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Rick Tittle
Sunday, August 20th

On this edition of the Rick Tittle show, Rick broke down the Raiders 24-21 loss against the Rams, talked to Howard Balzer of the Sports Exchange, and took your phone calls.


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All right thank you very much fox sports shall say to the rest of the way originally if you live and local here in downtown San Francisco the DG DG doc comes studios of 95 point seven a game. Good morning it's time to have the main griddle in as little as Iowa talk gas sports video. Isn't that bizarre football basketball baseball hockey's ordered off than us auto racing boxing Olympics put it on about just jagr and rugby cricket yes sports. With the U for an hour. In fact the national football writer Howard balls you'll join us at 930. We'll talk about what's going on in the NFL specially with brain is. Or are they home of the rare toggle on myers' while on and then at 10 o'clock I'll host the Ed dugout showing a little morning baseball as the days. We'll try to stop the bleeding in Houston. Where they've been terrible this year in fact twelve into the Astros are pointing and laughing at the a's exact opposite as it was. Up three or four years ago. And it's the nasal tried to avoid a sweep. Sobel do got that at 10 o'clock first pitch right around 11 o'clock. As I said we have an hour of open lines. And out of love to hear from you that AAA 9579570. What's again 8889579570. And as always the Penske out of cells doc Comtex line is 95795. Obviously we want a look. At the raiders and the pre season game last night. That the pre season game actually was worth our time. Because we did see some starters actually play. Not to take away from the guys who were trying to make the team in the first pre season game but before we get into the raiders needing Gennady. As not Jolie Brad I would say. It is officially time and I've been saying this firm since the station started. To just go to eighteen games in the regular season and two in the pre season. And it always makes me laugh when I hear the thing about how the human body can take eighteen games. Asked Captain Bly who was put into a launch and then sailed 4000 nautical miles. What the human body can take a vote all we can take you. Because these these these pre season games. Are almost an absolute waste of time. And a waste of money when you think about how much you have to pay. To go to these games which is the same prices as a regular guy and when I was younger there were six pre season games if you can believe that six. Buddy used to be the first one you play a couple series and the next one you do a long warm the third one you play how often used to be the fourth pre season game. While that was going to be the starters are gonna go at least three quarters at least and Bill Walsh refused. To lose a pre season game. He just did them like to lose whatever was an exhibition a fake gamer real game. And that's why you would see Joseph Montana late in pre season games like what is he doing where he just has gotten the U wanna create a culture. Where the ages didn't lose. And it's hard to argue with the results. And Joseph Montana didn't get his leg broken so I guess it was okay. But now all the fourth pre season game is like homecoming dance of all the starters wearing their jerseys with no shoulder pads. And so forth game now. Is like OK everything's squared away let's just knock anybody hurt. And let's let the guys fight it out who are trying to be the 52 in 53 man on the roster and then again it's dangerous because. You might have an established guy out there are sort of going half speed and then you have some guy who realizes that he's one play in between being an insurance adjuster. Or making. NFL rosters so he's flying around like some kamikaze head on her aching get a little dangerous. Well now as we've seen the first pre season game has like a fourth pre season game where no one dresses. So there are some things to work out. And Derek Carr looked okay he did throw a pick. Whether that pick was an an area of miscommunication or just a bad decision and and Jack's that I haven't seen the film yet I'm gonna happen tartar offensive coaches he said and in the end obviously it's on the quarterback not to throw the pitch. I said yeah you're right. I did BA's pre imposed yesterday as soon as he is got over here I drew her to the coliseum got there at halftime was able to see the the second house. And that's the thing too is that we. Offenses. Is the exciting scoring points is exciting we know. And we look at the offense like gone now what are they gonna do is of a dog Alexander going to be right tackle what is beast mode gonna do. How is he gonna fit in. You know how is Todd downing going to be as the offensive coordinator. But really. Those those are good discussion points and their valid discussion points but it's really all about the defense. Because the defense. Looks. Like you might even be worse than last year and last year the defense. Horrible. Bottom third. Bottom sixth in the league really. To Lonnie Jenkins. Mike Conley you know William telefono oh mark Kelly last three there are all rookies one of them. Stills and legal problems and may or may not have shin splints. And it just it makes me angry sometimes when I I I do think that the drafting can be over thought. And to Reggie had that one miracle draft were first round match second round card third round gave Jackson. As again his draft as you'll ever house. In the national football. That's as good as it gets. The other drastic insistence on DJ Hayden the insistence on Mike Conley when. Rubin a Foster was sitting there are like Lattimore better because he didn't have the red flags and we hope that comic is gonna come in and be the next. Great corner in this league like we've been told. And if he has then that's great. No he hasn't played yet so we don't know about the talent who where were told time and again that the talent is. Top shelf. But he's got to get out there TJ carried to me. Is a great football player I don't think he's a great corner. Travis Carrie added they'll sell a guy who as is very talented but I like him in nickel and dime packages. That's around like him. I don't want him being the starting corner and now looks like Sean Smith has probably going to be. Starting corner again. Sell and then you look at Mike linebacker they did they did not think there. They went in with a win heaney who got hurt again and then Corey James who. Is you know in his second year I'm not a huge fan of him but it's almost like Guinea port in the storm in the market Ali. A year thing about this a playoff team drafts you out of Wake Forest in the fifth round and they go okay here you have a chance to be the starting. Middle linebacker. That's a pretty great opportunity. But there's a reason he's a fifth round pick. I don't think he's ready for prime time right now. So if you look up and now I mean that the raiders may Jered golf look good. And I got nothing against Jared off I hope he does well. A you know out of a Bay Area kid in the high school and college I I hope he does well for the rams. This is the guy last year who did you watch hard knocks. Jared off was so milk toast and and you have to be a Mac if you wanna be in the national especially the quarterback. Doesn't mean you come in talking crap and but he just was such a shrinking violet has like while. No you mean you saw how topped off was a freshman at cal thrown into a team that was. Horrifying under dikes that played no defense is getting sacked on every play and IG's dobbs the real deal he showed in his only quarterback and has come by and who is make in the past before the wide receiver even made his break. And any gusted to live. The rams and the you know he can't beat out big in the case kingdoms of the world but now they're given him the reins. And when you have what thirty year old coach or may face like this is our guy and and you know what to gosh credit he looked okay. But it's just it's scary. When you think the raiders have the best defensive. Player on the planet. And they still have a bad defects. And I just wonder if the complacency setting in or it's like I react hello Mac well he's one guy. And he's fantastic and we love them. And Dave this split personality of being. And here before alas the only player ever to be all pro at two positions ladies outside backer and offensive and yes he's all broad both well that's no mean feat. And then of course overall defensive player of the year last year. Love love love a little Mac but it it's got to be more than just that guy and I think if you all are getting ready to play the raiders. You're salivating. Over facing that defense. And I just I worry about the raider hype machine. Now I've never made any bones about the fact that I'm an Oakland guy and I'm a fan of the Oakland teams I'm not an apologist form. And the greater height has always gone even when I knew the raiders were gonna win four games. I got to sit here and take calls from peeled moderator and go to the playoffs this year. I'm like why and why he last year I said yes the raiders are going to play Ascot I really felt that. But I look at this defense now. And you wonder how they're gonna fix it in a tribal organ you know that rubber this year in the NFL they're gonna have won just absolute. Day of carnage with a massive cut you know it's like thirty guys get a walking papers all the ones. And when that happens. What they said that's going to be it's gonna be brutal. I think that's another way to generate a waiting on right now. Let's see who gets cut from other teams you know who does that the eighties. The a's do that. Who got cut. Dust and are now. And the nasal pick them up the raiders don't wanna be that. The raiders spend money the raiders have championship aspirations the raiders won twelve games last year they wanna win the division this year not be a wild card. We wanna get home playoff game in Oakland this year right. And you're just gonna sit around and wait to see who another team cuts. It's just I don't know I'd love to hear from you AAA 9579570. 888957957. He has got to sell stock contacts like 95795. It's funny if you didn't really actually follow the raiders last year you just look at the stats. And you looked at the top five offense. And you looked at the 26 ranked defense and you'd say okay which coordinator got fired offense or defense. I think the answer a hundred times honor like lobbyists who they fired the defense and cornerback know they fired the offensive coordinator willow. And the defense of coordinator stayed yes he did. While and by the way when I saw yesterday there was a third and ten. And there was a screen and I almost looked in the press box I went almost walked over to the raider Booth. And I want to see a bill musgrave was still out there Todd downing please spare us that. In the history of football has anybody got more than ten yards on a third intense green because it hasn't happened for a long time and that they hitch. Play a pass that goes behind honest here is a hitch never works and then the fate works sometimes. But the reason you throw a fade. Is either you have a tall fast wide receiver against a little DB. That's 10% of the time 90% of the time when you throw fated because you say we can't block we can't get open and our quarterbacks stinks well you can block. And you're wide receivers can't get open and you have right now the highest paid quarterback in the NFL so they don't need to do a lottery. Of the fade anymore. The idea I realize you have to have a screen pass in your arsenal I realize that that have to be an option. I think I'm just so shell shocked over bill musgrave of that when I side. I start mime I started my hand started shaking. Like calm down calm down. I like to hear from you what do you think about the raiders right now what do you think about the defense. Is Norton on a short leash or they brought in John Madonna would do with the chargers forever as a they brought a man for that reason so I think probably. Looking over the shoulders a little bit. RI to the phone lines to bled 9579570. Let's go to DB who's in Mountain View go ahead DB. Our love your show all. And end in hearing your comment about. To lead secondary actors with the raiders. It seems premature to be talking about matching up with. With the gap patriot. Dealers. Are going to be incredibly. Low. And naturedly but now our prayers and beyond that field and stop them whether it's running. Or patent. What what are your. Well you know I'm worried about the rams right now. Because they can't stop the Los Angeles rams who I think you're gonna win five games tops this year so I'm not even thinking about Steelers or patriots at this point. Oh or. Well that there's going to be a reality. Yeah. Its first force that week. I think. That's what adapt so. I hit it you don't wanna talk about the matchup then. And he would we're talking about a playoff match up right now on August. Well the expectations. Are so our Allan. Spear in the media it's like. They're twelve and order they're gonna go and I'd with the schedule. But there's still thank you know home playoff games are still. You know I've wanted to meet him that he. But even if they do big run up against the Steelers and I don't know about that ever work out. Well I don't take anything for granted thanks to the called BB I appreciated I just I can't talk about play out a potential playoff matchups in August. They having him play their third pre season game yet. And Dell also. If you think about the fact we don't even know who's going to be on the raiders' roster for sure I think we know most of them. Let's I I this I wanna get away from that and if you look at that's sports I mean look no farther in the Bay Area. What team was that was a playoff team for sure this year we all thought the giants were. They went last year and they were close or away from getting past the cubs will they went on they got mark Lance and and day and while you know they can probably maybe do it again now there'd their pathetic. I'm not saying the raiders were Fedor of course I'm still predicting the raiders to. Go to the playoffs I think they well I think he's thing last would be a disaster. You can't you can't rig grass. When you've got car and then Mac going into their fourth than you know fourth fifth years in the league and and by the way that's why they didn't have to sign. Back to his extension yet being a first round pick they got that fourth year paid for already and he's gonna get paid this offseason and no doubt. But he added that it it's you know listen when the warriors guard KD everybody wanna start talking about the matchup with the cap this. And did that happen yes indeed it did he pled. I just I don't wanna talk about the idea that seems a little bit. Like a jinx AAA 9579570. Penske outsells dot com talks and I'm 5795. From a 51 Al required the raiders on hard knocks. You know I would love nothing more on television doubt be the greatest reality show I have ever seen. If the raiders can do another is. Something about hard knocks it when we got to the point where no one wanted to be on in the NFL said you have to go on unless there are couple of mitigating circumstances one of them was if you went to the playoffs the year before you don't have to go on. So it's like a reward to you don't have to have these cameras up your two zoo at camp. The other one was if you have a brand new head coach so in other words we'll leave that guy alone he's got enough to worry about as a first year head coach. But have you got the same coach. Then yes. Back could be dead and I kind of dot after hue Jackson when they nay because at the end of that season. They said who'll be next on hard knocks and they actually showed hue Jackson I'm an old piece of tape from Napa and I thought down so excited. And of course Reggie came in and fired and so we didn't get them. And by the way Reggie was asked about them about whether he would go on hard knocks and he basically you know almost laughed it off he's death the last thing he wants. Is for them to go on a hard knocks we think about how boring around were last turning about the box this year. What's the what's the most exciting thing that's happened to the box. Revert all while imports hit got cut. And Dirk cutter can he be any more boring and milk toast. So yes I agree with you taxer I would love to see the raiders it would be a million times more fascinating and not just because I'm a whole lot longer raider fan I just think to be a million times. More interesting now that they're good anyway are back to the full line stand is right here in town what's going on stand. Yeah I just can't put out a rhetorical question there are still at the box and of course to get. May be one of the best quarterback in the all right so so on the throw that pick yet. And listen he's he's someone entertaining he's a he seems like a nice kid but his sisters are not to me it's it's all it's all pretty boring so far. Yeah I don't know what is next Internet but anyway I'm. Like a big fire there ought to coordinator last year yet the raiders. Well because. Well there are a couple of reasons number one Jack Del Rio was very upset with the fact that he demonstration of run the ball a lot more last year and he made no bones about it he would say in impressed conferences they also were frustrated with the prosaic. Lottery of a hitch in a fade and a screen but mostly it's because the quarterback coach Todd downing with whom car has a very close relationship. Apparently he was on the verge of being hired as an OC and they didn't want to let him get away. Okay good good exploration. Thank during my career you're in your tired. Your show. I appreciate it thank you very much that stand out there and now San Francisco right here and I'm 57 the gamer pillow with you. Feel free to get in triple A 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line. 957. 95. Rick what do you think about two Marchand sitting for the National Anthem well. Until he's paid to stand. That's his it's his business. Writer. I don't think. It's in his contract as he contractually obliged. I would have a problem when marsh on sitting if they lined up for the formation and and as Derek Karr was saying blue Antonio on glued to Moneyline then all of a sudden Marchand sat down. Well now you're hurting our chances to win and you are being played to play football. Then I would say we have now probably not the time and who's to say somebody might not do that they might. Why I think it is to my Bay Area sensibilities. Where growing up in the Berkley area during the the sixties and seventies. I mean that the the way at all my teachers. Talked about America doesn't surprise me but I am I do feel very fortunate to grow up and and a diverse area. Because they knew is realize that that people are people you don't. Stereo type bone in our assist like well no matter what ethnic heritage you are summer cold summer jerks summer smarts armored dom. You know I I think if you if you live in an area where you just have one. Ethnic heritage people you're gonna feel superior they're gonna fill that hole baker they're gonna feel victimized it's just it's all bad. But I can tell you that the things that are being protested are real causes. Mean the umpires wearing white sweatpants quit yelling out us. That's about number 5000 on my priority list of causes right now. But you know if somebody doesn't wanna set I it doesn't bother me at all it just it just shows off freeway are there is no death squad is gonna come give you is if you don't want us to have a national happen you don't have to. I wonder. If if some team. Especially seventeen and may be a I don't wanna say less tolerant area of the country but there might be a team somewhere within owner who is very stringent about it. He might make data contractual obligation you might see an entire draft class by the way if you wanna play further picket team. If you wanna play for us it's in your contract that you have to stand for the national at the moral voided. I can actually see. An owner trying to do that. And for some people they be like on ice I stand anyway it's no big deal but it might be a big deal for guidance because. I am I why I am I want the option cannot stand somebody might have something might come up where I don't feel like. But I'm also I think rather naive. In the way that. You know after a what our country's gone through and with civil rights. And with the women's live and and everything else I thought that as each generation. Came in we got more educated and we did get more tolerant and more accepting of each other. And celebrate our differences but then you know hold. Hold fast to bid that does do idea that were all still Americans and and I guess I'm night without. Because there are still popular and cannot announce the sit out on him make this an entirely political show because you know we're here to talk sports but I would say. To anyone that rocks a swastika I would love to sit down what that person and just educate them. What I'm a swastika. Actually means. Because they obviously have no it's it's it's it's the most un American thing you can do you can't combine that with the American flight. Estella B offer once said in the real forthright he'd be the first ago. I went Hiller did but the browns are sure it's in the night long knives those guys when last five minutes. And you know it's one thing if you're some 45 year old math head with a swastika tattooed on your face Euro loss cause. But to these idiotic ignorant frat boys they got Tiki torches that at target. I would like to say look before you throw your whole life away being an dig around mess. And and just I've been hinted to dock now. I just think that you know you're representing something where are. For years. Every day day in and day out. It's a little children would hold hands of their siblings and their parents that walk into a gas chamber they would be gassed to death and then those bodies were thrown into an oven and burned. Over and over. Every day seven days a week and then on Sunday as these guys would go to church. It's just a fact and all the praying in the world and stop that it was fire vs fire. You know the allies had to come in and beat them at their own game which was with killing. And that is why. When you think about the most evil. And post evil. Regime in the history. Of the world all hop. During my parents live top Al born twenty years after the end of World War II. And so yes it's always a bit tenuous when you when you have someone so stupid that they would Wear a symbol. That would be symbolizing the most murderous cold blooded regime in the in the history of the world it's it's not white pride day. It's not any of the things that you think it means. And if you do you really think that and yet you are a lost cause. Our rights the other side Howard balls or if you're on hold at least all of a lot of time as well above to get you appreciate your patience as well ritual with united front seven again. Now down to the rich too it'll show on 95 point seven gained. Thank you so much welcome back to the show coming up the next segment lions will reopen if John hold appreciate your patience the dugout show at 10 o'clock that moral do that Denver right now are very happy to bring in. National football writer Howard balls are from the the sports exchange and now Howard last night's watching the raiders and Ned Jarrett golf actually looked OK and I was wondering Jesus. Jared off with a new coach is he is he coming around and living up to his potential or is that is the raider defense still just. That bad a little film little boat what do you think. You know it's probably. Probably a little both but there's no question. That it beat and that's affecting year. Is it helps the young quarterback. And you know the fact is that you know the rams have work to make the offensive line better. Which wasn't very good. Last year and then got two new pieces in the air including led by left tackle and would work. And they edit Sammy Watkins at wide receiver easily been terrible world week. But that's a big lots of late date is an awful lot of talent around the quarterback. Last year and you know got played the second tendencies it wasn't very good so. You know now he knows he's the starter coach in the open and certainly did the new offense and all those things can energize people but it all comes down. That the user around you by. I I always cautioned that this kind of the year about reading too much into whether it's positive or negative. In the pre season because. The the NFL. Is unique. In the way that everyone looks at the crease feet. You know but certainly people out there could name one thing that happened in the spring training game in baseball. We're preceding games hockey Europe and BA whatever might be. Yet the NFL football on TV and it goes not pregame shows and every one weeks ago actually real football. And so it really is and really got to keep that in mind it but you'd still like to see some progress requires. And that's when you look at specifically. And so I think those two rove got law. Our way premature work on the other hand he can't read too much into yet collect at that no quarterbacks exceeds. Without talent around him I only at the duplicate there are no matter what you do as a rookie. Basically he is a repeat not throw interceptions because of that nature didn't throw more seven yard pass and then it. In the at a Mari who prevail Crabtree. You know they may upgrade the outline. An Alley got one of the better quarterbacks in the late and so that what you have. For success. Anything about car losing his first ten starts. As a player and that we knew that wasn't on him. Let's talk a little bit about the linebackers because this is one of the concerns were talking about here on the home of the raiders 957 is that. In the offseason we knew they needed a Mike linebacker. There was Ruben Foster in the draft the niners are over the moon that they found him where they did. In the draft and they didn't ought to get a free agent they didn't bring Perry Riley junior back and they basically. Have given a fifth round pick mark Kelly a chance that it he didn't look very good so now I guess third is gonna wait until that day of carnage and everyone gets cut. And find somebody there or what what do you think about that whole thing. Yeah it is it's. It's a little difficult to wait for that because certainly on defense you can totally new Eamon and sometimes you make an impact that obviously it depends on. Who it is. And meet at that point become routine that late. It. Would be better that the mean there's not guys out there could the bill and a upgrade that that position but you know there's no now. That the defense is the question. On the raiders right now weather satellite back whether it'll be out of line and young guys are actually some good things. Early in camp. I don't quarrel. There were rated decision. You don't go with a quarterback obviously have been economy on the field yet. But that was the deal. And getting him because of the off field situation would have been long gone that not. I can't quarrel with that and certainly you architecture at the middle linebackers like that. Early in the trip that those those he can usually yet. I easily get later. It would just being Miami. As in you know experimenting with some young guys in the of their repeater epic the Millen got her. And suddenly the excitement I'll loser yesterday was out there have been idle in the offseason so you do wonder moderator kept their eyes on someone. We're looking upgraded. To count on too many young players that the current and your personal problem. M I'll look at what elected in silver fashion at this point say that you don't know whether our morals or the sports exchange. The longer Donald Panama holds out I think a lot of us that well you know who get paid eventually but Jack Dario at the press conference after the game said hey the the protections that the looked pretty good even on that that aggregate debt rams. Front seven do you think they're just sort of getting to the point where they're gonna play new house in the rookie sharpened the dog Zander in and tell Donald and did you stay. Go kick rocks. I was there aren't you concerned about that and you know once again. To count on that because some guys look okay increased fees when you're not being landing. And the guys are going against. Aren't you know they're not plain old maps or be opulence. Of that matter and that and that's the big thing we always keep in mind. In other treaties and nobody knows starter practically play in the first half. I mean the second aircraft are much less fourth quarter were so many games. Are decided and that's where if you're you're coming up a little Lola. A little short at tackle in the fourth quarter when the other team in opera that Amtrust you're going against guys that aren't optional. That's where you can get some problems so I got the belief then going to be there idol. It's sort of illegal about money even if it's not as much as he would like to be making. You would think the readers after giving card is money in the gate Jackson is money. Would certainly come up with something that wouldn't quite Donald Penn at the comeback in I I believe that's going to happen but. I don't I don't buy the whole notion that all these other guys. Are not not when you're trying to win that when you when your position. I would win the division but could be. The Super Bowl contender and I don't think that the Super Bowl contender. Without Donald pan it left. Yeah maybe that was a little ploy to tell plan now we're fine without you and your right the highest paid guards and senator. In the league let's talk a little the niners as well and I know for them. Our dealer Marty GM of the sharks that we need to get the stink of losing out on the sweater and I think that's. It for the niners this year too and it's not gonna be measured in wins and losses is just remember Haywood you know or one of the good. That one of the great franchises in the history of of football we need to get back to be in the forty niners against self. Why is that really what it is for them it's like all we know forced 56 wins but just to know that there's light at the end of the tunnel as they move forward. Absolutely I think that that's what it is and and you want to see. Yes he Crocker and yet some would say what or five wins that that far it's it's not progress but. He's gloat publicly your eyes and see what's happening on the field. And when you when you look especially I think the defense has the chance to be at least you know we pretty pretty decent at a back in in game that's a good thing. You know occurred over and you're on the ball. He could be competitive. In a lot of game and an outrageous. I believe I've always thought Brian Hoyer never got. The I respect that he deserves. You know what you'd better Natalie never done it for a long time because everyone go we've looking for the battery quake every team no matter what he'd. Even when he plays well we're looking for someone quote that's better and certainly they don't have a lot right now in the receiving game but that will come in time. And it he gets some good solid play out of him don't turn over the like SS. You could be competitive and that you'd have to keep building that roster. Which now and that's that's again. Still what it comes down to yeah I think that's what is this season is about and they let the falcons and the falcons have obviously. A whole lot more offensive talent then. The 49ers do and they haven't went out Janet came in the first years opposites of coordinator. And they were you know they were 500 feet. And the offense was very spotty and Matt Ryan probably two interceptions. Her there with certain amount of getting accustomed to shenanigans system that occurs to a player positive court reporters he'd been with him before work to that hell. It's always gonna be better second third year you know with him and so as they as players might think that Ottawa how long it take no one can predict that. But that incremental progress is what you look for even the world where there's an awful lot of patience among a lot of fans. Finally Howard you know looking at. Just since I've been NFL fan and and we had six pre season games and then for an end. In the fourth on used to be hey we're playing everybody three quarters to the fourth game being down no one dresses and now. The first game at least for the raiders a look like a homecoming dance disguise wearing jerseys it. And I know the commissioner doesn't like in and as you mentioned are on TV you're paying full price. Is that a high time that we just had two of those and maybe eighteen regular season games and then you know pay the players accordingly more money. But it it isn't it time. Well our our big problem and that's certainly on the circuit that now that but. And agree it'd probably that we they've they make easings. Try to be more than they're worth and it is what it is criminal balls that people have to pay full price. For these games we're which is absolutely. You know crazy but I think. The NFL already a war of attrition during the regular season and and and here's the problem eighteen games that's one part of it. The other part is. If we look at the stars starters you'll see that still needs some time in the crease sees and for the most part they'll probably play. Com you know approximately two game. I with a combination of the first three ultimately have to game then you're really unity unity at the plate the starter all out war. And and so now they're going to be plain wanting. Overall instead of eighty equality he now. But the wrote that the younger guys and rookies and all these acts like Kirk Spock argued it'll last match and you know a lot less about them. Going into the regular season and so. That that becomes an issue and others to guide them raiders right now. And who knows what they're gonna do in the regular season starts. With lobby at linebacker knows really opened supplies and other typical morrow and the propaganda and special teams guys. You you wouldn't even know what they can do for the most part. In it you on on the defense and let circuit snaps. In the pre season and they would like I've said they would be cut appreciable. If you if you cut back of the crease sees and I really believe at a competitive that'll that'll I would expect the overall quality game Beckett. No that's why we have you on you know who I nick Moreau as those great knowledge that different power ball clerk. From a sports exchange ball much better at age balls or 71 thank you so much you time and your insides especially on a week and a really appreciate my friend. My pleasure anytime they hear. Our rights we'll take a act quick look. App some sponsors please give them your custom people on hold a promise luggage here in this last say no forgo to the dugout show at 10 o'clock and I airlines available. Talk a little football are totally not 579570. Penske out of cells doc contacts on 95795. Armor to it'll come on back and under 57 to go home. Fashion. Now back to the rich it'll shock on 95 point seven games. They've gone back we have one segment left though about open lines and tax AAA 957957. Events got to sell stock on tax plan 95795. Coming up attendance the dugout shows I'll begin your coverage of that is that astros' first big turnaround 1105 right here. On 957. The game. Let's start off with a warrior down in Texas what's up dude. He's going to do when the clashes that anymore I think mark strong and that during the match them. Our responses you've got to know mark on the guys and yet a hundred and you don't get back to community. You don't see him wearing a leak hawks you don't see him wearing. And Miami art teacher. What Fidel Castro's this year on illustrious group rappers like where situation and could get big canyon about standing slaves. So. Get it because mark's comments knows what he's doing it a 100% legit in many doing eating it brought out. As a white cat light privileges and I'll listen because usually the teenage growth rate your era. You're you're you're pro model and so that's problem there or what happened today. Well our latest say listened to him for cabernet can land some not trying to. Did separate them I just that it's it's it cabs businesses his business Marchand businesses his business not in my business so. They can do whatever they want. Now I'm really not when it Dextre came in your locker room get nobody likes to make. Well I can tell you that every every team in every sport has a guy cheat on somebody else's girlfriend they have to be grown Manning get pass and they can't cry about it Mike Alden Smith did. Outlaw yeah yeah okay. Hey it's great when you can take emotion. Of the deal now organ complain. Old Smith. I just I I don't listen I don't. Professional athletes I don't give them a lot of that they they have to perform and if they don't I don't wanna hear excuses why they're not unless there injured. I don't wanna hear about it and I'm paying good money go up their performance he can't they get somebody else. Although it should have gotten a bite in the airport he was suspended because you mr. Aoki yet by this team needlessly in the draw result. Smith got arrested at a lot more times than that any yelled bomb and an airport and he had multiple DU wise. Nobody he's the most delicate dance world might ticket march that. Marsalis is legit in when he is concerned would you agree with a camera and you know there from from art. I understand I'm not trying to differentiate every man has to do and he thinks is right and I don't this that's a caps business and Marchand business has nothing to do me. I. And I. And big areas are more diapers. And the rest and that made him and Dwyane went out in the world what. The issue to a personally is look at the guys that are worse net. In should be. Not yet simple. Are in the military to protect people. I'm. You know the invasion of people. Like I honestly it is just as yours and your list. Ticket goes art not eating and column. Are all with artwork humbled write about it in more. And you don't want them on the way to be then done warrior support Morse comments. Obviously at Oakland Mike Martz it. The hour Richie rich and eight or so and impact. I actually call or dare I appreciated. PC in the world. I've been oversees twelve times and so insulated. Listened and Marchand has to do it he think is thinks is right and cap pass to do that he thinks is right and I can say one guy's more religious than the other. IA you listen I'm a raider fan and I like Marshawn Lynch a hole held a lot mourn like aren't happening over the doesn't mean that one's right Enron's wrong they have to do what they think is right. It's nothing to do to me I'm not in my opinion on let's go to Walter down and Ventura what's up Walter. Say good morning and racial someday. One candidate keeps coming back the year that's used and each is that these candidates I mean. Additional patient and I'm backers and the age but you'll alternative that ran the ball due to run the ball up the meal and you know. Mark market Lee and he keeps getting pushed around another issue is the Koran that they're still gaining you know hole. And on and on to lose it that way turned and it any Nina could gain. And Allen really don't think that you could solution. Quarterback situation so you at all. I don't know I don't know I'd put that they'll reopen it at each to that prior to eating all we haven't seen over and it. So he needs to let that kitten cute I can go out and get him a two mile back there. Yeah actually call Walter I appreciated you know at its end this thing out listened to Chris on the post game last night after I left the coliseum. He made a good point that the general manager the head coach in the DC are all linebackers. And you think they have this down and you know I'd be out the head coach the buck stops with him no doubt. Ken Norton we all of the pointed him and say what the hell you do on. But really the finger I think. Just like when Bob Melvin look at the roster he was given what has Norton being given. You know heaney James they gonna get Jenkins. In his hand that Curtis Lofton and then nickel or know ray ray Armstrong. I don't think Ken Norton as the greatest offensive court remember this is his first go around at the job. I don't think he's that great but you also got to keep in mind that Reggie. Has not given him very much still work whether at all. So we can say Norton's got to go Reggie you got to do your job. You gotta get some linebackers and here come on the man I know that a lot of spots but you're the GM the box after the Mike in Danville earlier on 957 again. There. I. I just. Concerned about the corners and they probably get out there. Gamers and she is about as consumed with being cute. We'll get this year that. Words he's just. And it. It might bite and if you. Are elected. I don't know who is on the over and didn't cut the ties that you firm by the way to actually call Mike appreciated. I don't know who's on the verge of getting cut. I wouldn't even know if if power balls or would know who's on the verge of getting cut maybe a guy here or there but as I said that's just. That's so garbage. You just wait for other guys to get cut. As they said that's what my days do they wait for somebody ga Ky and then not only did they pick them up they start the guy. Sell the whole Perry Riley if Governor Perry Riley was on the street lashing last year on a Tuesday. And he was starting for the raiders on a Sunday. And it wasn't gonna go to any Pro Bowl but compared to the rest of linebackers. Perry Riley junior I thought played pretty well. And from the interviews I've had and I heard with people. Is that it's some sort of money issue. And you know Perry Riley might end up giving the money he wants. I don't know at this point but. As I said it's it's a Reggie and listen you're not gonna have a pro bowler at every position I'm not saying that's what Reggie McKenzie has to do because that's impossible. Thought our pro bowler every single position. It she can't you know it's funny because baldor set out you don't want to draft a linebacker earlier there are plenty of them in the draft. There are Blair. Mark Kelly and then in the fifth round. Remember Al was in love with corners. I'll thought that you build from the corners the end. And our reading John man's book one equals two feet which he wrote in the eighties and he said. John Maddon said Iowa saying that the first thing you get as an offensive line before you do anything else before you even get a quarterback. Which makes more sense to me but Al loved his corners what you think he passed on Aaron Rodgers or maybe in Washington. And I think that rubbed off on Reggie member he said hey if we had an MR overall pick we would've taken DJ Hayden. Just think about that embarrassment of that effect company and where if that really would've went down that way I pence got so stuck on to excellent and by seven and five. From the 51 though. Rick are you going to Vegas listen I don't not at the seasons under way can we not talk about stupid Vegas. Can we not and by the way I personally think Vegas is this dying it's just an open sewer of trash I just you know you wanna go there to be naughty. If you're in the Bay Area you can be as naughty as you want to right here. If you wanna gamble does go to Tahoe. And trying to ruin your Vegas strip I'm sure a lot of people have fun there is just not my kind of town. I've been there three times hey elect a fake Venice say luck or fate Eiffel Tower elect a fake in New York. I just I think Vegas is it toilet. Now while never go to Vegas to see the raiders I will go to Vegas ice I went to Vegas to see the a's play the cubs a Cashman a double yours ago. I would go to Vegas to see the sharks and the not it's the goldeneye it's. That actually sounds like a funnel road trip that she did take an expansion team so yes if I go to Vegas it's deceit sharks. But I wish I would get on a plane to go to a quote unquote home game. So let's just not that that's in the future. The raiders are here and you could say I'm living in denial not sister river in Egypt. That this is gonna happen someday but then again a meteor might hit the earth and while they'll never go there has a list just enjoyed today. It's all it's all we have anyway. The raiders are in the cabin now brother play in home games of the coliseum I was just at the coliseum last night the going to be of their next year as well sell. No matter what's going on in Vegas and they're gonna build a stadium and they're gonna ask for to pot that Marty asked for deposits are seasoned take its. For me I just I don't wanna hear. And you might think Ambien you know put my head in the sand like an ostrich but that maybe I am. But they're not there that's. All down on the road that's down the road I'm just gonna appreciate it. The raiders that we have now we're gonna cover him like a blanket and hopefully. They win the division they go and they when the Super Bowl and have a parade around lake Merritt just like the warriors. That's what we're all open for right now so I'll just say Vegas she may get us. All right coming up next that is the dugout show as the opening is get ready to try to avoid being swept by the use of national lab that next for you right here. Armor took on not about seven again.