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Saturday, August 5th

Rick Tittle talks to Levi Damien and Mark Ibanez and gives his thoughts on the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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But he's five point seven BD live and love. Now he's real till I'm 95 point seven day. All right thank you so much and welcome to 95 point seven the game we talk about all the teams here and nor cal. I emirates so we are the home of the gays and the raiders on the warriors but as I mentioned we're gonna get into. All of that and a little minor talk with the market bond is is gonna come and appear in about ten minutes. Always love talking to the king of channel Q when it comes the sports. As he's been doing it now nearly forty years. I don't care what you do if you it is something at a top level for nearly forty years. That is pretty darn amazing like it to get your input as well at the tall tree lined AAA 9579257. Once again 8889579570. Parents got to sell stock Comtex line. 95795. Coming up acts for 45 Levi Damien is gonna join Cassell talk a little bit about what's going on with the raiders of course he's. From my soul remark cried as well. But as I mentioned outlines are available right now and Dell also at 5 o'clock. Get your live coverage of Oakland baseball underway as the a's will be taking on the angels down in Orange County remember there are no longer. Of Anaheim are I should say no Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that's officially dropped now. On mid season. So great to have you with us wherever you might happen to be and you can participate AAA 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock contacts on 95795. Today is also. Hall of fame day in the NFL. And I'd like to get your take on some of the guys who were going in doha the NFL hall of fame is a little bit Wong. To say the least in that they'd take five men on. A baseball doesn't do that baseball actually how zero guys don't win if delegates voted in Umar murmur few Summers ago when Bruce Souter went in. Up by himself. Was little bit boring yeah it was a little bit boring there's no doubt about it but the NFL puts a lot of guys in who to me. Mom aren't hall of famers but you got to remember I'll I have a much higher standard if I was in charge of hall frames they'd be really morenge. Because they're pol BB about 3035 guys in every sport I think you have to be dominant beyond belief. For everything that you've done so when I luck out who's going into this class of the hall of fame this afternoon in Camden. And I did get together out talk about that later in 1986. Hard to believe it's been out long and I found out that Canton is in China and don't call it that. Blatche and you've got Morton Anderson troll Davis Kenny Easley Jerry Jones Jason Taylor LaDainian Tomlinson and Kurt Warner. Are all those guys hall of famers to you. Because when I look at the list I see a couple. That's what I see I see a couple. I don't have to me Terrell Davis is so not a hall of Famer he played seven years. Any at some great years. This is not enough can easily. Great safety with the Seahawks. Parade all Americans at UCLA. Another guy who played. Seven years one defensive player of the year. Fantastic player. A hall of Famer. No not for me is not not for seven years. Jason Taylor. Double digit sack total six times over an eight year span. And one of the great sack artists. Self for me when I hear Jason Taylor I don't think Knoll but to me he's not a first ballot guy I don't have a problem when it. They get LaDainian Tomlinson LaDainian Tomlinson. Of course a guy irony is coming at a TCU they're like go in and play for a big school literally say that anymore about TCU. Do those Marshall Faulk out of San Diego State all he can't. He gambling in the NFL. There's no doubt that going for a thousand yards each in your first NFL seasons. And then of finishing career nearly 141000 yards and a lot of those. Where because of our friend here alone Neal who opened up space forum LaDainian Tomlinson get in the hall of fame. All okay. Seriously when I think about the great running backs in the history of the NFL. LT first of all to me means Lawrence Taylor my generation. Black and LT is not one of the guys that I just say well you know ounce at Walter Payton Jim Brown. Barry Sanders. When you say we'll look at LT's numbers whenever somebody says to me Annie hall of fame argument. Look at the numbers well then you have to convince that person that the numbers match up with someone else and then you're getting into just stats. It's like what do you feel when you hear the name LaDainian Thomas to me Paul listened to me thinks I think of a raider killer. A guy who was you know a pebble in our shoes and Oakland for many many years a great running back you think hall of fame. OK. So for me Jason Taylor. And LT. RI. Won't fight about it. Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner we know about Iowa barnstorm hers we know about Amsterdam admirals we know the story stocking shelves what tuna cans in the getting the opportunity. To come in with the rams and I'm sure that Rodney Harrison ripping out Trent green's mean he sends him Christmas presents every year. That gave him the spot and that it looked like his career is over. New York brought him in the giants and said let me get this new kid Eli just be the vat and then we'll kind of get Eli and in all Kurt Warner did was get sacked in and if I said you know what just hit the road. And what he went to the cardinals I think most of us and allied it kind of thought that it was probably over for him and he was yellow Renaissance there and nearly beat the Steelers in the C rule memory that lasts. Going up the scene that post to Larry FitzGerald. Very exciting guy. But if you wanna get into the nitty gritty of numbers. How you gonna put Kurt Warner and a one time MVP and one time bowl winner and you don't put Jim plant unit and who won two. You say Lowry park it was an act grave future Emily panics blah blah blah well. This is the thing if you wanna get into Kurt Warner should go I mean there are guys that are in there than ever won Jack. Ly a dance for outs he never won anything. Black he's in because he'd throw for 4000 yards every year air Korea at all. And meanwhile I gotta wait for snake and Bill King to be gone before they get in these are guys who did win. You say well it's a team sport. I understand. Now they're sometimes guys Georgia's very very good and they last forever. And that is born in Denmark that my grandfather Morten Andersen Morton Anderson scored the most points. The most field balls and he played in the most games. He's also all. The first player in NFL history to get three go three field goals of more than fifty yards in a single game. But if you play in the NFL 25 years and you retire the all time leading scorer. In the entire history of the league no one played in more games of course that's only going to be kicker that can say that. Then yes you belong in the hall of fame so recounting my personal thing here I'll and then Jerry Jones Jerry Jones say what you want about him. Being a maverick remember he loved owl because they want to do their own personal bills Emery said we're gonna like the Yankees are signing a deal with a deed is. They said no Reebok does all the jerseys Reebok does all the clothing. And Jerry Jones civil do will just sell the deed is in Dallas and I like no you're not. He tried everything he could but he got that stadium build a new thing about the Super Bowl champions that he had. If you put in some owners that to me. Did last and Jerry Jones and if you're gonna put in Eddie. And you got to put in Jerry Jones they accomplished just about the same if you want talk about Super Bowls and all outsell. And Jerry Jones was never kicked out of the league like Eddie. Cell. I wouldn't wanna hang out with Jerry Jones unless it was in a bar for about a half hour and he was buying and open. I'm okay would Jerry Jones. Idea thing Morten Andersen. Is a lock. So for me it's Jerry Jones a Morten Andersen that would've been my hall of fame class but they said I'll tip my hat to Jason Taylor LaDainian Tomlinson. Kurt Warner. To me that's just kind of a feel good thing for him. But Kenny a's can easily and Terrel Davis you've got to me freaking kidding me that they're gonna get to a halt the what they should be they should be in the sea hawk in the bronco halt time. That's what they should be. All right and as I mentioned were very fortune out of be joined by good friend of the station market Bosnia is if you've been on the Bay Area. For a long time you know that he has been the sports anchor for channel two fox over and now Oakland and it's always great to talk. Mark talk a little bit about the niners and obviously. Colin Capra nick is not a forty niner anymore but it's such. National story with the local benches well. And you know I always think there's two conversations going on there's a conversation in public about in the social ramifications of all this but I think the other conversation with personnel people. They just way can he help us win or not and we've seen over the years people put up with a almost anything if they think you can really help them win. Where do you think it's sits right now what we're with cap and do you think he's gonna find himself on on on a roster mark. Well no lightning rod is the name cap for me you say anything one where another. You're gonna draw interest that you're gonna probably trot. There is opinion that. Outlook in the show earlier. Really what Michael Irvin had to say what it was docket in the guru about this subject. And and here that they. With pat. On cap protects. This guy is protests. Where eight mentor our guy liked area a guy like Edwards. I don't think that they would have been able to stop them from wanting to protest. And expressing themselves that there's nothing wrong with that at all. We all have our opinions but you know I think the missing ingredient here that they didn't touch on a previous show is. That probably had like that and explain so OK there's no right way to promote. Doctor Edwards has got. Eight but when you need to bully. Is for someone that straight. On what the ramifications. Would be arrogant. It's okay for you to protest column but are you aware of the fact that like what are. The NFL owners. R.s seventy year old white go in errors or not gonna take kindly. And you may run the risk of being black balled and and laid it out four and if you are. You can't accept those ramifications. And when I don't think column was ready for was the backlash. And the feeling I mean Ricky albeit well are you surprised. That NFL ownership would that's kind of a reaction. Of course should not. Of course. We know he's basically been. Black ball and I think. What really is missing ingredient areas I don't think Colin expected. That this thing would run so deep ocean would be so hot. That it would actually cost him his job which it out. Yeah or on the Q what have opted out and I also think it's just. People in sports will put up without side noise you know Barry Bonds if you had 73 home runs will put up with all that you know you jogging to first on a ground ball things like that led. Alec and Michael Sam. And you know and all that noise it's like yeah he's probably better than our 53 guy. And as such empty bowl win a playoff game against the Super Bowl champs you tell me or he can't play there's all that noise with him so if you show up. In a regimented sport like football January at Shea boulevard shirt and piggy Sox with a you know the topic Sox. I think they will put up with the U if you are an amazing extraordinary talent but if you're not there like you know what let's just move Juan. Yeah I I think you're right and I've heard various comments about. In the previous week about. A lot of teams just aren't going to want to distraction they are gonna want those circuits. That no doubt will surround whatever he wore side. And and I can understand that I kind of feel belt way. With regard to win Barry Bonds at the end of the line with a giant. I've felt like. Obviously yet guilt. Yeah remaining. But I felt like nobody wanted to sign and be debated why 3040. At minimum reporters in their clubhouse flash locker room. Every day. And forcing you make stance at the same question that you know again Rick you've been around well locker room that mean one thing about coaches. There just hyper sensitive. To any say. That would distract. Their players. On the business that casket and and not have a nose in the playbook did and I I think that the big part of liken her. I think a lot of these coaches. Don't want to deal with a look at the corporate and niners. Last year when the ball all went down the first few weeks. And every city ago and it's the new barrage of the same question. Got an and also for cap to explain you know the reason I did it was to highlight the disparity with the law enforcement and the African American community which. Of course you know every American has a right to. To do that but when you Neil for the National Anthem people think it's you know baseball hot dogs apple pie Chevrolet in the Marine Corps. Again hate everything and so he had accounted damage control to say no I'm not anti military and then. The message message got misconstrued. Yeah there was a lot of ambiguity out of her example your body is I am partly out Cuban. And if it did me when I saw where ago Castro sure you know and his explanation. Given. You know he kind of overlook all the negative. And the strong emotions that are all over. Florida. By Cuban immigrant. Are you aware of the fact that Cuba has one of the highest literacy rate in the world. But like. That's your answer man. That I like and I think the level of education. About some of the things they stayed. Are subject. Control and and I think that's what frustrated when it and it is Matt has been locked. Out by the lack of back up. With that and the lack of of knowing what is the end game and I don't think is good real. Strong in that regard like you said there are a lot of misconstrued that. An ambiguity with regards to everything. You probably like it then went Ozzie Guillen manager of the Marlins in Miami said Castro was a great man and I think he was surprised that the backlash as well. Yeah. Mr. edited you know I grew up for a very early age. I'm gonna put it nicely and save my father was anti. I'm gonna leave it at. All right ferret out where with market bond is Raton with united 57 again let's talk about. What's going on between the lines because in the grand scheme of things winning and losing is what's at what matters and we know that. So far so good at the GM who woke up called up and apply for the job himself a good hire looks like they have a good head coach. And I thought the matters are very Smart on draft night not just leasing. The the Chicago Bears by not falling for a trip to skier Keyser I think if you look at the next year's draft. There are five guys I like better the Louisville quarterback wash and wash and stay UCLA UUSC all those guys are better than anyone in this draft. So you bring in a guy like a lawyer who you know won't embarrass you day and he he actually played OK for Kyle and in Cleveland and you you work on things one moment in time and I know Beth there was a third round pick which have been a bit surprising but at least. They didn't fall for oh my gosh we have to have Mitchell Robiskie. Yeah I couldn't agree with you more what I really like among many things I like about that John Lynch Shanahan. Team there you get lynch whose I would say he would be hard to argue factories and a defense. And genius with regard to his knowledge of what it takes that to build a defense having experienced that and you get Shanahan. Who gets very high marks from everybody. And I like the fact that he has them very very strong opinions about what you want. Out of the quarterback. And who he can bowl and I think you're right I think they were wise enough to know. That bear franchise quarterback of the future will not in this year's Easter. Potentially in the upcoming draft and they do. The band there and act on the rubble and act on them well this year there. Their success will be a quantify. It and upward trajectory. This year they can show some improvement and then start thinking about their quarterback. Of the future and I really like the way they're going about it and yes they do that lecture at both have a six year contract split. I mean I don't know if you've been down their stage just out statute completely. Different vibe go in on. And you know I had a pretty highly placed employee tell me that the vibe was terrible down there forty matter headquarters. Even when they were waiting are there. There was just as certain. Error about the place and and but the other few times and interviewed John Lynch one on one. And he kind of reminds me in you know way up like Steve Kerr in that. The guy has tasted success in every endeavor he's ever encountered in taken on. And and why would that change now. And he's got some very strong at specific ideas. About how to Carter's except that I just really for the first time along on a lot of optimism about where the 49ers edit. Get a good trivia question John Lynch also threw the first pitch in the history of the Marlins organization. I mean it's a critical. One more question for you mark. And eat the real and Foster is a guy that despite. Some injury concerns and maybe a little bit being in full himself I really want of the raiders. Draft this kid in and from what I'm hearing down and niners can't the guys just infectious seal all over the place he looks great. And it you know we we think about the quarterback obviously it's most important position especially a team that doesn't have one. But we kind of forget sometimes that while the niners couldn't score any points they they hemorrhage points on the other side they gave up seven straight 100 yard. Pressures. And you know I can beat anybody whoever the quarterback is if you can't stop the other team cell that's why three years and around now whether. Pac twelve defensive linemen in her Reagan and Foster mean that and the you know new coordinators how's it looking. Yeah outlaw. Back to that question and a while I'm thinking of it because you mentioned the raiders and you know I know from listening to you for a long time. You're into the raiders let me ask you that if you have a reaction to got bombarded this past week. Bob moderator he ticket holders buddy's work literally into the raiders where you have banded. In any way shape or warm by the fact that this season ticket holders were sent out those little. And that's that. Loyalty. And family this week. Yeah that it it it is of course a hypocritical and if you just look at it as as an Oakland guy like me but I guess what they're trying to say is hey. You'll follow lasted Timbuktu. You are are real family you're the ones who are loyal and it's just another stab in my Blatter. Yeah I'm glad to hear you say that because to me at that was so. Transparent. And that it's so obvious the company line when he hears somebody's. Old time raiders being interviewed they've all been the same line like. The real plan aren't gonna jump off the back at real fans are gonna all of Oakland. And you know I feel pretty strongly about the real fans are right here at Oakland. And they deserved haven't seen the right here. In Oakland. And and you know that that's really Specter might crop that. That bothered paper you know we Decker like that I had been here for rader a longtime fan like yourself but you know Rupert. Pastor did you opt artery that story in the chronicle this week about his. The stuff that this guy has overcome. I mean. I guess he was in his mother's are. You actually shot. You know herb. But I ended at his father I mean just just incredible stuff that he is. He Dell and he's an infectious character. And like you. And I think they've got he'll obviously help. Old we're but. I really. Really like. Everything I've seen from government bluster and guess what brought selfishly wreck is going to be a great inner vehicle. We've got a couple of times and he's got a personality. And then you will be inspections without emotion. And that I think is is something that would lack keen. 49ers. You know when you have Navarro Bowman off the field. As has been the case where so much of the last couple years you know intro real. Vocal guy making noise and these guys together and I think eventually. Buster he will create that type. It is going to be interest. Yeah I'd say this on the the not a success is going to be measured in wins and losses you will set out to 46 it's about the culture and just changing. You know as dean Lombardi once said about the sharks get the stink of losing out of the Jersey. And did turning it around and knowing that there is a plan we've been speaking with mark a body is of course has been at channel two forever still doing a great job over their key TV you fox. In Jack London square mark thanks you're time especially on the weekend my friend and we'll catch W real soon. Always a pleasure lessen it to keep up the good work in or you're 39 maybe. While amazing thanks art. All right said the Ghraib market bond is there and some. Just getting report here from the rap sheet Ian Rapoport 49ers linebacker Malcolm Smith is now. Out for the seizure in a season with a torn now pectoral. Muscle so you know no sooner do we get done talking about how the niners should give up way too many were rushing yards last year. Basically it if you give up a hundred yards rushing per game. That's the easiest week ever for the offensive coordinator to scheme what are we gonna do handoff. Rick it's not that simple while I remember every football coach in the world. Even the Eric Eric Corey l.'s of the world who would much rather hand out the old adage you throw the ball three things can happen at two things are bad so that's a tough break. For Malcolm Smith we don't know what he was gonna do and a lot of raider fans and care when he laughed but. A savvy vet now lost to the the 49ers. On the other side to your calls AAA 957957. We'll talk more about the hall of fame. We'll get more to the raiders were Levi Damien and about forty minutes as well from silver and black. Pride and we'll do that next summer to look come on back and 95 point seven again. This is the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven game. Thanks so much we are a half hour away from beginning live coverage of Oakland a's baseball down in Anaheim tonight. It'll be Bernie on the bump for your green and gold Paul Blackburn Tyler Skaggs he's actually healthy and really pitching. For the angels says it is alike to. Not up that says series as we go on two way game two there. Welcome back to the show and lines are open if you buy two get and we have Levi Damien coming up in the next say Manuel is like talking to a Levi he lives and breathes and sleeps a raiders. The editor in chief of silver and black pride that of course is non SP nation which is number one blog. Conglomerate on the face of the earth but so much to get your thoughts. Raiders niners hall of fame as well. Trouble late 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock context 195795. One guy Texan early that he hopes that lightning strikes Jerry Jones before he can give them a lovely sentiment. Pat listen I'm not gonna act like bias c.s don't matter. You think you Velde he played for the raiders I might think differently about them I might. I definitely might they damage charger hater that I'm blind I try not to be that line I try to actually give people their due. I am not gonna say John Elway doesn't deserve it just because I hate the donkeys. You do need to take a step back and let people. You know suss out what's real and what's not. Why it's you know the the hall of fame. Bring in and at least five guys every year it's almost like jury duty. You're gonna get some guys who I just think are not hall of famers. And some guys like when Harry Carson. I was out in 06 and as yet another year that he didn't get in any said that said and he went on the national. I'm national media all of saying take my name off the ballot. I don't wanna do it anymore. That was a couple of years before that I think in 06 he did get in any game like this meandering 45 minute speech or Troy Aikman sitting there staring into the sun. Listen if you want your name off the ballot how you gonna go in two years later. I change I guess you can change your minds of free country. So like when Jeff Agoos. One of the worst offenders in the history of American soccer didn't make a World Cup team he moved up publicly. Burned the American Jersey in his driveway. And he made the next World Cup team down on you burned that Jersey means OK I quit but that you know I I like. The hall of fame I got to go there are 1000 in college in the eighties and the college football player and I actually. We stores sweat bands. I know you like what's a sweat band zealot Aston Kutcher where's is that what Dusty Baker where's yeah. We still Wear those in the eighties. And I used to Wear raiders sweat bands. While I play college football which was a direct. Violation of NCAA rules oops since I played at for division two and not on TV only one time like in week six when you're gonna coach say what the hell you know and laugh when me being cheeky but the back on but I bring that up because inside the sweat bands was a rectangular. Piece of cardboard to keep them cool in the packaging. And if you bought some of the Asian part remember that inside. The view bod and a full sweat bands you've had how fall to the hall of fame. That was the piece of cardboard and I saved it. And I use that not a big coupon guy but that when I did use. And halt famous changed a lot and plus 31 years since I've been there. But I was struck by how are UN in an hour boss you know it's not like. The baseball hall fame and I never been there I can't wait to get out and you know talking mechanic or a couple weeks ago on here and about. How beautiful that that whole town is intact our parents have gone I'd love to go but that's a plaque. And the guys wearing a hat and a looks like it Canner Gardner made the faces like bas relief it's it looks nothing like that guy. And used to be able to pick your hat until the Devil Rays want Ed Wade Boggs and can't say gonna say when you make the whole thing you're going in as a ray. And then Jeff files in the hall fame sudden NN NN NN you're knock any use anything to do with us for. Incentives fit into your contract. And Al hall fame picks the hat for you or you come in and you say I think it should be this and they golden OK when we we agree with you. But the NFL hall famous you know let's just blasts in Allen and Dave the bus looked I would say maybe 50% like the real person it's hard to get down and bronze. Michelangelo the dividend my honorable but they it's hard to get an M bronze but. I was also struck by the hall of fame behind the bus are the logos of all the teams you played four. I was upset that there was a bronco logo behind Willie brown and and I remembered he played for themselves. Fine whatever. But the thing that really occurred to me on this if you're a football person you love the NFL the and you love your team. It is holy land without trying to sound sacrilegious that is holy land. But at the back of hall of fame as you leave. Was this warehouse. Of all the NFL stuff that you could bond. You can get a raider. -- girl you can give a you know like Kansas City Chiefs. Dog Paul assure you could get to a barbecue with you know buffalo bills' leading to anything you wanted. And being in college I didn't have a lot of cash from the stock. I'll about a couple things. But I thought it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity now you go on fanatics and you press a button and those things are on the way to your house. But back man blackened my today. You'll kids today. That's a that was an amazing thing to see everything. Right there up close and personal because. Might geography of the United States and I was a kid was pretty much defined by the NFL. Mostly I guess because I'm a moron. But just things like not just you know looking at a map and knowing all the capitals. What did I know from what are you know from done via. What I know about Denver as just this team that I hated and had this coach named Brad Miller who was disgusting and so I thought the whole city must be disgusting. That's just how wise and Chuck Noll and Franco Harris running out of bounds. And Evelyn Pittsburgh must be a star. This is these are the bias sees that I had to sort of get over as I I got older. Now at the raiders like this I went at the camp. It's great. They're told and for our Derek cars the highest paid quarterback behind the highest paid lying in Woolsey about the defense not very good but hopefully it's better. And diamond denial about it you know I just that they're going to leave because they have a left yet I'll deal that them. I dull that when we first heard in and right now I'm just gonna you know meteor might hit the earth saw just. Enjoy every second of it while they're here but as market Barney has brought up the season ticket. Holders were sent out some pins and there were five pins one pin was like a little raider Jersey that's said seventeen on an. For the year they sort of were number one foam finger with a raider logo on. A raider parent and little teeny pin with a love that says passion. Mom and then there were two. That kind of struck me. One was a raider logo on it said family know I've said this before and there the other days of medieval herald courier dawn we don't have family crest that raider logo is. Almost like my family crest in the way that the thing that I've been looking out my whole life. My whole life. And evil allows little kid we get these raider jackets at pennies they were so Chinatown they have like vinyl sleeves that was mostly white letter leather and every year you know. New rader put jam us for Christmas. All through the late sixties in the seventies that's just you know I could never turn against that logo that's my team. That'll always be my team. But when you put it next a family now. It seems so hypocritical you're leaving your family. You're going to a new family you've found a better house with a more money. A better house and more money and you leaving. The loved ones behind. Sell family. I don't buy that and then the other one is you know it's almost too easy to take a shot at it's just a football and has laces on and says loyalty. Little loyalty is one way. It's the fans that decide that they wanna Rhea now the other thing I want to stress. As I hope everybody respects everybody else's liberty and when I don't I don't mean like as Americans are just mean to choose what they wanna do so the people who decide that they want season tickets. And they're gonna go to Vegas and support him I hope nobody gives those people a bad time conversely for the people who want to boycott. I hope you don't give a bad time for the people who still go. I hope everybody respects. Their ability to choose. What they wanna do. And I I honestly wondered what I was gonna do because I was so upset. You know on mark pointing his fault her fall Lou's fault live these fault now dude you're the one who is leaving I just I'm not looking where you're pointing and McKinney you. And then in the end marks if you wanna blame somebody blame me OK I am who who also might close the blame Floyd cap part know the GPA no. Got a stadium that's sold out is that Taj Mahal node you have to kick off from shortstop Derek double games a year yeah that's not fun but you have to leave. You don't have to leave. Sell for me I'm just I guess as time has gone by from the announcement I'm just so fired operator football because I have been my whole life. The there's there's no way in hell I'm gonna go Las Vegas Kyoto game. I I wish I would get on a plane to go to a quote unquote home game. Now. I'll always be my team just like when they went to LA stay low for thirteen years. Walken never turn against Al logo but you must be crazy if you think I'm gonna pay to go to Vegas to see that team you must be crazy. Let's go to our Christian who is in Half Moon Bay what's up Christian. On the go on. Now. Seattle about all I do it's ridiculous. How much power the sports writers have a you know how can they let emotions get weight involved. Quote I don't like and they user to do you year. And instead they should just like him average stats are CU ban on them by. Yeah listen I appreciate the talk Christian and I think even more cell. Then that would be baseball because it is the baseball writers that put people all famous now baseball people. It's not some of the great people in the game it's the baseball writers and the fact that no one has ever got in unanimously is a joke. Utah I'm active list you Tony names right now that should be unanimous without any argument anyway shape or form but still there's somebody who's like in. I never like that dire are he shouldn't be a first ballot guy. Or you know he blew me off for an interview one time and now it's this is personal vendetta as. Let's go to Russell in the for a way what's up Russell. Richard. Well actually a bit ago. Well. Opera might not get back. It up I've been so wrapped up in Asia. You know not go on forever number. Actually not be football opera or not. I'll. One thing that another Catholic electorate today obviously. Bad about you. Follow what they are. Opera but backed. You know you know that that the Alberto collect all open cup. But not out there are people out there that our record building coalition and op we can't help fight well well. It's going to be there's people don't buy it broke. And and again okay well are. You debate beat the market big happening. Whitbeck. And and back out. Yeah you thanks a lot Russell I appreciate the call and yet the fans to get get too up there now which is really cold season ticket holders. And you know it's funny about B if you asked me last year and we did talk about it if the raiders would take lynch. I would've been not all pass they had the tape terrain and you know he is coming off a season was Lance three ran for three point eight yards. This year I do want because being away from football for over a year coming in the dark Saturday was he wore the helmet home from the headquarters. Beast mode probably thought for sure that he'd never Wear a helmet again not not now not only is he wearing a helmet but is aren't one for the raiders. Sell this year heck yeah I want I don't think he's going to be a bell cow but. But the people who wanna do lawsuits and listen I went through this in the early eighties when eminent domain and Al didn't how the votes in mood and anyway couldn't record this these farcical. Our record you know Gene Upshaw who against all clan. Sullivan from the patriots for all planned dismayed for weird that follows in court I think any types at any attempt to sue. And fight to keep the raiders is now officially a waste of time I did it for years and years and years and I'm done. I did it for years and years with EA is. And it worked I'm not saying I had anything to do with that I'm just saying I'm done just gonna watch the football and can enjoy it. Just like Levi Damien he'll join us next on 957 again. Now back to the Rick tittle shell on 95 point seven big game. Thank you so much and now welcome back to the yacht rock in ninety seven. I'm Rich Little special shout out for Enrico who got engaged to crystal this morning and handing out. Want to wish you all the best. Just kidding Levi Damien is whether she is editor in chief of silver and black rat on SB nation and he covers the raiders like big love. And job Levi. Before we get into the nitty gritty just viscerally who's been popping now that she had at camp so far. Well I'd like. The day that the two up and deepen our ball like on the opposite side of the ball. Like with John people doing use generic kind of I wouldn't think he'd be. Been human the only one actor he's been working with and I think you are treated with a bit. And like his part the other. While back it would have anybody to talk about it Cadillac but I came from I think Whitney. The US he kid eat eat impressed me as. The I think at that point it would be I would say smelled them more. There but bobbled that it seems to have been that he would he would have been trapped in the ground and just haven't really looked. Like at mid round at the picky dropped a couple of half the actual things like that. They are mere. Nobody at the side of the ball. I feel like when a team from shalom. Gilani he's played pretty well. He battered Milledge stepped up anecdote he stepped up lately the last couple of days which. You know he was output would inspire oh absolutely the entire off season was which is graduation obligations. After a few days economic get back in the mix she's really. It is very powerfully Julia. He's given date Jack only to handle like that which. That's definitely impressive. Let let's get to the bottom of this now as a vendor dozer rendered does. It is doze OK now we've got it no more standard goes aren't we got it down plaster I'll Auburn is so okay we got it. I'm tell us more about the guy who I gases the new nickel back and Sean Smith is going to watch because he wasn't even drafted. Oh yeah I mean I touch it it's funny or use that. Wait I forgot about that spree on orders. He looked. This entire off season at your company that can happen and the only guys that I had in mind it's funny because he would be guys like. I do like him last time it was such a hard thing to come up with somebody who. Get out among active region did you ever in battery. I would got out like that I like Korea mortars and and I want line when the other guys are picked him up like ball. That's what I like. I'm like pick somebody else because Horry took them. Is pretty much its part the undrafted guys. He's. It looked Tibet are sure and they obviously she really liked him as well play him in the slot there. Wall while Canada. Switch up the app and Iran met. And that was prescribing birth for most most of the jump out there it would do well he's played. And you can always say we used to say about you now I've. Anybody that goes to duke it's like Smart kid and do. She's going northwestern. Ryder staffer they always throw that in Smart kid went to do it aren't. Bomb we have a new offensive coordinator and in Todd downing here in Oakland and of course the quarterback coach someone that. Had a good relationship with. Was Derek Carr and there were thoughts that maybe someone would steal him away. Bill musgrave is offense was productive I thought it was very prosaic with a million hitches and screens and fades. Please tell me as employment along this I can really tell please tell me there's not a hitch a screener a fade 50% of the time. I don't know the repetitive arm but that believe him on a lot today for instance. What would al-Qaeda Brett it was not a guy he typically expect to go on a deep ball yet. You broke open right across the middle field there are put up perfect pass right there like that they dropped a dime. On the right over whether the raiders secondary where eighty yard touchdown. And you see that you know fairly. Fairly regularly that he would. Welcome those the go routes and what not hole doesn't that pull out one every now and then and yeah I added that they say you know they did it target because and training camp sometimes like they just working on the apt. And then come currencies and they can put away. Desert security's good but that is supposedly had that they're talking about saying that these eleven let it. That you don't you let Derek comet wild more than it did lack these well. And we'll state. A total Levi Damien of course from children like Prada SP nation got more questions for Leo I. I I really like KJ Brent last year and as sort of like maybe the Andrei home overall disease so tall. And it kind of got down to him and Holden and we know that speed kills and Johnny being a track star. He kind of moved ahead. It is KJ Brennan guys that you see on the practice squad and just sort of wait maybe if there's an injury or some like them who love. Well. I think it needed depth on the bubble guy. I think it will come down you mentioned or a deal meant it'll come down to blatantly did last year and it's. Hold it and make a big hole and make the squad sure you. A lot to do with it special teams ability. But whenever you and only guys that. That it doesn't matter what position they play normally there on the team. That back on the team and a lot to do that to a actual solid state is great the whole war. A guy at the value bash means maybe they'd. By the here's six receivers in that they do located Britain really good shot in the for the reason that that because. They don't have a home that and replicate your brain is able to do that to be bought in to do. Is to go up that chain pull out if he if he ball either red zone target. And I always. I mean there was a time in which on her own show and look like he could be like consistently act but. You know luckily these politicking that comes a little bit short like okay he's really paid the bill at all eat it up there but he. But he just never quite. He's never quite get that it view you hope peak and the not if not they are not the body's not. Is not yet and make the best use of side. You think that at this point Seth Robertson is on the bubble. I don't think so they may still in need daylight to her in lead in that slot. It was parting. Burgers Seaver in the slot day yeah evil with pat economic team. Patterson bill wind almost exclusively with the packaging. I think they like Paterson mostly at and for his return abilities and to get him in there every now and urged it. That stretch the defense. And it may I think they'd buy it like without rob Roberts bring from that swap position that the first game that beat he's six around. Finally leave by any chance the speaking of another demon deacon mark I'll leave starting Mike linebacker week one any chance of that. I think the heritage at that and that's what they're on right now at that point looks like his job to lose. In the gory games like inside linebackers on this team right now and we looked pretty good memory one of the Avant reports. Came out on him from college. I read that our import I looked at him about bout that. Our report but you really old because one of the main criticism was that he was huge slight but he needed to apple. Or whatever light years the word like unit and he is not liking. The eight years ago. I knew it was solid rookie mini camp he had big guns out sun's out guns out. Yeah definitely he's he's he's not is not Smart guy he's the binoculars put you look at that you think well if that's what the criticism was well of him. And the keys. Is it not bat and warm maybe. Maybe they got and he got a bit of a little and we'll see but that's what paid. But it was all a couple days in the camp and look like that was what they were out what they're planning on all along was eventually Mark Foley stepping in the air. And being at starting middle linebacker. And that's what he did in the one thing I'm. You know despite all of that the Bible shocked about it that's a lot injected hasn't. Band brought up to the first team at all I really but that being that he was there one free agent acquisition. At such a need position that it would be. That you know maybe today. Think it will mark Kelly in the air and the guy next on the Jenkins but Jenkins has not moved up from the packaging that Ben. Cora Jane's all the way and that's what looks like where we're look like edit. Well you look did did you look at Jenkins and and Smith guys who make money go to I brother athletic guys who are effective and that's Levi Damien that are in chief. Silver and black product SB nation foam onto literally by name in the right thanks for your time and in such a friend I'll see up in Napa. All right stick with us a's baseball next how the dugout chauffeur you a's angels 957 again.