Franco & Kags Podcast May 25th

Franco & Kags Podcast
Monday, May 29th

Anna & Gianna recap the week in sports and discuss some of the stranger sports stories of the week! 


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It's a 57 game I'm Gionta frank semantic I get a piece thank you so much for join us for a another episode of arc and fantastic fabulous podcast so fantastic. I say that the police think pat is well. I think so I think everybody else it. IRA I've been hearing a lot of great things actually I was at the Greek festival this last weekend. And we had a absolute blast beautiful beautiful weekend hot weather in Oakland had a kind of people coming up to me. Asking the Franken can't podcast. On the you know pulling up in other news that's awesome I actually I missed the Greek vessel does Disney how was that it was really fun to my studies who is three now and obviously did a ton of the writes he like pirates of the Caribbean and the buzz like your Astro blaster he went. And Little Mermaid. But an announcer now didn't want any really anything and it might do with anything else except those three rides. And the characters. And shows and parades and getting wet and about if I wanted to do just fine with their for three days. I was a weather radio it was so hot yeah it is hot hot hot gas and that we got up early got our fast passes to the strode past saying we did wait in line from the two of I was glad that if what's wonderful is I was in Southern California while you're having for the Greek festival the lawyers work. Taking down. The spurs of course not an in my eyes you know they knocked him out they swept the spurs are now well you know. I'd start the playoffs in their latest run in our head to the NBA finals first came on June 1 and it still costs out. Towards the caps obviously you all the cavs made the Celtics. I it'll be game five tonight for the Celtics and Boston. In Boston as well and that looks like the Celtics or try and they're looking to stay alive and maybe upset the cavaliers and it was really interesting without Isaiah Thomas playing rights at this team showed they had some hearts. So eight I don't think I think it can obviously be the cats in the we're gonna get at village that we all want but. It's good that you know they're putting up a fight I'm not very happy with this long layoff for the wars it's a long time well you in nine days on little handle detainees. I think with the what are sweep mean every play off you know scenario so far they've had about a week between right for the next went and they've been are eating maybe the rest is pretty get little rusty but I think big big pack can agree that it quickly now. I think they're peaking at the right time so. Hard on the stance personally you know it is receding here on busy needles waiting for that lawyers cavs NBA finals to start because that is is going to be epic Lisa that. Game one with the spurs' Tony had coli Leonard in there before he got hurt. And that they did come on a little bit rusty they had a lot of turnovers that was an issue there's so hopefully clean Al lout. I know it's hard right now because they don't have that competitive edge when it comes. To practice and now true Kelenna Azubuike had joined the morning show and he said he you know maybe they do more games with each like playing horse and Hatcher are. That's on the line you know trying to do a little bit more to get that competitive level up but right now I am just anxiously anxiously waiting for June 1 here I am. On the competitive level to its unfortunate that the lawyers honestly in my opinion we don't know. Yeah. And I get it what you're saying because of how how everything that went down with dispersed. That we think and of course that's who I think just watching the level about possible competition wasn't there in the west at all if you washed away game. I mean they were twelve I know that that the best game of the season are of the post season was game one against the spurred us. I was the most exciting game tell me any more exciting game and that. No you're right I think that was the most exciting game so far of that play out front for the players but here's the I mean aren't aren't they just pack it. Yeah I mean maybe that's just why they're just cruise in through I mean there that led. We've seen it before we've seen it was Shaq and Kobe I mean as you know we've seen a rendition of this but. We have man I wanna see competition. Well you can definitely get that when it comes to the NBA finals and if it comes down to the cavaliers playing any get at trilogy that would want you get that rubber match that you want apple seed that there. But what is the potential the lawyers. Sweeping in the finals. This is another question that they do what does this mean for this T well that's that they hammy I think you're gonna have what you're looking for Nate starting June 1. I think that's gonna be that bad you can have all the fire because of redemption and what happened last year and things like that so. I mean it's just around the corner this this all this as a formality. Personally I mean I think. I have in my pit and I felt very confident. That he wars are gonna do just fine their biggest challenge would be against the cavs in the final person would like to see the Celtics go there I feel more confident that. They will sweep the Celtics and even a bit of a run for the money during the regular season. But I feel like the worst to do it and then work. Undefeated in the playoffs I don't think that's articles I don't want to sell I want that I want that rematch that I feel like. If the warriors win the Celtics beat the Celtics in the NBA finals. It's just not satisfying your knuckle up against LeBron you need that matchup you need that there because Delhi owner of the war. I don't like ever. At this time that the casket to get there. Now. It's a little bit. I am OK I'm not hi Larry Irving America's carries act had an amazing players and what he's saying oh my gosh and with LeBron having a terrible game I was in game four was game pre game during with eleven points and no he didn't score at all in the fourth quarter inquiries stepping up any huge way at a a career high post season game so he's stepping up to this addition this is probably a that this team for the cavaliers is better than last year's cavaliers to what we shall see so. And as warrior team is obviously better than last year's lawyers team with the addition of Kevin Durant in now with these with these big right now on how they're playing. Can it be it's going to be and to see this matchup on this. I'm just on the I'm just on the side of the basketball appears. You know I'm a big warrior fan I loved I asked him and I just wanna see past what the highest Libya where you're gonna get that we're gonna give. But I want him I want it more out. It's the playoffs I thought I was gonna get it you know last round yet against the spurs but I. I didn't want I think as last three year it's a testament to how good the lawyers are in now with Kevin Durant as he pulled down on the Keppinger grand. Decision to come to the lawyers he is obviously a 100% confident that this is the right decision he's very he was vocal about that. This past week and that they. It's ourselves a scenario and a next if you guys had an opportunity to be and work somewhere that is gearing teed on the most guarantee tip that she was in need. Around the most amazing people in your field in what you do for Libby gave you an opportunity to excelled the highest level. Of what you do. Who would seem to know exactly I'm within 0100%. You're you're this is a career for him this is his or you're gonna try to go up the corporate ladder it try to move up in your own career. Why can't he do it as well. And he's happy here in the Bay Area and the great thing is he's been giving back Marcus Thompson had a great. Article. At the press have chronicle on talking about how much he gives back to Oakland he loves it here he finds he reminds him of where he grew up. And he loves to give back he's been getting courts you know eight making -- accords B yeah and just in the next Bart. For goodness sake let me he's he's acclimated and he is just kind of live mean like he's been here for are now and it does it fill any different so. I just when I hear people talk about that a spirited it's not really here in the Bay Area it's really more than national media like oh my god settle down you were looking for anything and everything. To point the finger at the lawyers any possible way you can't because they are just acted it is that old jealousy factor is that what a lot of people think though when it comes to LeBron Tim. Maybe I mean on ours and sure we can't the difference there I never tape they. My main impression of Kevin Durant and how LeBron is is totally different than the bronze to me drafted that high school he named himself to Kenya right out of the gates Ifill like. There's a little bit of an arrogance factor to LeBron says he's easier not to light outcome even though he does a ton of stuff for the community back in her seat at its Gerson he's successful I think he comes across just those a little bit. Aired at all about LeBron Kevin Durant. It's always like separate from the media does really put himself out there he doesn't really care about the limelight as much any sadness too as mama. Yes it does come out every got as nice as mama and percent on my campus now Beckley. An policy it it's been fun to talk about here in the Bay Area obviously you're 957 game in the home of the golden sea horse that has been a really really great year for us as well so we will see how it all plays out. And we are absolutely looking forward to it says another interesting stories and a this is I you brought this up to it cancer is safe and backing United States he's misty here. C says America is now my home the Oklahoma City Thunder center said in a conference call during this interview with Victoria and new Ian. Three days ago she's he's USO falling scared of the week and he was briefly detained. At a Rummy airport. After Turkey canceled his passport. At the country has done the same apparently a few years ago to tens of thousands of other Turkish citizens living abroad. And capital leaves that they revoked his pastor because he's been very critical. Of their current president whom he called quote Hitler of our century so he can take east received I guess death threats for the really strong statement that he had. Anyway he stands by. His statement and believes it was warranted and given all the people who have been hurt and raped and killed. But current regime there in Turkey so nevertheless he is back on Americans on hopes to stay here. It is incredibly scary the idea that he was in Romania and was detained their DN a his passport was canceled the heat where what happened Hank. I now. And even more serious actually he was claimed a military threat so dancer were looking for him they actually detained him and stopped him. And the Turkey is was it is the ambassador prime minister I don't know the president the president the leader in charge said he was a threat so just imagine. That's scary one. Donald Trump saying you are a threat right that there's a manhunt for him and apparently that's crazy that's really releasing that he was a dangerous man. I have added I have to keep clear of the whole Greek and Turkish. And I velocity between the two it and obviously he is Constantinople. He's been the US aren't Homeland Security fender lawyers and his own attorneys and the pound and BA players association worked very hard to get back to states' rights for this party stepping in and I'm in helping him get back here or so couple senators on his behalf as well yeah I mean how my that is such a scary situations very scary. When you think of the times we have been and not to go into this but of course so what just happened recently in Manchester. Bombing those scary how excited are an I got your upper right now I thought of you because you went to the area grounding concert with a year with your hands on and on down and it it that just so incredibly scary. To see that and it's is it scares me think that this is what our world has come to the mostly children at these concerts when it just looking at the crowd when I was in Tennessee SEP it was not deemed it leak little girls and moms you know me be coupled dad's taking their daughters to a concert. Babies you know fourteen like my step daughter's fourteen and my niece as well as was eleven at the time yet. So. I ages it made me feel sick to my static when I heard about this and how H as it was coming out left the concerts and he just had a Samie teen time with their families and 22 passed away in that incident and I think it's 159 hour injured sixty. At this point by. Man hearts and prayers and thoughts go after them and east who is an hour and a Grammy super fan's wishes. So upset in Alfred is that territory they cancels return it tore until June 5 in a rethink. What they're gonna do next but I cannot imagine what she feels. Like how she feels traumatized traumatized she's I'm sure she's devastated all these young beautiful. Girls and children. Burt is having little time in her she's very very good her free gas truly she really alias. Lot gone beckoning his cancer to we we will Sherry had sent his tweets. Some great tweets that he had in tweets of the week about everything some good news that came as head and also we have a political figure that's look at that as well I look forward to coming up in just about ten minutes. Now that we have to touch on the story can end sales of Bol and bailed. Today his stay in to a aching shirts. They'll look for both men and women and so this all stems from an incident he had on Colin Cowherd show with Christine Leahy. Where apparently she isn't very strong words about what she thinks about Lamar and how she thinks about is guaranteed and what he's doing. Some of the things she said it were that she feels she feels like me tickets are forced to play that they all it's a fair that they evolved yet I want to do it. The main thing is that they are fearful of their father and that their scheme that speech in scared to live their own lives that the bar is pretty much walking in the issues which is just it's just a step too far. These are her opinions as well because I I honestly don't know of any incident where I got that in impression have you gotten that impression. I look in on a C I'm gonna from my senate to any sport me tip that I'm entitlement baseball game and that's ultimately all these different sports and finally he likes best. But I can understand that parents want to get their kids starting young. And they're gonna push them to do well I know there's also point where you almost pushed to heart sure and that can hurt job I don't think he's pushing his kids too hard when it comes to. Playing the sport that he loves. I don't agree with certain things that he said it. And though in the manner in which he's done it but. I don't think that his son is your I think his son is more justices person eyes that he's more quiet his dad is little more boisterous straits. Maybe be good if his sent word she used to say more. In south I would like to see that more from want to but I think this is a personality. One of his other cents did step up and say how come every line is Haiti on my dad you actually participate in cares about what happened with his kids' future and lives we you know. We're there when there's death at their at that don't even have relationship with so. The kids stepped up for the dad and kind of you know explain why he's is he is the way he is by. It onto so of arcane and Studio One point after she made these comments and he was in the middle of the conversation and I guess Christine. I asked him about women's another half was first they're talking about. The that doesn't lose the ash issue issues just as she does not yet she asked him how many happy salt. Am happy so he would like to doctor should go lay eggs like state Elaine is exactly what he said which is totally start this whole conversation between the two of them goes back and forth it was very. Very heated. Where's he at sheet and brings up the fact that year you know women are gonna really wanna be interested in your brand because you really focus on women or. It basically calling him a woman here. I don't look in on settle think he's a woman hater if he doesn't have to market towards women yes it's a nice little things for his company if you were to. Market towards women because that's another. After needs of places that sell that much. Ranked so I don't have an issue with him not markets specifically marketing towards Bowman and no issue with that the only thing I didn't like about that interviews that he did not let her speak at facet and every time to try to say something he would try to cutter offers any you know any some C says a little. Not threaten main bank. Aggressive yes he is at a moment's there is moms for he felt very aggressive but he was aggressive towards or anybody to turn around and talked her now may just be the problem. Or about the status because she is set up beat. I guess when she when they do not have a gash she can look directly Kyle Howard that went against the guest is focused on pollen and she's behind him. So he was like turning around talk to you. Yet edit on the issue that they mean that is to set setup but that's. AB nineteen may be looked at her a little bit he said he was scared at first he stared effort but. Which plays back to you know seeing you her speaking on until being scared of his father yes. That's her opinion and need to say it looked isn't that how you feel this I know what's real because this is my son and an on my son feels about me. I think it would've been better for him if he would of letters speak literacy appoint and they come back matter I think so too I think you have a point there. But I will say this when you are invited onto a talk show notes you have a conversation as the U promoting you necessarily required to discuss anything you really don't want to you because you're the gassed and it's a TU. What I occupancy one addressed and so forth and he obviously. It would not be okay haven't conversation with someone who is interpreting. What they think life is like in my household with my children. And I believe that is where the issue is started because she can't she is no idea how these boys feel towards their dad and what happens in their house let's assume that. And make that is oblique statement or comment but she is absolutely right wing and he disrespect there where she should have continued to speak that she. I'm glad she did yes Andy has spoken to about it how she just sat back and let him do his name and she would've. You know. It would make her look bad but it would just made her look a little bit more week and she stood up and I I give her credit for that and that we patter on the show here before she's been a great jazz I enjoy talking to her alive I think she's a she's great at what she does. The other thing though about Lavar is because of the fact that he's so involved in his son's life. That's gonna come out there people are going to question about your involvement in child like they're gonna question your parenting. That's gonna happen if he did not want to topped her then he should just sets ending to producers whether or not he did nothing is coming right. And if that's the issue then face in the making I just want to address Collins today well all I wanted to. The bigger things to use our Annika eyes that the fact that he's been marketed toward. These T shirt via the staying Elaine Eddie. The big dollar grad so he's basically to float saint OK we have some products for women but the statement was directly. Against a woman as a minibus. A premeditated he came in there he wanted to be disrespectful he doesn't like her and if I was in his shoes I would like her either I'm not Lavar I don't act like that I would try to. You know pretty much just not even really give her any attention of our dinner any like is that. Did the kind of crazy but. Those premeditated he was you know he was angry I could tell in his in his in his movement yes how he was you know he didn't like he'd in my debt and I wonder why did either. But he would have been so much more respected by the national audience if he had letters speak and say you know let. I as much as you wanna ask me these questions I don't know I don't feel like I really wanna talk to you because of the fact of how. You mention my parenting skills this is something needs taking direct shots at me. I think you've gone too far so I will only answer any sports questions when it comes to let me ask and that's good I think that's how he should approached. You are stink Lavar boxers anything about an audience. Do you think yeah I was going on in his household designs. In his fan and I think he cares about getting attention because the attention is elevating his ran through selling issues selling. Stuff and helping getting his son out there and the name whether it's negative or positive I don't know if that's me that's it's not because that's pretty got these teachers this is negative now this isn't negative this is apps redirect shot at the at her. In in addition to you know the situations giving him more plain conversation we are talking about it up and better I am whether or not hate every eleven people. And where does the fault lies. The that he wants to see his kids succeed any machine well here's the problem with that I'll let the case of one thing with this. I agree. Dean being a freaky I green push you he'd be the best. However when you have somebody like lots of who is now not going to be working out with the Boston Celtics. I think that the bad decision where is that decision coming from is that Alonzo or is all of our. That sounds to me more like all of our I could be completely wrong but that's what it sounds like now Magic Johnson though he is comparing him now an interest in comparison to Chris Jenner. And I think that's a very good point and people not about eight or not he thinks it's like a Christian donors and for her family for the card ash eons. And the success that they pat and the promotion and all the stuff that she's done it's very similar to Lavar but in a different type you know our entertainment. His sports oriented. The good news if it's love it if it was the bars or. Or Alonso or the first choice to not go visit with a Celtic I think it's been pretty much pre disposed that he is going to go to the lakers and Magic Johnson has said he has no problem is it when he disposed though. That's the club he's the whole time that's what there and that's what they're saying they don't go work out with the Celtics as the number one cake. And easy to Eric. It's like this before I do agree I think that is from the bar stopped process I don't know but it we've seen other picks they know I'm not working for your organization I don't wanna do it. But it's just like. I never I never understand that maybe maybe they think that he would just be a better fit on the lakers so you don't go work out for another organism is an actor Choi said it is it is but it's as a as a basketball player yet to work out. I think it's a good decision or right I'm sane it's their decision to prove he feels like it's keen and see if you like. You know the coaching staff and what if they so I we love Luke Walton here obviously yes but what if all of this and that I actually don't get along with little. And maybe this was a wrong decision the Celtics. Are in the hand BA playoffs are right now this is a team that's in the NBA playoffs. So I mean right now I have the the issue with Isiah Thomas what's gone on with him because that's the position you can be trying to take take over. Basic and I his hip and I will say the Celtics have been have been very adamant about Marco Fultz select aspect could be a little thing they do not okay you guys have talked and Foltz you guys are talking about Isaiah and faulty out of mentioned once. I'm over here and LA Marty here so I can I can give me but it's just like the other mindset as a competitor just wanting to going all out of one global all the. I'm sure your job are what happened when you're going to school when you're going to college if you got interests from a different college. At would you go check it out of date now on not to even try if it's a good school. And it's maybe you know if you run for broadcasting. There's two different broadcast is close you may wanna try this you probably have your number one choice. You're not even question the other one and maybe say let me go check it out I think you get your heart set on something and if you think you're the right fit for that place and that's what you gonna that's where you can ago. I mean some people just have that. In their mind that that is my day that is I'm going to just I think. It's the whole concept of the seek re put it out there and that is your vision and that is your focus in your dreams so double click that as. Be closed my about maybe he just thinks he's a better fit in the lakers suns are in baby that's his his lifestyle is the very celebrity style all. That this you know lawns RD hat I was you know because of who he is because of his dad is an all the stuff that's been talked about I mean how he tells me. How much conversation has been around all of the other records are there other potential prospects. None but I can tell you this match you know I think impact is that second pick for par George. Bob violence. That's possible I mean your ear and definitely pretty yourself in the situation but. It is what it is that's what he Sony focus on I'm not I don't know I cannot be denied by the way hard ash in the lakers lakers just hired to guard Ashton trainer has their strength that kid looks good it does look at. What is background as appropriate. I don't know see those aren't because she's training though I don't know if that's the replay out here in let's add onto this resonates. The trainer has also worked with Sylvester Stallone. Jennifer Lopez and Soviet Sophia back at this is Gunner Peterson rain that's at an appearance and also training Angelina Jolie went filming Tomb Raider. That's great pitcher for. It's. Old now I don't even better of Matthew on the day before his role as a stripper in magic night. And it'll say they'll look at not have them my A has its cousin was a train for the cavaliers. And he also has worked with actors he's done a lot of training teacher so he was actually offered to go to Australia. To go work with Russell Crowe on a movie approach movie it was he actually treated tone at the time really for other reasons but then. Yes so you have these people who are just good trainers and they can train boats. Don't have any problem. Pitchers to. Attempt as you know let me want to Kardashian is that people were me. From the team because we see what does it clearly can go to Cleveland. And Cleveland is overly. Let's get to some treats of the week. All right so let's stick with the Los Angeles Laker years we have. On the ball potentially going to the lakers with a number two pay in the NBA draft is you know it seems like the lakers. Guardian Angel Russell is not in favor of blondes a ball during the team kind of wonder why means that position but that funny one now onto CNET 21 year old like a tweet on Twitter from. Act Beck Jordan. Eleven who's set after watching Russell's 2016 when he said dean highlight there is no way in hell. They should draft Alonso. As if he was drafted number two. Then adds then that would take over Russell's duties. And running the offense by the south all the shooting guard or forced the lakers to trade him so he did actually treated but he liked something. About one's. No lean well did you come to the lakers any sort of any around about passive aggressive way sharing his opinion her act and he actually did. Unlike it afterwards once this got past his by the national media. This is that. I don't know who knows how to but so hard in the job that he election do and I think Alonso in De'Angelo. We'll play well together yeah Diaz a look at easy plates. Yeah easily I mean his his. Like this I would much rather have lawns of and in my team against Russell even at this point and it's hurt the. I've exit TO well as collecting his candor we heard the story about in his Kanter and him getting and his passport revoked from his country. Turkey but he did tweet out well hello to the most beautiful country in the world the United States of America at the picture of him. In front of well where it says welcomes the United States planning to himself. So he is excited. To be back in America and in top of becoming a US citizen I that he was so happy to say that we are my got you. And yeah that's scary situation so. Yeah no doubt he also did recently reach tweets and they from Paul Ryan who. Talked about the violent crackdown of peaceful protesters by Turkish security forces so he's been very very adamant an outspoken about what's been happening in Turkey. And with you know as somebody who is here in America talking about you know having free speech having choices the united freedom of choices this year. It's good to hear that he gets that he does and it feels. Happy to be here appreciates and welcome to yes through a happy happy with the team he. A John Wall actually dropped in deterring mines greens comments recently says. Dream on green has joined new Eric caps and Heatley he actually got into granite pictured himself. As sane well excited to join the new era cap family as a brand ambassador thanks for helping my rap. My colors this post season hash tag detonation and John Wall. Just says welcome ugly. Hello. This is how these guys totti Genesis funds as of being on the eyes poked. Fun at each other series in the dram. If you follow any of these guys and is Saddam's that it is so funny it is I've dreamed that my favorite ballads he's absolutely I've followed him after the Afghan. Incidents. You know I'm talking about that that status stats that incident. And in other one that we in barest candidly and I've never seen a writer really remember that and you'll ever he he said he got so red talking about it with us real that's right and that he desire. Aspirin and a train and he was our in studio guests at that. We definitely got in depth in that congress it gives a beloved of and fine believe that most of it from Damian Miller or Chris Broussard actually tweet appalled Georgia to go to lakers and heat don't win you might not. Making austerity and you might be Damien. And Damien says Chris let's not that that's allowed. That X eggs Damian Miller is such a good player yes he is soda iron game and a and that's not an edit it loses its way I mean assists. The beast of the west from the point guards in the western tourists Natalie so that at that point saying if you if it is dungy Iraq. Think of Anna and nick today for RI and a little happy note though JR Smith actually gone into a picture. Avid Stanley said we walked out together. Thank you so much of the extended family at in the Q. You are truly the world's greatest what happ was his daughter was born premature. I mean she's only one pound in January. Wow so she's been in the hospital the last I think five months so she now weighs seven pounds and by announces that she's going home. Daughter Dakota saying congratulations to them that just has to be so difficult to almond eyes and her chronicling. Her stay in the Nikki first since she was born aunt and the date that act because it's a camera Twitter he posted pictures of the day he actually Alter. As a parent itches I mean I just a while that department pageant and just died. I'm so happy for them truly truly truly saying my best wishes to them enough Sammy and she grows to be healthy wonderful little girl thinks that. I think of us today Jeff Garcia spurs beat writer and ease of four San Antonio dot com fox 29 is actually whenever your piece of each catch that as well he confinement in or drop down on 957 came to comedy the finest on Twitter. At forget tanks anti on underscore Franca. At and a connection SK AG and K and let me know if you guys have anything any concerns about we got to get our. Our fans into this more. I now Pope me we did have this like the acting came line via phone number that he that would call in and actually share their what he Athens. Thoughts on asked certain things next week's today we train at that they were bring it back and beyond just me if you guys have any concerns. RI to get out nine as in the game back.