First Hour

Rick Tittle
Friday, September 29th

Rick Tittle talks about the Raiders heading into Mile High and then talks about the 49ers and why they shouldn't tank.


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This is no and there hello he's an imaginary person who represents many business owners let's Owen and his savvy I am I mean I am he knows digital marketing is imperative to grab his business yes very important that he's not sure how it works or hated track snow I don't that's why he should turn to Smart reach digital good idea to Larry it's digital designs programs that promote your business and generate leads me to digital partner you can trust I need Smart reached digital learn more at grow with Smart reached dot com. My point now. Seven big. Tonight at five points on the camera double it beyond a Friday night. Let's toxic oil. Actually how much talk about this airing abdominal cramp I have a maximum knowledge talks more resources see that that's why we're all here. AAA 957957. Got two hours. At 10 o'clock we'll have a live aghast. That's right he's alive. Paul gal called the charge reporter for the Bay Area news group comes gonna check in when him attend because a shark is it going next week and I am not a huge sharks yeah. And I'll do it it can because it's 10 o'clock on Friday night. We give in. On here for immutable and I'm 5757 the parents counsel stock contacts and I'm 5795 on talk a little bit about the raiders. As the raiders. Of course we know and we know what happened on Thursday night we've had ten days do you want and that's the one bad thing about Thursday national ball. Is that when you live our Sunday Night Football. Is you gotta chew on that got away. I love baseball because you have the worst loss ever and you play the next day in the NFL the other way. And it's funny because when I was a kid when the raiders are on national TV which was just Monday Night Football. It seemed like their record they had some crazy recollect fifteen and two. Now seems like when the writers on national TV and more times than not it doesn't work out extra grade at least not in prime time. But I don't know about you. I don't know anybody mentioned this yet. I'm listening nonstop Dutch food to sports pockets like it if a butcher cuts meet all day. And he gets home it's like let's watch a TV show or a guy cuts meet. But Derek car when and we have the National Anthem going on. And the raiders I need. Some my arms like Derek Karr was standing up in the back and he and his eyes closed he was moderate. And all I can think of knowing how religiously is is that he was muttering a prayer. And knowing how much he loves his teammates and knowing what a competitor is I just figured. In out platoon and two together and got nine and I thought he's he's playing for his teammates to come together as wind and but he just looked off. Everything he did. The timing and he also had. A look of distress on his face. Now it's it's a look that I yeah I have I don't even think I saw looked when he was on ten as a rookie something was bugging him I don't know what it wasn't. By and it you know listen not everybody. Even if your make and you know he's making 25 dollar million dollars a year so a's make an almost two million dollars a game. Somebody's got out and an off night and I am you know we hope that's all laws and the raiders you know known for this mean dirty offensive line which just folded like had a tortilla chip on every snap. It was weird. And I think on the one part of the traders worry a little bit and Loveland themselves. About how great they were I mean we die we definite sought out last year. When he is on to New Orleans on opening day and they went forward on two instead of the tie and they got Ed and an allied on my gosh we're so great they were so well chock full of themselves and then came back home and lost to those falcons. And I don't I don't think dad died I was overconfidence. Sometimes will just fall off. And the other thing is. About Ken Norton because you know for a for more than a year now fired Ken Norton fired Ken Norton. Look at nor does the defensive coordinator we know that. But there are two things. That I wanna mentioning Ken Burns defense and I'm not a champion for Ken Norton. And I can sit here and say all what an excellent coach because he was a linebacker coach and he's never admitted DC's sense sense Daria took over. I do like Ken Norton I got nothing gets done by the way I'll never ever I never have never will use airwaves to try to get somebody fired I might say I think he's in over his head. Bad you know and kids are in schools and people lose jobs and I think it's fair for somebody to say he should be fired. A couple things assay in his defense I'm and forget John O'Donnell looking over his shoulder. I mean every time Ken Norton looks at John O'Donnell I think he sees the grim reaper wearing a raider Paul. But number one Ken Norton can only coach the guys. That Reggie McKenzie gives them. And on Reggie says start the rookie Eddie van nerd does start Martell Leo linebacker. Now starts. Gearing pond lane while Nike ad and by the way he's questionable for this week with the shin injury again. You know start Sean Smith. It's. You know listen you're the coach you have to go jamaat I understand that. The other thing is. Is Jack Del Rio is the head coach and Jack Del Rio was an excellent defensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos. He was really get it now he had some good players. Well right now Jack Dario has basically the best defensive player on the planet an ankle Womack now is only one guy. But you know it's one thing when Jack let's say hey I wish me no musgrave what are ran the ball all that more. I can tell you that I find that coach. And I want my Alfonso cornyn around the ball I down while Locke or two and I say hey run the ball more. Nicest that indeed the autonomy that's the sovereignty that comes with some of these coordinators I find baffling. I remember asking. Dennis Allen if he attended any offensive meetings he said every once all stick my hand in the air. I'm Greg Knapp who said it takes three years to learn the CBS. Which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life you can teach a football team that Delaware double wing and a week. If you're good coach said and they're gonna run out perfectly it takes three years to learn how to zone block. How how stupid does he think we are as good as fans and as the media. Just these excuses. So if I'm Valerie L I get done what I wanna get done. Because I know the buck stops will mean and that's the first thing I didn't credit. First thing you said after that butt whipping in Washington was tea starts and man I gotta do a better job. And that's true. I mean you have gruden calling the plays. Because McVeigh is now making Jared off a new pro bowler and I'll lay you out gruden. Calling the plays. For the Redskins. Jacked a reality felt like it can call the defense that's not ideal because you have solve much. Let's think about when you are the head coach of that red flag on you. I think the last thing you wanna do is be coordinating as well. By I just wanna say to people like I'll get Ken Norton out of it. While Ken Norton as coach the players Reggie gave them. He's got an assistant head coach in John Bernama looking over his you know behind him in the rear view mirror. And and Chela Del Rio was a defensive coach. Cell. That's just some Nikita mine now he is the DC and we know he's the DC. Let's go to away sound bite here this is Derek Karr on the at a loss to Washington. Members got about kids. Hats off to Washington they came out it's great plan and they played well. And I've got after us in and there's no. Go around it they they played better than us and they won because of that so. Again I have security involved as the old. Old thing if I feel like I'm when you players' part to do it on site. Every kid coma so they only do so I got myself there but there's such swim when it happens. Enough. You know hurts our ten so I had to turn the ball better. And and that will notice isn't alarming but we didn't punch in the mouth it's all about how we respond and it obviously does not too that are around us our guys. We'll be ready to fight. I just stuff from Derek Karr learn and. You know I was there after those those home games when he when no one can never snapped. On his teammates never snapped on the media. And listen the the media and the Bay Area is not gonna follow you into our restaurant and screaming you like in Philly or Boston or New York. And I don't know if you wanna call us so off. By Ed you know we it would we do ask questions all those questions weren't easy question there are honest questions and our car never snapped. And I like the way he responded. There as well not Jack Dario after the game. Was asked about the tackling and here's what the head coach had to say. We'll look at everything very prudently but didn't appear that we were his Crist attacking. It's certainly want him. I don't know if they're just plays it you have to make to be to be effective. And all three phases. So we'll take a hard look it's. All about taking a Lowe's pulling up to those who commit I think really do that in removal. I do think that day and there's no panic. And there is no reason to panic. There's no reason to panic in Oakland with the team. And and what you gotta do is is turn a negative into a positive light you know we're not gonna get punk like that again. I slumped out you punt down I Sloc Du Pont doubt. No skill lean on and a half they upon doubt. It happens. My other finger remember about why the tackling a so bound. For me there are two reasons why the tackling so bad in the NFL. Number one. The DBs. Don't form tackle. They they know that's a bad business decision because they might get hurt they basically dive and people placed Nnamdi Asomugha would drive me crazy I'm like I'm a dork. That watches the game through binoculars. And he would pretend to be blocked do I can't shed this far anchor who's six inches shorter than me. It sharply on his own terms but he was Smart he got paid by the niners and the Eagles. You don't wanna stick your head and Aaron while you think you'd want to if you were defensive player stick your health impact you think you want to just on pride sake. Sell dvds. Die about your ankles and other thing is if you go to practice the way that this CB is CBA is now. You basically can't really touch each other now they don't want to hurt people these guys are multimillion dollar investments in football we know as the one sport where are all the sudden oops the word Don. Now how to happened it happened in practice. Now. Well as it is innocuous little play he'd turn is neat pie then he's out for the season. They don't want that to happen and I understand that. These guys now are cab is like a country clubs specially. I got if I was a free agent out some of the raiders just so I can go to Napa. And now for the wind but because you stand marry odd and the field is five steps from the hotel and they the weather while it does get hot it's a little bit of foggy at night. As the fog comes into the coronary us graves. These other places days he's good teams find someplace in the middle of the midwest some and I am I air division three college. The same temperature as the surface. Of Mercury. And then they get on Abbas and I got a half hour to the field. And NFL players are now like Colby beef they're like raised in nets. Seriously they're like a deal don't touch so I can understand why. Some of the tackling is bad now I know last that there's now a football guy but the bears true faith and he got pilloried in the press. For being such a dirty nasty player. Now sauce say about your main thing. It wasn't a dirty play beyond should he had been flag yes but I love those instincts as a great linebacker and stacks. You see a guy and you take a shot. And you heard your team because you got a flag. And when some guy is innocent error line backers they go to linebackers are born. They're not made. You'd egg roll mole was a wide receiver and they go hey maybe you'd like to try tackling somebody now linebackers are born with that kind of lust for blood and violence. Those were fantastic instinct for intraday thing you knocked that guys blocked off. Now as I said you can't do it like that but I like seems to expose our great linebacker instincts I wish Corey James. And Martell Lee. How those type of instincts. Saw I appreciate it. We're most dolby go to her why I don't want to got to get hurt if do we ever won anyone he had heard on the marijuana and did anyone get hurt. But I like those incidents. Dribble and I'm 579570. Triple A 9579578. Pence just sell stock Comtex line 957995. Rick what do you think. About Aqib Talib. Carrying the chain off of Crabtree. You know what that was I was a horrible horrible memory and that was cheese. I was not that long ago I was in January right because it was Christmas feel like our broken leg. And Aqib Talib ripped crowd trees. Antibody and Hong two races chain offers an act laughs out I'm. I hope that guy got a bill. Because I thought Crabtree showed great restraint for not starting a brawl at that point how do you not. I'm CIA and the knack and that she and after he does that. Sol I give I give great credit for the restraint showed by Crabtree but I hope I would assume he got paid for a new chain. Because I don't care for people but court in the land you went to their award twelve different camera angles showing the crime being committed. Ride at that point. And then the guy laughing at it. That's so mean as a raider fan that took me about a week to get over Crabtree didn't punk like that. That wasn't wasn't a nice thing to see. I have to say but. For meanwhile I think about the raiders and Denver. I think about last year. Because herb not last year I think about that two years ago they gosh why other game Tamara that. Kiosks while I game and the raiders ran ran ran the ball and they ran away. They ran away. From Von Miller MC Von Miller right there McCall Mac best defensive player in football and I would love amber hue Jackson build build a bully. Peres and raider headquarters I took a wrong turn and I was and all the meeting rooms and also in pain and a wall build global EMI and they're really going for this catch phrase. Where's that hash tag. I'd like to see them establish around especially. With those what decorate offensive line. I also I am at it if you ask you my favorite back is it's Jalen Reshard. Not that I don't like beast mode and ascension on Rashard the most effective runner but he's lightning we need the founder and Aaron we know Murray ripped off that great round last year. Police at home. Buy it for the raiders there is a little bit of payback. We sat here. A lot a lot of us I know I sat on these airwaves before that game and then what do we say we said the one thing we know about the raiders going to Denver. And that game after car broke his leg the one thing we know for sure. Is that mammoth line will not be scared. And we were wrong he was a shaking money out of fear for confessed as. He was scared out of his mind. And in many an ad getting hurt and this and they count now what are we ended up like upon our coach and a playoff game. Did we really wait fourteen years to get this guy who was supposed to be some majestic Ted Thompson. Type of stashed peg that's not even supposed to play. While you're mr. Connor Clark who I don't think is very ged or at least he wasn't scared. At least they completed a couple passes. It's kind of funny is even after the game people palm said so they gonna trade malign my trademark line McGwire than the other lead who wants one blowing. At this point. But you gotta have a back up and that's why the writers when I got DJ am and I don't know I don't think EJ Manuel is the map for Magellan defined this straight set Tierra del Fuego. I don't think that he's that type of guy. I think he could take us now. I think we got so used to Derek Carr never being heard. Remember Reggie made two trades before that to bring in guys match shop. Match for an out of those two there's one start. One. Now what genre 11 passer with a pick six on a fake kick. I look that's one of the things like I Reggie he's not afraid to make a mistake has some guys would be like hey listen I'd I traded for matched job. I want to match out press conference he's the starter. And they think champ car looks better let's start him. I I liked the fact that he was leveled a roll like that. I do. Blige. You know listen I don't think that there deck that that Crabtree needs to get personal revenge on to leave if we if if he starts thing in my bad. Any zinni is then to leagues and has had. That's exactly totally wants is Talib. Is a very very good corner in without the smack talk but he's gonna come out start. Cap and om nom to argue chain last year. And hopefully Crabtree was like how do you like that nineteen yard reception I just have for a first down on you. Just I hope they do the talking. With the football. Abbie nice and I don't expect Eric Carter come out like a deer in the headlights again which is how it looked last week. He definitely did I don't I don't expect the offensive line. To be a sieve like they were last week and notice how my gosh Washington has a lot better than we thought and they are a lot better but I don't think. You know Washington all of a sudden is this fantastic team that beat the raiders because the raiders are playing out their best you know sometimes it's funny. The momentum you get in sports. And if you're rader found the last fifteen years and all those terrible terrible years. You would always know. You could kind of see it. Midway through the second quarter when the raiders would give up as a team. Now maybe one guy doesn't stick his head in there for the tackle and nobody else would arrest so the game. And then you've got Dante called out her and Andrew Walter Kerr and did. David Hall is she get these guys around and around that the list is too horrifying. It's a go down entire list of all these games he sat there and yet every single one of those games. I'd walk on the show before the game and just think about the near miracle was at the raiders actually moved back. They actually moved back I couldn't believe it. And that's why I'm sort of living in denial all right now. That day might be moving again. And it might be. I know listen when when the LA actually moved then I'll I'll go back to crying again and it it took awhile I just. I I cannot believe that we have to live through this again. It's it's unfathomable. How any any team can do that tailored to their fan base twice I just I understand that. And and for me it's not a light switch you know the people who say you know screw it I'm down I'm down with the raiders. I'm dawn. You know forget the people who are boycotting because they didn't sign cabernet can and the strange bedfellows and people who are boycotting gets people aren't standing by the National Anthem. Limbaugh for all that. And raider fans sand on moderator from Kmart and what I said at the time and I'll say it again I love everybody respects each other. If you choose a boycott I hope you don't hold it against those people because I understand it and I and the people who wanna go on and keep having fun. I hope you respect most able to. You know slightly to say what a police say it when they earn LA when he said Heather resolute effort cheers would you go hell yeah I'd go. It's just it's not a light switch for me. It's just I can you might say I'm sure mark and maybe I am it's just all ice which I just that's you know like my family crest the days of medieval herald courier are gone everything I had. My whole life had a raider logo on it. When I was born the a's are in Kansas City when I was born the warriors were in San Francisco now when I could open my guy is at 23 years old. Those teams have always been an Oakland as far as my consciousness has been but but the raiders. No that's that was my first love and you always there's always somebody your first love right. There's always some about it in and be generator fan is is a way of life do it's not just hey I like that team. But he liked the bills why does a little buffalo okay what are the falcons are eleven Atlanta okay well you should like the topic. The raiders are worldwide team because it is a way of life and it's. You know in a way I wish I could beat those guys who say out screw it I've been wrong guy he not lived through it twice. There are people who cover the team that think oh that's a shame now I'm third generation oak what I've lived through this and the thirteen years they were in LA I stayed with them. Because I didn't look at it like oh your girlfriend went out while another dude and mood I looked at it like my Brothers have been held hostage in LA. And it's just it's there and and and they're an open they went to camp and now after playing in the coliseum they're practicing and Alameda. Everything looks the same. So they said I'm just I'm living in denial right now from Intel. Until the inevitable happens well let's not talk about that now let's talk about the raiders and Denver also ally Israel votes are golden about the niners as well. 800. Did and AAA 957957. Once again 8889579578. Penske auto sales doc Comtex I 957 and five. Armor to look at mom identified some again. Still learned from the NFL network. Thursday night football thank you very much and welcome back in 95 some of the game Rachel live view coming out of the top of the hour talk a little sharking is a palm and apple. Oh was a lunch of all until 11 o'clock tonight. AAA at 9579570. This is sports talk in his most pure and unadulterated form. Someone on the might keep you on the horn AAA and I'm 579578. Pence got to sell stock Comtex line 95795. From the final now Rick Kobe beef is absolutely delicious thank you missing my point that yes it is. So the niners go to the valley of the sun. The niners are desperate for victory. Hey you'd kind of slut walk through their first few games and then that very exciting game against the rams. And and getting client lying get crowned at the end it was 41 to 39 and a look like they. Or set up to maybe. Win that game and an offensive pass interference which I didn't see. Nullified a first down and then that was it. And so. You know when we when the niners have their new regime come and and I'll give credit to John Lynch her asking for the job. Because he was not on any short list. Kept hearing these names like Louis ray they can guys who were in. Seahawks organization and the Green Bay organization. And in the end it was lynch and lynch actually. Nature to spend the night where if Ron and and Chad and I can confirm that it was bunk beds. Just to see if they would leak can't. Reach as they would leak a lot of stuff in the past they didn't. Shanahan brought then. Of course what happened in the Super Bowl. Wasn't a great way to go out of Atlanta the say the least but on draft night just. Skating the Chicago Bears and then teams like the raiders and others passing on urban fostered. It looked pretty darn good one another on three doesn't look as good but I still said that this season is non abound. The record for the niners and you hate to throw a season away and they won't say yet although in my remember that Terry Don Terry Donahue did say that. After Carmine policy rickets Carmen I saying Carmine. After Carmine policy and Dwight Clark came in from Cleveland and they'd basically burned the salary cap to the ground for the niners. And Terry Donahue came in and he said by the way it's gonna we're not gonna win for a couple years. And I are fans are like why don't say that out loud domain. Well they haven't set an Al level we can know that but still a long three doesn't feel dead and but one thing I didn't like about that first game. Was Kyle Shanahan dual melt down. And it's a lot different than just being a coordinator. Because a court there is saying yeah let's go Florida on fourth down on the head coach says yes or now that's on him. By when you go forward on fourth down knocks on you and I was gonna blame the coordinator for going well okay for an on fourth down. Now and and you got the everything else to worry about. I don't like coaches that have epic meltdowns and can't testimonials on the sideline and I'm not saying they're not effective. You can be bombastic. By John Madden and Jon Gruden and Bill Parcells. And I've always liked the stoic guy that's. You know the captain of the ship all my gosh look at the stormy seas ahead of us what do you do when you look over and there's Tom Landry in the Fedora. There's Bill Walsh what the V neck white sweater and there's Tom Flores what the black sweater. Home. Now Don Shula a little bit home. And I A I think how Shanahan as he goes along I think he'll get more that way I don't know. That's just aghast when both of these teams the niners and the cardinals. Are struggling to score points. That's only three games for the cardinals are averaging about eighteen and half points a game and the niners are averaging seventeen and on most that came in game three member no touchdowns. In the first two games and the niners have had ten days to issue on their Thursday night loss. Go to quote here from the head coach of the 49ers are Kyle Shanahan on what they need to do on offense I just. We have more opportunities on as a better looks guys made some big place now. It's matter of time you know what when he gets couple's tough defense is first two weeks and this is a challenge do they got a got a lot of good players over there. You know that they made plays also but. Our guys responded I think our guys felt pretty strongly that we have played us. Our capability the first couple weeks and by no means do we today either but I thought we did improve. I was from Hamas sidewalk. Me the most impressive. If you have some you I say about the niners triple A 9579570. I had three callers call up and hang up our ending that's amazing. People call and put the name on the screen Leonard on video may be we put him on hold only last ten seconds. The most impressive game the niners have played this year now oil they lost all of them so. Unimpressive in quotes are and I italics. Is that twelve to nine loss up in Seattle. And Seattle's looking in the mirror on while hustling anyone but. That that I mean showed died you know if you can play defense. You're going to be in games it doesn't matter and so that's why the niners feel like they could be three and out now you are what your record says. The cardinals are gonna be out what day it will without David Johnson he dislocated his wrist in the opener. And and none of the running backs that Bruce Syrians has had trotted out as replacements I really distinguish themselves whether it's Harland Williams or Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington. What what's affecting the cardinals' most is when they get inside the morning. Or pick your sponsor blank red zone but once they get inside that's wanting. I just let tennis down our operating at 27%. Clip. To score points which is pretty ridiculous at that point. Dave we've got some old friends on the offensive line at my cute potty mouth he's got the triceps although he's expected to play missile last two. Jared filled the air for some made reason and I like journal there music due to DT player like me. Little bit more successful in Maine but anyway. Is a nice guy got dinner and a couple times news of the raiders. Left tackle no right tackle. Carson Palmer raider fans remember that he's also one interception machine as well he's already got four picks and three games can happen. This is a great opportunity for the niners but I just I think that the cardinals have too much talent. To let this game get away from them at this point. Let's go to the phone lines AAA and I'm 57957. Need someone who did not get cut off his George George 957 again. Hey how war on calling up for a lot of community drivers here act would division joining us our question is this guy goes channel unfortunately. They're the key to this job. Is. Okay all right so election there every ghost Owens hikes. There's still have a job. Absolutely. Why. You gotta remember Jordan he Georgie got to remember they're doing a commitment like they did the Bill Walsh you had two terrible seasons. When he started singers here six year contracts. Well I mean unless. And less any changes daddy I call them anti unless judge changes his mind. We all know that we've got Abbott forty batter Fred you're at woods' decision at a beauty but here's the deal so that's a different era as a different time. So you know people put in place tie this is what have you done even lately. That it closed the guys across the day so you're stating and I can quote you that there had to commit to this guy over two years in big egos. You know flat footed for the next two years in return here so they are all just thought I'd. Can't shut try to hit. Yeah because I think it's it's hopeful let's unrealistic to think that they're gonna turn this around and in Indy in two years and I have the disagreed George I think it's always been what have you done for me playland sports. Okay I thought I'd respect fully appreciate your appreciate your your opinion here. You're professional we're just you know we're just glad regular. Less than not know what you're let me ask you immunity question. How come both times and a Muni bonds said my car they just handed me a little card and said call this person and don't bother me. No that's an appropriate. Bet that that doesn't make insurance because you know there's a lot of being put all that mean David Spector and come out. Of the try to urge escape your car is. Weis and I said aren't you representing the San Francisco municipal railway. That doesn't make any U. How long goat that happened. A couple of years ago I can tell you it certainly wasn't the woods division. Yeah I do best fight I mean well OK art archaic. I trolley outlook for the cable. Our bus art and block motor coach. A motor coach Jackson was horseless carriage. You are more coaches abroad scroll to the purposes religious idol wanna give up as they're being. Very clear she you know. However at bat. I don't get it they are surprises throughout the job you cannot more if you connect with anyone you have to stop the coach lied there way vote Specter. Then you get a seven by the united dried fish. Well. The other guy did have a heroin needle in his arm non embellishing now wasn't you start hey George you call me anytime man. All right take care to have orbital they would just regular old ground. Mile then listen oh aren't we all thank you for that I appreciated Jordan Georgia out there in the trenches dram the bus. I wanna hear from you out there wears AC transit ads. Where is the Richmond bark yard. Triple A 957. 95 so they were my sand trends that in San Mateo on 957 gags. Sitting there and I'm very go along one. Oh man style. What did you do during the break I translated memoirs litigation and allowed him. Why you see. Paul jackal talking sharks' top of the hour lines are open AAA 95795. So many parents got to sell stock contacts line 95795. Talk a little bit about the niners and we had our good friend George from the woods division he thinks that. Even though the niners said they're committed for six years that maybe if things don't go swimmingly. This year and halfway through next that they could change their minds let's go to the phone lines those go to marine county I'm on what's up man. Hey Eric was so mad at our font color put. I just heard what Beck got George from Muni or whatever had shape are you kidding me you know fire coach with a six year. Guaranteed deal when you've got just sixty million. In the red on coach it will loan. You better hope that culture watched stale with bare wood belt blew it you guys got playing or organizer. Chief strike it's not gonna win you better hope you guys lose every game. So you can get better USC quarterback just savior came out. All right thanks for the call you're also not going to win if you're gonna take the lord's name and then like that. I actually saw Ryan is in Dublin that's the biggest city in the world because its Dublin every day what's up Brian. It's good to be on. You know I'm forty niner fan. You know I have a you know a lot of optimism and obviously we offense to a pretty good. But to be totally honest with you I really don't want. To see the niners win this game coming out could you know big picture kind of car. It come to our outlook and you know on the future and are we win this game it could really caught in all social draft spots. I look at it this way we go when they're too they're really close game. I definitely want to see Tom won rookie there are really want peace stars shine in. Is torched til the tide and you know we haven't really gotten any production out the tide in position. And the are so bond stays rookie so you know computers are gonna shine low there's a way it is. I mean not even Greg Davis did so I which has spent you know a. Well it's kinda it's kind of shining that he starts. Right yeah. Eager to put to good start you know so you know bomb bomb bomb that and more patient you know won't. So that he would feel some rookies are shining you know they did sign. You know while one rookie. To a three year deal also let you know that's good that we that they obviously like what these people or out of it. They may have been around throughout the dark Biden step we wanted to be progress you know right now was so beat up old guard that are out. Com you know it's very possible that note huge Turkey and you know there's some other guys southern port you know you and Carlos hi may not even play this game question mobile. And that all of the coach should be honest with you stick and that he was not a percent I would not play Carlos. Oh we're not financially shipments. While yelling and I would bet that he's not even gonna playing without him. You know the board of you know. Disorganized chance of winning on the road are we get passed. So a lot of the sudden might just get my wish it that 49ers wolverines and you know loan was restored in our players back to us that. Possibility guys like Austria and read. Will be ready to go in Indianapolis. And you know it from going on so you know to organize we'll start waiting you know. This year do you do will get at least one win on the blow. And that's when you'll be sad about that. No no no and are are just what noble you're not I do we are the norm but it matters you put those polled all their winning. They're winning and you know winning just one week you know when we go to Indianapolis and that's what I want you to organize start winning budge. This game and Arizona are I just don't want them to win. All right thanks for the call I appreciate it that's Ryan out in Dublin. EEye is referring to Coe Juan Williams. Corner three years three year contract extension. He's been the best corner so far in three weeks Czerkawski tar concussion and value Shaq can cash and hides got a hip injury. Question a ball I don't think I've ever. You know I've heard of the fans like Ryan say please don't win right now I mean please don't win Sweden yet a better peck. I've never heard a guy say postpone winning. Oh win right now. Win later I guess he does a line he wants and NFC loss I guess. But I can tell you this. I will now her have her have her worried for my team to lose. Because the draft can be such a lie mean you know what. And you look at JaMarcus Russell. Give it all how can that how can Al brown how can Al draft him everybody signed off on him all tired her my mail on. Yeah I and everyone Tom Shea he was the guy. Well there we know he looked great Sugar Bowl for the Dallas she's thrown passes the plane low over Notre Dame we realize how bad none of them actually was. I he was going to be Byron Leftwich was a better arm and more muscles. And what you're gonna lose games like you can't lose games you just can't. Now only crest had never ever ever ever but. Guerrero and Andrew Luck. I was gonna be the number one overall pick right. Number one overall pick. And I got down to the rams and the colts a who's gonna be the worst team in football but the rams had just drafted Sam Bradford couple years before. So they have their franchise quarterback. So they are going to be faced with passing. On Andrew Locke or trading the pick that will be used for under lock away. And there are people saying no you can't pass some like you got a trade Bradford. Well had they not at the last second field although last week of the season and lost than him. They would've been face without it didn't happen of course and the rams did eventually end up when I'm on overall pick and tech. The kid out Emery and in Jared golf. But you just you can't lose games on purpose. On just numbers as a fan. How and the hell do you watch your favorite team. And booed touchdowns. So it and I just and the wall. Brian Hoyer drops back any throws a pick six to the honey badger. CNN don't yes go go go go go don't talk and talk go go go EA Arizona. I can't do it Allen to be a hundred I can't I can't root for my team to lose. Even if I hate it and America said if you. There's there are no guarantees. Cool is they guy you have to have. Darn old to mean it doesn't look pedestrian but he doesn't look like the next Andrew Luck. He looks really good. But so have a lot of other college quarterbacks. Remember Julio take number one overall. The colts had that too wouldn't be Ryan leaf out of laws do. Our wasn't going to be any kid from Tennessee. The son of Archie Peyton Manning. And it went back and forth. And that very first week one the chargers won their game I believe the colts lost there in on Manning and they are actually atlas said yup. There's our answer leaf was the better repaired. Well all markets. Believe was the better pick. Now. Right now for the niners I remember when dean Lombardi who look and act like Dracula when he was the GM of the sharks. And the sharks finally went to the Clausen member Jamie Jamie Baker's goal and knocking out that I mean just. Fantastic run against Detroit. Andy and Marty said we had to get the stink of losing out of that sweater. And Daschle the niners are trying to do right now. And the niners are paying Jim Tom Sola and their pain. They're they're paying Chip Kelly. There's no way in and believe me they're not gonna like it if as the caller George said they go to unfortunate Sharon start of 016 than a year after that they're not gonna like it. But they have to his stick with no plan and sometimes. That hurts. It's like DA is a market semi and a couple years ago. He had been jerked around what the White Sox they go you are the everyday shortstop and he and he reinvented. Not the wheel but the art of the error. He was by far the worse in children baseball they said we like the bat and we have faith that every play you every day and errors are gonna go down and Oregon Washington back to normal work when you. Now he's gone again but. It's hard when you know that's the planets like why aren't they putting Sammy in on the bench and any other town America he would get benched. Sometimes you gotta take your lumps. Let's go to Lazare in San Francisco you're on 957 again. Pirates are great. And it's not that I heard that other dude talking on the red under so a lot about booting their game against cardinals for the niners. That makes no sense to me. We're TrueCrypt you are and in our division not quite vividly rival look any good. I am supposed to bet on in our division right now we they barely beat goes in makes note that we have I would say we've had a chart shot at playoffs. If you agree would. I don't think he ever shut the play out but I think EU EU Il in your life you'll make more money you'll never make more times so if you're gonna spend three and a half hours watching the game how in the hell are you gonna root for your team to lose. It can be I don't know why you would or so let it go like activity more. You know our keynote your battle to boots. I mean we we know he's he wants the high peck but he put a different spin on saying. Don't look don't beat the cardinals the division rival lately play an innocuous AFC team and Indianapolis. Plus it's for not being at this. I don't know but he's satellite a Smart guy and Syria and Syria as a reasons but anyway let's arm and I appreciate the call her friend. That's got to sell stock Comtex line 957 and then 95. And the 65 lo says. The NFL is over. Man. I remember watching. Oh is that a C span when. The Pope met Bill Clinton that Regis College in Denver in this guy's taken live calls this helicopter landed and Clinton got out and show canceled above and I go yeah I'll fill a hole and many jobless go ahead and gallant. Finally. A false prophet. Is meeting the beast eating and I'm not 57 again.