The Chris Townsend Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Towny and Urbs talk about everything they hope to see in a new A's ballpark. Rob Lowder joins the guys to talk 49ers, looking back on Shanahan's head coaching debut and previewing Sunday's game in Seattle.


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We got Michael Irvin at night here on out of five hits and a game we're getting your phone calls at triple 89579570. Good news. You've waited for you got it. Year reaction. Planetarium Berkeley terrier on the Chris downs TO. Eight guys that are taking my call I've got. Our. In the quantity tomorrow for the party vote under utilize. The land in the Big Bang. As anyone how would naval air station Alameda. At all. That is got to be the infrastructure is in place water electricity plumbing. A view of the city's water access. Built between lane highway over the they were and that we send them I don't want to part of the month and it could still be the Oakland Alameda Alec come. But it left after a. One mile of highway and when he lane highway. I don't know any point put him eight whatever they beat what was it wobbled between now. In any way you approach I mean my goodness that is the ball under utilized piece of land I the in the Bay Area I drive the Bay Area in the east bay all day every day. There's not a lot going on there and it resolved that amount of dates being used for almost nothing. Why driving her answer my steering. Failed look at the usual traveling with the way I suits trying to make that money at a boy Terry that's all saw I mean. It's the location. I hear yet everybody's got an opinion. But this is the location. David cattle has booted out there matier and Ross avid. This is the location they're gone for. They've done their research the preferred okay they've been doing their due diligence is they like to say and this is where they want a bill. Now. A little late for that area I understand where you're on but it's a little late for them it's gonna Arendt and Hayward airing here on 95 cent. I again don't. Eloquently on my development. Time. And I'm trying to be punished. And I'm not a bad and you come out there and took an active in. We went to find. And the political. Like that it's not a question yeah. Well I believe there's a parking lot where frank you'll feel used to be over the raiders played an acting camp and that area I mean we got to wait until. And we have to get more details we have not seen renderings we have not seen I mean. We're all in this together were all waiting it is the fact is you know were a location is. And you know when you start thinking about what we have seen. In Major League Baseball and not just Major League Baseball what we've seen in the you know now what we've seen with certain Arenas. If you do rights. The surrounding. Areas. Will be. More places for people to be entertained. They're become more restaurants there become more ball ours Erica becomes more places to live. More residential. So I don't know what the plan is. What if you do right. The city Michael for sheer. Will benefit and I think all you gotta do is look across the bay. And look across from AT&T park look where look at once there. It pac bell opened up. And look what's there now it's a completely different world. Here's what everybody needs to do especially parent because some people are and they're just dying for visual right now. Go to SF gate dot com the Simpsons to Chronicle's web site. And associated win their story on that same page. There's an aerial view of the area that we're talking about so you can see there's water there there's actually baseball field where there is a track slash football. Feel there are there some offices but it'll give you a much better. At least visually you can wrap your head around a little bit better if you go check out this image. I had been mounting here but I would never look at what I am being down here. Cannot industrial good luck trying to. I don't see anything that looks like an auditorium here doesn't mean it's not there but and you're an amateur. Revenue is. Welcomed a parent and get it. District is the governor every year and then not go out our blog at their problem time. And it doubles small area. I like that it's all thank you for the call. I'm on being I want small now I have stuff built around it and I want to be able to take my kids. And I wanna be Alito the ballpark and I wanna go for day games are wanting my kids a nice place for launch. On a personal side for remains or I should say a professional size what I should say. I want our nice place to where we have nice little studios in the ballpark I'm like a place where we can be out on a deck after games and be doing. A top shows in taking calls in and I haven't Beers with fellow a's fans and I I want with a lot of other people half. I know it could come in years whatever may have waited this long keep weight but that's something I would like ally to build a lock out. I would like to be able to walk out of the ballpark in Oakland and go meet friends for beer too after game. Johnny you realize that something needs to sit is definitely gonna end of beer and drop right when you sit I don't want panic I want small guarantee that gets made into a drop well done. It is what it is Michaels who you know I hear it would be awfully cold to the block I mean. You mentioned it at Fenway Park dividend what is that the casket and flag and on that on the corner outside left field right behind the monster. You can if you walk out that exit your literally walking across the street much like you are. In the same area the yard eighteenth tee with a moment he just cross the street you're right they're your neighborhood bar I'd I'd love to see that at the a's New York to. Let's go to Bobbie you Walnut Creek go ahead body. Big they show. I the they comment on upn on. Yet. Excited. Agree with and that you know you don't wanna go albeit spurt and years to build small ball mark. I'm you know kind of not fair and you know compared to eighty and eighty and ninety. You tell not your country million you know people are now you know this is the area. Popular date on creeping in not equine. You know so. Every body wire you hung up on the size though I I don't understand why people are hung up on it's like it's not a it's not a bad thing to have the smallest her second smallest yard. In in the league it's it it it could be a real positive I just help me understand. Why don't see that as a negative. I mean I agree I like that cool idea even lock at back street Luke are your friend. I think bill for what you want it to the content in part change year strike if we learned anything from like. You retreat if you build it they able can't fill that stadium that marketing prop. Built for it and you know still if you can't like with your armor chargers were talking about. You know like boat people I would stop the patent joke nobody want to watch it you know high school football. Thirty people felt you know days will be in the World Series. Part years hopefully so let's make parents sold forty parked out people can concede that the China India. As a random. You're credibility is one out the door I I wow people again I don't think people are again I mean they're out. I I think there inferiority complex thing look at skidded to a certain degree but I think. Worst certainly see that creep out during your agree Tony it's. It's so deeply seeded they hear small yard uh oh the aides are being underestimated again. That's not the connection. Goldmans if you look at Arenas. The Golden State Warriors in the San Jose Sharks far less than 35000. A game have done well for a long long time. Man the aides have said this or a wild now. They would like to keep. You know what I think people fear Michael. It is if you do you have 35000. Seats. And the team's good. And they're they're good for a certain period in the barracks it's going to be expensive. And I think that's let. That's let. That is been a dilemma that I think eighties Mans and the hardcore race fans and actually calmed all the games. It's a really rough one form. Because they know you gotta get out of the coliseum yet the coliseum is priced right. So you wanna go to a lot of games but it it's now 35000. And it's a new ballpark. It's gonna cost a lot more and you may not be able to afford to go to as many games as before. You know like the die hards candlestick. I guarantee you those die hard to candlestick. There's quite a few that maybe got priced out the same thing from candlestick with 49ers to Lee Brice stadium. And it's gonna happen to those prices are even gonna go up from the warriors and oracle to the warriors in San Francisco when you go to the new digs. And you go to the new place and you go to the new Alice it's gonna cost the that the financial commitment is going to be high. There's no doubt about that I just don't see a scenario in which. There's 347. Year stretch. Where the taser lamenting. Building what in their mind is not a small park it's an intimate park I can see them averaging. 32 like singer team is very good year perennial playoff contender. Is Oakland really going to no matter where the artists are there really going to draw. 32000. Plus every single night I don't know I don't think you can count on that. Let's go to Brandon in Concord go ahead Brandon. Look at. And I will be. The the span. Or. At Oakland Raiders and. Gray area in general out that oh I'm writing an area. I. And I've been saying this for awhile you wait. When the warriors leaf. And the raiders leave. And the last man standing is the Oakland days. I think there is going to be people who are not even days fans pitcher from the east bay. You may even be giants fans made me a giant niner person. But you're gonna have this you know lad. These guys stayed and a built I think there's going to be this east may pride. That's going to overwhelm people. And why this thing is going to be such a success. Where you obviously they want Laney. But this is going to be a big success because there is going to be a lot and you're you're live in the east bay Michael. I think you where at where you Arnold Livermore where they're going north went in on south wherever you're gonna go. There's going to be a new found ease spade pride with the Oakland Athletics. No doubt about it and what I love about the last call we got is that okay for at least one night coming out worry about the capacity. And parking in the highways Lama just. Traveled delivered again he made a promise he delivered again once again we have a reason to feel good. About Oakland a's baseball it's let's just absorb that for the night rather than. Fall into the trap that some warriors fans made the night they won the championships start to worry about is everybody going to be back next year it. Settled down everybody this is a good thing let's embrace it for now. Let's go to Lional in Fremont go ahead Lional. You India. For all that you know debt which some good news. The first. Stop the whole all the all the caller ovals which I act out or out and do you. And what pay you for here and a I'm on. It the right utility. At the end it could be. They're jacket he you know 20000. Seat on the way out there racquet. A brand new state united and you don't yet when you see a lot like awful 35 they are both. And I act under the location. Of course that we maybe outgrown Jackman knows more where it. That picture perfect it's a reverently merry. Is it article in the occasion if you guys think about it and I think it's gonna bring. Of course you can do about people and we all made it sound like he's a out you know document that kind of rallying miked aren't. And it can you point and at north. Went out there. Others that they eat out to the valley and it you do about thirty in. On the weekdays you all animal you know Berkeley down you know you're out there. Not Albert reached Allie page you're weighing ego because it's pretty much a blow your butt in that may come on. Monday Tuesday were. Down on the week in and out people. Ethier today these critique you're gonna move Oakland and I like Alec that they'd like state. Loyal to a city like Oakland instead of being read like and it's now that though. Thank you Lional android call means get it in there that there's fans in the south they're spans than north bay there's a's fans everywhere. And it suggests an intimate ballpark will not be a bad thing people need to stop trip and on that and just be thankful that. We have an ownership group now that wants to build they want to give it to on and just to think how cool it can be not only the ballpark. But everything around it and what it could be. It can be very magical are right where switching gears we'll get back your phone calls Tripoli not by 79570. Rob louder covers of 49ers. I he has a great job at the niners wire Robin. Good evening and quickly I don't know if you're an ace manner not we can start out do you have any reaction to the news tonight that the aids has said we finally have found her place is going to be at Laney college. Well I think in the morning and there. Exactly enjoying that and will be whether I'm. There would be a lot of people that are very excited about that it is big game but in the today. And in the short drive and it's right there on the water the weather should all be great so you update or anything else they permit not. He bet it is now know all their talking points but just equal the weather's going to be great most of the time. Like he knows money am I laugh at the 49 it's I is that my kids at the San Jose state game they're eleven years old. It was a hibernate by tick up they stayed for the whole game pretty interesting all right no gain one 49ers lose. What did you take from the first game in the Kyle Shanahan. Air out with the San Francisco 49ers. Well one of things that you demands wired in it it's always been insisting that it's right after the game's over it trying to write my winners and losers article out here. So depending on how to game goes to be very easy to pick the winner they can be very easy to pick some winners rarely. Vote. But it would definitely favored a loser side and and you know it is always. A little limited to talk me out of thing but it wasn't a whole lot he would take from a to me that they get. Standout back of that game was. It doesn't matter how good a good offensive guru Shanahan is if we offensive line cannot block it will not matter. It doesn't matter how much the play action work up the run game it doesn't matter will receive you have. And all the talk about the Chinese quarterback that might come along and you're strapped. Won't matter the offensive line is now where it should be so hopefully. And I know Shanahan thought that they are kept the peace movement now which is kind of building that. That yelled needed it at a position where get a like that but that was my biggest takeaways that out of line with struggling big time. And and that will undo an entire seat and let alone of that that is that the rocker in the bill rebuilt but that'll that'll sort of real quick. Rob and in general what did you think of the way Shanahan handled the additional responsibilities and these kind of doing. Two jobs at once he's he knows how to do the OC job he's unfamiliar. With a head coach job balancing. The two take the final score out of it did you think he did in general. I think you know. At this point he's going to be dealing with a ruptured at I believe the only at nineteen player on that rock that would be here on seventeen lap these so no matter what are going to run into the problem. Flagged the ball bark. It just take longer than that in the and a belt to build that chemistry dot. I don't put that on him as much for the equity and heard it and seen terrible last year you gotta rebuild. There were in them that debt and and time management. You know stuff like that in that. It hit the price that you don't really know how Kentucky where Mikey that he got from the opposite the the coordinator handling everything deep and often time management and all that up. I think it was bad it immediately it was actually pleasant thing he did he go on fourth down. Avoid the partner for a little bit in my that'll work back only wanna or work out but to me that was almost a bit cryptic you know whether or not they were. All the perfect decision because it didn't work out well I'm back that thing but I think he did OK in the back I look aggressive. Especially when he's down there's not a whole lot want mama and a whole point of putting it more so. I really into the pot did take away from I appreciated that and just a little over a major when you're when you're behind them. Oh port. Foam onto her at rob underscore louder he covers the 49ers for the USA today it's simple niners wired dot USA today. Dot com and I'm actually looking at your column right now of the winners and losers. I agree with you on one of the winners Carlos Hyde. I thought it was very odd if they don't go for it on fourth down at the end of days on it away score would have been ten not then. You know and catching him in the run game. Would we have seen more of Carlos high because what the second half he only got two carries. Yet this game and and it it. When you're on the scoreboard that view and and but it is just figured it's if you looked really well and inaction in the past game. You look ride. It right over people elected me good luck always be. So what it looked but the quality of one run over that it can't get. So and without him again every dependent on the run game you know I think a lot of it. A lot in the back at them like Matt Ryan and Leo now if you talk not about it at all all the run though. Think that might be another outlet for the music alarm in the back you've got to be committed to that can happen like I. There's argument you hear it and even at York are on the ball so that and let them if you want and the legitimize. The rock the game do you happen they'd committed to the run you can start all. Rob with so few bright shining lights on the squad talent wise. How big they have potentially it is rude foster's injury. Even bookcase is one of a rookie but one thing in in the back in the first round and that that people order would Alter you would think. That there would be ready to step up in his position that it network. Or corrupt elected that not the case and that will definitely not the case. With power involved in that first quarter he looked. But probably the best player on and on defense and include three other hurt them you know that we like our opponent. So normally you wouldn't think a lot of rookie. That important as starting role will be huge hit. But with the way the wind is just might be and. Once he left the field and really Armstrong stepped up like this and it is what the pain and David Gergen and energy level. That I hadn't been awhile and while that defense so you know hopefully seeing something like up high ankle injuries suffered. For one they got what he did that with what any chemical or get carted off the field wondering how bad going to be and usually see men. But luckily that was the case hopefully get back and three or four game but I can be finicky Alec hamstring injury you just never really know how long it. For the 49ers say going into this week two game at Levi stadium against the Seahawks. What did we learn about the hawks and their week one game against Green Bay and that offensive line. Well. If I deepen the line consisting of bear arms at first round for a first round ball on the ground. And a whole slew of other players if they can't have an effective game against that offensive line there trouble. Because it would go and beard Seattle lucky to have a quarterback like little neck until you bought one brick and he could still make that happen. After a disappointing team that they had in Carolina where they can generate single back in the sport but really the only player making any noise out there. It was a big point for them and I think if they don't like that they don't be happening in Seattle and one which was terrible. In the gut and got bigger weapon now are important may happen count at least it wrapped that up there that should make a big difference in a game like that. Herbs quickly and I've bust the game the games in Seattle. It. I'd share. A year for pentagon. Will would you think Acela. You know our elected guy he's been very cerebral. At the same time he you know he's. Abby watched and their training camp and seeing him on McCain used very intimate with his players keep him with them. Would advocate equality as long as they make it because these. But he at that time he's very Smart guy very intuitive. And he's really simple even the team down when acquired don't have any and when your players aren't they. Inking a deal is women will play this debate about just react so are likely done so far. It's just one ample and we learned throughout the last even of the 49ers. Game where that even. Ample but he's been was nowhere near collapse the and so it'll be an interesting thing to watch out. Here. I know this is just one play of the game. But if mark he's Goodwin had caught that ball right at the goal line whether it would have been and first. And goal on the third. Orient that going into the end zone for a score. With the way the crowd would have ban with a gala bit different if you were a cot that. I think so I mean you don't want to watch popular enough to let that it will play that. It's football all about and and while everybody would like to lead to opportunities in the Balkans and the flavor is quite fundamental. There's so much momentum to be at the plate like that the energy in the crowd goes. And it unity goes Oceanic and energy bills quite call that one Q. Put border are. They completely changed because you've got on the board. And you know what we're matter Carla I don't have to carry that state or maybe they don't accept that and or. In an alternate way it would maybe tied. It changed everything a player like that and it. And it's unfortunate that he's been demanding. I got to act with a walk map would keep with you noticeably down about it. That was an opportunity here to show what you was brought to you so. Yet the patent for Indian culture is gonna work on it and hopefully make it happen because of the one in Seattle he's been shown the kind of struggled with smaller guys. They don't Evelyn at my speed they would need their corner so that we have been another big one on in the second game. Rob great stuff love every need guys Korea's leader in yourself and all the other guys are doing it for niners wire. I you guys have great 49ers cover we'll talk to you as soon. Rob water from the USA today we're back to your phone calls. You wanna talk about the ballpark were here to talk about the ballpark triple play not 579570. It's about a reaction. It's something it's it's an it's an answer you won it the year your feelings. Right here on nine fives and the game. We get back out to the phone calls it Tripoli not fab seven and 8578. Let's go to IAT and San Pablo. Was shaken IT. Hey you guys on the night and herbs long on the thank you for being put on the air. First off at that time it was in his locker a bulk billing call at five in the topic among my friends. And we all think that deck when it would have been nice but I. Have to think about it is probably the most marketable part of Oakland and as a community a diehard warrior and it was it was awarded over and that would be real. Where's it going on across the base. Greater believing again. This is our. This is what we gonna break. It can catching the whole freight that open how many times have given up 880 and I think the flea market going on on Sunday. Organist at the stadium and that which is telling me I am ecstatic that is really happened. Are going to be a life that and a increases trying to build that stadium in the metropolitan area in California. Really difficult. But I'm ecstatic that at least we get to keep one of our team here and embrace them and have a beautiful backdrop of lake Merritt. While watching the game at the yard and after more. He had AA it has the Pau intentional levee south and very spectacular. And you know the gays are the last team that still hanging out in the concrete jungle. Of the baseball slash football all purpose stadium that once was everywhere. Pittsburgh had it Cincinnati had it San Francisco Oakland. San Diego Horry added to home like up in Seattle in the astrodome and and now the a's are going to be the last team other than the Tampa Bay Rays who knows what's gonna happen with them. But to finally get out and have your own yard and and in I'm sure they're there is there's quite a few owners Michael that we're kicking themselves that they didn't get into that. That ninety's boom where teams are holding cities hostages war. This this tax money you'd better pay these taxes or organ removal we're gonna do this and in now that that team's missed out on that and the a's are one of those teams and it's going to be awhile but. That's one of the realities of building in California about how about Dave tablet he gets this done he will help not one but two different facility. Built in the Bay Area yet he'll be king of the world and I was about to say before I caught myself Burma go ahead and talk to. How cool would it be to be able to walk from. The 2002. Corning three NBA title her aid. To a game at the a's new yard by I guess that trade wouldn't be held in Oakland put its. Not 2023. When was the first time except trying to think. As my career really start like 9697. Which was the first time name they really started talking about pac bell park do you remember. No. The first time. What was a year. Where you had a picture Brandon Crawford. As a little boy in the stands. Want to liberally here that was. They bought the team like 92. Right the Peter me down and agree with the awesome it's not a saint 1992. And I know their time alerted deepest demons cameras as ago. But when they first start talking about China based in this is where we're gonna build it this is what we're looking at. I wonder and I I I would the only reason I'm wondering aloud on that. It is it's not just three years. It was quite a lot now is there over the hurdles. So maybe eighty days have seen let let. As happy and in multiple locations and that's why they're giving us the timeframe because maybe they of the timeframe may listen for X wine easy for them to gated built. This is what it took for them so we're going to be conservative. With that day. I read there in that. Over promise under deliver you don't wanna do that you read a thorough data out there go you know does lead to three taxi beach when he won. Peter gallons group purchased the giants in 93. He would you need three. Well says the gallant who led a group of San Francisco business leaders and saving the giants from moving to Florida in the eleventh hour. In 1992. So maybe his first year as honor when the team played was 93. But it is the purchase date was January 12 man entered. So old they unveiled the plan I'm hearing from our producers in 95. So yeah it takes five or six years from. Okay it's blue wolf at one point part of the giants' ownership group. No John Fisher was okay. And rumor has it Fisher did like the constant cash calls and all that kind assembling a lot of the other owners to line. In the giants can't go to their owners need more mean more remit more and not everybody loves them let's go to us Stephen Oakland Stevie on iPods at in the game. Guys that great talk with you. Put me down as a real optimist in the very excited about this ball parks late. You know eight. Park didn't open until 2000. When they announced that sank in 1995 lightning rod and down. A look bicycle on the warden Cain united no way I like him in it was the in the beyond you know. And I think wouldn't likely win the news to that UCF that was gonna build affecting campus down there. Old friend things were happening I think you'll win what was coming that we have a similar situation with this. Ballpark site that pour all Bellini college site. I'd have some difficult Brooklyn base it can go public. One and a half. Billion dollar. 3000 units a Condo housing and shopping project. Being built on the south side of me Beattie. They broke ground a couple of years ago it's it's starting to go vertical now. That is just to help stop the media that has proposed the ball Arcsight. If you think whether. That does the warriors had their on field celebrations sector in the south and the lake Merritt. That only. The site and ultimately merit that bond initiative has been greatly improved from last few years. And further improvements are coming if you think network celebrations were with the players all speak in Britain and is building tunnels and sign. There's oil water only down in the lake Merritt to the story. That is happening it's going to be with parks and rails and you're kids on that kind of thing this ballpark would be. But when he. Plus it's walking distance to link our part. I'm very excited they can pull off decision to step up to the plate. Last protein and Oakland of the city and county are ready very excited that the huge potential here lasting. And wipe out people per game. Times each games that put here to point eight million a year I couldn't complain. Thank you I hear nobody can end. I got a lot. 81. And yeah now I we were there I I anchored our coverage for the station for the warriors parade I was right there. It was awesome. And then after. Once like you know you'd how many over a million people kinda. We kept on the air but after we went down we hung out had a good time I mean that areas rising. And yet it's not that far from where we were for the parade. And you think of. All this stuff going around lake Merritt and just think about improving it over and over and over again. And making. New business. And bringing new people. And residential. Real estates. Commercial real estate on new ballpark. And it just all seems fitting Michael it just seems like he can all work yeah we all want it to happen faster. Guzzle everybody's been waiting so long. But when that time comes and they open it up. The way it won't matter anymore. The wait won't matter and you'll just be happy that it's finally here and hopefully they do act kick ass job designing. Yeah much like the guys who did Levi. Who waits. This is a positive day it's a positive night tomorrow's going to be another. Positive day for days France and again I I can't say this enough. I love the fact that the announcement is being made before the end of the baseball season. Kava gave himself an out. By saying by the end of the year so if anybody wanted to bitch and complain if an announcement wasn't made before the end. Of the baseball season he could fall back on that I didn't say the seasons of the year. But when he should be here I think most people heard the season. That it's done before the season another plus on the ledger for Dave Campbell he's got nothing but pluses thus far. We you'll end the show with buying or selling right here on 95 cent in the game. Arlene ready for a little buying or selling let's do it. Eleven the best time. It. And love. That. That's true jokes now Thursday maybe. Please. Please. And be witty black girls. First one fellas the raiders will cover the fourteen point spread verse to jets buying or selling. I'm buying. Jets are very. And jets are not going to be able to keep up. Was this opt outs man in activists see any issues with the defense. I am looking at a blowout in this one I'm buying. Lie and shelling. Just as a matter of course. I never go for fourteen point spread being covered at edges stone mountain unifil I'd. I know everything suggests. That the reader should be able to cover this but remember turning. The jets are my squad. I've got out that this and is your squad. Dip dip dip dip that JET. Yes. Jets jets Jim Michael they're not very Richard Todd was a damn fine quarterback. Endlessly while I was out Lockett through that door Wesley walker perhaps the best one side receiver in the history felt. Markey asked you know Joseph Klecko they're out walking through that door numbered so. The Seahawks will cover. Or fourteen point spread verse the 49ers did you just say they're thirteen. Fourteen okay. Can I look I love young well dressed John currently. Love them prepared. Nice person. Really by herself first two are related two point spread basically the same question a different teams. Anyway. Where he had Dolan. What was that question. Point spread niners do they cover or not. Selling. Out of buying yen or you really explain yourself. Seriously. If you down. Okay. San Francisco 49ers. Community atlas are not going to be able to release score. So they're packing up but he points out. I'm giving fourteen which I hate but the Seahawks are coming off a loss against the Green Bay tax dating scorched earth shattering either. Well our Michael but I'm right now when you get into their house the twelfth man. They still hate the San Francisco 49ers the air defense is superior to the niners offense. And their offense still has weapons. I'm columns for a bowl blowout in this line we you'll address next week if you think I'm so crazy I just want you. Well all right I'll be letting you know if the raiders and the Seahawks cover both for teen a map to come down your way. And I'll be talking to you. After the game early you better come strong with question number three. The Indians twenty game win streak is more impressive than if they won the World Series. Buying or selling. Helm Allen yeah so I mean down Jew. It's great is the streak was for the Oakland Athletics the fact that once again they could act team couldn't do any thing. In the post season means that really the only people that actually care about this streak. Are the people. That are race fans. You know this tribe teens different this team coming off the World Series they have line. They were in the seventh game of the World Series and it wasn't for that rain delay they could have been a World Series champion. And they're following it up with one of the great streets in the history of the game. But they still need to win the World Series otherwise you're just one of those notes to where people go. And you you've tied sell and sell EU gave got to bring home as we saw with. Even and the warriors went 73 as gray is that you've got to bring home the title to really put the bow on top of. Yeah and remember rip enough Tony four wins to start the season but do we sauce argument that you're gonna jet against our stance on this one. Is that well. There's only good a couple of teams that won as many as torn in a row there's a World Series winner every year. It's just asinine but I guarantee some people think that way. I'd now I just now streaks are cool. Her honey look at it now I mean people look back on it now mean. The only reason why the country's heating hearing about the a.'s warnings when he is because. The Indians are winning two line so those in season streets here are kinda cool. But who you are. 120 in the regular season you get balance in the first round not a great. Luck. Timing I should to tweet out last night and house thicken have you as I sent it. Because I should further proof that journalists can be provincial. Am biased I absolutely have been rooting against the Indians lately why because. My days. The team I covered one toward me in a row and that was one of the highlights of my career. And I wanted them to still have. I do you know look worse human foot were you rooting against the Indians tonight. Now you are now why is stolen and it felt announced. It just it in an act. And I'm not taking a shot at you guys kind of our debt and interest turns and just got back from a photographic safari Tanzania. Manny. Learning. I'm not telling me let them. It's a regular season record it's. It's a team record it's. Curly still has to wrap it up speeded up. About and Kelly two minutes and Sony's going he's got to our next. They're damn fine questions. Will be guy curly woody that. The a's stadium will be done before. When he 23. I applying for them and selling why would they. Why would they say Troy treasury if there is even a possibility of getting done earlier. Guys you want you never want to over promise. Spoke like you salesman which you kind of artillery. There's no question about it. Life is sales and you know what I do the same thing that I did not meet Tony 23. And then two years from now BI KSY that we might beat when he Tony it is O. And then guess what. Were ahead of schedule two point when he on anyway. Yeah don't you even look like up bigger stud if you do that the kids you've but that's deceitful I don't think Cal's got that and sure it does what I would every executive president and it's behind us. Are already Jolo. And dibs tomorrow what do they got they get John Murrow see John Clayton Chris Rose hobby Lopez Rick Welts while Alex album and it's Jesus I'm against in an eight. Tendon I don't Stu Jackson the great bill rove announced eat. Pop is gonna have Warren Moon Rich Gannon and the great Jeff Garcia. And then I will get you ready for aids faced all aids. Against the Red Sox at 315. Michael you have safe drive home and I'll see you on Thursday thank you Jenny I have had the best time and please please please can we do Townsend chewing jokes on Thursday night. I won't make it happen right here on 95 point seven game have a great night everybody.