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Sunday, April 2nd

Gianna and Anna recap the NFL Owners approving the Raiders move to Las Vegas. 


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It's ever pray go tags and 957. Game I'm Gionta Franca and manic cake and eat sleep lots to get seat today but of course of the biggest stories in the Bay Area this week in case you missed it you probably didn't. The raiders are moving to Las Vegas the that was 3121. In favor of the move one owner only. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross voted against the may have but it looks like it is a done deal the raiders now be the last rate Vegas raiders at some point. For now they will be the Oakland Raiders at least for the next couple of seasons. Reportedly because there's a lot of stuff going on. And the story continues to develop. Even more so now. Yet it still weird to say Las Vegas raiders. Just the idea. Is interesting right now and it's. It's hard to swallow an Odyssey and a sand that they left ones and they came back here. Oakley and I just feel for the fancier a feel for all the fans that are die hard fans I have a lot of friends who are. In who go to games all the time of season tickets and their heart broken right now because their teams gone and we had a question. Will you root for the 49ers now that the raiders are god and radar nations were and radically said. Sure I mean I understand that but at some point wing near having children. This generation is is like it does is that this is the last generation of fans. Think about this veneer when you're having kids and when it's taken to a football game and when given that experience. How likely is that your gonna fly your family of four. To Las Vegas for a weekend and catching game it's already expensive enough to take your kid to take your whole family out to regain capsule I adding airfare and hotel car rental all of the love. So of course you're gonna take her kids down to lead by as their course they could definitely be. Exposed to. The forty niner faithful and think about this too if all these kids are growing up one team is their option. A lot of kids like to do with different like Islamic you know they gravitate and how to do things together because their buddies. So if your friend is a niner fan and you might wanna be in niner fan too so. They say that now it I definitely think that will be back to change in that will be a big difference in the culture of football here in the Bay Area. My husband was born and raised in Oakland. And he's not because he was born in the eighties. When the raiders are got an Allah grant so he handout with his cousins who are denied a fans they're from. From the engineers ever Disco area. And he hung out with them and watch the niners and he's been a big not a fan ever cents and that's what's gonna happen. So you're gonna see that now the interesting thing it's what's gonna happen now with the raiders where they can play. After this season and you have. Mary Read from the Oakland Alameda County supervisors who says that I don't want and the combat between ninety. Well I think there's even some sour. Sour apples out like bad blood right now act on it on a certain integrators to plane now but I think. The city of Oakland still is is due in ninety million dollars and there is still a big financial hole when the raiders moved past times so. They kind of I think wouldn't financially need to have the raiders their police the next couple seasons raise the rent is much he can I would. I would hike it up as much as possible make it very difficult and comfortable for them to be that injured leaving the city. But financially at Oakland needs the money. And it's sad for raider fans at least give them that give them the opportunities to enjoy the last couple seasons with their team is I guess in a way say goodbye and it. This is a very very good football team right now you are getting an incredible product on the field at a stadiums not that great but what tapping on the field makes up for a the greats Stuart problems in all this other stuff but I mean and that's all I mean you have a team that is Super Bowl caliber variety and that can happen and Aikman happening and you want inside the last minute it I have friends who. Who like it's at you know Mark Davis said that killed were refund season tickets he did. But I asked of lesbianism look would you refund your ticket would you give a package you wanna go to gains and say you know what I love their car of clear in my act I love this team that's been together I wanna see them. One more time and helpless he would and one championship. I don't play them and I think I think raider fans should get that opportunity that they should get a championship here while they're still in Oakland. The one thing that did cross my mind is what if they do in the Super Bowl how awkward. Is that every oh promptly and what do you have a do you have written what you do is city though doesn't wanna pay for of course not and should it not been know all this money now should be used towards funding the things that greedy greedy really matter let's be honest applause wonderfully NFL is interestingly Al Levitt we love sports but. Our children education the future of you know with the city of Oakland is much more important way more important. And that's the point that I was looking at what are some of the positives out of that mold whereas where's the money that's being allocated to you know the stadium now where's activists are going. Can we start seeing some better streaks in Oakland I in I'm not from Oakland blitz a driver out there amount to a lot. Is a lot of improvements could be made a man in the town. And should be made because now that the NFL is lean mean and we're not spending this money to try to keep them there let's put the money towards something that matters. But this is the thing it's an eight you know what happens the site. It seems all but certain that the a's are going to see an Oakland they're very rooted in Oakland and good on Dave Pavel for just in Parise in the town with a hole. Campaign rooted in Oakland and that's Kennedy getting a lot of fans involves you know what I have one team that sticking by absolutely we're gonna stick by them self. And that's the best move that they have made the Oakland a's have done. Some great marketing but are they gonna stay on that site. I don't think so. I think they're gonna go elsewhere there's some others active in looking at China lake Mary. My Laney college age. You know there's always Howard terminal terminals and that's another one so we'll see what's better for like infrastructure and for ran. And for commute wise and comes the part things like that justice site. Just think about how easy it is to get their ticket. In my be crazy to slip like the coliseum that's. Yeah I. If you would is not enough to talk to most every Lobo I think they'd be coliseum. All right but I mean I feel like first of all the cheapest beer you can gain anywhere is at the coliseum. They lower the price and they what we just ain't I great food drugs coming and future accident here Fisher just a I don't know maybe you're crazy maybe there is a big people of raider fans that are in support of the men they elect the raiders deserve a brand new stadium. They feel like maybe they need to be in a place where their Mars supported and things like that it. Went at that maybe you think that now but not. When your pain that money to go see your team in another city. I guess becomes sort of a destination they ending before I mean they Ritz that aren't on their fans book or so maybe this is just part of being a reader fan this is what you use you Dre mongering won't be there. Now no no that was actually went the you know good on dream on for supporting Oakland need to dis he expresses deceased for the raiders move and says I will not attend. Game yet well he said the same thing is that it be different if they moved to Fremont that they moved with in the areas about what you can actually go to the guardian. But moving Leonard who exactly their movement across the breads. But you distill that of the game you have fans throughout the Bay Area you can still go to the game yes it's gonna add a little longer commute for some fans. Each other and be like easier for me. Not not for me not free but okay it's a trade I'm not there yeah absolutely it's a trip and what happens to ORACLE Arena are they gonna tear that down a second to become a a concert venue for the most part where it's you know it's icy to complete their butt. I mean think about it when you have you had chase sent an option in San Cisco is an option. I don't know I'd writes I have SAT sent you do the right I have as seeking an hour on eyes. Now content and Levi's and now you're adding another venue to inmates. We'll see what happens at the mark on it in the long row and violence oracle and I hope not and attitude eighteen TP concert eighteen tee I haven't Guns 'N Roses there. Some patient it was beautiful outdoors it was a great night it was. Perfect weather I mean it's just really ideal location and I don't know it's unfortunate. I do feel bad for raider fans and I think though this story is still developing at least much more happening. In the sense if there's a big problem with them even being here and even if they're going to be your the next couple years we'll see and there are going to be known as the Oakland Raiders until. As of right now that's Redick does said with a big meeting that big owners' meetings so. They don't have that identity. Derek curry and do a little treats the week a little early today. Derek Karr actually sent at a heartfelt letter to raider nation I love fest and let's hope this kind of helps ease a little bit of the pain and helps fans not to go see. Their readers. He says as I sit here and see a vote that takes the raiders to Las Vegas I am overwhelmed with emotion. I don't know how we should feel I feel the pain of our fans in Oakland I also see the joy on the faces of our new fans in Las Vegas. As players will show up and give everything we have look compete and we'll do our best to bring a championship to the entire raider nation. While I am from California and would have loved playing an Oakland my whole career. I understand the business side of the NFL it affects assault. Oakland our team loves you and my family and I love you we will be resilient and we will stay together because that's what to readers to. We are loyal even when it's hard. We stick together especially when his tests a Las Vegas. You can count on last bring me a piece of welcomed with that and you are getting a tough loyal and competitive fan base and teen when the time comes. I hope you are ready for now it's about 2017 and I diehards in Oakland god bless and acts. Name mean. Free sentiment in really is and under the radar and dairy her heart I mean the most standup guy may in the NFL after all these bad years exact all these bad years it has been since 2002 Rich Gannon. Oh and all of a sudden you had these terrible years you went it had your job market Ross go look at the bright purple drank. And now you've finally have this team all the pieces are coming together and then one and like it's like that that it's like the one piece the 'cause you blocked. And you just can't find it and you're never gonna be able to so you never gonna finish got hurt tad bit hurts hey I understand this happened to San Diego. Yes you know just months ago I mean. That's saint three unit they they I hear like it it's just it blows my mind because it seems so unfair to the fans Stephen Ross for at least stepping up insane hate. Let's support and give something back to these fancy communities that have supported us for so many years. And that's a guy who is going to make about 47 million. In the move and this thing about this is happening three times in the last fifteen cheese so that's a 150 million I mean I'm not don't quote me on the map but. Per team in relocation. If that's approximately what it's going to be. Let's say he asked I mean it's all about business as Stephen let you know what's funny all the raider fans went crazy saying how great he is and support at all and now. Now judge your I understand why. He voted for the relocation there -- have been a good move on him to say no he might as he could is set now and not it would change it would have made him look even better but they don't wanna see that he now. I think it's a great have a two team market here. In the day one interpret it helps to add your action now and he should have voted no I mean that it could have been one of those things that last minute maybe everybody else it could have been a change and maybe that's what he'd won a chance it. But it would have been good that he would have gotten some more raider fans on board I think it was a missed opportunity that it's true you're absolutely right on how. One really quick thing here before we go. First about just how crazy base is going to be with the NFL. In attendance the opening a brothel. A sports team brothel the owner of the bunny ranch and it got off is opening sports theme brothel. In conjunction with the raiders need stadium basically having VIP rooms discounts for players I mean. Com mind yet completely he's actually really about. Girls wearing like cheerleader out it's things like that and they like the hooker acts they're gonna think that's one of the names are gonna cup. That in. Las Vegas is more like Nevada City. I actually heard an interview with him few days ago on another show. And it just the idea of it he's you know they can't use actual reader imaging but you know and spew things and make it look like it it's got hired to duty. Pirate's booty I'm income mine after the smack his. Pirate booty in the Nicole Lee that doubled him wait a second it's a great opportunity program. It's a great business move for him. Total opportunist 100%. Aid Smart man that. Policy. Anyway we'll keep you updated with any of the latest news developments on the raiders moved to Las Vegas in the meantime check out our other segments today. We've got it some political stuff to talk by Andrea malice is joining us and DeVon Adams who is the creator and filmmaker for 101000. Really great YouTube series that has. Two is gone completely viral and me eighties amazing deep product keep it up there it really really out of national totally I can't wait to talk to him and enter mouse of course is a sports astrologers so be sure to click on those links as well their right here on the Franken thanks agent 957 game dot com.