First Hour 7-15

Rick Tittle
Saturday, July 15th

Rick Tittle talks about why he doesn't want the A's to trade Sonny Gray and then talks to Dallas Braden.


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Thanks so much and welcome Jew not a five point 7 the game I am I correct so great to be with you live from the DG DG dot com studios here in the twelfth floor the intercom building downtown San Francisco. And in studio for the next two hours doing. General sports talk with lieutenant colonel Rick till match 5 o'clock we will get to the dugout show. On how that for you as well and we'll get you warmed up for the Oakland a's hosting the Cleveland Indians at the coliseum purse her right here not 57 the game. And that's tonight a very interesting pitching. Match up beyond that Paul Blackburn from Brent would go on up against one of the best in the business in. Corey clover. First pitch is an hour early it's normal for a Saturday night game at least for the last few years is going to be a 6051. Pitch. So that leaves us with that too nice hours to get into all sorts of trouble. Speaking of trouble in Dallas Braden is gonna join us. And a half hour at 330 of course an analyst for NBC sports. And if you never heard of them where you've been of course a a perfect game thrown at the coliseum. Seven years ago the pride of the two on nine dolls Braden will join us at 330 and then Damon margin. He'll join us at 430. And he writes for UFC dot com he's a veteran MMA reporter for the last fifteen years. And I wanna get into you some of the things that I mean it's just too easy to say hey McGregor is taken on Mayweather let's see what happens. And I think if you're a a sports fan for a long time. You have a general concept about the sweet science there are a lot of things and MMA that I don't understand. Tactically. And when I'm thinking about it MMA guy having to just box. And to ignore all the muscle memory that comes with everything else that you strike and grapple and all the things that you do that you can't do anymore outside of your fist. And your fists and a certain way too. That Saddam I need to talk to Damon about Powell. They guy is gonna go about the so he's gonna join us at 430 until then the lines are open as they always are AAA at 957. And 9570. Once again 888957. To 570. You can always Shimmy attacks on the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. We cover all the teams here. That's what we do. But I do need to ask a question. Two giants fans out there as well as I wanna hear what your input is com we saw yesterday that Apollo some of all got designated for assignment. By the Boston Red Sox. And we know that it was say a little bit of a I was a little bit surprised we kind of thought maybe they'll move on firm but that when it happens you're still. Police I was still little bit taken a back I mean think about how much money. They're gonna eat and in two and a half years only play at 161. Games and even hit 250. It just did not work out for him and the question was. Would you take him back and San Francisco. Specially if you know they're gonna trade Nina has knocked him third baseman would you take him back. And allied you know talking the giants fans I didn't think that was. Worth bring in up yesterday but today. The hearing. Rumors that he wants to come back now we need to talk about. And I need to ask giants fans out there do you want him back. Do you want Pablo son of all bar. Now there are a lot of people who I have long memories. Like elephants in Oakland. And there are remember that he said the only people on this. Basically saying in a less than passing away without naming names I'm not gonna miss Crawford and panic and bomb garner and Posey knocked in a miss those guys. I'm not gonna miss rags and Carty. And crew contrived and everybody also that. Some idiot thing screw him he already talks smack I don't want him back. Or are you say and what they got we got NAFTA and this is where he belongs this is where he should. And the reports were at the time when he signed two and a half years ago was that. It was a 95 million dollar offer from both the Red Sox. And the giants. Now he got a ring intent was a big part of things but obviously huge part into one Ian in twelve and then fourteen. And a guy who was so beloved out here what the panda hats. And down it we wondered. When he went to Boston and the scrutiny. Of that town in the press because out here in the press. Is who ruthless. That in a way act how likely. We don't have to jump all over you when you're having dinner and follow you home like they do hope from the East Coast. Is basically whatever you put on social media is what we know about you were were not we have our own problems on our own lives. Unlike the East Coast where they don't and they will follow you and your life is something that they wanna print at all times. And so I was wondering that leaving a a Bay Area media which would give you a good coming at best memory in the Bay Area if you go to the championship and lose it. The Bay Area media will say thanks for the ride to. Man that was fun. While we got so close in Boston and New York now. Why did you lose. Why did you lose you wicket morons. So you wonder I mean never publish on the mall. Had the accusation that I sexual assault downing count but Tola and it was Dicey as to what was gonna happen. Did the giants fans. And listen he didn't and getting arrested for that. But the giants fans say hey you know what it's all fishy now where there's smoke there's fire why would this girl go to the police have 4:15 in the morning if something didn't happen. Nobody said that for more than about ten minutes and the giants fans took him back. At that what if that happened in Boston. For what of that now there where he's not a beloved he hasn't built up this equity of panda hats. I could say look. I'm a giants fan and I don't like him because he's lousy. You could say that and I guess com but the thing is on the one hand I do understand. Why he left and it was just more change for the sake it shouldn't. At three rings out here it's only organization he had ever known. They loved him they had the panda hats they forgave him for any kind of you know trans get transgressions that at least weren't. Turning into prison sentences. But then there's big poppy and there's that band box and there is that green monster. Where every fly ball the left is now going to be a double thing about that if he goes off Bo pop up it's now late double instead of a fly out. And it's just it's a different league it's a different coast it's a different way L life it's different. Whether. Much hotter in the summer much more cold in the fall on the winner. And I could see where he'd be like you know I'm all things being equal. What more can I do here I'm gonna go check it out. So I didn't begrudge him and I didn't think he was some sort of Judith Serb Benedict Arnold because he was gonna leave. But I think we all kind of questioned the fact that he has not he has zero equity in Boston where are they will buy your had a so the fans set into him pretty early. When the results weren't there. And the weight issue that they are there was one point when he was with the giants were the wave he said look I've lost forty pounds and he got down. From like 260 to 22 whiny. And you Tony for most people all it's cold but fab but for him he looked really good. But the fact of the matter is is that he could be. Fact and still rake. So you know he goes the World Series against the tigers it's three home runs and one game a couple of her Lander. And he's fat cell in his mind he's probably thinking why why is everybody sold SaaS was me being skinny I still play pretty good defensive third base. Com and I can break. So what's the problem if I get pictures taken of me on social media with a big giant kitchen sink full of ice cream and banana splits and hot fudge. Era picture of what's the what's the big deal that. Sell you know baseball is the one sport where you get a lot of guys who don't look athletic didn't get a nerdy guy glasses didn't get a big kind of gangly dork. You can get a fat guy. That's one of the reasons I like baseball you just sometimes you never know the black guy you know he's he's too short he's too solid and I'll do that riot club I'll do is one of the best player on the planet and about two they've played in in New York. He'd have way more commercials than just five hour energy. Right now. Want to hop on during the five hour energy aloe lecture. So giants fans. A man and don't break the phone lines while calling it wants to Picchu on panda back. AAA 957. And 9570. Penske out of cells doc contacts like 95795. Rich in the 510 says. How about Oakland bring in the panda and let him her play first base if they trade Yonder. Now on I'll tell you why your reasons. Number one. He's not a first baseman and he gave that kid that's actually two reasons. The other one. And I think he can if you dedicate himself I think he could get himself back to be an okay player because he has an innate ability that very few people on the planet hasn't had as he can hit Major League pitching. If he's dedicated to his craft and you wanna get cheesy about it but. The days that's not the direction. They're gonna ago I know they went on and got our our Rodger Davis and a plume fan and Matt Joyce and guys like that. Why you don't wanna bring in all got to play first when you've got two young guys. Who basically our first baseman now Ryan Healy is gonna play first because he just doesn't have the glove the plane URLs. He's too big for the outfield. And you look at Matt Olson of Matt Olson can hit now it's been a very very small sample size for him he's more than natural first baseman. So you're not going to block those two guys path you'll block it will win the auditor for a year and he came back for year. You'll block it for him you guys got Tony one Jack she's the only all star on the whole team and he plays great defense but you're not gonna block it for a guy like panda. But thanks for the the taxed from the 95 it's a losing season so there are no giants' fans just crickets. 65 vote don't wanna pay panned fifteen million. Well they wait until he's released LA dependent on minimum and in the Red Sox will pick up the rest. And that's what's gonna happen no one is gonna that the DFA as party been in and no one's gonna put in a claim form. They're just gonna wait he's not worth putting in a point four right now. But I do admire the ambition of a team. Like Boston I think it's easy to pointed teams. Like the Dodgers and then the the Red Sox and and even the giants for pan. High prices for guys that don't work out. You know scooter rose deal Sarah Cisco I think was really more or reward for what he did after came over from the rocks in the World Series in the pouring rain of the NLCS and everything else he didn't. Up Don he got his skills were waning without us to me also more of a reward for thanks to you for what you've done in the past but maybe on now. But sound. I know that there's some people out there and they did talk to one giants fan who does want him back because he feels that this is where he's loved. This is where he's quote understood. And the fans will be all excited because at third base right now I mean Arroyo play they're a little bit when he was one Nunez was hurt. They put. Is gonna last in the the bigs or not he's as is hidden under 200 now may play a little bit about field. So while a mug here for you to believe 957957. Discuss those stuck around to excellent 95795. The other thing that I wanted to talk about today. And this is for the a's fans out there of which I am one I've never. Iraq got start in this business in the eighties people who sit over here in San Francisco don't tell people you're an Oakland fan my life so I can pretend to be and minor in a giants fan. I donate those teams I watch some in my whole life because I'm in the Bay Area about their raid any sort of you know posture that I am not impartial very partial to the days but then again I hope my teams in the highest possible standard. I hold undo a championship standard and I'm not a thanks for the ride type of guy. And when winning is not a priority I call these guys out and this is the thing about Sonny gray being shopped right now he on his cellphone got. Already say forty tax from people all do the deal the cubs is done. It wasn't. And Sonny said paraphrasing I put my phone away I can't look at that and and anyone out there and he was outstanding. Senate Grey's last four starts ZR as one point 33. He's got two more very very cheap years of team control left. Very very cheap if you are achieve this this is the exact kind of guy the a's want. I got you can draft. You pay him 500 K for three years and then he goes and his our Beers and you Paymah pittance of three and a half mil and then was beginning in next year. Six and went after that eight and a half. Get number ten Miller right now out of country breakfast just to not play for the so there's no rush I understand trading Yonder I understand trading Lowery. BA's are going to the playoffs. And they're not those two gentlemen are not going to be on the team next year because they're gonna earn more money in the a's will offer. So why would you hold on guys are gonna walk away for the compensatory pick I got compensatory picks coming out of my clothes cool idea. I don't want to compensatory pick. I would rather get someone who actually has been drafted and has showed. They can put up with not just the grind of being a professional baseball player but that they are destroying at at least double. You look at that White Sox deal. For our team to Honda and Canton. I still I think the cubs got the better part of that deal. The guys on a contract next year and then very affordable team options for two years after that for an all star starting pitcher. And engulf all he lawyer who men as is the number five overall. Prospect. In a ball it might work out. It might. The cubs dominated. That trade old Dylan ceases really good in a ball. It's going to be a few years before you can say all they got the better of that on the south side. I'm not into these quote on call halls are like I still still to this today Allah second believe the raiders moved to back. And now after twenty years are gonna move again. I was gonna feel like some kind of weird dream today actually come back for Bonior of I still can't believe that they traded GO Gonzales the Billy Beane traded Jim Gonzales right after his all star appearance strikes Jay Bruce and you know out of the best kid ever. Just about the start three years of very affordable team control. And I remember being on these airwaves and people talking about the key hole I went home. Brad peacock Tommy Malone. Gary Norris AJ Cole. Great trade. Disaster. Like Hudson. I'm you talk about Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz pull the wool over the eyes on the days Charles Thomas as the best offensive left fielder I've ever seen Bobby Cox said that. No Danny Meyer cruise the reliever and the what are Hudson do he pitched for what. I'm not the earth fifteen years after that. It's just the same thing over and over again sell you always have to leave your phone on not. Because. This is earth and on earth Wayne Gretzky got traded in his prime sell you can't take it off the hook and not take your call. Just in case Bryant. You are overwhelmed. The only trade where I thought the a's got a top prospect in the last two years would shaman are from Ben Zobrist and that was a win win for both teams is a wrist was a rental for the royals. They won the World Series you went to the cubs they won the World Series. Ever bends over his first at bat for the a's have a calls him opening night homer on. Love actor. Allison and you blinked and it was off the case but getting shaman I have their top pitching prosper that was a great trade that was a win win. And I you can argue that and not as going to be the rock. The ace of the rotation for a long time unless he's dealt when has our Beers come out. My point is it's just and I don't care about oh when they get the new stadium they're gonna start locking people up I don't believe effort to seconds my fingers are crossed and I hope that you than a leopards gonna change his spots and in his sixties. And suddenly fish is gonna be like let's see ego what do Franklin Barreto gets good guy. Right limber I don't turns into a two time all star he's hitting 330 what Tony five bombs a year all night got a Pam. Well not even that forget the 200 million dollar contract. He's going into his our Beers now. Now's the time to deal them. Why I can't I can't free again Kate cute anymore. Here's your the fan base is being when Sonny gray gets traded the fans will be spat upon. You'll be you'll have to remove this it from your face when Sonny gray gets traded if he gets traded this July. Because there's absolutely no reason to trade and with two more controllable years left and don't tell me you're gonna get a bigger haul because a one more year. Unless you really do you if the Astros say cares about talker tears Fisher then okay. What is the freaking rush. This that I talked to Bob nightingale from USA today the other day and he says. He thinks kids are gonna trade him because the days are convinced he's not gonna stay healthy and they want a trade while he still healthy. If that is the reason. Then that does make some sense if BA is doctors have and not just the nick proper rest is in the world but the doctor Alan Ponce and others. If they can see there if they've looked at sunny and said you know why it's only a matter of time. Now that's the way I feel about Doolittle. Little's been great lately I'm convinced he's gonna get hurt again any minute. And I hope I'm wrong and I'm sorry to say that out loud Sean but that's how I feel any second he's gonna get hurt again and not and when do liberals out. Is not on the ten day DL he's out for six months at the time it feels like. Cell they have dual delegates move that's gonna break a lot of hearts but I understand. It's sunny a tin man TU a's fan is he really such a tin man. That you gotta give which he can form right now. That's a thing there's no rush. I understand the a's are going to the playoffs this year. And if you wanna say what good is he are they going to the class the next two years what good will it do. Well that all war if you're overwhelmed if you trade him for Brad peacock and Tony Malone. Then it would have been a waste if you trade them for Brett Lawrie and Kendall bereavement. That'll be a waste. Let go what he did look at his last four starts 0133. ERA. Two years a team control you could wait even until he's a free agent you don't wait until he is in his walk year. And you'll get something form look at Rich Hill last year. Put together whether erratic they brought in three of the top pitching prospects in the dodgers' farm system. And those guys were rentals. You really tell me that Sonny gray wouldn't get any return even as a rental. Sell the other thing is if this was just some team and I look at we're gonna get for gray let's do it. You know appeared to complete burn it to the ground rebound. Rebuild like Chicago. On the south side is right now I'm in the but they got for Chris Sale. You got you on my Scotty got decade cope hackers draw under one miles per hour you got a lot. They're going on a full rebuilt. As it stands right now what are the a's need to rebuild. They need they need outfield cupboard is bare now feel that they set Tucker Fisher. I hope he's not just rated for one top prospect. And then a bunch of low A scrubs you know plays hi hey Tim Tebow that's who plays high day. So I'm not interested the a's have those guys have you looked at the ports. Have you looked at pocket now Jefferies and shore are heard I like those guys there is somehow coming up to. I like Murphy the catcher at Stockton. Where she you're always gonna try to improve in every position. It's just that I'm sick of it I I am I feel nervous about it. Sunny getting those tax and going out there are IE I'm not related to him but I felt like young you know I was like a relative of mine I felt bad form. And I just have this sick feeling I'm gonna wake up and I'm Guinea here are. You know Jolo and did just like I heard. Italian view Kurt talking about assessment is for Lester had to pull over the car indeed dry heaves. I'm sick of it. When are they ever gonna hold on day anybody richt till 957 again. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven games. Most of does his welcome back to about a five point seven the game great to have you with us Rick hill with view. Take yellow lab in sill. The network pregame show here we go first pitch at six so five Blackburn verses that clue were pretty good match up of cy young and sci old and Toby Indians that aids. Right now it's. Great to welcome a Dallas Braden back to these airwaves of course a former. Major League pitcher or member of the a perfect game on. Mother's Day and now course and analyst for NBC sports. California and Dallas south ridge also view last night you had the best seat I think I've ever seen a broadcaster have in the history. Of baseball right behind the screen did you did you ask for that spot. I tell you out in huge gallery at the right well I wish that the odds don't recruit here. Agreed idea. It Q as you saw flawlessly. On you know I had opportunity previously. That you would gain in Chicago Wrigley Field. Quite a plea actually in the stands. With the hands so. You know I'm aware of your potentially becoming so what here at all. The imprint with an appeal would ban some of the boats at eight all it was a great time. And yet he is. Try to sites out to melt the game just one step closer to the pokes at all. And I the approach you know talking about what I see visually from that angle like year you know and I think it should added. Dimension to the broadcasted. These guys here it'd be he continued to move the needle in regard. And then I think about you know you grow up in Stockton go to the coliseum as a kid to even dream about you know put on a big league uniform much less pitching. Perfect game and then to get paid to sit there at the dream lives on. I think I think I think I have all that cork the bet you that. That a guy out no doubt about it I mean and it becomes real. Just looking out on the field understanding I was given the opportunity to play at a point in time you're and a sheer mean you'll cheer spear it is. With Brinkley some of the things that went up for myself as a ball player and actually they're cheap like you to enjoy the way they eat cake in the ball game. And awaited district their team. Took a fan base signature on it. Corey calling B be cured Oakland. All right take good stuff as we know unfortunately ever since the Haas family. The days are a bus stop they're not a home you comfort fears if you get ged you're gone and now it's Sonny's turn. And I I don't wanna see him go he still got two warriors a team control. I never think the a's get that kind of prospects that a player like that would. Would deserve but whether it's smolder Heidi. You know Donaldson GL at some point I just I want it to stop I feel like I'm wake up eleven nervous feeling I feel like I'm gonna throw up what are your thoughts about sunny may beginning moved here. What do you will again. And I think there are a lot of air play your doctor into oil equation. Our organization is concerned the outlook right we understand. Money ball out it shell were mad at me street. We teach you an inside look at how the court to go. Out the organization. That. Would you have guys that hit that circuit scratched mr. the very early. On what your future career could look like all of a sunny great. Site insurance at all so aren't we keep these guys you mentioned. The at some point aren't you late and so year. You know whether it be affordable or whatever the case. They move on. The thing that I think about it. We're headed. Our organization. We got a new ballpark on the right then I'd be IQ people excited. And and how are all great people to get excited about the product on the field. Continue to grow continue to. Better bet you know your apps aren't took the burst around the tree that why you feel like that your ignore all of the debate. Could be obsolete tomorrow. Dusty you really think that if we get a new stadium here I say we is a lifelong a's fan. That a leopard is gonna change its spots and you know I just give an example what if what do Barreto turns into a three and 330 hitter and Tony five and a hundred. Are they gonna give him a 150 million dollar contract I just I can't see those guys changing and start to act like that kind of ownership. What you can't see it because maybe the revenue generated they'll but realistically in a position. But given the sources I can't argue don't beat wake up you are excited about the future you take a look at why. Our quarrel with the circuit out. It's going to view littered with light spot to look forward to start that are Tashard in the galaxy your area and you might parade. Can be on intra EU on the implant. And excited about. Some of the stadium. With eighteen he's like well a war call it. They don't pay it. They came and they haven't wept and separate culture. A lot when you're able Australia championships he. In a matter bite your particular area. So understanding. The new ballpark you do not expert in any sport the players and sell it trying to get guys to call you right agent. You were paid or at least attempt to get that year. And it's going to change your going to teach out at third base deeper into battle Gorky Park Slope and it the issue that he won all over the outfield would go. You're going to the only thing you gonna be dropping on the European Tuesday to read. A total adult spread and I certainly hope you're right and it's that they're gonna we're gonna put it to the task to those guys are Ambien go on another. Is there has you know if here on the giants you can buy a house they're gonna I'll lock you up for a long time. Is there almost a gallows humor what DA is among the vets I mean if your kid you're just happy to be in the bigs I get it but. Did the vets that these guys all kind of know hey at some point I'm gonna get moved here. I mean it's sort of they expect it but it's something you understand. What you become part of that organization and a earlier. It something. An. Opportunity to you strap on the fourth. Well the collective unit. Because that's what they saw the effort made your way out western you know they they got the arms that they were going to be a couple should chip didn't. So keep it will partner Patrick. You. Took eight. You need to make him or cheaper the game should be Smart pitcher out Allah that you might be able what do you are on. Continue to grow in the board will be especially your career. Tonight we got a kid from a brown led Paul Blackburn who has been better than anybody could have expected his first two starts and you know even though is a first round pick I talked to a few people said you know that he. He wasn't like a top ten pick because feeble little like the velocity by about who cares if you're getting guys out when you look at him. I because you know we've seen the Jason windsors and the Gramm god freeze come up and do this for two games and then we never hear from again why should we expect this got to stick around. It called its ability to understand why you're getting. That they were taking between where it from the yacht or mention too. You made my injuries are hiking up so I stated in the aisle the guys. The right handers that. Or below Haiti's B roll out or did that and we're we think that we property at its anchor at the movement. You understand the missing out. And better. You two out there could let it will make you catch up and catch up. And move on you I didn't do it. He wore the operative were understand. TO. YE eating out keep getting you the reader to understand what aren't you. Met that the huge Alpert guy. You can't step on the mound and just stop reported. You have to exit cerebral approach them. And you guys called him Bernie says the burning lean gonna come back. Oh I don't know I think that would probably on the show that it is but. Know what we had their leader of an open door property keeps doing respect. Up more questions for dolls bread ritual with united 57 a game to see the and everyone says it's coming next year the 22. Pitch clock in a night I hate any clocks in baseball and the good lord intended did but we've seen in the other clocks umpires basically ignore them. As a pitcher I can only imagine how nerve racking that would be to have this stupid clock ticking down. And rushing you as a former big league pitcher are your thoughts on the 22 pitch clocked. Wall you go look at the numbers I believe I was working quicker at it he reached pitch. So. Somebody who understand the value in. East issue when he'll in younger so ready to make that great play. I'm worried about the clock but yet yet they are going to bring army. Into our sport it is crucial because it would start to bring. In to a game you start to. Had an element of strategy and it's kind of how are going to be applied. You know where it can be you know actually beat out. People are more often they've ever been because we got little. Out so when you talk about high end games slowed things down in. And to try to beat you up. I hit it there. I mean that we do is eliminate or curtail. The mound meeting between a accurate picture typically the way out. Quick pitching coach. But in between a bout it like out there are two sometimes three times. Where. That's where soared to waste time here at the the pitcher. Call your game and catcher called it keep quiet and I keep you on the page that big league level. I have a conversation with the pitching coach out there. All the best to. One more question for you and I know I Rich Hill said that he never had blisters like he has now. Because the in of the supposedly the bald in the laces or lower to make the trajectory better fur. For Paul runs and I thought that was a curious thing to say because I would think get the laces were higher you'd give blisters you understand what he's talking about. I totally understand what do you think about the note that the teams are higher and that is created it was or not those who you always. Fair. Now at this season or lower which we have. Figured out. Look at the de rigueur. At leopard I believe. Has done a great job of doctor that he. But the numbers in regard to decide the baseball a lot of that the but it seemed smaller wouldn't that mean. I would have to try to shut that much harder to try to create debt spin like the one thing to get. Are real numbers guy. The spin rate and the guy who generate the highest amount of spin on the breaking ball or are trapped ball and didn't from there. You yourself did get a little diagram going to see Oprah laps tight spin rate guys that app with and so whether white or not. I think people can expect people with your order to be getting what he beat bite where she increased obviously you're gonna out in backlash there. And I'd like that on the other side it seemed to blow that be tried all order. Baby it's creating even more anchored taking light finger rush deeper into this all to try to create something because polices all. That's very insightful that's why ask they are real pitcher and that Dallas not if but when they do the dolls Braden story on Netflix I've got the title. Called stay off my mound. Look alike due by period are light. All right Dallas Braden of course watching on NBC sports California farm on Twitter adult sprint you and I thank you so much I know you got to work man so why we really appreciate it we'll Pakistan. Our I had the pride of the stock tone mr. doll spread until a few lines are open to blame on 579570. Pence got to sell stock Comtex like 95795. Armor to look analog and and if I suddenly got. Now back to the Rick it'll show on 95 point seven games. My thanks to lollipop guild for the music welcome back to united five point seven a game ritual with view. So I got over an hour of us sports stocks so get in and on the dugout show for you right up that's 5 o'clock first pitched 605 Indians. Maybe a little stunned at the way that their virtual second half began getting shut out. By DA is last night and tonight is a pretty cool match up of Corey clue over. Who is I mean you saw what a hero he was in the World Series last year he won two games for Cleveland. And almost another one. And you got the kid Paul Blackburn who has pitched two big league games in his life silly guy who won two World Series games. Last year vs the guy who's pitched two games and live together and for Blackburn is that he's got a zero point 66 ERA. Not Jewish average of late 9579570. Penske auto sales doc contacts on 9579 files go to those phone lines Nate is in Washington DC what's up man. I. How are things that DuPont Circle. While it pretty hot out here in the a lot about the air and it currently airing armor it. I have worked in every day to go to work and I'm I I get to work they re not on one bucket. Okay turn up what's up man. Well I've been made band. Pat Patrick about what it might hurt and LP game what might not gay and capital he'll probably get the angels in the Al rushed the field. Now that's when K rod drop the throwback from the catcher. Exactly I I think I would I would try degraded. Well I think that was 49 but anyway great memory. And I've I've been banned or so a lot but I. Mark the players that I've Europe where art dole RIE. So many people from the eight on others. And I don't like that anymore. Being a lot. Like I get it if you're happy the giant right now where they're so nobody huge contract. Probably be at your peak hour. But it it I ain't that big thing you ate way the first minute or lap surgery and doctors that Donald. And it seemed like we got nothing out Robert shift in the world market at all. And in in how and how like that at all or pay your. But if you've seen. We're gonna drop people work at it it will get tired or don't make me trite. I wonder in shark. The actual trade it in your organization right now it seemed like the IQ your we do what they call. Thank you very much and it's interesting Nate I kind of have a little bit of a different day. Some of the trades lately. Have been okay. Like them and I have for Ben Zobrist one I thought was an excellent trade her rental. To get their top pitching prospect that a Kansas City. You look at fly from the castrated take jig Nottingham and flipping him for Chris Davis. But yeah for the most part you know those big ones Donaldson and Heidi and you could say haren got back a pretty at all but then they fled to and cargo so what's the use right. But they held on to Dana evil and in Cris Carter great. You know so I hear richer sand mad Jason Campbell. When when the a's got Jason Campbell I was over the moon. I was so excited. I mean this is the guy that the pirates at one point they had one catch her on our roster. How thoughtful how can you have it's like having no backup quarterback on the football team it's like OK in the wide receiver is the emergency quarterback. And I forgot who was I think there was some outfielder who was like the emergency catcher. That's out that's how much they were they relied upon him. And and then the only thing is that the exact moment that Campbell came for the day it came in the days. He forgot how to head. And but he didn't forget how to cap I think. DE CK rod thing is one of my favorites. Lackey hit them on the shoulder guard and and saying I mean on the elbow guards stick that all bought their kennels at what charged the mound. I'll then after that both lackeys like can't stand and Campbell who I loved. They both were men about it and they said hey I got no problem you know we we Hammel then and now it's over. There was no Jose Mesa Omar Vizquel lifelong vendetta. You know that this just like we had a beef. We tried do beat each other up then and now we don't have the beef anymore. I like that. It's like general and Jim Harbaugh was still player and Jim Kelly said some about a non Jamar but drove forward and Jim Kelly's house to confront him and Jim Kelly beat up Harbaugh and his driveway and and Harbaugh said. We hound alike men and he kicked my butt and out over. I respect that Harbaugh for that. The F someone shows up when your driveway he does deserve to get beat out I have to say. Rick don't promote your dual zones are what about McGregor I'm. I love candle and you talked about how the giants are screened with their contracts you know they have three rings that they don't even need polishing yet. I even the guys that were supposed to be wastes of money Z don't even make gallons said that we made a mistake on the Zito contract. Still on the team. And then did it finally payoff he asked the reds past the cardinals. Know Mac can all their strapped to Matt Cain got Mac came three rings. So odd that you have a bad year at the end. Who cares. Edgar Renteria what a waste the money and hill that home run. You know Aaron Rowand. In the NLCS that they game he nailed the Ruiz of the Phillies at the plate. Hard to believe that the Phillies were once did they were they were World Series Joseph Blanton in a home run for the Phillies in the World Series. Mean rowand paid for his contract right there. Underpants paid for his contract what his speech. So I think a lot of times and you know it's like when the angels signed our pool halls. Parents leg oh my gosh they're going to be so tied into that all they want is won a world championship. When you sign a guide to eight years. The sharks they got classic on a six year our eight year deal got burned Jenna Hager Billick got Jones on a six year deal. Think if they don't win the Stanley Cup every year they're gonna think it's a waste of money. I like ambitious teams and because there's no salary cap in baseball you can show your ambition to your checkbook. That's no guarantee for success. But it shows that your client. And every once awhile you understand you gotta rebuild what they're doing at the White Sox right now. You really wanna get up Chris Sale and keen com now. They decided that they're gonna be good and in three years because they just didn't want to just stay mediocre. Now the days are steam rolling towards a third straight ninety loss season. And there is as as you know just talk when doll sprain he's convinced. That when the a's get their new stadium that they will not. Be self rule. That they will how revenue. And bless his heart I hope he's right but I have my doubts. I think old guys with cash who never spend all the sudden heard just aren't spending Willy Nilly. I just it's hard for me to believe especially when they have the cash and now. It's not like their pours billions with a B. They can basically build a stadium they can write a check and build their own stadium right now. I don't want to go out and I don't blame on its easy for me to spend somebody else's money isn't a I think we do understand sometimes. But. It's just it always makes me laugh in a sport with no salary cap when a guy signed to long term minerals like all they're gonna regret that later why. There's just America. If you if you're gonna sign a guy to a 180 million look at look at Stanton now. The only reason they regret that in Miami is because they're trying to sell the team and they got to convince the new owner to take on 280 million dollars or the contract for one guy. For one guy. Like here's this guy that makes more than step Currie. And Andre Iguodala put together. And you're gonna have to pay him. I like that ambition and every once in awhile when your cheap cheap cheap. Lightning strikes symbolic it didn't when he twelve with a all rookie rotation. And Donaldson sent down twice comes up he starts hitting. Oh my gosh. They can happen now and then but hope is not a strategy and being cheap is not a strategy now when you have ambition. Now when you have ambition to be the best and why else would you want a team anti dole it's. Ominous and it too why would you buy team unless when he was a priority repent not if I Simon again.