The Chris Townsend Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Towny and Urbs discuss the breaking news that the A's will officially announce their plan to build a new ballpark next to Laney College in Oakland. They are also joined by Michael Wagaman, of Silver and Black Illustrated, to break down Sunday's Raider game in Tennessee and preview this weekend's matchup at home against the Jets.


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I don't know what to make it tonight. I really really Downey is interest thousand show here on not at five point seven a game Michael Irvin joins me here all of them. Pastime Tony I know exactly what to make of tonight UN the Bay Area sports fans. We've got what two hours and 42 minutes. The magic to make my friend don't let eleven to one loss due to down we have positive jump off in the Bay Area that's. Acting careless about the loved ones cause I gotta I gotta that the the stuffed in India. Michael arguments gotta be here at 830 we got multiple things ask cam it's gonna be raiders and add some phenomena get into a second. Howard balls are longtime NFL writer love our relief here at 9 o'clock. And then rob louder will be here to talk a little 49ers coming up at ten. I have been over the past two hours. Bombarded. With. So called information. That I cannot confirm at all. I just I cannot confirm. Let there are rumors flying around. That tomorrow morning. We're going to hear an announcement. About where the new ballpark is going to be for the case. And that then there's going to be a party party later on during the day. Now I've not heard. That anybody that works for the games. I've not heard that anybody who officially gets a duke are the days. These just people that I now old Edmonds and spoke to more that more people know that I Michael viewer about. I'm not sir. Tight police are digging. Aaron if you wanna start again. Right now I can tell you nobody who is officially with the days or who covers the days knows anything about this I've checked. This is testing going around people and it now I've bombed on have you heard this have you heard this. I've got a I got the name of the place for the party supports MP right. I don't believe. Is this just going to. He and arrogance Alice Laney college organization hearing go well we knew that any lying. Or is there going to be a time line and ball will there be any thing. Well I'd be shocked if I wake up tomorrow morning early may my kids breakfast due to their lodge drive them to school. Com com read the paper hang out and not that happens. Won't be shocked at all. Now. If something does go down it's gonna be weird because the a's are not here. A lot of people that cover the team on a full time basis are in Austin right now. So it would be the media that is not around the eighties that would be called up to say hey. Having this announcement of course the TV people will come out and animals seed attack. I guess. Seriously Michael as we were in the commercial break to come here. Well. OK here go so it is now out. Matier and Ross are announcing I just got from our days insiders Susan slots that are. Matier and Ross are announcing that we're gonna hear tomorrow. Finally about a new ballpark. And tomorrow the Oakland Athletics are going to announce according to matier and Ross I think it is for like the past couple hours. But we. We just got the scoop from a to Aaron Ross they're gonna announce tomorrow that will the Laney college site. Will be the site for the Oakland Athletics to route to build. A privately financed 35000. Seat stadium basket dumb question. Was it called the pearl to the site. I that's that's. So stardom was cutting a deal with the Perot alternate community college district does that help yeah yeah that helps that's. And the parole to district chance search now live Gary. So we're gonna get a lot of information about. You know Michael and these types of deals when there's going to be land and things are gonna have to be moved and our team. And you're dealing with a school and sent. There's got to be money changing hands. And it's got to be money coming out of the pocket of the Fisher family. I am so happy to hear this because there's been some really vicious other rumors going on. About the haze and what can be happening with the days antsy this is the thing that I absolutely hate. It is and Michael you're around it back in the day. Is people wanna com do you and. They wanna throw ideas Optiem they wanna the rumors not you to so you can help verify whether their rumors are real and right. And this one looks like it's real now the question is. Will be my number one question it's college you are talent again today. Exactly. That's the number well. For me is really going to be privately funded. Well how else would it be I don't know I just is there some sort of back you know wink wink nudge nudge bud. Kind of deal somewhere that we won't hear about Intel. About three years down the road just just thrown it out there I mean certainly a possibility. I I would love to hear officially that it's going to be 100%. Privately funded the tax pairs of Oakland in. The Bay Area don't pay the single dime nor should they but. It always feels like. Not always I should say always that's an absolute but. It feels like off didn't you hear that it's to me privately funded and then turning near the end of it you hear how others can be some some civic money involved. Well sometimes in these projects to get the projects ready cannon is the responsibility of the cities the cities land in part. 222 to get things ready now all of the equipment. The building materials the building now will fall and the people who privately finance it. But there are times for the city because that city also is gonna benefit from it I mean this is producing jobs Gilbert. It's gonna produce new business I mean we've seen that with the different places I mean look at AT&T park. Well it's out the market the south of market is a looming huge moneymaker. For the city of San Francisco out. And it wouldn't be that booming place of the wasn't war Peter McGowan and his group who built pac bell park it's time. Right in yet paid the I apologize for even bringing up the notion of taxpayer dollars going through this is absolutely something. That we should be celebrating I really did think I I'd. I had already kind of resigned myself Johnny to the announcement being made. At some point at the end of the calendar year as opposed to the end of the baseball a year and that it's coming at before the end of the baseball you're exceeds my expectations. Song jacked up about it I mean this is something to celebrate in a season that there hasn't been a whole lot to celebrate in now. It's just it's like everything is coalescing note Dave Campbell gets to hang on. To that. That credibility that he's been building up all that good will you know it's not just words there's action behind the words and if if you've got those green and gold glasses on and you're just your your convincing yourself. That everything's headed in the right direction this is further confirmation that it's great news obviously. Smoking weed I read our article but. It. The jays hope to play their first game now remember. Positive Michael I don't know what on the whole glass. Half full please don't see it tore me to hook. Point 32523. Okay this is all positive result positive news. But according to matier Enron's. San Francisco chronicle. The aides. Hope to play their first game with a even through open. At their 500 million plus ball park and. Whiny. Want me three. And. So for more seasoned that the Collie. I'm planning itself this year. So on next nearly. 2000 at 1819. To meet one on 2223. Michael Metz on. There. Were 181925. More years into caught. I let it. It's still you cannot 2008 taints the 2018. To nineteen money line to 28 at six seasons. Yes so after this year five more seasons Morse sees them. Fifty years. Retired by then for God's will be retired this new restaurant pops off the royal. Whom guy all right Michael I am in from the Associated Press is a great job covering the raiders and the athletics and the warriors. And wags. Of the SEC acts that say about this of course you know is the senior writer. For solar silver and black illustrated. Michael lag demand we've got news tonight folks breaking news the names are. Build it's going to be at Laney college they're gonna announce tomorrow the party is gonna happen. It's coming out of the San Francisco Chronicle's matier and Ross pretty damned credible we've got a lot of talk about tonight right here on all of BA's. Tonight five point seven game. Up. There's a long way to go with this. And we got to read the article get into its. Matier and Ross breaking we know now where the eighties. Wants to be able. Now the negotiations. Star. Now the okay what are you gonna do for the college. Power you're gonna brokered the deal. Well knowing Dave Campbell little I only gave cattle would make this announcement and less he was confident. Everybody in a good business deal as Michael lag human knows. Everybody needs to get their beak wet. Everybody needs to come away feeling good and everybody needs begin a little cash in their pocket. That's how wags his business. And he joins us here on 957 game wags. I wanted talk trader bought all. I thought it was a terrific opening game what do wind down in Nashville the way march on closed it out like a closer. Well we have been waiting for it there's a long way to go but we now know where the rays want to build. You've covered this team here at the end of this team what are your initial reactions. I think it. I mean obvious that your name and you have to be happy beat but since then has been talked about talked about are about for years you know to get in stadium. And I'm I'm always beat the pessimist when it comes to to stadium deals. I don't go easing into life you know Schobel in order. And that's kind of how like bill and about the prospect deliberated there's still some girl that need to be cleared their Patrice and India is definitely good news and you know majestic look tired out. I'm anxious to see you know and artist's rendering of what the stadium look like there and but it is great you know great news because they are saying in Oakland at a time when everybody else is failing counts so. At least one of the team is staying now you have plans to move forward with a new stadium. And you know Independence Stadium just everything seems to work well. Routinely get a new deal it and they're happier players are more eager more willing to come here and final four stage year. So built them the good news straight span that's just. This is a tremendous tremendous step forward in this whole process. You know now it's between what the mix well and it is Roland give you. Wags its Serbs could hear your voice brother hey any I know this is all positive all positive all positive but then you hear there are gonna play their 222. Point three. Plenty of time to be bombed about that but. Any any sort of clue what might be the hold up my leg 11 report says that they're not leaving and start construction. Until horny 21. I don't know how hosting you've been. Throughout all of us a note to cover the a's for Associated Press. Com any idea what the delay isn't just starting construction. Yeah no. Can they worried that oh with a it would be what you're talking about where they're where you are about in the stadium. There's a lot of these jokers need to be ironed out and you know parking is going to be an issue in. There's this is a whole infrastructure issues are taken care. Why they would start structure. Or hear bad I'd you know I'd. I would be surprised that it took that long but it would get idle all Lou will be choked there. Against codes. Good for baseball bat for baseball. Good for baseball. Stadium bad for baseball and it takes one but I can't accurately. Federer in this case in the coliseum for the last thirteen years. Thank you really mind waiting more years you know. Gene isn't going anywhere at that point in my English and they're not going anywhere staying in Oakland so. I think you're bridge keep their fingers crossed your location in the between different though. Love that you working and do some more about the ball nicely done. I wouldn't you say you're at it because it's a big old words for united aren't just thought I'd come back strong mr. Well there's going to be a lot that NASA renegotiated there's a lot then asked to go ala the school there's going to be a lot of building beyond the ballpark there's going to be stuff that again with freeways and so little oil will will see how the time I worked out please we got something and that's that at bats and it will all be happy about let's switch to the raiders. Marshawn Lynch the way they closed that came out Todd downing you know Jack Del Rio said at. Other Beatles and it we don't know what he's got well he had 18 carries and am. And ten and the fourth quarter and he was the ultimate closer he closed out goodnight the Tennessee Titans. Yeah and and you know. In the fourth quarter and betray them and it just cancel physical all gave law there about three or later right. Had a chance out in either high rollers scrimmage student here at the scrimmage and the guys that may be guy has. Recently rushed to tackle and you know I think more in just again the way each. Size didn't match. That attitude which spears what are you wanna crawl. That mean. They should act. And you know we'd look at that play in the fourth quarter tracking down runner right before. To relocate literally ran over never stopped from Warner turner are on defense lineman never slowed march on. One martian program over. Tumbling backward. Senior teammate you gonna give it extra little when you're tired when the fourth quarter when you think you can't give anymore CIQ that. I mean. Under as may how important that is. And not talk tactical standpoint win. Yet guys could run for Bennett off you can go connect exactly what the march on. They ran during behavior which is were scored in the second quarter at all the little bit of quarter. They used to ruling effectively and then in the third quarter put the hammer down. You know here comes the big guys from Oakland get it done and you know what I would start as somebody earlier today. I wait to see the reaction in Oakland when he knocks one boat kind of run this week. That was already going to be electric you know standard sold out there are really popular to this team nag at Kroger Co. and it's going to be a matter out this week ago. He wags titans got pretty balls he on the with the onside kick attempt to open a game. And and the raiders made him pay for a in the right off the bat and with the new OC would Todd downing. In channel way what did you think of his first game I mean obviously it's largely positive. And you know he seemed to be pushed all the right buttons as you mentioned the way that he used beast vote. Was brilliant I thought I think that kind of established pattern that we're gonna see. For the rest of the season where it's almost like a bill Carr right back with the old Chicago Bulls they go to him early to establish something to keep people honest. And then you didn't really hear from him for a long time until maybe late I think we're gonna see. Marchand use that way quite a bit for the raiders but in general what did you think about. Downing in his play calling. It was terrific you know it it out and see where. But look at the first it is. You know we talked about the wave martian origin or Greek there are typically great compares. But they also got the receivers going. All of you know he saw a Mark Cooper Nomar and they're warning that arms anchored over time but they were enough. Michael Crabtree had a big. Roberts scored torture and and you look big site. The one feet. How they would use here you're cooking it 67 catches and it really you know we knew that expire archer it's really makes great calling. On sought again and got all those guys bald. He got used all three running backs are. Actively exchange just reaching. And you know in the not much straight back. Very creative ways to bring. In the game plan in the track. NGD announced this you know and my question mark going into this game ago. Whether or not the raiders beat fired Karl Childers and weathered and old and you know the way the doctor operated. That people can get away with anything. And indeed played. Much better than expected. Making it that gain rate payers the worst the raiders play or you're looking in the future. And the jets. They're not very good their coming to town on Sunday. Third that's not a good team and again expect because seemed to be lectured and expect you know I was very impressed. How to always and how cool paired coral. You know people forget that we take okay he's just slipping back in that game for him. First real game again counted you know the first game mattered that you broke late in just look like dirt car lecture like you're simply. Played last week you know demeanor and the so called. Cool runner now. That offered only gonna get better the more Ian tried damning continue to develop their relationship. Aborted Jerry cook so comfortable with. Your car the more that Marshawn Lynch feels comfortable running in the to me that started the limit for the offered. Art craft. Fine the better off urgently find one that comparable. Yeah part of that are offered in the and so. Then what the raiders have right now they're big question mark bench there it was sent and racial in this game that was a good start one of them so that integrates liberators lower in this first game. Well for program of course we are and you know so every week to say that column. Very good very good so. Wags and everything I was impressed with the as it relates to the car. Was win do you HBO all the sudden showed up wearing number 89. And oops dropping passes left and right. The weight car handled that and the way he handled Coke. While that was going on I thought spoke volumes to his leadership it was just use a smile it was a shrug it was a pat on the back. It was like eight it's done it's over let's move on you know I I've seen some quarterbacks. No guy like Jay Cutler for instance you'll see him kind of throws into bear like whoa was my fault I mean I don't mean to throw color and the bus but. There are QB's better like that they'll make shirk. That it's known by the television audience that it wasn't on him. And card just seemed so secure in himself. And so encouraging of his teammates that it that that can't do anything to bode well for the rest of the season in the way they follow his lead. Absolutely in my hand and do you meant to guide to get through rivers San Diego class. And I love the look where he's still one of the best in the game but let his emotions negative emotions show and that. Leave golf on guard and get a vibe and with your card. And get a straight make him. And together something you know you talk orbit that they respect collectors and cursing the raiders are urgent goal crease shots to the goat Cooper each carrying and there was one way where you really should look at church both in art two way import car penetrate the well sort work that was a bad the world marks are the same thing you know it's interesting about beer cart are Lamar. Almost at the start of last year. Parent could ever seen Derek Karr match you know and should you know my rookie year I would all over. I would jump on every week all the ball. Just not what are you don't get a true. And we have a player at the most important position when you see him not as. When you see you know 8080 through that adversity that player whatever it is and often. And I accept it before I've never guy coming to the end of so so equipped to handle bilateral pressure. But analysts teen age there's just so different about there are. He has no way you know their chest. And you hear coaches. Managers whatever you term talk about players would be intangibles. Just as it. And Beijing. You know I'm not surprised to see him and the way that way you won't humans Goldberg offered. And not a big reason why. When the raiders it's the fourth quarter duke butcher and post there and their equipment and whether they're a runner beat. He doesn't panic. 10. I met and I can't understate the importance of that at a court in a position of quarterback and it's why they'd been so effective in the fourth quarter since he can absolutely. Wags the best we'll catch of the on Sunday at the raiders jets game that you aegs. Would a good dude he is tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to be be the start. Of a new era. Will talk about it on 95 point seven a game we got Michael Irvin with a sign your knickers Townsend shown at a five point seven guys Howard balls are longtime NFL writers gonna join us coming up in the top of the hour don't open it up. At fans Tripoli not 579570. Is people are starting to see the news. How world how bizarre the world we live and where all the sudden. I see it on Twitter. And away we go. But it has to start somewhere. And I know not everybody is going to be happy with the time lines I did it we you know what you gotta do it right and you're not paying for. So I rather have some news. And all these years of news that didn't matter I understand Michael we got a long way to ago. But finally there's somebody in charge somebody who's got Jews somebody who can wheel and deal somebody who can make things happen. And there is a direction because I remember back in the day. Look how long it's at the San Francisco Giants it to them a long time they had one foot out the door to Saint Petersburg. It took a long time yet. Well we now know AT&T park but back then was pac bell it's a demo long time from buying the organization. Saving them from going to saint Pete. To eventually moving into their new home in China based. Yeah and telling us a little bit earlier. About the timing of the announcement and Pavel seemed to and beam himself something of an out in case they didn't come to a decision Erica. Didn't have an announcement before the end of the baseball season he said sometime this year. And he even though he did give himself that out I'm really glad to. That he didn't take it I'm I'm I'm Jack that they made the announcement before the baseball season ended because of the season had come to a close. You end largely miserable season yet you see some young stars. Merge some pieces of the future that you that you can hang on to and hopefully Simon to get the revenue stream to a new. Stadium creates but. It would have been in negative in my mind if they hadn't made the announcement before the actual season and that's that's another positive solutions to this for me. Yeah no doubt because it's footballs here and before you know warriors are gonna start October. And balls and you're called a press conference in November right gets lost when you go out warriors got enough value act college football yeah it would not end and still. Well you'll have the have this long road trip on the East Coast. Two more Boston three in Philly than three in Detroit. A day not the athletics will come back on September 22. And it gives him a little time to kind of say all right here we go. This is something for the first time and I know I can't see the tax line so. But I I would you wanna read enacts I don't wanna hear but I've I've had enough negativity you've you've got enough negativity witness. All you're wasting our tax line right now Tony it is excuses. For. Recoup blaming car for the drops Cutler missed. Now guys. Tonight I want diets and I we're gonna get into this and like I've said it on Twitter at sounds and radio got a long way to go. But this. Is something that this is the most real. We have seen of any thing their ego. Right that's it you've been around it I really around it. That for the first time we actually have something. That's real but I just. Devil's advocate we did have a section in the media guide book. Right. Of the Fremont site. Member that. Yes but he. There was a real deal. That was blue wolf will will never get anything done cattle as a guide its RD got a stadium done Michael right. Want to and once again he's delivered on a promise I mean it's one thing to say the words it's another one. To be a man of action and he's been consistent thus far since taking the mantle from Lew Wolff. Everything that he has talked about he's delivered. On some level. And is on as he keeps doing that then the fans the die hard fans the best baseball fans in the country. For my money your gonna continue to follow this guy he's done nothing. Other then give you reason for hope. Howard balls are a lot to talk NFL then we'll get to the a's fans right here on 57 again.