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Join Gianna & Anna on their weekly podcast! They talk Warriors are on the brink of playoff perfection, Draymond and his Mom dealing with nasty Cavalier fans, tweets of the week and more!


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Welcome to break tags and 957. Dubs radio he advised 957 game dot com I'm out of Franco and I manic it. I know it is just we are on cloud nine here in the Bay Area just enjoying this warriors Ryan as they are taking down Cleveland in just. Six passion. I mean it is an incredible they are now three. They're up three now they have on fifteenth street gains in the house that perfection is on the line here. About the may be sixteen in jail on Friday so this is huge and this is absolutely huge and I think last night's game. What is actually a bigger game in a way. Bigger in that obviously. To complete this sweep. Would be a bigger game but I think last night was more of the mental block. Get over this game because as the game three loss in game three last year that that's where the whole are over getting ready for you know. They're down they're up to the one they won the next game that's a level 3:1 thinking now I am. So hopefully they can exercise the demon if they use it. It would be amazed dean the only council is they'd be doing it cleaver and I wish we could have been asleep that's that's okay it will take it were totally excited either way. I say this watching last night's game watching game three IE it was. I felt tired but it just it was I think the best games so far in the playoffs it just I mean the back of forest. It was so close and then to see Kevin Durant those last few seconds became and then I mean it was just. While I think is deep best game play one on 100% come lately it was an intense game it was a very physical game everyone's going after every single ball. I mean how many jump shots or if they've gained nerds on out there. And staff Currie rebounds and now he has more he's more rebounds last night then Tristan Thompson in this whole series of our that's incredible absolutely insane so this team. They are fighting hard. And they want to add an got to say LeBron in time we Irving had great nights it was a what they did great damage will market they do. And they're just out against it and the Bryan actually in the press conference this morning after the game was sane. When you're that could say that and all these guys are playing together in sync it's basically he was seen it's special he notes. You know he knows it's at all it's a tall task to over. And now I don't I don't see it happening I really and can we just say did I not say I definitely analyze it definitely I was I was got him for this we my of course. Every I think rob gunning for the sweet housing OK and trying to think realistic this is LeBron you go back to Cleveland it was a close game is very close. Which made it. As that ice had five for the warriors. And I out of there and lose one it would have been game three now after game three. I honestly think it's obviously because after that type of game they're gonna be so laser focus they wanna Phidget they don't wanna be 31. Now I'm back on they don't want absolutely not exceed dig at that point I have full confidence. Back for game five work and I mean it's either way we practice like we are feeling I'm cancel very confident. About the warriors right now played out what a great went for Goldman stayed in Cleveland a lot of you know a lot of action a lot of things happening on an off the court. Including teen dream wants mom Mary neighbors green. Wise and for so involved in a bit of an altercation with a cavalier fan. Just to the game was and dean and first thought OK let me just make this clear to everybody. Grant you did see a fight break out at the end of game two when the Broncos walking off the or going to the tunnel tackled in state act at oracle. I don't it was someone on the I guess what happened was someone what floor seats was blocking the guy who had those front seats. Just as you come into the tunnel he wanted to kind of get a picture or at least try to get a high five from abroad or something happened. And apricot and to a fight it was diffuse very quickly so the year this happens in Cleveland. It's just a fan it's drink on mom. So good eight if you're paid attention you know who she is number one in every two. It come I don't know at this camp was seen her what that went pleaded led to the altercation that. On. The NBA finals he's potentially going to be the defensive player of the year it's just. And she passed and enjoy this moment leave the family alone that's the most important leave that family alone and how descent and a stand that. Mongering is the key king of trash talking and who does he get from he says he gets it from his mom sure AB shoes trash talk is over you know let. You leave the same. Percent and 88 don't know what happened but there was some shabby. And you know first of all you shove an ED now mine absolutely right hands off blade release slated to come in and defuse a problem she did later tweet out she'd that she made peace with cavalier fans saying ever apologized at Olga. If they would watch the game and enjoys it worship we're shipping it. If fishing yet and also said in an interview today. And that and out here in Cleveland largest. I app before credits him yeah. I think it is so fun to be a fan and it's so fun to let the team especially when they're doing. An incredible job in gear on the brink of the you know potentially line that the cavs at this point. It was a heated game in the sense that there was so much passion any sense it. Watching on TV and I did at least it's gonna be ten times that inside the with these fans get excited they don't wanna see their team got down. Re all I mean era in three in the playoffs I think that's tough that's a tough pill to swallow tinian matching the entity fourth game after game four. Mean we could potentially being swept got such a hard game to go to the years in that they need. Years your living on that fine line at that point as they please this is all I had that final straw hold on sit right. I mean they they cavs they have to do they would act decent work out and if they won game four each as they have to do so much. To get past the lawyers in game five points and home tour. He's been amazing it's the reason why he's here email and all the naysayers all the national media there who has been like oh Katy took the easy wrote it does it does not that easy does it. I mean LeBron James and hiring Irving were meeting last night is is not easy he took the best route possible for what he does for me exactly. Exactly could be people away. This Ole. You know back and forth between these players like LeBron Kevin Durant for its. Every track in 2011 the year of the lockout they collaborated apparently and they've kind of confirmed it and apparently it's come out a little bit. They've had like twenty seconds of the song released. And they collaborated to their board there in Akron Ohio working out yes bored out of their mind they started raping apparently it's pretty good. Little snippet of death it's interesting now a guy who released it. That lack access to it says he'll release a whole song if he gets reach weeded. A one million it's Al is that is that we're doing here Agassi. So I don't even have treated me but I eat if inning just as Google but it's pretty funny it's pretty it's horrible. On it okay cash funny it is funny enough that they I think people forget that gathered going back and forth on the court at the friends they. He would downtime they do you have relationships. This is there circle. You know sadly there is some sort of an action outside and of course and a I think it was the following year in 2012 the Brian James met. Kevin Durant in the finals it's so this is all very alike intertwine and think about it the whole idea that was six years ago at the change in six years. Their Rihanna the whole issue with Rihanna and then. And house he had tweeting out years ago like that's his dream girl rain and then he looked at it like. It's like nothing again that was like six years ago was letting those same windows 20112000 well yeah times change it now I'm aren't asking you in speaking of growing summary its current lots of plants and apparently they're showing up in the cavs locker room. There was a lot of reports after game two. That the cavs locker room smelled like me. After they went out into the lawyers at Golden State hate. It's technically legal here in California and it's it's it's Apple's legal and illegal in January so. Yeah and I mean it's your cigarette is the end they gonna drug test LeBron James are now not a styles not begin and it at this time they do it earlier in the year I think the only drug test twice. I remember correctly so is Michael wise. From the and defeated. I guess on Twitter cavs locker has a strong. A Roma two tonight reefer. He and I hate it hate now sacred sites. That are you know it is used for pain control. Helps I think it I have a feeling after going down 02 was a bit in contaminated at Nina defeat yet are just let's forget let's check out world and forget what's happening. And to think of the play and he's joking people on just. Yet which by the way how funny was that ever admitted they think that he did in go to podium after which it look like the crybaby in the. He says is because he is waiting he went back over there and they worked onion news just. Fed up. So we decided to tuck in the locker and sent ray and he did not Agassi was asked question by Bayer reporter that he was fourteenth on the questioning its well. You know at these guys think. Half half the time they're probably sick of it it's the same questions at times over and over again in his report he it's hard to sort of find at different thing to ask you a lot of guys when they're just this month and get that answer and here's the thing you have airport asked that question this whole story. We actually had said too that he asked Kevin Love grimacing questioning Kevin Love answered differently right. So he acts in an answer for and I guess who's trying to go for certain type fans and that's the thing that's interesting about how it's changed now. Is that your asking certain questions that lead to what you want to Saint Louis story right. That's the type question that we have now comes reporting since Kate what he think about this. There's a lot of cookie cutter questions what's funny was adamant and a few minutes earlier in your Klay Thompson. He got to the point where he was hearing the same questions and sank and the same generic answers over and over again heat for it out he was saying I want it. Because he kinda got into the model. Of you do and you hearing eager at the same questions opener and again it is hard. I mean it like there is a specific story you're you're trying to look for the the stuff that sticks out but that makes it different against people interest and again and click on story listen to your audio year. Your video whatever whatever your purposes which is great I trust me and it I completely understand that we're in the same boat we acclimate at a time we do it all the time. But at some point just kind of think like it is what it is yes it's an angry LeBron James he'd just left he's not a legal state go to Cleveland hopefully went game. In now and not. Here's a wood heat added to the podium after game three end this more keen dairy the oppressors. Professional. Was very complementary to the lawyers knows he's down. Say though you know. When you're in the heat of the moment in his heart it's got to be so hard to answer those questions. Right after I am one of the two it's very competitive. And when Mika and just it's not the losers something happens. South and I am answer questions about it till at least the next day. You have time reflects have time to relax. And get yourself in the mind sets that we have different questioning now. It's almost like you. You want those interviews. After the game just for the it's all about the emotions and that's all it is it's all emotion. Strewn town. Deletes it for game four. Your game four which wine eat think is more. Mentally difficult for the so they won obviously game three I think at the sweep the app I became treating him more confident going into game four I mean they even vary he evoke role Steve Kerr stepped curry about these sweet going sixty you know perfect season is not. There goal it's not release on their mind IBC would be nice that they've been very. Very vocal about that not been the priority. So. Yeah I think at this point they probably feel pretty confident yeah but I think keynote the captain of the same game. On game during game three it's going to be a battle it's going to be tiring exhausting. Mean gene bra and LeBron James looked exhausted. He looked just spent. After that game or during the game even so well that is questioning a bow. His minutes in the game and it stylish of how to rest and everybody was sitting their saint. Why's that Korea silence at about six minute I notice as I thought that was I'm wearing a little longer I know Michael my god is injured and they're just sort of giving him a moment or scallions. Step on as well I don't ankle there but it AA you get to that when we get a little worried like okay. The cavaliers Ers are coming back bears' starting to think that Leno O'Brien and Reid who are out there. But the way is attack ad and a Steve Kerr is saying that. You know heat kept telling them don't worry and an entity. Needed they did actually get fatigued and the thing is is. That you know stepped curry taking a six minute Parikh being on the bench for six minutes. Is not as detrimental to the team has LeBron James being on the bench for six minutes LeBron James is the caps it is a completely different team without him on the court set curry. Can step back not saying he's he's incredibly the most important pieces to this teen but this team is too well oiled machine and so well. Just put together and coached anxious talented that. They understand how to make the adjustments sort of rotate each other out and have a deeper and she ages do you mean their pensions and say Kenya so the fact that. And as funny as early in the year kept Miguel you know the spent is not as good as last year. Announced that yes. That's. Actually paid higher sometimes last night doesn't actually wanted to some MIT V one point Zaza kept illegal screens not item any teams that clear to me though that there is one Atlanta one day at Al via you know which is it what it's a statement games in which to. How would lead to ask why I nailed it. I this this post season he's in late instant fantastic I like seemed to bail on the court I could to keep saying to Dayton west has been related to he had sent that he has this has been eighteen app for. Anyway we export to game four it should be amazed CNET hopefully all you lawyers stands out there have been a good time enjoy the ride the watch party oracle looked so fun I wish I was there. And by. Maybe maybe for an absolutely ridiculous there eloquent if not that six XB I be venturing out there on Friday depends on. It different from the house on by the last two games could not Wear my begun to pick six if not then that. Two places to injure it again on my data or well. I pick ridiculous actually it looked ridiculous they look like you're at a game in there has cost them. Teammates of the warriors at VV former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher racked earlier on Sunday morning was actually part of the suspected deep lie was a registered to one. Aren't that Bartz has brought on this year when Kevin Durant was injured he tickled to Wear an ad is from TV sports by the way. And according TV sports Fisher is dating barges ex wife at glory go fan. Aren't differently gave the ban 2050 Cadillac Escalade for quote that it's a matter that hurts and you know that's got to be so scary as a father. Obvious thinking you know that's his except there's obviously feelings and we know the intense. What happened with Dan that it intends that altercation that they had. And earlier last year. So the fact that she was in the cards as a passer the car flipped but the I'm not injured and I think I'd good car via. But the idea of OK this guy is dynamic site its dynamic kids and now right yes and tickets are in the mount. Umpire I'd. Just an idea of OK year driving under the influence or making bad decisions which. Ex wife and make these decisions up to now. The other crew apparently keep expert team meat found the lakers. Did you know it just feels so. Awkward to have very awkward it's just the situation it just it's so wrong that's one of those things like you know use their people just off limit code. Yeah just spread out. Sometimes things happen maybe you are with the wrong person and finding somebody at. Maybe that happens but. Like the right decisions like currency use somebody's name absolutely. It takes. To win year if if if you feel like that as your heart and she's the girl free 100% you're going to. Just bring every relationship prior to that with our friendship then he managed the upfront about it but you know don't show that the RQ but the kids Colin take any year don't be it's not so sneaky now I'm -- now Matt Barnes aside and they're grown adults not like they're teenagers. There. You know it's like friends who were good friends as teenagers and it happened like the same girl. That's almost that's different when you have children in Albany have and we needed Amir it's completely. Totally that's it kids people think the kids would just acts have been worse than. I mean that's mom move you know when she's not making the best decision decision getting in a cart I was during so. Anyway I got there okay. It's just awkward hash tag. Awkward yet cash call over to lift cab somebody options these days it's ridiculous and meet at Indy car series and have enough money for that absolutely. I so here's something we just wanna share with kids out there and tough kids or kitten out of high school going off to college and join their future that awaits them. Apparently though if you were a student get into Harvard hopefully. Your face that goes. Are a lot cleaner than this kid's so admission to university was rescinded for at least ten prospective students. You Harvard for the upcoming freshman class of 2017. They reported numbers students admitted that the Harvard class of 20/20 one starting practice faced a message for incoming freshman titled Harvard means for awkward he he. Boost teenage life keen. Wow. Anyway students in the group allegedly posted shared messages joking about the Holocaust. This is horrible mocking sexual assault and babies and children. It's these are potentially going to heartburn yeah that that's what's mind boggling to me. What I did not equal to get in on how much it mean called the imaginary Haiti and they Mexican child Pena out attack on this is disgusting absolutely and the act at these kids are potentially going to be one of our greatest colleges schools ivy leagues are countries is an incredible learning institute. Good for you Harvard thank god for Harvard. And this is a message to everyone out there with social media posts. And especially teenagers. In a seat. My little my niece is not not little she's going to high school now but she's been on social media she's an honest to grant you out at I keep an eye and her staff and you hear all these stories there was actually really sad actually and over acts piled high school I found that there was a bullying incident where one girl was. Using the restroom. And somebody was pulling they took the tube video of current restaurant and they posted up on social media parent now going after school for not they only gave her the girl Leanne. Agrees three days' suspension. Why would someone do that to some because people are asking ridiculous drop ridiculous that's horrible and said that's. People don't realize repercussions. And the fact even if you make a joke it comes back it never goes away. Who was it Mitt and the judge of risky there was key. Eight tweak that he posted up years ago. Where he used the word for press in a not such nice and and EU's I'd Tony remembered the whole thing about between itself but somebody brought it up right after he was drafted. It does not go away now atlas tremor online apple that is crazy. This is insane as disgusting so I applaud Harvard for picking these kids out taking their offer letters back they do not deserve to be at that school and I don't think they should get a second chance because if this is talking about. If this what they think is funny that is not the future we once knew at one of our best universities in the country sell. No. I you kids out there listening. Social media sticks around pay attention to what to put on its Graham faced that. And tweets with facts that to the. Ariana taken away what are we got on social media today I'd actually is sad started ever gonna start out with bats and Russell. He's young World Series champion shortstop from the house Leon millions here at eight scans or remember him well because as him being dealt in the just some margin trained and years ago between the a's in the cubs. Now seen in the news now but for her not a good reason Major League Baseball is now investigating. Abuse allegations against Russell after he posts on into Graham was put up by his wife those like Melissa she was pictured in mystic running into Grammy bathing suit. On the beach with the caption saying. Being free to be able to make her own choices for your own happiness. Beats being cheated on lied to in disrespect it anyway hash tags here's new beginnings has sent only gets better from here. Now that's only just cheating allegations. In the comments section in that post her friend. Said that Russell also hit Melissa in front of their two children. Oh my god. Now after France comments on the alleged physical abuse became public according to Lee Brown sports Melissa followed with another social media message addressing accusations. She said Mike post is meant to be empowering not degrading at all. I hope it empowers women inspires other women to not take bleak for anyone regardless of who they are. Hoping to empower other women to stand up for themselves is not a crime. And I think it's brave and real to show that life's not perfect and it's okay sorry not side. The legal now in your view both Melissa Russell and her friend who are involved in this it's impulse. Interest seen it. I mean I I I like how movement most says Russell's hand. I think she's been I mean I don't think that's. Obviously she gave it their however they are they're breaking epic sounds like it in her first post. I know I think what she responded with was very good and classy she didn't necessarily point fingers at anybody but I think she's trying to keep that portion private. Maybe that's what you try to do. In the first place in two different posts it's in her friend as the one that posted an. The interesting thing earlier this week rate catcher Derek Norris his former fiance accused him of physical and emotional abuse. In an into Graham post on Tuesday night Norris quickly refuted that saying I've never been physically or emotionally abusive towards her or anyone else in my life. I plan to go above and beyond to a fifth Major League Baseball with their investigations it's matter. Into this matter but it's. You know it's scary and you and I are both the mothers of sons. And I am all for obviously make each year I domestic violence is. One of the absolute worst things worse crimes you commit. But now I'm also thinking what happens if there is somebody who's trying to get money from this writer doing so aren't as. Differentiate between the two yeah no I Syria I was fat. I am I just think it's very strange to you that this is all plain out on a social media platform and to get if you are truly the let me be she is tonight god forbid that's the case but it she wants to say something maybe this is her only. Platform to do it but I hope not. Hope there's someone that she can go to say this is happening help me and help my kids now. So that's this is where it gets messy yes I do it this is where it's like just go to the police yeah top to them about it. Maybe they're scared but this is almost a and I just feel like this is worst in despondent police. Yeah I. Like Lisa with Melissa is I think her post was more about being empowering seen an up and put up with that she'd tucked but the she she's not alone atop the exactly as she didn't focus on the part of it she that was on the fact that you know there's other things. Were hovering over the relationship. And I I mean it is what it is not that. I don't really see in her post that much of the different that there though was again and edit and maybe she didn't she was OK with that maybe should keep you post as this is something that she can take it down. Now so who knows how with plans to I don't know how long it was up there. The Major League Baseball is investigating it right now so we will keep you posted on without wow Derek Norris and Anderson Russell and a interesting interesting to via. Lets us our fun tax. Refinements that have now heavy top out of the way it's a fun and come back to the lawyers' side of things. So obviously the warriors epic game three win. But after the game there was a tweet that was going around it was all over TV I'll have a social media. And those from JR Smith Twitter account saying cams in set it. Now here's the thing is after entries is right after game like literally right after it like within minutes. Of the game ending. And JR Smith says he believes. In the message but tonight. Tweeting captain says and he says I got at the shower my phone was buzzing I did not. Tweet that it will Cleveland dot com after his post game locker room interview session he says I'm smarter than that and tweet that I would be much smarter than that. To treat that literally trouble for right after the game. Okay mystery he can't we meet today to make years. Personal assist in high if your Brothers has accessed here. If you give somebody axis of some nine that they better be Smart about it tweeting maybe someone else in the locker. He's somebody grabbed his thought about double that. If somebody else like in the locker grabbed and other players. And send us it was like a joke. It was funny I still wonder the I was gonna say did it interest and that's I believe him. Acidity and a piece oddest did you see that idiot that Rachel Nichols put up the games. That debate need. Yep that's honestly to air its past and now. You know he's angry it's weak little three KJ RU I've got I'll give you passed a lie sir and you're just you know you're you're trying to trying to routinely championship and her daughter said she did it up technicals what a great piece. It's just so happy to sit at three put aside the right these are human beings as well. Look at these players like. You know their people to you forget says you do is eat think of them has just plays mostly to them as machines. Strip. Now but there's also something you just in that went on last night and LeBron James. So with some tweet at a video. Saying let's by the interest in Kate O'Brien. And it it's LeBron. And it kicking out. Game can and hidden. Andre Iguodala in need nether regions earthquake ES hopes member what happened last year up. Jim Andre came on yeah ambulance and what happened there Eliza LeBron getting in trouble for then doubt no doubt. My favorite treat them is from most Speights former warrior. Now with the clippers sane to Andre Iguodala. Hopefully even am market so it was very it was noticed that interest and so what that is there a lot conversation about the rest this season anyway. Ellen an interesting game it was I because a lot of it was it went both ways. I don't think it was unfair too much towards one mean there's some called I didn't agree with that. That last night was try one when he think of the crew that was on that game their their known as one of the more efficient crew was being sent. That's the tweets of the week we're very call. Are right well games are its eponymous everywhere and Golden State didn't have gotten except we talked to you we could be talking about a perfect. Post season for the Golden State lawyers talking about another championship we can be talking about. Her braid all of the about sell it to be revealing. As weak recovery going to break to let's keep our fingers crossed this all goes as all on its Q. And thanks for pregnant ignited by evidence radio.