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Friday, June 2nd

Gianna and Anna talk NBA Finals and the top trending stories in sports this week!


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Welcome to frank on tags in 957. Dutch radio because that is what we are now as he will lawyers tape on the cavs in the NBA finals we are branding herself as deep wire station because we are out of your right hand right welcomed nation again been here before. Your agenda right now I'm Italian detonation has been loud and route and it should be a should be definitely units on what you know going around. I was actually walking around Sampras has its right China is that they just walking around in Alison need to see. I could I lost count of how many people win wars scariest well I mean a very deep bay area's fired up for this series of course the lawyers to eighteen game one jazz decimating. The cavs a 113 and 91. In game one of the NBA finals at oracle oracle is out it was exciting. It was really it was a really fun atmosphere points against you or you just saw people stand like the whole crowd is hardly sit sat down a home game and it brought back bracelets again -- did I bracelets an average day and put it off whenever they want to throughout the game Adam going opera that was fun so cool such a great amazing time. Played that game coming into it. I was nervous that I knew the war is it began I I came in today is in the way it went in five. Come back and win it at home. Men they're looking good against LeBron and the cats I would love to have them when that I think it would be great for us here just kind of with everything that happened last year and how the cavs wanna hear I I mean I think it's it's the lawyers win the lawyers get and they went at home. That would be fantastic if they did it in five I'm OK with the sweep. On the but I got I get it happening Cleveland but I think after seeing game one I feel a little more confident that. I don't know I think it's a possibility this could be the first sixteen in a playoff team it would be amazing especially after the 739 season last year and how that. Went down at the and really depressing at the and I have a I have a banner that says 73 at nine that. That we got from my brother on man it's kind of sad looking at it. So because they didn't win that year he'll always remember that year is the year they did when they get this sixteen and can you imagine house took I don't line and when the championship it doesn't matter it doesn't matter to me that it would just be the most it would be the most amazing story and he's very delicate and it makes it as ethnic our producer Nick Brown is giving me that let Chia on we got to be realistic it's LeBron it is LeBron he is. You know the greatest player levering stand test that. Greatest player alive. Against the greatest competition needs and this year I mean look at how has life and Kevin Durant last night and I mean that's why here. If there was any hater out there if there was anyone in the media who was like oh Kevin Durant as the wishy washy about him you have no reason Kyle after last night's now obviously you know with the cavs did win. You still still looking at his performance has to look at with the lawyers and not too. 38 points fourteen for 2653%. Field goal three for six of the three point lap 50%. 87% from the free throw lines that I mean this is so efficient. How many assists tasty and a eight assists he knows grade nine rebound this is lawyer bats well right here. There was one point and watch it you know that hit six dunks I think last night rank right and there was one police on a he'd probably gonna dunk the ball easily to what he did he dished it does yeah he does it desires that he dissed the staff right right in the corner and I think that's the. Everyone says OKD is transformed his game now this is the player Kevin grants being. He she's finally in a system where he connects ID can have for him. Eight assists because he's not next to a point guard who is not gonna have it assist on the given ray it and take the ball. Himself who by the way was apparently saying that he was not watching NBA finals restless but he was saying that he was watching sister act two. During the finals which really says to. This cannot be repeat it as just one as soon it's better right. You know I think Kevin Durant hugest. It would be his first rain he's hungry for it and I love this team because they are all. A team of superstars but they don't act like it off the court or on the court and I think that's that's why they are so successful. Klay Thompson quoted today he said if I have averaged six point this'll series and win a title. I'm fine. You're not gonna hear word from me just stick defensively how quickly forget about that people are constantly. They against clay Thompson wears Lee Thompson he's disappeared now he and look what he's done on defense without hand. Mean this defense is so ridiculous reason why I honestly this team. What makes this seem so much better at that they have the best defense and you've gone up against the cavaliers team who'd like in the bottom. Third when it comes defects justice to give some back ups and this point every player who stepped on the court last night for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the negative at their place. Every player and a and a war. Check called ma. All of them pluses eight not one minus nobody's implementing them. So that's its means and only four turnovers and and it's enhanced depth to curry is playing like that. Lights out is to martz was too much because you have unity have LeBron at all to send their goal line. Be guarding Kevin Durant and have Seth Curry open. And edit an app to step out and Kevin Durant Philbin yeah. You know I mean it's it's it's answered the. Roberts the Ed Acadia talent he doesn't have the same. He's not going against Boston no he's not looking edgy crowd. That's great about this too is like this is now and this is the future because they're all young they're all healthy. There I mean core rate its just I like I think about what's gonna happen in the next few years. And what we're gonna happen here in the Bay Area here with Golden State so it really is it it is it's their time it's amazing Julius we now we have this debate earlier. When LeBron James Kevin Durant pregame. Meeting up. Yet LeBron saying welcome back to the finals. Would that. Meet the tell welcome back to the final. This just beat the band aids but I start. But you can be nice and you have three championship. Kevin Durant doesn't have time to be nice and bass before. He does and he has no time he has 48 minutes and for the whole 48 minutes he's gonna be in use. Clapping his hands don't and in your face he wants a title he doesn't want talked you'd LeBron is not our shake your hand and give you a hug. Like a little bit now that back in different I like that I love because I feel like you need a little bit of that. Possibility was the prompter in chained up little bit of that taco Bryan little trash talk in here and there we saw a little bit on media day definitely there's and so on back and forth there and we covered media day it was chaos it was a job looks discussed it yeah. It's guess it was like it was a overwhelmingly. Crazy there was so many people there that suitable is bad but you're all on one confined space. At work on here just plagued I mean in for interviews and some guy for and BAT's like you can't do them I can't do what's in different if you hold the microphone yes accidental you sit I I brown got around dale. But as he was I guess I had eggs that I found filming as well I was holding a Mike and I had just stretched my arm just kind of readjust. Tired. I guess NFI for her what I feel that harassment is Q Candace at what's touched my. This man insist on blocking your shot anyway. It was not until I was I'll do it again but it's definitely chaos welcome back this. Don't chained by the way. Before the game before the days you know the cavaliers keep it and you had that whole rumor coming about about JaVale McGee angry at somebody flew on an honest from Cleveland is saying that. He's not Smart enough to play in the NBA finals are not own it if you're gonna say they can ask supporters claim on it it's your name on it. AV AV can't say it yet say who you lied and downs in law. And now I'd I hate that you be I mean at least the front if talks smack at least be as someone my Gmail McKean is it where Shaq can I wasn't great he was pictured. Walking into Oracle's way at a shack hat of course he's been east center. And Jeffrey topic of ridicule on O'Neal Shaq a full blooper segment on TNT. Death trolling the former league MVP by sports match jacket he headed into oracle before that was. Stay mellow and I'm best peak meant was that I did not like them this kind of pisses me off as on that with what happened LeBron at his home and I. LA how does you know the rate is racism stellar with painted on his home in Los Angeles he was a good time obviously he was here with team. Getting ready for game one by. It was painted over very quickly aid LEPs looking into it not cool now I mean who's to grow up. Wearing count for Auburn California which surprised me to see this stuff happening and no racism is everywhere. Am not blaming certain areas obviously there's racism and other areas but. The fact that this is so aegis small minded. And I he attacked somebody would do it it. It doesn't matter if he don't like a player. You don't. Even have his family's there eat enough that kids are around you do not blatant racist graffiti. And analyze a person's home that is their house that's not cool at all. He had when he was asked about it on the media Odyssey addressed it. That day and he was that some very intelligent well spoken comments when he talked about nine really respect LeBron for how the situation by. Absolutely not let's ever. Than that is that Carlos Santana will be doing the national them or Cain tee two at work on Sunday in game one guys. Was Patrick Monahan from train deletes it from Adidas who about it and and decency reasons not. Somebody am I am not excited seeing anywhere in the just OK but he's at the area okay on that because he's actually was born in Austria on. I bought like an englanders think he's he's he's from easy I spent a lot Zamir is gonna home here I don't know I I he could have been born I am not a 100% sure it will look at a but I believe he was blown a chorus them. A band may have formed near he might have I don't know when he might have moved here. One hears somebody. Yeah I mean it's out there and inches. Love him yeah I just you I that that's that Africa who did one year. I was just like I was in the airline and this is. Thought he prayed he would you know also is actually get from here she's not a huge name. LaToya London she got there and I item which is like Clinton he had a terrible ice the ice this Muncie would have been great to tolerate him. Read that it's like get your right now how political 121 more Carl and only I know on that alleged he is dead and an. Interesting. Born in Pennsylvania that they claim Bay Area. Yeah I think he. PR it and originated from here that's what it is the band originated Ferguson again that's. Is not quite out why it Green Day and Eric they get there actually you're right now they're not in town and out right although they were bottom rock walk around. A couple of about. I can tell you somebody who doesn't claim today Rihanna and agree or disagree. Or is it at the age old British say dictate the. Is output that so he shield brick so yes she what she did was she Dan. Land Cady was at the free throw line issues apparently ailing bright there's video that's gonna Ronald yeah. And that video afterward is EC KD nailing a three and it apparently. He stares her down. Oh he gave heard of one you know up down the ones I tryst. Game but after hours in the post game he denied day he's he's like I don't even know what's going on my fair part of that whole thing. Was once stance at its trap. It's. Act and at all. We it's hot mess. Yeah at least now there's some reporters who did say that they smelled of alcohol. OK reportedly got that and she looked a little bit like she was. Well yes that she just is not herself. I'm assuming that Ahmadinejad and looked gorgeous to me she it'll be punished just looked like she. Dared to dared to cause them all the horrors of eyes as she is she usually out of LeBron in front of million people which. Of course especially is that caliber. As a thing it's not like she's a random person whose like is coming to watch the game she's read on. And as yet aside she's increasing fan hop artist of LeBron is your husband. In year you know however is not a lack I'm checking this phone right now. Stand up. I'm telling the record. I think that means to grant an app that I think that's a little bit I'm chicken is DNC bench role in notices this since Miami days. Maybe she's got to think for the volunteers I. Again all there's always it's conversations topic about you know will they color quote stray. That the married ones when on the road in his panic it's been kind of infamous in the NBA that there's been some issues with that then stain on the street near a path to being good boys. I don't know there's it it's kind of an interesting moderation. Or regulation which easy discovered her. And apple beyoncé beef with Rihanna kind of Reilly play was she I was temperature is a little bit right and so but maybe she's just kind of a little bit on the floor dirty your friend your side anyway we saw exactly so maybe just taken the wrong way maybe she's just. Kind of bloody fun with LeBron because Brian Reese and her free spirit that's nice I'm all for slump be for me. Yeah I see if there at age beautiful at least she's incredibly talented that her music and laugher voice it was say that I told a story that. When I went to Barbados on my honeymoon we are asking people this is nine years. Eight years. We were asking people out Atkins from Barbados and then off her she's great at that. My favorite Ellis and we happened to this one taxicab to. Have for fans of Rihanna. And. Moon. Trigger roosters and argue that I package you'd dabbled in the port isn't a I've found solutions are twenty dollars for a solution for all of it were a bit of that. Maybe sour X-Men out possibly. Of course the media was all about the patents social media especially sweater and a. You've got Nancy. The highlight of the game obviously occurred between Kevin Durant and a whole Rihanna feuds so much going on there. At the podium after the game we said at Kevin Durant was asked about the stared down and he basically. Said you know he didn't remember audience at some people are claiming though that he is me. And the reason I yet. Here's some old tweaks to go back in time at the 20111. Somebody asked Kevin Durant so my question is if you marry any girl who would it be he said that girl Rihanna. So awesome in that respect and it also in 2012. September. He also tweeted out somebody get Rihanna to wish me happy birthday and I. Understand. OK so. Or maybe there's a little bit of like they. He wanted to be up in her DMZ and she wasn't haven't maybe. After the game though to say welcome back through quickly also after the game there's is Graham video that's going right minded on Twitter. She she was on video leave New York Paul where she says it doesn't matter. As she passes the cavaliers locker room the teen is still back. Interest area and among happen to agree with the kings McCain. Pleasing and a B a champion this year and I probably not. This. Did he seized at Carey's new kicks last night I did fire very well. Fire speckled interest on the bottom. Such an eye. I mean he need I now say time out kept during issues last night were spent board just gave line. Apparently they every time he was on the court that she's went on sale only buy them online yeah I was the will of the tens. I don't know the specific bullets and bullet so every time he was every time was he stepped on the court that she's became available online for purchase at Austin office or he did then is the sales stopped. I don't really Smart marketing NY because you sat there and waited for you were. So you paid by the issues I guess he buys you lost games into him. It on your computer and on all dissent at all he's back on and do it now. You have an influx. Of people buying eggs and at that whole idea of okay demand and yet you want it now exactly and other guys can't get after the game. 'cause I'm not switch and off the game issue which not pictures like on a computer watching on TV. He's shoots through as their blow to us to the left cable. I'm I item on there and I'm gonna work better. There it is I McCourt better but I do you have but I do you have all the at my television. So I can watch ought HDMI and yes to the HDMI cables like apple TV roku it's that's a good life. In the back. I understand I don't expect no offense X Hannity back offense Comcast. And record during the height as if Craig have nothing while grow quickly L so has gone up at step curry issues and yet we saw this big kick. He was tennis rating you know after hitting it three pointer. Whether or not he was showing up as soon as the army he was just showcasing the potential skill. Raiders market saying the united should be on mass tort so each aspect very good job keeping your head down watching the ball coming up your blood. Tell next time but that's Clausen. It's a double picture right yes I art and also bonded. With the compliments of the house is compliment advice he ousted in Japan with a side by side comparison of himself. And curry in action as pretty Q has really Q. That's awesome and the Arquette he's he's that guy is a great one and that's been going around twitters and that's on the raiders Twitter page everything that's. More taking friend of the podcast that's right. I really quick a mention here Serena Williams wants to be surprised by her baby's gender but Venus seems to think it's a girl I guess her sister was in recent pod. And kept calling and the BBC. So Britain it consistently no with the sex of the baby is but she's she's convinced it's going to be a girl yet people do that all the time out that would mean right now that I mean surprise rat is gonna ask you either because have a cent. But we're gonna be surprise as well. I tend to refer to the baby adds heat because as some rank sometimes I'll say they want to girl I'll go back and forth do you have any her play at fourth. You're not sure it's a no no like mommy tuition just yet. 900 it with my son either though I had gone back and forth in Munich based on that wave and carrying. I am more pointed out re using boy. In the cycle last count well my Dobson that's really case saturates can't determine the sex rye does anybody know the sex the baby does your doctor now. Nobody has a sex scandal but I just did it might but mice that I had no idea itself what the sexist but I in ice ready and I am not kidding. I me from the moment I got pregnant that it's going to be able need to know and I just knew in my head would argue with mean. Carl we agree only that didn't like how I just in case I know it's simple way. I don't and I heard say boy has light. I have certain people convinced that they my dad is convinced the and Italy's convinces a girl. I eyes you have a beautiful boy I want to have a little girl we can spinal little girl Beckett I have this and it. You'd be the only person I know lots of different as a girl you know it's funny I don't know what did you girls now and I realize this. I that you would that we're surrounded by men as we all my friends growing up on guys. So it's definitely interesting to see it be kind of cool to have a girl at same time. I'm so used to always that'd be easy right. Sign it I love it either way. And I. We'll see right now so I know apparently what we're eight yeah starring comedian Chris Fleming you can see on YouTube channel he actually plays at alpha house wife Gail. So funny at Jersey that video it was it's certainly for the longest time where he was. People were coming over use freaking out get in the house ready with a vacuum it's hilarious he's acting like basically how is mom would act. One company is coming over and this is dead on my mom me exactly. You like it it's like me to the might favor prior remember so we have to make it look like we don't say. Like that so that's my aunt cannot look like you're sitting doesn't like eating in the is that nothing cannot be acts that. It's so funny why they win when we GAAP company come I'm so. I might be dirty via I'm so like there's at our house is messy our. And I am beeper governor might do good accurate if you are I've. I got back to go down to the gas station and come back here at the accurate again like that accurate. I would edit an act he could pick the best the other one and doing you know again exactly. We're supposed to. Chris on today for an interview that we town we're in knee deep NBA finals coverage and we had Dixon high interviews earlier as a help onto our next now yes and it features so we'd love to have mom I think he's hilarious he's fantastic piece of Barney's at a show on Comedy Central and in the Bay Area on this weekend June 3 he will be at Victoria theatre. He's doing me August toward you'll be in Los Angeles on the sixth so if you have a chance it check out. Crisp plan mean. Definitely do so I'm sure he Miki Catholic panel app that. It become if he comes back and Mary here please incomes yes so hopefully we'll have a mongers have Bonnie Jill laughing coming on next week as well she's got something out. I should first ask him being. She's very cool guy that's near cyclical fifty few years back and she is really really really interest and talked uses ingredients side and she's such animal lovers so she took. Specific animals. I think just in general vegetarian she's. Gun ho animal rights and perspective probably not like. Now let me give cheese she's she's beaten. Cheeses delicious wasn't bulletin now as in the same block of law. A lot of us it would Garcia. Tiny right it's one on that Chinese cinema and the it's it amaze you know me. No no outlets as there. All the deserts. A says it is not our own. Pocket atlases scanner Spanish Hispanic up it ain't you that that's that's been assessed that it is gonna look at Alia. That it's almost comical. It is so bad. You know use. Now that your family. For the podcast you're Aniston's ain't such a relief this year. Attic I asked act. Owns it and attack her checked it and he's perfected it perfected chocolate chip that. Some say I have in the you know another life. The taste colleges. Break it night mostly cited by any food laboratory near my house where they actually offer taste testing like they actually need to taste food. It has to do the greatest job ever right after ours ours we you know my dream job is to travel all the baseball parks and it probably they would like my showed. Fish. Those are out Odeo. All right this is break tags that that's it get you for joining us please check this out. On the podcast at at some dark past interviews they are wonderful subs and great NBA stepped up there and then will be. I don't know lying goes let's go where no wires we'll see what happens next week and on the Atkins who. That code it's Deb gradient.