Gameday Tip-Off: Episode 3

Gameday Tip-off
Saturday, November 25th
Episode 3 of Gameday Tip-Off with Roxy Bernstein!

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Are you ready. For a hard hitting half hour. All about college hoops. It's time for game day tip clue on 95 point seven big game. Oh. I agree all the talent that's blunt here the united. And indicators anytime. No nasty calls a whole new. Don't ever gone to the nation he once again US sent funny and losing who has. Yeah I agree with that hey happy hour at all toxicology and sunk its. They advertise this week I had tons. You know we have going on and how yeah. His retirement. And everywhere. Or not all across the landscape. Of college basketball now there are some of them are a little bit watered down this year. Because of a one year tournament going on in Portland which I happen to be broadcasting previous the united Portland right now. And here for the PK eighty which is a big Nike tournament. Celebrating and honoring Phil Knight his eightieth birthdays coming up in February. That's why this event is called the PK eighty and it's 1690. Teams converging not Portland. Between two Arenas the veterans are at at memorial coliseum as well as the Mona said over the blazers play now as opposed to where they used to polite. Editor of it's going on Arenas that are literally right across street from one another it is an awesome weekend of college basketball. And it's a who's who of college hoops who's in Portland this week and yet Carolina. You've duke yet Michigan state of Ohio State Texas Oklahoma. Florida Arkansas the Bay Area represented with Stanford organs and determined Stamford order filled nights to all the miners because he went to undergrad at orient. In business school at Stamford plus yep gone Zagat. And Portland out of West Coast Conference butler's here. Texas AA is just an unbelievable weekend of college basketball. Here in Portland going on. This week and it's great to see Stamford and Baltic. And Stanford is. Off to a tough start because some injuries to orient Pickens being out. As well as market Sheffield which is really handcuffed here it has in terms of what he can do offensively because those are two key pivotal wing players for the card. And without those two guys it's made it awfully difficult this week as you've seen. With this past Monday night North Carolina which is awesome has seeded Tar Heels at Maples Pavilion the crowd was tremendous. It was the first sellout for Stanford since March 2015 the energy was in the building. It was great to see is defending national champions. At Maples Pavilion Roy Williamson his close relationship with Jarrett past decided. He was gonna bring his team out west before the PT Portland plays Stanford they did this past Monday night in Carolina ran away would it. First off with North Carolina. This is not a great North Carolina team I think it's a pretty good North Carolina team. That has the potential to be really did a tremendous backcourt. We and told Barry who is now back from injury and Kenny Williams who shot the lights out in the game against Stanford on Monday night they're young but they're explosive. And it was it was great to see North Carolina on the farm this weekend so you have north Carolina at Stamford. And the card also losing game. We can I have to go to eastern Washington game to probably shouldn't have lost I think the injuries had a lot to do with why Stanford lost that game. By the way to former cal point guard shot he likens who was the coach at eastern Washington but so Stanford's evolved in the PK eighty. Cal just got back from the now he GM now he invitational where. On Monday they played a tremendous game just fell short it blew an eighteen point lead against number six Wichita State. Couldn't finish the deal then they got blown out by the ECUs so atop tripped him now wait for cal and all I should rephrase that that's not a trip to Mali's he can possibly. Because now is a great place Israel now. Saint Mary's involved in the wouldn't legacy this weekend they're down in Anaheim where did a favorites to win that tournament on senate Claris taking part in the final installment of the great Alaska shootout this is they've finale. That great event over the years but it's kind of been phased out a college basketball landscape. To Santa Clara is there as part of that tournament cal state Bakersfield is there. But good to see Santa Clara take part in the finale of the great Alaskan shootout. And and sales estate up playing one of the holiday tournaments but last week's Saint Mary's went down of the south day. In the 408 and handed it to San Jose state John prix Lewis first year tough transition for him. Open for better days at Saint Mary's is Roland right now as we know. But our team on the Hilltop by the way. Coming up Tuesday night US apple play UC Santa Barbara. Again you could hear at 7 o'clock Tuesday night right here in 95 point seven a game but it dons at three in one and play some pretty good ball here early in this season. And we'll preview that match WCS becoming a knack now it's time. And I touched upon this earlier about North Carolina the defending national champs over here playing Stanford. And how this is a really good Carolina team it's not a great team yet but for Carolina Joseph Perry just back from his hand injury had a tremendous game dominating game against him. It's different forced to start three darts. That we're freshman in that game. With the injuries because they when we days John Davis oppression from Seattle I Zach wide use from Australia won at the wing. They started Oscar de Silva who's from Munich Germany and Stanford's starting three freshmen this week it's the first time since January of 1983. Doctor Tom davis' first season coaching Stanford the last time the cardinal that started three freshman. In a ball game. And says Stanford a little bit experience with that great front court of re Travis and Michael Humphrey. But North Carolina showed their how classy they are within a good solid win. On the road against Stanford in front of a full house at Maples Pavilion. But you look at. This field that's going on here in Portland. At the PK eighty with north Carolina at one side of the bracket in Michigan State miles bridges. And the other side of the bracket has duke. You look at guns actors on the other side that's the side Stanford is on. And it's been interesting watching duke with his great freshman class and it's funny how much shifts he's adapted he was so adamant that he was against the one and done it college basketball but the last few years he's had a change of heart in his program has benefited from it may have bargained badly right now. Who is. As good a fresh and if not the best freshman in college basketball is tall. He is killed in shoot the ball. He knew so many things is it West Coast properties from Phoenix in fact you older listeners out there may remember his grandfather jump until Caldwell who is. That's his number retired by Arizona State. But Marvin back. Lee is a tremendous players leading this Duke Team into this field and this is a one time deal the PK AD it's great. That for one year I'd love to see him do this more but it's impossible to do it just because of the economics in college basketball in terms of financially. It's a hardship for these teams yes or getting exposure because ESPN and ESPN two and all the games are gonna be broadcast on national TV. But the giving up some guaranteed money at home by staying there but adult traveling out west to go to Portland. But I think barrels also bigger cause in terms of wider Portland because the understanding imports of Phil Knight at Nike and what it's meant to their programs. And his success at a national level lot these programs have had. In its due to their relationship but ninety's so they they feel an obligation in fact the idea for this term it did not come from Nike. It didn't come from or again. It came from Michigan State. Michigan State is the ones who came up with this idea for the PK eighty a couple of years ago. To honor Phil Knight and that it gains momentum and steam an all these teams started committing and they were annoy going to come and the only major Nike players that's not here. Is Kentucky who was originally supposed to be in the field but then they pulled out because John cal Perry said that they they just before fading too much money. By coming out west in giving up some home games. So I understand that from his perspective but all the other schools made the sacrifice tinted to come deport lead just which may be. Kentucky would have better also that it would've gone from an incredible field to a phenomenal field. But it certainly is the focus of college basketball on the national landscape this week. Is on Portland Oregon. It PK eighty Middle East teams taking part this great event coming up here and a college basketball tip up presented by the US have dogs are prized recruit from ESP yet. Sean formidable stopped by the show as well as we'll preview our marquee matchup this lake. USF. Against UC ESP on the Hilltop Tuesday night that's all straight ahead. This is he's gained to 8 o'clock on 95 point seven big game. Blinds were. Part of the hill well here in the area yeah granted Davis now and I need. The FDA is. Covering the SEC Clinton. Think it's a good time and John on here on Saturday morning is nice thing about it. Portland at the PK eighty this weekend. Appreciate the time John. First stop this critical event this weekend we got going on in Portland. I mean you're essentially looking at the NCAA tournament go. It and they're calling it great tournament and obviously hourly along and people tournament in college basketball and then on the flip side that the battle for planet has emerged as. It's equal all on the East Coast but I doubt that the that this one year special event honoring they'll bite in his eightieth birthday. Has brought together a collection of scenes that not only are relevant Yuri Europe operate it. On his part the natural at it those a lot of really great outlet in the college game that. I think people are joint and I think that's why these events are important for the sport when we're trying to carve out a little bit. Little bit of the pie away from college football. And the and the NBA and the NFL. Proper people to realize how bad it all got one box sport exploit that mark and actually I've already got a lot of great games oratory what. Most of the big names are there when you look at duke North Carolina and Michigan State's. Texas Ohio State eagle on and on of the great field and the Bay Area represented with Stanford being there. This past Monday night you're on the farm. The what did you make of the cardinal. Well I think it really nice pieces you know and I think that is really hard to judge them. As are coup they will be at the scene com copper plate. With the injury. That they would have more on their lap and are starting up freshmen in their plate and so freshman from our inconsistency but inconsistencies. But it seemed like North Carolina these would result in law says that that's what transpired on Monday. Recovered obviously at that point he'd been god ever racer talked called beat the long and deservedly so he's treat your shot be much more fluid. It release are incompetent from beyond the arc which again will stretch him out now one thing but did not like on Monday it would I didn't that you post up. He always thought that but the fact about it two or three times the entire game and he scored on all of them. So what that tells me it ought he's incompetent competent and other areas. You can make sure you the truth of who he is as a basketball player and where he can dominate because. Dominique you know court of may not be the bulk of paper and it out because they want these could range. But it is the most important aspect it or does he go to try to find wind public that he ended down a little bit lower I think they John David is going to be on. Because it's brought the heated at all levels. It's like being a quarterback is called oh yeah. You know sometimes. You know the game and speed of the game a little too crap where. And it takes a while quarterback settled and I are used the analogy right now jerk off. You know former cal quarterback who a year ago even the rams that are bigger bodies off the ball what we wrap you know. And that you know this year elect these great eaten all pro evil oil that we. All know how quick things change. At the park and opposition becomes a little bit more comparable speed. And the complexity. Of the defense but a grown up under and a lot of talk about what you eat. It's not that the defense that's something that like apart from more like date on David hadn't seen before. He'd seen is the speed of light which being played at a map the results for. John Florida from ESPN winners here at night five point seven gamed. The one thing that was great to me shine and you played in some great environments in Maples Pavilion when you're at UCL IA. It was great to see the building full again last night so much energy excitement and look at took the defending national champions to commit to get that done. But when that place is full it's a fun place to go watch a game and I gotta match for like when you do it it's fun to play in an atmosphere like that. If it was deep wrote garment four point. Now we felt like Tripoli orbit the congress is up. One point giant yes that's true. I mean like incredible I mean it warmup but government or people. Opt in all actuality. The student but what makes the environment or. When students come in and they're passionate and you're pretty far the other. It makes everything better day bring it via an all out to be an alternate yup it was all for orbit around it. I believe march burst into doubt that in order. A lot of those guys and women and move you know kids were in that building though were wearing Carolina. Though he is going to be at an airport dated back to Italy was on the Mike Montgomery. And then current drop. And that would land use that out and players like I would be you know eight that were committed. And valued. Pieces of the community. At the airport and I think that we're here to really focus on right now. And and I think there didn't it Donna the recruiting. It's gonna take some aren't so the patient needs to be there but importantly it well if they want. They need to be in the basketball game. And he'll be excitement on the campus and that starts student body you know a lot the other night it was we look forward. But they don't got a couple more steps. In order to make it back out of that apartment again which would then increase the upward. At or beat typical environment to go on awaited because a lot couple years it's debate it but their genes prominently really comparable really quick. The home team is playing on appeal. I'll ask you about the WCC teams in Saint Mary's pig in a win the WCC dot guns Agha. But what do you see with the gales. Well I did experience he you know we call it got what you look at recent trend you know we get all. We got all about it about the new chart report you know cool look at apartment or we will ignore this part of that you know but the end here often talk about. We talk about. The better we talk about the scene that have experience and it goes in the Arctic western final four we had to want to duck. Yeah and you don't want started hurting. All of that only Bradley and meager one that we equally dark seated we're going to be one and done you're not the so the national championship where it outside of its natural character. And Kentucky national average team in recent memory. Had been loaded biking with experience. Saint Mary bring that to the table this year they've got all the heat that they need. All. And Adobe the peak they keep the damage could be buried. And ate away women's vote and then they get the culprit in the mental approach is needed to weed typical games on the road march. If they are able to do that it is that he'd be birdie NCAA tournament run there's no question about Randy Bennett is one of the best coaches. Basketball you'd seen it for a long time I've experienced it for long probably over the W see you on a more consistent basis. He won outstanding probable that he he squeezes all you've got to the scene that you possibly it about it quite figured that he com. The arch nemesis of the bag which is the court error. But the WT economically that covers all model foresee that they had expectations of themselves as well and I think people forget about all eat out there are still. Even though a lot of there are good people who are to Williams caught. Are no longer part of the program that called the obviously well. But that they've got some pieces every jot Kirk Menard who highly recruited and our region the state he got a large. Under I don't want him taught how to be a leader Lott seat right in that they. Over the course of the seat and you gonna have a really strong year. And then it got really who was of course it from Japan. Limited last year even. Practices because he was taking not ESL classes pick it up and beat the lead you understand why it worked better. And then it got elected. And Gilead nearly. It is such a good big old presence or them as well and I can't wait up got them coming up next week against Creighton. And I cannot wait on air when you make great move and we go to break sake. Gilead. Current and if lasting Korea where the home of the US at odds are 95 point seven a game and for it was a great first season for Kyle Smith what do you see from his program. I added that it is built boats built. You know in the WT CMB thought he'd be they got the job. And probably at the league coaches take in job. And it failed company and culture of common of the comfort and it failed and a big part of that is because the two schools are just mentioned BYU. Now boats that I think it's still a build bulk of it he's got momentum keep obviously despite already got you know what it takes to be successful what goes copper. About all the heat it up to come together and those people aren't quite there yet. For them to compete. At the highest of levels in the West Coast conquered Hitler up if he think merry. I knew about but fraught with the flow and again people need to be patient we live in a very good creature well. You know and very very rarely do we have the right perspective when it comes to coaches. That are trying their best to get their program move in the right direction we we have the knee jerk reactions of the cured now what could be done for me of why we already. But I think that what we've seen in college basketball. If you're patient. If you cross. The process that not that the pain for the Philadelphia 76ers would be truck but brought you crop the person you hired and empower them give them a resource to be successful. And give them that tying. It would not if they wouldn't have been okayed they called possible job art by these Gillick our ever when international trip. Exit to the way that this war has tradition in the way that it's gone. And are they political coordinate what that way that and I hope that it starts getting back the way of a really letting the these men and women that lead our men and women about our country. To an area where they'd be equal culpable enough where they don't. After raw processor product product if that step in order Arctic. Great stats John I really appreciate the time buddy thanks slop. No worker I think it's again a shot fired from ESPN joining us here eyes the prize recruit this week and college basketball tip off a 95 point seven a game he is. Here Portland with me all weekend broadcast of the PK eighty. It's great to get his perspective of Bay Area guy mile south of course went daddy UCLA and was a captain for the Bruins on some really good teams down there at west with the coming up. Right now we get into our marquee matchup now look ahead to the marquee match ducks on marquee match up this week takes place on the hilt not you can hear it. Tuesday night right here on 95 point seven a game. They USF dots hosting the Dow Jones from UC Santa Barbara in this is this a fun matchup from Mina al-Qaeda. Horn in this one because it's pretty good friends a Kyle Smith the head coach at US at and US app proud our partner here in 95 point seven a game. But also I have an allegiance to use ESP. Because it's my sister's husband yes my brother in law Joseph Pasternak is they had to go to the gotcha so I have a special. Vested interest in this matchup coming up Tuesday night at war memorial gym of course again you can hear it. Here at night five point seven game. As he is ESP team that Bob Williams is they're for nineteen years as they head coach. Was let go they made a change Joseph Pasternak comes in after serving as Sean Miller's associate coach. He was in Tucson the last six years with the wildcats. To his first year. With a gal shows he's been head coach previously the university New Orleans. And it's a pretty good team and so this give me an agency match up dot certainly have an edge being at home. But pick out Joe's have a grad transfer from rice and Marcus Jackson just came back from hip injury. Next hide agers and outstanding shooter playing at a really high level Leland king and other grad transfer coming. Down to Santa Barbara from Nevada. This is a good basketball team double get better and better and we'll content. With a big west championship. So the dons lab their hands full with the UC SB is the dots have been a three and one. And fresh seven victory over Sonoma State last week. The dogs though some concern you al-Qaeda the first three games for example to detected take this no mistaking inadequate. They're not shoot the ball all that great they're just 30% from three NASA they excelled last year. And they have shot about eighteen threes per game which is what you expect. From USF. And their scoring just over seventy points a game their only loss so far was against long beach state in their opener. But when you look at US after a moratinos off to a good start and scoring he sat on the ballclub and scoring. Jordan Martino was playing OK. Got to see more for chase Foster was really struggling. In terms of shooting the ball from long range just 412. Retreat the first three games but George Ritchie does knocking it down the Indian press of guy from mean. So far has been freshman silly prove. The freshman from Oakland tech as a three time oh way Al player of the year he is 63 birdies relief for a really light. But he's been get the job done so far so lay boom. Is shooting 50% from three he's eighteen of nineteen penalize it he leads the dons and scoring. Fifteen point seven points per game suddenly boom is emerging as a big time scorer for US death. In the Dunn's it's it really nice five. For Kyle Smith to get him to stay home and he is performing at a really high levels UNH is to see him. As his freshman season continues. To USA have. Hosting use CS beads that is our marquee matchup this week. It's coming up Tuesday night 7 o'clock right here on 95 point seven a game panels and in Juba valley we'll have to call. And if you wanna go check out to match up go to USF dot com US a dunce dot com particular information. All right that'll do it for another installment of the college basketball tip up presented by US at John's basketball here in 95 point seven a game would back with the next Saturday morning. Same time half hour fast pace college you at 7:38 o'clock here on the home for the US at Dunn's 95 point seven. Special thank you my producer Tommy call our special guest in our prized recruit this week. ESPN broadcaster Sean Farnham I'm Roxy Bernstein enjoy the rest you're Saturday your holiday weekend. We'll totti next week right here in the college basketball tip off on 95 point seven the game.