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Sunday, August 6th

Rick Tittle is joined by Mike Shumann, Alex Hall, and Will Reeve Jr to talk all things Bay Area Sports.


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95 point seven big game and life and love. Now we. Five point seven. Dex and I welcome back tonight at 57 big game. I'll take it till 7 o'clock we're gonna talk football at six we're gonna bring in will read junior. From USA today talk. A little bit about the rate is remembering Mike Hsu and former Ford and our wide receiver arches that ABC 7 NEWS at six or talk about the niners but. We wanted Q I bring in our good friend Alex Hall worst the editor of the great side athletics nation doc common SB nation. And Alex I don't know if you heard I had little interview with blue and Powell back in the day and the July 2012 down a pop ago. But he's got on got a weird half a couple different organizations and 88 game suspension. And a guy who hit 300 in this. In the minors I know that in the Midwest League he was the the all the MVP of the all star game their Bakken in low away what what do you think about him for Alonso. Our. Wouldn't win retreated now away in. What the result restraint is what those kind of sleeper prospects you who you. Parting with over over a big game got also had the feel like you regret losing him down the road and went back. So you regret that anymore you know. Return for for a two month rental you don't want to be free agent at the end of the year either way and so we got out of them clearing up a spot from adults and so yeah. Good return. So you think straight. Platoon now live with a wholly and Healy at first then. Sure I mean the with a lot of ways that it can be arranged but as long battles and getting those mostly every day at bats and really getting that first chance in the majors that's the thing I'd like NC. Well if you think about now I Chapman's at third obviously if he's healthy you got that platoon at first of one of those gets worked out he got Barreto its second. If they signed semi and extension or not it's shortstop errors. McHale there are planned short now a double play till pander complain anywhere but I think you know I just I love his clock I love his bat. I can he be the day every day right fielder do you think he's still going to be involved in the infield. I took ill. Seeing him in the out of the last few days and ample time sir at the C idol out there. I think you look better in the outfield and infield and like you say they are so many names already. Threat that is due to more on the way. Bat you know what is it looking good in in that straighter part of the decent lineup broke out there so I like the amount outfield right now and I'd like to see that continue. Now no one knows what Billy did if you but the whole team through waivers or not and Rosenthal said that there was a claim put in. For Yonder do you think anybody put a claim for. Heard she added am I you know that jet is a very versatile guy is a switcher can play around but I think a lot of teams are kind of like. And I think a live without a jet we might have a guy like that and our roster as well I would think especially as the weeks go on somebody is gonna want his bat don't you. Oh yeah I don't know who you know who adventurer and exactly what planet at after the fact. It didn't win it'll certainly get through at some point. And I would not. I would vote more surprise you cleared indices of acclaim and you know he's been playing well all year he's finally healthy. You play in the middle positions where someone will always need a productive player but it it's on stacked team that just want an excellent pack you know. Eagle at the plate somewhere. And on top of that memory Soka options for next year to whatever team like that on whether staying here we're going elsewhere the key route for one more clearly in. An expense that year and so he's not just torrential. Yeah I think it's six and a half a team option for lauer next year total without salt from athletics nation got more questions for Alex. I'm you know in Britain when they called abroad and I kind of thought well you know I a guy who wasn't a high pick and I planned well and just really did. To fill a spot instead of the Decker you know like and I girl last year it can Smolinski. But this guy is really growing on me is it like to seventy. And Iliad and aired today on kind of attack Wiener. But he puts in really good at bats I think this guy could be a fourth outfielder on a roster don't you thing. And I told him and this is the guy pocket about her for a good couple years Torre came up like you'd say you know. Meat to a fourth outfielder not in the star of the team. You know draft pick and not you know didn't get any attention coming up to the minors but here you know you're right you got got completely has been put in the Kabat. Yeah he's drawn from walked along a decent average. He's got a couple homers. He's not a great center fielder absolutely hang out there and and if someone else take that over and he is excellent on the corners you know just a really ideal for elderly can do and everything. Alex Hall hauled it shaken Brockman. I don't want him. Fair enough. I'm finally. Blake trying to end that we know how much the naps of course former a's farm member we know how much the not so liked him and set up roles when they made him a closer it was a disaster. Not right now he's the closer for the I think two out of three right now but I mean he's the bass that DA is how about this point your thoughts of bubbly trying and being the closer next year. Much. In the closer role and a couple of weeks in Washington. The big. Problem in the proposal that you not should be reliable getting out left handed hitters which. You couldn't you couldn't get through that in some earlier innings. He is historically a whole half of the plate. About the fact that can come back and get jail in the ninth inning but that doesn't mean he can develop a way you know keep developing in the amiga that you can keep getting better if he can work on match. And that would be the step to take to really become a serious closer would be getting better at reliably retiring lefty. In the meantime I think you're right he's probably the best option right now. Which means that an area of the roster they should be looking to improve because you can keep him in the separate betting that are open looking real good at. Yes or no does can see him make you nervous. Just click it it again flagrant I really need to answer that. You know what's funny about him is that when the ball comes out of his hand. It's a ball like you know it's not like the ball's coming towards home plate in the and it's gonna slide away I mean it's well coming out of his hand at the bog of credit today any loaded Lamotte. But he got bellboy and is slowing him as less and Alex's a crazy day we pushed everybody back I appreciate you coming on its Alex Hall he is the editor of SB nation's. Athletics nation dot com follow him on Twitter that Alex Hall a and and let's say catch up only have more time our body. Papers or bank to a regular game. All right take great stuff by the a's beat the angels eleven to ten coming up next will read junior Evan starting other toggle rate is on the other side. Rachel I'm 57 again. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven game. Thank you very much just have another hour together or we're gonna talk a little foot Molly Aron has camps are underway and we are in your home of Oakland raider football iron 957 again yes they are still Oakland Raiders. And we'll be covering them like a glove like we always do and someone else who does that. Is will Reeve junior managing editor of the Reuters wire at USA today. And John. You know I'm thinking about the gather the Donald can hold out. And I know Mike's wool over my Exel retreated today that he had spoken up and then he remains dug in and he said that he wanted a new deal. A year ago I have very little sympathy for someone that puts a name on a contract and then changes their mind but I do think he is going to get paid. What do you think. Well the the team as you'll in the position of leverage right now Rick you need aid they. Find out of 40000 dollars eight at eight report. Outrage beacon you made very clear that he wants to report first. And that they would negotiate secret get it states. IP bat he's keeping the raiders of that year's this career 34 years old. This is probably going to be his last year with Oakland on the attracted to young talented apples that looks like they're preparing pretty future already. That he they got a she can't that they eat literally even in the best years in his career so I understand you know he want to make sure that whether district last year yet to. That he get paid according to go to the level of play I get but I mean they're there at the other side where you know when he's got a contract. You know you inside jacket like you would attic on track. Always act like them or more right now okay eagle eagle eagle he would negotiate it Sadat opposite I think that Reggie really want more than anything is a dirty. Familiar at skill that the new legal atmosphere Rattner mayor now. And down I speak out when they actually sit down and speak he will it work. I can understand pan looking at tackles who are inferior to him that. That make more and and I'll yes it does look to his right and it's the two highest paid guards in the league its highest paid center in the league. And I understand his frustration. But on the other hand I also think you need to be a man. And you need to I'll stick with your with with your contract that that's just me but I do think also that. At some point he's gonna get paid I happen to think that can think said he has the leverage here because they don't really have anybody else on the they wanna start. David Sharpe there I don't think they wanna put Denver Kirk Leonard Chauncey. Briggs and there are move Marshall Newhouse over there are so I guess this is just see who'll blink first time. Well it had been at new out and Alexander actually Atlanta right apple respectively. And oh. Yeah I think that not accompany each article in your fight negate all your quarterback. You out then you hit it very well spoken. Worked very hard keep it like on. Beat them with 46 years in me that bought your book and let apple Easter they cannot beat you look at let's air our back there. You're asking for trouble especially if he Lackey got Miller and the can't teach you come back. Wait and meet in Asia and then. You look at the chargers offense supplied by an ambient one of the best at not a POP3 the National Football League with eager both got to protect quarterback. Yeah. I do understand you know that Alexander look pretty they're right that would be also you do out. Eight that simple work issues you're there but he hasn't looked terrible. Com but would consistently seat and back at that I'll back it back please ECE entered. Speak even arc and and both civilly right here on injured the highest patent your life and you look really good rookie on the line I'll buy music and the whole doubtful or what will end with him getting paid a little bit more money. That they get that. Alt and delete OK India. Armed but we're art or met mr. right now where who apparently are eager to come making it the negotiations or fridge in it and all bridge and we're kinda weak he. Yeah I'm not of the dollar Alexander guy at this point hopefully he can we give better about think he's a part man's Malick Watson mallet Watson was atrocious it was a swinging gate. So Woolsey on that keep our fingers crossed fertility will reach. Not eight. They've by virtue of being on not that high at the rate up in the line not because it does play a lot of that is like completely. Yeah I know DJ Hayden got paid I don't know what people are thinking. And they don't think just one assign somebody new and say here's some money for you it doesn't matter that your lousy. Well let's talk about the the DBs because we know Conley is not gonna get suspended by Cadel because he said whatever you did you were a a block guy at the time. But a word we sit now because unfortunately this is hanging over our heads I know that Reggie said he did his due diligence but he didn't because he never. Talked to the young lady who made the accusations. Carrying Conley can still go to jail. So when is he gonna have his moment in court Ers settle are the charges dropped do you have any idea what's going on. All that was that that is actually sent to create your consideration for chargers. The Turkish writer. But this past week in the big line churches that would be sustainable I sewed injury that dot. Com. Though. It now the state of Ohio when it comes to crime like that does that a little that are legal research because it was felt like there. I'll twenty years while what do constitute kidnapping or sort of sexual assault at a crime to make it K so but we don't right now that. The due diligence that bridge it Weber not he spoke with. That young people look at the black bird in Gary or to locate or seek to gamble. Or died. You get that like that are kept that the grand jury decided. Not to indictment charges so like to believe seek your uncommon fuel to rather than later I don't get a piece that it. And the more information services that it will certainly be interesting. Hear what the story actually is that believable com the circuit at some point as well. Yeah I don't blend the young lady for being hard to read so what you're saying is. If it was gonna happen it would happen now but for the next twenty years that's the statute of limitations that the state might actually come after him if they find some evidence that. Is not available at this time. Now because they they. The product for a great jury decided not to indict him on charges that action litigation but actually be much shorter. Local beyond that. The original statue limitations for the state of the case for shark like that is twenty years. OK I hate courts I hate lawyers I hate all that so let's let's move on I'm I'm ignorant anyway. How close are we from Sean Smith becoming the ball boy at this point. Oh outlook. Little surprise. Paper forestry is the enemy of the set a record got bombed you know what's going on there and you know and I finally. I ask what the readers traders trait that I know the acute and greatly look Lejeune and and that is the way that they have run right now they release feel like that that you're on court defensive back capital bought on the defensive backs. And footage just watching general. During news you know what how how Jeter correction it there it thinkable skill an adult and young playmakers. Are they can't take action shall all know want Ian is seventh round that you are at it. His ball skills. Think evidence of sleeping with OB like he used and somewhat limited you know what on the field for every intrigue you practiced less salt and there are some work begun here click on the easy raw skills you got it absolutely battered boat out there in your secondary. So that a lot yelled you know I don't how Chris few. An undrafted free agent looked relieved early on city at 8% and TJ carry it in chop it rep on the first tee. But the after younger annie's. What happens is shorter so at least the audit. That big defensive back so we built like so we could work on the outside so. You know I think it politically that is gonna be able that's that's where you're an should be and in archer. If you could end up being role incredible Hulk like that would not be surprised. If we seek and you can't it all out war into racial let them down on some packages. And maybe get a pipe in public up because he had trouble with Pete Seeger you knock it younger. Yeah he's he's you know he's so big and I just hope that he gets back the way it was with the chiefs when the act. Raiders brought America more questions for our will Reeve junior managing -- raiders wire on USA today ritual with a nine if a seven game. You mentioned salaam the Lawny the rookie out of laws do who's already I think 23 years old he's a mature guy for. A rookie and I think like you know Reggie likes that. The prospect I mean these projects Jack Crawford and and and Watson both those guys are born in England and I know Lawny was a soccer player for American some mullah. But it's funny when he was draft that I looked at the film. He looked pretty good so you think that might be a little gem there in the seventh round. He's got I think he's gonna make a roster played special teams and by the end of the year because of the nature Opel that in the peace and people get beat up because. It might well be that the unit three at geeky at the Unix. It you know into the game this year when he got an opportunity he has that get that feeling player played really hard he's very competent. Very nice guy that you eat eat eat light. And that's exactly our Reggie McKenzie saw him we drafted him. High value not a high ceiling guy and not spend you know what's to get them. He's already pitcher got their work very hard on people of relief that the him Hume. Com and these people really surprised as well freon borders to let your car still well. I don't second gear is well too brilliant beacon continues to impress the undrafted picks are undrafted tight. I am right now mortars as the starting slot corner and you know I'm all for I'm all for a GM that lets the best people play we know that. You know Reggie made trades fur. Guys like Matt Flynn then and match job in between those two they may want start so I like the fact that he'll change his mind if guys. Are playing well wanna ask you about the receivers and it's a two part question. I loved KJ brand last year loved his size but Andrei homeless panel like the tall guy he's like the tall guy now but I thought it was between him and Johnny Holden. And speeds gonna win that combo I think it's probably still between those two but I wondered also about Seth Robertson would all the drops he had last year. And that Paterson can also go on the slaughter as well so where to we said. With Brent holds in Paterson and Roberts. Opera got it done all right I've seen all the crap a couple of on pole and life sea Brent yen in them and let outlook girl. Shot of the middle original part you know laid out it was a legitimate it. And the he tapped on on the ball far eons. Track and other people all day at a cup sketchy at the gate that it bought it. I'll hold hold somebody at work really hard to get to where he's that he's got a lot of speed I don't know. Where are elected New England Patriots released CNET reader lineup but there are running their slot receiver or at least 208. You know that that not really how the scraper and often I don't leave that out now he's gonna run off. Up from what I've seen entry can't four. So I think the big guy without higher real relief do you like let see him KG grant again at a like like alternate route because Ian good side. A little thin you know repeated that your EL Sokol bought he thought the ball but neatly with the big victory is being bought. Good speed and you know I think that they'll be your goal that player right L what I seen it it would be credible. You know you mentioned that downing he takes over as the we'll of them. Only one talk about saarc south rob says south Roberts makes the team ranked he doesn't it cut. O'Dell I happily eat exit he worked receiver Paterson. Our slot receiver preacher. All right Mary get got in the their give on his somebody said that they might kick that I I found a little hard to believe bomb chart moving along to our Todd Downey mentioned the offensive coordinator of course. Quarterback coach last year and the raiders had a fantastic offense by it. I thought they were held back a little bit. Why musgrave and these prosaic calls of fades hitches and screens which to me are kind of defeatist calls or calls you make when you don't have a very good quarterback. And raiders do coveted quarterback so are we still gonna have to suffer through those hitches and screens and fades basically 50% of every plan. No I have seen a lot of that he's seen a lot more a want that seven and eleven on eleven girls. Brutally on the field a little bit. Any for that out in the truck as quarterback would the world why wouldn't you anew and play your hate it you're you're paint air current. And he's proven what each group and eat obviously. Not Smart enough to that process it that it may be cracked as he can make every girl and she only L well let off platform will out. On your treat you so far it looks real legal. You could be careful you know when you're that athletic cannot you don't use it too much but he's been pretty good but that is career I think we let the how accurate are really happy with it a lot screamed out. Are a lot of pat that they'll opt out flat. On the tree can't thus far could a lot of them in the world lot at zone from twenty art and. Would hide it I had so a lot. Eight rout Percy acting out of that scene at eight rout that didn't practice all wanted to debate that they got to meet you want. Car that route 28 also. I do believe you let them that it's going to be. You know that Sheen have so much talent on the off at the line it'll calendar actual now everybody Elijah. The law change it shark Marshall which all place. It had at it that often lined Lisa level of it last year you know they should be able to operate but but but at this and we need the eight ball and back there. Arm and I think that their life out. We see the defensive line you know. Be a little bit stronger in the opposite won the last couple days it. There there's been caught his effort to work on the run out summit site well is that they received. A gift for dial eight law that. Wiggle out with a little better strategy for the play calling ethical Heatley network certainly he practiced. All right very well but we do know that the main problem with the raiders was the defense still on the bottom third in hemorrhage a lot of yards last year they brought in. I've gone out to look over Ken Norton's shoulder will see that how that works out but. I want to ask about Gilani Jenkins who is brought in from Miami. To play the will and I know we had a knee injury last year's from the kind of thought they got him on the cheap Bakken. In March that I haven't been to camp since last weekend and I hear that is it trial Adams he's not actually starting right now what's going on a Jenkins. They're the epic debt spiral out of that if you ate out there and what closely with the change in mark LB oh with a one. Now for the most part collected an idea what the coaching staff. I don't think about the linebackers right now they really want those young guys and the second your guy off speed. Yet he's got a lot of raw skills very explosive athlete mark Dell used. PIP. Let the first the note about you know and I acting that at that exact with a couple linebacker. That beverage can eject a real wants I will be that that's what they're hoping you can beat are starting in them. On the and you pretty rookie in Jenkins and keeping guys fresh or what app you know there's not a lot to want you running but the ones right now. On hand. Even though not bark out frequently route investment outlook. Corey keen last year but how much he likes those players is credited area so they're gonna have to. She'll be your creepy building but still believed. It it leave it seems like you know the eight state shall we saw all year but it can't and the pre season. But it can happen make one more get a lot back economically back. End and be trusting work so he poured in eight relief slash increased the bike and got it. You gotta get better out there I'm not sure actually entered not beyond that you really haven't seen up. Jack Cory James I thought shed many times and he just plain can't tackle saw I had that fills me with a fear to know that he's starting right now mark L Lee. You mentioned sons are guns out I saw him Ed rookie mini camp PI he's. He's definitely passes the eyeball test would love to see him now would be kind of a steel where they got him. Out of wake. But what what is the deal would Perry Riley junior arena when they've got them on I'd I'd Tuesday and have started on a Sunday. Is it just a financial thing or did they get sour on a mile hole what apple apparently junior. I'm. That's a good question and I'll and a lot of looks at epic collection of mediocre. People that you know we're in the bill and in this situation and mystery you know keep Perry quite well. Keeping your veteran linebacker he certainly become millionaire and he understands that the outlook will be able to step in and help would be that you would think theoretically. But it got the appeal there that we don't go out because he didn't play portly. It worked great against Iran but he was one that that would keep dropping into coverage linebacker. And what you really need to act the year here linebacker pretty well so. There there's definitely something else they're 8081. Is play against the run up may be beaten out. You know the circuit and out certain level of I had an attitude that they can a year ago real work eat pork they're trying to return to greatness it is very very clear on the ground they're that the big relief. They have a different air out of the disputed and you know maybe need to act but the ass or. That I have a theater information I'll bet it too much to the mystery immediately you could it pretty well. We ask you one more question it was speak and of course that will re junior from raiders are USA today. That the raiders brought in Ned Jarrett connect the tide and gave matier deal. If you played really well the playoffs further as one season with with Green Bay. I think like you know they like Lee they'll likely Smith as far as blocking. They still like Wofford even though he had a couple of drops out is cooked fit in with the downing offense. He looked relieved that they'll Clark you either Brian everything from quick hitches. That they dig route out it deeper out has caught on. I called that a look at what all the crowd that that he should cut. And galactic is not paying attention in the car working together cars and it is a year you know if they're very eat a healthy relationship or beer and eat and Eliot. A lot to be key to what we're bird eats. When he could do that certain parts of the break and what are working often come out to assure you your docket. And so that the communication. And then the next rep it was a slow walker look at Q and he he is so what you're right trouble dropped what you. He's an athletic guy you know that he's a big guy on every bit at all a little bit thicker than your gut. End he can and he he looked prop he looked really good. What route that he lays thus far in training camp I had a Epstein b.s that run for the eighty. Three rout. That help you release at least that. You know that's the key is very well respected took a pay cut for the team everything and that is baby. A far let you go anybody or maybe an unsung kid an undrafted kid anybody staking out that maybe a raise an eyebrow or two for him. I know everybody talking about pre on borders is that he has latched on now but there's one more corner back it. If the raiders and it heated on the ticket Greek debt so art is my guys out there right now. Chris Hughes. A draft free epic he can make in our rosters that simply get you to. All right great stuff from well reed junior fall on Twitter at will Reeve junior managing hatter of the raiders wire USA today. Well thank you timing your insights we'll see epic camp. All right take its seven lines are open if you wanna get general quicken now have a comments on that what will or I had to say or your own comments about how the raiders are looking at something you anticipate for the season Tripoli. 9579578889579570. Penske auto sales doc Comtex line. And 95795. Reported. By the NFL network and others on this morning. That said Jay Cutler is going to be signing a one year. Ten million dollar deal with the Miami Dolphins. Originally reported by the rap sheet Ian Rapoport. And there was some. Thoughts that may be well and grand Canon hell went down that maybe it would be area. On cap or neck there were stories that when gays interviewed for the niners job that he had a whole scheme laid out her. Capra neck and I think that was probably gonna be his second call. That I think his first call was out and gaze was the guy that he worked with. In Chicago. Was to you Jay Cutler and now you're gonna have a 39 year old. Head coach and how old discover now at this point 36 but. 34 does that color at this point. But he had signed on to be a television. Pundit and with the the Fox Network. Now unlike the deal that Tony Romo signed at CBS to take Phil Simms job and be the number one guy would Jim Nance that was set in stone. Color isn't. And if you're asking you know why would he do this well because you have the rest of your life to not play professional sports you know the rest of your life not to get a ten million dollar. The contract to play one year of a football. What is he gonna do for the dolphins will see and quite honestly you know one thing about TV Tony Romo. Is such a you know an affable convivial. Personality to meet Jay Cutler was a bump model on the monologue tightest idea zero personality but there must be some there if they wanted them. At the the the Fox Network but they're gonna have to wait as he's quarterback now. Of the Miami Dolphins ran talk niners on the other side we're gonna bring in the former nine or wide receiver he sketched passes. From Joseph Montana Mike Shannon albeit an actor Philip Unita 57 again. This is the Rick tittle shall. On 95 point seven big game. All right thank you very much good stuff welcome back to 95 point seven a gamer trilogy for another half hour coming out in the next segment all sporting topics. Will be welcome. Football basketball baseball hockey is ordered off us auto racing boxing Olympics until about chess checkers rugby cricket that kind of stuff internally and I'm 579570. It's got to sell stock context on 95795. Mike Hsu amend is just now getting off the TV airwaves and more call him in about a minute. And talked him someone does take a look around some of the headlines on camp our camps in the NFL. One of the Mitchell should miscue at the bearers the first headline was on now he had three fumbles. What a bust. In. First the mall I'm not introduce the guy I think there are ten Mitchell Drabinsky is. Believe it or not every center is a little bit different infect our senators that don't even put the ball on the same place every time. You almost have to gas so he's just getting acclimated. To his center and he had to give up put out a statement saying I let everyone down. This of the guiding GAAP street a day after got gravity went to the bulls gaming got booed when they put them up on the screen it's not his fault that these. Blew it. And the niners reap the rewards of that. That's not his fault. Another thing that made me laugh. Was that. Former Crimson Tide linebacker Ryan Anderson who is now in Redskins camp said that he couldn't believe. That NFL practices. Are much much less violent and easier than practices that Alabama war. I guess the kid tested and now that NFL practices. Our country club. It didn't used to be that way. I should go to el Rancho Tropicana and watch her ears up their during their triple days. Why is at a country club now two reasons number one because the new CBS EBA. You can't beat down on each other they're only so many practices or you can even Wear pads Pete Carroll is already. Got column that one time the other thing is you have multimillion dollar investments. And you don't wanna break your quarterbacks ribs look at tanning though he went out. When that was a non contractor also of course practices in college are going to be tougher. The and the NFL are let's bring in the former 49 our wide receiver Mike Sheehan and of course that ABC 7 NEWS Super Bowl champ. And down Mike you know hearing that Malcolm Smith got the torn pack and he's he's out for the season. Is this just a perfect opportunity for Rubin a Foster. To take over that line backing core I know Bowman. Is the savvy bad and he's got the long contract from what I'm hearing Foster. Has just an infectious personality. Well what he's doing and now a delight to watch Greg like you talk about their perfect personality to crack it. Kind of make it fun to play football again it's almost like he's completely court. And he's got so much skill he runs sideline to sideline. Ethernet three or four interceptions in camp already are rookies at the heard. It that kind of open the corporate dep right and has told his official world. You know through all this contact once he starts. Our the sharks a one point one dean Lombardi was the GM said we need to get the sting of losing out of the sweater. And we can move forwards are the niners this year it's not about all it's a success if they get 456 wins. It's really just we like Jesus were culture a lot but really it is change in the culture and getting the stink of losing out of that Jersey Iraq. Well there is no question that the guerrilla but it and I gathered needs but they had I scanner went through that was Bill Walsh party's worst. He was horrible to report Jeanne. And he pretty much took on the same attitude you know we got a Janet it's our culture around here. And it starts with certain players that were offered could be one are Obama courses than there. But we've also been Eritrea for other organizations. He knows what he's. What worked that work in I think you have ruined the guy also acute and pick up the slack there but. You're right you know I'd say they can probably went six games this year. But it's more about establishing what they would do on both sides of the ball and the way they wandered out of carry themselves that that he. This got TV slugger make up on. I checked it off. Of a man area that are up there yeah. Yeah every time rag I don't go on every day like you're gonna go on they spray paint my whole face to make me more Alpine allies that on a stand. So well she'll go with the niners and the last couple years with with Cali and and of course with the with Tom Sula. What was worse was was it that era or was it when you were there and the interim coach asked hey who wants to play quarterback. That would have been rattled Connor and everybody yet heard it I'm not yet Choi who court. Freddie solvent that plated at the university campus relative credit church. And writing about India that valued what the president that radio like. It's bad now bad luck tomorrow like this and an oath. It was pretty bad at that point Isiah actually at that point that was worse because. Our dialogue on rot or so that gained Taloqan and that yeah. And but. It it got pretty low on its on Sula. And then of course last year particularly well at Harvard changed that they've they've got two guys. Out yet again jobless aren't that they're out. Yet it's that to me I think it's remarkable that you know we were talking about who's going to be the key down would it be Louis Riddick would it be these guys in Green Bay or maybe a guy and Seattle and then. Let's just pick up the phone pennies like I'm your guy and I give Jad credit. For listening to on course he did overnight to see if they would he and Barack would leak it. Let you have a guy who commands instant respect a guy who is as polished. As it is and a guide to me who has been actually net everything he's ever done. Well there's no question it was a great player all growth for all want at super ball knows what it takes. He was that kind of guided us through his body around Tokyo like Ronnie Lott used to. And that and nobody expected that it is being you know. Yeah you're gonna play good organized the trip we're here on whether so I think about the great art like view that we are all shocked like why. Where did you come from you know meant to have added. Rock not leaked out that test they didn't. And they signed LaMont I think now. On the same page and earnest. And I thought there are very Smart to resist the knee jerk to did it Robiskie Eric ties Earl Watson has a look at next year's draft with. Louisville quarterback UCLA USC Washington State Wyoming Washington. I think all six of those guys might be better than anyone. Who is in the straps that are bring in a lawyer guy that Kyle trust and he knows can. They are not embarrass the team and run and I saw offense I thought it was very Smart for them to wait for either next year are cousins as it works out. Others questionnaire and you know run lawyer Alex and got a game plan that your. And again and get the ball players and and out Carla I'm running. You know they get it checked out at McDonald I. A year and Gil as he about alt though. I'm my own bills lost games and all of that he has got it. You kept five players previous rosters so. Top and get the people you want in there and plans. A lawyer but it mark Q you know to next year. Yeah and we know that the offense was was horrible last year but the the defense created giving up seven straight 100 yard. Pressures and three years and around now the first pick being pac twelve. That defensive lineman how is that front we talked to Ers but how's the offensive line get all the. Well they felt they think they're going to be off apparently got. But here. A bit of a Wednesday over the top but you know they're ready to kind of we can't great NFL players now than it was well Ahmad. The it's gonna he adds at active supplies are now. And you know like a pitcher out there are people but they're gonna knock people out so I think it's going to be watched. And listen no one can predict what's gonna happen but both Kyle and John have six year contracts. Do you think that hurrah and I know Prague is still involved who has brought you know involved on draft night but. Do you think that jet is actually gonna sit back let them do it let the football people handle it when they asked for a check he'll just signing give it toned. I think it's because he saw what what happened when he got involved the last couple hours. He's right or need debate he got that people need then there. Now let them run your organization and I think we'll finally get out of the heart and sold currently by stadium which has been. Best thing that they've moved out and gambles that so yeah I think that yet now realizes. It's got like these yet either jobs. Finally issue is there anyone with the niners a camp whether it's maybe first or second year player up hecker may be an undrafted guy that. That kind has you know stuck out to you so far. You know I'd love and that development is Trent a little slot receiver. That they got into a debate question that should. Have a little guy. I note that it yet open and that's what you like quarterback lob the Abuja. On the slot you give that guy company's first value city. And I think he's surprised that people on active content reps early. But I think eventually. The speaker got saw it. A lot more quiet. I thought somebody like that camp. Edit Erica that aware. Not make it Smart and as deputy attorney you know our bodies for god John you know make their degrees temperature and perturbed that. Yet Trent Taylor out LA tag and that you know it comes in at five foot seven I've senior your your much taller than 57 so he really is a little again. Well. What I've tried it out died and the slot though a lot different now. Long. A little dipper but. I like you would buy them but still I. But I don't I hear he might be might be a return man to. Yeah you know look at RD. And you know despite the violent nature of the game. You learn how to protect yourself at that position. You know when to go about when to run at about. Attic he backed up. Now you look at Danny wood and Julian alma and those guys I just absolutely. We've mistake on my action and follow much better have my action and check him out on ABC seven is a shoot thanks for your time and your insides really appreciated and look at him as soon. All right good stuff that semi chairman. I'll will take a little look at some sponsors please give them your custom and on the other side all sporting topics will be welcome rich Obama got a 57 again. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven games. I really don't care for this rock and roll all you kids play this is double music. It really is. Welcome back to 957 again went. Ali iiroc there from Toto ritual way deal Lamar Salem north go to the network. Does that mean. It's so painful. But the network for the rest of the night so I get on in and have your say in the sporting universe at the last Lebanon go any which direction. You would like get AAA 9579570. Of the general pavlik called stalled free to Adelaide 957957. Ain't. Penske out of sell stock Comtex line 95795. Let's go to that text line and we have one from the 51 now. Couric how many games will the cal bears win this season. Well. Wilcox ever I don't ever remember a time in my life for. Cal had a brand new football basketball baseball coach all the same time. I got a chance energy in my new on these airwaves. A couple of weeks ago I think that was again higher. Wilcox IE you know Roxy is mr. cal I asked him about the Wilcox tire he loves it. For cal I was very much against the Sonny dykes tire I believe it about it on these airwaves I just thought how can you hire a guy with the worst defense in all of NCAA football. 57 the 56. And to am I was a big coach Ted guy and does these old blues thought Malcolm Moran of Stanford are more not organ and its coach Ted fault. And desolate at the go back to square one. Is presbyterian or Portland State on the schedule well Weaver state is Arab. Course the home of dame Millard they beat Weaver state and strawberry canyon. Man. I'll give them one more albeit Oregon State. At memorial as well citing cal wins two games this year but it's all about just like the niners get in this stink. Of losing. Out of that Jersey let's go to Mitch does and New Jersey let's summits. Rick actually record. There's been afforded nobody. Winning history the last 56 who blows. You eat you act like biffle and Aaron back to Cleveland Browns sure aligned itself. Well if a listen they're not Cleveland Browns yeah I know that but you know that sports is what have you done for me lately and if if you've been pretty lousy for good 23 years in a row. It's like you know the days are gonna have three straight ninety loss season since nobody's really talking about when they used to begin. Human championship and at siege and doing that if there opera hobbled it. And lay down. Yeah harbor harbor was good. Bush and his tees and the tar ball and my mom I mocking you yes I'm sorry missed world friends. I like it tight and I think rare look at it Lugar latch on to another eighteen. And I know cabinet and not had less rapid assay tenant goes down into the color I think I'll let at this stage. He made our mistakes what's next they're really insult cabinet would examine delegation chance to be assertion that. There I mean it's a really courses so million dollars and forward bikes. All right well I don't think he looks at that women Mitch and by the way Mitch I love the way you say raiders did you say it like Al Davis who is also from New Jersey say ratings. Are these from Brooklyn to be when he went to similar instruments followed it. Same thing. Okay thanks for the call Mitch I'm. OK thank you very much for the call. I'll have like half New York half southern accent which was kind of interest in greatness who really does it's always him it's valuable clue. Love well. Mom let's go back to the pence gonna sell stock come to excellent. Rick who'll be relegated this year out of the primarily. While getting promoted as well always hard to stay up song gonna say colors filled town goes down. And it's cool since I've been a fan since the eighties and has backers is called division 100 shall towns never been up. So I think they go down a bright and held I'll be in. Or just brighten I think they go down as well. And let's throw in somebody who's established let's throw in the hammers the ultimate you know you a team at the bull and ground up to bark let's throw in west ham. They also get relegated. As well. From the nine to five. Ricky any notable free agent starters for next year that will actually sign has next year at the rotation is brave men and I am Blackburn cotton costs that. Bassett. Yeah well. They said day you know the the a's keep talking about to get ready for the new stadium like led with Scott offshore. Had to say which was based silly today that way and you announce an and we have been promised that it will be this year but when. They've cowboy I'm sure we'll be the one to announce that the new a.'s president. That Oslo are said to there should be nothing nebulous about it. And there's no nothing vague you know like we've picked the play sense over there primarily marry out today. Oakland a's baseball catch the fever food trucks might Wear way way way way way where is again being. How the day that they're gonna break ground how the day that is going to be opening day what is the exact the day. Because as he pointed out if you do and rebuild right now on the stadium's coming or 78 years and you start your rebuild. Too early. And that's the thing. That we know that you're not gonna no team is gonna go to the World Series every year. Glad still he'll make more money you won't make more time and that's why you don't want to say loud and are gonna win right now. So we'll see if and when. Let's say Chapman becomes all that he can be and tender and Barreto. And they start to go under there are Beers they gonna do the same thing they did when Dalton off some days some day. In three years we won't be able to afford him the straight and now all we can get Brett Lawrie. Sergio Gonzales. Some day and it is coming off an all star game but now he's gone and his our Beers. And Sunday will be too expensive the straight and now all we can get AJ Cole. Hopefully that they don't have that defeatist attitude and you know that the the logo instead of the elephant is a guy does pullen has you know pockets out of his jeans and showing that there empty. I don't know awful leopards in a james' response but let's say those guys. Did go to there are Beers or and be Smart and sign them through there are Beers on the cheap teen friendly. The giants to that was bombed garner. One of the greatest pieces of film business for starting pitcher they BA's actually did that with Doolittle. At the time he was and all starter when the a's send two. Eight guys to the all star game he was one of them at this point. Op from the 65 solid not wreck west ham got Chichi read aisle and that I had enough to keep up class knock and stay there. And Dow I'm not a big teacher real guy and non not at this point in his career I don't think striker like that is gonna adapt to the ram. I got nothing against them or L tree are Los Alexio Nacional de mig automatic non also agreed they get there not. Nothing against them I just don't think art when I heard rumors that teacher Reno was going. To talk them I was like please no. On but I hope it works out form you know he did us and assess success in the Bundesliga he's a fox in the box type of striker. So we'll see what Imus PSG or bar so goes deeper in the champions league. I don't now I've just going to be curry son John man are are Barcelona your your guess is as good as mine of course name are over to PSG. Mom I need that to me that champions league it's a bit boring to tell you the truth because this is the same. Protagonist here and in year out. Com there's not I like to seal fresh blood now and then. But the you know those are the big boys and my team condom once again will be in the champions league in fact they want have to go through a qualifier. Like they last time therein. But we'll see about that. From the 415 Rick did you read the story about Jim plunk it yeah that was an Elliott Allman peace. In the Bay Area news group and that made me very sad when plunk it was quoted as saying my life Sox. And he takes six pills in the mornings seven at night. For his heart it's blood pressure. He's in a lot of pain. And it reminded me of you know the film Emeril and Jim motto is get not a bad every morning and it took them so long and I just all broken down and and you know Jim Clark it is 69 years old and he's. No that's not super elderly but you know a guy who was a linebacker in high school and of course Heisman Trophy winner and two time Super Bowl champ. Who's not in the hall of fame Kurt Warner is and Jim point it's not but. MM Amy really sad to imply it is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet these. Very humble guy. Now he's not a guy that's outlandish or brash and whenever he's been part of any. Rader broadcaster raider show he's always out of something. Very insightful he's just a really really good guy. Said he hear him say it is that some like mile I've socks and it's no fun being in this body because everything hurts. You know it's it's a cautionary tale but also it's just plain makes me sad so I hope things get better for plunked. Really really sin because a raider nation will always love him and and root form. Our thanks to everybody who lack called in and the a's other day awful see it tomorrow the dugout just 615 with Chris on Tuesday. As Yonder Alonso those mariners come to town armor till 957 again.