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Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, May 5th
Gianna and Anna bring you this week's episode of Franco & Kags! They disucss Warriors playoff basketball, 49ers draft, and "in case you missed it"& "tweets of the week".

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Welcome to Franco tags and 957. Game I'm Jian a frank out and manic and Hideki thank you so much for joining us we have lots to get too of course one of the biggest things on our mind is the warriors playoff run so far so good. Sleeping Portland and for now we are in the thick of it with the Utah Janzen. Looks like he's went pretty well now they are to an up on the jazz in the series of course it had a few scares here and there are no Steve Kerr. Ernie NC. All of that right now it looks like the layers are just dominating the almost look like they're kind of bored. In a way where there almost too comfortable in games they give up leads like we had seventeen turnovers gained two. And that was the only issue where the game became a closer then why they still held a lead throughout the entire game. But the fact that the return over like at a fixed it almost just almost too comfortable. On a welcome place. A little bit last night just so hard that we you. Art when you're the warriors because I think about it every team is coming in and you are the ones to be done you were the ones that everyone is looking for I know the caps is well but when you think about it. When it's also an and it's really the wars that every country. So I think it's very hard to come into a game like that knowing you're back confident. You're at home here at Burkle the fans are excited it's in the middle of the playoffs and I can see they would probably get a little bit comfortable. With the whole process because it's kind of like okay we just went through this. With Portland. And it feels just as easy with the Jack ass was completely just as easy now the question is after this season is done DEC more players than me. Go to the east now like when it comes to free agency because they don't want to have to face the wars that it's. Even think about it I eat. Think about right now it's in the cookie it's the east is just in LeBron right you're facing LeBron. The west has been the better. Better conference. I'd have and they you're gonna see more and more players they're sitting there saying. I really wanna face the warriors and around one around to not really. The warriors. Right now our plan at a different level man you know I'll watch him and I are I think desirable watch him Basilan and never seen it a team. Played this efficient offensively. But the NB juggernaut it's on defense that's why teams are scared. You talk kit even facilitate their offense Gordon Hayward who is an all star who's increased his level of play to a different level definitely. He can anything get off the look she once he comes off he looks hesitate. These guys aren't hesitate. It's so warriors defense that are in their heads and I don't see you target the game. Well it's funny or an is that. The fact did you bring it defense is intercede because everybody just talks about their offense it right I mean that's kind of the 90% of the conversation is the lawyers offense but it really truly is Enid dare I mean the injury on last night. Is it different bird on he yeah is he did I I feel like he's a different player that'll say that's on the quarry he becomes the developers. It's true yeah. 100% with them even Quin Snyder the coach for the jazz was saying house cerebral Christine. Saying how great this team is how good they are and just at a hole it from just the fact that. Eight did just even just things as simple as like the switch is just in port their sold Lou there. They're so good at it and it's just above everybody else element such a huge. At a point becomes mental warfare I mean dream on is literally out there's scream animal marquis in the last series I'm gonna take your heart now. He's screaming that on the court that's of course that's a quote market stops it so he scream that on the court. At a certain point it's like man might in my good enough to be on the square with these guys once you're doubting yourself. Over. Of course you have to have that confidence 100%. The thing is is now that the series is sixteen tee Utah. It is a lake city. There's kind of the joke that the words like god it's not going to be in LA there's nothing to do and sell exe what we can focus on what's happening on the court. And maybe even with a little bit of that attitude and a little bit of the I'm a little too comfortable. Who knows what the outcome will be in games three and four. It seems lake. And a high you know that the consensus seems to think the lawyers and statement fortress like it apart and it's at that level. And one of the questions we posed earlier this week on the morning show us who's gonna have it. In it both teams advance of the wars in cavaliers who have had more losses. Think about efforts. Both teams perfect in the policies right now hasn't as of Friday. Had a two point one both. 14 matches has been so disappointing Toronto's been really disappointing you know I'm very just went about it I expect it's so much more from the raptors with Cleveland gas so that I mean they they went out to get the pieces so they can be in position to play defense against LeBron. And it's almost the same story of the year you know. The bronze going right past you forward a tomahawk finish definitely. It's true now there's another team did it SO hours and they're doing at all. Without head coach Steve Kerr yeah which is incredibly sad because I'm she. Referred. To occurred. Not to be with this team during the playoff run is very difficult odds he's going to a very difficult time physically. Medically it really puts things in perspective. He's actually in the East Coast reportedly. I've seen a specialist at duke medical center. This according to her mourners Ramona shell born from ESPN. He is screams at three in for the worst first answers against Portland he did not coaching games one or two against Utah. He's out indefinitely he's not traveling with the team to Utah there's lingering symptoms. With the surgery had back in 2015 so he's been working to doctors at Stanford but. Now that he's been shipped completely back to the East Coast and look at with more special as it seems to. It just makes he think that things are a lot mark stream then what were hoping for and I know that. You have all the attic think it was Bob Meyers who came on the seat and say that's where Mike Brown's been so helpful coming in because of his experience because it is apt. Background and everything that he. He's good step in right now it's good insurance base with Steve her eyes feel so bad for speaker he's not to be looks like it happened in the teens in Utah. There was another article and the chronicle I was saying at the wars are still kind of optimistic that he might some return for the statement I really hope that happens. I hope that we get to see him hopefully by the Western Conference finals. I don't know at least by the files that he's there at these guys are fighting for Steve arts in summit. They buy our diesel by C Steve Carell the accident just bang the coliseum on the bench that's fine I'm pretty sure the wars are gonna be fine you know and Steve Kerr has as as he's put in his stamp on this team Lander percent seen it would Luke Walton Sunnis out before. You know sometimes a coach doesn't always have to be present to be president and I think Steve Kurd you know he's put that into the wars system. I would like to see what he's like in a hotel is our hotel in his home. Watching the games that you know he's watching on crazy. Is he breaking clippers in his own home events that have come on this Kurt Arnold. A couple of innings a lot of communication between him and Mike Brown I mean there's definitely at except Currie was sane that he's obviously got a month speed dial especially during the times so. I I mean I'm sure he still involves a degree but I think everyone understands that his health comes for now 1% so everybody does that appeal. Hi I can I mean that's to get to this point it's an after everything that happened last year. And it came to miss some games last you know last season because of these back issues in the surgery going I mean it's as. It is it's this it's kind of a sad story it really truly as he really want the best for steeper. Very sad I saw Bob Meyers and viewers he was. Using their tears in my opinion I mean in his big red eyes you know I mean I mean their relations it is real. It is it is. 100% and he's so good for the team and these guys love them but these guys they're there well oiled machine man they will get it and I themes either way because they're so. Good. There are so good it's it's not a good situation that's going on in Boston with some other. Places to. Drain on green actually got that up he was talking about Edward in regards would happen Adam Jones at Fenway Park that. He's a surprise fans are talking a lot of trash because he's had that same experience during an NBA games. He says it's a very emotional style of play but unfortunately he's been in the position where some disease the and boarded him. And so forth and we saw that happened recently with Adam Jones at Fenway Park where fans were. Just tossing out racial slurs left and right towards Adam Jones and I I don't ranking during peanuts I mean her and here's. You're I don't know enough about the background here I'll be honest. But. Just the same players they threw banana at at AT&T correct when they were here playing the giants. I do not know that for sure but that's really I think I I heard the story about an up it was out of jazz hardening of amateur picked Adam Jones or not but the fact that this is happening. At other stadiums and these type things I'm sorry we earn 20171. Of all whoever does that is completely. Disrespectful. Your momma did not raise you right now knotted on the should be kicked out of the ballpark stadium court wherever they are. This should be an acceptable and what's sad is you know reading this story also a dream on green and how keep forcing the and word to him how lucky and and players except Korea are trying to fight racism he even has the issues he wore a Martin Luther King. That same rise on its side and racism and its offer great organization called rise helped by racism. It's just the fact that this goals on right now is just mind boggling to me I know that we're in California and it's a little bit different. Maybe here because they feel like we're a little more open in certain areas of the country it isn't like Patrick Beverley was saying that when Wright is time that 25000 dollars for confronting the band but and actually ended up being. At thunder minority energy a scare Moochie heat cus the aft port at him cheese and sip Beverly went back to me confronted him that he got the fine. That you have emotion leading get anything. Cheek he wasn't even ejected. Nothing happened to him. And if and the players are the ones who. Who have to deal with the repercussions afterwards. You know it's funny so many people always like to highlight the fact it's a players league its players the it's not players you know the players play for the leak but I wanna go back to what she said Yana about you didn't have good parents. A lot over racism is inherited. Yeah I mean let me geese they find it somewhere they learned somehow that that hatred that you know I'm that hatred to throw peanuts call people slanderous things that have been. I. ER I mean so so when you have that much hate to try to put that out. An Arab at a game that you're at a game. Fans are passionate. I get that and but I mean but there's appoint redraw the line at like he relies what you're seen as a fan towards the sky and the field Hughes it's his job. I mean we don't shall be your job. But depositary Israel's own food do you realize what they're saying in their job behind me and there's people here that if I was sitting near that guy and I had my child with him I would got into an ammonia that was sent I want I want. I'm sure you know I you can't condemn everybody I'm sure there were people around there that were uncomfortable. That probably even says something themselves you know but it's just the fact that. You know I'll I don't I don't know when that's gonna change that aspect to ask where it. I also wonder sometimes fans almost don't realize at d.s are human beings they almost see them as that like. They have that fourth while almost up where you're just not seeing them as real people you're just seeing him as. The athlete on TV the right liberties seat almost don't think of them as every day people but. They're just like yes they just happen to be. In a very talented at what they do and making a lot of money for and there in the spotlight and just because someone's in the spotlight does not give you the right to say things like that to them. I mean regardless of your opinion things like session beset at all anybody yet in an environment around a ton of people and torts and I don't even. Going with what you said earlier G. Jamont green said this perfectly this is my job and I can't goody your job and say. Whatever I want to you if I went to someone else's job and that whatever I want to say I'd get arrested for harassment you it's so true that we experienced this. As X line I mean eight at the Tex sign we experienced it from FaceBook from Twitter. Not everyone's gonna love every person they hear on the radio or on miners' loved the video you do and the point is is that this is our job we're doing the best that we can and we enjoy and love what we deal. But I don't walk into your filled ain't it feature like a construction guy and sit there and you know say a million bad things Steve because I I don't think he built something perfectly yeah I mean it just doesn't happen like. It doesn't happen like that but. Sarah is not right but it does go against him on the little bit. It's a part of his job description is not part of his job if I get that out in the you know the hatred but this environment. And made that ushered. You can get your opinion right Albion insulting it is ultimately to eat it was kind of sub par. I think he can do better here's eat I mean you can you not ruin all that but at age eight and grades at the increased since that's the problem out 100% by the way it was a giants fan. That through a banana peel. Had Adam Jones that they require AT&T part it is the morning and joining Ernie is here in San Francisco. One of you would think is landing areas that's the most welcoming and most. Open minded cities out there right that's right here and now the MLB has apologized and I think there was a fan. That was removed from Fenway Park add another name recently because of racial slurs and what he was sane and Curt Schilling is now current chilly apparently things in jones' line. I think I think I mean it's carts if there isn't like I can IQ legged like to appease you know I don't boss just. I mean sometimes stay out of it and I yours deal. He is like absorb both you are known issue animals come. It says that I know it's Abbas in item in the former Boston Red Sox pitcher that he is. Now right. Yeah I'm pretty they let him they let him go at me now yes mix he armor he has you know has paid out at sea but it will say though I will get it to some Mossad and they did give. Adam Jones standing ovation I'll read it that get I mean the majority of them are better at you know one bad apple we're in the bunch. Set weren't 2017. So the majority is is where they need to be but you know. That minority is still very powerful and honestly it's still the most powerful. It's well it day. It's very powerful because also I think a lot of people are almost taken back because that's of people thinks like. How is that possible and then so it's a lot of steam because were so shocked by Brian. If you put your name to it. Would you say like if somebody if you artists I believe it was something totally irrational if you were the ones on the one through. You know the peanuts and I'm the one. Said this. Would you still say it. I doubt it's now on a respect level I've always had more respect for people who would out were out front with their racism. If you're going to be you're gonna be racism as a different about it please let me know so I noticed the away from. That's my paparazzi. I. Adam early Saturday night our name. Don't say behind people's back basically cry. There's really cool add the kind of just side comment here's I can put an industry. Each week you did he says that the about it and it was really powerful basically long story short it's they bring in different. Groups in you have to people who are totally opposite. In beliefs whether somebody's feminist in the other person was saying you know women or men haters out there. And they brought in to get and not knowing anything about each other how to do these challenges get to know each other. And at the end they showed videos of their beliefs. And and can put out two bottles of beer. And they said now you can either sit here and have beer and discussed story. Can only. Interest and they all stay that's very it was I ankles it's a really cool video I played. I just think it's a good way to think we can't have our differences that we should be able to be open topped one has agreed to disagree the shows like that. Is the most of the assistant when. I don't where I don't have we bill that is a very good point as a very good plane went back highlight your right 100%. Our I was speaking show's Jay Cutler is gonna be on one he is retiring from the NFL and is joining fox. As a commentator. Apparently is sided deal with fox sports to serve as a color commentator for games starting this fall it seems to be the pattern now offer. Guys calling it quits in the NFL of course this is kind of what you do when you're ready to hang at the cleats he move into the broadcast he filled because everyone can talk for a living from. Given that semi Jay Cutler is handsome. He I think speaks pretty well. I think you'll actually be pretty get as Tony Romo is expected to do very well for CBS sports near him a couple of once. It got a last night he did you know actually where John. Yes he has so where with Kevin Burkhardt yeah he sure is so. They should be inches seen you know. No one's knocking on Cutler's door. I mean it is what it is at some point you have to think okay it will my A needs are not useful on the field and I can't see it. Else is out the parties to take your visa Mary's got kids. Granted his wife has some celebrity status. With her reality show and dispassionate stuff and things like. Hiring though far. For him to be well it's bad. Sad Arctic where. Everybody Chicago once you're out and nobody wants but it's like. I gotta be done little. Thought those three years ago when Jay Cutler was strong when bombs to golf on Jeffries. You know Brandon Marshall. Now injured now you know I mean it's crazy. It's crazy adding it's a little sooner than I expected snooping without X stuff like you know gas. Eight he's younger that's yet cap this younger me and Jay Cutler at capturing that such as surprised as me though is that. He I think is still someone who would be a very good back up and no one is not an honest more yeah that's what surprises me I might be much that and take it may be I mean he might wanna be back somewhere. Play maybe he should take a cue from Jay Cutler always ice I'm just after that Florida and be grateful for what opportunities happen for audio I say something from I have a feeling if anything will see something sooner run effort app because. The draft is over. Everything that happened with the raffia and address at various and not as strong night is as good pretty niners got an a plus in the draft oh my gosh Anna Annie get completely pleased that Chris is there I. It's a bit Lester if he comes out to be an all hall of fame quarterback rank. It's nice to getting to give hard counties in Chicago. To a McDonald's. Is get it it's an interesting year for them yet it happens at these guys and also add that running that was running back make it gently Ali hey Matt yeah and machine and hands are known for getting good runner running backs finding those diamonds in the rap like into I didn't know him but not. Seems highlights. Explosives yeah. Niners CEO Dick York says he sell bonds rated tech coach John Harbaugh. The brother corset Jim Harbaugh you know the guy he's worked present act and he summit the NFL owners' meetings and suggested that York sit down and have a pipe with him. At some point to clear the air this was on and I Yahoo! Sports apparently York told MM QB Peter King that he is open. And receptive to the idea I said I'd love that quote I'd love to get together. You know that would be actually agree I'd be a fly on the wall on that particular era I don't that would be a really cool dinner to get the I would suggest not at Thanksgiving dinner after what happened on things OIRA by turn am at fifty enough time has passed them. I mean are they ready I I don't think Jim Hart I'll ever get over anything. I think is that he is the personality of somebody who just cannot get past grudges like he's gonna get older I think. I don't know only that elusive to row he had to think about heat it's not a championship mean in the NFL. It would it was it's different is pushing congress to get me wrong waiting machine amazing it's wonderful by. If I was him hard bite me he potentially be a team to a super ball I mean it's always going to be a little this'll I think so too salty very inner. I'm guessing that York have you paid the bills well. He will front the costs of that whole dinners can you imagine of artisans like cadets now now now now now and hey can I audit. A picnic at really quick talking about bills if you want to be brand new Vizio T news. From the it was a big Boller brand the ball boring big body granderson and issues for 495. Dollar. Tennis is for 45 have to price tag get on the website they are for sale apparently they've made 5000 dollars which. Equates to about tenders his shoes I'm guessing. Don't cook that they have a sandal also available which I seemed weaker actually kind of nice. Do you like to stand was that price at her handle yeah. I'm not saved by the scandal. That would flip flops basically you can get apparent target for twenty bucks or you can buy these for 220 dollars. Incredibly expensive price tag yes we now and they and release them I don't know the details either arts manufacturing because somehow. They had to have been made with god and made like maybe that has to me to do with a hefty price tag I'm not saying it's that the I couldn't I speak it's ridiculous to charge kids. You're gonna be the bulk of the people buying issues almost 500 dollars for tech issues do you do parents are now it's particularly and I. Don't hate. You know the ball family I am all right you know I think Alonso seems like a great kid there's nothing but good things about and he's gonna go probably one or two in the draft. I mean he's got a huge future in front of them I think just also premature I was also. You know I. Keep my drop because this battle idol I think he'll go at least up five. But I want how many teams are gonna question whether or not to bring them on because of his I hope they don't hold that against him because he's I mean that's him is that he's a player. I think lawns of as a very get shot going at least wanted to. You know at the professional level a father's influence is just a lot less fell because of the travel. How much there you know there is likely he can't have that type of tight responses that it to the organization like he did it she knows high school got the actual head coach fired. You got fired two weeks ago. Because a lot of things that we're going on that's a way deeper issue but. You know the bar so funny to me I feel like he just walks around with the with a good Angel in the devil on the shoulder you know I mean oh. Raise accuse the right way gives you confidence and another silver exploit them to mayor Manny it's crazy you know. It is a catch 22 I will save as you know I I do feel like he cares for his kids of course I do you also feel like he sees an opportunity for them and hit and himself in gambling that the big violently handling it is what it is. He's got tumor kids coming up one I guess the middle child is pretty dead if edit an alum. The I don't know that your social yet. Don't know the levels the youngest one he's he's really got her a lot of potential a lot of attention he's also very young though it's so hard you know with people are young but his middle son is going UCLA. He doesn't have the role. Body type or our type of game two on yet. But you know every now basketball is now four years in college he's gotten to that point which is great but this now it's like let them be great. I hope that's what happens I think again I think the only issue here though is that this is all very pre nature. Let go to let to let your sent establish himself and let him have an opportunity for the Nikes and under armour is of the world common. And approaching when they think he's ready name on the opportunities there is if you automatically sync my son's going to be the next biggest and best thing. You're dumb for passing up on that I'm making my own issues you know the real question is what does soul. Causes cells currently asking its mantle's career are they asking is he asking asking him. Is this what you want you want me around you want to meet you this marketing. I could've just cost you. Shoot deals with Nike under armour. With our out. How Nike and army and I think it is really talk whatever I mean heat they all he wanted a big dollar brand involved that's why they said no. Work something out they could call issues like big Boller shoes or something I mean to seek but it still it's just and now for sure but down the road. I guarantee you if they were that interested they would have made something work. Right but just a brief being Alonso wants power. Are the guardian and apparently he wins control Q what's control what took a partnership so he's not going in ninety for a deal. He's going to Mikey for partnership he's going to read these plays for partnership. Which when you think about it is amazing navies have in this foresight to try to do that it's for himself exactly enough. His son does it all talk about core. I got picked up from a little bit it's organs is sensitive because any type of financial gains he has is also for once I mean he's he's. This would not be the case dissent was such a pass. And granted he's trying to do you mean we do CD intentions the writing on the wall we see where he's trying to maybe get a little. Fame and fortune for himself. The art. I know I got I whacked out I just kidding I'm kidding. I'm saying is that I think he wants the answer himself but I think she also won the best financial partners and I'm at it as well but when he's sitting there saying. When we asked them. Do you wines and who's gonna rappers and sent iMac. That's your that's not. That's not somebody who's doing it for his cent EU want to find somebody with the experience who's been used for help in you wanna be involved in decisions because that's. Not on a take charge do everything myself so it's who is a that he doesn't how someone on his team or on his side that's sort of kind of coach isn't a lot as. This is say he hasn't on an attorney. And got some advice or some information to help him sort of navigate this new happy he's on with his head but my hope. Thing is I'm not taking a risk to myself. You know I mean I'm not gonna take a risk on 505. Dollar shoes on my second going to the league with a contract when monkey making money the first to speak English are you today MBA with a contract as. He turned 100 president he could also maybe be doing something court incredibly different and groundbreaking and 81 of the thirty people to change. And make it more about the player in the money Amy. In not just eat out I mean these companies are making. Millions and millions of dollars off of I mean it's on Italy if they're making five million dollars then Nike's make in 25 dollars you know what I mean so maybe it's time that he's trying to even the plane filled like I mean it's nice of the energy you're gonna change your mind. Not that he won two to week. Look at it Timmy and I give it to me tell me haven't changed my mind. Arts and Lavar ball has actually tweeted out about issues he said big dollars loose. If he can afford does note tunes you're not a big Boller. That's not cut at its. At very bad things sent out Aziz are kids maybe they are overpriced there's no doubt what percent like it can that's not is not affordable is it is it's owed to use that's how is ours is the attitude I don't know zeal to edit I think. That is the OT like does I let ID like the logo are excellent at and I love those great but apparently now there's issue on whether or not it was somebody also logo so. Questions on the. He definitely Witt the logo from another chain which is I mean everybody bites logos a little bit change is a little bit. Who familiar Anglia. That it was a sweet love garlic and that's a pretty cool logo on not a fan of the show you know like issue like this Angela does okay yeah banks and not that I wouldn't spade too many thought this. Not alike if there's a good pair shoot if I exorbitant amount of money ray. I would totally you know I would buy nice tears as she myself at that doesn't matter the Bryant it's like OK I wanna buy and because I like a chip. And seek equality out of it I don't think you're gonna get any better quality from a Vizio to issue verses. A curry three witches like 200 dollars purses. I don't know 14500 up twenty dollar on majority okay now there's sales that went down a little bit because that's right it is arteries. Yeah the courage to reason have gone down that's been that's been upsetting paying for stuff I know in the last Curry's riches. The way they look men they have to find some audio style she is out you know I mean because this is this is not up to par stuff curry to. I'm unanimous MVP I agree I am not he's Canada deserves more the east heroes like these these zero twos or not we're not this Prada or Gucci and that's just again pretty richer richer exactly it's up ally. But they has been some react if there happen reaction. From athletes former players including Shaq who we know how Shaq is as much as he is doing too much shack in a Fuller JaVale. I love them on the Shaq podcast that he actually had a really great great tweedy said Caleb are ball real big dollar grant don't overcharge kids for shoes I love that. And he was actually the one that came up with issue at the US for Kmart rite. More than advocates you know an inning not even overcharged kids overturns these kids parents yes what parents gonna go out of their way to buy a big Boller branch you. That doesn't have any testing you don't know if the she was actually good shoes to play bass track and let's this is Nike Adidas brand armor who have been around for staples in shoes for. Decades. I'm not putting on big ball as I can tear my ankle and thirty seconds. Organize going to be a big ball but they ought to start somewhere true. Not on my foot you know I managed. I don't bite I don't know anything about the manufacture an election haven't seen anything about this or know anything about the night. And that it makes it makes spread like who is manufacturing issues are they durable enough to plan acquired. You're right 100% on but they. Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. Man espresso touchdown celebration that involve putting Advance America home. Out of my payments. It's apparently a big mileage out of using outnumber him yet puts us the go Eric he said I dropped 500 dollars on lawns of bald issues just happened to come with it. He was definitely supporting the former UCLA star. Now he but I know also retired one running back aryan boxer supported the fight to compete. Which sneaker titans like Nike deed is an under armor class and he said he thought that she's a he posted up a picture. His order now it says 265 so I'm thinking that he actually ordered. The snap counts and the sandals. That that this is great reading the order had the information is said please note thank you Mary. Because a high demand our fulfillment center is experiencing a one to two week delay in addition to. Please take this into consideration when purchasing forgets except keep your business and consideration and he actually said I support ambition. And the road less traveled much land to the ball. It. Mean obviously it's about how to build on the website and I mean there's someone behind not seen me. You eat out their issues are getting out in time we need to have some you know disclaimer on the web sites were not being sued or. People ask for the mighty Macs I think is arson people. On hit it I got out honesty. That to be some manufacturer that is. Back keen debts of the past I mean it and I'm curious as to why they have not released and for action because someone has to be backing this idea of somebody has been making issue and make and she is yeah and I just to orient than ten issues means and it just. Go to some guy and that garment district in Los Angeles having you know are making in his own backyard babies they got out. There's got to be some there's more to it I didn't like it wanted to expeditious and maybe that's why that's why. It's all in the first week is just came out so we'll give them more some time but I mean these are the people that are gonna be supporting the people that are. With these big brands like ninety like yeah it is. That how we have ideas now it is modeled to some own shoe. Also I mean. And I get many in my mind. Not on not getting mine either but all it takes is one and superstar to go out there like a it's an artist's music artist to go out there on stage and where an issue where the issue and show it off Galveston all the kids of one. That's that are nineteen and all those kids are going to be asking mommy and daddy for monies he has certain. Tear people who's going to be buying issued a certainty here and in these parents know. Right I know those are the guests that hurt I would sign my child. I know it's it's it. It's disgusting it's ridiculous I have a hard time pain like. Forty bucks for answer convert an hour on my little guy and eat and you're probably the same and it's like they grow so fast I mean half the time. We just like a size eight to nine and their toddler sizes. It's the ocean as a brand I keep literally probably put it back in the box take them back to charities and return them if they let that knew that that's how fast they go the issue is as it goes so fast so cute and I got it appears there's a IQ I mean that's that heat on him but the saint. I can't not I can not not why I love outlets he got up at the app I'd I'd do the same shopping. Like converse ideas ten issues on little kids there's a cute. Vans began at that's mind. Me. Hey. Thirty bash I can have a thirty to fifty backs might appear at the range and my friends on the she got her daughter pair and boots they're adorable is off now I have daughters with Scott currently unknown out now none none it's like a light. And so. You'll so about it at the top hundred dollars on my two girls shoes I'll see I can't can't do it into they. I'll give it or they're adorable. Lastly dark eyes get it I hope if you're having a girl and this is it that's for your series I would Wear out nice because that. Got to a point you could invest that money. It's your created to save and open and we'll make fun within the next day it's going to be useless yeah if I give it. It's sad that that's. Who's supporting who's not interesting for Alonso Obama but we'll see I wish him the best of luck in the NBA and it's misty. I wish and desolate I hope he's successful I just hope that when it comes at that point that parkinson's and let him. B is unmanned yap at at one point got to elect. Let him grow up and B is unmanned beat there to support percent and beat edited item but also get advice from people in the industry definitely. Real quick before we go Jay Cutler like you said earlier he is retiring from the NFL odds now and joining fox he did send out a long message. I would just read a short portion of its saying I don't know if retirement is the right word I don't know that anyone ever really retires from the NFL you aren't forced to leave. Are you lose the desire to do what's required to keep on I'm in between the situations. At this point in my life and he goes on to that. Very interesting when he says read a forced to leave or you lose the desire to do for. They're colors are tired and that's. An excellent way to put it but it's yeah. I mean it's it's hard it's retirement in a sentence with a guy who is so young and it any other fields in any other job sports outside the NFL he Hewitt at a much longer for. Kate. Serious thing to explain at McCain's call it is this arts like you have. Are on. Young career the last time tiger play and yet he's still around eighties still make Yemeni I mean right. He still makes headlines it's just it's so true so so notre. Do you think tiger makes would make headlines if you didn't have the scandal though you'd think if he just fell off. It apps at least some etiquette the only dignity was. He mentioned as a Smart he changed again he change he made golf so much more mainstream than it ever has been before and he made it accessible. Side mercies so important it really is he made its people kids looked at him and I can do the same it's not like it's not like exactly they buy it there is a place for me in this game and he changed he changed the face off and he did. Tremendous things for the game and I think a lot of people to notes that absolutely with up the scandal we'd still be having this conversation. I think is so ironic. For a man to be such a representation they do you really wanna be. You know tiger never even really well that's another data we can talk about mean tiger's dad was very involved and his Corey Perry involved and be big time. Food Toledo some analysts say a little bit you know a little bit too little too much damage though he rest in peace merit but that turned out for the better I mean. 100% and we don't know the level of me I would say this I think tiger's dad was Smart enough to use surround himself the right people in making decisions for his son. But who's not who's not to say he didn't sit down and have conversations with Nike. Is think about it night went when Nike decided to sign tighter on Nike was even in the conversation came the so yeah those. Nothing. Odd girl he never gotten Nike golf apparel. Nike did all the time. In a fortunate based optical brand because tiger's no longer part of the conversation anymore all they aren't I mean you know plain and stuff so but what his dad have gone. And say things on Twitter are idiots that think he'll you know go get what that adds but you know here's the difference. Different time different style different style Ekene because about it. You can be a little more sample an outrageous. In the NBA and in football. Not so much based. And have that moment golf. If they they. It's just the game yeah and they might turn their nose at that. They don't it will what you speaking in their swing please yes you you can I've been on golf courses drain. Like the masters Irsay where if there is a shirt and a person's standing there and so. They will stop. From Tina getting ready to hit the bought the ball or whatever and they asked sentiment if you're in my my sideline I mean it's it's. Not much on the line though you know it is in Rome and the gambling odds oh yeah. Now. And money when the quake. Yet the content you have to concentrate and it I think the crowd appreciates too because it's such as there's so much skill involved in it. And I feel like it's one of those games to an 88 you can still be good when year mean you know. Like Arnold Palmer at some time he was still dated to Ole man so in now. The Mickelson. Still there and it the giants. She's yeah there's just not an academic anyway. That's how we got that it's frank on tags for the week thank you for joining us by the way today is seek them my own secret entry and. Who made it fun plant now but a party tomorrow Pollack that's. Gaining drinking alcohol pretty much write it yes. Just so we are clear at this is not a Mexican holiday. Not Hillary should you know that I may celebrate this in the United States only battle that was line. Mexican independence day's in September legal and White House's emcee for the month they realign called the SP. You know it's been you know Latinos being talked about and they don't eat the trucks each yeah. I am kind of adjusting to life is joke celebrate. How many margaritas. And now ranks on Bieber to myself yes you well if and I am a true. Speaking of holidays that we're have a holiday coming up I'm an advertisement here mentally take up. May nineteenth Tony did when he first Oakland Greek festival market counters everybody acts so much fun never done that before and I this year. A bunch of people united by seventy nanny will be doing aids pre and post game we'll have that information when it comes out based on the warriors scheduled grants as wealthy. Cool so much but I love it again. I seven game dot com season.