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Saturday, April 22nd

Gianna and Anna recap the week in sports includeing the Warriors playoff run, Aaron Hernandez, Steph Curry's funny hobby and tweets of the week. J.J. Obrien joins the show and talks about playing for the Salt Lake City Stars, SDSU. 


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It's Franco -- and 957 game I'm Gionta Franca and I manic again I think you for joining us on our weekly podcast here and again you can find us on FaceBook Twitter answer Graham at Chia underscore Franken and act in a yankees can age you Larry king and it's so in case you missed it there's a lot going on this week in the world of sports one of the biggest stories is right here our own backyard the warriors just Q so far in the playoffs aren't were just two games into the first round but nevertheless. Without Kevin Durant in game two they still held their own against Portland and they are now gonna head to Portland. This weekend to take on the trailblazers for game three that we are. It'd and I am definitely an and you know one of the best moments the last night. Was I don't know if he saw this at halftime you have. Charles Barkley gone off not saying how bad you know worried don't have that great of a defense. Re watching the first half of the game there oh this team without Kevin Durant grant is a great defender and yet he saying they're not. Such a good team if they'd have dream on green it wouldn't be as good of the teens like wait. You called Klay Thompson is one of the best two way players in the league absolutely and this team shut down Portland who have a great back court. And this eight it was it was interesting to see the difference pitching game one in game two with. He had Damian and I heard antsy to McConnell going off in game one but the words are still able to handle them and then game two of their defense just reluctant. I'll write I was accepted came last night or the night as of last night at the time of the tape this podcast and the hole I mean I just could not get over JaVale Mickey yeah it was just like JaVale he stepped that they at all. JaVale it was it was then that biscuits laugh out Alia that's what I'll oracle I mean no joke having during the regular season it's really after the plastic people are amp and they are pomp and it was. Was aimed at the end you obviously the wears her and take it with no problem but her keynote at packing a one point Portland was with an appointment. One point there within a point. And so it was kind of you know it was kind of but sealed little bit of drama just a little bit but action. I love scene at the lawyers in person because you get all of EP it's on TV you get a little bit more for a better view you can seats of the action analysts know Britney get the calls it. Drink green I swear to god you can feel his energy for a comic art. Do the whole stadium and a whole arena San on the you know Sammy Sosa when he eats he didn't think that that you get picky get that sense of his. You know. His anger at his emotion in his passion for the game and slamming favorite things about being at wars game it's so much fun to go to wars came in just hearing that energy there's something special there and I really hope. When they opened chase and they keep kind of recreate that. How'd that feel from her caucus it was slow it's so good there it's such a good at there's a reason why it's one of the best places. The plane why they have such great home court advantage another person has stepped up big time. Tactical column with Kevin Durant yeah going down earlier this season with an injury. He he worked through his issues in everything definitely is rookie year. But now he has become such a great force honesty might let that one point when they were only up by one point he had tactical call hidden victory yeah. And that kinda helped spark back up again again and going again and he has been somebody who's really fit insists he welcomes. Matt Barnes also out still right injury Livingston and he was won they cried and because of Kevin direct like Freddie had those guys vote that way Livingston also would have had more playing time with Katie out rain so summit like patch the cop for him to step up. This young in his career. It's it's gonna be getting in he's got such a bright future ahead of them have 100%. I mean it in the lawyers very well oiled machine and we knew what life was like without KD so win the news came down that he was questionable. Calf strain okay. And then that he wasn't gonna play it did about a team match I think most people felt that we were OK we're OK with parent on the side of caution because we still have. Risky start to regain to around one and there's a long way to go here and you've got another couple months the playoffs you're so you might as well market. Have 100%. Up when he it's the next round and we'll go from there so. And I think he's the next man up mentality anyway with the warriors and I think it's a great. Oh great. I'm way did you see how how how good they are as a team is the players that get better throughout the season personal car. I don't know if you guys saw the player he came back and threw Damione Lewis stuff all the way into the third fourth round. He's just improve the whole year not say has said he would develop a G I mean. Steve Kerr does a great job of developing export. Yes in these everybody steps up once say counts as lawyers team wants on the floor with this team. They step up there is JaVale McGee has been it was a five teams in nine years Bryan Wright and to see what he has done with this team. And how he's clicked at them and I think that's a whole thing like these guys bring up. Everybody else's level playing around. I think it it's almost like once you hear it your automatically. Better chemistry it is it's chemistry it's just. It's the level of devotion and it's kind of how they just aegis group it just works and it's great to see. So we've got up two games in Portland. Some people think we're gonna sweep the series it's very possible I think there's some interesting because I guess chance rappers oracle feels like it's the lawyers are gonna sweep we're right we've got to get we've got a concert scheduled next week at oracle. So that might be interesting toed the rapper turns out. Right now at a negative I don't expect it turned out there it and there has. That the seed. Did and that is accurate it is great and yes it is great really quick to forget contradicts story we should say congratulations to our producer Nick Brown. Who have had our Allan it here and 57 game scenarios. Elegantly designed specifically. I will now be officially part of the staff here and going to be producing and also board opting for the radio station and I am couldn't be more excited. I also want to thank both and they Anjana for you guys mentor and me throughout this whole process. And you're it. Greatly succumb yeah. Utility player I don't and that's it's absolutely Jack about trade that's really really really get that we're happy here that is happening. I would not so happy news this is an exchange incredibly interesting and sad story. But how I mean on both sides Aaron Hernandez. Committed suicide in prison. Obviously there's a lot of questions still surround the story but as you know aired and is serving a life sentence the former patriot tight end. For murder he was convicted of murder and then he was just. Off on another at the double murder conviction. Of another whole case that actually came about when he was arrested for the first. Caiso. Obviously a very difficult situation for all the families involved in this here Hernandez was had a fiance who has a baby in that little girl now a father. Not that he would probably in the best example but nevertheless. This is her life you know this is what's it's hard there is very hard at. Same time she it as as sad as that is it's also she's not have to visit him in jail the same time absolut is kind of a more good way to look at it. But at some days she won't have to characters some other interesting music came out of this too. According to Massachusetts law there is I read this law that ad because of the suicide. It could boy aid his conviction yeah. So what that means after I'm not a 100% sure if anybody's a lawyer and wants to weigh in on the you know tweet us let us now. What that all means that on a homicide means for like the family afterwards if there's. And each is that the civil. Suits or anything on the roads well there I think there's it's I think it's 44 million dollars and that's in question here and if he's if he's in two things number one it says. Does uphold and his name will be completely cleared. Which I think is so tragic for the families of the TARP that's not right it is not right now it's not read on the flip side I think about this young little girl who is. This is this she's just starting out life in this is the hand she is dealt. And you know he want to see her life sixty and heard have a nice bright future so. That tiny you know now that there's now a his aims acquitted that money could be available to her to his family man. I personally think that they too take that money give it to the victims' families as well as his daughter exactly you know just. Because it's not it's just not fair on both sent but it was very very sad story and there was a little bit of the question there that it was Al plane. Yes I've you'll look out into a little deeper in tweets of the week at pine that. Little later in the show as one dollar and also on the pod senator. He's former agent Aaron Hernandez former agent actually spoke about this and we'll kind of will address later to it's the week. I also do you know there's the family of Aaron Hernandez are talking about donating his proceeds east I saw that so I mean and there's a whole thing that basically the holding his brain hostage. To see if maybe that was I understand the family wanting to have some sort of answers about what happened to them but. Is another article that money he tapped childhood in the sense that he was. Sort of always kind of the wrong path. Scalable to. Very troubled that he's not not from his family purse say the more the sense of how he would eat the choices he made him there. You know he he he dealt with the lottery each. Even at the end kid there's an incident where he. At seventeen a couple of drinks at a bar did pay for it and just like clocked the guy to part I was injury or injured in. There was total in a situation happened there's so. It is this he had a lot of issues. And were the rage comes from or that hurt his mean that those issues he has personally but. There is a lot of stuff going on him that kid apparently he was at Florida at their he would just opera Mikey and the place. Very titled and it's because he went through the Foster care system did added that oh yeah allow that I did on I'm curious okay. I mean. I you know I don't know him personally but just from what I've read the Foster care system in it and just the constant amount of fights. In bullying and he had to go too early in his life. I think even pushed him to play football. It is very and so we can be successful so you all had some sort of focused exactly I mean that discipline in football usually helps people even outside of of the sport outside of I'm playing on the field blitz. This is unfortunate in translate for and Hernandez what you just said about him in college was a lot of stories on that even stories of him being aggressive to people that. In or in his class. Now interesting but I also do on a mansion out to say duke the fact they wanted a Foster care system did it mean that he NetSuite because he he it's real estate because at that all of our way he could about very funny repaired it side good people I think there and a feeling had to do something more chemically imbalanced. It sounds like with all the issues that he's had in jest anger issues and just not maybe having the right. Connections in the right ways to address those issue chair release that it is sad it it buries its out of both sent you at all I can never wrap my head around stories. About people who have such talent such opportunity and it's like it's all just laid out in front of you. You just got to take it run with it and appreciate it and they do complete opposite of that he had everything everything. The picture it's out out is on the patriots he had money he had feign he had women fawning all over him it's still going back to the on the week exactly and music and his own decisions. He had not after any that is really at all way. It's bad I my heart goes out to the victims. You know obviously Tim it's you know little girl misses. Very very very sad so anyway I'm sure it'll bill it's still be some car news surrounding this situation because all of it. With a hold that is and it was to get his brain contest for CT it's a plant that so that will be interest eagle mines that even more or whether it's CT and other things that acted and it would be using to find out maybe we can learn something from us and prevent it. Yeah yeah that's that I think that's because I think you need to prevent and I think kids need to look at someone like here and it's insane while. Yeah at every opportunity and look what happened T and that is not the choice at Miami with life in. Now our analysts some some at the Pepsi is calling Katherine nick our former 49ers quarterback as now considered on the list that's actually quite. Influential prestigious yesterday procedures time magazine. Has. Put calling capita on a top 100 most influential people. At that is you know that's a great honor and the person that actually wrote his profile for the upper. At time magazine as his former coach Jim Harbaugh. So he wrote something really really profound about him just talking about his stance in being able to stand by what he believed in. And Ian had to have that kind of acknowledgment from someone like Jim are you know that he believed in him. And he respected and acting pilots something that helps his case I think sounds mean and Harbaugh. He he's you know what do you like or not he is a little odd doesn't like eight you don't around I don't heat I love I think the guys it is just incredibly interesting. Eddie it I love the fact that he does his own thing he eats is untrue and he doesn't care of the people think and in his mind he thinks one of the things he said was Americans are lucky to have. A remarkable Colin Capp someone like him to look up to someone who is doing it's something better in this world to make it and make a difference and good on hard off first standing up for Colin and I think it was. Core rate that. Time chose heart ought to be the one sort of right. Write the article about calling cap earnings when naming the list. It's more about football and I think that's what Colin was trying to get out to the world you know that they'll what's going on right now in in society. These days is life or death for a lot of people in you know what what we're seeing here on Sunday is not real this is you know this is a reality for yeah. It absolutely. I love my heart I said to eat says at times our nation's history we've all been too quick to judge in oppose our fellow Americans for exercising their First Amendment right. To address things they believe on just while and he's absolutely. Right we're at we are so hungry to be the first people to. Find that hot take. That you know click debate that Twitter that tweet wanna put out for people are just like I don't click on the I got to read that that's interesting that's taken a different angle so we just have to sort out for the Rasheed sometime yes that's a great way to put it that's a great way to put it. And it's. And I take my age I believe that he really does believe in what he's doing. And he is trying to make a difference now whether or not to believe in the way he did it. Whether an I agreed with some stances he says he does honestly believe he'd hate us and also looking at this list so there actually are good you know good fair of share of athletes who represented on the slick six athletes. One baseball executives say you have. Was to contact and doesn't have Olympic in this Simone vials. Some awesome group Foster care as I entered that room and had a positive outcome incredibly positive outcome. You also have Barcelona soccer star name mark. Cavs LeBron James. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Cubs president Theo Epstein and UFC fighter Connor McGregor interest in yet still they say most influential people they talk about I read the time article I just for the part about would you marvelous about rank critic. Does it say with their criteria is like what they look at in order to choosy he parties just people that. Influence so many others and it's as what they do with in their realm of sports what they do in the with. In the world also on how a how they affect people around them what they've done you know whether or not they've. It being in the popular for something what is it that made them who they are and how they're affecting people's interest. And political analyst and a prestigious list though no I mean I magazine well Colin capitalism at her time magazine Le point. So. He's that we as social his social flights. Is getting a lot of attention and I think he is you know making change with it may yet doing positive things and I know mr. Parker's not exactly going the right direction yet maybe that is anyway. I don't thinks. I mean I think it's haven't really need to back up QB have to do this season in my take a look at maybe after the draft and that may navy after the draft once out. Teams figure out their depth chart. And figured okay this is who we got this is who we need to do we need somebody write that somebody's in need. A backup quarterback he's a serviceable back of course now immediately effort for it when someone goes down for injury with injury Hume I calling cap and it would be sufficient depth with Philip rule. The only problem is now which I've heard a few different things about is that he might be asking for too much money wants the starting. So that's why some teens have actually kind of steered away apparently I don't know how true that is. I don't know if that's an excuse. Or if that's the case on Cutler still on the markets that was RG three. And Caplan grey and if so I think if if you got a throughout out of those three I mean were you gone. I'm goal with cap. Me too Jay Cutler is too wishy washy for me in the low dosages and urged to be exact he's gotten. He and yes I mean I think out of what you have left calling cap and it seems to be your best option. It's just is there a mark is they're team that would need to. Would that that need them hated it will be in a backup role he asked you at by the way one of the people on the 100 most influence people chance the rapper. And I just lets you know and that it I pitched in people and it's not a fair chance there rapper. And such from on here potentially be answered. A lot of people actions as it gets out later writing of the kind of in between the pioneers in the industry that is very cool oh Arnold Schwarzenegger guess wrote the profile for con McGregor really insisting it is just lie. I don't know. I RT a mandate in big man to beat man I'm here now the relationship that's funny that's that's interesting to look at ports new. And maybe share some thoughts on its beak and look for blogs I think it's cool about chance the rapper from what I understand correctly from on nick may be nervous. So he he won a Grammy monogram and he kind of did sizzle thing sort of against the record labels right right he made his music available almost everyone's. Exactly his big thing is when he came out as I've in this in this chances I was in high school. Solely independent is counting started dropping mix tapes off next thing you know he did his own independent label an apt now poem. And now right now he's less independent than he's kind of wouldn't on the because some you know want the bigger you gave them more brand and I got to have a meeting now and he's he's brand. Exact ought to ease the image stars he's different he's got to have people around kind of help them do that you said is so. But his message still so strong and I don't know if you are seen he's doing on this cargo school board. But he's a big part of that he's investing millions it is Carlos will ward actually talking to supervisor of schools in Chicago just trying to get. Scar was really going to allow gas and accuse you just trying to get things in line you know I mean and yeah I look up to chance a lot respectful. Very cool is it okay. And by the way the list is separating five sections pioneers artists leaders titans an icon lowest. So captain nick. Is there if my computer and go further down gutsy. Good excellent. Camp. Would he be. Pioneer. I would deficit. Now or later pioneer and leader. And I guitarists. Now I Kyle at night. Pioneer since it because he's the first disease kind of paving the way the first to try to. No he's an icons why there are icons I can now that is totally. And that's not right would've put him the end of this list is really interesting and kind of weird on so LeBron James and they're titans that makes sense yeah. A lot Nazi in atlas also Tom Brady. Tom Brady's tightened to panic and his management. At year icons and mobile's. Ashley Graham. John Lewis as she Amazon supermodel it's yet because she you know it's actually she'd be a pioneer. Or is that like that like Anna Nicole Smith. Bakken today that it she stated that we've added we'll chance the rapper is under pine years without okay. It's not the media done in the industry them it would make sense completely that sounds right. Let's see anybody else Viola Davis also is that I. Deep that. Left her at an icon okay yet that that out really really it's a really cool list actually in looking at from the people on here. Even looking at the artists at honest on on there. And cheer and leash keys Donald Glover and assistant and rhetoric O'Donnell Glover yeah since childish Gambino. And then also had him in Nevada John Legend James court in. Demi Lovato yes I'm intrigued to see why they are the most influence and read up on people's. Seeing variant to stay out of the qualifications. Adequate of what they look at. An attitude. Pick their top 100 most interesting people. A it grabbed just techies got down there yet. And they did they changed them Idaho they did change these younger now may be the other guy annals sick or something. Does he was older I don't app don't feel any due to do it anymore I OI is still much better yeah it is the end that some hopefully you. It and that and here that I eat. Am I. Right. Now out. Cadillac is the other allies but any. Absolutely we got another is seeing guy coming up our guest yes who's just an ink JJ O'Brien former ST SU superstar basketball stories now in the NBA playing for a couple of. And it really okay Angela Carter. We're gonna talk about him or talk about it and talked to him coming out here on frank and tags to be sure to click on our other podcast in the pots that are lost to have the pop fly and some tweets of the week. More on aired Hernandez. Scott Reitz and Serena Williams had ache. Very interesting snap sent. On the ledge I leopard can't let go of my favorite is she's a vote. Fat seven game. That's great exit 957. Became I'm Gianfranco and I manic connect several also elect top we'd like to call Todd gets elect talked about it every X up calling it pop. I yet we. Talk to OK so this is really finally got a lot of really interesting stories. Loud loud loud laugh. Hey hey hey committed side that was. And lot Anthony AK ala essar meaning limelight is backed basket lone basket calling it quits and they're getting a divorce. It is over the catalyst of all this way that he got a stripper pregnant. She's out essentially is not I allegedly alleged vote that day allegedly. He's actually hit enough come on and said they have not. Said pressure that's Kate is not for sure they've declined to comment. It wants or is it true another source that says it is so it's still kind of up in the air whether or not. This strip percent she's pregnant now behind you the story about her is it she's sick in a month. Six and a half months pregnant right now with his retarded baby yes and she wants medical expenses. And baby expenses which that's a case I I don't think that's too much asked for having his kid you not own I'd take care to children it and okay. Right so there is a stripper we can confirmed. There is a stripper and usher she is pregnant witnessed a pace that we need more eco niche. I think it's and it results. Of the the pick it out her daddy it could be Carmela on the fact that he basically said I was married not me. Yeah I mean that's that would quite page six page six's and that actually report that that's only cited seen on so far. And if that's if that's case that's just that's really disheartening each year. Because when you're in a marriage it's a partnership I think vote in it are your if you ultimately shipped. Marty you go to if that's your thing together as a joint decision yes go ahead can't do that if one person's in on them because that's not relationship that it becomes a big problems she's been seen around town without a wedding right so apparently there is something going. Targeting and of course there is some term there that you have a son have a tenure sending key and they were seen recently as last weekend his basketball game to where they need to get I think it was sitting together they are watching that there be supportive for their son and addicting it's that they said is they do not. Want to separate him from his home in New York school as France they don't wanna operatives away as Emmy for Carmelo and his future with the next. We don't know Phil Jackson obviously has said stuff like he's been very clear has been very clear he does he'd be better off some exactly. And the fact he says that kind of weird especially with that fact that. Players can not saying mine where they wanna go right eight years it out but your president by the president at strikes Atkins say. I don't know of releases that been on this nation and this is just become too far in an and that's at exit talk about what might have led to. All the issues it was before the school alleged stripper thing that they've been on the rocks for a wide. Him. And a big issue they're saying is. What's been going on its last year's just been tough on him mentally yes I mean I think if you're yeah it's is it's his job essentially it's a little bit in turmoil and I mean I'm sure the disastrous seasons has had an impact and all the players. Specially Carmela. I mean what that thirty and 51 yet it this year and so his future with the team is. In. Like speculation constant speculation so we're not sure what's gonna happens all those eggs due play into whether merit and work out or not. So maybe the stress of that may be the fact that he reportedly had sex with a stripper who might be prayed it would have been a big huge reason. And I guess there's a preen and also there is a preen and now there has not been talks about divorced getting their separate right now she they and other house. But there it but it has come up that there is a free. So that's the only thing that. Is a lot on the line here it's gonna be messy as it gets at app are. It looks like according to TMZ. At Katrina actually benefits Carmelo why not doing. Pretty by herself she's an actress she's you are actually started in 92 point three at -- it was would be lost and our guests that she started as a radio DJ and she went off too cute and TV she's BJ there. She just wrapped up a movie with Whoopi Goldberg and pack went so you know huge name there and her actresses right there. And she's also going to be hosting aim Mother's Day special Anthony Anderson on VH one that's eight says she she herself busy so and she actually has her son Keon in. The movie that she's. At the lot yesterday. PNC's doing a movie. And. It's calm. To. She's also the star power yet she's yeah she's aggressive she's she's incredibly successful or her own right furloughs for OK so. I mean we'll see about the pre happen if even if it even comes to a divorce and you know if it doesn't. That's up to them we shouldn't judge either way he's innocent people liked. It teaches at the right now I am not. As there is their relationship mind you. With everybody out in the UA's championship to combat these champions. Apparently again page six and other celebrity. At 8686. They said that they action were having issues three years ago those were separated but in the act together Carmela and it yet come around and I'll talk so that was the first I've heard of it. But yes so. We'll see what happens now I feel bad because they have a son right now involved in it's sad he's at ten year old little Blake. You know trying to figure out you know his family and friends. It's art we always forget about the kids I mean I do I don't forget about whereas forget about the impact to get celebrities. Having you know marriage troubles in their man rat named more than a million dollars and not be unfaithful. It's one and yes. Everything out and eat at a beautiful woman known as it was none of it was enough. But that's don't bat that's his problem that I diet that I mean. I don't know if you could make that be a manner not that I mean there's any of men who make a lot of an incredibly faithful do you think Tom Brady cheats on yes I think. I have no faith in Eddie cheat on her arm man which is sad that your saint I don't annexing makes me really sad state. I think it yourself I do but I know me why I know me. Tom Brady cheats on Gisele I think Tom Brady. For her she does that show you once spicy. Latin. Woman she would I mean she know she runs the show I know she does she read winner PS. And that relationship in honesty about it think about it. That might be able like a mean Misha or some else from the show my okay. She's back because I don't see. He left Britt in man for eighteen did he cheated on to assume. Now now because I doubt that because I was is dissolves his dream girl okay I get to Bridget and I think she's gorgeous they have a child together and that's fantastic. She's moved on and she's very successful with her show on CBS that. Now Tom Brady now what do you think of that that was a cheater always a year ago. Now. It's true I think people change I think I for guys when he kind of died in to that person. When you meet that person that is just it's free you right done that their everybody has. That one person that you know would be York every. And if you are getting all of that in that relationship and you don't worry. Chronic cheaters they're people who have that issued. Even if he signed years of an it person they're people that have access accidents addictions. They're people who just on an bag that goes beyond being just cheater I think that just means year about person on each Lackey still many for kids are you reduce the ball and so I think he I want to Jeter and I don't think that I'll eat cheat on your wife and you have a Q I just champion. Here's here's an example at least stop should get out of it and honestly yes after each. See you're seeing. Guys make over a million bucks a year are going to be Jeter's that would not have curry. Misha Misha eat a lot I can't see that we do you really think stepped average. Honor I would never put down the unanimous. Two time MVP. But I wouldn't take anything from the man. So it's just a hard reality in 2017 just seems like the nicest person ever I would be completely shocked if that would ever have minister. Nationally it's not a one did you manage the athlete on. The net it's Seth Curry ever. I know that the man of god too it's just rough is not just of. Guy and he had that foundation in on as he's got the foundation look at Dellums and Hickory. They had they had gotten sounding quite honestly and I like that as they get aid. Is when he have a strong foundation NEC what a good marriage is it's easier to have to admit not saying people that have. You know parents are divorced or have rocky it you know the only issues that they can't have a successful marriage. But it's easier for people who have seen the success and what it takes that together. And I liked that will send them like that who. You are talking about separate lets him on as the night I just to lead time or negative never challenges like averages like about it and what ever happened tell I totally get you kidding after he cheated on Jennifer Anniston we had to remember this adds a different your girl Jen my an underground Aniston 100% still carries the anyway. Doing some off the court when he's not on the court he's busy organizing his garage this is pretty funny. So normally you lied to the crowd with long distance jump shot he tells GQ magazine in a recent interview that his hobby he enjoys. Most is organizing his girl hides. He says that's I get my Sony just doing the shelves putting shoe boxes here in the athletic equipment over there. Everything in its place and that's my zone that's my hair green curry said. Saudi says you know the estimate a little bit bears seem but it fits with and how he is Odyssey on the court he's normally calm cool collected itself. I guess being at home mis comparable organized and they actually Pratt EPS article that actually show pictures garage I don't believe c'mon it just goes all know that's got to be like. The garage for like against yet correct is that a doesn't it so small that cannot be his anger at camp is gonna have three Carter he's he's got three Carter. Robberies Shiraz Maher right better play out threats brought Riley out there are others that I articles by right yeah as a played then in. So take it though could she appeared that somebody who's focused on what you're doing and then. You concede any say he's OCD could be a little bit IC assessment I believed as he has things like captain my dvds medical. Wow. If they're not enough that quarter can't find. My shelf unhappy. No I can't stand storage room I just can't do but it's seat when he's trying to get locked in and trying to just days everything else. Out around him. It's easy to get them indeed something to rein yourself busy. I I I I think it's and I like the fact that his hobby is something that helps around out sick and it makes it that he's just a decent guy. Yet that the self that the husband. Organizing your eyes you actually really up yet those mind my husband's really into organized he's organized the garage does the tool shed. Working on the house on like tennis athletic comes away Dave Lee. I mean it'd doctor's appointment like OK. Did you meet doctor the dentist. Okay. Right. It is a blend cream beverage with a sweet pink powder mangoes are partly it's our pollute the jury is. It's topped off with Vanilla cream and a sprinkle it's our blue water I tested this set to mountain and I kind of tease. And I am not a fan effect of property is because it takes to. I have to ease the app on it yet so me. And and I haven't seen them I think they'll have some time if it does that mean it seems you ease its release me that little sour blue drizzle and my son on it was delicious but of course he's done he just like pop in off the walls after that it's a lot of sugar yeah yeah I yet has no caffeine in eighty grams and carved by the almighty. Holding an international thing. That prob the many traps the little tiny ones convey you know the pocket of the Philippines for falcon. It's fifty cents cheaper than at all as it sounds silly so so positive and so you mice that for now the edit thing it's also changes color it got it at a street you mix it up it's our soft fat purple he makes epic its its like speaking to believe when it. It's pretty it's a beautiful little drink and it looks good and it's kind neat how they made thinks it's kind of a change colors and be creative but it's not that good look at star books. They just don't care products we don't need the drink and that is changing colors if you stirs strong from that since you've got does like chemicals that go gaga I now. Well I think it's Starbucks is theory is most of this acts and things that they sell. Are probably aren't you healthy oh yeah I would say that they probably tents with their but he into theirs beverages but I'm lucky that came in item like. We'll only be available in five days it's only outlet April 23. So what it's like being at the fact that they answered to Pete it's prob downtime of the year its target. It's a great. Great marketing ploy by stats they do a fantastic job with their market. And you can't go back together app though it mattered they'll bring it back and then people are crazy just like shamrock shake. At McDonald's ultimately available. Saint Patrick's Day W go back where you make sure to go back at those times that in the mic red. John Hattig I have right. Aren't the right she sounds here ought to on the left that shamrock shake is good exactly actually I've had a better one. But it it's it's good because of the excitement around but it's made with their eyes there are two things I love them. This is pretty much Ali ever order. Hash for hunt and an ice and it's written it any that I or ordered that the measuring six million dollar even that are really tall iced tea for dollars the price. But it crashed around and and by the way the eyes and a 130 calories and it's the only ice cream eat it like the hears that they I am made Mary particular ice cream. Look at you like it's not just like Patti Roberts well that I was one of those I went and yogurt conferences. And tried out different iced and had I had a very sensitive Pallet when it comes in the sense that a really big and they do have a good ice can they do make it. Plus he reads it like it is because it's not so that. My issue with ice is that and this yogurt and I don't trust your Gannett is up for as near as a lot better. When you need to rice and sick too rich and take Catholic. Co lag it grossed an echo agony it's in makes it this is so gross it makes honestly it's mucus. He has to do area I think it was it area it is too extreme to which dairy. I mean cut. And it is I can't I can't sign and go to ice idea it's going to be of as your meany widget again. Because they're not is like. What difference. Is made with its via. Imus again sorbet that is. But the milk eat chemicals and what it is depends on the brand that you milk cream sugar. You know obviously so why is it not is it. As Pallet because it's more yogurt milk that he has the use they use Mark Green. In ice that's evidence and it's at now and that's why mark that it's as an accent. Well we've learned so much let's go and get to our next. Last year so go to ninth best in the game dot com click on another frank and tags is gonna have a JJ O'Brien on frank on tags and 957 game. I'm good worry. I had ever enjoying San Francisco weather today has the web career. Endeared it reduces news I'm like you are gorgeous my hometown born and raised already were potter tiger potential of this and southeast Andy. Well critical mile marker and regroup a marker a marker that you know sit just. Al 55 up north a little bit error while speaking of family got to give a little shadow because nick our producer here you guys are related to tell me about you know you see your relationship with nick and you know hi guys grip when asked altogether. Naked like my little brother so we heard we we're on the older little mom and dad used to rent and we would always be. The little cute that the game plan app China at the courts. And you know we just supported and our workers and he's still support. The biblical. That's cool we love panic we love having him as a part of our show. It. So you and drafted in 2015. To join the Utah Jazz hasn't and stick to free agents so how corporate challenges as take back kind of the path other than eighteen attracting. It's definitely challenging. I think. Skeptics kind of in Haiti on the watch for awhile. And just them having your rights you know they. First round you're in Medicare achievement sector round I'm stuck to our Chilean book being on track to give recruit so in my summer league. Ending few opportunities give it to court so also like before summer league. You would do a mini camp. And before suddenly starts in those are all opportunities where you really got to play your way in minutes you know time is short amount hasn't proved yourself so. Our most fortunate that duke. Just alternative and under two players that it is using the term which you have to prove you're so. Now we're right now in the heat of NBA plans right now first round it's exciting so far you've been around the NBA for two years how important is chemistry. And good relationships with the TV scene the warriors they have great chemistry opening look at a team like the clippers right now they're just falling apart they talk about. Problems openly with the media that ad that they haven't won another. I think chemistry is something that in the just the great thing about the world grown organically. On Leno they made big changes this past year for the most part. They're corps has grown together. That are open that. You can't you can't can't say that that Renault and and that term is some court. Oh well yeah I mean especially playoff time it's not really had time to. To fix things like eighteen. I'm talking about humble them in and not by the in his early in the so legitimate abduction of these. You know you can you can see that seemed to appear. I don't have problems or fix their problems in house. They're the ones that are really chartering. And talking about players that shines stepped curry obviously two time MVP now the warriors. You were very split was such a wonderful team here in the Bay Area but. Hearing how the rumors are any period to the media that there are a lot of people with Indian DA that kind of hate on staff curry. Is there's truth to that what's your perception of that. I think his rise in that people it was quake and he did different several players. He's not a guy who's dominating Europe decree. And I think people who are the fact that you zone. The normal looking guy who who really dominated and gala. And Rome I don't know I don't know people don't lagoon. You know that's a lot of he she's say. So. You know I mean personally I haven't heard anybody citadel and so are I mean that's all speculation. But. I concede now. His rise in the way the people out so fast. Groovy. Really assessed on people but as far as the expected gain in and respect to screw local. Well Jim ingredient has podcast I need focus on how stuff looks like a normal looking guy even reference the fact that stampede light skinned with something not. Was a conversation in the end being is that really plain the things about how people are relationships with each other between teens. Yeah what a drain on green in a podcast region recently reference staff beans light skinned like that was something that was part of the conversation that white people have issues with staff at times and that really even some that comes up. I. I mean it could be the electorate. You know it's not something you'd really yeah the key from other people ultimately where people are sitting around and say oh we stepped up its game alone. You two that could be recuperate factored. Home. Note this article oracle personality could play factored. You know but it you know for the most part. I don't know you know who knows but it I think a lot of that could be used in. And I could between ms. Yeah what I and JJ O'Bryant part of the Salt Lake City stars even with the developmental team. For the Utah Jazz but to us playing the Bucs organization you actually played along the side with the Greek freak Yani sent to the global. How he thinks he's developed as a player and what did you see in his game that made him so special. You are one of the more special there are platelets. I think. Just is going from the beginning of the season and now. He's jumped. A bunch. Equipment and specializes. Is ridiculous size and his skill set that though does early matches side note guys whose side than it. You don't seeing. Ability and you know easy in differ from Katie is Canadian though. That side as well and has that way. But yeah on this and the way you can dribble and is it on match is not many guys and view into that. You know once he gets his jump shot to be more consistently. Going to be. No way to stop them Bravo just being with him at practice. An experience that firsthand and in the end irons into abilities are worker. And everything. Is natural abilities and those triple. You can link to get to the rim and in his shoes it's it's ridiculous he saw a young was a. Let's talk about some of the teams that we said you're involved in and what's been on on the classy of the bucks right now. Play against the raptors to their series is tight as of today one and wine Heidi think they're gonna fare against the raptors because they kind of came on surprise and then also. The jazz against the clippers and what's been gone on in that series. The books that they are surprising a lot of people. I think what probably a bigger people it is. They have ridiculously all across the board. You know our name in in yeah artists and other guys Tony's though the great defenders. On the ever really aggressive defense. And I think I can take people off guard I think it did in the first game for the raptors. And and surprisingly you know there offenses fluid flows. And guidance system a great job of getting their own transition in the bucket so that's going to be our one and as far as the that's so it's neat because. They had to have so many wet NGOs and the clippers are very dependent upon as awesome arm's. I'm mentally Blake can come through pretty that you do asking. Which has. Like in the first game Gordon Hayward suppressed player that Joseph Johnson the guy who has to gain on the game winner. And they once were becomes static. If he does in the series. His ability to rebound. You know towards those ability to deploy in the got to cope with weapons and moved to bow out so. They're both going to be our sponsors. So. How did Fisher contribute to your own Ross success in basketball and as an individual. The biggest way you'll first Ortiz and hopes on the guest such England and that school career. Also had department song retired. He's very happy. Well so I'm happy for him by the it's are open to. I think the biggest worry users have been some. Did. He brought to a lot of it was a tributary you start practice or start to concessions with. Known mental parts that there are caught talks today who have quo or. Or somewhere in that ministers. Mentally. I'm in on the court really. He allowed me a lot of freedom and understood my game well and especially seeing year. I'm trusting me with the ball and allowed to play in my game I'm in the opener at work where it's one on. One conference what's in it and then so. Think really just allowed to develop alarms to beat you as well. Arm and just always definitely. This was so it was just ways in which opened my game. One of the biggest hot topics right now in college sports is whether or not college athletes. Should get paid to what's your opinion on the topic. With all the way to the. Considered a world leaders you're an athlete. Definitely this should be paid more than what. They gear and I which is nothing. Oasis is and I mean when you think about your college experience. It's it's expensive grant even if you're on a scholarship in so for that's great but there's still a little things that pop up and books and food and I know I I kind of see where a lot of where a lot of you know these coaches are making all these months all this money when they're winning. And NCAA tournament yet it's the athletes in the college kids on the court that are made all the difference for them. To be so successful as well get teacher write it pretty much right here. Yes exactly I mean insists. Is this just about being fair you won't lower court session in the world. And any other job do you get paid services and the fuel or making somebody articulate and as well. Which are among. It is only fair that you at least a person and then into the got to be a crazy but it. I just think he Japanese should be paid and they're not among the caller he kept it should be paid Tunisia and should be paid saying that this appears not to Wear. People are hungry people very well deliver. You know column two days and I have on it not happy hindered by you know. As part of the college experience and have fun. I hit a good question seer in San Diego what's your favorite restaurant. Well that's a tough orbital there's a lot of won't return the Okie. McLaughlin group has put Clinton both campuses. It got the best moment now and it is no secret intelligent lookers but it's great. You know there's a lot of things you know in the Mexican cement concrete barrier particularly its feet and tacos all of we're about to go he. Echoed those later today a great place from. Asia OP knew how to create it last night that it's. So I don't know Google has to mean besides the food here is amazing that further oil closed down here. Ask YouTube was looking at your pictures I can't figure out for the life of maybe got to have a double Gainer who's your celebrity lookalike I can't figured out it's been driving her crazy. Like he looks like somebody I know again for some celebrity. Does it I tell you though. And yulia are so lucky Jerry. I gave a Laker fan. Chris how are you. I do not. This there's an old term the longer. As polite as. And like I have a beer. Oh. All of them more the closest IC is Drake in the Atlantic DJ Drake IC of that list that tried I swear there's somebody else it's. I swear is somebody in holly educated maybe in a movie and I don't even know it. And a movie in there and it's. And it figured out and it's gonna come. No text and it. A program. Where it gets icy icy jury that to me yeah. Our blood don't addressing your day have signed Ab blenders that's we're headed right. There and I enjoy it let's sit lenders JJ thank you bring it out this today. Are. Absolutely. Yet there's no shortage of delicious restaurants insanity pitcher I remember caliber who was that it was a Padre. Who said. That always and will Myers with that little dab. But at it was Myers. Who said San Diego did not have good Mexican guys at New York was better to Greeley are you sure about this have hit that we recently border Mexico I'm just at a news. Tried Mexican food in San Diego it. It's like was delicious. Verses not some at its Smart as Spanish style and you think EB AB what are reek in battery in amity and quite popular there as well but anyway thank you did TJ O'Brien for joining us. We got authority comes to be sure to click on the next episode of frequent tags and and seven game. Right time turf fun segment on Franco tags it makes you rent and all the social media craziness because everybody tweets answer Ramsey faced X these days. And it tweets of the week when he got we're gonna go from two different things in different political from. The sad too happy to OK as. I like an unhappy now yes I tell you it was nice. Obviously the big news this week Aaron Hernandez. Allegedly committed suicide and now nick Hussein that it may look like it is suicide confirmed by the ops Osce by the New York Daily News it was suicide it was a pain so in jail this week that he had committed suicide. The football and just world in general has. Just kind of released to keep things on Twitter faced a snap Chad just giving their thoughts and so there's some positive and negative souls all kind of share few of those. Mike Ponzi Duff and senator said to my friend my brother through thick and then right around we never left each at their side today my heart hurts as I got the worst news I could've imagined. It was Jesse Diego we shared our last convoy liable for ever miss you and Lovie bro we will meet again rest easy. It's hard to take this all in because of this. Everything surrounding Aaron Hernandez. I it's like I don't feel sorry from that they hate the idea of somebody taking their life. Of course a man and person acts like when you take your life you're going you're taking. Not the easy way out but to me you know it's kind of the cowardly way out in movies you need to face the music about what you did about what happened. But now that information coming out about that law in Massachusetts that the reason my heat why he may have done it was he wanted to gives us China security to his daughter for her life right they cannot yet. This would not she'd have nothing yet because if he commits suicide. Van. He is. Transgressions basically would be right sell his his name would be cleared which has got to be such a heart wrenching for the victim's family. Asthma the people that spoke got Snoop Dogg. Said this is sad. And then you know how little prayer symbol flower. Wide receiver for the cardinals Aaron Dobson REP Chico. Safety for the pats Brandon keen damn man Aaron Hernandez while had everything he want in life. Then last rest in peace stamp it was a lot to surround yourself. And it's it's really it it it takes a lot of ideas to Sweeney director head around. Another arrow or some former players that words so sympathetic. About the debt. Ike Reese he actually tweeted out saying Aaron Hernandez hash tag key down. It's former NFL linebacker radio host. Brian Murphy this is the interesting thing Brian Murphy is Hernandez's. Former agent he joined the former jets started to occur Marty and others who voiced its suspicion. Around her name is to suicides of he said absolutely no chance he took his own life. Chico was not a saint but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life. So there's some issue of people saying that might have been self plane involved rain but as nick just said the autopsy has showed. That it is well suicide Antonia Marty cornerback as we know him he said at that he was about to appeal this case. So they and can. Now reverend Jesse Jackson who was actually hear it Hewitt and I here as Internet under com. With KB LX he said pray for the soul and family of her. It's not so you do act that when it's all said and done regardless this that they get a life is gone. And it was taken to the enemy people died it's that that's we need to focus on the people it's just let's just pray for their families and pray that they have some peace. In all of this at some plane and that you know whatever god sees fit happens and prepare dammit Odom is absolutely. But on some happy news now a day at a night because we can't and on a sad note here Franklin can't. Some good news tennis star Serena Williams she made a big announcement she is eight months pregnant. And eating. Ericsson a photo herself in a swimsuit showing off her baby it's at twenty weeks she captured as CAPTCHA image on snapped chat. And then posted a series of photos of the tropical getaway at practical and what's great about this. Is that she actually if you look pack she actually won the open. Why she's pregnant or are right they ask you at all swimming can do it well she is 35 years old she's engaged to Redick co-founder Alexis. I'll hand and I don't know his last name and probably the same day that she shared this news was also. You share pumas thirtieth birthday cup now and I guess so those are area says it right there yeah mine on some tennis stars though did reach out. And which congratulations to Serena injury Herbert she says Serena you'll be such an amazing mother and it was your mother and and wish your family health and happiness for the best journey in the world Andy Roddick. There's going to be a baby goat we are so happy and we know Serena Williams. Will be a great mother seriously she is ago she 100% of my gosh she's amazing credible athlete in Allentown Reyes is she really and I let go yet. She really has in Iraq that baby on the dash and is easily imagine this kid. Coming out like you have a lot of it's it's. That is incredibly successful guy in. The tech industry and your palm is. Its. Yeah. Scored you scar kid. His guard and the last three Caroline was in the woes in the Jackie can never seen and antique Caro sounds pretty gets me everyone around me you know pregnant with he beautiful. School bus is pregnant. I have no idea us around. Those in the Yankee yeah she's the daughter of me it was neck is. Did out of the apple founder now I don't know. Ike is she's taking some one baiting and instigating a copper yes she as maybe she just had a baby or she's pregnant. Caroline was actually dating there's Dane NBA star out to admittedly she's dating David. I would punish it was to she that she was up with. We spoke on this though that separate RS wants. That at the couple right there she is tennis as well but is dad. Met in my compete in them her that's also. I was payments. I'm totally run and to get some totally. To move the let and son paints it she Gaza and has started a for Carolyn since dame Eileen over portions data mart right now that's who is this at all back. Yet they split and not about that. At who knew that she was eating golfer from the ashes aren't Burleigh and her dad is not to record as some guys I just got some and it. Just as I outside and though it believe it. Yes no outages said yet as you inspired that's too is that she's dating Marie at deep lean. I heart he's eighty island ideally he was so bad at the warriors. And the level mix art streets of the week I heart you attic economic it's our round. And I hope you heart Franca and tags gigabyte is it and I think indicated dot com.