Franco & Kags Podcast

Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, July 7th

On today's edition of the podcast, we recap the parade, talk 'China Klay', and even touch on the Ball family. And of course, the infamous tweets of the week...don't miss out!


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It's great tags and 957. Negate I'm Gionta Franca and a man I connect east it's gonna couple weeks since Anna and I've been able to the podcast together we got so busy after the braid when it's crazy schedule lean and life and I like kinda sad so nice to be. It's been so much time just the whole thing with the warriors. Winning the NBA finals a celebration. The Bay Area was linked I got it's been they're still wanna hi I'll enjoying you know what happened this past season. Let me give him props for second he was that would mean at the parade our producer nick brown and you're you're awesome you are so good it's great he was so good at like I kept thinking to myself. Had that day I mean how bad day gone without nick Brown's involvement everything that happened with the speed at getting to get there interviews and so forth they would not of honest at least I know I told you lines that I can't think you're an applicant could not have done that with catcher yourself that. Grabbing people and a yeah yeah yeah I hear. Cable and a hundred hunt next KG you can stream of hatred. There wall that was going on Yana do you think you flustered now once she handle her business next person came questions got them done only thing I can say was we missed and I live. An idea who would've been an adult was shot. We got I got back and on what about I would have loved have been there it was funny thinking about it afterwards like when I was here in studio doing updates. And like so much fun I was gonna be there today then I'm speaking. The world what a pregnant lady note. I. Best case scenario for you as we we were backstage we had shade we had chairs we had snacks water through we weren't we had a golf cart ticket is the Bart. It was difficult getting to that point that got there early that. Day we had the FBI. We it was maybe we don't we weren't very secure secure environments I'd probably the best that like that would in the best case scenario for okay. Day you know it is kind of freaking many. Think about it kind of getting on a serious now we have something of that magnitude celebration of that magnitude. The safety of the people around you especially with admitting to humanity steered tech Harris attacks and it being so happy everything was safe. People in the Bay Area came together and they celebrated in such a great way there are no major issues no major issues and not only sailor. It was really and they you could tell you to tell the crowd peep or just enjoined and having a good time and just wanted to celebrate a team they'd love so much. And their success and you know you could tell that that the Warners to every single clear so appreciative and so happy to be there. So thankful to the fans mean ten times over even wanna keep your speech is on stage it was just. So nice to see how grateful they were that there's so much love and support in this area Alia completely. And the people in this area are grateful I mean we saw families we saw I mean that everything all manned the interviews we got awesome. They were really lost Eileen out with a fancy you only sit down on a blank with a bunch of people that was it ran charge on this as jumped in the blanket I like my cousins I mean it was it was. It was that tough to guys' part team well puff of smoke I had a flag Ehrlich video out there in the video. Droplet that. The exactly that's eight. You think good backstage is varies Dave Barry there was no smoking smoking going on back there everything was very under control and very positive so but now. And we frets because we thought we targeting different players right we. Had questions certainly everyone it's like a really got ads of their gritty effort. You know the starters but be sure what was happening that we attract a lot of it was good because happy guy. And numerous amount of players Richard it wouldn't agree and his staff that was for sure yet did we not cracking. Down and you're up. Chant here comes Kevin Durant unlocked skis. When staff was walking towards us I was thinking the same thing I was back to that it would Ramon yeah I'm Ramon related that in an art I am about to Raymond who was eight Asia now Ramon did nick nick to me and my oh my dad okay their roles so anyway he did wonderful years played them this is different tags. Around time line may give coming with us or by the way too you know it's crazy to think about just past July 4. A year ago was the announcement Kevin Durant come into the lay it all and now the frenzy. Of everything. With the NBA has gone completely haywire. It's wow so we passed a pat yeah now I mean and I like other Glasser had Kevin Durant sank Nina you know so quickly but. With everything happening I mean the wares just just know. Now they are such a well machine that whole organization that they're just like okay. Here's what we need here is we want here's we're going after but this dream had less little bit of somebody's a year because one when you sent saw him. Ia snap chat about nick young's right EP coming you know warriors question mark you know there was something you know how much. Do you think dream on has when it comes to you have a conversation is surely they're talking that the guys. Call out who they seek would match and fit and what would look look at the relate. Ship that he and Bob Myers at when they had the the press conference where he got Democrat defensive player of the year Bob Myers when executive of the year. You see that relationship with them and one of the things that he noted was when he died suspended for at in the NBA finals game last year. That Bob Meyers sat with him. At an Oakland a's game yeah out and sat within he has that respect from you could tell there is a mutual respect that's a different chip on the it's it's a friendship but it's like. I reached the years he really deep rooted respect and I think that's something that's really important and you can tell that does is more than just a GM. Moving chess pieces around or is somebody who genuinely cares about the steep. And I think that's was separates Bob from your every day GM. Is it because he cares beyond. Fiscal aspect yep of what's going on you know what I'm saying he cares about. The players overall happiness. On an everyday basis cause. It's bigger than basketball and I think dream on those that and I think Bob understands that but I'm going to drain months recruiting players. I can say it's easy to recruit somebody when I have the best team in basket play behind me. When you're defensive player of the year come off and your liken it to people going you know I think you should play with me I'm. Now I mean Nick Young without harmony with the lakers he would have he would have made idled 200000 dollars more with the Laker rights and he took a pay can't come to the with the lawyers accents think about it. For all starts. Yeah like there in the starting lineup he sell it happened with JaVale McGee when he came here last year he was. The face of show acted a fool. And all of a sudden now he is eight. It's great player that everybody is talking tea at the clippers' top into keen in king's time until the lawyers would still like to have him back if possible so. That's what's interesting about this is that they can take certain players. And the have been kind of have like whether it's questionable pasts or whether it's something that was almost embarrassing like the whole Iggy azalea issue Ryan young. That can be put aside for the talent and because of the fact there is strong leadership. Totally end. Yeah you see the players studying the talent very much so musical Kevin Durant did he decided to stay for less money. Nine point five million dollars less than what he. Could have had could've asked for in order to keep this group together and that says something about is something leadership who they are as a team what they want to continue to do I mean this is one of the greatest basketball teams of all the time it really it he can't argue that anymore. If this continues for the next three to five years it's. You I mean how often does this happen not after that you know well nick having a conversation and pre show meeting. About deep greatest NBA air as what are the greatest NBA cares about. Easing of the 80s80s for sure magic number at risk without having MBA in the world eat Michael Jordan Aron. Let it is is this going to be surpassing it is now. You have an Indian national. If this has become so internationally huge it's not jets year it is international not just China. I'm talking about where and international Europe yes yes all of our senior Arab view and think of the players from all over the world that are coming you know I mean it's just. Clippers assign some of the day from Spain you know I mean that's just it's. It's it's just taking over and it's definitely. Taking me NBA up to a whole another level Greg Olsen will get into the later. He had the best response and BA free agency. An odd it's easy plays at the Carolina Panthers. Complete difference when it comes to free agency in the NBA oversee and oh god I mean. I still French FL players to guarantee contrary he's conscious that the word that we DUI it. I haven't noticed it's true though is think of the date of the level of play not seen in the NBA doesn't have a level and all they get sewage and the injuries that are potentially keep it happy in an instant on the on an and an NFL game on the field. And the kind of contracts that they are gaining compared to NBA players it's. Lake hey come on NFL pay attention to. AJ why did you want exceed had its wheat is well we wish you get to that later lit. Yeah go ahead and edit an outlet well I mean he just spoke to the fact there wasn't Haiti are anything but just. Wow you get a guaranteed contract and on top of that and getting. Upwards of ten to fifteen millions of dollars per year career apples and of the players are looking at a 1015 million dollar contract over the span of three to. Or is exactly. I mean think of the ones there making 50800000. Dollars a year I mean it's an that's an animal it is it's a minimum. He's crazy the other thing is that we get keep mine obviously without bothers 53 sure it's a lot more people there's a lot more that the team has to pay for. It's so much money they're making the genitals making still matched money. They can. They can't it's ladies Haiti's leaders market certain thank you I mean we know the Tom Brady's of the world. Deere cart congratulations well deserved contract we know their team lead others are is going to be the elite is going to be the step cores in the NBA LeBron James and I get that. But you have to let that trickle down to a point where other players who are doing all the heavy lifting some times you know it's with our more risky injuries. Get a little bit more money because with the CT factors that questions. What can happen in the future with them the lack of care that some of them have afterwards the lack of education on how to link. Be smarter with your money when you're no longer and you know a player it's just. They need to do a better job without a big shadow by the way to LeBron gentlemen give them this prop speak as one and Stefan curry got his super Max deal. He congratulated him right away on Twitter he said yeah I think he needs of 400 million dollar contract because of what he's worth to this team think about what the franchise. How messy the warriors franchise Dan. Has completely grown I think it was something like 20400. Million dollars I think as wet. Lake exam but he bought the team four and now it's over two. It's and I'm glad you brought that up because it speaks to a bigger point a lot of people have been a little bit. They thoughts away about the war's taken less money Kevin Durant it's actually been a topic and he is in you know I've. Let's say if squad took less money for the spurs I don't the doesn't make it out of our students are having Iran but. I just kinda have a problem with a guy like Sean Livingston only taking in this is why. Sun has been to so much in his career and he's a guy that's never gotten beat each. At every stop he's been at within his rookie contract with the news coming back with the Nantz he's always taken less to fit in. So when you see that he kind of wanted to highlight it sought to deduct 15815. In only two K. But he wanted to win so I respected. But I can still feel the way like I wish she would because you can pay your players. And did you not to think of too they are making so much money with endorsements from me he's not throwing Kevin Durant 300 million dollar Nike money right you know or under armour stuff curry money but. You know there there are other opportunities you know when it's their their. They have to make investments and other things just for the tax implications alone I'll keep millions of dollars a year that there's definitely. Some fiscal responsibility that's happening there and they kind of have to think of these things that. Your point which on I mean I would have liked to see him get a little bit more money but fry when you have the best of the best. On a team. You kind of have to figure out how are you gonna fit and you know they'll sacrifice is even true you know it just makes me feel better. When everyone else's some sacrifice in enough to Kevin did and stepped creek -- made his sacrifice dating me in one he took off for extra million this year any didn't yeah you know so they've they've lost sacrifice and away Andre Iguodala coming back you know he was hoping it twenty million with another team that it got when he knows that and very I mean cost is definitely on the table so it's IE what that date passed away when Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. Wednesday it came out that yes they're saying with the warriors I jumped for joy on the opt out as though he meant those two I love. Living stand out there on the floor. Also Andre what he does when especially when it comes to playing up against LeBron James when it's time to play home like on Dre Andre though he's he delivers and you go you know it's now you can think of with adding Keon and EL com Caspian there's. Do you ties to big guys big wingspan I mean there's versatile players on the team that. He might be able to rest your starters a little bit more right and give them more time to. Be productive especially when it's go time towards the feet count towards the playoffs and it's like full speed hole. Concerned with the osu players is defensively but I mean at this point with the warriors. They they just change who you Lawrence of basketball players confidence wise yeah you know it is like when you get in the culture. It's it almost goes back to size you just adapt you just adapt your new environment JaVale McGee did it. I mean countless players that have been through the wars organization. So I'm excited. I am to you it's gonna really great tease in the summer leagues that start about an weakly at things like EP is who has who has his coach at the lakers often via who's also very close to this warriors organization bread through. They talked to him and he said that his defense had greatly improve this last year rain until at her and would take about if you have somebody like drain among green. Who is so stellar on defense and as at somebody to look up to us somebody to kind of work alongside wet. Obviously his game is an elevate completely bursts now he should. Yeah how much she is a burner yeah the total burner some light. Right I get it now I seek his when I when I first win you know I sundry months app Chatham think at night. He is it goof ball I don't know yeah I'm like you is he gonna fit in I mean I like his personality sometimes I appreciate it can fetus. But Al mob on my own but then you know you read stats you think that we that he's a good shooter or his catch and shoot I think he's like I think heat the warriors have the best catching issued. Shooters like that top. Four of like the nine in the league or something like top when it comes the time nine and we are now in the best moment that. No one's paying attention and IKEA. Let's be honest if Nick Young is on the vast local address mongering stuff curry Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Except what happened this whole getting married I'm trying to. By the way right everything that happened with Matt Barnes during the season when it's his XY rain and everything go on their bikes you know a job where I know it's a blessing like you know the lesson and look what's gonna look like he did this year right. Was he is an attraction to the team now now not and I don't think he brought his. His baggage with them nodded and I mean I I love watching I was success again another one I was so excited when he came to the wars that was such as silver lining when Katie got hurt. And actually to kind of help the team in a way and it helped all of them giving connecting Seth Curry also found a new level of his game is a lot dislike a little spark and he was so nice and he came by. Now back up Ayers and use our guest artists he was cool he was so cool he was it anything he's a neighbor at an easy rock going to Vegas to party. Alia I did you lose let's. Absolutely and did you are you kidding uses yak and talked about it you know he knew he was me at the time his injured. So he did know what his future was kind of ahead of them obviously here but I use grateful that he was back with the warriors. You know being part that we believe team asked about that and now winning championship pigeons. Samples are totally full circle good for him he kind of been nicer is a really really great. So yeah really really great is paid Thompson even better China play out she just says that Britannica right yes man says I beat miss seem dunks losing it are presently he doesn't seem to mind one bit he is on a Levin a torrent China has antenna issue sponsor is in China. I think this toward an app for that like is that for two weeks as elegantly and pepper for a while CNN I don't know if it's just because of the fact that is that it's a much but. I just wanna hang out with I really wanna hang out with Klay Thompson he's so different then. Warriors and play he's post season play he's so focused maybe that's how it works for him is like when I'm in my when it's the season and I'm there I have to be focused at a beach you know like a sign toaster. Be done is play 25. Is that young. As if he's if he's a 25 through two time champion on talent. I could fall down a flight of stairs and funny so biggest month 27 he's still falls well I'm still under thirty and seven time it is different now but it was. If they did an amazing and the fact that the were giddy like a for Aristide to it without the videos that are being posted recede all that happened. He misses that was that he tried to dunk. All of that you miss that and people don't know is he just got out of like a sixteen hour flight in the past and I and he just walked off the plane he said forget it I'll do it I don't care. Totally aided in that little areas. I mean I mean I laugh because he felt it was just funny it was last and you know pretty funny though of the warriors in temples are gonna start to treat seasonal from the preceding each night I L so they're gonna will actually think. Claes got all the hot spots ready for the rest of the O fer sure he's gonna partying already hang out. The way he I mean the guy's got moves on and off the court acts in view with the DJ my like I was that clever something hole we. Clay I know exact the second was when he threw second mark. He got a little line of attack and in the business. Clay. Guys that legend eleven threes in game six in Oklahoma a lot easier like OK Ike and advocate lead is half you do your thing have a good time and just needed to. Keep a side is we need you back next season but now he's avid at the armrest slain I'd I'd incident video that driver does attract others on it it it. Looks like giant I don't think it is tries but he ate something that was a little smoky. It look like dry ice but he burned his mouth yeah I am gonna guess is not dry eyes because you actually eating rat had to really have timers don't do that I do not. Klay Thompson. In China is the most relatable and BA player. Why okay doesn't think he's just every big guy sometimes like I don't think he. Thinks she is attacked the guides let. The limelight and the money kind of kept him he's just I think that I am had to be here this is her peak you know piece from an NBA family there is that he knows there do you understand he's seen this as a child. Now he sees it as an adult is actually participating and it but he's not entitled not and I know not like one of those. Kids are entitled growing up to because his father was an NBA player. He actually is Vick still down to earth and I think that's something that goes to show you that that's good standing right there very much you know that's they did a good job I did a great job with him just like step Currie who again this is not and never comes across is entitled. Is always really nice I mean he can he and I had complete fan favorite every person you ask who you wanna see today who's your favorite employers. K's hole and the on the trip I forgot exactly what location and why why it ultra light and they looked like they were just having the best of times at the best place possible on the rhetoric of course she's. It's good to be really funny and gets him Disney my Man Ray that's Alan on this thing out there it is good to be playing well another eight we did have the NBA draft as well and net and on a ball tracked its second. Headed to the lakers and we're gonna see a lot of behind the scenes of blondes and not ever gonna get enough of it. In front of us what's it ESPN constantly covering him Sports Illustrated Bleacher Report I mean he's obviously been the focus because of his dad Lamar. But apparently they are getting their own dock you series. On the spot. To partner first of all let's discuss the dot U series and second meet. Based that is now making TV shows to the basement. Thing I guess they're trying to get more of a bigger video presence so that's what they're working on right now because their video presence has grown tremendously. Over the last year and so this is a whole new element at their bring in in which I think it's a brilliant move it's very Smart it's very Smart to great way to bring it in because now having how many of these people who are. You know the cable cutters have been talking about people who aren't watch seeing you know these reality shows on TV there watching through Netflix Hulu have deal. Now I can watch a social media social media is completely changing the game when it comes to television series yeah everything like that. So in face that is Smart and it's Netflix in the beginning Jess that did movies and re aired TV shows our produce on television. And now they went into their own original series and the original series have taken off on these battles combat specials right I mean those are some of the best shows that are. You know Emmy winning show notes as kind of like HBO did when cable came out leads act premium cable quiz brought a ninety million from Netflix really. And ninety that's just how much money Netflix is making all new. So FaceBook is Smart to come right out of the gates with the original programming. Now. I definitely will say that the ball family has. Harassed the attention of the media and have a lot of people because the bar so there's so. Maybe it'll be interests teen or is this one of their shows where you're like okay it's the same story over and over again because of keys like. The same analysts say there's Israeli shows that at the same story line over and over again I think it's. Gonna happen is this in the beginning it's gonna be popular once the season starts because you're gonna watch Monty you're gonna see how he is doing with the lakers. And because it is the lakers it it's a storied franchise total you're gonna get people who are going to be interested in watching bonds in the beginning I think that's gonna fade and I think in all honesty will get what would keep the show going is what he does with Ramallah and lenient. Yeah and and I what happens again or how he will get them today or next level and it's preparing that it won't be focus on nonchalance is gonna be focused. On playing professional basket policies can be doing his own thinks it's can be focus on the other server and see Lavar pushing his two cents. It's gonna go do everything that goes on with the ball family. Is gonna last as long as the ball kids for Duke's message. Well if I mean if lock is great for season then what I'm saying that as though comes in India rookie of the year. I'm lost so I Bolton yeah I do they appear I do I rated G it's the truth I am I'm curious. I am a little fascinated by Lavar because you guys know I've. So sometimes support him. Did you hit the probably the story. The boulevard and at that low drop lake has been weekend with levoir and how levoir got up at around. 7 AM train time warning local kids at a gym after training them knowing their names. Excuse me know each of their names into one by one takes them back to his house for breakfast cook them all breakfast. See more I know you are not gonna put that out there why not because it's not hot it's not trying to you know. If he seemed more of that he is marble likable guy he's somebody that people like the fact that he's not likable. That's what happens at their gonna focus on those negative stories and a solid news and I seem. I think people believed they intentionally is kits in. You know I mean he wanted to this beautiful latter in on the players on which players tribute players should view of players should I loved it. I mean for his dad on Father's Day and mean it was like cooking line. I know he's out there and he's is trying to be what we call pageant mom you know when you have. High pressure kids. To eat out to be all successful you want the best beat the best and maybe it'll piece of him to have that success to you. I'm Sar and the pastor. Am as a young black man and I seen a lot of my Brothers growing up without fathers figures without fathers in their lives. You can't tell me that the wrong about the vulnerable I guess yeah I only hear it if he's doing that for other kids as well claims trying to. Either for them and I'm sure he's got in the back of his head well five fine the next Alonso in his group is always a later I know I mean lord and make help them grow nothing wrong with that and honesty to write this article people who do that but maybe an ounce of vocal about it almost like an investment amendment as they send me in fact it's his senate as long as. Like I say if they focus more on that set unfortunately that's not how all the media's been working nowadays especially social media. It's let's get the hottest topic let's get the most controversial topic out there and now that get more clicks. That to me if we had more of that out there I would love to see more of that reality show. See the impact that he has on all these other young men that are trying to get in says basketball. I would love to see more of that and camping pilot makes him more likable and maybe X is still he get these to have that controversy. But still incorporate more of that society political likable. All the kids in that area that play ball now. There's a lot of people overseas. Playing balls in college and have gone through the ball ball so it's like it that's awesome. We get them shipped an empty it. Outlook to doubt be the biggest stretch but I my uncles still in contact with them my cousins still talks Alonso a little bit. But you know I mean now their urges. We're gonna try though. OK I Marcia let's try to do it I mean I was on and on yeah I and PO LE ET yeah right. Group of the morning sent us that he's. Terrible and radio though he had an off night he likes the camera we have a congress sky and videotape and I'm not some. Not divisive alive I don't know that's the 89. You will navy will it will be up and figured heavily on the possible but tossed upon. Right Natasha Paul from black sports online will be joining us here in just a few minutes. We've got tweets of the week also here coming up on the show last quick story that we should let everyone know those who are fans of The Daily Show Jon Stewart. Will be returning to sports center with Hannah Storm this Friday. This is great this is the 2017 war games in Chicago not to be confused with our ears. But these are veterans these are men of men that men and women in the service. It's incredible wonderful competition for them. They do every single year in Chicago and I guess on Stewart's been departed for a few years and kind of worked to get ESPN involved to air it and share their stories and show the games because. You know when you have these adaptive sports or games it brings them back to things that. They used to be and who they are so he kind of feel like this is the reason why he needed to do it so he's coming back to sports center to anchor specifically for these. Escapes that is amazing I think I love this whole idea. I wish it was away with it actually had Jon Stewart beyond ESPN all the time I now is indeed that they do need especially right now without the layoffs ahead and negative. And news surrounding them the good thing is they got woes said Jain Nan yeah agent was an hour ASCII Roche Reese right just on July 1 Angela first and NBA free agency took off officially so that was July 1 heat disease starting ESP and but Johns Joseph and a lovely he brings something different he brings a comical side but he is also very serious when it comes certain things to. He's very passionate yes you know he's he's got a lot cause disease passion which is why The Daily Show was so great with Africa because he talked politics. He talks you know what's happening in the world in a way that you sort of could relate and he brought a little humor to things and sometimes things very very amnesty local. And I enjoyed watching them you know college specially coming up in college this outlets like. The go to choke on our news is completely changed the way everything is done like we said the whole idea like we've been taught and I would media. It's it bleeds it leaks it it's true it and we won and now and it's so fast that everything changes so fast in every hours of something new and it's. People reports of this reports of that like if I mean. It's not even a story yet the other no confirmation but it's reports of possibly this thing happen might not even be true so I feel horribly switchers are not gonna be a cup you know I mean like. Oh my god it's just it's ridiculous. It gets. That's up there but does social media is a thing to look what happened to rob Kardashian black China that they got a little out of control. Insects aren't out its program Twitter. Speaking I'm strain has got some great tweets of the week yes I do. I elected to our first tweets of first up we talked about it earlier about drain on green now last year he helped convince Kevin Durant come to the warriors last for the July and everything where the excitement of Kevin Durant coming. Well apparently dream on again is on the move when it comes to recruiting. And he got swagger DP to join the team. I mean it probably helps at this championship team. But what we mentioned earlier on snap Chad there's a picture of him paying an outlet making and with words warriors question mark so you got him. My I was the firstly a little bit of recruiting via right there. Obviously we got Nick Young joining the warriors now now how do you welcome him he could welcome him with open arms just like Kevin Durant did well Kevin Durant. Posted a picture of him. As swanky p.s like. Nick made a shot and went for three point ought Edmonds missed. But he didn't realize Eddie missing turnaround and celebrated. Realized he missed the picture I can't arms doubts. Missed three pointer island it I love Katie tweet that out which means like our way. This is that's gonna go I mean it's perfect it's humbling right very good thing I think comes down to is like a bit let's proved too little humbling crew men. Also a fun thing to it would. You know that three NBA free agency. Tons of money out there Seth Curry got the super Max 201 million dollar deal you have. Guys like JJ Redick percent to one year twenty million dollar contract isn't crazy crazy I don't pay more. He's making home than during it it's it's ridiculous crazy it is so ridiculous how much money is out there are now eight. Panthers tied and grade Olson decided to take a little action RBC the and it felt we talked about four. Not as much money when it comes to guaranteed contracts he issued a picture of his son that's in two basketball's earlier this week prompting. Plenty of funny reaction on Twitter great goals and when he see NBA's create. NC and the picture is sent a video of this that's funny like yes get his son into basket and I hung in the hundreds of man and the felt wow right. Just see how. It is I get at them. I'm because the lesser one of the ill eats you know in years patty and how much money I mean how many keep enemy tuchman even Michael Max enemy potentially you know it seems like. It's kind of I don't know like you are seeing some NFL players that are live look the leaks making vets minimum that's. I'd have to problem with that if I was an NFL player. The other big movie of Chris Paul joining the rockets so general mannered Daryl Morey announced on Twitter that Chris I'll be joined the rockets now. Kevin Durant apparently doesn't think much about his new his competition in the Western Conference so based on a response on Twitter Durant. Take it too seriously that Chris Paul. Is joining Houston. Somebody tweeted to Kevin Durant high heat and defend hard and call the west is looking great I hate cold and state. And KB tweets back with bunch of mode geez smiling laugh being. In motives it's here I am not to laugh out loud exactly so that's awesome. Which I'm sorry whoever that Tweeter was yes I think they're gonna be covered when it comes. I think so I think there and bankers life assurance by. And then finally we saw the video of Clay Johnson dancing is Hardaway in China. And people post the video up and step curry reacted with this same thing as Kevin Durant these smiley face and the oh geez. Yes yes yes so. Fun fun Kevin Durant neck immigrant. Fun fun Klay Thompson haven't did time in China selling off his dance moves and all Stecker was dunes that those business oh my god that's great that's fantastic. It UK it after the season he's just opened up on Twitter. YouTube. I like the area I did to the little transition video from SM going to. Alain de LA Bates LA LA it is that it is how to a lot of fun with that he's got a still coming out. To. Cantor as does the star. While he or he doesn't. I guess you. This is true. Yeah he's really need them that's chronicling the players runs the Andy title from his perspective. He just posted and there yeah we got is pretty cool ass so I like. Had a Michael I wonder if he's going to release it on his YouTube channel which I think is actually what he's going to deal might have something for the fill us and a nanny yeah I agree I will be how dangerous on an allergy or January when needed here at this sit down with Katie about this and sat yeah. Out of the IR I'll definitely do right they come back yet and you are at stake on the back just in time for basketball season. By the way does is also cloning senate clay for his missed dunks he said you know you hit rock bottom when that thinks he's a battered anchored and you. A that's kind of and that's on the date that yes those are your tweets of the week Terrill could really quick before we go we have to bring up Jay z.'s. Or Fuller Fuller on. 444. Or 44 year we're discount or for how supposedly the time he got up and realized that he loved beyoncé is that and that is asking I had no idea did he loved her a full day in acre fort retreat. I'm like. But it was the first did not enough was the was the ring was that when the babies are born. How about this about this about this for you guys verse three. And if my children knew. I don't even know what I would do if they look at me this name I'll probably die with all the same you did well with whom. Look that is demonizing each rods and you have a soul mate you wrist Afro blue. Bird this hole all saying he goes into her potentially happening this care rage he talked all out. These heavy so specific about these natural born tween miracle. My Hugo I think. You meet. You okay she how she acts she actually where. You know so much to means real. On this serious now unless they were giant like IBM and things like that before and it didn't happen and happen to get pregnant happens between. Then I understand. Here. It's near do you eat out ads on there I you know I totally get it to you but it's just sound strange to me it's like. It's just. Tit for these natural twins to bully it to so's the set it is very then it is a specific eye to the are there we're in now that we have to know everything going on and as a parent lively at the snaps that was snapped and at least. Things like this especially. You know it's like in the protect your child. Years you know deposit pregnant it's -- is G though that's like Philly came just kind of lean now she's I'm sure she must have been OK with I am so it'd Billick can share office and 189 especially talking and missed yours that is very difficult thing for a moment ago or so and so I'm hoping that he did doctor about it because. I've been opened before that I had a miscarriage before. And but I covering it up it's not my husband up its neighboring it it's your body and its Q and it's your experience not that they're not involved obviously that I got there. But you know it's but it's is still I mean this I still mourn his death I apologize for all the still. I just cared that's like she gave birth. To mean that to me is that this is the person I don't know I Jaycee actually Q did alone does a little much as old. Oh my god then I wouldn't have to do it though. I would have been able to do it I don't know it's it's alive it's just a lot to handle a lot to say in in that song. Understand a lot of you know there's some great songs that them make makes them graze at the arson personal is seen. Through that person's eyes but this film person this is helpers the south lake in intended. Shot keen. So he's a series of statements in this song to me keep talk about it so people listed by accident really think it fills I had to listens by the way I've only read the acts I've no idea what it sounds like beacons. You have to go through that web Snyder the app is decide who is this is Qaeda has much work there. I'm and oh boy I want it I'll pay dollar 29 it's. Government item that think it is fun day I think that's been the big stood let me just give you my favorite bark is leading killing you hole. A loss in the loss it's a lesson appreciate the pain it's a blessing. Does and I have been taken that with me America. An album hitting the. It does this up with your via outlook itself like a like they did is this this is on the it is easy this tasty but all of eliminates too I'm just I'm just young. Still love music alone on the music I guess if I get excited I'll stay up. I'll be in the mood I get that in the not too. It's good. It Eminem love beyoncé right I liked it it I don't like beyoncé lemonade version of herself that I think it'll too much. And as she's a champ in the days and we see where things went and me my goodness after reading about JC what Abbott now I understand I I get rid us if gas kindness and watcher at. Like if if this happened to me. Where my husband cheated on me and then I was going to all of apparently it kind of stuck with trying to conceive and have a EB during that time it's pub and on and the QB public. I think would've been more this is a class here it's easy Kate tick now. Maybe. Mika memoir right block and just reading diet it's true. At least not right here he's a song but that's that's his art is his his ideas just like all right I don't know I think it's just done as a lot of the stuff. Does in all honesty I like. Oh let's say I'm sorry eight aid and say you know what I do recommend. And I just listened to it recently because I totally sincere like mr. fat and everything because I interviewed. Their early test to read it I can I don't wanna talk about it's I saw the piece is so fun it was Agilent YouTube 95 sim game that comes it's it was a night. Yes so it was on that it's on our website it's on in my blog actually for the film buff their I talked to mr. famine. Thank you so much it was all about as dumb nation and beans supported and who are the celebrities here and especially focusing on the hip hop side. And it to be that I talked to during the NBA finals Torre forty and is fat and by the way before. I was listening to his songs some of the tenth. From missed a sad Al girl. Hello again Pella to just listening to the song it is so deep. And it's one of those things that you're really kind of getting into his life and things that are you know things that happen and that's one of those things where it's like you know I understand where from pain comes arts. So some of this as Lott is beyoncé was final this and I am hoping she was again. But it's an anxious. I hope he hope stared actor offers I'm sure but you know she cliche to clear that's going to be like that she's if he wants forgiveness. And I think maybe in her baby she's a woman people feel bad for me Mickey look like your Dirksen good go right ahead. Subtle hint why now and it is game I have to when he points. Maybe thirty it's oh. Great now can I find that night because all else east we'll we're definitely posting both of those UTE sit there on YouTube we're gonna post in the wooded tomorrow on are a terror you gathering in eggs. That's right Franco and cats are right this episode. We had a couple more coming action before and it goes on maternity leave lab and then we'll keep the Golan and they get back and be happy happy about the job up until the end of the diligent we can't week. Don't forget to catch and the Tosh appalled and click on that league as well she's great she's black sports on talked to her today as well. About town and be free agency and she's sister really cool chick just like we are eggs and at seven.