Franco & Kags Podcast May 11, 2015

Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, May 12th

Gianna & Anna talk about the latest NBA news, Draymond's comments towards the media, Matt Harvey and more!


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Welcome frank good exit 957. McCain thinks it is time on a frank and and a connect east. NB day is everywhere right now and because we're knee deep in the play ops and the lawyers are on a bit of a break yet again as we wait for the winner of the spurs rockets contest for experts in the series 32. At time record this podcast that they were play tonight. Thursday Thursday me haven't. At 6 o'clock sell it Stuart back for Houston. And then of course it fancy Western Conference finals steel or restaurant conference yes let's get outside all you and I have had a it did your head examined on pine it's. Like I'm ready now going to be could be. Wires verses. Have other if I am right now I like that for this yeah. I want to sell here at. I want the warriors to play the cavs in the finals because I want that. You know best of three I don't wanna have that all they didn't face LeBron again well they did in basic cavaliers they would've lost that they had the product against them. But I do want the Celtics that a eight darn good bye now. In the next could I have a feeling it looks like right now the Celtics are ahead there over the wizards trees though. Have a feeling it'll be the cells exiting there better team with their watch tennis had terrible. Yesterday had the wizards who lives and then you also have the capitals that mine and now is bad day for wash it plaza as the game seven and I believe with the penguins. Nearly eliminated by the penguins it's just it's it's not is yet now how bad day for Washington DC and upright for multiple. How hard I asked at the podcast. I mean. It would be great to get that retention of that revenge and everything will eat all the drama that happened in the finals if it is the lawyers and the cats which seems to be that likely. Scenario however. I mean obviously epic and it's the Celtics there's a chance at getting 4444. You know. I mean I don't think I had the other day we were talking about this. With that town me and Stein Mets and ram they worry we we had this segment. Asking people if they thought he wears a sixteen playoffs. If you people's yes I was one of them I thought sure went it's a possibility they peaked caps before hand it's not even. It deftly but at least in a series of seven. And now you kind of keep gay use when Easter playing someone more than once he used to aired the written survive what to expect I think maybe cats. If the hour's wrap up two nothing in the beginning with mine maybe went ships packed Cleveland. Would have an edge yet. On a game to write a gimmick the proper adjustment yeah and then when they make the adjustment that's when the other team that's okay what adjustments they make what do the what do we need to do now eggs and lord to adjust to their adjustments if you can keep it exactly. Oh that's when you know he had a better team if you have a better teeny usually they will prevent. In the and then better team better coaching staff. Even with coach curse still not there who are who went to Duke University last week you now get his ad act procedure done efforts and courtly. As we wish him the bandstand. It's kind of waiting on him. And now it but you know this team's well prepared it's four all stars in your does they're ready to go I I it's been a great play up front so far. A lot of people have had overseas for a little bit Lorena quote unquote I'm sorry what is boring about winning. It does nothing boring about Whitney you wanna Margaret challengers on pins and needles. They might not end that I don't want that yet you want to get the job done because one injuries. He wanted to get to debate. Game that's what you want you wanna get to that big moment the big stage and I'd rather the warriors to sweep and you know be healthy that's the best for me exactly and let the other teams get tired so that way would be. Little bit better for the wars that's what happens when you get the job absolutely and I think that's just at the focus on should have a lot of downtime. How are spending his down time well apparently Matt Barnes during an his warriors playoff quote unquote break. Was out seen part mean in Los Angeles he was hit nick. With Dion Andre. The majority of the clippers they he did play with the Andrei gather friends and so they hung out together look they are off for a week there's nothing wrong with going out yes he flew to LA but yet. Annaly down there and down there down there. I don't at least I I think he's got a race yet that that's where is Thomas so mean of course he's gonna go out what he wanted to use it and do nothing for this next week he's not going now riding her bike he's not going down thank you. You know is not as long as he's not doing something dangerous not leaving the country either. I'm cool with them staying in the country you have at that adds let's stay here so I have no problems about. Well and I think I mean. Why not you you're on a break if you're awful work what you gonna use it to your thumbs its job to them they need a break you need to have a little fun apparently. At a bunch of buddies with them big bodies big stars Julio Jones French Montana. Publishers and dirt. Was there and Zach Randolph and Morse they were hitting a lot of loud and a lot of big names a lot of nicknames so itself. I'd like her teeth she's talented she's very talented beautiful woman. The that they did crowding the right of the cab apparently are wait on the winner of their wizards and Celtics series. I am so to advance the Eastern Conference finals so they decided victory dance party during workouts yesterday there's a pretty fine pictures were posted on line says. Anyway Aristide is it caps a gorgeous out Wheaton and seen it of course is gives time for people to sort of have a have a little bit more the conversation about the lawyers specifically one dream on green who's been very vocal on he is an intrepid podcasts. Trading day. I think as with Marcus Thompson right and they earring is at it he's been very vocal about a couple things he gets some choice words about Kelly Olympic from the Celtics. I he also was very clear that the media is headlined she's seen. And that because he said things they are just looking at peaking waiting for deceased have recently is there headlines without making it. Make you got to be more the bad guy or decade of the ease some out right on that in I'll see you look at the national media. Aid never eight's funny years ago they never talked about the wars who of the warriors irrelevant. But now all of a sudden you have this team who are the you know the lovable team that won. That won the NBA finals and now they're the villains organizes villains I've ever seen and hands down right. But among green has that you know he has the trash hockey as the big top in everything he does that. But he also speaks his mind sometimes I won in town to. Rein it back of that body just a little bit but he's not wrong honestly think that he had. He was probably kind of saying out that is the competition for the cavaliers had not been up to par but he was saying that the cavaliers. Are playing. Great they basketball is a compliment to Cleveland in a way it was necessarily an aviation pinpoint one person right I think that makes it. A little bit that makes it kind of a bad statement and that since he could have said Tina the whole via their specific people maybe but not necessary to straight up to Kelly and on the dirty play that dirty player right there that's become a dirty player but you know here's the thing like treatment also gives himself off the media as a podcast. He's weekly cern and accept game but I think he feels podcast he has. Horror creativity with the conversation and I think he likes and easy out of all the and that really puts himself and that kind of a position. Stats is out of comedienne. I mean Kate T hard to hear from him unless it's afterwards practice they Thompson not a big fan of doing things like Adam the arc I just do their own thing. Dream on is sort of the police. And that guy. Who is just sort of giving everyone an impression and he is making headlines you go to any major sports' website and the first two stories are about and yet. He's up there and he he's vocal and it's actually summit the fans want that and it's funny how some of these guys that the the ages have the typical media cancers like they go after hours tops the media and he Klay Thompson had a kind of a you know had a momentary ages what with Agilent will they say because the almost gone to the random rant. Saying what he thinks everybody wants to hear and and it had a moment was it on at oh okay. Another person netted two people who have. Really popular podcast that cavaliers. Richard Jefferson and Chang Friday having me very popular podcast it's incredibly popular right now so they're to be off on set to. See you see more and more athletes right now. Who are more vocal and getting out there and and it's something that it's kind of pull podcast world how things are changing right now. We podcast absolutely you must too it gives them a platform without having someone's ego dictate. What they can and can't say how insane. And I I think it's I think it's. Really great for people liked him on. Other players to get out there it actually my idea speak their mind that your little but of the air thoughts and opinions through there own voice in their platform. I mean it's technology allows us to do that now it gives us more access more access to these guys which is cool. I think it it hurts the media a little bit because the work constantly whining that's why if that our our our guys to do wanna be the one brick store saps that thing and now it's. Get a first get first app may not always be unfortunately may not always be correct. Sometimes it's it's eight and what's made it's no matter what your your headline will be V. The lowest common denominator but it will be you know headlights and get a little sleazy or get a little or borderline not means necessarily. Hunter percent. True of what you're gonna click Andy and they just to get people click on story a lot of people do it is and the itself. We'll save a careful out there looking on something on Twitter grammar only under forty for characters people exactly can only say oh that's right so we look forward to it. Isaak at the lawyers as they move on to the next round here and we'll see what happens with the spurs and rockets. Well our ball on the ball the whole ball family continues to make headlines this week obviously we talked about our podcast last week whereas a beastie. Line of shoes and it's not easy to use the it is easier to use. And yes almost 500 dollars repair ten issues. And the fat eat house that had made headlines on people were mocked keen. The bar now a lot of our bottom of our because it can all else. A part of our exit the car lot and blow them out he actually. All that act I act act. So he have a conversation are in trouble saying you know about me how this ice sports family or me support as kids and they should they get the right deals and endorsements by doing it themselves. Our stations like yes. The bar Ollie is speaking out and says I don't need. This is interesting. I don't need to listen I guess Islam are about talking Imus his second was Kobe Bryant but he's got to play his game. So I guess this is an end during an interview. Yes vehement Barbara says he wouldn't seek any advice for his son wants a ball which is going to be atop NBA prospect from retired LA Laker. Is quoted I don't need advice from Kobe Bryant's of them are on Thursday. On quiche on George and l.s issue on ESP ingredients. Los Angeles. Yes that I don't need advice coming Bryant as those who got to play his game and if there app practice and EC something. And on that listens to him whatever he is dead but it's just not. It's just not okay talking to companies and I'm going to begin. So he's seen in general he's not listened to those are some. Eddie said that this dumbest idiot that he is this is the Eric this is complete arrogance at it's just I'm not listen to Kobe and not he better than Michael Jordan. This is Americans now you're an. There's nothing wrong with talking to people who have been veterans in the past and who work. You know great acting game ending getting their insight and then improving upon. He's been taken as a as a store I don't know this is ridiculous like this is the dumbest thing on the planet click me I. Yeah OK so your sounds like most all of its. Kobe Bryant pretty get last I check yeah I'm just saint may. I know he's he thinks his son's going to be from what I'm understand that descends and is sent got his own style his own whipped plain and he's chest. Gonna focus that he sees that he's doing things it doesn't need advice from some Toby who's been there done that and did very well. For I don't. What I am I right things change from college that's true. It you alana I am not at all I'm kind of a Lavar ball support right time because I do believe he's doing the best camp for kids mark. It is creating he's doing a good job of keeping him in the spotlight so that way he's around people know his name. I mean I can tell you how many of the how many players that are gonna be draft that I can't even most of them now though. Maybe maybe 12. Yeah honestly exactly and now I can but I do know who launched a ball it's an is because his father what he's done unfortunately. When you're that close minded is not gonna help you get better and you can always improve upon things by listening to people that can't. You know you have your own way of parenting. Ban. With listening to somebody else's advice on what they did what worked what didn't work is something. It you may not do it there's nothing wrong listening exactly exactly and I think senate seat of the device you never thought he would apply for right in my in my eye opening at times. You know maybe be that last thing it's the etch it makes you that much batters so it's not to be closed minded. Definitely anyway after the ball family and limit on. And I'd I've got to I'm I'm kinda get with a different Alec I hope your sneakers cell and we'll see what happens from there went ticket makes the and be able again Woolsey is a lot of big name people who're buying issues. You had at the game who by who got add issues he said he wants to support Alonso ball he'd as a modest apartment but I'm because he doesn't think Michael Jordan enough. For the African American community and that's what he's supporting on the bombed nine inches at 3 you want my am 04. The problem is the long term when it comes to regular people lined by issue. Have to change the price as well the thing. Understand if we eagle and a manufacturing. That you have to buy space oddities and if you can't buy 101000 here's issues. And you're gonna pay a higher price for that she's happy that that being manufactured so you're buying. 5000 peers issues you're gonna have to. You're sale price because you have to make them back and make it. Makes sense to pay cap issues may now at your level of like Nike and under aren't making I mean thousands upon thousands pairs issues. Millions of shirts and products they're just splattered everywhere everything most across the patient. You can afford to buy times that your pain and he's on the dollar Wichita and make it's much to make it great profit up exactly so I do you CY issues are right the price point has hired. It's it is it at a higher I mean I understand that. Almost you know off or time I'm surprised I'm asking people 850 dollars for yours speakers you know I mean five dollars double that Ike Ike it's because he's probably has a smaller. Budget and a smaller investment in order to buy issues he can afford to get more quantity for. Economics. And I hunt and our right it's pop fly when I can't. This is GC this next story let's start this TI so. Matt Harvey are partly it was our rack after C I only that would Julian settlement of listless let's backtrack this the good stories as a love triangle is it will drag us Matt Harvey from the Mets have missed that. Missed a game on Saturday now. He was SP practice at that he is it game on Saturday was set to start on Sunday he had apparently on a report the on a Bender. Friday night he missed his Kirk missed his curfew went out the next aid decided a pay a round of golf. Analysts say you know beat me up a beat her yet that's more like it exactly right and and and hang out right so does go to the game does show up for. The Mets game. And then. The next day basically shows that it can't really play is not feeling that migraine ever so we suspended for three real quick on this the other thing that was. Crazy about the stories the Mets at one to keep in house is is not the day and age eking keeps toys like this in house right at that good. Like whipped up into. So it all started his view is shaken up after seat super model I'd Lehman attending named Al after party. Which New England patriot wide receiver to and that's her ex boyfriend and that is her ex boyfriend she is currently date means well now there aren't they so they were dating they broke they kind of broke up a packed. But he's obviously still head over heels for her yeah. I picture oh she's Bewkes. She's. Intimidating to hurt really she's almost like kind of freaky yes it is not as it's very beautiful. But she has like. A weird. Be that she did those kind of weird now after this whole thing after hanging out at the met gala. With Julian adamant she actually it goes on instead Gramm plan. He Shiite on followed Matt Harvey real yet the majors that this is ridiculous it's crazy. Well according to ad placement every round from your past Harvey had data Lehman and was an emotional wreck when he became aware of her with her ex boyfriend I guess he was suspended for three games after failing to appear at the ballpark from the game against the Marlins. Over that week and he's since apologize obviously he admitted to stay out late the night before. His absence and a first of first off he says as I tested with my teammates my coaches I apologize actions. And I do apologize obviously Anixter neighbors abide by action. It's out. Well first stop. I know she's gently. Seat model whatever maybe she's wonderful. Meeting relationship with their RP IQ can meet some I think. He must have been UB really had a reveals for the fact that he went this crazy. As you would think somebody of his celebrity. He you know. Go ahead there's so many women with themselves you bet he is obviously there there was something in west that are. Why is crazier at them. Creep if I'd now like it just to get some activities with two companies like industry in a sports athletes. Expect out of I can't again and speak when. Johnny and well. Make it and it's now come back but he's not make them back to the beaches and apparently there's a lot of topless is in line. Men Zell and his fiance and read TC. We're on treatment indication into Mexico to her friends. An attractive. And the opposite topless and be awkward is that outside little awkward going to the beach at my husband likes it all hang out topless together. I suggest. That the it was just a minute and him it's just. I was export out as a of them the fourth is as of or abandoning it it be different. Maybe I think like you feel like at a European beach or something and you with a big group of people one year with. You're happy. It has yet this has been with two friends. At all not listening now. It's very very strange hours in the hunt at all. Of course he did they cut it off. One woman in the group is Jordan zoo and apparently she is someone who is currently connected to. Justin Bieber. She dated Justin Bieber at cheese with name. Oh yeah there. Whatever out apparently I'm not a upper lip. Anyway it Johnny hopefully he's not imminent happened partied to hard because he should focus packet. In his right hand can. It in feet. Inkling that that was I read it to a story on TMC have a negative. To say Sony is a big black. Passed away on her Casilla which was very sad to hear and actually spent I him. When I would say yes and what you Southwestern College in. I knew him as Chris that it act it out he was such things very well your friends at the same group this circle of friends. He was always the nicest guys so sad that I've. Is an eleven year old daughter that he leaves behind and even in his 40s45. Years old and a that's heartbreaking. Very heartbreaking. He's whales whales. Heartbreaking and very sad that he was actually just really chilly at night sky innocent to see him become so successful and it was a great reality show on MTV. And a anyway just sad that black IP and never wanted to show but I am and I knew of this show. So it's just it's it but it's sad to see somebody density young age it's dead at. It didn't say specifically the latest reports events or heart condition. Have brought us pretty funny and it TI SI episodes here and there. But it was pretty dead. Yeah anyway what a bummer. Percent very sad and nice dress misuse you know hopefully year. In joint happen. You deserve to be there. How about this is very seats and stays to around the corner. Leading on persona yeah we. Where I'm gonna go visit some family and then later in the week and it check out fondness and happy in his face on earth. Yeah dizzy for couples if it. Lion typically. Let me ask him when he mice it was two threes so you'll have. Yet met dean nights at him again right before he turned for the most part to turn four to when you assume. And it is a huge difference yeah he loved it when he went the first time but the second time. His eyes were so much wider he was so much more excited biggest smile at her. And he had such a great time look at the characters. Ponds used an apple. Earth semi dreadful making within that with how Q on the somebody's gonna finish I'd get in. But then yet this time he just had such a great time that's cool character breakfasts in the park is great it's pretty we didn't we the last we did was at least serves app which was one of the hotel right safari went into the part. I think this one that we do have the reservations for sexy at breakfast in the applause and yes it is yes I've weeded out one it was the best thing especially in garlic can animals frankly it. If you're listening to Franklin tags used it Disney's T. You get into the park early. Man seeking refuge and go hit a fantasyland for all the lines let's get it via Maria. And collegiate athlete or an island that lighting crazy. I don't think I've ever either tip my sent it to town which partly right up to ten yet at times that's another state plans are gonna take a little making of his name Bagram Denis of which. What we do is at some out Friday I have muffins with mommy game at dean's preschool. Silicon would be you know having a mommy day that's an and then just a barbecue at the family. Listening very simple. To now nothing manager so has some fun with those in my mom. A cinema and long you know. Little did the rounds right celebrate the mommy is exactly that as people look at him as well next year has. Now I'm just resting right. A little bit busier I loved the schools step because I have falcons on the other day mother stayed. Preschool thing on Tuesday just so you have to do is acting crafts and as for mom and it's we don't it's like my heart with the team. It it's just it's so sweet Elena fact that they recognize the parents and hard work they do it teacher appreciation week is last week to. That's rights. Bad. For teachers and it was a classic but I ended up gigs of its debt to us. I am their optical shoot I need to go get some. Love you mom something how about this idea get ready for a lot of peak baseball fans and others days this weekend as you know. And I teens will be wearing their special pink uniforms in honor of moms either ankle is apparently it. These. And they come with a one fantastic each other names of every mom. Who's MLB son where's the deet is etched into the issue grace saddled with the type of thing moms obviously. So it's really. It really cool shoes they're really cute and of the little's Adidas stripes on the side. That's yes I hate you make of the kind of a little bit shine cool. I love the type seven Atlanta you know I never was a that's up pinky was too girly. But I've enjoyed the ball peen. Aspect dispassionately breast cancer awareness half court and just the Dem what he means. Hasn't that means something different now. And you know I love them I have PGAs Jersey that I got breast cancer awareness of the air. So any of that so I think it's good to just elegantly showcase hey beat it for your mom your mom helped you happy with a lot or not it's him and dad sit. But you know it's is recognizing the hard work that your parents go through to. In helped raise. This person sacrifices. We make is he and it's not even. An enemy like you're it's a terribly Ike and I'm happy to sacrifice anything from Tyler's buy it just that you know everything we do you go through we focus on just the healthy and take care of him every opportunity. Given to them sent to celebrate mom's happy mother's aid in my mom Irma. It's adamant it's my mom for nineteen. Make sure EU. Celebrate your mommy isn't fathers is just so that's right and times Betsy is in the that's exactly Arab yet so it's tweets of the right now. I just out of some basketball based opportunity I would say that about and they suck at it I like it that's the will go with that and supporters I would drain on green obviously we talked about earlier. The whole conversation with dream on and the dirty player comments would actually make from the Celtics now he tweeted back. They've gone back and forth a little battle on Twitter an idea train running Kelly Nolan on though at two more Isiah I asked did time OK I they would. But to rank among green just said Jess get through that series. Those who can focus on what's ahead right now now. Yes we'll see what happened that I get the idea of need don't speak up unless he you know you're going to be. I I understand and kind of coming to the defense of his. That they mean that's his friend I think this is what stepped Currie as he's kind of checks social media and maps and as a fantastic. Cited him. It's really it is you're not deal with heaters are not dealing with eat this stuff I know dream on and it's almost feels dram on. And as he built at either. Maybe that's why is you know certain players like itsy like navy gets in there hang needed and they don't want it yet. But drain money I think he he knows that he needs this I. Really feel as by. I had percent and we pick Adrian on the podcasts great. At it I thought I'd be out from any time. Let's go over to the the center of the candidate to the next now. From their owner present about operations coaching. They they have been a mess of an organization. On so many issues now the latest now Crist up forcing it he's their star he's like their one shining. Like the one shining star and it's going on in New York right now. That he's spending his off season in Europe. While he's there he actually tweeted out. During game is actually gained 3 of the Eastern Conference and I've beaten cavaliers and raptors he tweeted out. LA clippers with Reese smiley these technologies around industries steam. Now let's let us. Well few things. First the Jews little magic. Aging will Generale ski and Chris managed reported back in January. That the knicks had reached up to the clippers about a potential Carmelo Anthony trade. Now towards as did come back saying now that he was packed he came back eighteen hours later. He said I was packed last night and a post was made from my count and loaded Twitter and they are looking into the infinite. This packed almost seem like Kennedy go to answer for these athletes eight seems a little strange to me just flew up between different big hair eatery heated also come back saying I would never treat them like that I don't even use the energy smiley face come on EB and then three more Lastings. Since. Well. He says is not any said he got hacked but. I can see one of the clippers wouldn't you want to leave after everything has been going on in New York this year yeah I mean and the clippers making it the playoffs this year I mean there's. Wanna be over with the clippers 90% of the knicks are now knowing him think he's got a much better opportunity with them at even of the clippers seemed to be a little bit amassed themselves right now. But not as bad as the next now see is that crazy when he big though the clippers are not as that does in the news. At its illicit over to baseball right now it's been really good this week I Yonder Alonso. He hit eleven home runs. He blows it on Tuesday two and one game. And that he match she actually. Beat his career bests in home run. Eat and it's only met. So pretty ridiculous how how well that's all worked out for him back it. His teenage who's on the DL. He took to Twitter and he's starting a campaign for him baseball fans. Yonder Alonso is an OnStar can we please do what's right and get him to Miami Heat is beyond desert and I know it's may. But we're talking austerity. He played really well for the NS 100% and he was player of the week last week or the American meat I. I hate this though whenever you see a player knocking them out like that everyone always goes to. To make camped it up. Dad now like what's going on but you know let let's let's be positive about it and acted on Yonder east and great well he gets it now he's changed also he changed his thick as it's laying in his movie is sending do with his lake of the woods up front kick with a slate. That he has at times better now. So that's he's attributing its suit has been hitting such as attributing it to sell its clicking so I'm hoping that means that it's Guinness sustained. On here pretty much we've had Chris Davis who's been really who's played really well for the aid an under attack has an overtaking him right now so we'll see I mean that's. Do especially right now on Oakland they aren't they are and that's I think the energy is not edges what's happening off the filled with new president apple but I am an app on the field as well. With the players this year and I know people talk about as the EP patient as the year right. I know I mean if things keep go in the way they're going every could have wildcard conversation here you turn up in Everett it's not I don't get that question now I would definitely put them that. In today's conversation that I wouldn't giants congress now lately we're seemed base salary out. I mean they're in the cellar they're terrible at them. They should think about cell then yes. Lelie and the giants say they do not like to sell it just like to. But was it not be built back to and is add on basically and I remember exactly. Let you know you look around and I'll be and you have. You have like Toronto who all of a sudden urges plain terrible rates aren't enough absolutely terrible in the years and it is is tennis weird how things that kind of change it to that the title only it yet it's the cycle though we'll see what happens at BA's. Would love that 2012 magic to come back as such a fine year round like I was I first where he hear so much I can only imagine. I went to the games and went on my birthday was when they tied it up. With the Rangers. Was I act as they came late in the game that well is amazing it was actually amazing is my birthday we went there and I went there and Jess completely out I think actions by the time I was massively pregnant with my Sunday at almost a massively pregnant as I am now actually knows more pregnant than an and but I. Finally lets you won last night look they can't make out that he's just. This is it interesting line I week that we didn't try to decipher this one he said while just got asked in a shell called looking for the next May's. Acts Canseco mountainside. I wonder how many like reality show at things he gets well I can't match everybody gonna watch that whole lot I mean that's an out there that's creative ideas throughout Asia people we can do you mean like American at a coming back and going on ABC now can you believe that this is greatly you know it makes sense so Ryan Seacrest is now live with Kelly. You know live with Kelly and writes that he is now with ABC so they make that we can still be called America and I don't. And is exhibit called American Idol so ABC just one which is purchased the rights for me yes how yes. So they're going to be doing America mad I don't know who the judges are going to be that was my next question. I think it can be on the judges really it you know special honestly did not do well on Centre left. It's a tough losses and callous it all of a sudden it Simon made that show I'm sorry. Simon Paula and Randy yes yes they were so it that they how many times can eat the same thing over and over and done it again and it I I get why people get attracted the bachelor. It's different characters and there's always some sort of funky drama but you don't have that kind of drama on American I Java of them performing. Whether they have a good performance or bad performance. That's really artist the more interesting part to me is the build up too keen. Contestants I got X that's yeah that's right into it and I see how they deal then like I watched like the last five seasons and watch him long time out came from the last season I watch with David what's his name that's how bad that says yes and Atlantic. Number and he was really gets you actually that my favorite season was land that Chris Daughtry he is my favorite. Chris not in fourth. That year. Dan and he was a big surprise right got knocked out early bed I islands in the statement I hear you it's gonna carry Underwood was my favorites ashes get Odyssey. As well he's let. I actually think she might be coming back hesitant is now that's a great idea yes I can idea. That's a good idea but the that they need to have. They need it like Jalen was at its jets she was cute. Because she had a personality ages fun Steven Tyler's mind you have to have that person that like mix that chemistry so needed jackass on their. Yeah immediate and they edged Unita Simon. So and ethnic Catholics and now may be welcome back you never now. Do I show X-Factor again the winner and that's on I don't know I our America's Got Talent that so many of these days and a China does and dump them. Done. Right into. Our guest today. We take a week off next week because I would implication that we will catch you after that. And everybody have a wonderful Mother's Day and we talked isn't.