeaten. And then they lose to Georgia so they go one and shoot down the turn him in Southern California a lot of people thought. The big win that field what are you seeing right now are some of those issues with saint mare's. Well I I think maybe young accurately doctor Randy Bennett even mention it it. Yeah may maybe your act as intense defensively as he would like him to be I think he felt. In some of those games they couldn't stop by that at a bad feeling and everything alerted to Roxy it. You know losing re not only lost one player you know I know that and and picture I mean a part. That's it there but canal. But rain on ways we believe that collude of that team out how to ring up was great defender. Eat you don't seem to make big shots whenever they needed someone to make a big shot. So. I don't think they all yell land deals tremendous. But maybe they're not gaining you know that back court. Play that they've been getting before Jordan forward is another good player like you know he's he's come model law I mean I'm apart. Jordan others are now would it I'd apart Jordan's port and Jordan or is it good player. Like Folsom high school here in the Bay Area but it's gonna take a little bit time. Then let's shift over to cal because if you allude to this it's kind of a transition year to date they have the fewest returning Letterman. In college basketball they only have to Letterman back from last year and when you lose Charley Moore transferred to Kansas Cameron rooks elects to be a grad transfer goes down to San Diego State you lose your top recruit. So liking Jones is scrambling Dan when he was just inheriting this program. And they're very young they've shown some flashes but the consistency really hasn't been there and at times he really struggled to score the ball. Yeah they really do and you know when you lose Jabbar bird grab you match all guys. Singer yet it and it was quite a bit from last year and score the ball has been real issue for I thought. You know Coleman restart stronger he averaged like thirty game. And and plan well but I ran into an issue it's just when I watched him like I covered one of their games. They're pressing full court two to one but when you've got two big bodies in the gain market in coral. All of a sudden. You know you may not have that fluidity. That you would like offensively because all the most players are a little more comfortable with their back to the basket. And now you have to play one maybe a high post and it's not comfortable position sort banquet. You're liking Jones has got to do is go look at smaller. Experiment a little bit and you know they lost so many guys that you mention it. It just didn't happen right away they picked California by the way preceded poll here in the bottom of the pac twelve. But so that they. Washington State battle. Lasting impact to our recollection or defeat. Or Egypt we just have to wait a little bit before you could make. You know I'd definitive decision on on anybody but I don't think California and get better are really do. Archer like the freshman. In Darius McNeill yeah. I'd like suing I I think he's going to be very good player he's veered left handed moot. At about 67. Soul to eat let's just let's just wait a little bit before. Before we make it firm judgment California. The and that's a big game for both sides and I considering Saint Mary's needs to bounce back in Cal's trying to build some confidence moving forward here to deny conference leading in a pack will play. Did a lot of it with a Sonata five point seven a game but. I'm really anxious to see this matchup tonight in Tempe PK is you allude to how well Arizona State is blind and for USF is a program Danny won twenty games last year taos miss first you know a lot of excitement on the Hilltop. And it so far it's been an uneven start to the year they have. So okay wins they they beat Saint Francis state blew out Sacramento state that the other night they lose to UC SBU comes up here they're gonna try to bounce back. For Kyle Smith with this group and in the way they play in terms of getting up and down shooting those threes the ball movement. What needs to improve for US out. Well I think depicting need to improve a little bit of insight score. 88 the end maybe Kruger they're backcourt production will bet by. The they have to find a way to rebound the ball in and get a look scoring round ask. It so edge and are gonna have a tough task on their hands because air space is gene that did their fire on all cylinders. They're quick to make sure from the outside. Seoul. You know which USF. They were picked up my recollection Roxio or in appreciate it Paul. Up behind BYU of course dragons saying merry. And they are cut off the 21 year. I thought it would play a little bit better earlier earlier and she did. But because it got a lot of new guys also he's gonna have to find out you know which which group. He wants to go to these got a couple of young freshman guard reap quick and can he you don't insert them alive and and and still you know be effective so. I would say the big thing is let's rebound the ball at its sights corner featured guard play it is is is sufficient. And you've you've got to defend a little bit better demeanor. You UK echoed camped. And allow air our state to continually shoot threes you've got to find a way to expand your defense and rebound the ball on the white could be long. Let's end on this list let's sit on the Stanford Cardinal into the injuries clearly. Had handcuffed here at NASA what he wants to do Dorian Pickens has been out market Sheffield who has been out Dave ms. Cody you. Case yuck Paula as well is not gonna be available season because of an academic issue. But there's still some talent with his Stanford team for the card dole they're they're gonna play this game it's long beach state coming up. Tomorrow then they're gonna be on extended break how difficult is it to start and stop the season for Jared has. Considering they've had a struggles you'd like to be able to play through this but maybe just break it be a breath of fresh air for this team. Yeah might be itching my teaching has to regroup and you feel it feel bad for Stanford because if you mention you know. Very well all of them all the players that are not available so. It's really difficult in college basketball to be effective plan all sides you got three or four players that you were counting. That that aren't not you know there are not gonna play itself. It's possible you take a little bit of break and and kind of regroup and refocus. And and try to get yourself and write positive frame of mind. And then again you meet tinker with the offense a little bit make some adjustments and and if you could get a little bit of momentum and try to get some of these guys that be nice to get. You know Sheffield back and so many others yet at least give you a little depth and no you know little little opportunity to be effective. So I would I would mind stop and start it on not if I'm not playing well if I'm not you know a expectation stick to try to. We gather my thoughts and that's keeping everybody on the same page so. And let folks scamper can get it together because I think conference it's going to be I mean I think the pac twelve is. You know sign now that there may not be too many easy. Ya think Arctic I I do it in Utah a couple of and I didn't I thought Utah was going to be you know kind of all right let him be better and all right it they have via excellent guards. And and there about 89 deep and I think. That's a team that's gonna surprise quite a few folks in the copper so. Colorado's. Undefeated so there's there's no easy gains for Stanford not. And again navigator reverting back calcium re ago. And it stinks for the time really appreciated no catch up soon I hope to get you on the show and it had in the near future. Now look ahead to the marquee match so I think sedan Gilani for joining us is a prized recruit this week let's get to our marquee matchup was you wrap up the shell. Eric college basketball tip off and ID five point seven a game. The marquee matchup for us tonight again at 6 o'clock right here in 95 point seven a game. It will be the USF dons in the Arizona State Sun Devils paddles and Jimmer belly have the call beginning at 6 o'clock from Tempe. A new home for USF basketball 95 point seven negates mother marquee matchup here in the Bay Area we've highlighted. The Saint Mary's cal matchup tonight also San Jose state is on the road there at southern Illinois. Arkansas pine blood visiting Santa Clara Nate Broncos coming off a win Thursday night. Against northern Arizona to Levy's setter and then tomorrow's stamper will go down to Southern California take a long beach state. Stanford coming up the good win against Montana. They need to keep it going and they haven't extended break for finals before they resume my December 15. Against the Denver pioneers but the marquee matchup for me to day in college basketball takes place. In Waco Texas that Ferrell center it'll be eight. Number eight Wichita State against number sixteen Baylor also a big deal to me because I'll have the call where at ESP NU beginning at 11 AM Pacific time. Along with three getters in replies Ronald joined me on the broadcast but you top twenty teams going at Wichita State with Gregg Marshall. And and as Scott Drew get his Baylor Bears after it today. This a big key for both sides this is a really. One of those delicious matchup you see early in the season. And Wichita State with Greg marshals done is unbelievable being as one of the best point guards in the country in Landry Shannon. So Wichita State Baylor at that is our marquee matchup today that'll do it for this week's installment of college basketball tip off a 95 point seven a game our thanks to. As our prized recruit again tonight. 6 o'clock tip US death and Arizona State right here in your home for US at John's basketball 95 points at the special thing in my producer Tommy call. Roxy currency with a stick around play more to come would back next week same time 730. With. Your college basketball tip off presented by US at don's basketball. Fanatic five point seven again.