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Thursday, November 9th
Franco & Kags are back, with Ileana! Who has a good name for the new look podcast? Today we discuss if the 49ers should tank, preview the Raiders in Mexico City, and tackle some stories from the week, including some Greek pride from Giannis Antetokounmpo. Join the fun! 

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It's that time it's your favorite podcast it is frank healing tags plus Celine at least to come up with like a little and waited nine Elian's kind of fun little introduced cents. With our Anderson. News. Everything producer host X attract person now on with as. It. See I think I had all of that. I rate go manic again yankees and Elaine and that's Americans Inkster giant has on this episode of frank okay let's. Yeah a lot to get to you today. It's been a busy week in the world of sports also trending stories especially. Really critical touch on the local scenes we've got the niners trying to bully the first count and start the season. Raiders had to win against Miami this week week ten starts officially today as we take that podcast. And they are on apply for the year to take on the patriots in exodus in people that's right and FA. Process that's not that's okay. And out of Reuters on a five game win streak so well. Niners should they tank for draft. I don't think the players themselves detained because impartially. You can get hurt the players can get hurt if they don't play at their full a 100% capacity that's and it's important to keep in mind. I think it's gonna happen that it they're gonna pretty much beat tanking they're gonna put. You know they're gonna take out some of the really good players that they don't want to get hurt or not gonna putting grow up lobby surprised. If Shanahan does for grapple and maybe you'll see him at some point this season. But EM IA it drafts. Did the having a good place in the draft is that it can be important but I don't think it can be a full tank as long as they get it within like the top three which is gonna happen adding that if. In because the first pick does it necessarily mean it's going to be the best they can't blame. And as a player you never wanna try to lose and that's hurts your ego and we've heard from countless. Past players before that when you lose a game it's like a funeral in the locker room Menino that stays with you all week. And it's got to hurt your ego and and like you said you don't want anyone to get hurt if like offensive line isn't doing its best job or damion already so injured as it is I just Daly might be Canada we don't know yet but I'm sure if he's not 2% I don't wanna CNN. Yeah I don't wanna seem online I want sounding like. 100% better but he wanted to get their rats just are working together which I figure out what's working what's not working with the scene much house Shanahan said yesterday that they're not just gonna throw in a drop below with. This offensive line middles of the battered isn't this tonight is putting him in there to get beat up either. But that everyone's excited to see grapple with the didn't get him to save this season re looking into the future. That's their focus and I think niner fans understand that that's that they need to kind of hope for because no team wants to go in sixteen they want one went 100 BB eight greeting for just. Around the sands Kyle Shanahan you know I mean it's very age. You know going on sixteen and turning around and tried it when a suitable in the next scene at 35 years is not going to be easiest feat so. I think it's. Ditch I'd potentially it's a winnable game yes and they are the cravings and it is but. There's a lot it you know there's a lot of play that if you beat the giants with Dmitry draft pick and order so for these cells in the show. Yes so maybe that's the one games you don't win and then net there's a couple other games that are winnable on the schedule as the season plays out so it's it to catch when he issue he deftly wanna be in the best position to give yourself an opportunity to. How the future that is bright and beautiful with the right players giving Jimmy drop a listen weapons at some. Good wide receivers in there you know get a group could online like we need they need any everything they need a lot there's you know attend eighteen players on the team. That potentially will be moving you know that could move forward and be contenders in the next you know. Three to five years other than that and much of the big benefit of beating the giants and getting a better place in the draft is because you know the giants have already basically said that they're going to be drafting a quarterback they're looking for current economic data that you get tech had a sand Arnold of the niners have that take our peeking ahead of them they'll probably trade to get. That pay because it matters are gonna trade away that take to get at a bunch of they need is more players so that's going to be a coveted pick whatever those one near top wondered to pick. And are facing page at thinking you guys posed posted on the morning show asking fans what they think if they won if they rather's he niners. You know give me just throw it is the season for a better traffic it was interesting to see the not fans actually some of them are OK with that and knowing that it would put them in a position to have a much better opportunity at winning. Early scratching the playoffs an XT three maybe to six years. So but it season without a win is you don't wanna be in that category and look into this season nine this is their rebuilt your not going to be going to go into the class he don't want it. Build a team that. Potentially could make the playoffs you want to build a team that's gonna you know stand the test of time that's going to be able to go long term into the Playhouse and reach the Super Bowl. You want John and don't even said he did not expect them to be when he did not think this is that this was that he thought they'd at least a few it was a not injuries. It's your it's likely you guys is on some special sacred burial ground there are some that check that out. Maybe you should do some CSI on this and see what's happening down there. It's just it's it's not good you know first time in franchise history and they can potentially be intent after this weekend so we will find out. Raiders of course getting it win against the dolphins. In week nine they are on the by Jack Del Rio told Damon that he can't keep up with on demons show this week. Says that he wants his players to focus on resting. And then they will put their attention toward the patriots in Mexico City technically a home game for the readers. Now this they did this last year a lot of raider nation showed up there's a lottery fans. In Mexico so I think they're gonna get a good row at California and so talent so for their etiquette crowd support. But you know it is traveling it is an altitude difference and it is the patriots. If it. It's a game that's going to be a tough test for the raiders right now and they need this when they had got up what they need everywhere and right now and if they're going to be. And the gone to class so they need this because they're two games back right now. On the chiefs. They just it in order to get a wild card. You really need to you get your best. Game forward right now that's an incentive based Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the patriots it's going to be tough fee and it's always known as leaks. Acting out in the raiders to win this game in Mexico City but if they could win the game that would be like okay the raiders actually our series that's been so many ups and downs to see you think maybe they could contend maybe it will make the playoffs still. With all these back and forth in these past two games and sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. And I think that if they do get this women it'll be a serious look at the raiders are series that could make as good as wild card spot so. You know it'll be really exciting to see what happens in Mexico City and totally reenergize and it they went over sure it is funny I you know you think the last. You know the dolphins game they got that win would reenergize the bid may be reenergize and but I think they just barely got high and take out what exactly did you agree team he did good to look and look Cutler is even though he has his. Problems as they you know that he is has the talent to does have a good game you never know when he is going to show up and have a great game because he is one of the talent never quite lived up to what was supposed to be. And it was a little older he has a little bit injured but I pleasantly surprised when he was playing well incinerators. Articulate that had a pretty after remind them you plane NFL in Connecticut you can get him get out there play game. He just seems so I'm not a declined to be exactly about things sometimes so I feel like it would be readers got aid. A lucky win over the dolphins. With Jay Cutler at the Helm so that was in Justine and I you know I hope it doesn't re invigorate that passion. It's just amazing how the season was supposed to go for the raiders their potential you know Minnesota or bust you know that was there it was operation Minnesota and it just. Is nowhere near the team we all thought it was going to be it's it's. Incredibly incredibly surprising. And there's been some reasons why people are saying now maybe is this the reason why the raiders are falling apart will get to it later in tweets that he's at very interesting collusion and theory but will see. That came to beer and yes from one Mika Grimes but yet we will touch on that a little bit later. Also this week sad news. Where holiday pass away forty years of age he leaves behind a wife and two children. Two time Cy Young award winner sixteen years in Major League Baseball for some blue jays and then with he Phillies I believe and what eight time all star coming in incredible incredible pitcher and apparently a very good person. Off the field as well they do it's so much for the community he was very involved. And he was fly seen in a sport aircraft an icon a five. Which is also amphibious so it's supposed to be able to float in the water and land on the water as well. And as far as I know he was the only person plane was piloting. And tighten the plane crashed into just of the coast of Florida Gulf of Mexico. Yet in its so sad he was such an inspiration so many young players you have all these players and also writers who have been writing stories all week about. How key was influence than how he inspired. Us so many young athletes and and it was just such an important part of the sport I remember when I eastward at the a's. I watch reality pitch against the it and it was it it's memorizing the watch him because he was so good. And he was just such a great pitcher and he meant so much the sport he's going to be up for the hope and believe and that two dozen nineteen. As he had an Italian. He's somebody that apology be a pattern of he 90% now hall of Famer I think this might actually acting out of it I young and both you and asks Alan anyway with no hitter in the playoffs and eat out they are you know they saw. We're wondering exactly and right away yeah I think this might be one of those exceptions like he had you know he not only did off the field but with everything he's gone through in the family in the fan bases. And you can tell by the outpour of support from past players that he was really good person he meant a lot to a lot of his ex teammates as well which. And of course this came chisel is. Raking in forty years old it's so young and again lead into kids behind and his wife I guess he had a passion for flying his father was commercial airline pilot and this is would be kinda grew up with. It's interesting there's a video promoting the clean that he was line is he worked pretty close at that company and it shows his wife sane ash was it she didn't want to fly it and then she gets. In the plane with them and they fly and she kind of you know it supports his passion and that's a very difficult position to be in because you do you wanna support your loved ones with what they do what. What you know do the things that make them happy in. So forth and insurers family made him very happy that you do need an outlet and this was his this was his passion and unfortunately. It did lead to his death so rest in peace with lasted that one or Halladay definitely onto Stan. All right moving on with that something interesting happening international. Valuation international news. So the off family who. Heard of them if you heard of them mark Karr rock his three sons lawns of viewers need to wait too long while of course plaintiff for the lakers and Leann to a ball the middle son is. An athlete to ask a clear for UCLA. UCLA it was over in China. For their season opener plane Georgia Tech game is scheduled for Friday. Now three UCLA players that apparently decided to partake it's an extracurricular activities. Allegedly the story is they went next door to leave the tonne store stole some sunglasses. Got caught were then arrested. And now they are on passion to house arrest hotel arrest. They've all been released in error has now signed to their luxury hotel. While everyone deals with this situation so it's all allegedly can't confirm nor deny that they did actually still sunglasses. But they were involved in a situation. And this is all happening in China. And was scary to think that conviction rates like 99 point two yeah and that is scary in the same three to ten years potentially in prison if convicted it's scary luckily you don't know what in another kind of you can't just get away with things like me you can hear your region have more money like they don't care who you are over there right now especially the odds are bigger name is something witty and players. Us I'm not saying you should be about organ shoplift or something terrible and a foreign country but our countries to do a ridiculous stupid thing with your friends. China now there's a few prodigy and is not a land that time you get that lets I got to do. Only time I've I've been to China spent two weeks there they are so many opportunities to Isaac that's been. I know my dad everywhere data goes to China every few months that he got a lot in ulee's brings back. Out of bodies. It is below a suit you know yeah why is. This is a guy that hits his dad is selling the big dollar brand they had his brother who signed 500 dollars sneakers. Most like any panic when it labor Dini that he got phrase was sixteen part they're sending a rise out of entitlement so. The thing it is not the money not not having the money to afford the glass and this is more of can I do it to panic I want to do it exactly that's all it is and it's it's made it to shows aired it if heeded as this is complete arrogance between him and an attitude players from UCLA. So that's that's it comes down to is complete arrogance and jazzed. Not realizing. That the gravity of the situation that you're an international country you're in China you're and it plays that. We don't that don't follow the same lines and it stories the stories of people getting in trouble in different countries big and getting stuck in jail in another country for a long. Time came and longer I would actually convicted. Potentially you could spend thirty days in jail once arrested for a crime in China without any sort of representation or any information jets until they figure out how to proceed with the case. Thirty days at these boys are very lucky that they were let out on bail even another on quote unquote hotel rest. Luxury hotel arrest. You know it's that I think says because wonder American. Donald Trump our president is actually in China right now it on a diplomatic is there anything about strategy trying who knows the renowned I don't know I don't know I would not put mine. Face. If it was a different president maybe you you might have a chance but I don't know I. Donna Simpson was and we wanted to go on the road but. The near post is false reporting that their punishment could be twenty days. Arrest in this hotel that that may be that the raptor and nobody that's not speaking out if that's the case to so lucky but here's Arizona your question. Do then just UCLA cut the do they get to continue to play basketball for you silly obviously they're not played Friday in their season opener now I that is aggression I would say. If if you really want biggest immediate cut out three of them. I agree you have to I think it's sad because they are young you know. You make its mistakes when you're yeah on but at the same time you have the girls adults. Over eighteen you have to be held accountable for your actions. I think this is a very big. Deal you know there's one thing you know what hanging out your buddies. Too late one night before practice the next day and wake lately been here there's what there's things like that that are okay act you'd you know stop a terrorist pay attention be more responsible. But when your potentially accused of shoplifting very spent a sunglasses in a Communist foreign country. It I think becomes also down to the coach and also talking to these gentlemen Steve Alfred. And not talking to them and saying look here in a different country you have to respect the laws what did they not do we know that conversation never happened if he had I hope they did. I think there was I'm sure UCLA has. People and PR people that sit down with these athletes and say hey this is you're representing you're basically and master it well you know here represented the United States representing a great university. You're representing you know a lot of kids and so for so why not show up and be. On your best behavior for a week it's not it's not hard to do. So anyway hope. I hope it turns out okay you know I wanted I day at. The worst they could eat these kids being in jail in China for the next three to ten years would be horrible Albania if sweetness to hopefully they've learned their lessons at punish them. To a degree but let's not get crazy we do have Lavar boss saying it's not a big deal. He did say that he had though you know some big deal to make a big deal about it. And what and get it just saying and that night he may yet he's probably pass it I personally would be you know. I don't know if I would say it's not a big deal but it pirate the father was say you know we're dealing with the situation public works out. Will achieve exactly. Right so it was very cool that worked out the honest to to come about I don't nanny and the decorum that's from the audience Yani Yani I'm not Greek apparently you get a job. It's very weird UKG eats his last name is a lot harder to save people have worked to say is that I it's so much higher at any unease. But no one is now panel Yani east Yani to to to Colombo I practice it often. I should know because the current ancestry dean as we discussed the idea that some Greek and out to a lot of transitioning to a degree but it's a very Yani UB admitting yup that's the Greek name is Alec east Yani Tseng Yani Yani just vanished in the yen you know to commute hours and yeah yeah well apparently. He got a very very very warm welcome by a group of people creek people base needed him in Cleveland so heart. I think they'll let you guys you'll all agree. Now. No. And okay. You oh. I'm. Not all that is the Greek National Anthem. Singing and he is very very proud when it comes to green and kicking and now this that you personally sent this video last night it was being fades in thank him. I ousted Venus in the. Idiot somebody came up to limit Aston to sign the Greek flag. He will not sign the Greek flag because it's disrespectful to the country descend the flat at the it's allowed people asking to send the fund as a noun an out of respect against and the flat. That's the proper thing did you sign a flag in industries and tells. Him that but showed up an inkling I do a lot of Greek family Cleveland Atlanta does that mean that in the first place and I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever and that's just in Greece as you know few months ago and every time eyes and yes it did that work in Sports Radio call out an accurate the I didn't I. He's and it really cared about and the NB AM and I met a few people who love the MBA but for the most part I'll annually on its knees and also I read an article about him that he looked revered is like a guy. He's angry god and it's so cool because he's family his parents are from Nigeria. And days. Relocated to Greece hands and raised called him and his siblings in Greece and unease has taken on Greek culture he. I can't abide is. Which is it's so cool to me and I guess battles that we as another brother yes eight years. Oh the list on Nigeria yet and husband and Nazis playing yet he's he's in the Jeep yes but he has another brother that's in Nigeria that he'd never met. They talk almost every day that's cool having had an article in that you didn't explain. It are edgy airlines I think. He added but it's so funny when your Greek we have such a pride about being Greek unit like when you hear somebody's name that's greet you get all excited like any kind of watch a movie. It's like we always scope somebody who's Greek Democrats they could be like. You know just. A lighting assistant. Came in there right there too excited when it's like a second supported systems to help support each other when your when your Greek. That was really not on its of the fringes snowing Humana and it as a very family oriented environment and I've ever going to your house for yours and dean's birthday. And I seriously felt like that while I am one of upbeat and so it isn't so lovely and just you know this group of people are probably so proud of yeah unease that. You see it's the Greek Greek and he. It is better month it was not GNX ray and yet and it is his name I was just things that could send an outright whenever I see it come up on Twitter has some untreated. It's getting it's it's spelled very similar to Gionta mine is the aid. My town. And they end you know they lost the cats that ain't so it was a win for Cleveland by it was a win for him and his Greek. She's here it is it was very cool last year went to the wards in and played that was an important emperor Apple's Burton has an expert in one to go because unease is going to be there. And right in front of us Alvis and we hear these two guys talking. Everything you can actually came from Milwaukee made in you know following him route plan that they love. Watching him play and they met up with some other Greeks here in the area. That's cool they are and that is very cool. Are you thought it shows that maybe you followed jeopardy it's been on for it's scary long time host Alex trip back. Shady at the giants to send. As somebody of some famous us. Athlete. I guess there was a lot of support from the Internet offer fur on me and today between particular and one of the most Hunter Pence so World Series champion. For the giant yes yeah okay but not this year. Shot if he's got to be done yeah. Did I mean works and probably lives in Los Angeles as are jeopardy is filmed but he was talking to one of the contestants at a very cool heartwarming story about our theory on Hunter Pence. Mary to a Greek dancer a Lexus. Cozumel police. Presently these Inky. Aren't Alexa and Lockhart and Annika. I didn't really that hard we Titanic Colorado Rockies. Alex your back on now really eats aren't you see that and I know he's always had a little bit of action but. Lately it's it's an old. Grumpy MobileMe green. National television. And I blame gotcha that's I have to meet with. How because it tanyon she'd be funny. That's right doctor and then try to answer any rivalries that's a tactic that unless the EU towards like Kansas City Chiefs fan. That's right let's put into perspective the Dodgers. Did not in the World Series Alex for back the Astros did sell. How about this further strengthening it in perspective you hold the answers. About an hour to Alex. Clicking. I you have to have a bar any. And ice pop with the giants recently won three series with in the scope of five years. I did. I really energy anyway. Via an array born and raised by the campaign. Live with the giants Fannie bigots and on the planet has been. Anyway I think that's gonna crazy Alex or he's just. Felt funny guy is sweet and nice like how about ten. Not that I ever did that you're done. I don't know about show spicy and where there is line meek or go round right guys yet he can Mika is so terrible. This is part of tweets of the week ultimately takes on every basically she had to meanest and a recent podcast. It was hot has it was on a radio show in New York breakfast club The Breakfast Club but her information came from a caller. Into her podcast. About how their readers apparently are. The offense the offensive line is not protecting your car and it's happening on which was a rumor app with when he got hurt yes it was a rumor but also started by T read you hosts no one really took it seriously who actually knows anything about the raiders players. She presented as she's source scene yeah I've got a source I've got to tee I've got the information. Did you know. I'm if this is not a source aids and literally called into her podcast or may be text or centric message that said hey the raiders are purposely. The whole line is purposely not protecting dare. Article regular clothes and some but even that whole theory is old is not real and it's all old news that's a thing that I don't get that she's claiming it like it's her. Inch loose. Cannon through she fires things off on Twitter all the time just to get trending. She kind of she's the shooter call for person says she's. That the public eye and I have with it really too is that she specifically pointing out that you know the raiders offensive line has the pot is the only all. African American offensive line is raise it she's in recent eighty I think. Now they're treating issues that don't even exist or are fabricated and if something did happen it's obvious there. It was a turning point for the readers that redskin games there was something happened within there. Maybe with in the locker room maybe there was some sort of an argument but once that once those players on the field and again this is all based on the national and then who's gonna sit his gonna stand. Support their team to support the cause excess track. Once you get on the field as players are playing for money their claim for their game checks are plain for their future of the plane for the future of the team an eyebrow and I think exactly. You know it's like they want to win regardless of what the season is panning out to be so you also see what happened last year when their car battery you really think. They're gonna let their quarterback get hurt again. If they need him to be healthy because that is their franchise QB therefore your future. So if fewer and if you're protecting their car you want to be there fully 100% and not purposely let him get enter. What I understand is why we're treating. Her as a source for her we're not in us and now that we are not it's free it's distort we've been talking about it for days and she's the players why. Reggie Bush is not a reporter she's not is there anything and for apply she's a player's wife of a player who is across the country rant. Not even here not even disseminated to retaliate with meg game exactly not because that's the thing that's crazy she did tweet out. Afterwards saying good morning. It's Thursdays so heroic. Bike one time today oh and at raider nation as well hash IDC it well yeah I'm sure she's getting a lot of hate for raider nation right after her comments irresponsible what she did it's totally irresponsible she wants to be. Taken seriously as a radio talk show host or as a journalist or some with how sports takes. And you have to bees offers some. Hot sport takes that makes sense where there is some sort of an agility to back yeah pressure putt raider nation respond specifically actually the raiders respond. Well first of one of the big things that came out there was. It's a car basically came out and he was you know he tweets out about different Bible verses and its people were saying that he actually treated. On purpose. About a certain Bible by Rupert that he brought out a certain Bible verse in response Demeco. And adverse was those who control their town will have a long life opening your mouth can ruin everything. This specific verse on Wednesday cars they had nothing to do with the rumors he said I don't give false claims any deal he said postal out of scriptures and literally can ask anybody who has do you version Bible Ab. That was description of the day and I just posted it and everyone starts are saying oh it's shade this and that. And bigger than that you know I don't pay any mind to any of that kind of stuff because it deters making false claims about somebody before you know them and about a group of guys that has no business in our world if we're trying to promote peace and love I don't think that has a place. So he's saying he didn't. Specifically tweet it treated because of that. He said he just happened to be that person a day was maybe it was one of those things if you are somebody whose religious. It's kind of a nice. The way to say hey you know maybe was meant for you to read that and that's pilot that's a pursing a pops in my head economic well clearly Unita to have this scripture presented to you today as a man of you know with a lot of faith. Man fate so I I totally that's exactly how I interpreted that Donald Penn also came massing its crazy how people make up lies tells stories so false and untrue. To get them some attention I hope it was worth all the lies. Which I think is perfectly said and I think that's what it comes down Tuesday issues is trying to get attention. And that's tissue and so we offered her. To come on the show she was yes we are offered up her to be guests on our show on for Franken kegs a while back and we turned it down again. Specifically because I personally felt that if we were in a conversation. And if any seeing it started going in the direction that she wasn't comfortable with. She was going to tee outlandish with it or you're gonna get the same story yet you know dated you're totally yeah I just. Think you know beep Bigby colorful try to make it I understand everyone's trying to make it ever in China paid the bills. If that's the kind of like Q1 lead I have I'm not judging you whatsoever but just don't get people don't involve people in York. Mission your purpose. That could potentially cause bigger problems coming causing huge proms within a team. Causing huge problems with in a hole in hold business when he got but the raiders as a whole that is it there's so many people whose lives are. Are are tied to the raiders and how they're doing on the field. And sending like this to come out with some things outlandish and to come out with something just said it would tear apart team is just wrong to me. And it's irresponsible it's very irresponsible and also outside I wasn't a fan of the fact that she was using religion. As a way to putting him down ranked as it was is kind of like it's just same day he comes out there and tells him tonight. Bible something called them a Bible thumper saying that he uses religion in. Against cents a and not a and it that is while an index very religious but as far as I've seen and I've heard right that he. Doesn't push that on the team and its team respects him for what he believes that he doesn't uniting that other people wanna play with him he allowed that these. I just heard only good things about his relationship with the players. So don't tennis to in the pot meek. You need to do I really is Mika to actions poke hunt. So well I don't water and that she is back on us and it's you who and telling me it's. You want Iraqis to me. Online ordering an eye kind of on Iraq and I don't want to be vicious I know very QBD clock Emerson case to make sure we get a good line of there's star in it oh my god they're so you know Q my son it was a was rock Iraq to and from guardians of the galaxy for Halloween so cute. It was the. I'm sorry rockets a little you know edgy and crazy on guard as the galaxy but he still is like visibly really key yeah. Would he just has a gun in the as a pop out but he's such cute character I work at the racquet you know really wanna I wanna fed ex Sox. A cynic but I think it's calisthenics fox it's a tiny little foxy can actually be domesticated. It has The Beatles ears compared to its head it's like it's like that done all of Fox's. You have to look it up it's the cuteness and being on the planet. If you want a life. You might have this mine mine hoping that I won it I was on a warm weather and all that's experience Alan page. It. Now Clooney. At 889 diamond. Can't have one but maybe in the future of it as an agency is pockets and a it creepy at. Issue is being Elena. Is it the ears are as big as his. It is adorable and so partly at the same they get to eight inches tall and green half pounds. During this is T. So. Each and when he does that mean yeah decline is really means view but I'm just ain't anyway there's a pet and expect it here with a look at. It. That's terrible that's terrible late podcasting right here. I hurt you know send it to be looking at home as we talk yes look at that Google panic at the NN EC at CN NEC phonetic fox and lettuce which he can domestic cater back into the pack because it would like pumpkin the American audience Graham I dissented she guys that don't look at it now because things just pack yes but we finished well would you have gone on and on that given meeting coming up on sports. You. Why yes I do so. I'm actually airing this week my full interview with ice Curry's that is sure to log on a sports station and check it out and I actually spent the week. At a couple of different events. The it is tips for troops week. And in the NBA so the hours doing a lot for veterans this week there honoring them to gains throughout the week leading up to veterans day on Saturday. And you can actually bring scenes to the game for care packages that theory the assembled to send troops. So actually chat with care Burke earlier this week. And net at one of their events for their assembling these care packages and sending over 502 trips overseas. And they're sending a thousand care packages to veterans that were affected by the buyers in the north bay so we'll have that up also on at. A 957 game dot com so going on a really fun we. I have a lot of stuff planned effort so we had this week indeed nature boy. Document from thirty factory that was aired this week at their home review about that about Rick flare very interesting how is it. I won't spill too many details they do have it in my blog. But one of the things that's interesting he was asked how many women DC he slept at Augusta and his answer those products and thousand. In this the man that also said that he would drink and ten Beers a day and by mixed drinks a day every day. Where Indian tired and he's been wrestling. And it it's sad time. And meet ANC he was in a coma for a two weeks. But it just a whole price that he actually paid. Four. For this character to be this person in actually Ric Flair is one of those few that he actually. What's his character when you look at wrestler like I was into wrestling can I used to love Hulk Hogan is my hero. I love told Hogan he was my feet I cried when he lost the undertaker. And so Ric Flair of Ric Flair was more from the NWA if you're not familiar with that that was kind of indeed these smaller while divvied the F was more of the the bigger league that was more geared towards families and and Diddy Kurds for men and for older people but. He is part of that and he was actually that character that was him and he was married four times. And his kids actually talked about. How they'd never had a dad going happened he would actually give his daughter's. Come home and give his daughter like twenty different out of practice just kind of feeling I am not air. We miss all her gains and everything and he would buy her stuff just basically buying her a lot of you regretful about the yeah and an interview with him I think it's on sports center and they were he was talking hockey. Definitely regret the time to piece didn't spent with the Sammy special holidays keep prioritized. Ric Flair that person on it over his children on Christmas but he but if you look at some of these characters and wrestling. They were more characters they were really they word Jake the snake was not really that that was assessed the snakes. I but a brick or was his character he actually lived that life. So it was really interesting to see that I really recommend watching that also this weekend is the Napa film festival and I am going out to watch I Tonya. That movie is all about Tonya Harding and what happened wit her and care again. And also basically leading up to. Who she was it's rates great cast in this movie Allison Janney plays her mother and it sees it if you watch mom she nasty sarcastic phenomenal and this movie is already getting some Oscar. Margaret Robbie played Tonya Harding. And CE it's kind of a dark horse actually right now for the Oscars now really ask for this character for Carnahan RD avenue it looks like such an amazing movie has seen the trailers a few times and it looks great. Nice and dark comedies so I'm excited to watch this on its gonna be released in new York and LA on December 8. And then they'll be rolling out nationwide in January believe so I get to go check out this Friday and very excited alleging. They can find the sources and the film but those are blogs on any facet of the game dot com and if you didn't notice Alina is all over what's happening with raider nation and other out of my Annie in bed by eight so next week when they're in Mexico City are you going to be out of blue 42 you definitely and it blew 42 and trying to think there's something fun. Angle for the patriots games if you wanna come out he can be part of our video. And it'll be really fun eighties about Mexican city yeah and you should do this week he is something find out what are raider fans doing. On about. Yes actually it is that's on the nose Charlie boots are friends from the yeah nation the great nation podcasts and he has. Podcasts is nationwide and you know all the raider fans across the world. He can iron trying to do videos and this week and opt for the bye week perpetrators of these towns grand idea that he's got a big following these funny when he kicked. Very Fannie geared to attributes I'll add that when I'm out there so. That should be fun so look for that you can find it all on her face a page Twitter. ID 57 the game and our own personal. Handles image Gionta underscore Franco Nanette and a cut that I keep an eye and they are losing sorry no bribes it again. And can guarantees to age eight are aching and I am at oak lane LEK Kelly and it's perfect yet. He yeah. I. Podcast this is frank with Lina and gasoline. No actually an Africa and I think one in light is distracted he turned twenty. Does it. Can clear up after I've been I felt you know. Birthday. I want integrity not to be on meaningless and Donald systemic act. Here tickets it's like your birth any day falls earlier in the month because you're in months on the poster and it was on Tuesday and so I want. I've and I worked on Tuesday that wanted to do something today today over the weekend and so excited celebrity of the week at that time actually Tuesday night catching up on. Our attic and if you add up very saying. Odds aren't up this year China and really illnesses like. My year and this. Is your persevered and I think this guy he'll. Ready 8800. Meter rocket look at that that's the best and you know it after. Even if it is the last years of your thirties as Anna said it's good for me I mean I'm sorry I. And a home run to. Then as Anna says it's going to be your first one amber after I had anniversary. Pretty that's like this. Is like that year. Actually. Thirty. I'm excited and let's do before you studio. Are right out we got to do we gotta get prepped for our actual shows we do on that five points yeah I. Did I write posting if you're going to do if you're in his podcast and it's the weekend and I hop on the website and listen it's that we I'm anxious to chat with Jimmie taken out. Best.