First Hour 8-13

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 13th
Urbs and Guru talk about this week in baseball.

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Five point seven. All right all right our I welcome. Belatedly in June inside the bigs. I cannot hear myself Stiller having a little bit technical difficulties but that's the magic. Of live radio we just work work working get through a port nick our executive button pusher of today he's flying solo on inside to big for the first time. And I can even hear your voice I hope everybody out there and radio and can hear my voice. More important that they can hear your voice. Because they're two voices that need to be heard this morning we haven't done it's game. Boys have been like three weeks since we did at 9 o'clock and said the mix in doubt that feels like it anyway we've got we are minus fifteen minutes that we lost at the top of the hour. The magic of live radio that's my way of covering the fact that we just a bunch of bad stuff that. Ordeal and weather now and we trust you can here's let us know that you can hear is it's on the Penske auto sitting duck Comtex I'm. 95795. And just say you're good. Give us those 102 sound good let us know are there are now I have very early I was ever ever happy Sunday yeah. Right he let's give so Bryce Harper. Apparently it's only a bone bruise did you see it good to see him go down. It looked terrific. But when you say it's only a bone bruise I went to WebMD mr. Google looking to rent part in this could keep him out the whole season. A bone bruise they had to it's a deep bone bruise. Suppose your shallow bombers that's nice but you get going that that was that was bad yesterday and are no problem on his knee all of the Indians or whatnot. Any initial report you told me was torn ACL Unamsil what you do that's like. The season and perhaps over because they have the GM come out right and he said that Rizzo that your resolute against it. That Anthony. And it's like the parent in me says baseball's at fault because of that injury somebody should had a rag you drummer and bass driver off the bases. We are so reactionary right absolutely no way you had to get that game in that was a fluke and you gotta love the kid he was house when his ass off. And looting happened. Right. And you know what. If you're gonna here's the problem. Now there's going to be this like you say we were reactionary. There's going to be his league wide referendum on making sure all the bases or drive like the NBA guys out of the gets my wits I. It was a freak accident right a shirt if it may not have happened if the base was completely bone drive it. Are you is that realistic I mean they play through drizzle all the time all the time in the big leagues and sometimes they play through more than that. So you can't keep them based bone dry at all times if you're gonna you know play with fire when you're gonna keep playing when the rain is coming down but. Yeah we are reactionary in fact pull pull pull back the curtain here a little bit the first thing. The overnight when recite the first thing this morning. The first thing that we talked about and we talked about for quite some time had nothing to do baseball whatsoever. Even though both look forward to this time have you guys. Three hours talking ball doesn't matter that ball from the Bay Area teams are determined that the upper right now there's plenty to talk about because we talk about the league large too. But we're ball as the kids say woke. And Marshawn Lynch that during that. First thing we discuss. And it's now the leading topic on Twitter front page and Russia which sadly tells us exactly where America. Head is we love this people won't admit it we love what's going on not the cabernet now he's multiply like a grim and now we're put in Marshawn Lynch in the air and I look what Jack Del Rio said about it's and it's a non issue. Which the media has its own mine exactly and they're feeding they can't wait to tomorrow all the national shows kicked off. With this topic. And they're saying to their city Jack Del Rio it's an issue all right trust me you might have your own agenda and being try me. I get what del Rio's try to do you strategist literally make it a non issue and say hey I'm cool that. You should be cool that he's a grown man can do what you want I had a conversation that's what he said to grow on me and had a conversation right there where Marchand and again this is inside the bigs it's a baseball show but sometimes there's things going on that are a little bit bigger than baseball. And we're gonna touch on that we've been. We've been preapproved to sometimes veer out of the baseball lame. Marchand said I've been doing this for eleven years. And then. Almost instantly somebody comes up with a clip that's what 23 years old Macs and a good standing for the anti. Am I did he do the exact second state shall find where you'll see marks on Stanton behind Carol. So do you think there's some people are. Did Jack Del Rio could would look or could have handled this different had he known before because I don't think it even matter. Well he went to the press he was honest and said he didn't know what memos and happened Marchand. Like only Marchand king and mr. east Oakland he said. It meant nothing and but he said it in no way like you almost got to the home. The I don't know how to feel about this I will tell you one thing. I felt like heading into the exhibition season. Bit in a show of solidarity with calling Capra nick who is absolutely. Being black balled. By the NFL right now nobody can ever convince me otherwise if they do congratulations because you do you've done something. Many people have tried to tell me that it's not just being black balled for his stance on the anthem I'm not buying that at all. But I thought there I thought we'd see a couple players on every damn team. Not standing for the anthem just to show solid there for for cap. Now was marsh on doing that my first thought OK he's. He's one of the I don't know if elder statesman is threatening but it will sink in though he wasn't the only guy now it's the same thing if you're not standing and that's it doesn't matter where there kneeling or sitting or whatever right. It's all the same thing it's you stand for the anthem. If you don't stand for the anthem then you're against. Whatever the public wants to think your game earlier on in your living room do you stand for the anthem I don't know I don't. I mean it and look it's a disaster I've been in a number of press boxes where. The majority of the CEU Marty majority immediate know they'll stand but there will be some people. Who maybe have a deadline for their early notes and this is a baseball game of rounds and a's beat writer. And one of our a's beat writers was a guy named Greg bell who now works up in Seattle. Awesome writer ex military man right. He went toe to toe Billy being one time in the clubhouse Billy was jumping him for some that he wrote and did you did he stood up for himself yet he did he stood there and took it but that that thing was Billy had like egg salad in his mouth. He's yellen Greg and egg Shalit's coming out right it was awful anyway from the greatest hard core you know he's proud of his time in the military and he should be. If you didn't stand in the press box during the anthem and you would hear from Greg Barrow. Big time. So there's some people that are very very passionate about it and I did I always stood just is that what I was told to do when I was four years older five years old my first game. My dad said when they play this song you stand. So I just did Ellison my dad that did I never really gave any much. I never thought about what my standing for until the cavern that thing came about. Now Marchand. It's easy for him to just for him to say and for fans of Marchand assay. That's just Marchand being Marcia did you know and he walks to a different drummer. He's a different topic cat didn't mean any harm by that doesn't mean any ill will probably isn't even shown solidarity with Capra he should be Marchand are. Shots out there or rights to be the heel of what's going money shot reveals Virginia Tech wreck wreck right so why are we all I want to show that what cap in Marshal on Purdue went as opposed to what's happening in transpiring. In Virginia is a black man that's how I feel why are we fallen for the banana in the tailpipe worried about two football guys who wants damage for the anthem and yet we got a president the awoken DM. Or right just go all the way Ian. On what we're watching in Virginia where I bet that's what bothers me. So what of Marchand came out and said after the game incentive. Hate to put this word out there instead of lying about having done it for eleven years because we have video evidence to the contrary right but there are some food that there is footage of him coming out. After my camp there. So I won't call them live but with these are not not entirely. Forthright OK but what if you had said. Amen you saw what happened in Charlottesville. I'm I'm stand up for wow I'm I'm not stand for the anthem because for much the same reason that cap. Doesn't stand for the amber wasn't. He said look we got issues the Marshall could sell a lot of things that I indeed it would have been wonderful yeah. And then you'll doubtless a moment then you most certainly would have had a multiple players on every NFL team in the wake of marsh on if you if you was the first guy. To not stand for the anthem for that reason you had a bunch of people following suit. Now it's just a mess right wing like you said. We should be more focused on what happened in Charlottesville. President who's not condemning it which mean for me I mean she's almost condone owning I know that's harsh but given what we know president trump. Not the brightest guy Rocha entered not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Ida it's it's a masked man and in the raiders. I thought everything was going to be to the good for the raiders this year and in their first exhibition game comes out in this is what we're talking about it. And there let me just add this Martin Luther King have won and I have one and I thought about this last night in drive and over herbs and you used to live from. I just wish a wide athlete. Policy dare caller Tom Brady who have the equity who have a new contract. And our interest in anything. I wish maybe they would taken knee and what that was symbolized to me is only human we all understand the plight. What if it came from would Adnan black player I think the ramifications. It in the meaning. Would be captivated. Times one meal oh I agree every bridge that's yeah. Kathleen and I know that's not dare cars. Job Herb Kohl and when I just wished there was so a wide athlete unarmed black athlete do we do is just to say. You know what what is going on is wrong thing. No I'm with you a 100% I mean if you had to name a face of the NFL there would be Tom Brady would it not. And if he did that looked. He's already is if you did that that would be a headache for Roger Goodell do I give a damn if it's heading for Roger Goodell if it's the right thing no I don't panic but what we're gone just you. The face of your league is now thrown himself. A 100%. In to a controversy. That is already a big damn deal in the NFL it's already a black guy for the NFL. And I got Tom Brady joining the cost. I agree with the it's it's a little bit sad that it would take non black athlete. To command the attention of the country in I don't know I feel like some people. When they hear about Capra make their eyes glaze over and they're like I'm I'm done this I've got capita fatigue whatever. And then they immediately go to the piggy socks and they go to the the Cuba issue test or share the castor shirt. So. Brady comes out and takes it mean. Then we're not talking about he's Sox are the castor teacher or talking about why Colin did it in the first place. And we're also expanding the conversation on what is the and the mean. It would be a headache for Roger Goodell because. For him he would like all this to go away I don't know what Alex no doubt you don't whether or whether it's a discussion needs to be had or. It should at least be something that work we're considering Colin tapper nick is not a dumb guy he's a Smart guy. He should have thought he was doing through a little bit better in my opinion. But we've talked before and I think you're the when he said petty gone ahead Harry Edwards man he gone to Herm Edwards Robert B real eloquent on it. And say somebody asked him what he would have told cap if cab pass him in the body player this but he just said look. The bottom line is they're needed to be edifying game plan and everybody needed to know exactly why he was taken any right. Because he didn't do that and kind of just flew up the cedars past opens it up for all sorts of interpretations. And a lot of those interpretations are ugly. Right Sophie if he consults with a mentor type thing and does it right from the jump. Then maybe the conversation as liberal more productive and it's been because right now. It's it's just straight conflict right it's either you're on capsize or your not your pistons whoever's on the other side of it right you think third. In other jackal basically. Tom Brady comes out or are let's let's move back to baseball since we're here inside the bigs. Nobody in this topic is not been broached in baseball and I would say because baseball is the court unquote all American sport I know NFL as king. And NBA's closed the gap on NFL patriotic when you think of Americana. In sports is that the baseball right. That's great battle hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet right that's America. Nobody in baseball has taken the standard called attention to what it Bryce Harper did what if Clayton Kershaw did it. White athletes non black athletes in baseball did it that would I think turn the conversation where should go analyze baseball silent about. Then again I don't have all the answers so if one of these athletes. These that you know guys that were talking about did take in the I'm not saying the problems solved error I'm just saying I feel like from a far the media would be for Roma loop like. There's some solidarity between these. OK Derek Kerr to get me because he knows what's going on over here is wrong. Any Timmy would let the air out of it's just a black being if that makes it hard to like socialites like why athletes everybody in the markets see what's going on. And in in how bad it lyrics. I just think it would be a a great look. You know that we're all unified is opposed to you know guys behind the microphone saying you know. This is ugly we we give what's going on but I just surprised. That in and now I read article real quick here they're surprised more black athletes have not taken me. You have back there I am I am too I'm a more but more than that I'm a little bit saddened. Not completely surprised but that. I'm non black athlete has not stepped up and put their neck out for this cause because it's not just a black white issue. Not just a black issue it's an American issue. It affects all of us and needs to be discussed in if a non black athlete. Would. Stick himself out there and it expands the conversation that I you know. Like you're him this where I can get heavy political roller derby is like these come in tomorrow for marsh on in the raiders exactly I don't. Only Connolly at the end that you've got this I mean this is about the man. There's no way you can say. That this is going away for the Oakland writers who have Super Bowl aspirations and I'm not saying that they don't have the capability to to work through this moment you will agree. That was a monkey wrench in the season yesterday right in this this media this beast we call the media you know I hear they are going to be. All eyes forget to block all eyes are going to be on the town come tomorrow morning I agree real quick on the Penske auto sales are contacts line 957 and five somebody from five to insist. How is the president bad guy and that's. OK and I exited out at ID don't I'll say it he hasn't condoned I mean yeah hasn't condemned what happened in Charlottesville. He's done nothing of the sort. I'm not gonna make this political right but if you're wondering how the president could be burst perceived as the bad guy and this you need to climb out from under that rock Cuban Haydn under. And look at the world going on around in fact Tate go to Twitter that the low hanging fruit did you see the letter that the group wrote to each other guests saying white supremacists they're saying look basically saying look. Heating and condemn SO which means it can don't think it's fair and that's all these jackal need right the slightest opening anyway that's the end of our political rant will get back. To baseball and we're gonna do that would Vince control you know he's one of the voices raised baseball is can join us next Michael Irvin. He's Darryl Johnson herbs into route 95 some again. Do remember this song. First off maybe the name of their hero gangster ago I got this in the deck right now Choi young Nick Brown is pumping this up in the deck I got it on my phone in the deadly. It's it's. I'm by the way we gotta give some love it this is your first solo flight on into the bigs Greg nick. I can't hear nick laughed out of this OK all sorts of technical difficulties unintelligible anyway and only now they have it until next version join in this. Anyway we appreciate your patience. Again. We opened the show waited a little bit and on baseball little book political stuff. It's not what we typically do here but sometimes though something is big enough that you got to kind of address that Dan. All kind of wrap it up for this and I'll give you tested to give your final thoughts to root. Like we're saying. Right or wrong baseball is viewed as the most American sport right up. And at the top of the first inning when the home team. They always wait until the home team takes their positions. So everybody's out there on the field standing are you write that then they play the anthem what if Clayton Kershaw at Dodger Stadium was to starting pitcher. And it's Susie do the anthem he stepped off the back to the mound and to commune with that not take this whole thing to the neck. Level right and he's not doing the floor popularity contest. But what would be so special about that moment is he just basically gave a tip of the cap. To a to the ideology behind what's going on is back at it and I know. Here I am a black man SA is not a black white issue it it is it's about right in the wrong guy to correct and that and that's all that debt that acted I would see a curse shod do. Would just be like you know what that goes a hell of a long way. That's true solidarity agreement when it's just brother supporting Brothers that's great. But it's not as inclusive as again and non black athlete join in the constancy and we're all in this together that's why would like to see. And then using that term in America a real loosely now I can you see things jump off. I don't see that brotherhood. As we all you know there's a lot of people that and understand they got deals they got family and they have jobs and they don't have that equity did Dick Kerr shot that you know hasn't they're afraid they're looking captaincy would work what he's without so that can beat him I give it. But it the end of the day the guys that have dat. You know and Eli may mean I know is now football's there are marriages of whoever is it to me is just it would be good optics. I agree I agree a 100% I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson together we are her anger Rupp thank you for checking us out inside debates will be taking all the way up until noon. After a head fake in as we are going out from the last segment. Vince control you know of this is my mistake a 100% my mistake. The wheels are a little bit wobbly on inside the stakes so high in the first hour. Vince needed to come on at 915. We weren't even on the air at 915 so. We miss Vance will make it up maybe he can during his little bit later the man OC yeah but we're gonna get a big dose of Dallas Braden. I mean let's face it. Your favorite guest on into the big very. Non regular bowel division on regular division is sincerely did you yet. But Dallas like I can just say go Dallas and he would due to a 25 minutes and they beat good twins hitless John Estes are battling for a gift for the top spot right past themselves their own follow up questions we don't think it's. Seriously turn in my shop part let's get back to what we. Tried to open the show with. Bryce Harper and his injury looked. I'm not a national stand I am Bryce Harper fan he's my favorite player in baseball because I never knew that yeah he's he's a character he's. You know he's not afraid to speak up. Yeah he's a little bit cocky he's limit arrogant old guess what so is every other great player in every sport name not be as vocal. Whether arrogance or their self confident. But you cannot be great without thinking your great Bryce Harper think she's great he is great. Now he's hurt now he's on the DL it's the ten day DL not a fifteen anymore. But as you told me guru the last segment you know it's just to bone bruise on a Sid just about Amber's. It's bigger than that apparently this is something that could keep him out for a Democrat on home brews two years ago in the playoffs and try to he did come back. But he never that lateral movement was bay get on glare yeah. So it's certainly better than the initial. Thought was that it tore his ACL in his and CEO. The main reason I. We're leading with this in and I think you're whipping. Dusty Baker's rusher manager of all time periods I love dusty I used to when I was covering. If I was at a game. Between. Your teams in one of them was managed by dusty and I was assigned to cover the other team. Normally when you do that you don't go to the other team's clubhouse you don't go listen their manager you focus on the team you're signed to. At their two managers that if I wasn't assigned to their team but their team is there. That I would do everything I could to make sure I caught their man exist in the other one outside of I don't think you're just he does manage anymore. Bob gear. Are totally differ is in no loop now to reload just as he's. I mean you could not I felt bad for the radio guys because you wanna go get sound from the manager. And loop and allies Torre did this on purpose if he saw someone recording him. He would drop an F bomb every like three words just to make sure that they couldn't hear the sound of the most hilarious but. Totally different reason why I listen why I enjoyed hearing Dusty Baker. I mean talk about them I just I'm just learning. Some of the vernacular of the young kids Tommy call our producer today atomic call the third Miami Tommy Cummings adult Miami Tom okay. I asked for verification on their MI on the right track with what woke means. Thought I knew just wanted to make sure that I was misusing it. Dusty Baker is about as woke as a big league manager can get right yeah I mean even kids are down a Dusty Baker he's cool he rocks a toothpick. Very different goals to Sacramento very difficult to look anything other than. Just. I don't know I think it's a bad luck for everybody but dusty to have a toothpick in your mouth somehow he makes that look cool. A toothpick or a lollipop you ever seen anybody other than dusty rocket toothpick or lollipop maybe tele Somalis Unicode he's going to know Jack yeah. Those military cat they can make. A lollipop or a toothpick to look not to pick you as a player like yeah it is Sampras you know but. I'm just out I love dusty on a personal level. But I'll never forget his mismanagement. Of a bull pays an pitchers hand all their asserting that what he did to the cubs prior nodded as Kerry Wood my point is what he did it would Russ Ortiz is. It knocked him out of my mount Rushmore and managers pinkie doesn't have a problem and I love you desde he has. Problem. Managing pitchers knew what he what he did in that moment to give on the ball. No you can't really think it was all. Obviously he thought it was over here keep a souvenir and they knew about two in the World Series nice job kid. He's a role especially somebody is old school is dusty who have been around McCain since he was like. He's he's been in the in the pro game since he was a teenager freaks you know better than to mess with the baseball gods and have a player. I was like. Walking up to the baseball gods just taunting them access and they finally did away an Angel salt and they just slapped his NASA's senior army duties and Scott Spiezio. Oh my god in the slept that night if most destitute there was no reason to show well for the next game that day it goes over. I agree that that that missed was worked to get. I would never forget that. I was covering that series for And I was I was an a's beat writer at the time is got knocked out the first round again but. It was kind of a feather in your cap if your team wasn't in the playoffs and MLB still sing you the rest of us right saw Jackson got the assignment as early in my baseball career. And I'm in the insular he press box or auxiliary press box which was. High above right field high above the right field corner. So when Spiezio hit that ball man it was like it was coming right to me and it is coming to me and I'm like I Kimberly this ball's going to be out and it's not like. Was way out it was a squeaker where he's at now would go in nearly got out but I mean the second it was hit unlike. Man and here come to your right as soon as that ball went into the stands. No need even show up for the seventh game but back to my original point. When Bryce Harper went down the first thing I thought of as does the in my demo dusty wind something I'm good I know he's got that bad reputation. Cheney ruined some careers in Chicago I don't know how fair that is an endless I've covered that team. They knew exactly what was going on eleven go to a hundred and what they want it's I don't get why not. Oh when does he was coming up your baseball everybody through 120 some pitches and they never went on the DL. You know how many times Nolan Ryan threw more than a 120 minutes it's is different the milk in the water everything it's in the Fallujah. Crap it's crap we are baiting America's arms. You plant and oak tree jump wasn't. Is a wasn't around it like it is now assuming. Weightlifting for pitchers is long talks. No now people of fallen in love with the mayor and their actually lifting weights which means they're losing flexibility in their attendance in their muscles and they're getting her more often. You plant in oak tree included in the greenhouse with a twelve foot roof at all as at oak tree gonna grow. Twelve feet right it's gonna stop but the roof it's being shopped you've plant that oak tree out in the open not known ten and let it do what it wants. It's gonna grow you know until it's done growing. It's the same thing with a pitcher's arm if you cap hit if you say I don't want you playing long toss you can't play catch it 2025300. Yards 300 feet. I don't want you doing that that's bad for your arm no it's not it's good for your arm. The whole point of weightlifting is what breakdown of muscle so builds itself back up stronger right. That's what long toss does it breaks down the muscle if he long gates the muscle. Breaks it down and build back up long toss is the only weightlifting that pitchers need to keep their arms helping. But now teams they're so scared the money is involved. There's pitch counts they capped the distance at which pitchers can play catch are you kidding me. Guys at 25 girl man in the prime of his life strong as well where to have your mind no avail oral. This is such a new wave staying. A hundred pitches the guys are doctor falloff and 401. Talked to the guy in yeah most pitchers you would like it anchored to say I'm good I'm good even if they're not. So you got to figure out the different personalities who connect completely trust who can't I trust. But dammit back in the day guys throw a 145 pitches any game and I didn't live on the DL. They started every four days of every five days. Feel like we need to package this that this segment. And I can go with a briefcase. Demand for it in the MLB office in say this is what's wrong with pitchers are just listen impressed play I'm telling you and just have what's your stand. Which set but might every pitch is not in the gym though how many times a lot of pitchers are. How many times to hear the your memory was Zito on the disabled list with a arm injury not that many at all never won the very few pitchers in Major League Baseball who played long toss at 300 yards never lifted away. Never went on the deal with the arm problems. He's a long toss. Alan Yeager is kind of he's a pitching guru for lack of a better word de Jager sports bearing his work with them he does these armed bands stretching exercise that along it's the muscle. He has been trying. A wake up baseball to the problem of arm injuries for a long time. And telling them look guys and how about this Nolan Ryan when he was part of the leadership of the Rangers was the one guy in baseball that listened to Alan Jaeger. Alan. JA EG ER if you're interested and how unarmed should be treated. Go to Yeager sports JA the GPR. This guy knows exactly what you should be doing with young arms. Throw throw throw throw your normal get stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger on fifteen egg and now and I'm gonna die it's not I'm telling you. With my young pitchers are I'd I'd coach pitchers privately right when I have the time I try to do what lefties on top like to work with young kids. And I tell them don't lift weights. Play long toss every day for like 510 minutes and have a guy who started with me when he was six years old six years old he started with me right he's twelve now. This kid's arm is. Crazies for obvious he's given me a lot stronger twelve it was a six. I've seen a difference between age ten and eleven. Because he plays long toss every day I'll tell our velocity that tell you keep arms. Strong pitch it drives me nuts that's why. When dusty gets ripped. For supposedly wearing these guys out and having him throw too many pitches. I just my eyes glaze over economic you don't know baseball you don't know arms. I do know baseball I do know arms long toss and stay out of the weight room you'll add strength and velocity what what are you good at that that was that was great. But what about now. The the cat is out the back. His doctors have spoken instead. Pitchers are better if you have Tommy John surgery then if you didn't I know it's like an elective surgery that kept coming out of the dot is that he just said. That is just that blows me away to the guys are going under the knife. They can't aren't going to be by sonic are somewhat bitter. And there's some truth to it to where I'm just like we've given. Up on trying to fix the pitcher from going under the knife herbs and that's why a hundred pitches or more. You're you're you're the dimple in baseball I know it's ridiculous to let them go their strong young man let them. Rope more we have blown the clock and huge where were all of our resume that I don't know and I doubt it is still wearing it conversation at a near look idea. I don't know maybe that the line back into the glass but the clock Hezbro. Turn the clock is broke so it's fine that we broke the clock it's all good. All Michael Irvin here is Darryl Johnson when we come back everything in life has labeled. One of two ways. That would be good for ball or bad for ball should the base is be dry all the time. Should we have somebody like the NBA go run out and why the base every time now. That's a conversation or somebody's age and a half by eleven in the commissioner's office did today or tomorrow morning it's a real I just wanna see you with a briefcase walking in Dubrovnik how about a lawsuit too bad because it stars get it from all bad for bomber she's due route 957 again. I'm not easily. Better job of grim news. The change. Joyner to. And I'm Michael Irvin and goes through. We got a brand ourselves right we got to build the brand. It's you who likes and herbs and Darryl Johnson I think we have a regional like dad I felt like him in class and to conserve more. Everything in life can be labeled one of two ways hit it nick. For every vote she ever feel good to you again. Yourself wannabe. Time tour. Worked that through. You say yeah. Here's Michael her dad I. Just real quick did Joe Buck yeah that was disgusting act is that when. The down there on the dirt and staff got a capacity this remember. He'd he'd like. That yes he did as it's talked his way around. The memo outlining steps you can do no wrong and your staff. All right. Everything in life can be labeled wanna. Two ways it doesn't have to be baseball doesn't have to be sport can just be regular life. My or just giving example of good for ball. Apple jacks. We like double Jackson's serial. Big fan. The milk you're done eating dog actually rebels right cocoa and good for ball there can be as simple as that like all be eating half halfway through. A bowl of cereal apple jacks and I'll just look up. In my daughter and a link. These are good football now do you do the regular bowler the ice cube on Friday bowl whereas the big cake you know you dump the whole thing in the yeah I haven't put cereal and a regular bowl in year now because back when I was just getting my journalism career started. I was being paid so little. That here were my two meals of the day. One was a half a box of Manny nine cents a box serial. Where did I forget is that by detailed and anchored zeile hit some sort of anyways back my other meal of the day it was a lettuce sandwich. I would buy a loaf of bread for 99 cents selected dale that's what it was there's dale Thursday. Hostess shoppers something nice and which yeah lettuce sandwich a tech can afford me. You don't covering JV high school volleyball games. Right for a living you know make a lot of money doing that it's a labor love that I got where I got. That shows you that I have a lot of lettuce sandwiches I put my timing and I ain't never gonna get rich being in the media and lesser skip Bayless and you wanna be you know basically whore yourself out from. Be somebody that you're not that you think skip Bayless really yells at people that much now we probably only does onset. These figure out a way to get paint that's what America responsive people screaming at each other I'm proud of our show could we never do that while. Right. Skip Bayless palpable there there's announced non sports faults kind of sports like an example you do want to. Your your total ESP and no I'm not one of those kids I just not now one of those heads on dissent here big fair now I don't appreciate you know everything about national media. Right here consumer. That's not a bad thing. I'm saying your very well versed in what many people talking is now like I get my Ramon. Scour the the cable channels in the come up with my iPod my my my takes you took that from what I said. Yeah hunger. It's getting to go for a veteran of players weekend nickname is coming up guru and we have railed against the lack of creativity. In baseball for a long time. They use every single team in the league this city here's what the Jersey is gonna look like. And here's an example of one of the players on that team and what their nickname is going to be. You know the example for the giants was. Number I got number 28. And guess what the name atop the let the members Wallace. Polls. Buster. Does a nickname aren't just. Aim is that it I mean neither Gingrich had his name is Gerald Posey guided by Captain America buster. Right I mean busters got his nickname that everybody in the world calls but are you telling me that's what's gonna be on his back positive says that there will be released. That's preferable you know let's get the clock right now the next segment we're really talking. Would Dallas Braden for good long time and he is good for ball there's no doubt about it. Serena get Dallas and he is going to share the or this. For good long time remembering a third body on a third head. In too good for ball bad for ball we would like you to join us AAA on 57. 9257 in Penske auto still stuck Comtex 995795. It's good for ball it's bad for ball. It's Dallas Braden who strangely enough can be both at the same time calmer seas to route 95 some again.