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Saturday, December 30th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk about the Warriors loss to the Hornets and Steph Curry's impending return tonight for the Warriors.


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That's right it's an ORACLE Arena. They have a wide. Warriors are wrapping up their seven game homestand tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies stable if fit as they started it with the grizzlies in here. For the second time in eleven nights and Stefan curry set to return a home back to back for the warriors of the worst loss last night. What Levin 102 the now thirteen and 22. Charlotte hornets. We are rocky by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club played Smart played oaks and also driven by premier Nissan. Of Stevens creek we make it easy online at premiere he son of Stevens creek dot com on John Dickinson joined by bats died let's get Elliot Perry. The grizzlies radio analyst joining us say the 10 o'clock hour to bon Temps the Washington Post. In the 11 o'clock hour and Matt let's just start with last night there are a lot of things to get to as curry prepares to return tonight but. What's the capital the warriors last. That's a great question because I looked at the Charlotte roster before the game I said Kerry Keating how the hell are they gonna win this game that I against the warriors and we both agreed that they had. Little to no chance and it. They came in here and they beat the wars the third couple things going on personally got to give credit to Dwight Howard Hughes at best player on the floor last night. That's one of the best games I've seen him play against the warriors are a long long time. It it just makes you scratch your head point if you could just. Play like that more like us that's what separates a great players from good players from average players. He only. He only does it the amount of time he does that I also think. That the warriors have been quietly paying the price for not having curry. I don't think they've been quite as good as everybody's fought they've been there defense is doing good they're offense has been okay. But I think they largely benefited from the competition they had a lot of games against inferior opponents. And you know you play without staff curry he. He is either the main player on your team or one day. And you can I'm a firm believer that you can make up for player's absence here there are a little bit maybe few games. But if it does go a couple weeks maybe three months three weeks to a month they you do start feeling it the way you start feeling it is. The secondary players begin to have a little more responsibilities. That the Kevin direct hit carry the warriors she can. But he can't carry them every single night so lift Kevin derail it can't carry one night. Well now you have you basically then played it away without curry enduring at. Or at least three airplane is best and then there'd be able there's an expiration date. Basically on how well you can play and the longer you go eventually you hit that. I think in you start to struggle for the good news for the warriors though on that note and won't get into may be more of Howell the last eleven games when it. I think the worries would certainly take a guided to record for it. I I'm blessed with that I have Shaun Livingston mentioned this and Kevin Durant mentioned this to Steve Kermit this after the game last night. Secretaries come and back of the perfect time now tonight right with this team feel like you said feel like they were struggle in even though they were waiting. You know they they've played some games where their offense has just been so so. Their defense may be is looked a little better than you really think it is because your play in a man Fischer playing and you talk. Your play in Charlotte. There's not one other that I played the lakers a couple times to the lakers do like to get up and down. And you just see it's really funny it. There are times when you see how the warriors mister curry I mean that they have been a good three point shooting team with him gone. And yes part of that is the fact that he's a 40% shooter by and large to the other party is. There is a ripple effect when Curry's not playing well you can. Give a little more attention to derail it give a little more attention to play. So maybe their percentage is gonna come down a little now you have other players who left the shoot threes a little bit more it with dollars. In a real dry spell right now. I just think they have been. Their defense is being. Good while Curry's been now but they haven't looked. They haven't looked at the top of their game and maybe maybe this is really a credit to curry just how important is this team. 889579570. AAA. 9579570. Those are the phone numbers to participate in the program we got an open first hour as far as the ball like goes. If you wanna get in. If you wanna just give your thoughts on just takeaways from. Staffing Curry's absence as he returns tonight may be the one player or a couple of players that benefited most. From all of the injuries that the warriors have had throughout December wasn't just Stefan curry dream on green. Has returned Shaun Livingston missed some time. Andre Iguodala missed some time the warriors had a number of players are some Pachulia. Mists of time curry was the headliner. And Trey by greed right there with them as well but this was just an out of sorts month as far as guys beat it and out of the wind up overall for the warriors. But it's about three you look up and they've only taken two losses. Yeah that's a good point and one that I I hadn't really considered it hasn't just been Currie if you look back the last dozen games it's been. A few other players sprinkled in so you can make your case that. You know what do think Steve Kerr. Emphasizes. Is rode our our rotations. He really likes. Reaching coach but he doesn't like his rotations a certain way. And I think we have found that over the course or curse career when that gets. Mangled a little bitter when things have to be changed a little bit know what to say he's he's unsure but it changes things. I think it's Steve Kerr likes to have players and rolls to the extent that when they're not in roles that they're used to do things do change a little bit and all of a sudden start asking players to play at different times to play longer stretches. And it can't which they are you white guy with different players exactly it just changes things that sometimes. It changes things for the worse and other times it. You can you can get five but it takes a little while to adjust to it. Turnovers a big issue and I know you mentioned. In the words of struggled for the last six games they barely got 200 last night. At the end with a garbage time bucket when the game was decided 32 assists but they barely get to a hundred at the end. Well when you look at it. For the last six the offense hasn't quite been as good. If Steve Kerr asked after the game are you concerned about the offense. He says no way and the reason he died is because it's always about turn overs. When the warriors clean that up. What may or at least even in possessions. They're so good that they're gonna score more frequently than just about every other team. On every night. I think the one place they're really pay in the price. For their turn over they're they're trying to get. It's great that they like to get. Up the court and they like the fast break but they're forcing the outlet pass they're forcing. The three quarter court pass. And you can't throw that pass unless the guys wide open because it's just too long to pass players are too big or too quick or too long they can make up for that. And it. I just think at times. They try to do a little too much of that because they get such easy baskets off that it's almost away if you can kick it ahead. Get a she'd be or what happens you score. You score without having to run your offense and you know once you get the score without three guys really even have to come off the floor. And so. That's enticing to wanna score like that. But sometimes you gotta just eat the ball and I'm I'm talking mostly about Raymond green he takes a lot of chances on those. Type of hair always look cannot be years and that's a good thing I mean obviously it's a good thing IE is just I think needs to use a little better judgment there. You don't last night it would mean what you can't hit criticize the guy at sixteen assists but some of those turn over stick out a little bit. Yet at three to one assist to turnover ratio when you have sixteen but you commit fog I have to go back to look at the tape fondness for. What you said during the post game last night you didn't notice that I was sixteen but you notice the five actually kind of viewed it. The same way at one point I saw tweet that he was up over and and well it really is up over why don't. Eight in the first quarter last night. And that I thought we did. How did you get so many early in that I remember we know what he was the guy passed the clay for those 201820. Footers and what clay pride at 45 of those. In the first quarter. That's one thing that. That surprised me last night that they went away from Klay Thompson. And I don't know of clay is okay with just kind of floating but. They went away from a but it almost seems like they went away from a after they intentionally we actually who I completely result that you don't typically see check yes or no tell me the truth. Did it go through your mind at some point the first fifteen minutes. So tricky trying to get clay a bunch of points the night. Yeah I that's what it felt like to me to it felt like you know like maybe this is the game. They feel like they came they can beat Charlotte. And let's get clay forty or fifty I know that's that's. Egregious where that's. You know that's going out and always they could know that they wouldn't really be thinking that really but it can happen subconsciously. You know XY three hits a couple and that's yet and that's probably what are what really happened. And I wish I would have known as the I wish her nose you'd like twenty points in the first fifteen minutes later thirteen the first five run basically yeah stretch did you edit you had a two week and even though the pace for 104. After six minutes I had I don't know what happened there and that's it. It's a function of Claes personality a little bit you know he's not a real give me the ball giving the ball giving the ball. And you know sometimes the warriors do lose their focus a little bit. Trying different things are going to different direction that's one thing that kind of bothered me about last night that the clay just disappeared but I'm not saying. It was a place fault. It might have been his teammates fall once. Something else that was off about last night he had a couple other regulars didn't speak to the media during Ahman Green clay Thompson didn't speak to the media last night. Clay just it's like he was ticked off all night here a couple times on the big tricky just it was classic had a deadpan clay that you could tell he was just. Agitated. Upset what himself upset would have what was going on the floor you know and it was just it was different I even river at the end of the game I walked down. During the final timeout I wanna say would about a minute forty last. And they were gonna get beat I think they are down twelve or something like that's the game was over. And play was to sit on the bed and he looked teary yes. And I and I just kind eroded off too well he's furious because they actually don't lose it on the Charlotte and it's pretty embarrassing for team like the warriors even without curry. But just some that was that was just dead a weird edge. Last night. Well there was a play too with clay that stuck out to me. And it was a play where. I wish I knew The Who should Charlotte player won the first shot in clay went to contest. And it looked like he blocked a shot and clay got calls prefer now and it was over by the Charlotte bench in the end this course table and he was. He. May data motion right away said he'd like bad call he was repealed they just started walking away you could tell he was really. Upset he got to the warriors bench he looked up at the at the replay. And it was a foul. It was a family hit the guy right on the wrist and the shot came up a foot short you to get started to him being mad at himself plus I want it like no I think it was one of those things were even when he knew. That he fat lake. You know he argued any didn't wanna believe he found them but deep down he knew we fouled him and he's just kind of disgusted. You know first he was mad at himself but then he got upset the rest and you look at that replay and realize you know what. I stink tonight or I you know I mean the clay the kind of guy will say that even though I don't think he stung but. You know clay it's a little different and that's last night was one of those games where he proved that a little bit. John tickets and outside Mets 957 game this is the NBA this week or talked about the warriors. And their 111100. Lost to be horde it's the Memphis Grizzlies are back at oracle 530 tip that as are all weekend. Home games. For the warriors and oracle wrestle 4 o'clock pregame let me ask you this because you're you're down there every single game. The guys didn't talk straight month in talk clay didn't talk in X. I'm usual not it's not. It doesn't never happened but it's unusual and sometimes I wonder if you want some mom felt right at I wonder if did it have. Forget the loss for a minute maybe it was yeah I got back to back home again and that's there I just wanted to get home it was a bad loss they're ready. They've been at home all week you know so I I was wonder I wonder if there was. You know not an ulterior motive but another reason why rather than may be something going on looked at war you think W warriors you can detect when there's a vibe in there. Usually I can stay there was set. Didn't really wanna mess would have fitted. Analyze right like to thank you lost that game. I think yeah I think it it's almost could be. We've lost it's embarrassing. But you know what went knighted too without curry and curry coming back so I don't wanna sit there for ten minutes and trying to analyze. Why the third quarter wasn't. Amazing in a plus one mile and you know why yet YE Dwight Howard got going for the first time against the warriors in the 85 years and why did just that desperate that they give it in that context. You start to think you know what this is silly tonight a night get a mess around with this tonight. And I get it. It's two weeks in a row they had it's I jumped a little actually that this case we don't know that's the fire. It might be added that the porches that go off behind the baskets during this. During the player introductions at that tested those out apparently did you get about 950. It's already Saturday he's the 17530. Tips they do that about 950. That's the second week in a row I've got. It just Selig you know one of the things about the warriors is young yet you always have to it after every loss you almost have to think to yourself if you're Steve occur if you're player. Is this a meaningful officers it or not is it not a meaningful loss because every team in the league scout. Blown six and twelve losses where they just happened yet have so and edit cavaliers had six to twelve is already technically. It's so the warriors have won. It's almost like I think it gave me Steve curse got to play in his own mind. OK we lost tonight to show Russia is this one to sweep under the Rogers is one where I need to say hey guys got to wake up. I think that's what the warriors go through every loss and Steve Kurt tries to balance. Racing too much of a red flag or not raising enough of a red flag especially the first half of the season. When he knows he's got 234 months to get things right. For the playoffs and the realities when you went 677367. Every loss can kinda be swept under the rug until you don't advance in the play offs. I think last night cities who want to sweep under the rug because. You played tonight if you're in Denver well because of the time did you did you play that night. That Denver I think Denver it was even about Waltz. Yet to be Denver wasn't even a bad loss it was just to game it 1111 and Iran right at that point. And Denver played well they came in you didn't have one of your your best player here what they best player. Any and they they took it to be a little bit at beaches that that's not that well that's a that's playoff team. And I got no bar's been raised to where the warriors are never supposed to lose a game adverse. But I think sometimes. A little bit too much is made of what the warrior still have fewer these losses that. Every other team in the week right so. Even though it's more than words used to seeing the last two or three years it's still. What is the acceptable range. And it's not it. Yeah your right but there's two losses this month and one of them was to a playoff. Team now in your exactly right and and but I think that's a function how great the warriors are for example. I think after every game that's a loss you could say OK like I for me if other you're trying to look for something that's. Up a bigger issue made before so for example. I'm I am a little worried about Iguodala did I am a little they were halfway through the season. And and yet I realize he's done this in seasons past and he's always come to post when you need him always she's never let you down. But. Another year or he's. He's gonna come around right he's gonna come around right and you expect him to come around or if he does he almost tough to get the benefit out of Billy got exactly you definitely do and then. You see game like last night from Jordan bell into Honolulu. Baby he's gonna have trouble with seven to 260. Pound centers OK well let's not. You struggle he did struggle. She kinda surprised you can I did my daughter actually used to see in smaller players especially the warriors pull their whole yeah against Dwight Howard I think we all thought Jordan bell was going to be. The next guy lets you would actually frustrate our right Howard. I don't dominate you know what I'm glad I heard Kevin Durant after the game talking about he thought they they. Flew their double teams on the rim sorry gag and I thought they'd double Bonny did clearly and I don't think just. They just screwed up their. Recently there was one time they doubled him in front of the Charlotte eventually turned them over and see that's why I think you double Dwight Howard to to hurt him over not too. Because he's a dominant center and you got to stop them from scoring somebody else tested each year. It's because you think you can turn them over but the cat I had. Half way at times well where they came in doubled from a spot or anybody could have made a pass to a guy wide open underneath. I can't give Dwight Howard credit. I didn't think he was capable put together a forty minute night where he was that solid start to finish but he did it last night. Well and I I mentioned this to you ought to post game show last night just that the fact that the warriors looked like a team that doesn't double lot. When I tried to double. They look like you keep it doesn't like it double edit and that they were unsure. Of how they want to do effectively do it it'll rotate right like there were times where. Dwight Howard could see Calvin easily exactly that's exactly what I make the whole thing is there's no to you that you wanna guy did make a move and all the sudden yet. A double I don't know what you're gonna do yet to make a quick decision. And then like you say that debut thrown pass away are you take a bad shot to get caught out weigh yourself. So that's that that's the thought process behind I just think the warriors. They're not used to double they sure as heck argues that double Dwight Howard right so I just. I felt like it was just kind of a weird night where things got away from home and they couldn't get it back on track. As far as go back to the point of is easy to get over this one should be it is are you just because it's. First at the back to back yet another game tonight. A you can curry back. Seeking Kurt exits it's just that they tell us what is the kid go that. Q you're talk about this yesterday before the ten to twelve shelled a boring for your job and you say you know I'll think the warriors are playing all that while a sort doesn't matter that the wind and every game. If you like globe but they're not quite one so what if they don't play well once what if that continues once curry comes back of the civil. It really doesn't matter because it's like it basically starts over right at the moment curry comes back it's a new team. So he'll if you don't you and I disagree a little do you think you'll wait players are playing. Can't it will affect. How what. They play as a whole with curry and that's fine but. The reality is you almost have to look in my mind at this is eleven game stretch as its own. Box it was this team do all these injuries. Each season almost gets divided into different segments to where I cannot added up as a whole would say well you know what night it seems pretty good. Wasn't the best basketball effect it was kind of ugly at times but you don't want how many teams are gone nine into if you take stick it takes curry off the roster. As I still feel like the warriors are headed to game so it's not that you're not wrong I doubt you're wrong because I don't. That's really the Q are other players are gonna play the way to play. It's just. The warriors still check that box in a positive fashion for these last eleven. Yeah they did. I just. It's it's you're right I see your point of view. I think I'll think they've been playing well without Kirk. Kurt think their defense has been really good it probably has I just don't think they've put it altogether but you're right. Does it matter. I don't know the answer to that I I think it could have made it won't. And on your right and you know here's the other thing in this is this is the benefit of of what went coaches kind of break up this season. There's no doubt that Steve Kerr. Broke up a segment of the season in one way or another but this segment ends tonight yeah. I never segment whatever he engaged event of a block against tonight's the end of something. And so when you do set up that kind of processing your head I do think you can you can become kind of psychological leave. Not addicted to it but defined by in other words like the warriors took me are playing like they don't let Shaq get. It arrives like they felt like they were a team at the end of arrives close they'd probably pointed to ride site at the end of clay and luckily David curry back tonight which is which is just unit which would get him to the finish of this stretch. John tickets and that's done it's NBA this week quote O'Keefe but don't why the warriors. Struggled at home. Won't get rid of that and it is had a reality Matt kind of chuckles again this week at 95 cents in the game. I got to play now. Gray had nine straight games and it's the third longest streak in NBA history. David barrels and now this is like John Kyle Korver. Act like dobbs looked like it was going to be a night where he might go for forty or fifty. Early on last night and oracle wound up with 24. But he had what thirteen of the first 56 minutes of the ball game so. After that something was off about. Klay Thompson's game John tickets next time it's if it is we cared ID five set the game. You know just a hunch which you were saying something was up with clay just seemed agitated. You know one might be something that something simple as. He thought it was really literally. And they kind of went away from them and maybe he didn't was upset about that now these think these kind of things that don't linger. The game by game if everything's fine. But maybe it could be something as simple as that night you know look at the pool after my. First quarter. The first fifteen minutes were driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek for the best deals visit your winning team in the south bay premier Nissan. Of Stevens creek online to premiere Nissan. Of Stevens creek dot com mobbed. Jordan bell we are talking about Wimbledon before the brink. Of he's. Played pretty well overall he's been cattle one guided. You know Steve Kerr singled out among a few others that it's had. They'll the most added to their plate throughout the course of December the question was suppose you'll carry out all these guys out. Who's really stepped in and and done the most with the opportunity. But it he thought it was Jordan bell but last night was a night where George bell struggle against Dwight Howard and add much to our surprise. Yes well you know what's. Stuck out would meet last night his. The one thing about Jordan bell through this entire stretch of games with the exceptional last night is yet notice him out in the court. You do notice him he's active. He interject himself in place I don't really notice him last night. Or if I didn't notice and he just wasn't played as big as he normally plays and you wouldn't you made out. You told me in the middle of the game and you're in Bell's not. Finishing like quay finished maybe a month ago or was efficient. As well lately as he had been early in the season that would kind of makes some sense to. Joy bells bid a been a nice surprise for the warriors let's be honest but sometimes. You know you want more than more from somebody that they can give it this particular time and maybe we're just seeing some of the limitations that Jordan bell has right now. And last night we saw him to to a big degree I kinda thought he got lost in that game last night. And I'm trying to remember some of these ladies and I can't remember a lot of plays he was involved in last night and that's a usual. Well the warriors typically feed awful blocked shots and enter lately they've fed. Off of Kevin during its defense entering it didn't block a shot last night. The defensive player of the year conversation started to become a little bit of a thing. You mentioned not really noticing Jordan balloting to rant it was a night last night were you really notice him where he noticed him on the defensive end. I think a lot lately. They were just out of sync and what the steps slow I think for good. Yeah finished with 27 and and you know talk about quiet 27. The one thing that surprised me to last night is it in a game like that when it's kinda a safe slipping away but when you're playing in mud all night. That's what you need to rant. Or clay. Or even train mine too. Got to go out on a limb and see if you see if they can. Just start something and what I mean by that this is hard to read tried to. Three or four possessions eroded take over the game or to school you know hit a couple threes. They just didn't they just continue to focus last night it was almost I don't mean this about. Steve Kerr blew it but it almost felt like they did have a game plan going in the last night. They they said let's go out flying let's go play will be we should beat this team as long as we do those who. Source ourselves will be fine well and I would I would I was able folk exciting thing. I would say this today out of it and giving toward yours to have things and concepts and they do match ups they wanna go latter set up big in games but. But also the warriors compared to may be other teams. Need a game plan specific to that night I mean they're so good it just doing what they do. Date you know maybe that. I don't wanna say bites them but I guess maybe that hurts them here in the air on a given night. But caddy get yourself out of a fall quietest he'd play it because the warriors sir. Superior talent. Compared to these other teams in the league I also think part of what you're saying about or maybe there wasn't as much of an idea of what they wanted to do last night how much of that is the schedule because they think you look at him and Steve Kerr said that they've. Hardly before the game he said they've hardly had a which hit him at practice scrimmage exits the beginning of the year since training camp for like ten guys have actually been on the court your rotate in because injuries. Because of the schedule and all of that. And you just look at this last couple weeks I mean you go Wednesday. And then. You've got Thursday but you get two games are gonna do a lot Thursday. Big unit takes Sunday off he's got the eight game on Christmas he gave on Tuesday off so they come back away and stay have a shootaround. A big part of what they were trying to do Thursday's your talking about in the middle of four games and you're one practice so did you're not gonna go hard. They're trying to get courier will be in Iran. I think you have to wonder just how much practice on this team even had to focus on those things late. Also I think they missed. They were miss and an emotional component last night. Try my green is usually the player your rely on for that and he wasn't. He wasn't as wound up self if you will last night and I think I think it's a metal fatigue I really do I think it's a it's a metal fatigue. That was coupled with finally. Kind of yes Jeff curry knocked the air and you realize. Yes everywhere if so are you. The warriors went 67 games without curry knew like medicine's greatest things great. But then there's a night like last night when you looking like it. I mean we are missing 26 points to. He went staff curry doesn't play or we are missing the threat of a guy who can give you 35 on any given night. And I just think sometimes we do lose sight of the fact that. If curry leaves a void it has to be filled. And the person who replaces staff curry cannot fill it all by himself. And so that means the rare it's got to help fill it and clay he's got to help fill it and try in my it's got to help fill it and you know one. Sometimes. That's asking too much of all those players on a given night and that's what I think happened last night. Warriors shoot 28 and eight as Memphis will be in here tonight but they're fourteen and five at home. At fourteen and three on the road and the five losses. Matched that total number of home losses from last season. And it's already won more than it lost in 1415. And 1516. Combined. So the warriors still. A really good home record. They've now played a couple more home games than in road games because of this last six and OB seven tonight. What do you think at the warriors are so good. Hey it's funny couple weeks ago it was all road games in the Horry for talking about what's gonna be nice to be home and now six games you get Shaun Livingston after the game last night being asked about. The monotony. Of being at home and if that maybe. Contributed to it not theater ready to go. I do think there's something about that I mean you're. I got to believe people are listening in might be thinking you guys gotta be kidding right. These guys have been home for a month you know but I do think there are also let's throw in the other holidays too. It might it's probably easier to focus on the road over the holidays that it is at home. These guys are having Christmas and knowledge just like everybody else that they got to throw the game said listen. And there's probably a million reasons why. They stunk last night. But unless they stink again tonight and then maybe stink the next two out of four games. You always give the warriors the benefit of the doubt because they don't think two days in a row or two games in a row they never do that's why. They've been the best team in basketball for three years. Every team is gonna have a few games a year. Some more than others where they stake and the warriors had fewer games than any other team in the NBA with a stock. But let's get to the phone lines it 889579570. Liar dole in Fremont joins us here on 957 game. Hey final. All important element of that so low there are ready. And now Obama and your got to stay in. I think they'd be you know hope for a long time is able to like it or not they've got all data that you guys. Because so much so that all of on the road just got to bulk on the game add it that you move it together and Opel while but he had escaped its. I mean to make it look like each adult you gotta format is big and note that I can't abandon the caddie showed yesterday. If that look like we're here. You go or it's or other game will be the way we expect to be can't get a deeply into again when he had the opportunity. The basically compute the warriors couldn't take it. And get out to be there and they are going to be in the I. Is that epidemic that big baby with a 90 towards economic ought had a educational some candidate they had to wet the story work. We're toward that you got me and that I always thought it gave. I hope they won't be noble warriors. They've been in the decade if they check out all but they attach doubt our that's been guided. Motivation that he's done so you know we're I think our overall mean they're all have built dramatic injury. Don't baby boy and we can that be educated still have a better record. But what bill ought to point out otherwise you're we've got hot I think. They had you know that the baker did the nugget. It isn't well. It's actually sit and I was Saturday. Hello all. That but not yet it's not only are actually yet. Oh raw politics saying. If not all of Galactica and it is going to just over on the scene in general we know the playoffs although there's even a whole another peak put the red eye could see an end. I don't think they've got 65. The way our plan here I think great. I think it's going to be a low fees and given us like for the record itself. That makes fun thanks for the call yeah you're also mistaken and Dallara made some good points there everybody says. Well warriors have to take everybody's a game and where they get everybody's a game I think there's something that when I even think it goes further than that. If you play the Golden State Warriors and you're the Charlotte hornets. You know. That there's a chance you can get embarrassed. If you come in here and are ready. So I think there's even you know she's gonna get beat you can really look bad and you can be on sports center for the next 24 hours. That's why I actually think part of the motivation at the warriors give to their opponents. Is motivation out of work there thank you look bad if you ain't ready we're gonna beat you 11091. We are gonna. Embarrass you Allred who would Nick Young noted do we JaVale McKee you already do with curry share me ever gonna do which ray money in your face. And I think sometimes teams are like what they they they realize that they take canceled more seriously. Yet the warriors last night definitely got caught up in in Charlotte given him their best shot. And I think that's happened a couple of times this year which you wonder sometimes sixteen gives you their best shot. Ed didn't. You have to reach into your bag for your best shot and you don't always have no idea how that happened in the Sacramento game to where. The kings were given the warriors their best shot here and the warriors looked into what they had in the bag and they kidnapped or ran Currie and it was like oh weary and go to get a shot exact and you get Klay Thompson chew the 27 footer. With the game on the lied egghead. The other kings get whatever they wanted. Brunt of their offense. Yeah and I mean I hear you there I hear you there in that it the hornets. Look faith they had players. They here's the thing but to make this sport real quick before we break if you look at the box score. You look at Charlotte and say how do. About 46 that went into anything outstanding why should why a delight was not stand Dwight was great but I mean the overall stats they didn't shoot 50% they didn't make a lot of threes. They can reach in foul shots well. So I think it really does tell you that the kind of clunker the warriors. Points off turnovers that's that was a ballgame right there at 211 absolutely 3211 in the points off terms are John Dickinson outside Mets. NBA this week we've got Elliot Perry grizzlies radio analyst joining us at top of the hour coming up next we'll take a look around the league who's up. And who's down. The week we're CDS dining. The NBA right now it's at an all time. Lose its. Status they stain yeah did see these people. Courtesy of. Yours truly. Almost knocked and is now hand it's loose rock it's the rockets are always thought. Since Daryl Morey said that they are so fast with beating the Golden State Warriors and there was the report. Linking them to being the LeBron James hunters. In the off season and as far as free agency didn't have to join what they've got. Going on in Houston he on the surface you think well overdue. Take a couple losses they were played a little bit over their head I think that's fair but you gotta wonder how much of the five in a row. Given the time being and more. The LeBron stuff then the obsession with the warriors it to me it's more about. Anytime you have a GM. Avid get out there in the media that the team is looking to add another player it's on another team and that may happen at the expense of players that are currently on a team that's playing better basketball than anybody in the NBA. I think he got some potential trouble they're now Chris Paul's been out a lineup that's been a factor further for that as well for the rockets. The third down at five morello Wendy and down or account wanna watch how things play out a little bit within the next couple weeks. Couple things about that that struck me one is. It reminds me a little bit of wind show late go to. Was quoted in the New York Times saying we're light years ahead of everybody in the NBA and sure enough what ended up happen and they lost on Christmas Day to Cleveland and then they went churlish to sit down period. And it was easy to then take shots it at Laker for saying that now and eventually all. Came out in the wash but the other. Comparison I'd like to make these Dora the Golden State Warriors. 1516. Season they're 73 win season. It was in January that we first started here in. Hey maybe go after Kevin Durant in the off season this is when there. 45 and four and they're talking about Kevin Durant. And at that time I thought they know that's not good that's not good that they're talking about Kevin Durant when they're how to halt off. A historic season and then as it all came out down the road later. It can't bother some of the players most particularly bothered bogey. And he even said something about it after that season so yes. You do have to ask yourself when Daryl Morey saying we're gonna go LeBron hunting while that may have an effect on Luc Mbah a Moute that. Brian or Ryan air or air Gordon or absolutely anybody not. It Chris smaller James Harden had a little back on absolutely be especially when you're the best team in the NBA at the point. When your coach Colin you're Jim is saying it to me it also boils down to the fact you look this team was played at at extremely high level. They were start to be in the conversation of what you know what. Maybe this team could actually compete with a warriors but you know what it you know what. Happens when that ball bronze stuff comes out at. You don't it is it it basically told the players that what the GM doesn't think that this team is good enough so what do you fights before it's your GM doesn't think that. If you're good enough as it is indeed LeBron at the expense of probably 234 players that would have to go to make it work financially. While there's also the other side of that JD that you are a lot is. Well if the Houston Rockets players are so. Mentally fragile. They're talking about acquiring LeBron James affects their play. Well then you don't want him anyway but here's you can't win with them I'm gonna say. A team that is up is the LA clippers they got Blake Griffin back last night. If you look at the standings they're just two and a half games behind. The pelicans. I think we may have been a little premature and writing a moss and and like you were saying JD if you look at the roster it's horrible. You still have Blake Griffin who's a heck of a player the Audrey Jordan might not be as valuable as he was five years ago. But he still I think an asset rather than a liability. You got to know it's looks like tonight players a fun player watch Lou Williams coming off the bench. I think that's gonna be worth watching the pelicans and the clippers for that eight spot. And they've got some of those guys they got a Chris Paul trade to like bod guess Harold Decker can be a pain I have been night Decker so it's not like. They may not have a bunch NBA starters. But it feels like they had. Eight detail and in BA rotation players. With Blake Griffin and it is sad enough to gauge the 500. I'm gonna say probably not but they're close enough to where you can't completely. Write them off either. John tickets and that's diamond's India this week 957 the game who's up. Who's down across since the NBA. As we take a look at the lakers are down. They've lost five in a row they've lost eight of their last ten they are now at 1123. And the lakers are half game ahead of the grizzlies for the worst record. In the Western Conference at the lakers actually have the third worst record in the NBA came out. Aware only Atlanta and Memphis right now are worse than the lakers they're hoping team meetings to air grievances. Well. All this season through a wall in deep trouble. Well she is set to joke. If this team is still very young now what's their record it's eleven and 23 should they be. Fourteen in nineteen maybe probably but. This team it's fair if they're young and also they can play without Alonso ball. And it to me anytime you lose eight pass first player you feel that. Maybe sometimes even more then a scorer because people can more easily make up. For scoring deficiency than a passing tight deficiency. Is will all be in trouble the funny thing is JD you texted me that last night knows what why. Why would Luke Walton be in trouble well if you troll because. Expectations get too high too fast. And that's what and that was after they were losing that the clippers. Down there after they didn't struggle and I mean I just it. It's not bad not right now an oval they've been real competitive against the warriors. But did it yup they're kind of in that mode where they've been competitive against the warriors and I think down almost works against them. Because then the expectation becomes well you needed beat the other teams that you're actually on the same level as it that would you'd doled it almost gets few days. A bigger negative and they had should be. Well she got up or down well. I'm gonna say a team that's down and I am worried about this I mean does the fill in oh OK I know more about my pistons Theo. The road loss Reggie Jackson could hurt them but though the fit Philly I'm just not sure work where they go from here. It if indeed it. If indeed can't play consistently. Or if in essence he's at game time decision. Virtually every game how do you move forward I mean how do you gain any kind of consistency. There and I just think. And beat is such a puzzling player because he makes a huge difference. That he plays one night and then he doesn't play the next. You're right drastically. Different team drastically. So how do you come to terms without it ever be consistent they've. Lost ten of their last twelve. And I keep going back to that game against Oklahoma City. One of the best games in the NBA a triple overtime game they were down in that game on national TV and Pete played a ton of minutes. In that game and and I'm always of the belief. That they're certain games you have to win. Once they become close games otherwise they can have a ripple effect it can be played 49 minutes in that game. And you'll look at them since then they ended up not winning that game impede had been this time he's really banged up. They ended up chasing that gain what a loss at Chicago. Horrible loss straight into the holes are playing better and but but. On the yields lovely is an idea then they went home at their get well game was supposed to be at home against Sacramento. They pushed usually lost that game. This bid to play the raptors twice so even though you play better you still lose two more games. They barely salvaged a win at New York against the knicks. At Eldorado a West Coast trip. And they were in Portland the other night blew a huge lead again so it just. It's spiraling out of control right now are all started with that game against Oklahoma City. You know my hunch don't hear what's that my hunch is that we were talking about expectations were talk about the lakers. I think the expectations in Philly are high enough that. The coal Angelos may make a move. And I'm not sure that it will be a good move. You're you know Brett brown is somebody you've brought up. I just terrific I think he's a good coach too but I could see him get laughed. And I can also see. Cole Angelos make it a move that changes that team in a way where they give up everything they've gained in the last two or three years. Our John tickets and that's I met Elliott Perry grizzlies radio analyst is gonna join us. Coming back here we get to bon Temps the Washington Post to the 11 o'clock hour one hour down get two hours to come live from oracle here at 95 cent of the game.