Franco & Kags Podcast

Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, July 21st

Check out the latest Franco & Kags! Anna is headed on maternity leave, Vick apologizes to Kaepernick, Panda back in the Bay and more! Gianna and Anna talk about the crazy stories that surround the sports world!


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Welcome frank on tags and 957 game I'm Gianfranco and I manic at a yankees available for things get started here on the podcast this going to be our last podcast for just a little while. And it is officially going on maternity leave to to Cheney baby's due late tomorrow through the you know it looks like it when you look at me. Yeah August 4 is when I am actually having the baby via C section. Hand and will be making an announced it would babies because this on the morning show today needed prop bets I did. On like the size of the baby what the sex of the baby is and we're waiting to find out that aisle at the baby is I color and it also it has here. OK I think it'll depth we have there absolutely I'm a book is dean was wet ten pounds was 9999 he was almost ten pounds I'm gonna go with like. I nine parents Ann and I think you have a nine pound baby via the got a surprise I think I guess like made eight at eight. I beat six okay just because dean was born a weekly. And that would be weaker outpace immediately last time so that might change my day to day looks like 8 and I am 89 just keep mean. I don't know baby's eye color first Paul's eyes he has brown eyes but it's hard to tell because of the babies born he have I mean their college iconic and change it to a year that's one of the things I was particle prop is one it's boy it's not whether they keep the color and I change my grandfather and my pants. But my grandfather had at green eyes my way that's. As did dean have green and he was he had brown eyes when he was. I'm I'm I'm going to brown I'm with brown on the eyes and going baby has hair it's gonna be a girl and she's gonna be 89. Those are my guesses are as I guess I am thinking it on if I let it out it will have you. On there I know we get posted up on FaceBook last I'll have to you know contests on there and I actually giving away believe a four packet based against whoever gets the closest us they should be fronts and check it out on FaceBook. I can also look at the get like a picture of me on there's of people you know when he said he could see somebody's what do they carry amicable a year gray. Low also did this whole thing he added if he's seen as with the rain yes I have via a cheat on a chain. So he did Danny said depending on the way it turns to boy or girl and the way that it turned. Was a girl was the girls are action OK yes now I've done it before with the ring test where if it goes in a circle. It's a boy that goes back and forth across I think some like that Syria. When I did that it's as I have three boys that that was awhile ago but it's been wrong never sent anybody who's taking it before it kicked. Since I think I think I dude believe a lot of the heat Carrey. Baby you know I mean I think voice to be more out for which she car. Carrying more likable I think it's a special again lack of treatment or have a beautiful boy. Have a beautiful little girl and then we plus gases. That I have I exactly atoms around about it all the time that you're like you and I are the only female hit right exactly so that would actually be kind of finds out may be him that wishful thinking on the girl by. I'll wanna beach would be perfect one and it should be great but I also think you know. It be great for her brother's car house. That would be very either way and I honestly. He's asked me what you want I really don't care. That idea and it's. A case of babies do you just I'm going to be comfort to humans or help in October ish and then we'll read in the franc and tax portion of the podcast I think Alain is gonna join me for a couple of like you're on me so we'll keep rolling it will keep getting some guests and have some fun nickel be back from vacation cell. Keep lots media and I went yeah that would. Slowly you just palace after the baby comes as we need to know all of the answer to the update in the ethnic fresher at patents all of that is gonna be coming in the next couple weeks here on Franken on tags what did happen to date is OJ Simpson. Has been hurled at this is after Serbian. On some nine years in prison for robbery and kidnap -- he served up to thirty years at 33 year 33 years so I guess was a hole. What happens with the whole situation was like a botched bid to retrieve I guess is old sports memorabilia that was his. At some point importantly. So anyway it was unanimous decision and he will be out as early as October folks this cheese is the juice is loose people do you think. You know it's you know reminding me of a discredited me back to middle school and watch the verdict and number tram. I remember that because my teacher had turned on the TV during school. Last the verdict right that does mean think about it like that I would like eleven years old and now. And just watching and watching what happened on Ashe it's just. It's so dramatic. And so crazy but I still to this day in ties by. Well we have a huge fascination with OJ Simpson and the story just you wanna know what's gonna happen. And so I found it's interesting that when it came out this area. We asked and TVs that everybody is to includes that does seem like it was years ago exactly it is that the OJ Simpson bronco chase was infamous obviously this thing was is that it just it started the coal. Reality television. Because that was I think our first glimpse into a reality moment at all these choppers Los Angeles for filing I was he's like parents. In Hawaii. I remember like waiting for my dad and brother to come down and apple like we can't. This thing is happening in LA out that what's happening so of course is that one day in. And lesbian publications in the world watching OJ Simpson. Rocket base hits since it isn't sane and I mean with everything happening in the fact that he's never admitted to. Killing Nicole or prime not that he did this is all alleged anti immigrant and that's it if he did this I would have done it yet exactly and the heat did the heat did Dick cleared of charges that not to some trial but the actual. Church so. It isn't very fascinating. We are fascinated by but I I think it is it's like the original it's the OG OJ is the OG reality show the GO OG OG OG is the energy they have been talking about whether accurately reality show after being released. Where is that something that you want to count. I just can't I can't I can't see is like how all the courts to get lives it was pretty pristine with the pro any person is very gratefully as Tiki Tiki Tiki hobbies you can at a jail you should be comical the way things went down. One when. He's. Sorry if anyone disagree I disagree with me but he's just not right in the head and on out. And I think that his actions it maybe it's like nervous energy. Some people have. But he always comes across as incredibly instance that it's sound it sounds aired last thing he looks so tired and that's right they. Sony people don't like right. Because of that I lake I love the documentary that ESPN did that was one that Marty on it that amazing at thirty when I was really actually phenomenal. And it it kind of gave you a glimpse of what he was like and I think that's also another thing I can take into consideration when watching the parole hearing euros on tax. This is that back right. And assist it brings everything back in just makes it a 6%. Is it irks me to lost their life I mean it's a horrible situation and it's at their they. Their families have to relive this all over again win every network and every sports outlet every media outlet in fact that sports is covering this algae hearing. May not every single network but it was all over the news this country he now is how does ESP was actually airing in they had not much play by plays and you know almost half time report basically when they think when the pro Bartlett deliberating did you see the Parole Board. Member who's wearing the Kansas is it pretty funny G and a achieves high that was anti that is crazy that is crazy I just. Which again it's like ID I David taking its series that it does look like it just it's comical more than that evening in it is it is something so serious and should be taken seriously in our. Judicial system but it's not and we wonder why day. Other countries and times makes the Hastings well here's why. A mind you would if it wasn't OJ would people be considering whether or not he would have been out for crawl. I don't know I'm an I don't think so I think OJ it captures everyone's attention. Fresher and I if it was a different person and I don't know I don't think so I mean he. How good behavior in prison I guess I mean it went up but gives him the opportunity how Perle I'd give Ehrlich damage into it I was just curious if you can't get out and not play. I had to it's it's OJ so I think he has a little bit of that celebrity quote unquote stand and you know. That industry today your like OK Alex you out it's just if favoritism that's Republican Party protests they were a couple instances though that were reported. Whether or not it might have. Affected his parole. Whether they would have stopped him from being released like one was a cookie incident where I guess somebody one of the inmates who's in charge of the food. Decent cookies that he they were supposed to do to some of the inmates and OJ was one of them. And then data cot and some of the inmates given back in the OJ was just deliberately eating a front of everybody. And so apparently that would have been issued another one that's with kindness or link. The Internet was whether or not he was. At this nicely rolling the dice to match. You know patch big of the motion that you. And he was doing apparently public publicly. We. Know which is kind of weird. I'm not now. So that's report it's alleged that. It did obviously affect him it was unanimous decision. We'll see what happens I mean it's it's again and again OJ you lie you have another opportunity DC DT. To do something decent with your life so knock yourself out and please please please please there Heidi okay please do the right thing. Are also did spend a little time in jail as well I had made major headlines this week Michael Vick obviously spent time in prison for. On the dog fighting rain that he had in it's horrible that is till this day makes me Michael. Dislike him very much anyway but he was very vocal about. Colin Capp irony in calling cap ex appearance so apparently. Just to kind of center yet Michael make it thinks that calling capped an action that cut his hair changed appearance changes look in order to get a job in the FM. So that came awful lot of criticism. From a lot of people and cents he has he's apologized for saying that earlier this week. I guess he apologized on The Dan Patrick Show today. But he's you know Michael extra tired heat. You know he I think he shrank it may be be after the Anwar habits earlier Eileen do something he's not played in the NFL. I don't know lol what he was thinking when he said that about tapper I mean of all people. Added half of me is like OK so we changed his image is not a regular job you don't you're not going to 95 if I was walking into law office and I at a you know I would. Look like a year year flip out there expect it looked like what anything that what you want to if you want to play for the Yankees even at this and have no facial hair except for must expect that that's keep things. At the Yankee thing that's known that is the standard that you live up to. And if you're going for a job yeah I email on a coaching or you may not even cut the just at you know keep it looking nice whether or not it's an Afro whatever it it's right. But you do want to look as he did get haircuts or before you go in for job interviews and things but again NFL that is not an expectation of the and a thousand nothing to do with the job. And the fact that he said is just. I understand he's saying maybe just work on something else but you know that's not the reason why can't Catherine make. He is not getting it has nothing do with his hair his image has nothing do with the half how many other players. That you know how long it Troy Polamalu. Advertisements. Absolutely not use it has nothing to do with its appearing tenacity with which a lot at just think it's it's a good old boys club did some time in film owners may be due knowledge it was someone like happening as far as what he did with the whole protest. And he's chess not plane at the level he used it right there will be a need for him at Wayne a quarterback. Goes down and they need a back yet and that's when calling cap predict we'll come back in the mix and we'll probably that happened. Completely acres so I just think at this point I'm sorry Michael Vick say Blake. All I. Say they. I guess everyone deserves a second chance you know researcher time was 21 months in prison yet whenever I hear you are am like oh. I can't it's heat it's our nation I guess at the end he was saying you know I the end of my career keyboard time meek. You know change an aide says that way people people accepting more and he did at the and it is Chris that he won he realized he should change isn't it. And that's right in trying to go away. I don't think contact nick needs change in title that has anything to do with that image has nothing to do that asks do. When his performance and also. The stand that he thinks that he's a political activists and whether or not an owner wants to take a chance and that's a distraction in some owners' minds you know and maybe there what a deal with that. And I think Michael Vick now that he's backpedaling I love it everytime someone says something and they're very strong and firm about their Stanton like well it was taken out of context. I don't know how to take that context I don't know how the statement he should cut his hair hit it is taken IA's creative his image is taken out of context we do have later on in the show for treats the week at do you have. Michael vick's apology comment what contact nick headset on Twitter. And then also a variant and take Chris and I did I think what cap next spots was pretty interest yeah that was very interesting. Isn't the only thing that I noticed with him he is the reach sweeter. Yes the one he will not I'd love to hear things in his own words he never does that count he never as it was it was there he. Interesting way like choosing the best way to put it. Interesting decision in the words that he chose. But again I'd like to hear more from him and what he thinks. What he has to say because you don't eat here that you hear what he likes Hugh Hewitt he supports acts you don't necessarily hear his thoughts on what he supports very often to very very very rare. So yes that that was an interesting little. We'll get to test this week so get to that in tweets that we first have to get a couple things. So the panda might just be back in the bay and a now this is it was this broke on a Wednesday at this week so. Policy and a ball reportedly headed back to the giants on a minor league deal he'll miss reportedly again is our partly. Go to Sacramento. At first but there are has passed away leaders of the wave of her neighbor on high and so they're still trying to work at the deals that popped loose cannon ball back with the giants not everyone is happy about that yes. I think he'd be a great thing for the giants just because it you know at this week they had the first time that celebrate you know the sellout. Streak will is that she unity at 530 games it ended at 530 games. And I think at this point something that kind of bring in somebody from the past you bring in somebody as part of that were the World Series of TV as a marketing thing. You 100% lassie neighboring Yemen. I have nothing delays they really have nothing to les. Just the fans. Are I just happy to see panda back much on bad terms he did. I think that there's enough love for what he did in the past that people up and wanna see him so the relive that like in the style as a twenty and 20122014. That that's what they're grasping for an extra grasping at straws and because they don't. You know this is just been such a horrific season. That they need that they want something else that wants a didn't go watch mean obviously have the young prospects coming up and but even then like the young prospect they don't have as many have Tyler beatings in becoming now let. They don't have that great at a farm system right now you see what app with the White Sox and yet they came in with a huge load of prospects they have like went to like one of the top teens in. In the farm system with them finally. It's crazy in giants' Aaron you're doing that right now and I think they need to make some major changes with the deadline just around the corner. You know in those conversations about Dino Quaid ill and but he's injured with a blister Marsha got lit up last weekend it just he's not looking too good. I'm not he's not the first on my list I mean it's a pitching exactly to sell the gas I don't know. I mean as far as like an eagle across the pace setting battle conversation a sunny grade he's been. I I wonder if they'll last start he had against the rays of his last start with the days at home and wouldn't be surprised yeah and it's kind of it's it's sad that the same time I understand you had Billy bean coming out saying they're doing a complete rebuilt. And I get that ripe for the ballpark opens they wanna have this team ready and there's some really good young talent that's coming up. Not having Sonny gray will be sad. And according to land our sports astrology just. Andrea Matt yes she's said that he's gonna have a great year next year that's right she did she did say that oh we'll see I mean I will I would definitely miss Sonny gray. If he's traded away but I understand at the same time what they're doing and it's going to be a few years a big project next year's event. It get frustrating because ignite day when you look at what's happening over attempt to go with eighteen tee with the giants being so bad this feed off basically first half of the season. And this year not going as planned they still sold out almost every single game and I mean quote unquote on paper. Except for one game suffered because the next day it was a sell out yeah so. Opposite I mean there was like 9000 people the last ET team I mean is chest. I did use its Anthony's TD means I'm just like she application. Share information get the fans excited we we got a year in a rebuild we've got all this young talent coming up okay awesome. So in the next few years and that stadiums ready. Will this it'll be amazing now you know it'll be it'll spark everything for Oakland for the athletics. But they got decent then because I don't know how aka a sand stick around when you trade Everest in the one of their favorite player while they without having any stadium. If if they traits any grant program. They did they traded shunt a little hand Dan. Ryan Madson ray. I got the house you know Doolittle is on the DL he's been hurt many times. And you you know you have Sonny gray who is getting a little bit older I know it not battled that. He is that he can bring in a good load of prospects mean he did really bring in a great prospects because he is so much potential. But the problem is eating you really have to figure out how to market these players like Chris Davis I want him to be market I want them to go all in game great extension. And have him be a feature a player features star team because he's somebody that gets attention from the national media he does it's a player each grabbed you can grasp on to it. That's at issue. So we'll we'll see. Have what for its tweeted about Kevin to rant at me things he is going to India and it's really close efforts at China clay. Hi it's an hour gonna have. QAD India. India Katie how I've ever we're gonna hash tag in LA we treat months been posted a ton from these. On his sons after arias answer n.'s Terry Everett was at Wimbledon and he had babies and time now just a great offseason and then he has stepped Corey is going to China that's right here. Other yet Kevin Durant is actually gonna be going to India to promote the NBA and also donate to basketball courts to. For the Kevin Durant charity foundation build it and they will pop. That's awesome yes it's a really great program I guess India is starting to get intrigued by the NBA but it's pretty much untapped market. So they have what's called the let me find it here and let's see it was the reliance June foundation junior and BA program. You have around 5000. Young people boys and girls who participate in the past a clinic with Kevin Durant. And then 1000 will be onsite 4000 we're joined via satellite link. Yes of Kate Beasley taking part in this program it's part of the NBA academy in India. So they're really working on getting the brandy and deeper and now out to India school getting young people excited and that's a great way to do you get the young people excited. Then they will grow up watching the end of may and Collison has issued an increasingly happening in China coming in the NBA is now becoming global basketball in general is just so popular round the world not just here and. States via cell it's nice to see just can't drink involved with something like that take in overseas. Condit. He is he's if he's out yeah you know he's I think any thinking as a good heart I think he wants to CD and be succeed elsewhere and see other kids. In other countries you know have interest and love the fact that he gives back through basketball. Right way to do it. He you know he's he's done at courts here in Oakland he's made this. You know his home last year he says reminds him of Washington DC where he grew up. And he's always get back Oki C he gave back he still panties get back in Casey even though he's not part of the right he's a very gay guy says. It job Katie impact here that by the way out and at least honest but and Rachel Lindsey of the bachelorette was one of the many people in attendance at Sports Illustrated. Fashionable fifty event just last week. So I guess she was on the red carpet she I she had dreams of being in sports broadcaster I'd neither I had no idea so she talks about that. With Sports Illustrated she is also asked about her relationship with Kevin. Apparently they went to the University of Texas together. Former Texas longhorn. And there were rumors that they deem it while in Texans have she says. We knew each other school and that's kind of as cheesy as it acts she also added she was reading for Iran and the lawyers in the NBA finals sane. I mean I catering this summer heat it's during the summer it's great she is now actually engaged I believed to be winner the packs are at how soccer is apt to be watching the bachelorette with your fiance. I hope in which she's watching yeah I and it's very top of that idea an. Opposite team which he did with other guys hold dating process net and I she's I like her she's been one of my favorite action rats. I just adorable how do you like to see how it happened the contestants answer honestly I haven't watched attend the shows what I watch or read this article. Just like seen her interview she seems so likable so I have to and a demand on demand because I never really got into the bachelor except for the first season yet early on I did bachelor and bachelorette yes I love them back the first bachelorette yes and then after that it just tennis it's just think over and over again so I'm curious CPU making different this season but as far as her as a passer she seems adorable yeah. Sell. I haven't thought it was so funny that seemed CD has that little connection together ray I guess is just a friendship that was it. Keep up. I can bet it's taken notes is taken now did as a last of those actually last I don't think very many I think the lows it. God what's her name tradition Patricia ash. And Ryan that I wanna watch that's what I watching yeah I mean the year. They're fine your rates again and apps so if I think it might be at like one or two other couples that that. I don't know the line I don't know them. But that's what I've heard I think of every now and then finally ran an article rang out as cigarette. I have no idea what's gonna on the let's scene and they say so it's broken up that. There this many events it brightens it I'm actually go Google is our ability to some tweets of the week. Carats of last talked earlier tuchman big story this week between calling cap clinic. And Michael Vick and his comments about Cullen cap means cut his hair and change his image again jobs Ian. Michael Vick has obviously back pedaled in this is one of the things that he posted at. On July 18 filing cabinet hair has nothing to do with him not being on an NFL roster right now let's be clear. I was only the best con I stand by what I said about him being signed at some point this season how Panetta now club. I think he is a great kid who as a bright feature and am looking forward to seeing him on the field again trust and believe me what I said was not in now. So totally opposite reason you said he should get there OK okay yes any strange writing make it beat beat beat beat CC in positive good job you know he got a tee shots. And advertisement him up on cabinet what he said this week. He tweeted out after that initial comments from Michael Blakey said the Stockholm syndrome. Stuck harassing him for those who don't know. Appears when an abuse victim develops a kind of respected apathy towards their abuser it was named after bank robbery in Stockholm. When a group of bank employees were held hostage and developing strong sense of apathy towards their captors. When this traumatic event was over they even defended their captors by not one to say anything them might endanger their captors freed. Is usually happens because of victims sees the smallest act of decent behavior hasn't extracted event which makes it received their captors as essentially gut. This way really decide on the negative behavioral distinctions of their captors and focus on the positive ones this syndrome is also called traumatic bonding are. Victim brain washing. Ouch. And yet you insisted for yourself and deficit up arms out. Again I would have loved actually heard what he passes. Definition it was great way to but it did raid. Yep it's apt metaphor. Jabs it would hurt so I think that at that the good way to put it. Again I would like to hear more. Simple as. You know regardless maybe did have to be linked to Michael Vick specifically he could existed eight blanket statement. Like hair. Here's who does it you know that's what I would have done. While you have Michael Vick only staying calling captured it needs to change his image he said that early on again back pedaled. But critz was trying to figure out extra not in me beef figure out his arguments. That Chris Condit as he said his big thing is confusing because he says that come Catholic unemployed because the performance. What am I missing he's likely. And he goes on. And that leftists moron I'm trying to make sense of why one of the best 32 QBs. Doesn't have a job last were talking about it here. It. And then he says I already dirty mall last year. Where companies. You know the one with a five rings on your background at tests its tree that was really again the whole idea of the long haired C he has his own laundry nobody says yeah. It's it again it was a ridiculous statement by Michael apps. In this I have specifically for each. Exciting. So I know this it was a big week for you because in the transfer and yes. And I am just telling you right now my maternity leave I am going to be watching all of game. That's. Negative watch I am in I'd like texts me now agrees it happens again. I met a friend of mine did that monitored LE totally into that game because I talk about time and I'm upset that I've Wikipedia everything. You know just like house's entered the lineage all like kind of stats cell. When any increase happened series text mean. East UST. One thing that one do I want to watch shall wild as in read books first ever got around to reading and just you know life in general time the same time look at and I mean at the showbiz mr. -- looks percents and I figured I better do it now because he evenings. Does that do it now and everything's on social media now on the title waited re right her different names different things like aunts eggs kind of kind I just know of I don't know anything about that state waste tax watch. Somebody else is the big. They came to its. It just landed back in Dallas now I'm home getting regular game but there are times so excited for this season's eats a lot of people get excited for shale. You know having a conversation with some entertaining as watching. It's on cable channel. Access guys get it on nineteen yet with the HBO and I eaten by there every season now except for the latest season is always on Netflix right so many. It's incredibly. Interesting and everyone it's a whole free world how long ago take action watch it's it's a seven seven seasons says in these there's about and now on this. Yeah on the seventh seat on the seventies and there's about seven episodes per seat that's. I Alex have battery. Order which I think some ten for one there's not an outline. You'll be fine you'd probably do it in a couple weeks OK I think that I can spend every waking me you are and you point do you have a little these child to use now. That I did post up earlier this week and hey you know on its last week and it's elite and it shows should be. The and I tons of responses from people all these different shows like actually some. At about which ones stick to billions. I'm antsy when it's that one. As of August 8. You know what I've never seen his breaking. Eat that much so there's all that's at bats green nominee catch up on. And his new black and at a catch this season sucks doesn't the first two seasons our country yet that is second. And now Larry that I'm sorry but he and yet they suggestions please send my way. Locking down. It's a game the left overs yet never heard that first season with the rest of it was play I like it is really it is so. There it's now. It's no wonder why the bottomless he had just seen that went to the did you ever how parts to house of cards is eight QB in this news and best of it it's very cerebral says it wants tired if you pay attention. If you're like in mid. You know it's midnight the babies I honestly you can east direction off. Not the show of not because the show Q obviously. The gimme on it. But not like. Efforts that the first it's great acting there's a patch that worries me I'll I just forgot there's precious recommend. It is. Here another conference in college of port bow recommended okay Allen's pretty and it's. It's excerpts. That yet. This decreased it. We're Santa Clarita diet with that their hours and it's only half hour it's like a sit com. There comedic soared. It's this it's about this mom she's listing agent suburbia and she's infected why is. It's actually. The funny very racy. But it's funny. Except actually. Shows that I can watch my rights as the other thing to have this a game at the obvious in watching. True so I'll be watching as in Latin talent to get anything we've talked about widget with yours pretty much of it cuts out. Shows like I'd number one payment for said Keane. I had that I watched. The entire series of time that your mother and my name OK okay. A little edgy attack as a but that's not bad Pakistan to match. I've watched. As. It's tough. And now. They sure it's yes I think as I B I'll ask what's the new friends. It. Just. Me. But there. They're funny that's I'm I can't currently. Acting is my husband works in a very similar field. There are times. I'm not paid shelled imply that there's let's Mike yen ally again so some of those theories is he's on. Sometimes. Yes at times he's like that state that they kill. He's he always comments how well the writers. Encompass. That. Feel ill with what they do on the show you need to look at job with the research and duke it out with making it seem. It's it's far fetched but some of it's like that's the kind of incorporated science. News and so it's. Relate the most words. She's pretty funny times I made totally. I. That your. I'm Tony into perspective I'd like to say Anthony but there's certain things like. Like them makes. A mix between. As. Amy's grade I can hide it about Amy and Annie again. Really and yet she really that she's a tree character exits it's weird she's Smart for. Just the watched last shows like that. It more Yonder Alonso actually tweeted out when it's on two little. Mets traded we will miss you wish you nothing but as. So again it's always hard to see some of these players go at it. Agent business is artist Diana needed it is very artistic about an baggage treated or taken a maternity leave so I'll be back. She'll folks in the meantime having the down affords. Thank you for a scene of frank thank tags promise and keep us updated its eighty means he's I can't wait he invited on T it's on yes I know I can't answer. I meant to. That is on your face the answer ran to search for do you drink now and that's right and at seven.