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Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 30th

Rick Tittle talks about what he saw from Raiders Training Camp and then talks to Jimmy Durkin and Jennifer Lee Chan.


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Yeah 95 point seven that being the life and look. Now he's a great till I'm 95 point seven big game. David that not at 57 again original would you like trouble dribbling on 579257. Pence got so stuck contacts on 95795. If something goes now with a sunny in the next forty minutes we will talk about it right here. Or a switch gears a little bit and talk about the raiders we are home of the raiders there are twelve and fourteen are coming off the playoffs it was a Connor cook road loss to a Houston we kind of knew that what happened with no Derek Parr against that defense in mind blowing was enough for it but that's all water under the bridge it's a new season everything is fresh. And I got to go to camp yesterday and check it out I'll give you my opinions on a but first let's bring in Jamie Durkin of course raiders beat writer. For the Bay Area news group. And day Gary and Conley is signed. We know that the first round pick from Ohio State but where does he stand. Legally is there a chance that guy could still go to jail. Well you have on your main under investigation that certainly remains a possibility. You know is. That would definitely run counter to everything the raiders of doubt about it and their co op and it. In decades but it's killing are now hopefully you know that the outward lately is that. That tees that the investigation that crap beat out of the raiders still hope that. And a piece of paper. Bring them back he had died he's got his new number switched to his Latin number twenty you'd be aware. Added to get on the field because he been he would die. Oh you know why. Is that why they cut Taiwan just to get into wanna do not just kidding. Job and well enemy if he goes to jail this that we thought DJ was a bad pick this would be that the worst pick in in more than one of the worst picks in the history of the team. Yeah. It would certainly. It would certainly now is currently in an old are you up at eight. One out there and pay. You know Intel. George come out. You really can't about eutectic yet. Locked up. What what it means. Not won anything your judge anybody Intel only to come out. OK I were all fingers crossed on that everything works out because the talent is there we have no issue with the town of Gary and Connolly is fantastic corner. I'm Mike linebacker though this has been so ignored and we talked about it I I just wonder. Why they have not run that Perry Riley back is number they got a mop the street on a Tuesday he started on a Sunday last year and he. He didn't look half bad and you compare and everybody else is it a money issue have they soured on him what's going on there. Yeah. Money is again like over and eat it. What. Did they get a whole lot more adult and situation beat. Why didn't get it earlier black and intricate quietly. Our job. He got by watching and being. Offered didn't get caught acting you want it more he. Wait out the lot we can helping the key to be a bit like. Pat. It. I young guys. LB get an opportunity. Urgency that I act. And you know it it even here they don't like being out well in the. Victim allegedly dirt generators be writer bearish news compared not a 57 again cup mark questions for Jimmy is on the road right now I appreciate his time. I you mentioned Donald man and that one. Kind of surprised a lot of us he just signed a new deal last year and then he looked around and in IE saw that he really was led top ten get paid. And eight in these kind of things that drive me crazy it's like you know it wasn't like you sign this thing seven years ago and it's outdated means stepped Currie could've said that last year and he didn't. I that the fact of the matter is though Jimmy I think Donald Penn. Will get his money some maybe this is a good move by him that it does drive me nuts what's your take on him. You can change it like India. In. He was getting ready to port lately is that in York giant the opt for a little bit. Badly wanted to stick that is in big rally they are hard bid at this group LP. Operator Betty wanna be out when he. Got it and get back laughed at you I double value you could edit what exactly real quick but. I want to ground. Like I blocked Pat The Bat here my rear which it. What were you let it all been beaten at air cart effect. Here in that. League called starter. Jack situation. I applaud you on drag. With the idea kind of oddly enough the art. Pat what mark did it last year for Jack del Rio de. Really criticized my out my left tackle Purdue and they've they've I didn't. Yeah I area it's just that I have no Simba the fir grown man who signed something that he doesn't like if you don't like it don't sign it but that's isn't me. Tom I'm wondering about. Sean Smith because I was really excited about him being brought in from Kansas City last year I loved his size there's so few big corners anymore. And he got so scorched to the point that he lost his job. And to see him out there again a camp as a starter. I would think that there'd have to be a fire burning under this guy to show that he's not a botched but I don't know have you got a chance to talk to Sean. Doctor shot yet and yeah you want to look at the ball in the deep it is actually by what your Utley get up and be in. Start it out you know a little bit that religion but then I. Or it. Hear the topic but while you're here and he money deal. How did your record of ebony. When he didn't. Want to. Get the chance debt. He he's got like current job for next year because he's got pretty high number of over eight million on the books 28 it rated. You look like even eight million dollar player and is going to be that pressure and more get it. But currently bleeding there in the league. It's it it got beat in beat that great pot. He got an app that year. Am I get to my impressions of camp here and and a little bit later in the show but before I let you go. Anything strike you positive negatively one way or the other for the first few days. Hey you know. I'd I'd long maintained that mark probably that he cannot judge anything about it until the opener September 10. Happy bill but I've heard. It the real debate in English and not upper cut packet. And that the crowd getting pretty crazy don't wanna there they'll. Changed. When the guys that. I'm. Just left it in the easily beat you to have not had nobody but. What did it encouraging side keep it you ended their competitive due to the clone with him but he looked pretty good. Now the season ticket holders are up they're watching a big difference. Back in the old days that's Jimmy Durkin raiders beat writer Barry and his group fall on Twitter at Jimmy underscore. Dirk in DURKI and Jimmie thanks you're time Matt Woolsey up at camp. All right I'm glad Jimmy's line now and stayed truth you there. Couple times there is like Rick the meaning of life has. Well take a look at latter camp what our friend Jennifer Lee Chan next armor Tillman if I send in the game. This is the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven game. There's nothing like Justin Bieber singing in Spanish. That makes you wish for the sweet release that death will bring. Just kidding. Daddy Yankee's in this onto us. I know I am from Obama Moscow Celestine. Non Epsilon nine out all right Jennifer lead chatter our good friend from niners nation dot com. Has joined us we cover all the teams here and and Jennifer I know sometimes you you look around in camping UC that's gone on I can be and bit misleading one way or the other but. I remember seeing Lane Kiffin is can happen it was like a slob be country club there was no discipline. Torched coach singletary had the nutcracker and they hell of pain like this Parris island. You know it's just the margin that looking. Almost like you know Camp Pendleton. Where where is it with the new regime of Kyle Shanahan how what is Campbell look like so far. I would say it kind of a happy medium thankfully. We haven't got one extreme or the other there it until now at happy hurt. They have built a hill right next the wait facilities down there is that. Not the military area. Is that's not the same hills not coach saying that a new line. It adding new ones that money and natural. Made it that the giant ring actually hit it to right neck early trading. That trailer and a building threat that it pretty speed bike at at least. I would say at least that would act to create gulf and a target after a tiger had a bit out of that little. How much of that do you think this for alleged driller just psychological torture. It got to. Probably equal parts. Our arrival we know there the you know on draft day they really. Fleece the bears I thought. And the whole trip this key thing I think there are ten to miscues and every draft ended up with Salma and power Thomas anyway. And I can you really call hold out when it was forty minutes long a while what transpired there. You know I think dominant that it that indeed he was not an it band. It is kind of it hurt oriented and a rod had a hand in hand and trying to get a contract and I knew he'd put that in the papers and you concede crack it happening to begin protecting in the went to the would've behind and in the picture now. I would probably to the Q minor league ill at a higher up in the eye contact. A lot of buzz on Ruben Foster the linebacker from olive Alabama I knew he had a couple of off field things that weren't huge red flags in the had the injury as well this was someone as a raider fan I was really hope they were taken the first round of the niners got a great. Player there what do you think of Ruben so far linebacker. He's denigrate not parity and he'd pick and three days of training camp and he really is just and action he comes into the atrium and it just so much on the clock you. He's going to be a diet everybody uses for now by prettier each at. I need to. In completely and be at stake. You know it's funny comment today it was about being worried about being in cabinet department are Obama and he like yet not banned and eat into arms. That. You agree to it I used. He's gonna bring a lot of energy him. Rashard Robinson bolt have at a young. And boisterous attitude. That really that can bring up the energy level. Yeah I think in about three years people are gonna ask how could you passed. On Ruben Foster than they got a good one there a mortar about Carlos Hyde because when he's healthy I really like Carlos Hyde and there was some scuttlebutt that maybe it is the niners look into it to move on from him which I found surprising and I didn't really believe that rule what's your take on my. An audit and found and that kind of at the beginning at Tampa. But that he had been tremendously. And a couple other players the top to Alley he has clean battle but it was kind of like it all seem really. People like hockey and really focus I think they'll realizes that it then buried here at competition now it. No one's position is guaranteed. Especially if you're from the old regime and mountaineers and you know in play. I think. Correlate that that change seriously he's leaned out he's allowing an income and paying security. Outstanding but he hasn't banned in other army either gonna pack well packing back at this point in training camp. And there's no light hitting. You know how much parity getting after you get between the tackles though I mean you look like he's in great city it's healthy for now though I mean that looked like it. In all get tight again. Rick tell Jennifer Lee Chan foreigners be writer for niners nation to mark questions for Jennifer about niners camp. If you mentioned lynch and I'm just wondering I've been down that area that the dynamic. Of lynch out practice because we know as an executive and he asked for the job and I think jet was Smart enough to get atonement. So sharp so articulate with the built in respect from his career. Why is he on the sidelines. May be coaching novel bit China's. Get involved heard in the relationship that he has with Kyle so firm that none of that whatever have toes being stepped down. It really has worked out a week you work with each other where it doesn't seem like it's. Like really happen the working relationship. In inaction at the point is on the line speed is hot in Kyle regularly plan. The other day and get your that there hacking at him you attack connect. I would field. Sent people higher income people have it your contract. There's going to show. Them. Are you eager back porch like that went with the previous regime and that Millen has more power and the other church. I think bring them and the same time really made big difference I think you know it's a pretty dramatically. Relationship that they out. I think the niners are Smart on draft day to resist taking one of these quarterbacks and there are five better ones. In next year's draft you look at Louisville Wyoming Washington USC UCLA like all five of those guys but that anyone. In this last draft that could be a cousins. Available as well but we have Brian Hoyer we know Brian Hoyer works very well. With Kyle Shanahan and is the goal because you know listen worst the first can happen that realistic niner fans now. That it's not really a number of wins whether it's 3456. But it's just getting the respect and getting the work in so what do they expect out of Brian Hoyer. I mean. Looking at it can't yet and saying. That he's had there eight days act today he had quite key completions. I believe in the community and playing really well he might act you know credit card act by day. There aren't that every time date which is not cabinet albeit partially out you know deadly offense but like chop. He then making it happen is that working while the receivers get a little every decade and workshop the end intact but the upkeep and everybody has respect for and and fines and be at great leader he knows. Familiar with at an attempt. I think he. An apparent respect not as well. You know looking at the tight end position I know that I think a fifth round pick at Iowa George kettle no relation. I got a lot of war with idea what the first team offense and of course I was mostly run first he open semis of the come by and showed some speed. Is this guy might be really a nice little addition and and maybe get more playing time than they originally thought. I think he could be it definitely regret and other team and I think acted really well. They've got you know. Angela a lot of bound but there's a couple of guys that are on the team that deftly could be sleepers with while he's a guy you block very well has great hands. Had a great attitude and impact artists is former roommate. And teammate from an island that nothing packet and about and he's enthusiastic and really because public Iran first team that I let. It never complaining about not getting the ball and not about their work and really did you know want to find a place print out on the. The only curious thing in the whole draft I thought for the niners was taking an a for mentioned CJ about third in the in the third round they couldn't resist I guess waiting three rounds because. Found a obviously a lawyer's gonna start they gave money to Barkley. To back up so looks like about there's going to be a practice. Squad guy but then again you draft a guy and the third round are they hoping that he beats out Barkley and becomes the back out. And art department and at practice but that there has either at bank. Park it will probably went out that packet positioned at her experience say. I. Palestinians these patent it but it helped guide the developmental guy and he is that you can have a confusion about. He comes from a pro taught them which is now becoming more and more rare. In college and and I market need it really well and abused at Columbine and etiquette about brain becomes front pop ultimately. And finally speaking a football family you mentioned Mike Shanahan is hanging around there. Oh what's his input is a kind of like just. In LA a nice knowledgeable grandfather. Is he like get his is he getting his hooks in there. And taken aback. At parties it is sounding board he and there are I haven't seen enacted during trading at Buick there are a lot during 98. It get kind of you know hang out a pipeline serving and Kyle is you know at Creighton had to act that iPad he can't see everything that. It might have that person they get experience. On the plant mine get more information now I'm sure hurt it's only going to be dead. Early days an NFL camps knowing covers the niners like Jennifer Lee Chan follow on Twitter at Jennifer Lee Chan and of course a reader at niners nation dot com Jennifer thank you time and your insights again on the weekend we look forward to speak and again very very soon. I. Kelly and others and we have one more signals were thought to the network the rest tonight I was a raider camp I'll tell you what I saw. And I'd like to hear what you have to think about the raiders more than ours right now to talk a little football AAA 9579570. And the Penske ought to sell stock contacts on his 95795. Ira to it'll come on back and out of 57 again. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven big game. Boat costs do low and they caught us all in action that lasts one marshland and laugh love your participation as we talk a little bit about the rate is. We are all the writers or agility and out of 57 a game meant to let 957 under 570 Penske auto sales doc contacts and I'm 5795. Sell were the days pre imposed yesterday but I wanted to darken resist. Under that beat traffic because of the Cha Cha mold on the you'd tractor pulls and whatever else was going on near the Arab attack had to get up to camp. And from my side of the ball for about a half hour that I was there on. Talk to some greater peeves and got to mostly just watch the options. And right when I got there and saw some of the drills go down Derek Carr hit Michael Crabtree and I thought you know what all is right in the world. Because I'm just as I said I'm in denial that they're going to leave because they haven't left yet in the arrive here when they do leave then I'll go back into my histrionics and mash nations of of terror and horror. And pay close some drama and everything else but right now they're here and have a season here in their camp. So everything. Seems like it's the same. Connor cook who is now number eighteen by the way aside eighteen. I don't know is that that Garrett Gilbert not Conner could I guess he got rid of his bad luck number of Rowan BHP said twelve was about lucky number on the raiders yeah okay. I was excited. This EJ Manuel because one thing we saw the raiders last year is they didn't have a capable back up and when Derek Parra went down this season was over. They got scorched a Denver and then they had no hope against Houston. In the playoffs what that defense because mobile wine we kept saying all week hey he won't be scared he was scared like shaking money. And Connor Clark. Is Iraq rose's first ever start. Plus I'll think target is that great to play the truth especially watching him make camp. DiLeo overthrowing people EJ Manuel former first round pick I like EJ Amanda. I like his size I don't want to start. Pinpointing bad happen to their car but I fill out better that they sign EJ Manuel I have a feeling everything goes. To plan comic book is gonna watch the entire season and sweatpants. Generator had. And there was one really nice play were Johnny Holden was going deep. And EJ Manuel. Threw a a bomb it wasn't day. Perfect spiral of Marla Fran tartan impasse but who cares as head right in stride and really pretty play and we all know how fast that. Johnny ages. Let's just to see a quarterback in armed former player college wherever I coached and know what is in the eighties and the old man talking here but just it makes my blood boil and I just seen a quarterback walk up under senator. Man I love football the smell the grass. And there's fans there they're season ticket holders who get to go that number what I happen under Al that was one day year. You see this skinny goal posts. You know the really narrow ones and there's Georgia to Becky out of Italy and Cowell what is this his twelve camp. Especially not a bad job I don't know what Georgia to vacuum does for a living. Why he's got to be near thirty years old and and every year he goes there and he's a camp leg that's kind of a cool thing to do and then you get to play in the pre season and they call you again the next year and said. We don't wanna Wear out sea bass leg you wanna Carmen is like sure why not. From Marshawn Lynch. You know it's funny because. I did this in the perspective I knew. But still when you see a football player not worm football gear a lot of times they can look completely attache. And you watch Marchand throughout the first pitch at the a's game who look like a balloon. But it can't be that great. The great he's a football player. And watching marsh on a cal he was one of the toughest runners to tackle I've ever seen his will. To not be tackled his will to get that next yard not. Franco Harris run out of bounds at the kind of guy you. Grab his ankle and he goes down like potato chip. And hander Phil amazing. For Marshawn Lynch who probably thought he would never put on home again member when he got his helmet when he first went to headquarters he drove home wearing it. He's got to be fired up we all believe and he looks good as Jamie Durkin the same it's all looks but he looks good right now. There was one point where Derek Carr. Went over to Hudson and they start having a conversation and you know waving their arms around. And I thought I love it you know here's the highest paid center in the league here is the highest paid quarterback right now on the league. That to get anything for granted right now. Whatever that last play it was they needed to clarify some Hudson had something to tell par or vice Versa. But I just I mean it all up with a spoon at this point. And then another thing I noticed in the modern era. Is that this is the first time I've ever not seen cameraman. Who are lifted high up. On those up platforms. You know like 35 feet in the air and you may remember the tragedy that happened that Notre Dame. With a kid. On one of those things as apps an awful now. It's sort of like a security cam at the base of it is a guy sitting at a remote control. And that's the way it's done now. Anna how much that costs but that's a whole heck of a lot safer because every field goal in camp hits that guy or it heats that's. Hold your breath that you're not gonna watch this guy fall. Premiere you know trying to avoid the the football as well. Marchand by the way during a little water breaks you and over and talked to some of his. Friends or acquaintances on the outside and the said the fans as genius manages your own peace load beast mode all fired up. Com got the sea coral Paterson for the first time learning 84. Got to see Jerry Cooke's Warren 87 hours thinking Casper. And still they found a KJ brand hopi. Finds his way to the practice squad wide receiver. Number eighty like seeing him. As well but for me it's just all about the attitude there were loud beats going. Loud rap beats the whole time but when the horn sounded. They got on to the next drill. And I'll give that to Del Rio very positive vibes now then again I like hue Jackson's camp I actually liked Denis Collins camp to. Yeah that Dennis Allen for a actually liked his camp to. That just you know it's I think it's hard to screw up camp like you said Lane Kiffin everybody sitting around but you don't wanna be like Mike Shanahan when he came over. To Los Angeles raiders he told how he Lana. Long his first day of practice. Don't sit on your helmet is not allowed. You don't need to come in like that. Why it's gotta get up there are more got to see the defensive side of the ball. As well but. Our good attitude everybody so far looking did. And you know for mean nice knowing there's a back up and EJ Manuel. Nice knowing there's competition for spots I don't think marsh on is going to be a bell cow on that he's gonna get. 28 touches a game. By the defense knows that he will not be their insurer yardage situations like Zack Crockett was. I'm just was you know as much as good as musgrave was and they raiders had no problems on offense that prosaic offence of a hitch a screen. Are afraid to go away. The fate means we can't get anybody open we can't block and our quarterback is not accurate source gonna throw it up for grabs. No more prosaic bill musgrave offense I'll. Armor that we'll see you next time on 957 again.