Franco & Kags Podcast

Franco & Kags Podcast
Thursday, October 26th
We're back! Anna has returned from maternity leave to reunite with Gianna & newest addition to the podcast, Ileana Matzorkis. We discuss the exciting World Series, the start to basketball season, Kaepernick's book deal, the Super Bowl halftime show, and catch up on what we've been up to with the Sports Dish, The Film Buff, and Raiders Tailgating!

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Where. And yes I just UST to. Break tags tiny back in the mix. And is back from maternity leave after giving birth to one beautiful baby boy thank you baby Luke is he was eight pounds six ounces born. At 759. Which is ninety. Look. At how does it add my cousin actually play the way that's ninety fives that equipment. And all the stars align exactly so. Happy at home got two boys mom of boys. It's been fun it's been a ride my oldest and dean is absolutely obsessed with the Big Brother already asking for. Of course they're gonna be different they really. I swear this internally very fast eight it did go by fast Abbas and I obviously it's sort of like take over her split some time you're apart partly during the day as well. Right after he treated us updates that we could not wait to get you back like. Lawyers and a and a chorus misty mean frank going tanks so it is nice to have I'm having acted and it's just an Reid Ashe and we have an ace Franklin yes we do so he made a rat but vixen. On the day members show up my blue Brooks if your others in the press box. Only a mad market like this is the our show she gets to be Alain a mad market yet is who she is yet and I oh planes on Twitter and we won't. Beat you so much. Happy to be here join in the ladies for some fun on the pod can lead us really naive forever and so it is it does seem like a perfect fit. Have you witnessed in this room we love nick obviously has been great team but he's also. Working on that the show's well yes he's taken on more responsibilities here on that he had seven where he's doing lighter the employers paying at night and reduced Deen the night shows. That would just as it that's like the that's the logical step back a little works still in the afternoons but she's there she is now more for social media. Though her role has changed her 95 seven's see this is part of it social media podcasting digital that is what we do so thank you so much I'm so excited to be and fell agree by the way and it gives a shadow and a Greek definitely and W word of god in your maternity leave I went to Greece. That's right I was gone for a few weeks and alma got the chip was amazing I mean really I mean just when you go out there it's just so amazing and incredible how. The people who are there in the family oriented culture and when you go to islands and you go to the villages like my family still lives how are they coming up. Crete they African and acts. And just how old traditional it still is in a lot of ways and it's just a beautiful atmosphere as well and of course not being having to work for a few weeks and just elaborate Pakistan having people feed you committed to getting up in the morning and going to the beach is really awesome way to cleanse your brain head and a coming back to here and work every day in the exact and it acts here again and quiet and then since I was sixteen that. Greece in the summertime is Jess beachside streaking at that day which is that it had a lot of and that's just amazing the best I have to say is like it's. Coffee but it's also a lot of sugar sugar and immediately the sugar high gone on to it sets me and I drink a lot of coffee here that when Andrea frat pain and zipping around because he's allegedly playing cop here with a fast. It's easier like caffeine and show it again I'll laugh all they want an outbreak has to be a dynamic it is now I'd make him want to know why he's in the summertime it don't really ten million time. Always after the Greek fast like an anchor deeper now. I am I it's on the list now I got to Greece is on the list we should do you know what to do that for when your sports finish. They've got it okay phenomenon I've what you are gonna kind of the Greek as yet. Did you ancestry DNA and by the way. So I am 20% native American which is very cool. Also Great Britain is a lot in my am which extends from outside. Odyssey deedrick from mom's side. You know Mexican Latin all that stuff and then I am also twelve and a 13%. Greek break out okay. All Greeks have gone on 30% rate and then I've got a lot of Spanish in their ads are so anyway some kind of kind of particle part can't you frank Annapolis. Great novelist and I can I like it's a lot of stuff on the show today we're gonna talk World Series at the fun stories there. Also calling Capra make signs a book deal. So that should be interesting we'll discuss that and Klay Thompson doing some wonderful things. For the folks were affected by the north bay fires and we'll talk about those sports dish. It's great interviews this week and the film buff and of course. We do have a good way to eyes on it because I was gone from amateur I just wanna say it has been crazy here on these news stories and be down but to like constantly with the north Bay Area. Just it was such travesty and such in just tragic to see what was going on it fires. And hear about these earthquakes hurricanes and it's still in Sydney everything that's been going on. But contestant clay Thompson from what he's been doing a thousand. Dollars for each point scored this homestand that and he tied 22 points tempers are 22000 it's really cool because even just right after app. And he was in a either a post practice at press conference and he offered up himself without anyone asking him about it. Saying his condolences for everything that was happening all the families that were affected. And then this comes out and it's it's just him it's not like it's the teen is doing of course the team did donate money along with all the other Bay Area you ran this. But over what really like it shows his character that he puts this on his back to help raise money. And also you know I think his shoe company aunt has also donate Macs and his donation. And also giving people the opportunity to donate with him as well in with a high profile name title of the lawyers it's really really really cool and. And it's also you know they this is their home BM they may they might not all beef from here and they might not have grown up here but. You know they are such a part of the landscape now with the warriors and this team is such a family there's such there's others it's camaraderie there and you know he probably he meets fans from all over the Bay Area and the north bay is so. Is such a big part of our community here in Tampa and Cisco just for the mere fact that everyone comes appearance at a wine country. And for them just the impact it's gonna happen and four at the lack of terrorism and dollars come to their does that have to make their money that is a bread and butter. And just the amount of homes and the structures in the lives lost it's it's devastating and it's so nice to see someone especially someone like that Thompson stepped up. And make a difference that we all you know did the best weekend with what we have yet but when you're in that position you. You've worked so hard you so successful year to disagree you can do more and he does do which is not only with money but with publicity have. Because we're talking about it now absolutely and it's it deserves to be talked about because it's very qualities that action at a person other athlete a favorite of ours also JJ watt when hurricanes went app you saw how many millions in Miller and Alan Haller easy yeah. In mean just the power of social media the power. Using your name for it yet and CC look like toxicity I love the fact that a lot of these athletes are stepping up saying let me. Use my name for good and help others out there. And it's not for you know to make him look good it's not a publicity sent it is because he could tell that they genuinely care. They did they do an Emmy and as I mentioned you saw all the hoops economic front. He's all the teens collectively donate I think the raiders even donated individually as some of money. USC donated some money to Vegas also to you know what happened there are you seeing you know the raiders just posted they donated nothing fires here and. We've just so much tragedy in this world lately that it's. It's time for a positive note little wee little goodness speaking of financing get about fate played. Yeah that I. I might just like plate on there and let it with Clinton and a guy. Looks a lot about him yet it's a little heavier. In a jail excellent I have. You. World class athletes yeah. I mean these guys are so focused on their bodies and what the heat and everything is working out on it doesn't mean the end ignited tan go and I Amish way than usual in the Bahamas on China everywhere in staff looks at the outlook really like is an offseason working. At Shea. Mechanical stuff can't miss a free throw. Which is for its economic back at that now. You got on it if fake plays pretty Freddie it's it was so cool the got to see him literally lake where the second round courtside there. Now I kind of quiet. And then the video of him trying to get in the parking lives and that's that's taking pictures and you last I did I days of hits you look like some line if you were at night and doppler Gainer for a celebrity would you. Take advantage of that well completely which is evident for not out I like hello. I. Especially if you look at YouTube blogger which I think this guy is why not manage this does that mean how popular write it in one night on who's tweeting about him. So yeah and I say to a restaurant and Allison said he thinks you look at it is specific celebrity like well you know well get to your table right hour and a half waiters and you really it's an. No I would say yes to that tee but what if they're like oh we'd like to keep you. A premium. And that the next step but I think he'll well it depends on it they say your name it they say it like say they say oh year. Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer it's missing list in. Were in the year me on health and and it's it's but they set already milk house. A lot. I mean I'm not seeing rain work Ed that's pretty yeah basically is commercial with him about issues. Now I haven't been OK you have to look at up and watch after this it's really funny and also let my friends. Mean apparently in it is there in Atlantic there and I want to recreate the video in about and eyes that I I'm. Yeah at a reading about to be number. Dylan monitors and it has yet you need to come do it in about half seriously perfect perfect and also pictured like the video it's really I have got to go to CEO clay clay that's funny claim that guy he seems quiet. But he is just one of those. Closet funny totally he's in the later my interview to listen to lawyers gutless because you usually on getting it out of these quirky little funny thing is that it is technically any hats and bags and has shall. Wake up and I as a basketball player there's that. Are which has been an injures dean starts of the season you know they'd. It's it's been a little rough at first I mean granted they look like their back on track after the went against Iran and and it traveling on al-Qaeda has a big lead again it's like why do they keep the amount to lose that game until like they surged past and at last they kept just. Some times for sure. No I think it just just it was a little bit last year they kind of need to match a little bit I feel like there's sort of figuring all of that out and I don't know there's. There's a throttling back a little bit to their plane under present explaining their energy via and he got that long see by the way making outs like EP out he's a nice addition that yes he has he's as prices flag I like Sharon bell ally hats as an issue with is with his dunk. And I. As it was at first he was all excited he's not gonna get a lot of Maine Maine it's obviously because he's in a lot of garbage time it's now. Yeah and maybe won't don't do it again. First time OK I understand that people are saying it's so bloody year Rickey Henderson commons. Big deal because you're not in your living room jumping up and down like really really cool so you not take on this I mean now that guys like OK that's not cool to do that again as via that's how you do this well OK it. LeBron actually all of that which was surprising but you have to think like. This kid is brand new to believe he is living it up he is part of the cool is it lawyers. Again it was scrub time it's like the week we knew how does but this game's gonna play out it was gonna make or break the outcomes though. Not at I'm a fan especially pain money. Did he MBA players shot I want and I loved it secret date deposits or Carl after the game like he's not me it's okay you know. Those guys a little game to break our child needs help beating your head it's always like make it such a big deal. Doesn't add up. It comes to baseball but he beat that. Well I think it actually does not ever I thought it is he was caught at these heated it was in the moment I understand all that that you kind of have to check you're so it it is a little bit. Not like it's it's it's more of a rude gesture towards the Fed it depends on the moment like the infamous. Joey back to back flip I thought that was. Fine because of the moment that he was it ended up. They won the game it was a huge moment those times where it's like yes I did it it's like. Top of the second inning and you hit a solo shot nah don't do that adding it just depends on. Now I I think it it saw its a little bit more. Proper and it's. That's too but also it's like the one on one thing between the batter in the picture right though the picture at some it's a home run means that the pitcher probably. Messed up and it's so it's accurate it's more disrespectful towards that pitcher and an ode to sort of the game of baseball. But that here's the thing I've always been a very early sliding off fan. But I've learned that I really am certain elect is because we started to see it changing based on seeing all the home runs in the world theory he had eight home runs I would games out of the World Series which is absolutely predict any five of them extra innings right. That's crazy so. I think it await the game is also changing you're seeing more personality from these players. NBA has become so huge globally because they're marketing these players these players are likable based on their time to be the same person. That you not seen their personality yeah and in a way I understand line to be old school I I and it's so I am saying it. But I'm kinda like the idea of let's get this sport more popular special with the junket I don't like show boating I think he got to a point. And I do think based on the excellent ball. In the sense of kind of embrace but the younger kids wanna do with the game I do get back completely. But I do one thing I do love about baseball it is why I it will encourage my son to play baseball is because there is a sense of I don't know there's just and sportsmanship yet there's I feel like it's a good game until learn how to be eighteen made ticket came to learn how to be a good teammate how to beat. You know a good person to win at the other team loses and aegis if you had an amazing game. It's it's about you know O'Donnell is rather than their faith has their partnering now you know it's actually baseballs that came to teach. Younger. Baseball players that kids out especially so. I'm on the fence and I do you see your point that idea when I do you see the fact that based on Neitzel evolve at. The moment. Julie that's that would is. In the moment I get that I hear it's pure emotion but there are times. A lot of like brawls this year and yeah that I I just clearing brawls. I mean giants in the Nat had some issues I mean there's a lot of stuff yet rated Olympic easier still out there. I don't know how baseball being just a little bit more. Proper yeah well you know the other thing it tends to show it is a problem that's true that's when you definitely Joseph as a cancer in the clubhouse. If there's issues among teammates. That's what usually tends showing you get to that point where their out of control there's a problem. Right now. And now but then speak to that problem later Gonzales yeah so this this driving to this story with Adrian Gonzales so very odd story of his whereabouts during the World Series it's a great mysteries surrounding Adrian Gonzales look at our history and beats you better first baseman. He was actually spotted in uniform on the field doctor seat him before game two when they were taking on the asterisk so now for those who haven't been falling as crazy story here's how breaks down. It's not that big a deal of it obviously but here is it's kind of the it's it's right read a story so Gonzales is whose whereabouts was in question because after being left. Off the postseason roster the veteran actually the act mostly had been apps from the clubhouse. By his choice players her Els will be on the post season roster are walk and even encouraged to dress up to be president but he's gay so just announced he had the option to be games. And he did not having injury app which could open up another roster spot if he's there it's happened so. For Gonzales though that was in the case given his back issues he was nowhere close to the saints 2017 had a long since. Seeded first based job to answer Ricky Cody Ballinger so as a result he elected to say UH much of the disappointment of some of his teammates actually. So I guess teenage for text in trying to figure out where he was out but he was reportedly spotted in Italy. Recently. But. Everyone is saying he was in Italy der arena the World Series which is not tree on vacation apparently yes. Now in the deceased on the dodgers' roster is getting paid but he's not he was actually in Los Angeles he was in studio in Los Angeles. Doing analysis and chatting about to get. So that's so that nobody had to realize that took that long for somebody realize that but. A bad that he wouldn't Anthony NLCS title in. Series a bigger deal if you let it for the World Series and have a bigger issue that's got to be every team. I know you're kind of pissed off maybe about a keep being there maybe you wanna be distraction that. Be different. Matt I mean I get it he was bitter. I figure I I do agree he should have been there for his team. This let him for taking a couple days though to kind of get a break in a breather because he is gonna be out of the postseason. He's gonna play in with a little bit of an injury as well also it's not like. They have him there it just in case you know so. I don't know if president difficult position is think that this this could be the Dodgers here it's looking in. I mean that Clayton Kershaw was money game one he was so it is my match to watch. And if they wane it's at its heart or root for the Dodgers. Really our group you want to but like Rupert or not. I'm sorry giants fans I've really liking you have to you have to root for greatness you have to root for the player when he's that good and he has that type of game in the World Series right that keep cannot. There's ample Clayton Kershaw playoff curse. You know that he's kind of obviously gotten past the hump clearly patently crazy thing about that is that he actually had like the most quality start in the proceeds. In 2013. Only got like right before the World Series yet second only behind. How human thing right now and now he's had this hold demeanor of he's not in the policies ray. Really action intrigue is gonna pay is just getting that seventh inning. He does. He and it's a good I mean his bullpen except her game to. Mean they've been spot on all season they had enhancement. Mean that one yet acting one blonde saved the season. To. It's been so much. I went to the hair was also letting games streak there during the regular season I think that was there's. I think they're back they're peaking at the right time like they're okay. Great you know they take it season they went to this little bit of a slump hasn't no that Todd is here again again and then here they are just. They look great and they're and speed difference is so. That mean they got kicked off the bench their chest knocked in and out so it's. It's a good year for the Dodgers I I am secretly rooting for the asterisk on that like an Astros win only for the city of Houston first wanted first line and urged young young team. I know he's talking about it just going into the World Series out thinking has gone for the Dodgers. I mean I really just wanted to get series yet but last night was so perfect because I laid out does come on top non with a that really gave it could mean way. Okay I'll watch this until. Games over that house but the lawyers cut the last few minutes of the lawyers Reagan and that if you're so enthralled by the world's Internet and a little and it's the biggest moment these two really young rosters and young hitters that. So it's that both teams are really likable but just actually is like listen to the first half of the game I'll watch some of the here. And then I went I got home I want to start losing to the Dodgers broadcast is always really fun thing to do with listening to the radio broadcast. And then houses and Caspian at home and it turns of the game went on for like another hour and after that tube. But just to be able to sit and be a fan of the game. In the biggest stage with these two young teens eating up the game it was a really cool moment. And it really just a it three sparked the love of baseball for me. And I I love these in my favorite sport and I haven't watched as much in the past few years especially throughout this season and I love policies and is uneasily. Watch every minute of it and just. You know how we have some each teams via the following and I know it gets harder in our is that a way of just sitting and watching baseball used in just sitting around watching that game was just really really fine. And I've done that a few times as post season. But just watch the game I really am. Like the Astros team I pull the teams but the pacers' team goes on and really fun about it very likable and you were you for him you do and you know what's great is your scene. Honestly the two best teams in baseball you really are and because we know that in post season it. While many audits that yet but east teams both over a hundred wins. And you have amazing. Starting rotations you have. Amazing hitters so it's been so fun that's what makes it's so great as much as last it was great. Even more I think it's even more exciting. As exciting. Yet it's a different thing and that's ninety Friday chance in and eat at six. He's unhittable up and it and deceive he's a human. Just kind of crazy all these different in an extra innings in the Dodgers pitchers and position at. It why it was denied it was definitely is. One of my favorite post season baseball games in a long time so it's really fun to watch and I think Majorly base I was so hoping for yankees Dodgers series because. The revenue it would and the excitement nationally but at this. Like you came with the Yankees I don't think he put it this was this is what you line and I think based happy. With what happened because that's all abuzz talking about two days ago. Everyone watching entry just all these teams have that relentless. Rise act which is so cool BC and it again. I have a sports against the yen and down Nina. The Bay Area this year than dot I mean the giants and a's and meaty meaty type seasons it queen meets Amadeus. Or at least. I know right it was cool off to deceive and school address that route before the first pitch. Apparently Joba did make an offer to instantly to invite him to use it yet and he said thank you that's. Like it's now he enter an ever made and now you like he's a rare breed had heard him read aggression but yes that was the best record and it is very he's. He's you think about the Dodgers series this year he's not Kong. So OK okay it's a battery of re. I mean he's 67 years with the Dodgers. You're in New York yeah exactly where it so us Dodgers 8888. I don't I eighty right. Back year for days I was born like it and its just a few years now. So little let. It wasn't staying. Alive no I wasn't alive. The month a case it thicker and but I still don't know I know you guys. Take it. You remember it at that she didn't stay is there enough legs and I'll bring it out you know being that it's an LA. That's in the town right there yeah Hollywood. Going crazy everybody's. Where there's a lot of star sightings as a couple of TVs in the game as Justin Timberlake has. Just there. I out we'll talk about it later is coming back man and a out at. At George Lopez's air he talked about how excited to raise the flag. Lady Gaga with Joseph Torre at g.'s statement. Ethnic and with his initial war now he was out in the crowd. Out with actually in the Bay Area next week he's he's as. Here. And that's why he blistering production. Mario Lopez does sign in me. And kind of knee with Eaton being added doctor he was he odds. And John. Hang. It was there. It's not speaking. To her daughter's she's there with beyoncé. And I pop up humor all kinds of celebrities. Heart it was likely the biggest dodger fans on the issues from tonight. She S and Wesley Hollywood. We're talking about her yesterday and what's great about her she wants to. Step up and she actually gets in she's a huge huge dodger. That's a surprise me. And mean the year that's I think there morbid doctor. For Hollywood's more doctor friendly. Which. You. Dodgers years it yeah part canceled it you don't have a team here. Don't. Quite a few. Weapons and either time. And it went via. It starts to fare well we touch on Justin Timberlake and talk about her death for wheat because that plot and accept game. And there's a lot of celebrities sports mean dean it. It is up for the and it felt just like its returning. See this reversible if DTV it is now why is that such big do not remember it was 2004. Be an ace. And it acts. We hammered on remember seat went crazy off the shelves after that and wonder wine but right except at the way that completely changed at TC finds that completely changed the world of television that one it's. But NFL. Is during an act. And nothing on edge and it will be. But in a nod to its aid gay there's no ban. On hers so she could potentially be back at me to make the donation apps in tighter. If JT and halftime show Janet should be invited back and base it means she's. Just had a baby she looks phenomenal out eat greens. And it's not a February girl come on and it's not the best suitable is if they brought GT and I'd be great if they can't. Not let anybody now. He'd complete surprise cash app so that way it's that idea. She can be seen not. So that wait until he exactly has seen its act together and yet you possibility right I mean they might bring some hole in sync. Kind of look when beyoncé did a few years ago I had dozens outcome in flight one song that is mainly beyoncé that's making immigrants think it would be Austin I've follow Lance on in two and he has a lot of easy I am a child of in Singapore and umpire I hearted man in high school and so. I've seen them twice in concert together. Haven't seen any of them soul so that just goes to show that I. In saint well the boy cancer still think of bringing in sync and bring in Nellie they can do that they're not then again and and a pregnant Janet and then. And as somebody else probably at current times Bruno Mars again. And I pray. Jessica Levin he's been a part of the Super Bowl halftime show though like three podcast I'd say he can tailor to read the entire he is out of all the people who are. Payments and now with the word relevant now the music ours he is the talent now he is true that he's one of my maintain so. Even if you don't like his music necessarily hit their fun I mean people get so bent out of shape about half times is going to be all not manly enough well they're not. Cool enough or not that I ever writes out. Attainment. And it's for everyone not just the ball exactly. It's where they draw the non football crowd into the game to watch a little bit as well thank our football verdicts. As we keep just me he did trolls recently what's it look like movie it's accused kids needed and it does really sat renown and my son does not want to watch her mom was Eagles down that track. We down we that's an eccentric and car it's a cute. Needed innings. Eighteen. Does music keys to break a little bit because he used in acting thing but he is still completely relevant obvious he's probably gonna drop albums. Is usually they get at halftime person they're doing some theirs promoting something. So. Paid for now they do not right. Things heated hopeless and endless at NASA triggered and like any of the people are doing tan. Money in the paint and different again and isn't Aggies as an add on to. What are project. And it was at the riots and see why they're relevant right now is such details so funny you're so and a freaks out halftime forests and so and it isn't so it's short it's like you don't like it back to football match last year recognized for Lady Gaga because it took so long. For them to come back at opponent limits on it and you have to see that I got as I. Last year there's a big reason why teenagers may have come back last year was because they are able to prepare a little bit more for the. Said the stock is it repaired a little bit of debate excerpt and tie it in X is on its own plants it either or you know and I mean it. Without into the major this same at a time in the locker that they could it like that there and thought about how we can maintain his lead people leases. They calmed down and it needs to com doubted his teacher to calm down relax. Plus football. Kind happening cats assigned it a deal worth over a million dollars with random house in one world. One of headed by book world superstar Chris Jackson who also publishes GCs. Stories and anyway the X forty niner quarterback. Launch speak her movement of the NFL players protesting during the National Anthem he launched right here it's Cisco and he's recently found a controversial collusion grievance against the league owners. He is still looking for job an NFL after opting out of his 49ers contract earlier this year. I hit compare campaign began last year but the issue that if a player protests has reached new fever pitch. After president trot has decided to weigh in and what he thinks about its way to the top players taking me during the anthem so. We don't hear a lot from cap critic. In fact is reps didn't comment about that deal cap it hasn't said much. He's reportedly today we learn that he will be. Mean mean will it in Paris and the players next is in re yet to discuss social activism efforts next week. I think bond Tay had mentioned to me there are sixty or 65. Quarterback signed to the NFL this year. You're telling me they're 65 quarterbacks there plane in the NFL and it's a caliber that are calling cap. It's. Well edited. Right time for somebody to sign him would have been after. The whole trump when I was gone that I hold trump thing that went down when. Everybody took in the year everybody rallying on Jerry Jones it locked arms that this team that moment that would have been perfect moment for some and bring him. Because it's like okay. It everybody standing for sending her kneeling for something they're making a point right now where would have been a good way to bring him I am just shocked that it's taken this long. Still want to touch it right now and they had he has that lasted now for collusion and going nine. It's is just really sad how things. Have gone on and real quick descent I went on ESPN. In France now. When this whole thing happen and I was effort saying hi I keep proxies from the owners for standing with hair. Out with their players because at that it was a great moment and it was good for them to say. I'm going to recognize your right. You have express your opinion and and a lot of people have issues with. Nearly the National Anthem at first I did to let the same time assortment Tommy what I can or cannot do as America. I don't mean to get into politics but this is something that an exit talked about before. That it can be interesting to see what this book will reveal because right now we're hearing is the media side. The interviews with that Colin cabinet what happened there or not. Hearing Colin sides I'm hoping that his book speaking here what happened in his interviews from congress perspective. I hope so because we've not heard from calling Catholic at all. And this is he. You start this thing again this started with him. And he had a message he wanted to get out and I I personally believe that his. Message of delivering that message was support choice and I think that is it offended so many people that he chose during the National Anthem well that is. At that point it's not about your message year. They completely. Going against patriotism and disregarding the flag and so forth and that's what got people so angry. And so the problem is as whatever calling cap critics message what it is lean mean muddled it is completely lost. In translation and in this journey and unfortunately. Colleague Patrick is never. Spoken out about that or said anything about why you know this was my purpose this is why I did this so. I'm interested to see what the book has to say in a snow it's gonna attach. It he comes with sell much baggage. You think about it when you're gonna date a guy. Right you think I'm you'd deep. Yeah a lot of it. You know that's part of the relationship that's part of when he someone be a part of your life is what they bringing with them and I think for NFL. Owners it brings a lot I mean there's probably players that don't agree with happening we know that for a fact I mean honestly there's. Owners at senator Collins happening obviously. So ages there's fans that would have issue you know so here re the I mean I feel bad for the guy because I think he had good intentions as he wanted to create change in a society which I appreciate people who do that. I I am I am glad he cares about what's happening in the world. But. Ron going to do it yeah I'm glad I mean in the NFL like when Greg Hardy get a job after what I and you know to me all up re right is all visitors up it's happens. Colin taking in knee I I I I so worry right here I mean. It's a tough situation where it's just. It's all about money at the end of on eyes don't trust. I wanna know what's really going on behind the scene made no wetness and what's going on at this collusion and I can be very intriguing to see what happens. And just. Just not to forget what his whole. Purpose of healing was is that we're trying to find some sort of justice in America rant. It's getting so lost because of the flag and because of patriotism. When everyone was neatly together I mean is that really nice moments. To seat. I want to find the space holiday area and get behind his whole purpose wise. But then like the next week for Jerry Jones is anyone who kneels and yes it than cut and I just kneel before the things is completely out does that make you sick and he do it for publicity cities stunts I know that there's no integrity in this and the players have integrity but that when it goes to the owners. And the commissioner and any everything else it's all about money and that's what bothers me I'd really like when the players actually linked arms each night to meet that was actually my. Favorites. Moments because that was more of a stance I don't Wear gonna stand for what we believe. Rather than you know with the week we're not agreeing with the owners are not agreeing with this not agreeing with that it where standing together. I'm kind of touching of only said earlier Joanna though about the reasons why may have happened also you know kind of the other issue was with con caffeinated. The hole in a topic but the police that was a big issue that's right no. He's come back and he's apologized things like that but an up and fortunate that's a lot of people have issues with his wealth not just patriotism unfortunately but he did and this seamless. This. Songs that the pastor teacher I mean. Here's we have a right to speak German as the beauty of our country we all have a right to have an opinion. And what we don't understand is that we are respected for art and whether you agree with them or not and I think that's the biggest problem nobody wants her respects. Someone else and they disagree. You know and it's. The same you my chocolate I might like you know matter you know it's like. I'd like let's accelerate it it's like no line. And I think that's the problem people are just they just have so much hate and anger towards other people who don't like them which is come to me that is just. Eight under way of living your life be debate there and how I'll have a present axle in his hometown. Of Alabama have the a's catcher who decide he's the first player in Major League Baseball to taken need nationally. He did and this is completely unacceptable. Apparently he was a restaurant. In Alabama and he sat down to be served at the restaurant and did not agree with his opinion there recognized around like our GD. The MLB player in the face of clear that new announcer the National Anthem. And he said yes I hand annie's Michael I'm not gonna serve in which is totally. Discriminatory that's terrible. And I guess he spoke to the manager the manager and brought him another search app when I left the restaurant and is shared and every one told Allen's story and good out. Him for telling it because I mean that I probably fired now I am not serve he is but he should be. And it's. Now regret doubtless say I don't know if this falls under the whole idea we refuse the right. That we reserve the right to refuse service and I'd be panel that's more for the restaurant or for the but I won't claim the business. Because of the fact that the manager came out there and cracked to you given the total the business at that one server. He could refuse the right to serve anyone but that's like if it's one of the customers being belligerent or there be sure that they're not wearing shoes or if you should ever a reason for ending not because you don't agree with way. Their political stance on something. And energy on has met him for an his game agreed to immediately very really cool guy very close very yes that's and last week at my friend's bar that he works at an Oakland. It's an axle of their for an eighties events. Bruce Bob stranded draining because my friend's big a's fan and Justin and he said he was a really really cool guy and no one deserves to be discriminated like that at a restaurant in specially it's it. Also brings to light what happens to people even when they are famous athletes. Who needs it these levees public LeBron James is house was. Vandalized LA and things like that because you think that there just because they're famous untouchable but they still do. Get the same treaty and the exact same treatment because of that stature basher it's racism is. So alive out there and fastest. And and thing. It's pretty penal here in the Bay Area because eat what kind of in nabbed bile I know it happened in LA for Al LeBron James. But we seem to be a little bit more tolerant about you know we don't as a deterrent as we don't see as much as someone like Alabama. In I'm not saying everybody obviously is right up that you have to boards or totally and I mean and apparently when he sat down for this lunch at this restaurant used with the local politician. Yeah so a friend of his itself to me it's like a basic here's someone who is a politician in this community that these people voted for obviously and here you are and I don't know I just. It's terrible that these things are happening richer and we don't see as much to be here because we do you have a very Wheatley I think it's there's much more. Openness are much more accepting acting here in California specially San Francisco Paz. One of the main reasons why in the violently this and yet. Can't afford it ridiculously expensive nowadays that we about it and now home and businesses it's a great place at pebble is one incident raised my family year. If I have kids have because I got to grow up with. I diverse community around which I would you know what went. We are because of who we are hat around and are open to everything and accepting and it's release a specials special place to go up because. Not only is there a lot of stuff and fun things do the weather's nice cap all bars sports TM aims. It's happening in place but you're exposed everything here and I mean it's it's a great place to be here and it adds it's histories kids I do I'm happy. I had an opportunity to get pushed out eventually in the. I isn't really nice community and lathrop. Yeah act immediately on MTV about that. I didn't really pick one more story of Ferrari go not so this. Sweet I got to feature the Michael Meehan tailgate on the sports. What did you eat out. A case of first of all it is amazing and you can catch on any facet of the game dot com the video is up there. I don't it buried the lead but I did get to an evaluation curry and Michael Mina at these are you come in you blocking and its red carpet there's gains there's and there's music players. Bold fresh girls it is so beautiful he. Decorated it's so cool it's a sick as one big crazy party and once you walk inside it's even a bigger crazier party. And there is everything from lobster exotic fish. I mean karma lies rim does it was. Curry corn bread d.s and heard me be very different ideas and I know I don't know like I uses it was it was part of her nationals but as a curry flavor our red. It way is an I mean these desserts all the way from Hawaii that were attacked yell go with his tropical fresh fruits and then eight brute Leon topped a list. So decadent and so delicious you would never think of any this at a tailgate party which. It just made me think that I can elevate my game day party I thinks it's a whole new level. Do I. Think we probably. We can get hot dogs in the queen's eagle rigs we think and ELX whatever means we get on the grill there's so many of the waste detailed it's better which I learned. And you see any Levys asked this of this matter because here's if you do not my favorite I didn't let that change him up a little bit make him different each time it that's like. I gastric pubs are so popular now because they have unique items on the menu. Let me take hot dog and it cut down the middle and throws some ground Helen I you know I don't need to like you're headed up to make it look like an app that's. He Alexy. So just be just took full often tell it through an elevated to a. Whole another level and yes there was lobster there there were disease lobsters stuffed with this rice yeah I mean and it was insane it was a bloody Mary bar and you know it's isn't expensive ticket you walk in. But it is a one stop shop that you're not gonna be dealing with your wallet double time there there has bloody Mary are that your just skating during Saatchi left to right there's beer there's all kinds of staff. And the number fee at a came out of it they're just amazing that I should pre was this the guest chef. So with an international smoke take over on the third level there's three levels of delicious in this. At the tailgate party and left and activate three levels of delicious and totally. And it was her menu at the top level and there's this whole section which is even more reserved. Ever want to explore her food and tech gotten in taste it's like that but there's a whole other level we can sit that's reserved and more she sheet. But I am down there where everyone's kind of hanging out is that big ol' party so this really and she talks about stats game day pasta. We talked about no you know international smoker restaurant opening appearance tempered Cisco and she needs no wonder yet are. And we apps leash ago. And then Michael Mina talked about how to throw a great game day party actually. I did them separately and they both had the same. Concept they said when the best things you can do it in a party unity even isn't duo big pot of something. It is unique part of something you get everybody Roland there. And your joy whatever gains are on are ready for your game kicks off and then he got such as gonna grab it's grab and their chicken or their hot. Or there steak and just thrown on the plate with whatever you serve in the pop them like that does not so great tailgate tips hat to sports dish is starting at. BJ at the episode and then I will be posting the full interviews with I Easter Currie and Michael Mina. Leave this place yeah I was not right it has its staff iced. It and love exploring like the love of food. And fame and M and sports at 89. Were bring and it Pat Day like cub fans think. The niner fans it'll. Video for you guys they don't do little bigger in Texas and Alan I'd better in the California was pretty impressive and I know that your immediately put out what niners tight stuck on idle at the raiders and their fans I'm sure there's god in each other. But the thing is the raider fans are saying those niner fans are not faithful is known big games blob blob blob that. Honestly the people that you interviewed and they are out there are there everyday yeah Levi's they still out there's a maybe double. Stadium is a 100% awful but there's still like relief faithful fans that are there every week which is pretty cool deceit. Yeah and as I mean I'm raider fan bad. Not a not a candidates is he can't say that there is no. Loyalty not their it is an aunt and bolted since you perhaps don't steal these comments 300 pound on eight and one admitted. Forty niner fan video on nine cent games FaceBook page and it was everybody I know of and we share the reader gains a week cover all the team we are all teams any age just about the fact that. They play every single I'm lucky reader fan and I mean I don't know. That Michael Hilton it was amazed mean I don't detail BD in the park not like he does match until gating is like you re not. I get a so. Readers. Are asking him a percent but you can not deny someone a love of their net and you appreciate how you have to appreciate. That you know we met so this weekend and I went to of these celebrity golf classic for president game out in Clayton. Great event by the lately haven't gone and he should Def which had to go to next week and batter faced a page and by seven game we have some idiot that posted getting. Countries in the golf cart is a crazy driver but we still like we survived some believe it's a night. We that a wonderful lady named Leann yeah she works for the NFL alumni association and just that she's been a die hard kind of band. And there are certain rules that her family has because of the season tickets at a things like that you don't look for the team right a valuable for Italy and your team you don't go for your team. It's not as long as the guy deserved. Pounded on the field and working hard viewers in that seat until they aren't busier yet into the pockets they're dishing it there are fans out there that are. Our hardcourt it's hard Hispanic. At live like losing when they're not a single win for the 49ers and also an apple I that traffic at Levi this kind of parts of the teams not uniting. And a heart wanted to. And I have and. Like there's people they leave mean and the third quarter apps because they were this was done that game was cut coming up by the half so. You knew how to I was gonna turn out was going to be one of these you know entertain means three point games the niners battery Sonia blank watched that whole game. It just yet it was it was a rough one for short there's a lot of time and that's did stay there and I did not experience any traffic issues granted I got very nice parking from the folks that Communist and maybe I was an exact had a little I might of had a little bit elect there but overall. It was fun it was at the funding game day atmosphere and even with this team leaves dean ingests. I mean straight ups in this year and number. Excited that there's maybe hope for the future because this is in theory young. Lions are building the blocks they are building a given time people out well. I just I have to give the raider fans love now because they said oh cool Letterman's Ivan at the raider tail gates every home game since the beginning of this season. And just going off when you say it's just. These fans. They get out there it says I am. Waiting in line they make is huge spread of food and the airlock for that we now welcome me and in Atlanta and whip and he does and treat us like there's so's Basil Anderson Bruce Lee and the eagle and watch the game and and I have so much respect. The raider fans mean the teams leaving some but we are soaking up every last minute and at and a lot is a party it is and people that's. That's not Michael Mina and their staff doing his 41 in inside mrs. You yourself your family go one out yet to prepare and bring food. All the equipment and Ian they have set up to watch the games. His barbecue by the way if you haven't gone they are amazing which planet is our unity he calls into the morning show all the time he has amazing that I got experience at last count town telling where I. Ask him and find you've got it we'll talk and that's I'll go on for the next game which is (%expletive) Denver. Bad boys barbecue that what we did to Korea feature their odds were exists. Kings are Kurt he's fantastic. To me and sadly I I I can look out on the part united tonight in game and I am not CNET tech but they'll use it he at a raider game. 100 per cent that they. Rang and he got I given credit again that team is day I mean that they have broken up with you they have left the divorce is final almost. And their move and here you are unpacking yeah I had an Alley right now like its in you're still there supporting your guys on the field. It comes to county wedding your fan of the niners where your fan of the readers I Herbert charger fan trust me it is not alleys of bouts. What seen these down and it's all you know. Owners are doing bike stadiums really witty and should be lower. Moving them today is worse a Los Angeles it's not completely Neil yes exactly it's about BE it's about those guys in the field who put their heart muscle and act aim every day you need me and he nailed. Wave of fans around you mean just. Other raiders Hattie knives Agassi right thigh in its. And in the parking lot in the game annuity large community it's a family and it it's special way to bring people together it might not care about it matters. After racism in this world that that the fans. Should be for your team that you shouldn't hate others because they have such rate at me and I didn't like competitive nature of major auto ripping each rate. But let's keep it civil and it's a sign that it. My kids. Become sport's game I liked it environments I would take him to either meet him. 1% I would and I'm that mom is like freaks out over stuff like like I would take into every game. I would take into and it has. Ladies. Backward back at it. And neverland. And now is if it's like you were never its you can you can go in them maybe it's accurate all this happened Avant. Huge homes now fourteen pounds or right. Wearing clothes that are like three to six months at least two months on. Any angry. Big boy. And it would ever met an in person she. I kind I and then I apple houseful boy. Can he keep up with at 3 point morning is actually I mean it works for you. It serves me. At. Well we're so happy heavily in his partner and I have to reconfigure our name or something as accurately as I have is quite line that there is a cut on so. And to name it's a great game. It would only changed their primaries last name about in. Public yeah. Or Atlanta or is it you're out there. If your name and well we've got an honor it is another good Greek name. That's but it does not agree and keep via by the way let's go to our social media as well. At Gianna underscore frank Leo and I find it an act in EG REK yes I'm at the lanes LE KL ENES liens on nine names Oakland came from an audible. Actually. Passed the way some people asking that the bowling alleys. Aspect my name is long and hard just now. First game McIntyre is leading an out of finally reaches the first name as hard as well. And that you'd be out. That you hadn't. Teen at a fine about it. All right thank you for joining net to get by on the episodes African tags and 957 Nikki dot com and he will see you next.