Gameday Tip-Off Episode 2

Gameday Tip-off
Monday, November 20th
Episode 2 of Gameday Tip-Off with Roxy Bernstein!

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For a hard hitting half hour. Fumbled out of college students are. And I like we seven big game yeah oh sure. It's Saturday morning. That means it's time and nightlife winds that nickname. Able to run don't run you burn your nasty names. For college hoops and in my opinion the home of the UN that not. He was ever done basketball courts you can handguns right here on Iraq and the tickets for the US and done. Sleep on the show our prize coming up later in the show no well. I'm thinking that we'll bring goods yeah rock goes into part of the warriors coverage here on 99 point seven game. Keating will stop ivory candid conversation. And also will get in depth about what's coming up in the schedule some interesting games coming up and college basketball landscape over the next week with some holiday tournaments coming up. But this week on the show the first week this show we focused on the teams in general last week we focused on individual players who will look for. With each squad. This week we're gonna focus on how these teams matching up so far what we've seen in their respective conference race the opening its. All right the opening tip and this week we focus in on. Teams are stacking up against the competition in their respective leagues of course counts for for the pack well. And you had US at Saint Mary's Santa Clara that daddy's CC in San Jose state. In the Mountain West Conference will start the pac twelve is that impressive start for the conference. And Stanford is off to a pretty good roll now they've got a very tough schedule coming up this week with North Carolina. Coming to town on Monday in the cardinal got to Portland take part in the PK eighty if Phil Knight Nike tournament. Where just about every big name Nike school is taken part Stanford is part of that because that's their field I went to grad school. But I've seen Stanford so far few times in person. I've been impressed when I seen the cardinal. In the big thing in the pac twelve is and you crack the top four because that needs to get apply at the pack will turn it into the quarterfinals. Stanford has that potential this year is a couple things that you need to be concerned with for Stanford number one re Travis asked to stay healthy. Re Travis stays healthy that is gonna go along way for Stanford integrate front court with him and Michael Humphrey. The other question is the back court what kind of production will Stanford get the relying on suppression days on Davis eyes acolytes. As well as Robert are right off the bench can't they knocked on the three consistently teams will sell Stanford. If they can knock down threes and spread the court Stanton can be poised for top four finish at California ballots in a change of style for liking Jones he's go with full court pressure he's trying to create turnovers generate offence because half court. How have difficulty score if the good front court with Kingsley a coral markets late. But the question with cal is where is the scoring going to come for a and that's why you're seeing can outplay this fast paced style. To force turnovers that can lead a fast break opportunities. John Coleman has had some big scoring games already for cal that needs to continue account needs to continue to force turnovers. Account it looks like it could be Iraq season considering all the change with a new coach some players went to use on this basketball team. The California it's all gonna hand John. Him they score consistently and right now that's a big quest to see me this will jump over the WCC. In Saint Mary's in the pre season pulled the team to beat so far they're showing that they are the team to beat either even though gone Zagat. Looks really good as well. The jock Lendale and it dark Calvin Hermanson are off to a good start this team they're just into a flow they know how to play with one another. And that and that's what makes him so difficult to defend is because all five guys on the floor for Saint Mary's can hurt. And they run their system they'll pick and roll you to death. They're very difficult to defend and they pick up on mistakes you make it seem matters to capitalize more diversity of San Francisco. USF to just got to get some key people healthy into the dons and need to keep building they have some winnable games here early in the year they will be challenges is scheduled progresses. But for the don's it's all about knocking down threes spacing. Keeping the ball moving and the house this ballclub. They have to get Charles middle and back he'd chase Foster going with this is a team that can shoot the basketball would he shoot the ball the top to be. And with the question marks what's going on at BYU. USF could make a push to get into the top three and number three is a pivotal spot the WCC beaten yet that. That's pretty good spots and that's what US epic shooting for Clara San hose EC at first south they'd rather in Santa Clara and San Jose state we need to see some continuity John prix Lewis first year at San Jose state he's trying to build a program heard cynic in year two. Trying to make up the loss of Jerry Brown rage and where is that scoring a come from. There's some growth and development that needs take place aboard Broncos in the spark the opt for the full court press. All right this week a fight personalize. The full court press because. I just came back from China last week. And I was there for the opening tip to the college basketball season the pact will China EU CLA to god Georgia Tech. And as you're probably aware there's some very interesting. Scenarios surrounding. The UCLA Bruins going to China where three players were arrested. For allegedly. Shoplifting in a store's home joke which is about two hours away from Shanghai waiting game is being played. And three players who were being held. In a Chinese jail there's still over there and till the situation gets results. And it was. Surreal to be honest with you to be there. To be that close to it and just kind of hear what was going on. And win with the ball family involved because Leigh Angela balls you probably know was one of the three to Mittal. Sun. Lavar ball and lots of balls younger brother. And it was really strange because Lavar ball is there aren't a whole family got to rise as they're look they're making a reality show that's going to be on FaceBook. That was their trailing down. It was an interesting experience to say Italy's down big ball brand they're making a big push over their opening up pop up stores. He had autograph signings and taking pictures of people. And it it is. Troubling. Maybe it is Republican for that. He seemed like he was more conservative Boller brand and you know it was the son and this is before the outside looking in I don't know the particulars I don't know what the inner workings were I don't know if he was told the stale. Like it was just a bizarre. Seen seeing the reality show and Lavar there walking around as it was no big deal and even said it was no big deal I know with rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. You just hope it comes to resolution these three kids will be okay in a long run because of the candidate that's what's important. But it was just a strange week and strange time to be over there. With a packed full tank in considering all that was going on I that's the full court press for this week coming up next we'll get to our prized recruit here on the college basketball tip off a 95 point seven game. Our special guest Kerry Keating joins us next Roxy birds with the it's the college basketball to pop presented by the US at dots and 95 point seven again. DC's dean dean tip off. Point seven big game. 9570. Came. I've done tenacity opponents. Prized recruit this week. Your voice to all. Those irritating is this week's prize recruit here is our price record it is. The coach you know while here on the station Kerry Keating court's long time and towed to San Clara. As well as long time assists and around college basketball and notice season is upon us Cary what are you seeing from the Bay Area teams this season. Like ten checked out in record practice about a week ago and because the operating in the guilt to be able. I think the first time. Maybe in about fifteen years. In the market app that take first Christina. All do this in areas and all their returns that they looked apart there's no question there any has probably your best game at least what I mean. Don't have to worry about planning effected through your. You know I think there are got a young kids that are rated bought little bit out Souter turner reed Travis spoke Wednesday Al could be a big boos don't look for big news from Michael. And acquire. Our school quarterback where do that we've. But it is new little bit more you like he's poised to advocate either. You know obviously Joaquin got a big transition and the balance so that. It's like that. About it you know its tablet. Happened on the Hilltop and the rest the that they aerial via competitive rupture. And fighting for their positions. Of this you historic period as we get. You mentioned Saint Mary's Carrey and what makes it so difficult. To go up against Randy Bennett coached team. In I think raining really helpful what that shattering event that we are leased out not just that where he recruit them and how he coaches. And I think he's been embraced by a campus administration and definitely need to get. To put the right players place but it but it's evident that their team is very closers. There's not a lot of while the red got a lot of respect for what he did not should be battle for the niners are out there. Well you know on the losing side there it looked cute there there. A few last second shot are great guard. I don't think it'd created. Not paid sick culture but just. The way of doing things that understood I think the players. Really relish the opportunity that they're giving it the fact that they've. The loot whatever tradition attic area on short amount. Tradition regretted that there were seventeen or so years. He's created his own tradition without fingers spoke to be done and we've got a really good job probably been. A little bit overshot a it's and most Australian players. He's that are really good to have picked a lot of local kid. He and kids around his home area that are built on what they've nailed a lot to transfer isn't. I think you're gonna find out maybe some more homegrown Al expletive that Australian talent that's in particular team that capacity and pat the first weekend one cup or out of march. Kerry Keating is our prized recruit on the college basketball tip off this week here and on a five point seven game and and will with what he's been able to do. Considering the facility. At Saint Mary's. And as you pull back and just take a look at the bride you Kerry of what Randy Bennett's accomplished there is a pretty stunning. That he's been able to consistently win at a place like that. Yeah I think when you when you line up against the schools. That's on the West Coast and maybe even coast conference at the top thirty or forty programs now. I didn't full throttle to the streets of habit. Practice facility have a and all the amenities at the Beck and call on. I think Randy went about that in a way that it did it too much about it based players first. It is accountable that's what you has given noted that Everett they can't. What they haven't this is so much that they have. When you compare against other. I've those schools that are waiting at the rate. It certainly is pretty remarkable given the fact that he's somewhat limited obviously that's at the school side. And obviously you guys. But it's not easy to get rocket it's not a late that. But he got out while the freeway are checked out her awhile spoke. You know you'd kind of briefly in different. Ligaments in real estate comfortable. Is not a candidate try to jump to for a side of that. He's got a really good job. After chasing a target where it's at that we think that the you have to do the catalyst that was on identity yet mobile. Especially this year I haven't picked for receive nationally ranked. Auto parts of the consistent waiting atmosphere that you develop there in deserve a lot of credit for that it. Obviously. It. What are. There. Let's stay in the WCC and now it's not about US effort you for a secondary they're coming up the twenty win season and callousness first year. Heading into year two for him on the hill did you see from him last year that kind of caught everybody by surprise. You know I think he'll be it will be the first to admit that he did a decent player without warming did a good job for. Late. But it again did try to do too much in China. You'd what was different and a figure that Patrick fresh start for the program and obviously a lot of optimism or what they're getting great to do it big donation and obviously. I toward buildings and what facilities. In terms of support whatever they get. Kept it well although it's had an actual strike they give you war for the buyout program. In a cow and the young team again this year coach rates sponsor in the near. It you know returning players. Got a chance to watch that are opening game against Long Beach it to reports that it dropped the they have the right fresh regards. Forcing it was now injury. But it definitely out about by the in the back court that single helped that they can get some consistency of our. Oprah on the Oprah that little pact interpreted try to battle forest such that the Camry. In removed or so that if you are you. If they could possibly open up those slot for someone who will look to that coveted third spot in your award that once he had it it doesn't he interment so. And I think out not a great about these palaces. So it it for granted that aren't Columbia back in New York all the area. Welcome back here to the West Coast Conference and try to establishes no market within its conference. It's a tough to do you know only Arabia with the system. And so it's it's integrated effort like whether it is a bit dropped their first game I think out of a great job. Kerry Keating witness here is on their house fastball to bump and 95 point seven a game let's let's jump over the pac twelve and this expectations for Stanford this year when you look at what is back from the card you alluded to re Travis. Who has been banged up. Just about every season so far and he's the Richard junior at Stanford. But it appears that Jarrett pass has a good team that could challenge. To to go in the top four in the pac twelve this year. Well it really need to get it in their backcourt who thought that hurt a lot last year. Now obviously there are being ignored color from a lot of guard. And that's what is truly what a coach in Carolina. If you have a court. Mean I have read. Well yeah it unquote packed full player Kobe returning. In other excited you're Cody Putin you're sitting out per year and other the area guys. It's sometimes when your operator like that what you read in the agreed that it college one of those guys forty years. Glad to hear that out either. There straight go to or straight up at the Ricardo into the great job of course but the outlook and excited he but he can produce. Put on the war with them. In our chance to go either one day if not mistaken is Carolina. Not listening in that. In a big week for Stanford not not just that game against Carolina but also taking part the PK eightieth Phil Knight tournament up in Portland surrounding. Thanksgiving on the other side of the day it's been an uneven start. For talent and for white teen Jones in his first season as the head coach moving up to the big chair. Surprising loss in their opener to UC Riverside they've bounced back with a win against cal poly. That this style that he is trying to play dizzy up the pieces. To play that. Full court pressure style went there and try they're gonna get after you defensively and looked create turnovers. Did all that is that the direction ago and it takes a short time that that's hard to implement right away. Estate agent K they're not really conditioned to do. I say that poll. Without actually we figured that are really trying to implement that. Another prize brought the coach you know what you're gonna try to implement that pressure that full court their change in defense out. You really have to get a lot of fine for that as difficult to transition to right away all that if you were. So their little river through or either. That's a tough road ago that probably after that your old guys in there but not to say that they can't do anything with again abaco. We wouldn't Charlie it was a big loss on its popular and the big try and wars. But a great tee and they have great college equal aren't sure you know have a nice career ended with a lot of guys who do. But if you're gonna try to really well you know there's style move forward what is whatever it is. You really wanna have returning. Leadership type Garnett thought the lawsuit shortly probably hurt him or any other balloting in China's global. Last thing for you spent some time at UCL IA in after all kind of a hypothetical. I'm in terms of the that was over in China. I know what happened with the three players that were arrested for allegedly stealing in hung Jo. If you were Steve Alford if you're coaching UCLA. How would you handle this situation. Well it. It just is to the last couple days over or local city with the media members Trout Trout will hypothetical. Situations. Look we're both going to be Garcia open. They get back for beacons you know utility and a quarter system as a short academic calendar. In and week how hopeful Sebastien so the first concern that. They're gonna probably about. Maybe thirty or 40% of the academic quarter. And I think it puts it in a big big jail term academically if in fact. There's still a role will change so. Just kind of take it for states that I that they maybe they'll change. They're in the face and academic curl to wipe out difficultly of these kids their freshman yes Italy Angelo Fiat and Taylor or call. The other player and Erica. Evolve and put it in order. Actor comedy your first quarter and now all the what you're protesting that thing. During the fortieth or knows how long it will take before they actually get back now the second quarter through. Especially given the fact that Larry's got a practical have been consistently tried the scent in the Abbott and being as you know that that program. There's there's not that the baton that was in terms of how you conduct themselves. Elephant talk about the walks exactly what happened about sums up in neck kept them over there at Butler put them in the situation. I have to think that there's going to be a lot of I guess for lack of better term pressure. Not just the fact that the chancellor chancellor block was over there with Petit. At a picture with that it will report its that it happened and the fact that latter statute in Atlantic that you represented the pac twelve. China with Cote saw were really so so position pequots Iraq's Seattle oh. Any other way there. It's not a long term suspension I'm not sure though will be able to return to that came I. I don't envy. Is that the decision that would be paid not sure that bastard is the leader have the ability to make that decision. Gave an international incident that has been caught in the fact that Israelis take watch bigger role has been used about what players so. Unfortunate incident obviously. One that hopefully those cute little irked but nevertheless it could be impacted that. It's gonna impact easily gain because to look at. Three kids that are not probably not replayed the foreseeable future. If not ever again. Great stuff Kerry really appreciate the time this morning thanks for joining us and no ketchup soup. Or your report now look ahead to the marquee match ducks I've for the marquee matchups that we wrap up college basketball to popular united five point seven game in this is when we really start to get. Some interesting matchups in games accounts bass will start building. Or December because we're coming up on Thanksgiving. And the holiday tournaments or start to pop up. And it's interesting to see that Bay Area teams as we inch closer toward December we'll start with Saint Mary's. Yet again tomorrow night at Bay Area matchup as they traveled out of the south bay. As Saint Mary's will take on San Jose state that next week they'll be at Anaheim. For the wooded legacy which is certainly always an interesting tournament in Saint Mary's a team to beat in the wood legacy down in. Anaheim. In the West Coast Conference this week the US at don's you can hear their game right here on 95 point seven a game. As US apple take on my producer Tommy is all the modern Sonoma State coming up Tuesday night here and Audi five point seven again that's their only game. This week so for USF. They'll be right here of course on your home for US at basketball. And as a sad twist to our schedule this week because at a players taking part in the finale of the great Alaskan shootout a legendary turn it. That seems like it's been around forever this is the final. Great Alaska shootout upn acreage and Santa Clara taking part in the great Alaska shootout for cal there and one of the marquee tournaments there over in Malaga at Wichita State to start. It now he jam Maui invitational over at the kinds of Alexander and for Stanford a huge week. Or Jared pass in the cardinal they have North Carolina defending chance at Maples Pavilion Monday night. And then they had to Portland take part in the PK eighty. The PK eighties in celebration for fill lights eighty expert data founder of Nike. Sixteen teams descend upon Portland. And sixteen of the elite teams in college basketball yet Stanford and Oregon in North Carolina you got duke you've got Texas you got Oklahoma. He got Michigan State Ohio State is they're Florida. Eagle on and on and on guns act is there. And this will be an unbelievable. Event in Portland coming up Thanksgiving. The Friday and then next Sunday wrapping up the PK eighty which I will be up there for ESP with the law which I'm so jacked about. Let us do it for this week's college basketball tip off presented by US at don's basketball here on 95 point seven again and again the don's take on Sonoma State coming up Tuesday night right here. The 95 point seventy game panels and have the play by play. And we'll be back next week next Saturday with another installment. Of the college basketball tip off I 95 point seven vehement thanks to Kerry Keating. Who joined us as a prize recruit this week special thank you Tommy called my producer Roxy Bernstein thank you for joining us again. Be back next week on your home for college basketball here in the Bay Area and accounts passel tip off the 95 point seven game.