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Friday, April 28th

We talk Jim Harbaugh, Steph Curry, Marshawn Lynch and more on the latest episode of Franco and Kags with Gianna and Anna!


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Break tags that 957. Game a lot tip shell our podcast weekly here on any type of game dot com IG on a frank and manic again we are so glad he stopped abided aches and a lot of sunset to talk about little pop fly in tweets of the week of course. In case you missed it the biggest story in the bay area of marsh and it's a done deal he is headed to the readers the silver and black come home. Well marched on com home welcome back and beast mode is here you know baptists do it you have so many disgruntled. Raider fans and their people that I opted out. I'm still upset with the raiders' decision to leave Las Vegas. But this helps. Us wondered actually posted a video on FaceBook asked that exact question I was speaking cases more palatable. A little bit of an easier pill to swallow when it comes to being a raider fan knowing that you'll have marsh on for at least the next couple years while the readers are still you can still enjoy the time here that's that they enjoyed this time. Follow this team they're great players on the scene that the scene and you dare cart Khalil Matt how well those guys Marc Cooper and now you have. Marshawn Lynch one of the most notable. Players in the Lee who's just comity. And he is so creative so funny. And it it's gonna be a really good mix here I think it's. I thinks it's I'm really excited as well and I think raider fan to be excited I think the thought of AC doubled just got a little bit better. Got a little bit closer and I got marsh on on board so. You know the draft just happen mean of course that's as we tape this podcasts and we'll see that the readers do you defense seems to be something they wanna focus on. And that I got you know we've got a pretty good there so you bet I would still made you look later on in the draft to two people who get at to pick a running back. Maybe in the later rounds somebody to share as he still needed for for the future -- honest deal you know he's older he is what is 3132 years old. See dean meet somebody for the future but to follow. In the footsteps of Marshawn Lynch would be great that he's somebody that you apps that aren't from. I'll only help whoever comes as that would be very vehicles so marsh on of course. I is common is it with a Big Bang he's going full piece noted his return to the bay treaty of theory big huge block party. It locally in tip day. Thursday with Pixar is his 188 and thousands of re the excited fans apparently the guest list include Michael B Jordan. Of course deer car esprit and guess it's desolate there some lawyers are going to be. Expect join in on the fun as well how fine I drink mongering I would absolutely drama which for an Arab buddies did not mean where's accounted. I don't say they're not busy bet they're not that easy right after a couple days off right at about I think actually have a day up to date date you practice tomorrow on Friday. It's been nice watching them at Sierra nice little sweep of Portland. With out you know Kevin Durant and a keen on the last game. Really sad that he hear about secret what he's going to health wise on port sort of error I mean you just when he. EO Steve heard does a weekly interview with Damon Bruce and it's always must listen radio because he's such a good eye and it doesn't matter if you're the radio in your view if your coaching team if fewer. It just would ever fat. Of his life he puts 100% effort in to that and I really appreciate that about Steve Kirk and you feel that he won nothing but the best for him. And you know it really kills and to not be there with his team many centuries part of the process still. But he's isn't I mean it's not feel well enough. To beat their coaching his team in the playoffs that's that's tough it's heart from in the fact that he's so young he's 51 years old he's going through. And it's something to completely horrific that winter is back from two back surgeries. Alec the spinal leak in the having headaches and the pain it's it's it's sad to see him go through this and I know warrior fans as a hold he had eaten their sad to not have them on the bench with the team but they're more sad about the human being about he would become absolutely a good. Person the good news though. You have the GM Bob Meyers who also said yesterday that he doesn't expect him to retire that's some of the speculation will this actually. Force him to retire from coaching now. But he's I don't expect that happen where to support him whatever he decides to do but. I don't expect this to you and his career he's actually in Stanford now. Getting tests and everything down so hopefully they can figure this out find it out so that we can be comfortable. And just live a comfortable life and not have to at this point no wish nothing but the best Steve Kirk. Speaking of head coaches the spurs also knee deep in the playoffs right now at their head coach Gregg Popovich very generous in fact. He left a 5000 dollar tip at a Memphis wine bar at the big by the way was only 815. Dollars and 73 cents a dynamic queue winds. It's a restaurant. I guess as the date for the team lost the grizzlies in game four. Of their first round series now the restaurant owner would not say whether Popovich had dined there recently but. Obviously there is proof August 21 2017. That it happened and yet you know it's a very wealthy and less than one heck of a pale in one heck of service one heck of a waiter at a really. Had a great service there obviously it's a must be very happy that and a little bit align obviously that ninety little wine bar. Us. Those stories and you just thinking you know here's Greg pop that somebody who's you know more reserved but incredibly. It credible coach. And have him decently. Now beyond a city completely did not expect that from him just when you see like his post game interview you and how much he doesn't wanna talk the media and he just gets like he's one word answers. It's really cool to see that there is heart. Yes industry as a straight shooter days of that yet but he definitely cares and you know he I was seeking some others to you and that's really cool I mean the game zones that adds report but yep easy with Kevin Durant I did that is the placing haven't checked it out you've got it which reports that one game of the team of zone it's really cool and it's that some Europe Kevin Durant when he was going up before he joined the warriors and my favorite I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen at my when my spare parts to the Santa expert yeah. It's okay it's definitely worth watching for sure let me speak black sheet I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park I've seen every single one there's people on board. Perjury ass Jurassic world and guess what shift. It logical to me he's gonna be a part of the new Jurassic now yeah I got to speak to you Jeff problem I did well last year that was so much and I was expecting a scam and I think he did say it's a possibility amount of finance an eight to call I actually forgot about the gas meant a trying to take that he did say I did not see it or do drastic world we gonna see address apart I think he said yes it's a possibility of the first that was drastic. World one that was with Chris Pratt I saw that yes I mom I have to love and of the Jurassic Park movies too well my son is it says dinosaurs and so and it's as he watched. He's not why he's bits and pieces of the first one OK Patrick. He does it's cute he did he complete looks like their toys. Which surprised me too because I come home when he's watching with my has been a night. This three year old friendly there's crazy big dinosaurs killing PDF colonies like honey disliked much. He's. A pits while he's totally I have a toy eighteen LaMont. Can write an. Like the one that took place in San Diego to. Remember correctly. That one after watching that I having an nightmare really I kept being there at the parents or is racks in my backyard and it opened up my house an. Attack that's writer and yet that's. The end the team X ample gas and water and that's the chip Alderman and if I think he like as his daughter it is he's with. It's daughter says something and it's so ahead of us what is also so David Jim Harbaugh he always makes. He was in Italy with his team. Because you know they are this whole thing that you can't. Take your TV go practice and other states like he tried to last artisan you know how but in another country so he takes a whole team on this trip to Italy decent practice CDs work. To learn about you know history culture and in the meantime he got to meet the Polk. And with that ST tweets of the week and it has he is headline. Pirates at today's tweets of the week from coach on himself there is no way to describe the beauty shines the eyes of our holy father and his words pre. Army. And Jim are actually gave the Pope. Them Michigan jordans yes and and and help and just imagine the Pope walking around like with wearing jordans and he this broke early in doing that for anything. He liked it. I and I I'm Greek court products that we XPH but we have respect for the Pope as well. I muse like this guy's just side he just seems like an expert at. Jim Harbaugh. The Pope and image here it's just the coolest it's phenomenal and I mean that this is great. He is he is big he is really concerned about uniting people regardless of their views and opinions he's also concerned about every Catholic religion. In two you know the future into this institute that now. It's the 21 century by a potentially it's possible that women and Mary and I'll be a 100% sure this is in discussions that. OB EL could be part of the Catholic Church as priests and things like that so these yet he's been a wonderful wonderful open you know for Jim Harbaugh there's three things. Faith family football. Mind percent to this on his wife was there with him. He had the Pope and his football team. Those circles in my arm off you have very cool nicely to our I'd still love that 8:18 am happy Shanahan is now the coach and that does good things in its and it still is woman's. Meet you just. You pick it up piling up on more tweets of the week JaVale McGee. Little something from him at the warriors they swept Portland so keep it up twelve Mara with the trophy. See who goes on next it I've taken the clippers at that rank that right now as reports podcasts. So I think it adds. It's looking like it jazz are now three it's you know if an out happenings her right. That's the tougher for the clippers. Mostly it is easier road in all honesty it. What is I don't have a problem with this next round will be ready because it its own assessment. Team. The jazz will be more of a challenge of course but. Yes I am OK with making means more interest steam and I think they need to activity keep them on. You can't complete just lay out every eat everything at their feet advocates beat this team it's the next round it would be awesome. By eight when it up and down and he'd need to make sure that there on the game Tina they're challenged. To keep progressing keep fighting for the championship and the work to not writing for the health of these players and coaches come back as well so hopefully. To needy greedy. Couple. It's so funny think how long we had its. Shipments. Made Jeanne. That's crazy. Higher rates of couple last things warrior mom obviously dream on green near batters greens and Jamont. Your money as a raider money links now we'd go to the game well. And remember he had the whole thing about that editors there leading I would go to the game. He actually out at his buddies there now support his friend exactly. The last thing this week the giants product. Their prospect Christian right I saw him in singling when he was with. The San Jose giants absolutely great to watch him and he was very successful AAA. And he had an interesting times you with giant to get his first Major League hit opt Clayton Kershaw age hit his first home run and at. Some aggregate time not only thing is though when he first was brought up. And he. Was so excited from but his own mother was skeptical. About the music are you joking Ares sure this is real. Alex tablet scenes at a for the saint at the giant said that. A rail on getting called up he cried a little bit that Colin mom and she can't believe me she can't saying your lying. Well we have her tweet from act humor is 69 I believe it now of course how can you guys believe it mama your son is eight Major League Baseball player and and Christian Arroyo said what an unforgettable day thinking to my family friends and the S and giants fans support eight. Yeah. 21 years old. And he just seems that this baby face reminds me of like the young Buster Posey you know and Amy to sell just so young and excited and what cracks me up is has put his his post game interview. His first in his first at bat is for scheme was at two companies anyway. Against the Dodgers and laugh. His it went on for like a minute and a half. If she asked MIK so let's talk about what your thoughts Irwin eat at when he found out your getting called up. And he's like well I look at more mean. And it was kind of tired but I didn't hit snooze I got out of bed and I made the fact that the phone call me he let there are a whole day. And like a minute and a half later it's the whole story it's as. Absolutely. Adorable and how to be great for Amy just can't sit there just enjoy that moment with his it was so. Genuine and so Aniston price Essen and here you. In the majors. Get him off the anchor shop pretty impressive -- very impressed that's that's a nice person right there a great play at third which I have a Ian gave the go ahead to make it you know when the game and everything that is where it happens over the giants they packed some rocky a rocky week that it's not only bright spot this was different because you had at Brandon Crawford who had a grandstand we don't know. That extent of that yet he's also on bereavement leave bird. Assistant Diana. But also the big news Madison Bom Gartner getting in the dirt bike accident what's up with that man. That was just complete stupidity in all honesty. Chris you are in the middle of the season just started you were the ace for these San Francisco Giants he did not write dirt bikes between the months of April. In October. Period 100% with you know. When Barry Zito is apparently had a clause. In his contract about surfing. It it wasn't he couldn't serve but it he had gotten hurt surfing I was apportion money that that that giant would I vote yeah. Because of panic as Marcus area electing caddies ice or clauses well with Tennessee Titans. Because they don't want him to serve that all this is like that helps mean mental wreck and I understand that from Hawaii right. So that's something like this you know that's got to be really cautious of as a baseball players. Don't activist during the season to me it's it shows that he thought he was invincible varieties not. But they editing out and against the at least in the Ford 150 at the Agassi at the ask. At what message does on his Dana is anyone's guess that's what they say and enforcing now we know. And it didn't look at it did not go off for him I have to see him back sooner than later you hope that with pitchers he never know how to heal their shoulder to shoulders under that everything does ago. Has planned so fingers crossed on that one. I think street join this time Franken tags you can find out this at any type seven game dot com on the pod senator. And on the app and of course it Gianna underscore Franco on Twitter and Jana frequent social media and for I act panic at Yankee KAGRAKES. And then on an act and it SK AG. Larry it is we talked TC and have a great day.