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Tuesday, September 12th

The guys break down the other previously possible sites for a new A's ballpark and hear the opinions of A's fans. Howard Balzer also joins the program to talk all things NFL.


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This is the Chris counts and show on 95 point seven big game. Well now joining us we have Michael herbalist and I raise one of my all time favorites in all the years covering the NFL used photos web site balls or football dot com. You can bomb on Twitter. At age balls are 721. Power it has been awhile but the football season has started and it's great to have you on my show again. Great to be review oh enjoy it. Well I think about the start of the season I mean the way it started out the way Kansas City UN and an. Handled the patriots and now hearing gal on logo or the patriots done is we are we cried and easy Tom Brady get told. I mean so many different things happen on week one what are your biggest takeaways from the first week of the NFL season. 00 generally I think the biggest thing is that. And it's not that surprising. When you go into week one. And the teams really when you think about it if they haven't been all that much. There's basically no contact and football anymore. Troop contact until you can be yen. And sewed up that's surprisingly not that they get off a rocky start but when you have all of the combined forces. Of not that much time in pat. Questionable offensive line. With a lot of team someplace is questionable quarterback. And some of the offense that we saw. Was pretty dreadful. And so that that's the thing a lot of sex. You know a lot of the a lot of that you lot of scenes. Have a lot of problems on their offensive lines and like it's that some of those and those points that that I had that I touched on. Is it was what is what lead to that obviously yeah outline. In cities a lot well. It seems that look pretty good on offense but he's a numbers game that word competitive the number teams that. Couldn't even score in double digits you just hope the trend that we continued otherwise he could end up with a with a lot of in some respect on watchable football. Howard when you look across the league after we won anything that jumped out at you as. A unit or a team or a player that exceeding your expectations now that. I'm assuming the raiders defense would fall into that category for you but what else around only surprised in a positive sense. Yeah the other raiders defense did it surprise we probably that was released last year and there are a lot of questions about it. Going into this game but what they did pretty good job against which would put everyone thought would be a pretty good up and and they shut down the run. Which was which was you know pretty impressive. And that and that's another thing you know in the preceded. It something incredible law of the crease he's running backs. Never get the ball. And so he can't make third downs and you're not sustaining drive. That all the sudden it's hard to run the football but I'll tell you he met I'm really I'm wondering about going forward. Is Jackson milk because here was the situation where they go to confuse the but all the emotion with the Texans. They're coming back coming for the whole game and all the talk about. They wanted you know make the Cannes crowd and give them three hours on Sunday afternoon at all the pit stop. It happened there. And they this lady you Jack and lying crop offensively the optical line was awful if they don't have a left tackle Duane Brown who's gonna hold out. All summer and they gave up ten sacks and I knew that Jack jaguar defense. Was pretty good. But they just came in waves at that scene and then on the flip side. It jaguar Italy grew we're able to do what they could do to be competitive and that's run the football with a rookie running back under Florida and so bleak portals. Isn't forced to do too much. And so that was winning recipe for them that in on that gain but you know movie ought Burnett. The big and I bought fiscal it and I'm very entry a lot of the run the young running backs around the league and we saw a lot of really strong performances. I believe it's supposed to be easy. Not about running game. But it was booked out and cook Monday night from Minnesota obviously in this city would Kareem on on Thursday warned that the Christian McCaffrey did that you'd number. But it agreed combination of running and receiving. In the campers went. So you know weeks we saw some really really good. Young running backs and I think that that some of Robert and opting fortunes of their team indices. How are balls or where this young actress towns are shown at a five point seven a game and Howard last week cam Inman who is a long time beat writer for the 49ers. Will was talking to us about offensive lines and how often an online play and the money that's put in the offensive line is just different. Everything used to be frat built from the inside out. But it's harder than ever to judge these college lineman is everybody is counseling and spread it. And they're constantly in pass protection. Even their runs are all coming out of shotgun. Where is offensive line play today vs where it used to be and that used to be your number one strain. Oh my goodness it's it's it's it's a far cry. From what used to be and and cam was right on and that's the beginning of it with the guys a lot of the guys that come to the NFL. On prepared. To back to part of that then they get to the end well. And especially that virtue in got a lot in plain young guys. And when the company and it felt you know they don't have a lot apartment pads after they have the old you know get ready for the draft and then at the PA's and boom. There in mini camp and and then. The you have. Not a lot of time really for those guys to work together because you're at coaches when they're when we in the media about the optical line in the off because say well wait we get that. Now they're not even in pat you know hardly at all collecting data text them to target people lying together. At because you know without continuity because that we create NC there's injuries. Other all kinds of things but I'll let you. I think one part that it. Is that coaches. With what the rosters the way they are now coaches they don't keep that many offensive lineman. On their roster and sold and the only two games a lot on seven guy. It's seven guys active maybe eight at the most but usually seven and so that'll let you get an injury now. With what the lack of depth that there is. Not to mention from the starting line with the lack of depth a lot of times. It was one guy goes down instead of being looked at what another guy that spot sometimes they move you know it makes a directory changes. At all when you do that and guys aren't playing together they're not comparable each other organic chemistry. And as a you to act on it seems so we could spend an entire Chicago. You know talking about offensive line like in the league all the reasons why it is what it is but. In about almost things are contributing factors gliders are probably a look at Nicole irreparable got blown out in a lot better. It's certainly that was a part of it. But they're offensive line right now is the shambles with some injuries and they they didn't even know to be starting. In the middle last week two or three spot. Well and they lost the rookies that are not Brooke Yasser Ryan Kelly review last year. These are out excited aren't they were they were starting out at the free agent. At center so you have been like back on Europe at the line. Very difficult to maintain any continuity. On offense against these athletics at the fences that are out there. Yes Howard in in a strange way it might have been a good thing and Andrew Luck was not playing behind that offensive line. I this weekend pale a lot of fans in the Bay Area not just fans I heard some actual national analysts some writers. Predicting. A level of success for the San Francisco 49ers this year that I just did not think was possible we actually had somebody. A national guy predicting nine victories for the four donators this year now where that optimism comes from other then. The name value of John Lynch in cal sharing and success. In Atlanta I'm not quite sure but it seem like some a lot of people expected. Pretty quick fix which. If you've been paying attention this is not a quick fix. At all that being said. They did not perform well on Sunday is this a harbinger of the struggles. To calm or written do you think things can get. Helped king get better relatively quickly. Well I don't know about relatively quickly because it still comes down personnel on the lake. And analysts say to anyone who predicted nine wins for the steam. Just look for what happened at the went out cent in the first year when he went to the falcons now he wasn't but it goes up to coordinator. And they had Matt Bryant. The quarterback think he's a little better. For that quarterback who joked that wide receiver Nikita pat better than any receiver on 49ers. Instructor at the little. And they want eight gains as their first year. And at that that was with Shanahan the offensive coordinator and so there's a certain amount of time it takes I think it over a little bit. An edit that help the crime Boyer has been changed at camp opposite the court. And Bryan Bryan and got a quarterback but he's Brian water and the only way to be successful. It was players around. And right now it's just not there on up and and we saw it was scored three points. On Sunday so I don't think it would be quick fix I don't think chatting in Italy and I think it will be a quick bit. They understand that you can't say that much because then they have they been altered monopoly not competency. The play a little bit competent. But he'd Downey knows it's going to be. Up ops as it take time to get the right pieces or the top of and for the team. To really show improvement I think they can be better certainly wetland that they were here. But nine wins that electorate. Do you think it'll be a lot like goalies now with Pete Carroll and John Schneider starting in 2002 and where Howard they made more moves transactions. Guys and guys out than anybody in the league. By far in Chile finally got the right guys you think that's what we're gonna see in Santa Clara. You know vocal leader that number changes that occurred out in terms of you know getting the guys on rosters that they feel as that they can win with. At some point you can't do that as much because he'd do he'd need continuity in his sleep could be able to win nuclear caught earlier. Yet that there's there's there's there there will be more changes it would work one of the obviously I I I I we leopard on my readers among talked about. I'll bet you that whipped the first Saturday in in in September. Of people called final cut but they but he looked at many roster changes their patients with a degree. No such thing in the final cut inept in the NFL but. So yeah there's going to be changes and they and they know like it's that deep down they realize you know what they're up against he's the hope would be competitive. But that's somewhat to about staying healthy and not not that that they lost Foster and so those are gonna happen but I. I think in time. Yet to be patient political bands are agent nobody patient. Everyone want this you know this winning is what you happen right away and sometimes seem well. Other teams could want to logic that now wire something that those starter out quickly and everything they think should happen rather well. It happens very rarely. And yet the look at those as being like that now wired in different that not happen every Bible I in this league. There will be a lot of teams are close and so some teams are going to be good actually in the actual order coming in sports. And and it's gonna take it could take years to for the 49ers really I think the pieces together whether truly consistent and competitive. Howard could you explain to the fans what a massive jump it is going from coordinator. To head coach I have taught us some friends of mine who weren't necessarily. You know huge football fares with a quote can be that big radio you got a lot of responsibilities a coordinator you just have to deal with the media more as a head coach it's a lot more involved in that. Then that commute can you put it in layman's terms for the fence at the. You know it's OK it is. At everything that happens with the team everything. Every little problem every little thing fall coordinator position coaches what might never hear about stuff that lands on the head coach's desk. But everything. Lands on his desk on the field off the field different it's easier different issues there and yet the immediate thing is a part of it. But there's an area of things it's hard to explain I've never been in there as you don't know everything everything about it. But the easiest way to explain what it's like is every every guy becomes echoed. Talked to every other tech coach maybe not every other than a lot of people he knows in the league. And they all talk about. The adjustment what it's going to be like all all look different about it they all talked police coaches about it and yet every one. To a man or men say no matter what they call will be prepared for what it really want. And at what you experienced that as liberal it you just go well and bat bat that's essentially it and it even harder. When you. You know head coach was also essentially running the option. And bad then your allegiances are split because your your. Our argument echoed to double team yet few are but you're also has been responsible. Tremendous responsible for about that. And that that's typical and I'll be like someone that had a good department in a company. And then he became the CEO of the entire company was now responsible for every one and yet you still remain. The department of that other. You know 101 department in the company. Would actually Ethiopia would do the job. That well I I think would be effective which now and so that would happen in the situation. You know. Owner GM they hire coach mainly because. There there are great coordinators. Offensively. Or defensively. And so they wanted to do that with a K and so. It's tough to beat the hole and so many different directions it's why I fabricated parts of the many times. And John are bought up about it. I I think more special teams coaches should be considered. The head coach because builder guys that deal with a Miree at a different players opt cents. Defense guys are committing coming out every climate starter is injured someone for some back up moved up be it starter and the special teams guy at. Coach at the packed with somebody yell on the street. That may exceed basically everything. That goes on the pain and I and I and to our goal of the special teams coach I think one of those guys should be considered more. The job and then they're not they're not going to be responsible for one side of the ball I'm waiting. The first coach to really think are right general manager owner rights they. Really go outside the box and go in that direction electric. Hire the right guy and I think he'd be making sometimes a better choice. Howard great stuff as always we appreciate avenue on the program have a great night we'll talk to you as soon. Hate crime. Here. Our balls are right here on the Crist announced in June knighted by a seven game and and I'm glad you asked now Michael vcast. That was fabulous and need to start thinking about a tank. Let's just take it apartment store. Say Nordstrom's rank and let's say your running. He minions departments. So era in the suit syrup in the shirts that ties to err on the line grant park department if it's hypothetical. You reach. A you're running a lingerie department. Michael Irvin and hear more. You're the you're the playmaker whereas I like policies. Leave maker. Michael Irvin raise your ranking in the injury department like. All those nay saying. Hey Michael your rate jobless lingerie you're creepy but you're doing a great job with tests now he's he's run. The entire operation. Creepy but actually no that wouldn't be Akron now. I did you were all. You're running. All of women's clothing to make it a bigger okay because when you're the offensive coordinator of the defense of corn nadir running. A a huge part is football it's theirs there's offense thirties defense at third special teams so. You're running all the women's clothes you're near the top rider. But now I'm telling you oh we're promoting you to general manager. And now you're running every thing. So now you're just not worried about women's clothing. You're worried about men's clothing you're worried about kids clothing. You're worried about the whole jewelry department you're worried about the whole. Handbag department you're worried about the shoot apartment man is what you are running all of Nordstrom's. Vs just women's clothing will your expertise. Is women's clothing. But you know I've got to figure out about all the other departments and how they're called me I. If he's right Howard's 100% right into you stepped in to those shoes. How would you truly know because once again. I'm talking about an and in most jobs and you've been in management outside of sports. You're dealing Lance. You're dealing with some people or you're dealing with something that's being sold in a product tier the product purely is all human beings. Campaign with a lot of different guys as a head coach in the national football. Measuring the finish department. And learn. All. Gotten. All right that's it I'm down to argue and but that it that is so true to you walked in those issues and how many guys. Who work rate coordinators. Who were Super Bowl champions coordinators. Failed as a head coach now Lott asked to do with the top players you have got to have the horses to run rays and that isn't all part of the general manager. Just the thing about being in the head guy. Whether you're talking about Ian head coach were talking about football basketball hockey you're talking about in a manager in baseball. I do know this in the modern. Times where we are 2007. Team. Your ability to manage down. Passed equal your ability to manage. As if you can't manage up you're not going to be in the job for. Yeah and I love his. This notion that more special teams coordinators. Should get a look as head coach because you argue that I mean you're dealing with the entire roster now on some teams because. There are some teams that are willing to take that risk of having one of their stud skill position guys beer returner or are being Gunner you know it's. You're touching every part of virtually every part of the roster so would make sense that. They would maybe have I don't know about an easier time transitioning. But a more familiar time. After you're going to be dealing with the all walks of life is a deal with offensive guys defense of guys yet that is always when John Harbaugh I when John Harbaugh got that job. And now resign who. I know his brother and a jam I had no idea who was having. I'll be not so I don't really know all the special teams coordinators throughout. Pro football but obviously it's worked for him so we'll see and all have to give him more to this office of wine thing because the way people are starting to view offensive line. Is so different from what this game was built on from day one. It's the truth is some hazing. I guess devaluing. Op that won't be the best way to put it if we're not looking at. We need an office that we need the biggest ad is offensive line will pay whatever we need to get hit and now we can mix mix and match. They're the value of the oss offensive I guess that would be devaluing its just not. How people use to look at it Michael back in the day the offensive line that could be built different. Like the niners would have a smaller more athletic director of line vs the Washington Redskins. That had the hogs but no matter what there was always a premium they get emigrate line to beat the BA championship football. And just just recently is you know the blind side there you know that the movie the book by Michael Lewis that was when. I mean. That was probably its zenith right when offensive lineman. Word the most valued I mean you're getting tackles getting paid like damn near cornerbacks. And now it's just plug and play mix and match it's it's a it's been a pretty dramatic pretty quick turnaround. Definitely different than life we've seen over the years are we're gonna open up the phone lines. At Tripoli 9579570. That's AAA 9579570. The news is out there it was really really weird I got it around. Wanna say dotted around 5 o'clock today he'd you heard anything about announcement about the new ballpark and I might now. Because it's as you heard that over the years. And it. And faith. And I started I got a couple taxed and I anti at the first person because I know no one gets more leaked information and hers Susan's last year. And I knew she was in Boston obviously with the day's so I immediately texted Susan are you hearing anything she said now. And something an out gay area go again. And then it kept getting I mean I swear to god Michael I I can choice in my tax I got like five or six different people on. Here and there's some here and has some gone out gang. But it's out there it'll be announced tomorrow matier and Ross San Francisco chronicle have broken it. The a's are gonna announce tomorrow they wanna build at Laney college there's going to be a party at 330. I'm sure they're gonna call press conference. And away we go. I needed an explanation for immune Tammy I need you to clarify simply for me because in the first sentence. This matier and Ross article that I'm looking at. It's 20 Quinn is it's settled on land near Laney college as their preferred spot. Furth 35000. Seat privately financed ballpark to replace the coliseum. That the word prefer the word preferred. I may need your help with. Okay where at take your phone calls you waited for this. I was hosting fan fest when I brought update cattle a day Apple's ad hominem make an announcement Allen. Eastern allotted that and eat it said were announced at a ballpark this year. What they're doing it tomorrow. Your reaction triple 89579. To 570. Will take all the phone calls right here on 95 point seven again your snow Kariya being. Now actually decrease towns and Shia on 95 point seven games. I don't ever triple play not 57 out of five said hey let's get a Jaffe and Pleasant Hill welcomed united 57 game. Tony herbs you know I just want to say real quick bit. Based on what I've read in this here in the article. It sounds like it's do or die it would Laney college because. He noted that power terminal has too many obstacles and it's a lot like candlestick in terms of what other. And then they also noted that. The gains. Get sent a letter to the City Council basically in the coliseum. Wouldn't work with them. Because they don't believe they can make it work financially at the coliseum. And so if you eliminate the coliseum for financial reasons and you eliminate. How were terminal. Or. A number of reasons. It basically Laney college Obama. So. It didn't work out. On the war and ago. Asked and by the way it's Jesse in Pleasant Hill sorry Jessie they have you as Jaffe you attack that was very odd this is argued collared Jesse from pleasant now. And also the time line is kind of questionable and obviously gives them a lot of time now Michael was talking about looking at the article. Saying it's the preferred site. Which always leaves you to. That back in and of being able to backed or backed a coliseum site in other one thing that we have known. For a long long time. Is that even if there has been there's been some weird rumors going on. In out Portland's been a rumor out there. There's been another rumor I don't know what people of heard that there's been a rumor out there about Nash bill. But. Major League Baseball in New York. Has been very clear for awhile now whether it was influenced by the giants or not. However it went down it went down. And Madison avenue and Major League Baseball. From one commissioner to another has said Oakland's the spot. Seoul with all this hash tag rooted in Oakland Jesse. And the way whether it was seen league man Fred. It has always Jesse's say he's gone. Don't well. The bottom line is. New York has said Oakland's the spot. And there's no denying that it's it's from one commissioner to another and what we have seen in the past. And middle different in the NFL because Roger McDowell and Tagliabue urges different dudes. To where man Fred is very similar to Sealy he was ceilings right hand man. He is gonna do it like but did it and he is set Oakland Oakland Oakland cell. Yeah they're they're you know what if you have a place if you said this is where we wanna do business this is where we want to build it. You're gonna go all win. You don't want to say well we lied to this spot. But at this spot doesn't work out. And we can go here we can go there when you're talking about the amount of money. That is gonna cost to do the entire thing. You need to have eye on the prize in you need to say this is location. This is what we're known for. Tommy is not hit the current coliseum site isn't that kind Altima security blanket if the girl decides doesn't work out if no other site other than the coliseum site works out. And got their like no brainer fallback position. No doubt that's why when you said preferred. You know they're not saying it's this or bust. That site right there. You know what it's sad to say but we have no idea what that sites even gonna look like by 22 on the theory. When the raiders are in Vegas. Warriors are in San Francisco. I have heard that because. Basically the port in the docks that the unions are so strong. That if you're gonna play oracle. It's like claim Madison Square Garden it's very very expensive. I'm sure San Francisco's gonna be expensive but are all has. EE EU basically do two things Michael you play in Oakland any plane sandals that that's a cover the Bay Area appear band. If your Disney on nice if you're whatever. You're gonna come and you're gonna lie oracle and you're gonna play San Jose you're gonna cash in on the Bay Area and and you go on. And you're gonna go up toward San Diego Seattle earlier in south and you gonna go like lies like Los Angeles the question will be is once they build. That new ring in San Francisco. They're not gonna play Oakland San Francisco sandals that. Are they gonna play San Francisco San Jose are they gonna play Oakland San Jose and that will determine really. In a lot of ways the future of ORACLE Arena. Yeah I wouldn't you think you'd be Susie assumed Cisco. I would think and then at that point. Al Lee and that's a large plot of land in with. That's a large bottle plant what are they gonna do it if the age do you lean and they do build it plain mean. What do they interviewed Atlanta I don't know and as you said. The backdoor how often this and it's the first aircraft for the article matier and Ross. In the San Francisco chronicle saying the for firm's site. Yet that you backed or there but if that's the case. We don't know yet. How they truly feel about the coliseum site. Everybody likes it's not about in all how centrally located. And are and everything but. You're seeing two teams saying we're out of here. Who knows if it comes down to just the coliseum site I don't know what the future is of the athletics. I just we just now know this as of tonight. And what organ in here tomorrow from the president. Is that. They want to move to lane couch that's where they wanna go that's where they wanna build. And as much as we're gonna praise State Capitol and you should going forward this is about John Fisher and the Fisher family. And the money that they're going to they're gonna put out to make this happen. It's it's their call in the end in the always all the money Michael and that's a doubt the money unit that's where he wants to build it. That's where he got opens gonna happen. Agreement let me throw you some another issue of what may just be semantics and am over analyzing perhaps but. This is in the second graph to quote from Campbell. Referring to the pearl the site it's really the strongest location. When it comes to private finance. What do what does that mean exactly. Well why would one location be better than another when it comes to private financing private financing of private financing does that just mean there's more. Anticipated infrastructure in place or you wouldn't have to spend as much of your private finance. I don't know it's curious to me. Well. Let's go then do it. Howard terminal. From the very beginning and by the way we have had all these different sites around though. I will never forget when Doug boxer. Will we first started this radio station. San Jose was still implying. And the place in Oakland that they wanted to build was victory core. Doug boxer. I was gonna give Doug boxer. And then the mayor of San Jose equal opportunity. Because I win it to the mayor of Oakland. And mayor Klein's people's sad talked to dad boxer. So I end up happening is Doug boxer I and it giving an hour of time to. And chuck reed was the mayors San Jose at the time his people call that said. He's got stuff going on he can move only to mop for ten minutes. Which obviously if you're running a city you got. Really. Hope the really. Really they envoy at all. It's mania out chat greed. So as people columns say in eyes of mayor he's got things got to he's got more important things and it's not to me. So he comes opera only ten minutes and I give Doug boxer an hour in the eighties our guests. Lew Wolff is angry how it you'll give the man in now and I'm like atlas. I have no control over what the mayor is doing. He's got bigger issues of running a city's that'll come down on Maine I try to give people equal time you don't like it call them. Did you see how. Now it's like it's. We used to tell someone who'd listen he's followed up put Powell just to a nice little nugget of condescension and there. I. I hey you know I take these bolts all the time and then have somebody complaints like it we play complained the marrow complained in Maine but Doug boxer came in. On he laid out all does stop. Many at all. It's the bottom are about Bard and Dominique this is where it needs to V. And Matt fell apart so fast and I couldn't find out boxer after that. Like I can always find them and then I couldn't find him anymore and then after victory court was a bunch of crap. Here came Howard terminal. And everybody is trying to saying now Howard and everything you heard was it's not gonna happen. Howard terminal is not. There's sole many issues and he would be so expensive. But the mayor wants it of course the mayor wants it. The mayor wants somebody else to build it and spend all that money to make her look good because she has political aspirations. And there's nothing wrong with that that's what politicians do you ought to be the governor whatever that Ellie wannabe you've got to do some really good things. Left everything that you heard for a long time was there's no way Howard terminal is going to work it's gonna be too expensive. Let's face it we don't know why everybody loved Howard terminal right it was AT&T and view it's like we've got to get something on the water sole Academy Awards. Totally and then how about when they came out that it'll be as cold scandals to you really want that. Just so you could look at water I mean I can't tell him Michael. Being at AT&T and I it gets cold in Oakland and during the Bay Bridge series or in the a's go over to play interleague play and were over there. I mean it's really cold. Really. I mean it's summertime and people are beanie isn't scarves and you're just like Jesus this is a warm sport. All around the country it's warm here. So of the Tellme is going to be like candlestick I'm I'm way out our it will get more into this we're taking your phone calls a's fans your reaction. Tomorrow they're gonna say Laney college. Triple late at 5798578. We've been waiting Lindsay get announced Wayne's Egan an ounce it's going to be tomorrow. Want your reaction. Right year not at five point seven a game it's the Chris downs a joke Michael urban with me tonight taking your phone calls Tripoli. Not by a 7957. This is that Chris Townsend shell on 95 point seven game. Are already got some calls a triple 89579. To 570 let's go to rich enrichment and good evening rich. Hey guys UniCredit. 180. And every. Batter Kurt you have got. Extra attention one count. An accountant to do. How are trying to help. Yeah. I don't know that war and the street track. And I. And dope always cherish it. After. Is that smaller than Wrigley I mean then Fenway Park. Has employed part I got is so tiny. Michael you can speak to that Fenway it's it's it's hard to believe that they actually but when it's that old you can understand that's really small. Wrigley is pretty small too I'd be interested to see the comparison between those two sites. But I tell you lie if you're telling me it's small like Fenway and Wrigley on down 'cause it's awesome. And then you can build if you've ever been to Wrigley or you've ever been to Fenway you can build so much around it to where. I mean down right field line. Right across the street I'll never forget my brother two bodies were downward day limit downstairs you're down his bar drinking pitchers of beer. You locked up the steps and it literally is like twelve steps from the bar. To that to the gate to give your ticket again at Fenway Park. It's so intimate just not in the ball mark. And the same thing elect cubby bear right behind home plate at Wrigley yeah. It's so intimate around the park and in the park if you build me something like that I'm laid down for that. At Fenway they actually shut down that one street down. Win you hockey. Yes yawkey way that turns into like a street carnival for a couple of hours before the game and opened it back up. After the game so the neighborhood becomes like an extension. Of the yard for a couple of hours that's how intimate it is an Brinkley's I mean there's a reason they call it Wrigley bill right because. The immediate surroundings just becomes part of Wrigley on game day. Let's go to Lee in Santa Claire get seemingly. Haven't our gift for awhile here we were greatly at the ballpark and I'm actually looking. The income cap right now that's what I want to talk about. You know the media at the ballpark in Williamsport and Appleton Little League World Series OK but what it wants 40000 people. So it. I knew a lot of the new one that they built holds forty ran. At coal powered well they stay. Quote the the smaller capacity in the majors right now. You would with a great play at Tropicana Field at 31 out. So BA would have that in small cap in baseball it's at Oak Park the third. I do think you know we're gonna go all the trouble it takes pictures to build it. Yeah like we're out. Not and to look right now why do you work. In two. If you go too small it's not that we can be in Major League. You know quality feel I mean. But it didn't sit too small you're an out mother that can't be it would go to the game kind of you know one maybe answers as well or ticket could be. You know so I've urged that so that they can get it all trouble. You'll all the legal. All the environmental impact the war the traffic and everything they've got the second ball arc in the majors. It to kind of seemed like machine and. Oh well. I think they wanted to be small I think the queen's hallway intimacy Dave always wanted to be small one of the reasons why Lee. Let's face it a lot of the teams who built new ballparks. That are 40000 clients. And unless there in first place. They got a lot in DC they're drawn 22. Yes I mean it's and it's not lie in. Don't hate me for this but I mean you can go to baseball reference and you can see the attendance every single year. Now there there there are times and it's gonna be a lot easier to making 835000. Seat stadium at Fuld and if you go. Well over four. Yet they don't get. Actually no that's what it that we could track record back who wore wolf there. Attend. They don't you know it lead now nominee. That go to baseball reference and look at attendants are a lot of people who fear the about the late eighties and the nineties on attendance and I can tell you the one year they've never gotten three million I know for a fact. One year they got two point nine. Walter Haas put out a lot of free tickets because he was trying to get to three million. Go back their first year in the World Series against the Dodgers go look I think it was 22 point two million. The relevant to point. Soon to five range as really bin and when they're good that's what date yet. And 35 to me intimate 35 would be just perfect for for the east Beno. 42000. Under. That you look at the comparison right there so as to what. Week old 42005. Under review. In Europe comparison that the mark of app you can eat all markets about the stadium for that he's sick. So what's your point in bringing up the capacity to Wrigley as it relates to Oakland. But when they're very and I agree with it and knocked them plate and you are right there just like in Italy outline it. So I think you can cap that same kind of deal. And still get an extra bite 600000. It's been an adjustment in addition they poked me in two small and that's my main point is that they're gonna go all the trouble. And you know it's going to be. Really popular nation I would hate for the human can't be disappointed not be able it's important that we. I I hear what you're saying I just think your. I don't know I think your your counting on. They're being this massive demand for tickets at all times every season it's gonna be relative. To the success you're having on the field and as Tony pointed out. Even when the days were the dominant team in baseball. In the late eighties early ninety's they weren't cracking three mill I don't think they're going to be turning people away. From a yard just to that's got thirteen it's it's max's 35. There might be some games there might be some series there might be some years where. You wish you had more sheet because the demand is there but I think by and large. Young nine seasons at a ten year gonna wish she had more fans not or seats. And I think at Fenway Park small. Intimate. It works. Fenway has been making it work and they've added seats over the years and they've done actually Fenway has done everything they possibly can. To add as many seats. But small and cement. Listen. A new yard. Tickets are going up. That's how works. If you think you're gonna get free parking Tuesday's. And you'd think you're going to be get all the deals when a new ballpark comes. You're still gonna get some deals but listen they're going to be out there's been an a lot of money to try to make this happen. Privately financed. So they're gonna have. There they're gonna come Colin. And I remember that list of people are put together of. Nets and if you build an Oakland were gonna support you were gonna buy luxury suites were gonna buy season tickets. By the way that list is still out there I hope all those companies are going to be ready now it's got a long way to doubt we got a long way to go with that that kind of support. In other gimmick on Colin for that salespeople are gonna say hey remember when you sign those detention those petitions and that you would. You would bias week you'd buy tickets by this well. The a's are gonna come called for that but I think Michael Bolton you and I've been around this a long time I mean. A small intimate ballpark whether the a's a win in the World Series. Or you're going to be in last place gives you don't win every single year. Really could be the downtown small ball. Our works. I agree a 100% let me throw something at your quick general we gotta gotta bounce pretty quick Marlins park in Miami. Capacity 3636700. And 42. Now with the exception of the first two weeks of that yards existence. I think if anything the Marlins wish they had more fans not more seats to its. It's fine 35000. Is gonna work really well in Oakland I think everybody's going to be happy with that experience. AAA. I'm 57 out of 570 a's fans were talking two year. You've been waiting you've got the news your reaction. Right a year on 957 game.