Final Hour - Koz, Lo, and Dibs speak with the new Golden State Warrior, Jonas Jerebko

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, July 20th
Jim Kozimor, Lo, and Dibs speak with new Golden State Warriors Forward, Jonas Jerebko. Plus, we have a trivia game based on Lo and Dibs to see how well Koz knows the show!

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Get this bad. Owen. Man final hour of the week. But we thought we are not gonna be second on the tailpipe to the finish line were straight to the finish. Jolo and did so I'm Jim goes in Lawrence for Joseph for the ball. Are you ready for the stands to fly got my questions sheet right here is a huge aren't right I'm ready evidently the production staff has gotten it done Luke is get it done low O'Neal is here let's bring in our next guest. Warriors continue to add pieces. One of those pieces who they added is going to be very beneficial especially for the 82 game grind he will spread the floor. Excellent three point shooter. Most importantly known as the Swedish Larry Bird Jonas juror red coat joins us on 957 game Jonas thank you for joining us we appreciate it. And Al welcome yes welcome to the lawyers I have to ask how did you become known as the Swedish Larry Bird. I mean that's folded in Boston. Through you're happy and very. I got that shot the ball pretty well because that but you know I don't know that that my real nickname but how effective. Somewhere there's an American Jonas Jerebko then if there's a Swedish Larry Bird civil try to figure out who exactly that person is at the appropriate juncture. As you look at this team and joining it. EC championship team three and four years but Europe contributors so how are you going in and contribute to this team coming in this year. Mean that local. And I thought the speaker and I I wanna open whatever we need you know I ought we got. It. But you don't make them play like 48 minutes well community and help or whatever to you you're. Like you good shooting our our full defense rebound all of this will be out there move the ball and basketball the right way. And in our own bodies and when you're a guy like that around. Joe's low Neil here. When you think about. Warriors and their tradition they have here on the brink of being in debt dynasty. Fans wanna know always jobs will who wore you busy individual and as a player but what they get into what are they what are they getting. They did you are well. So good and that it. Slid. It edit or in an area and make all the dogs in ten years than I mean I'm. You know let them go and better every year while still a pamphlet about staff boy you played my movement of those little bit lower let. And allow mortgage given the deeply and better people to advance the console I'm on record low that I you know I'm. And very proud moment for. When I got cut out at the minute this they'll be there but you know team in the world called. You're in our proud moment can be. Really well on the side of our opportunity. I'm probably gonna come into this is one of the boxer but evidently he'd be ready do you play. That's shaped my life got a split a little getting to know you Jonas Jerebko knows member of the world champion Golden State Warriors hearings on 95 cent in the game. When you tweak do you tweet primarily in English or Swedish. Try to mix it up a little bit Swedish all right a more meaning that there. Alrighty thank. I'm trying to translate some of your Swedish but there's no translate button how often do you swear or use curse words in your Swedish two tweets. Always that's what I'd like tier I and not a lightweight battle where we know well like when I'm mid shot in our reports are where we spoke. You know nuclear referee Anders technical aren't there like that. All right. Are there any officials that are familiar with your Swedish chef the fan vote there against. Actually do it. Warren. You normally wouldn't saying what I know space and every time we regret from an oh no here and elsewhere. So I have to Joan Crawford at ask him are or are Scott Foster president of the the secrets lead. Scott Foster. Jonas Jerebko here on 957 game what's an underrated thing about Sweden. That we here in America probably wouldn't know what part of the greatness of Sweden that may be flies under the radar. And did it interest in general do when you hope it you know not equal to had to I hit Torre that the most vulnerable moment in both the application but. It's a beautiful Concord are cold in the Arab and and the comment you all book. Yes. If you haven't been put on a barker would. Biggest moment whether it's high school. MBA in MBA biggest moment for you. For me to be honest it didn't draft but first laden may be the MBA here you know the part redouble our lows with a very proud moment all. And then you know this unity conference finals when you're trying to trying to play it long and that are some are like man. You know and I'm not one artery and obviously darn about him in the world that there's. The winner or win a championship ring connect Benadryl among my whole life. But I figured they're getting drafted. You know coming from William and none. And just see that opportunity to show they might now. Jonas Jerebko joining us on a 57 game the great Swedish Larry Bird. I keel was founded in Sweden being the greatest Swedish basketball player ever do you get discounts at IKEA. And can you name of the different things at the IKEA stores are those actual Swedish words or they flow tests. Non rather not fooling with a little weird and her Meyer my wife love art you know but I have a lot but. Unfortunately. I'm not they have not given any bit of both and your wallet. You know and I know. Took me out where and how old are Oakley is ordinance city. Bomb while you're. What is easier to do knock down NBA three pointer put together a twelve piece desks that. The I don't put on none of that. Yeah a new report. You and iron lockstep Jonas because my wife we have a ton of IKEA stuff at home and she does all the assembly I can't do without words pictures only about a you're Bo. All right I'm gonna move onto a new phase of Jonas Jerebko he's not just Jonas Jerebko the player he's also the man because he's an owner of any sports team known as the renegades. All right the Detroit renegade so now you're the man keeping us down as an owner Jonas. I'll what are you what got you involved in. A under current idol on where we're gonna say we're not really connect it to be pertinent or are all important broad goal all law. Thank you don't dwell on got a Twitter page then you got a sixty Twitter page. Am I get on the right not right now what we're done area I'm not at. It's. Her record where there's a lot of millions and millions of people are watching him. Didn't really competitive. I. This one then reminded and they are longer and all of celebrate the great. Congratulations on that and now you know the warriors have an. By deep conflict of interest or can these two. Our commitment our moment our own library and go back. An omelet and we're going to do it Monday slot off a little movement in match up well. You lock on and younger and bigger. It opens in more seriously when they do you know I ought to build a third and old out. Well like that well. I think. The order that you're there. But it's it's awesome that your your man in the many talents that you you feel that you can invest in. He sports and have success would have to borrow why is it good investment to get and in what what kind of push into that direction. Yeah I mean dude did them are brought up you're there and went and that's all. That but they're grown up on Beverly. Our element a gym and out that I don't know when in expired but with spirits what my friend and all our you know outside actually Gotti were thanks a lot it's I mean that they'll likely help Egypt itself. That's it's their thing and it saw it just didn't bigger and you know it's hard to get there not been in for Lou and it's a lot on. New lawyer Jonas Jerebko here on 957 game yet you're joining a team with a ton of talent some have called it a super team some even say. It's quote bad for the NBA when you work on the warriors and you look at this team. Did you look at this collection of players and think that having this many good players together was quote bad for the league. Not really. And everybody got their right to go wherever they want it on land it ought to order it at the right word. Draft that are wired obviously they teach it but. And are LeBron went for the lakers everybody got their own right there do whatever they want a serial. I don't see any and he probably where their own. You know in my throat and anybody that big bout Mike but it doesn't go. On the show them that there are dead wrong. All right Jonas thanks for joining us and I'm just checking out the renegades on back on the I'm not continued this is the future oval we're gonna all be talking about ten years from now. Kids playing these games and they're gonna be mega celebrities. You're you could be on the forefront of some that and one of the games you guys part participate in. Jonas. Where in counterstrike halo Paladin all league of extraordinary. And I might be referred he would go. But not a lot but are not your depth we're right on your already. You are in the there's no global content and the airport are filled and remember that old so are you already have superstar mom and we'll put it. I didn't public why got a better start watching them and how well you'll just pay off even more. Well it's Monday US do you put that you don't say a dollar figure. But as you'd be an owner you put a lot of money into it. But a lot money and there it both on investment and were well you said I think if part of the future and I don't think. People can hide from it no more. I'm excited about The Who the. I totally agree Q I would love to be investments like that that would be phenomenal deal what what fort night dance will you do when you hit a three. At. At oracle. I have not played ordinary yeah okay. Of getting. God daughter not firm where a month old daughter. Cheered too. OK she's almost ready to start doing the fort I dance ghastly ready for you Allied's enhanced health Internet halo now guided tour you know get started out battle among them. Super lawyer from the you have the rights to your daughter already is there's some type of local rights deal that you have or is she a free agent in when it comes at a gaming. World's chief reissue of creative and I bring your her agent right or order it right where a guy he's now I love it keep it an in house too we need more women owners and he sports don't wait. I've always had a physical balked at Tommy John as you got a great guest. I hope we can have got a bunch if ever there's a big tournament the renegades are on are going to be Ian. If you wanna talk about it call us we'll put you want and we'll talk about the tournament is that cool. They're not have overall problem under. I'm they think act and it. Welcome to today John Campbell a lot of they get a hey you might not know this but there are a lot of kids who game here in the bay area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Believe it believe it or not I'm not yet there he killed a man way to go thanks Joseph does every weekend we'll see you thank you very much dark. Seriously everybody yeah. I agree with the young talent. New favorite country to Sweden skyrocketing guys write with a sign that IKEA topless and no doubt seriously that thing comes in and it's you open up the box and it's all these pieces graded Tino quality stuff and then you look for the instructions and it's. Twelve pictures twelve numbers big chance. It's I mean it's pretty don't know how to hold those things it takes me days to pull one again towards the doll go again who knows a dollar a couple how many barrels and their. Sony I doubt they were cut short a doll. I no doubt yeah so Dowell no doubt I have. It's funny story about. Stein nets about god maybe seven or eight years ago assignments and god in this discussion kind of he's got a and I synonymous in my world and I digest. You know he is my god. Anyway that it should leave the church looks like but that's that's neither here nor there. And it's actually green announcement that he bought like six or eight but Derek shares in the end my wife come over and assemble the chairs all my guys Pedro and a nice. Comfortable pittance because she IKEA masters cheesy idea whisper is Shirokiya whisper yeah. You can have a side business if you put her out for Daniel Pearl open on the open market. Well I didn't sat on how. Yeah so we'll limit it. My wife out for her idea construction. Hits the pillow the flat. Let you do that are solely I don't. Including wheels turning and yet I am I yeah so I can't give me I've heard of that my car and this shows and it was on. My wife for 95790. Would you pay Gibbs. For the services of his wife coal. To put together IKEA furniture. And that maybe deserve them and a good but you have to. Yeah maybe hasn't attacks on. You guys Dana and yeah. My hero. And you're dead and alone cannot analysts and handed over there yeah. Okay and there and get to that sign not that by now. And good that I've won though so you guys are acting like pansies. Those of some of the easiest pieces of perjured it was a close your life Chiming in on the tax line and it fits 415 absolutely okay in shots it's. It's really not a question of pain easier tough guy some people. Have the mental Wear a fault to see those instructions and instantly know what's going on other regionals down we missed a question thank you 859. We should've asked him how well he knows a lot. You agreement it shot you could also lead to know each other exactly. Right. Yeah did you ever meet magazine I listen if he's the most famous. Basketball player from a country doing it he would have met at some function the most famous soccer player from a country that's assuming that says a lot con has actually been to Sweden in the past twelve or fifteen years there's a reason why. The Swedish soccer national team. Did so well Jim it's because the slot Connor was not on the team. They basically asked him to stay away and they went down qualified for the knockout stage though from the 51 know this person's daughter was going to warriors camp. Jonas talked to the kids on Monday. And said he is the main and genuine funny gracious. She's already a big fan buyer number 11 none. Jonas Jerebko injures he's my new favorite warrior. Without question. I like the fact he's got the site also going. That's. That's urges the honestly hero's sudden raged for you while you're looking at disease sports try to figure out how you can make a play aren't you know question you look at big box stores are dying look at some commercial real estate you look at and Mike. The money got a putting in enormous tenants are going away because if Amazon people about what. Us college age it's it's crazy so I Mike why there was any VP at Toys 'R' Us runs digital by the Toys 'R' Us and panel yesterday jail on capital yet. And did and so far I don't big box stores it and it digits it's got to get to this spot. I mean. You look at Amazon and look at the way it works going it's all fine people are these gamers in their filling up stadiums and people wonder why so many kids at home playing these games. To food and that's it it's a space up there and I'm looking now like while this may be something you look at. Pleasanton Mikey got to jump in on this conversation because we're all things Swedish and maybe he's got some insights into some my eye Kia. Information might go ahead you're on non 95 cent of the game. Good morning and that would be number 1 morning shortly universe. Let it definitely. It out well. She took credit hear it every shot and blown away footer or red card on redid it Swedish you right she. Repeatedly that. Bild daily armed law completely. Word on how bad he's being done about it Gerald. Break yeah go Biden at all. Go. I have to agree I'd I can't do it out rocket I'd want it dictionary right here in just shouldn't it it's. But they're not. Just wanted to see it up until it got real quick jerk. Well I a year. Kind of showed a lot like the Bay Area really like these that you can't look at Packard I director at. George go you know peak power all these huge tech companies thought the game and he knew that he knew would be all these guys came here to take you indeed an Al arteries decision. Because he got this year with them and it is you got that one of the most made late in the world well. Not a lot of traffic but you know below kinder below loving it did enjoy it. Greg called like a light in my thank you very much while I appreciate it we had a similar situation with IKEA with Yankee whisperer. My wife two great China she was assembling this giant. Closet basically Florida ceiling closet in our room we have a small house not a lot of closet space. So she's put like an armoire it's taken giant three p.'s are more are opening up the entire wall. So she puts the first piece together. And she says. And it's boom boom hits a ceiling had Cecilia you'll fit. She's gone oh my god I measure I measured and I know it fits and she's the whisper she's the whispered and I said well actually. Two to step back. Dashed out bold thinking chair came back in. And I said you know what honey you know it is the iPod news she said what I says that damn iPod news because when you assemble something flat. So I DNA and you try to make it fit so I'd be straight up and down you have to account for the swinging it. Of the peace when you stand it up which is the high confidence. So in fact it did fit. But the only way to fit it is if she assembled it from floor to ceiling. So she had to take it apart and then redo it as I enjoyed warriors and nuggets a press row off. Hot hot hot yeah. Unbelievable. How bought this thinking here is much as we all complain about a young putting things together from IKEA we keep Cologne back. Under appreciated. IKEA kitchen it's a good grub there that's and a switch me both Swedish meatballs are phenomenal. Bomb the Swedish you know and also like I like the sweet rolls that they have those cinnamon rolls this ol' boy and my wife actually same life that a key was okay she went online and design our entire kitchen using the IQ yeah do that interactive software so. Me up to sell me on the Swedes or IKEA. Orient. The whispers of kind of like sugar she gets done she does he gets it done. She's iconoclast you should see that to do list with the items getting checked off left and right it's ridiculous that's a productivity. Can I say one thing guys if you have a problem with the IGA instruction and call all the beef line. 4154038588. We are starting a new saying next Friday at the end of every Friday for each month we're going to be giving away a hundred dollar Harris ranch beef gift certificate. Available at your local railings Bel Air. And Nob Hill foods if you want to call the month. You're when the certificate and does that count for July so the beef line calls that came in today and Monday and then the subsequent Friday and yes absolutely this this month in July and then I keep that in August. Chinese guy. But it's round and here is it is that he had with that call 415 for a 38 Friday may we can go to. All right 925 the time we continue to add a little baseball giants and a's get rolling Curt Young years the giants pitching coach joins us next and an offensive in the game. Sure going to discontinue. Its on 957 big game. Arledge at funeral on here and I'm third on the time. Joseph Mullen did this I'm Jim Cozumel or Joseph back on Monday so he's winding down a vacation time he's going to be back here on Monday. As we get things rolling we'd get a goal and with a little Bay Bridge action. Giants make the trek across the Bay Bridge. They go to the coliseum a.'s giants for three starting tonight let's bring in the pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants Curt Young that. Who also wore the green and gold in his career so he's got to have a fun time this week in over a two yard but no let's talk about the giants Kurt in the pitching staff I've always wondered. What the discussions are like as you guys figure out how you wanna set up your rotation. After the all star break what are some of the things that you would vote will go through to determine who how you wanna set it up but it you will set up with Derek Rodriguez followed by Madison Bom Gartner. And Johnny Quaid how'd you come up with that. When you go right left right combination with what we have on our rotation rumble and then. We were with Eric Rodriguez first it was the last one the started being force in England. And so am I am Mary. You know what at a certain job acquittal on site third third third in line for at dodger series that we have come up. You got Stratton you've got this war is still there are some large on the DL how much of a luxury is it to have some options at the starting pitcher position. When may be if a guy gets nicked up Murphy struggles you can go in a different direction the next time around. Yeah you're right there we need you all are for sure you know some injuries earlier I. Landers column often pitched very well all this Stratton was solid for us really from start to. So when he got sent down and then Eric Rodriguez is a mile from both great out so. You know you gotta have depth but it genome. And we had to basically all I'm in the starting our. When injuries happen. What do Scott and a mindset of it you've been doing the pitching coach what is the kind of reminds it to get guys up to speed. In how do you know when is that moment to see this guy's ready in hook on in that decision making and know. Who have many in means how to hold guys in the eating up innings are viewed one of pull on them early news is. What is that key signal. My guys had enough. Well it's just the feel of the game is still the only game and also as a National League makes decisions or you don't win your. Yeah on a tight game and the guys close it was pitched well. It's timed you know what you're gonna (%expletive) a half court I am trying to score some runs let. No just build the game pitched sound does come into play out and slowly let. In all our guys roll over. And are only you're likable error. No just talk about our our guys that came up with sand and swore and there are Gregory it's taken a Major League they used this year. We're now being such a big part of our rotation and acknowledge something that I'll read it. We really need you would get on the door and down. Or just some larger. No coming back from some shoulder stuff. Curt Young joining us here in 957 game. Kurt is a pitching coach for the giants but he spent ten years at the athletics your part of that team in 89 so this weekend. I know he got a job to do but Egan has spent a little time catch up with some year old buddies and and haven't some fun. You know we have a lot auction tomorrow morning before the game a bunch going a man. Nobody for the gamer going to be at or loose them after the game we'll get the chance to really catch up but I. It is they didn't suit them thirty years let. You know when you when you have some happened where he won a World Series so those memories never go away again. It doesn't seem that long ago because surely they can about it still talking about it. Born it'll look important since some of mild CNET. And you've got the Bay Bridge series now with a trophy on the line actual piece of the Bay Bridge. At stake in a couple of teams who were both doing pretty well this year does the fact that. There's a trophy and both teams fighting for a playoff spot does that give the rivalry a little extra juice to share. Well lit it up if there's always going to be some Jews where they you know this year. We're worse searching for Williams and sort of the Asian older age trying to get the layouts. While worm that type division race or so also. We're trying to get anywhere and when this down so. You know on the matter or play him or look at the women they'll resume the series certain. We try to get ourselves up in the stands. As a coach and as a player when you play a team right before the all star break him in right after all star break. It deal like you like doubted he wished these things spread out. You know it's done a good thank. You know you're on the series and there's definitely some fire going up between the two great rivals and you'll put out then. You know one parred all your preparation is done on. You know you feel like you're ready coming into the series for the senior playing on so I think it's worked out OK what what the situation. Pretty young joining us or not if I seven game show domain name a shot goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers how does that change the division how do you guys pitched a man named job. Well it was a numerically. Although it shares little planned so that's where every sport I dummies or yeah definitely. I can't give in to him. As our most other situation no air so. You know he's one of those guys I'm sure you gonna go right in the middle of the order a solid what I think battery goes let it. You know the doctors were good without men and the got a battle whipped men. You know once we get strong what they had a little closer look what he's front door this year and hopefully we'll figure out ways to go a mile. Look at the bullpen in San Francisco early that's a good contributions for a number of different players including Marc Galanter who hasn't. Yet assumed the closers role again is are planned it. To move him toward becoming the closer again or is it just a case where he needs to pitch in back to back games first. Well at this point and women who are and will also note that kind of ensuring their role. Oh well as federal rescued every time he is the situation coming back from. Although surgery himself that are no market as well a very pleasant surprise. You know it's well and spring training won't run at a little arch us stuck back but I thought yeah let the big part of our own you know way. When he's rested. He's go to Asia yet. Noticed there's there are times this year worries them ready to roll back the crowd. Our but the game didn't pay soul. Are you know we we'd all boil all fans look so we got nice balance left or right and lot of experience and we just got to get those guys have all of the late. Kurt thanks for joining us have a great weekend out at the coliseum have fun seeing some year old teammates that should be a good time best of luck in the Bay Bridge series. All right take care and there haven't been great Curt Young joining us here and I if I seven to gain in the 938. We bunch of good guys right and we usually your good Jonas was a great guy thank you very much for saying that I'm in for Joseph Joe's an even better guy he's back on Monday. He's gonna days and you know what his take the company get a little harder for you next week isn't it I can't crack the whip but what you guys out of the cage guys get a little bit. I know what they'll be less of yeah debt as a reason I don't have a flat right now and I'd across our microphones I. Wow have they I'm doing so much over here you know you got to forgive me some dismiss takes a it's time for the twelve caper date cash contest here's your chance to win a foul lose in dollars. Textile code word school. To 72881. That's cool the seventy to 81 this is a multi state contests message and data rates. Apply. The Dallas. Hello. Oh the uptick I did coach on steel and homicides are bringing it to the weekends now back on scrub Saturday shift yet. When they were they ship you back to the normal stroke Saturday on an uptick that. H out of it I wanna hear you uptick on TV that's when we really not even embraced it that's right that's a giants were coming up and obviously you're gonna see remain Ellen a particular agenda again you know I'll take some grand plan Texan meted out of the summit at the moment upon plan. We think about the giants' bullpen flying. Is that and I love it. Take him to be good. What do you think about the giants will then there's Elin is at the answer is yes yes OK on the I'll I'll see what I can do about bringing it. But if I do you got to replay the next morning on the show but don't. The early agers and leave it in the no matter let definitely deal and I think there should be more playing back what we see on TV and just you know having fun with it. Not making fun of anybody. I'm happy and fun with it and it didn't go so well for me and last time around so I try to steer clear of you sensitive TV types who did you. Who'd you poke the bear. Who wasn't there or listen tonight. Come on there or listen well he doesn't wanna go there now because the barest poked and at the very. Has never forgiven me. Really enormous and tonight. You're kidding. Enormous and tonight I don't know if you gonna be that way and a lacks. Are we gonna do how would he gets an -- yes we are not ready notably your role that right now. Let's do let's Unita do we need another canoe state I will say let's roll that at about 945. I'll take is in the end of the show OK first just react couple minutes putting you Anemia Carnoustie update and we talk about lows good guy award. I can tell you that debt Kevin kidnap. Who's in the lead and I just say it like that because Cologne in France. Don't know wrong event. I'm I'm going to take me the piano for the photo fret about and I had nothing down. It's not a CBS event now it is not flow condition like this one believed us when we dropped by hello again friends. Rock jock championships. When my favorites good finances yes thank you are you can't tell me scripted his clothes rock chart championship and then had to come right off the tip tip of the tongue. Kelly and my 770 video scripted talk OT to for the pet and kid is not has hit it into the burn. On eighteen prompting UESPN. To show us highlights of John Bender belt from 1999 when he famously made triple bogey. At the last. At Carnoustie south Kevin is not your leader. He is it oh now he's not sharing the lead after that. Unfortunate and he and Zach Johnson and Zander Lombard. Shaun Alexander's everywhere Zander shop shout out south American golfer good knowledge. He's also tightly. And you can never mentioned Zander is not mentioning Zander glad it Ross elementary. Clausen not had to be 95 ask is it with a senior Zander with an ax odd that was stand over the next Zander Ladish. Brother to Max and Zach lashed the identical twins both great wrestlers low. I should their father was a very good collegiate wrestler off to punch up some of his stuff punching his career but this is Zander with a Z Zander Lombard. What school did you shout out. We're shutting out Ross elementary on Raymond county California and out toppled an elementary get to shout out earlier and yeah Ross elementary former home of the offspring of such people as Huey Lewis. And Sean Penn. And of course the after mentioned Ladish man. And I'm glad any other yet if any any in any more any elementary schools only more. Thanks for the update from Carnoustie where I'm told what hole is the perfect par five Carnoustie has the numbers they are Hogan's Alley Jim today you remember from your days thank you. Ben Hogan and traveled across the pole today and won the open championship you're put one open. Much like me with one MLS season. One MLS any of that and what am I mean. That's some guy name Hogan thank you wanna open championship. And won titles. Like can I like it. Mount the Zander more has Zander and Hamilton won the fine founding fathers and Zander Bogart's. Oh yeah Red Sox they ego. About now Zander mores and filled the standard Ladish is on any of the non Zander more Shaun Alexander Gladys if you know on Edison tech Sinai antenna. That's tough if you can if if you can. Mom if you have yet less than a minute you want to go to good guide Joe's trickle is another good guys yet less than a minute as we get a bill. Just get to know your will save say that would absolutely you wanna talk more about chamber what James Harrison said about Belichick verses Tomlin. We can save that's it I'm not back on Monday. Home. Goodness too bad for you cozy too bad we look at it. Always have room for you cause I'm being told by the text line my uptick far better than Greg Papa and Damon. Combined to hit seriously out yet wise they can't they can't get the uptick you know here around mount up tick more but you're on here in the conversation. I'm looking portal we're doing next year not 57 game is I've been in for Joseph for the ball all weeklong. And hi I have and I know these guys for a while and I got to know even better or blood and a guest on her show. Right UN tonight we cracked Olympics we talked up and the funds that all kinds of fun stuff we we all we didn't get into your friends think he wanted to get into. We get into that adds a lot of time yellow that's that's a lot of like 42 different things he did know about the show friends we'll get into another Davis I don't know. Yes must do so much stuff and it's already in each of busy people less let's let's. At 945. This is Anna's bit. All right Jan. You spent some time now with these guys getting to know them so we want to know how well you know Mo and gives us if you question. And we'll see we know better. Aren't they here's a first line OK there is face certain type of movie that low and doesn't like watching what type of movie is it is in movies with clowns. Movies with evil spirits are movies which. Okay. I think yeah came out of no where it through me off my game. Because I thought I had the answer on this one. I sprinkles and I think evil spirits I think he is a guy is a spiritual guy and he likes to read that book that he likes to read so it's evil spirits. Well I talk vital -- you know just off the text line this is how the week is gone. 95 I'm gonna miss Jim. 323. No one's going to miss Ko was easy. Us so it just shows you pitches. You know that's it that's how you get it here in a week you get some like his some don't like it next on the question I. Our rights are different than a coach for volleyball soccer basketball tennis you name it for how many consecutive years what you cut out for. Ten years fifteen years or 25 years. He was a coach. The war. Fifteen years consecutive years fifteen consecutive years and volleyball being year probably you or. Above year at the total more academy is others would call it. I have a solid five couple. Fully fired Tony obviously I wasn't sure I thought I thought it could have been I was just. March 1985. As a junior high school like coach saint readers fifth grade B boys basketball team three and six campaign shutout Riley bush who would mediate team but he an attitude problem. Or cash take back all the way up through 2010. When I coached the fireballs underage soccer team in the Montclair soccer club. We lost a heartbreaker to the silver tiger's 42. And you could talent goal. Put his heart out. That's deep knowledge I dodge it Jimmy we have to run with ten minutes ago how do you behind you lose that you're celebrating on the side where you simply goes by isn't it premature. They are aiding. IRA program move on here now I ask the guys about five random fact about those shares of mental activity so well. This was what he gave me if below could go fast in any type of vehicle what would it be a car a speedboat or Egypt and giving to whom I tournament and how low low. In eighties. Would cars I'm boat or jet plane just speed boat. Dock. It wouldn't it caller I thought because he was all about the motor boating. Because we're talking about this we were talking to Kansas City is did yes I did but I didn't handsome well I wanted to. I don't think wow those you know. He's is executive. In case it's all those lower down campaign is over here we don't use coupons I'll only. I'm gonna save daylight and out very important exam cotton here. Now we learn it earlier this week and did it click absolutely. Adorable as a child so adorable and fact that he was it 'cause model at one point his child to do. At what age would he cover model five. Second. Eleven years old so. And he. Well there thanks Little League program would have cheered on by the way shot up my parents who no longer will us are hell happened how it. Didn't and holes like that hold on I disagree and the lasting answer because Lowe's said earlier this week he had when we're talking about fast cars he wouldn't get in the car with his friends is because there were driving too fast. They can't just Angola in a car too fast I guys I think I'm right Janet Jackson because of borrowing and it just perform Adrian said. Which is on the motor boat. If you look at me during the end do you have known that it was car I was giving you that he tried to drive. Available go they're singing a song by the caucus should you don't know what he did not the motor but why did you let the people know what this guy did the kid already I don't need to read underneath the resilient driving your car I was doing the breaststroke. I mean there are in other our wheels on a vote zips up thank you got it around and really what kind of goes on the boat and kill us. The steering legal busy quiz show for. I'm not not below could live anywhere outside of town. Where would it be Florida at Tennessee or Delaware. This is an easy one because Tennessee is the fastest growing from the national the fastest growing city in America and lo has good taste he played there it is a most iconic year. Was on a fake play in the NFL Euro would go to Tennessee. We're gonna move and I. Played Ottawa it's one of the Elton replenish their military veteran right. Yes thank you are and how many times did did and himself to Catholic school once twice or three times how many times did you send yourself. The Catholic school is correct once twice or thrice. Answer the question it's just one question Claire yes once. Thurman right Bob you went aren't done right we do what you can go oh well. It's inaccurate. Eighth grade sent myself to Catholic school then we move now into custom grounding in Petaluma we moved back to rent I sent myself to Catholic school a second time what do you mean you set yourself man I would tomorrow daring to mom and dad can I please go to Catholic school thanks I want to find Jesus say well. So he's there is fine. So look at by the latest that's flawed. Skills and somebody you know drop they. Active. Act of contrition on the right now but an eight and contrition on here are not alone recently met prior under appreciated prayer go to low recently went mad. An award winning actor which actor was it Matthew McConaughey hey Denzel Washington or Helen here. Denzel Washington and. Current on und I'm blocking down okay. Lock it down I know a way better now mirroring yeah. We don't dance wasn't available really weird hey Helen Mirren I'm not trying to say otherwise but. I'm him I'm investigating the glass in her day she would steam the glass I can agree with you more. Oh I just how many years did it take did you graduate from college for seven or thirteen four years ago to a college because he's you know. These guys got to quickly he's Scharping. Go. Because amazing now hope to correct answers thirteen you know I and I had a gut it out to get a dollar and I know knew and worked with you those of you ideally twenty years at least and I I am getting buckets on your stuff. It's kids every time we're together he's talking about yourself now are all wow I didn't lie. I'm 55 that's so untrue find out what is allows biggest pet the people who cut their toenails in public. People who are toppers are people who put leeches on their children when K okay so the first one is the question. What are what is the pet teen people don't like about lol what is looking here is behaving here not only channels clippings on year. Office floor it's the a second one. People who are Toppert toppers. Wow he doesn't mind kids in Malaysia and yeah about maybe he's got a pro life. You have not already taken a zero Disneyland today it's in and our colleagues and I. Passing button anyway. That there are at aside from golfing and drink it I VA is what it did favorite hobby bowling gardening we're judging people. All that's a tough call right there will be through exotic good grief because bullying is the most under appreciated sport. In America who doesn't like a good tackler but he's judging of the 2 o'clock. Got a bowling now. Knew it was. Are saying come on Jim judging other people are extremely sound yeah. That happens that that's that's our regions that should be on our license plates here well judging people not a hobby it's a way of life data it's out here. But the raw courage and we need a different kind of judging we do need more judging how I do. Let's use that for questions right of low I don't know I'm one out of five. And then one out of five but did. Don't know that both both I was like tiger wasn't his preferred toppings on his he says spinach and tomatoes spinach and mushrooms are pineapple and made us on apple tomatoes. And it was close favorite toppings pepperoni mushrooms pepperoni house Kenya's are kind of seniors and. While that's a tougher one very to it is a tough and tricky one big bummer but it is three X he's a mediator. Any right so I go to meets vice combo player what one is that that would be pepperoni and housing political attack. You are wrong it's Palestinian and mushrooms really. I think could get much true this is the most arm all eyes is like the way biggest waste of a bug oh my god you every continent on pizza. Any reason mushrooms primary until the next day and veterans but left him yesterday during that in tennis things. Oh my kids and how tragic night act of contrition because the expenditures as a scripted apology book not to discuss the I gotta go and play a couple of these guys. Oh lead Jimmie when it is. We're late summer break we've got to show on after us gurus gonna talk about people love visiting his wife and he's out of the house I can't wait did you hear talking about that. Goodman sorry I'm. And it elsewhere in this case everyone. Honestly housewife I'm Jim cut the floor Joseph comes back to tell us back on the rails on Monday Dan thank you very much into the same low it's a pleasure you guys are the best. Keep the tonight at 57 thinking and need people are 15 for a three day Friday.