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Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 16th

Rick Tittle gives his thoughts on the Ryan Madson/Sean Doolittle trades and then talks to Melissa Lockard and Michael Wagaman.


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He's five point seven big game and life again lol okay. Now. When I'm 95 point 76 day. Great to have you went our separate civil I'm not a 57 again that's me you're you. I'll be here until 7 o'clock tonight taking your calls. That Tripoli at 9579570. And you text messages on the Penske ourselves stock contacts on 95795. It is baseball season it is July its trading season we talked about trade winds are blowing and then of course happened before the game today Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle. To the nationals for Blake trying to and that minor league infielder. Brendan is and minor league get a pitcher. Asus loose hard though and now we bring in our good friend Melissa lock card always love talking to Melissa and get her perspective of course she editor. Of Oakland clubhouse. And I'm Melissa we we heard these rumors are running any of us sir. Are you surprised at the rumors what are you what did you think of the return from Washington however. Not calling card with trade like these have made real content. Idea what you got act it's you know a lot of the players that are involved in deals that are so far it actually getting to the equally at that the pac. On her numbered years by. Certainly Utley tried in that guy and it kind admittedly a couple of years greatly at age it is now very well has some of the most remarkable. He'll be in the daily that haven't done. Year now. I mean I know right away hopefully a carpet. At. Needy get back and act like last year particularly on national oil pan. How many guys are due out next there you know goods industry deregulate being a nation but they all clock or they'll pat meant. If they develop wade is well could be openly. Opera but you know it's going to be years now. And you know I was kind of hoping you just as the fans at then hold on a sunny like what's the big panic of dealing him right now but. We really went down to talk to a bit of Billy before first pitch outside the locker room and he said Sunday that I don't think ever heard him say before about a complete rebuild and I thought well that's that then Sonny is on his way what what did you think about when you heard Billy mentioned those words. I think probably it accurately I think and started calling around it Belmont now a Buick deal. Oh and back. Up back it's I think you know rebuild could be got a lot of different ways. Nearly. A hair cart. A huge percentage of the current roster because a lot of roster aren't rebuilt some. But the veterans that are here you know there's there's a pretty good chance that there and go up there to expand. The windows guys they have you know. Being part of their big league roster out its Arctic cat that they don't mean that he would not nearly coming together Max Eden now. I think on the one handed out tally Hart would be watching your rebuilt on the other hand. I think it was packed at dark cap you at all for the last couple years that it was time to sort of make a commitment to wonder action. And Billy you know it's funny the quotes you saying about changing the narrative of rebuilding and not being able to. Hold on to the players and he said that he's been assured by ownership. That that's knock and that gonna happen anymore and and just for me I'm a little bit skeptical. I'd leopard change its spots that let's say Barreto becomes a 330 hitter and it's Tony five home runs and drives a non earned money. I still don't see John Fisher given him a 180 million dollar contract but you could do you think that. Maybe this stuff will actually change and they'll be like the Haas family and actually try to lock guys up. You know at a time it hard to say and yet thank. Right now that they don't have any players that they need to do that he'll let you know coming up on the next year or cute though. You know there's there's not really the attack that accurately in expanding there at that point is likely though. It other admonition that they whatever it on the question. Well they're probably. Actually eight for eight and you know and panic and together I held there in a position where they. Act opera and could not. Mean that every soccer. But I'd it ain't I think it it really early that day. You know it hadn't really make that that you contact you kind of look at the doctors knew it. All the big money. On certain players and obviously there's a hot topic there's a quality up to the it topic and the guys they have not and a lot of them and the one that. That they didn't pay a lot of money toward that they developed themselves now. Throughout the game into that still questioned how attacked in the long term contract are. You look at the giant now on you and me you know obviously it got a lot on the player to get out of bed. The credit are attract about it now. At Claire's that are. A little bit pastor prime so. This debate. How effective all that can be but I do hope that there is declared you know like rhetoric that comment that that they can be competitive in and soccer you know appeared on the road. One more quote Billy said was that the process has to be organic and I thought about the semantics of that word. Did you take that word to mean. Via the draft in developing young players or did you take that word to mean on the cheap. It means is it happen in ways that there haven't. Growing it and I try to make happen numbered. It happening now isn't going to be one trade that bring it and there's been an app let it change. Outlook on a limited app and app and EU. Market. As an organization and they act out well they have to draft well I know that players make app and while it out internationally you know practically. And then it after the bell island have good people all that spot and it cut. One of the expired element of them you know and it's not bad at it on the cake. Talented people apparently talked a lot about the tournament related Asian players now. If they put that seed in the right place and they've got great people development. But it's gonna take time and that that over tightening. Ian ball. All. Year and I. That probably more than I'd like you are. A total of Melissa lock part of Oakland clubhouse come more questions from Alyssa you talk about the organics and were seeing it now. With Sean and I after his first six starts I mean you look at the last eleven starts with a any RA. Under three and that's the kind of thing you say about guys like Kershaw insurers or what have you seen in the maturation of this kid so far. Yet you know he he decorate that that money locating acting really get her anybody. Like that or right. Little bit lower delivery lot. He's being pretty coming at you and now we're at heart pick up. And Smart you know even it is well and it it was a matter just started. Getting comfortable at what he was throwing you know. Being more effective with it misses not catching too much of the play what you are trying to strike. And yet that business and minor adjustment and a lot not respect art that even where at the carry a lot higher than all the other errors indicate it should ban. Well you know you really. Like quietly very good last year. And I think he's developing news in her top line Major League starter and it that the matters ankle and the you know throughout his career. Health. Issue that yeah he kinda guy you can ride a lot of in money egg each aren't terrible issue. You know keep away from those kind of freak injury that he was having it got the bill they can be at 200 innings art are on. When you look at that I got like Madson and down in all the great playoff success he's had the you can see why he would be mouth watering proposition for someone to acquire him but. Of these next three names which one of them are you most surprised. At this point of the season has gone Curt Young being fired Stephen vote being flogged off and and now Doolittle being traded. At a young vote and do how do you rate those is in terms of while back I is gone already in July. I'd probably not surprised that do little. Only because. Of how important like the organization. I am what needed on the field but what he'd opt to yield outlawed it in cart your nation. On and that it. You know her young did not have that relationship he certainly did in and that you know even though one very important article about younger ones but. I think do little. And Ali. Sort of story that. What the organization and you required amount and having them by. Micah the way. And everybody projected beginning of their career and you represented a lot addition to being aren't really struck out leaders are great I can't. Anyone at any kind of players that you know it help any team in addition. And I think it. That at the idea little. You know I could see the value that he brings back in the trade panic about that he'd be part of the appeal org. A future run at while now. I get nothing really surprises me. Allen probably eight. Finally Melissa you know look at any guy Brandon and noise as a third base prospect I'm sure a lot of people kind of theology is Chapman has just come up and he's. Supposed to be there a long time in what about outfielders we covered as a so bear. On outfielders. And and being said that he wasn't in a position. To draft for need it was almost like a basketball draft don't draft for need or you miss out on Durant and Jordan just get the best possible player at the best subsites I mean that to me. Shows that you're really in a rebuild if you're just getting the best possible players achieving yet. I hate all that happened a lot I don't think that the usual at all I am ninety I actually. Can play a lot of positions that you he played mostly short and they're bait I got a strong armed he moves well for a player that side be it via the right fielder addition to being or at our chart not publicly urged. Probably it. And beware your our position might be at your careers I figured it out each other at. Nearly bit lately you claim he came up. You know Matt Matt and the guy that people out at colleague the great chart up to the ever really know where you know people are gonna. A lot out and you wanna look for guys that you think can make an impact with the bat amber Lyon. And you have the potential to be able. Around it that the years. Ago what you're looking at realistically it got him with Jack in about sixteen probably didn't make it. Impact at that level and that time now you know every team in there quietly at that need declared that the conditions and you know he got it in the ground a little bit and and help white spot there. I don't need that and it got in there ain't I mean I think it they can move around such in a cabin that they're based iPod he get up and I don't think it means each. You think about McGwire at third and Steinbach and Canseco third baseman and you're absolutely right about that and of course if you wanna get a look at a militia wanna drive to Rancho Cucamonga. You can see him Brandon and noise that with the imports. On that Thursday as will host the a Modesto and that's that. Banner island always great talking to Melissa Lockhart editor of Oakland clubhouse check out online follower on Twitter app. Oak clubhouse thank you so much for your time a friend and we look forward to having on again real soon. All right tell your reaction to all of this. Because when I tweeted out some of the being color quotes earlier on maverick that a lot of people or like Yang Yang you have. Blah blah blah. All talk. Wake me when they actually start trying and that a few people are like now this is a good piece of business finally as Melissa said. There are saying it out loud we are actually going to rebuild. I thought it was kind of funny when being insane day we've been and we beat draft these guys we develop them and then we can't keep them. Well economic guys saying you could keep them if you dipped in to year round cash. Anderson always have to be money and forget to check on miniature rose you sold on alms Stan. But I soil are operating he says it's gonna change. To get your reaction to blade 9579570. Penske out of cells doctor and excellent 95795. Raoul you'll go for summer to a come on back Memphis in the. Got original show on 95 point seven big game that you do that thanks for sitting through that and spelled break. Did you should know more of those please. Triple A 9579570. Right here at 995 blah blah and a not if I seven gamer till a few your reactions we got the national side of things from mark Zuckerman from MA Aston sports dot com. Melissa Block charges came in from oak club house. What about the fans because owners coming go managers coming go GM's players are coming go but we stay we are the fans what do you think Tripoli 9579570. Penske auto sales doc contacts on 95755 it's got to roll in Novato what's up man. Gadgets aren't getting back from game. I don't actually happy about that betrays. It seemed like a gun and fight for them. I forgot. That you said. That's an it was probably gonna go anyway aren't too little overdone. ID. You don't hurt. But I'm calling about the conventional wisdom that the going around that great. Treated now I'd like no light that it. You got two years on. The under control for two more years why now July that your tree yeah. You know the fans are important. I've been any chance in late moved here in 1968. I was the first game are becoming ever and that. Teams are back. And ownership has basically. Declared by our actions over the pout readers that they don't care out there and he's keen to bring crappy team and a lot of hate my partner my. To come out and minor league team. So yes I'm glad that there can find that a lot of Asian. Part stadium that year but you know what I wanna see great quality product on the field now. You know and that needs cheap guy like Sonny gray cute aren't that good club out guys she cried and paper. I think you very much for the call roll. And you're preaching to the choir. Yeah I hit it I find it remarkable people say you got a straight sunny now while he's Dawes value. It's like what he's not what a lot of Sonny goes back to his old self DC last four starts is a 133 ERA. The only possible way out and they determines if you're convinced he's gonna go back on the DL. He was pretty hardy in the beginning of his career. But to say that his value is now and then will be nil later is just an ignorant statement look at Rich Hill and and Josh Redick those were rentals and they got three. Top dodge dodger pitching prospects. Look at Sean and I am the number one pitching prospect in the Kansas City Royals organization for the rental. Of Ben Zobrist. You're telling me even at this time next year he still have a year and a half of team control that Sonny gray is value will have plummeted. Only if he's hurt. Because I don't think gray is gonna show up and have an ERA of six I I believe in the guy. And I'm with you and listen Dave gavel doing everything he can't but he has nothing to do. With what's on the field has everything to do with what's off the field. You're right I would much rather have good players then good taco trucks there's no doubt about it let's go to Dan in Oakland near I 957 yet. Favorite guy Stoller governors yes it here without that on the bag the say a lot in the matter but aren't its outlook I like to be game today and our been here and I like Hewitt. About it being a little back it's solid that energy. You know you obviously it done our part is that. Struck goodbye. All right thanks to the called and I appreciated and lines are open triple A 9579570. And yet you want those good vibes think about all the fans at the game last night after the game last night and Katie with a walk off home run in. Somebody will say I'm still buzzing and they hear about. Do low on mats in the light. That thing about Doolittle is that I am convinced just me personally but I am convinced. That is documents stay healthy because he never did as a first baseman and he never has as a pitcher. And right now he's pitching fantastically well. So I think if you don't trade him and when he goes on the DL he goes on for three months. It's not like he goes on that ten day be Elena hang now. I can do little it's as I mean almost the last time he went on it's almost like you know do you do you wanna retire. It's not like Jerryd Parker type of devastating injury but it's almost like are you sure. You think well they keep doing this because we got to the point where it's like. Should we even consider among the team anymore and he's came back and he showed us alternate shot are my house and that he's still. Highly effective like he was when he was an all star in point fourteen. Let's go to my main man Stew and back and bill what subs do. Rick how do in great debt BR. It. And hold their last time it. Turn it around pointed. At a great time. At my room with me just. And Robert Lichter open. Weaning is a great. Your overall core. But I saw the putrid game. It's looking at me I have no problem getting it and do little that it wobble. There. That. Is where it. Chance we don't admit it is to get out and get guys in here are hotter percent would view. Why would we wanna get re keyed him blast your absolutely. If they. On Carlos and consider that every last night in these elderly gentleman in the the job as they are all big water dragon emperor. Read broken down. I couldn't. Let somebody. Like you know. Moved wow. And along the ground but let's move along. Not here let's get something or these two guys can't get some pepper and made it yet or choice. Otherwise. It. Would have the ball of the hour. Shouldn't looking and shortstop though and it. Well yeah I mean at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel on some of that issue and right now our face right now. There's not a hasty a man always appreciate the com and that's said the grades due course the head coach. Pat back to all high school as well. It's got to sell stock Comtex line from the 51 now. 95795. As the attacks line even I wanna keep sunnier the a's traded Ricky twice Bob from Oakland. Yeah Ricky had four stints with the is the first one killed me. I want her Jose Rio and those guys. And he goes on Letterman and waves broke my heart but they remember the Steve car say deal and they came right back. That's my only foul ball ever got Scott lessen the twins off. Steve car say all right we still have a whole other hour together at least another half hour of a stock as well also get on the horn right out to blatant. 9579570. Penske so stock Comtex on 95795. Armored it'll come on back nine to 57 again. He's five point seven beginning life and love. Now he's a great tittle and on sunny five point 76 day. Thanks for joining us on nine to five point seven the camera total would view we got one more hour together we'll throw it to the network for the rest of the night. So it's good time to chime men. Have your two cents addressed. Questions comments or concerns in the world of sports football basketball baseball hockey is ordered all this onerous in boxing Olympics go neutral about just sort of drug we cricket. A bullet 9579257. Need to write it down dial up 8889579570. Penske auto sales duck Comtex 195795. A lot more talk about with the a's and the strayed. To the giants gonna do Michael why Yemen is gonna check in with us at 630. The talk about the raiders as we are getting ready for camp. That's right we're gonna learn to tie knots and row boats we're going to can't. July 20 day at the Napa. Also sad to see in the last hour. That broadcaster Bob wolf as passed away in new York at the age of 96. A fantastic full life with parts of eight decades as a sports broadcaster. Covering. Some of the greatest moments like Don Larson's per again in the nineteen fare 56 World Series. The giants Baltimore colts NFL. Championship game in 1958. And I had the pleasure in my syndicated show. Just about she's 56 months ago to interview Bobble friend he was just sharpens a nail and very very gracious so. Thoughts and prayers with his family as they said 96 not too shabby and a fantastic career. As a a sports broadcaster. All right so now. Didn't back to the days. And I'm sure there are some people out there that are you know light a candle to keep hope alive about jumping or heard just about every other team in baseball. To get that second wildcard. I'm not one of those peoples that you literally have to jump over just about every other team every other team would have to lose but while that's going on their playing each other and one of those other teams as winning. So I just don't see the root X cube. Lining up for the days to get the second wildcard. I think the hole they dug his two day but you look in the gong. Maybe we wake up tomorrow on five and a half back in the second wildcard. It's just weird that Tampa Bay is coming to town. Right and by the way and tomorrow more of the future. It'll be the kid gosh that former pick at a clams and he'll be on the bomb vs Jake odor is seen. 615 and I got show with actress towns and but the rays are in town. And down they are the number one wildcard. The Tampa Bay Rays. So any year where just about everybody has a chance the gays don't that's stinks. As a way what about a so everybody else's and here. Now what on earth is going on right now. Ion but I like they're from news they said you know the whole thing about sunny out kind of accepted the fact that he's on his way. Because of what Billy Beane said right in front of my face today and that was. We're going complete rebuild. And that's kind of an out she. For me. Since he got so stuck on assignment types of an I five from the 51 now. Rick I don't mind trading Sonny he was so bad last year and as far as I know. He'll be better. And you'll be better than any of the minor leaguers we get so trade him while he's pitched well before he lapses. Bad again. That's from Adrian in the 51 now. You're absolutely right. He had a bad run of it there and there's no doubt and last four starts and mentioned the 133 and you think about. How he could regress like that again. Or how maybe he can get hurt again. You could see why the a's are like let's just get rid of them now. Fermi it's also just. The systemic. Merry go around the broken record that is. Draft a guy develop them and then trade them in his our Beers or for the and why would you do that if they guys good. Why would you do that. Well maybe you do it because like when their way and all land non. Getting the sharking getting Lester and giving Hammond getting these guys in your Hammel I should say getting them in here. And saying you know Billy be in effect they say and I don't wanna go into a playoff series. Again and start guys like Tommy Malone and danced really I don't want them facing her Lander and on a ball Sanchez in Detroit. I want guys like Lester and some margin Hammel. And you go in on that it doesn't work out at all. In fact the irony. The a's and that wildcard game in Kansas City wearing these that set always October. And they never played in October that was the last day of September that wild card game. And two blown save us I mean even tie ass book came out with hits in that inning about two home runs from Brandon Moss. Everybody pit stand but the pitching staff just couldn't get it done. And also Gaza leads to about did you idolize. Awesome Christian Dodd do little. It's always stuck in my craw that he blew that save. One of them I mean he's an all star closer and I remember when he was warming up at Kauffman. And they showed him he'll like hedged and then they showed him turned a look in to see what was going on and I thought his eyes were gonna burst out of his skull. He was beet red. And our view allows washing of the what with eyes set on now do this is this moments too big for Doolittle look at him he's scared out of his mind. And they said don't go with a body language he's just really read he's nervous. I thought oh you're right. And then of course what seven different guys still bases. First one on Soto the rest on Norris you could say they still have all the pitchers. That's true most of the time when Billy Boller still debates on you I'm blaming the catcher. I don't care how slow the delivery of Medicare but to pitch out. By the way we would pitch outs are ancient history to. But I love to hear from you about. A sunny and the eventuality of it I guess we're sort of getting used to it right now like Sonny is terminal and we at the start. Getting our Rosa resolve form because. You know he's he's about to go not in that sense but it just as metaphorically AAA 957. 9570. The rumors flying. Boston. Apparently looking at Lowery again. And just wonder if Larry thinks cannot only play. For a couple teams here and nick comes at a Stafford to boss then. Then Houston then the days then Houston then the days. And then Boston again. Perhaps. It works that way. Saw that. Teams are Anderson and Connor Strickland. And John my producer the giants fan is over the moon to think that somebody will take Strickland off the giants' hands he said that would be a dream come true. Hearing that the Astros are looking at some margin. I think they'll be another dream come true for giants fans that they did take that fat contract offer their hands as well John's all thumbs up on that. Self. Bloodier commute as well. Mom on the text line. From a 415 Rick what's the deal at chief Wahoo and why do people still use it well that's a can of worms let's open. I'll open it because as the couple days ago at the all star break the Commissioner of Baseball rob Manfred said chief law who's not going anywhere this year. Now I understand the logistics of trademarks and all those things and remember in Washington. What's going on with the name Redskins. And the Washington Post won't even use anymore they just call them the our words. I give Dell's not doing anything about it Dan Snyder's fighting it tooth and now. Obama said he didn't like it but he didn't wanna introduce legislation against then you think trump cares now. Sell out of all our live without the chief Wahoo was supposed to be the beginning of having it phased out that they were gonna take it off one. Other jerseys and yeah the caps with a C on it looks like you made them Asher T get the Hilltop mall those are brutal hats. And we went zero thought put into. It's like if you gave me. You know couple hundred bucks and said go get caps Lucy's on on battle that's what I would come back within an hour. Rick pedal equipment manager and that's what I would come back with. So I understand and that chief Wahoo has been around a long time of the doesn't mean that it's acceptable. It is a terrible and this isn't just because they have Bay Area sensibilities. Anybody would have a brain can see how are racist that is it's really about. It really is in fact am I to the pregame show at the coliseum Dirk one guy was weren't one of the old time sure it's with the with the Indian logo what the long and crooked hoped to knows. I understand tradition. And I understand those things but you know what time moves on. And I had a discussion. On these airwaves a few years ago. With Joseph size man and he was so upset that people don't like Redskins and he said it was fine for fifty years what's wrong now. My said Jelena we used the same negro and colored me used to say he or enamel analysis like give if if that group doesn't like it anymore who we did say years stuck with a written that's ridiculous. And he talked about after won the Super Bowl at the Redskins that day. An Indian tribe gave him a full chief Indian headrest and they said they loved the name. Well yes. I'm sure there were tribes. That like it but the vast majority. Looks like they don't mean member about the other Seminole tribe try to get rid of that name a Florida State. There are few different factions of the Seminole tribe that said no we like it we want and we want you to keep. So you can't talk about anyone as a group no one is ever completely united. I'm sure there's going to be group here there that likes it. I think the vast majority. Would probably say. That they're not into it I just thought it was a missing for rob Manfred to say yeah it's not going away this year. Where we're not gonna do it. And if it's a thing like we'll let you how I know the NFL if you wanna do a uniform change you have to apply. More than a year in advance. And it's not because are you sure. It's just because everything they print. Is gonna become superfluous everything everything that has. All the logos on and all the little toy is a ball helmets all the bed sheets of all logos. I know I got you really wanna do this all right well you give us at least a year to sell all the stuff we have now. It's on think in if if men if the commissioner of a baseball rob man Fred is like look we've still based oh god you know 100000 chief Wahoo that's just let them sell those off first. You know obviously you're letting money rule everything that's odd. But said generally get a an explanation. And it's not like it would kill the franchise. And I'm I'm not an Indian fan maybe if you grew up would chief Wahoo it's. It's a symbol that you know you hold very dear you know you love that symbol I was with you all the time. And I can see that but you have to you. Get to the point where you realize what it is. I mean even when I was a little kid in the early seventies. And no one usually complaining about it I I remember thinking and there's a teen called the Redskins Mann has some cold blooded stuff. Why now there was in the same kind of the same kind of protestor and also time Emmy and two time marches on people. You know people get them more educated only sway hope they do. And so yeah chief Wahoo by the way thanks for the thanks for the attacks there. Mom. From a 51 no. Mom. We are being brainwashed. Okay. We are being brainwashed I like that one. From the forward Rick what is Bob Melvin status says days manager how much longer will he tolerate another rebuild and another last place finisher Alex on the for a way. Alex in the 408. I remember when Bob signed his extension. And the is oral last place team a couple of years ago. And I'm sure it eats at Bob we know how competitive he is. I've asked him if you take these losses home and and he does only he dwells on coming keeps him up on my but he takes these losses home. It on baseball yet have a short memory especially if you're a baseball lifer like like Bob Melvin met. This guy's been manager of the year in both leagues. And everything that's going on right now with BA's that's bad I do not blame on bomb Mel. Money BA's are very lucky Bob Melvin and I think for a long time. Billy bean kind of underestimated the value of a manager. And you know and Ken Mok got low bit sassy he was shown the door. Bob Garrett knew his Billy Bean's best man at his second wedding in their bodies from the San Diego days. And member the the a's were pathetic and and Gould said Bob Guerin was doing a great job. And Mike that's that's not what I hear from my owner. In it's like I'm not looking for you to say this guy's gonna be executed at dawn or were going to fire Hummer. Do the old mayor Willie Brown he beyond help those are Mac I don't want that. But to say that he's doing a tremendous job. Yeah I X. But from day one Bob Melvin came in communicated ease up on the step and he's watching every pitch. Is that I I don't agree at everything he's ever done. I thought he was too in love with the platoon system. I think a lot of people are upset that Jonny Gomes never got to start and any of those playoff games he got a late. Pinch hit because that's dad Seth Smith and there is no reason to. I have Jonny Gomes go on their face and all the right handers Ida now a problem about the one thing. They've really the only glaring thing. That I had a problem with Melvin was and how wild card game when they need a left handed pinch hitter and there's Adam Dunn who never played in a playoff game of life who had the chance in a home run. And he put in nick pent Punto. Who's about as automatic as an out as you more by taking an iPad. Emanate from Intel made a now we all knew. That that that's how I was gonna go down. And after the is lost Melvin said to the effect that feel terrible for out of my disfigured we're gonna be playing in the next round and I was gonna we plan them and then. And I still I still have absolutely no idea. Why you want to keep that bullet in the gun. That late especially a guy like Punto who in that part of his career and Nick Punto if you watch him he was bee Yond hot static I he was. Awful. Cell we kept our fingers crossed when he knew that he was enemy so let's. People aren't perfect but when you look at the managers here through the years. And I'm talking about this guy Boris and then our and Jacqui mores and I'll I'll take. Take Bob Melvin right now. And can be a lot worse I don't I don't blame if you blame Bob Melvin I think you got to take a look at the personnel and Bob Melvin does not sign or draft any of these players. None of them whatsoever. He doesn't do that so. That's not a problem. Op has got also talk and text line 95795. And 95 but doesn't Melvin have any pride. Well that's kind of an assault on him what is he supposed to do quit because they're not winning how's that pride pulled to be a guy who quits. Some gonna have to disagree with you on that like he's from here he grew up on the peninsula he went to cal. He went to the days on the green he's a huge warrior fan he's a huge fan of cal football and cal hoop as well. He's out there at Evans watching cal baseball. He's bought a home in Berkeley this is where he's from this is where he lives. So exposed to say I have pride and I have to go to our organization that's gonna you know have. 200 million dollar payroll how many of those are there. Or when the day's going into the twelve season. And they traded three all star pitchers in their twenties. And you just wondered and one was a two time all star and Andrew Bailey. But they trade these guys KL Ngo. And and them. And Andrew Bailey. And I remember talking MFN fast. And of course like did you. Tell us what to get his re actually did you know that the rug was gonna get pulled out for me like this. And he said all I'm onboard I'm cool I you know I knew this is the direction where we're going. And I didn't know to do that and no Melvin very well then he'd only been with the team like you know what half a year. But I didn't know if he was just you know given the company line or he actually was that optimistic and it turned out that he was actually that optimistic. He's not interested in rebuilding he's he doesn't wanna hear when when they lose. It doesn't want somebody to come out to and say well you don't have a lot of bullets in the gun you know you don't have a lot of players. He doesn't buy that as an excuse. Enter he's a realist. He understands that when you put Franklin Barreto up there he's probably not gonna hit. 500. I mean every once in awhile you get a map Chapman verses. Corey glue birding its ten total bases Lotta like last night. And we look right now the last three games. From jab and by the way triple home run double home run double. Start to rake a little bit there make it happen. As they said to I'm Bob Melvin is not a problem. 51 out shirt he get Hilltop you just took me back to growing up in Richmond and now welcome to my world. Nom from the 51 now. After the cubs won the World Series. I bought one of their T shirts. At grade. From the 95 actually texting. The thing I read it what will define the a.'s future in five years now is not the trades this year. I don't know about that. I really don't and that's the thing that the caller was talking about to just say you can't just say everything's about the future. Because. You know unless you go I get these in these place holders like I mean does anybody remember that Trevor plume was on the team because he was having some people probably have already forgotten about Trevor pollute being on the team. But for the EA is the other rise davis' in the Matt Joyce they could just go scorched earth and just go all yarn and I really would now a problem with that. Let's say the truth just blood everybody at this point get them that kind of an experience. I would like that. Another thing I wanted to bring out is the fact that at the halfway point in the season or just a little bit half. I think about some of the changes that have been made an ass Melissa Lockhart about that. I'll ask the fans out there as well out of curt young. And Stephen vote and do little which one are you most surprises is no longer here. And for me that person is Curt Young. I didn't think he was gonna get scapegoated. At this point I didn't think he was going to be that guy or their like the hour not winning it. And new year the problem who mean yeah you. That would be the one for me triple A 957957. For the five auto correct can we get Aron judge. Now you can't get Aaron judge. And by the way I signed an interesting article. And a body of credit to the guy who wrote it or gal that our member. But Aron judges already tied the rookie record of thirty home runs that Joseph DiMaggio around. He then well that's pretty cool and of course judges get a break that now. But something that was brought up that in thing goes. Joseph DiMaggio when he was a rookie. Left center field. Was for sixty. To the wall. And dead center in the Yankee Stadium were fly balls go to dying. They ridiculous. For a ninety's. Now all instead of force sixty in the power Alley in left San Herm. It's 399. And dead center field at the new Yankee Stadium. It's 40 wait. So you're talking 61 feet closer and left senator. And you're talking about 82 feet. 82. Feet. Close serve. In dead center field. Back then it didn't really occur to them. You bring in. The no of the offenses. And this is why when Babe Ruth you know. Would hit that sixty bombs in the the next guy in the big leagues the next leader Mike number two on the list had eight. Can see why Babe Ruth was the most popular person. On the on the planet. And by the way Yankee Stadium when Joseph DiMaggio is there. 314 down the right field line. Ellie say porch I've yet to see the porch there. Today Yankee Stadium right field line. 314. Exactly the same. So if you get one of those one of those op posed there. That's got to sell stock come text line 51 though Curt Young for sure I agree with you most surprised that he is gone let's go to Ryan out in Concord Ryan you're on 957 again. Eric at audit time and tiger and he got a Matt Stairs and Jason Giambi clambering out of your Ito. My guess what again was. You know five years now and Chapman britney's dad and he did wears off and artsy what is stadium. And that's what about the plan I think you gotta yeah I got a call about it. Loved summit a lot ought to have broken up about it. Actually call right and I appreciate it our rights so there it is once again we did a nice little hour and a half. Of well as post game there a's beat the Indians seven to three they sweep the Indians. And this is the fifth time in team history they've come out of the break with a sweep. How about making that for as I mentioned tomorrow 615 Chris Townsend with the dugout show. And it'll be gossip reverses. Odor at C ended also to remind everybody repair flood Knight is on Tuesday night. And albeit scooping there in the east side club if you wanna come by. And I roll my back. Just kidding coming up next we're gonna talk a little bit about the solar in the black we are the home of the raiders are getting ready to go to camp. We're gonna talk to Michael law ornament from silver and black illustrated next hour till 957 guys. This is the Rick tittle shall. On 95 point seven big game. Don't trust is welcome back (%expletive) out of 57 again rich relative brother half hour coming up the next save and all sporting topics will be welcome if you wanna get in your Wimbledon question warrior gold cup question and stuff. Or the regular fare. AAA 89579517. They'll just field day Poland some 888957957. The Penske outsells doc Comtex 195795. I promise were joined by our good friend Michael Wagoner and the senior writer for sold around black illustrator of course a reporter for the Associated Press. As well and we got camp coming Marty starting to. To feel the vibes. Looks like a lot about twelve more days. I can you feel that Michael. Yeah I'd definitely you know whatever. Should in the dugout appear at the coliseum yesterday before the game and and someone mentioned Omega Qaeda two weeks to First Act it's you know. And you know it's it's in the last four weeks are really slow by consider the final. Round boo many intentional he Aso. That definitely can feel it in. Probably I would believe most raider fans could feel it you know. Concern where the team finished last year with the did not season and what the expectations or this year it's got to be good vibe I would think. All around the raider nation. Specially CNB smoke throughout the first pitch today is Warren Oakland uniform we got to get them on the slow from black on. I'm what's the deal with Bulgarian Conley and the rape accusation back in that Columbus because raider fans are kind of hopeful that this would have on May be. A scene itself out by then but there's still a lot of questions. Yeah I mean it and expectations are everybody's you know oddly. His agent his family the raiders Reggie McKenzie most prominently I think everybody thought this was. Going to be a no brainer done and over with shortly after the draft and it's lingered on a whole lot longer. And that. Have to be a concern. You whether or not you know ultimately. Clears out in east you know charges there or not. Wilder or whatever sound innocent in at whatever capacity wanna look at it. It is the fact it's lingered on this long and end. Rectitude to camp coming in twelve days until the situation cleared up I don't believe he can he can crack SOA. You know what is looming over and in and it's it's a series of situations that it hasn't gone away. Hand. So we'll have to see how it plays out for comic seeking better though quickly because the longer this is. The longer goes in the champ goes the more likely it doesn't make an impact do you don't. You know guy in the first round and expect to be without. Readers expect to use him in some capacity starting. Aware that just nickel they really expected to be record what they do on the east and so. Right now it's kind of hold their breath crossing their fingers. Greg whatever good currently can't open this thing gets done in Toledo quickly. Yeah we know David Emerson Sean Smith or make a lot of money so hopefully they go live up to the cash while we wait on that Conley. I'll wanna ask you about. Linebacker because you know we we kind of we're expecting some picks and they in the draft then. So that Johnny Jenkins comes in and I seem sort of penciled in at will right now. But is still a guy guys like heaney and James who can tackle anybody. I'm a little bit concerned where I think. What's gonna happen. And that L linebacker. Your guess is. As good as mine I mean I her. With the last year applicants. Or. Do something and yet middle linebacker where free agency workers to draft and I was literally changed this year that they were gonna do that. And in the draft most specifically and think there was much out there terms free agents but you know. With these defense to some young pieces are there you know what at a young guy. That can going to be the anchor and try to beat some form the nucleus of this young defense some of the other guys that they dress over the past couple years. There were guys out there when they were on the clock I gotta be honest I was shocked. That the drastic Connolly. Especially when you look look at need as opposed to you know at linebacker like you'd like you mentioned. And yet according this year where a guy like been handed shot and they decided to move on. It's still in the mixed. Core games are a little bitty last year they drafted mark solely. This year. At six rounds she CBR. I mean there's you know. There right now I'd be shocked by the end of the champ being put it in the fine right now. I think is going to be an area that will be a weakness for this team. And let's listen you know mark oh come out and really you know term raising kids and in turn rise or whether it mix number. Short. In which he comes out and really takes control going to be a problem for the team and when you talk about we should on the defense. One of the biggest weakness is with that in your your parents rushed into the middle linebacker who can shoot the gaps who can really help their. Just to mention effective. You know that's something he not gotten from the middle linebacker position for many many years to come out and make a play at the line of scrimmage or on the backs. Each field camera and so you know that's still a red flag to me. Defensively for this team and there are some other you know so are some other question marks on the beach right now middle anchors easily the most glaring in biggest one that I actually. I'm I'm with you and I said at the time I was in the big fan of the Collie pic I love his talent. Out of all the questions and I know Reggie said we did our due diligence and we asked all the questions and more perfectly happy and we know everything's going to be fine but. I counter that with the only possible way you can know for sure is to talk to the young lady who made the accusation and that she either said. I pay I'll lie down or be I'm not gonna press charges. Then you did not do your due diligence if you sit down with the kid and his agent and he swears he didn't do it that's not doing your due diligence. You are vote it cracks me up whenever you're change or specifically via executives and we do our due diligence well. I don't know what you're diligence it. So maybe you did the peripheral stuff you know my idea due diligence. It is in so invest in getting much information you can't over average stokes. Especially when you're talking about a person couldn't fault in the situation. Where he's accused of something that character issue with legal issue which it just everything. If it is true you got cute and turn retire stone which you can't you know again. Reggie says hey we do our due diligence well. He Dijjer due diligence in how surprised are you that the networks in here and your surprised. Did what you. So. They're you know again until listening. Wreck site and so one way or the other retreat to if if you read the raiders' locker in the schools aren't you garnered even more concern because they're their. You know if you there was nothing there will be there. Have been cleared up along. I would parent I'm not commenting on his guilt or instance one way or the other one that out there. I just think that nothing out there to cut drag it would have been taking a long time ago and so. It's enough of a concern that police still doing their due diligence. And you know two world is kind of old Barbara when you obviously include ago. Now I'm with you and I just thought it was just I love the talent I think he's a great corner artists think that this for a first round pick on a team Ellen told them for a lot of wishes. Way way too risky Rich Hill my five sending anywhere spiel and Michael Wagoner and senior writer for sold her black illustrated. Let's go to the offensive line which was so dominant last year but as I look. That's our right tackle and I know they brought in this guy new house but I'm looking at Austin Howard they give a lot of money too and he's flip flopped. Around you know they drafted David sharpen and he told me a rookie mini camp that he could totally play on the right side but I think they wanna groom him. To protect the blind side trying to the guy who is blind and one time that he's been that way his whole life so he doesn't even know and he's fine. Ron did they they're grooming him to be the replacement to Donald can sell is Austin Howard or Marshall Newhouse the right tackle right now. Oh great right now I think you have potentially new option. Yeah oddly they've they've they gave Austin Powers a lot of money but I think. They're big chain would they get from loss or cowardly I think you're gonna going to camp and I don't think it's it's clear. You know new house is sure. Like using that they wanna see it they get him. They elected regarding know pretty much what Austin Powers can do yeah. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. If they short opened some embassies and they're not getting. Better. From either guy it stream of what we've seen at right tackle spot and pressed two or three years in the position that he obviously the biggest weakness on the offensive line on the great offensive line has been injuries guy you know mentally watching could stay healthy. Earlier this could hold them on the job. So it's not something that they there this is gonna throw a big cheek into play against Percy. But they do wanna get somebody over there Beck and solidify that job in you know if you do tactical circle and then went down and called it quits or when it re part ways that you slide back over to a young guy he can make that transition I don't think that the big enough concern. But I think that's not something they wanna do right now is taking gave. One of the two veterans to that hold them for their. In the timing and joking giving younger. And then I think obviously that's what they they would prefer and then you know out of church over on the lips sarge it's something happened to two double pin. That's the plan does and the best pan and best plans go to waste. Whatever injury or something crops so what field out quickly go to that is those two that middle linebacker. To the two biggest question marks from me in camp. Yeah Mike linebacker right now Haney and James makes you wanna do a dry heave. Let's talk about defensive tackle because we know that William showed up a balloon a camp. I jelly Ellis we know he can play on his way but Darius laid them really came out of nowhere. Last year so they spent a pretty high pick in the draft on and Evander does that UCLA of course class are high in all burn and the story on him was was that he got a little bit softer got a little bit flat. I may be a little bit of a primadonna but then as he knew the draft was coming he really worked hard. And I tell you what I was shocked. Pats rookie mini camp to mean he looked like may be as strong safety he was too skinny and I asked him about losing weight and he said it was actually very easy. Mom I almost like he's too small out of play. Defensive tackle but he does plus they have a mean streak so how do you look at that prospect right now. Who who would. But one gave him some interior pressures should not eat or some kind I think that that that that. That. We we think that we always associate with Dietrich to track sometimes. And can get too much. Credit when McDyess gets beat Garrett got moves. Sometimes that can trump that that lack of speed lack of size but you know at your point. I like it actually did this cute when he on his cane in your head isn't right. When he spoke this can be changed from. Me and he couldn't comment below or opt. But I think right situations. In the right down if you you trying to mix and match right now. Dig you can get something out the other thing is going to be march were down. On passing down and noticing more enemies and side and I think he can stay healthy he picked that they can impact that into your past. Outside outsource its slide yeah the best outside pass pressure. And so principally of the year Lou Mac until you're steady constricted pushed up the gut and quit allowing opposing quarterbacks to step in the architecture they're so comfortable which is what we've seen time and time again in Chile that Chile can get bad. You know no matter what does it not matter and so. That you know beat on I do like better goes I think he's. Really good addition I'd nor did talk to one scout. Another and so he had not been great reviews about this cute and thought that he can bureau can change operators. All right sounds good yeah and especially if they move Edwards over Rama big unique Daughtry fan too and give him in there well peaking cartridge. I'll want more one final question for Iranian might think that in a wire people I still asking about this and it's because I get asked about it all the time and that's about number 99. Alden Smith then and it's not so much persona non Grata but I think that they're not making any plans for him right now what do you think. I don't think they made any plans formed last year and I think the same holds true this year. And you know. I don't know how committed he used to getting back record so many different things from him and see once you get one thing in C and other. I could be frankly I'd be shocked and Turkey all the minutes in the NFL again I think you guys. Railroaded a little bit to a certain extent last year with that with the ongoing you know never knowing how long the suspension was gonna go but at that time restraint but that has many things about Roger Goodell I don't. Agree with but from the raiders perspective they've clearly moved on. If they ever get this guy back it's gonna you know what kind of shape Libyan. A year and a half now or more than a year away from football what shape is he going to be at how long retreat camp this should not think defense coming back to there's a lot of different things factored into it. And you know you Snooki news outlets say he's reinstated at some point in the pre season. The raiders try agreement for a Luke and in most likely. That's kind of the way I see it you know maybe they maybe they feel differently but at this point I could still see you know even if you clear how much factory can be. Now the wars have sway EP or thing about all of the YEP. I. Bob that I've always been wet my whole life. The leg deeply. I had to meet Republican in the kind of. Copyright sounds good Michael wide amends senior writer for silver Black Hills rated. And a longtime reporter for the Associated Press make sure to fall among Twitter at wag EP now just getting that am. Like Amanda WNAGA. And. AM Michael always love your insights on the raiders really appreciate the time and then we'll talk tease him a friend. Sound good Rick always my pleasure. All right tickets stuff and deaf hope all founds out there raider fans anything he had to say about what's Michael and I were just talking about any sporting top we got one more segment together its AAA 9579570. Less than two weeks until camp. Bring his swim trunks and the Penske ought to sell stock complex when I'm 57 on file armor to look come on back and out of are some of the good. This is the Rick tittle shall. On 95 point seven big game. Our let's get right added again other segments together and member gonna throw it to the network for the rest tonight at 7 o'clock so give in now all told Fareed don't be shy. Many yell and hang up on route one and don't be shy triple A 9579570. Pence got to sell stock Comtex 195795. It is I've been talking this guy for some fifteen years on the radio what is the one the only priest in the south bay what some frown. So Rick that he pillow which. Let them didn't like it on the radio and it's you'll and it's great being here in the end. Mike wet though according to my friend of mine is not you out. My biggest concern concern over it. I don't want that person that's a question call the camp or break you know. Tom how Latin. How are on that well how far under the cap my producer John William right on that right now. Okay because I don't understand. Why it and then my credits and rip at. It and he let. Talent that players. Don't tell the players walk out that the world without a plate. Stakes he would want ordered and it might. What stage and I did that light let go. I don't miss it quietly go to our policies. Without directing their. It neat or eat at last. Peter demo. It's like it's like the giants without a left fielder it's like they knew they didn't have one but they start the season anyway. Yeah and I don't you didn't really. I I really don't in the popular. Speaker I'd correct there at. It's a threat a current social well being that big. But he champs cheap tent. We do want to know me well and she. Right now there are a by the way eighteen million under the cap priest. Keep police and they're writing and take the gold market compared. The candidate Rick. Well you think about the guys you brought in from loft into Roche to now Jenkins. Ability. Billy Ray Armstrong whatever ray ray Armstrong I mean these guys. And. And then at a pro at our truck that Beckett pretty. And I. Up till I get it you aren't at the wrenched cook or not green but I meant that the right. You mean like drought and a guy like Connor took in the fourth round when you don't need a quarterback. All. I. He. He had a. Well vote or. Q what are. The outskirts of the fact we're very key. But at that point there that. He tried. But this team and so we'll be picked to go about it though. And challenging. But he or at least. Let me give you another when they give you another name Corey tumor. All I think. Put Atlanta back it will right. That's the guy who went to the chargers and how to like twelve tackles against us. This buried. The people. Looked at it. I'm so but yet at any chance at it. Cold and rain there weren't. At their treatment. How they like cholera. I let me ask you this priest what did you think about the Conley picked with all the red flags which are still waving brightly. I don't there's me yet. That there during that. Back. To that article because it. It's a couple days go at. That opera. Oh. How they act now. Yeah. Rick keep track and Rick. Because there. Are. Odd spot it by. Or. Was that he. And black. Well not. Seen. And at that guy that should put a cap. All right man priest I appreciate the call man as always don't be a stranger alright. That's priest out there are loving it. Eddie's right. Listeners is now a lot of good things that came and told them for. But I think his point is valuable words in his mouth I know I feel this way is that you're on the on the cusp of something really special. So don't don't lag in any area. That's Gus those doc Comtex line do you really think that Stanton can go to the giants as is rumored. I think stand and would be an outstanding. Fit in San Francisco. As they have no one in the outfield. Let's just a matter of how much you wanna pay down that thirteen million dollar contract. And it's back loaded stand then is Tony seven years old he's making fourteen and a half mil this year. Next year 25 million a year after that 26 years after that 26 year after that 29 million Euro after that 29 million the year after that 32 million. The year after that 32 million the year after that 32 million. The year after that 29 million. The year after that 25 million I'm not kidding and in the last year in 20/20 eight when he's 38 years old. 25 million. A thirteen year 325. Million dollar contract. He can opt out out of after point one me. Why he would I don't know and by the way if he makes the all star game he gets fifty grand. Just think suck his agent wanted to make sure he had incentives. We picked at the thirteen year 345. Million dollar contract what do what do human what about a few Maxiell started. Fifty K. All right I mean he can't make it and not get rewarded my client needs to get rewarded. By the reason that they're trying to get rid of Stanton is not because they don't love them they're trying to get rid of them because they're trying to sell the team. And that is the biggest obstacle right now. You add. Jim issue of this guy mosque the in the millionaire. In Miami you got Derek Jeter. Got all sorts of people who might be Chiming in to get in on this Marlins group right now. But yeah that's a lot of cash but the giants love that album. Just a matter how much they wanna pay. I thanks everyone knew I tuned in if you wanna come to root beer float day Tuesday I'll be stupid at the 957 game Booth we'll see you next time Rick totaled nine of assigning.