Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Warriors Assistant GM Kirk Lacob

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 22nd
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with TNT Analyst Caron Butler as well as Warriors Assitant GM Kirk Lacob. Then we have our World Cupdate!

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He championship. Rounds of Jolo and did here on 957. Game. Great to have you us on this beautiful Friday. Around Butler former UConn Huskies sit and join us in just couple minutes to talk about last night's draft and what the warriors scored at pick 28 we've also got a conversation coming. With Kirk late jump. Worries in GM at 930. Interestingly enough. When the warriors made their pick last night they got him on the phone Steve Kerr was first talked to on percolate it was the second to talk to them. And at 930 we'll tell you who the third talked to who Kirk did that phone too but we begin. The best. It. Warriors blew it or ticket. You were okay. Welcome to the Bay Area Jacob Evans home. Of a dynasty guard for hybrid out of the University of Cincinnati 66210. Pounds he turned 21 years old last week played three years of Cincinnati so he's got play any. A college basketball experience 105 total games. Eighty of which he started last year in his final season with the bearcats he started 36 of a possible 36 games. Averaged thirteen points four point seven boards three assists a steal and a block for Cincinnati team that had held the run. But lost in the second round of March Madness to that upstart Nevada team led by Eric muscle man. Broadly day in earnest he hasn't even met the media yet that's gonna happen next Monday in Oakland but what do you think the pick last night. I thought it was great they were looking for a guy who could come in and contribute immediately and here's a player who was three years Cincinnati. Versatile defender who can switch and guard a multitude of positions. Understand the switching style of defense he's immature player he's 21 he's not a one and done kids using eighteen or nineteen. As a kid who's got three years of college basketball under his belt. He comes in with the ability to contribute in the areas where they need it they're not gonna look to him to come in and averaged twenty intent if your. And you're going to Phoenix you got to come in and make a big time impact this kid doesn't have to do that. Commonly contribute beat the eighth or ninth player joining a young second unit was Jordan bell and the other isn't just contributed. Here's what's answers to allow. It is right he doesn't need to come in MBS Arnault is looking for twenty intent but unlikely damion Jones and come on Loney who have been given wide births. In their development. The transition from college to pro basketball. They are going to look the warriors that is actually combatants and they're gonna say we need you next year. We don't need to be a star but we do need to come off the bench we're gonna need you to give us their defense we're gonna need some quality minutes because we're short on wings. And that's what we need against the Houston Rockets so to an extent. There is some pressure on the shoulders this young man who went twentieth overall us. Yeah there is that there is any there is some pressure on him and you think about. The starting five you know wherever they decide to go with. In the union and about the that you know on the you know think about this next group that comes and the number twos you look at Livingston. New look at Andre you think about bill. Are those guys prolific scores they do need some schools may do need some adequate scoring you know when the second unit comes in. Here's a guy you know can slash at times is not necessarily the annoying guy think he can create a lot of things but he's a great passer. He can finish spun me interesting because he is going to have. Some pressure on we saw last year this team did need more scoring edited too so he's gonna have pressure but he's got some great guys and he can look up to. His plan would for the all stars. You know and he's going to be able to. Mimic and tried to copy what these guys have been able to do and they're gonna teach them the nuances of being a pro so he's going to have pressure on him you saw. You know bill a lot of these guys this year kind of didn't think they you know they got a lot of playoff time but I do want to season. Coach city needed this team to move Ford said he wanted to go with the younger and that's why they drafted this guy in the second and then late first round 28 big. To bring a guy in the can bring some stability to the second it is second unit. What do you do JJ combatants right you were distracted by the warriors are gonna meet the media on Monday you're gonna show up in Vegas at some point for the summer league and in the season is gonna start. When you coming you just stay quiet. You just watched you observe how do you work how do you handle your business as a pro some guys commanding try to make their mark right away. If you were advising him. On how to make the transition from being eight college athlete to a professional athlete you read about fifteen minutes of talk with this young man what would you try to tell. I think the biggest things and I think he will come in and say. This is and this is defending champion ship team I'm lucky to be here. I don't know I don't know what the expect I'm gonna go in here I'm gonna work part. Gonna get all this knowledge that I can't I'm gonna go on worked them and try to find out what do I need to do I'm going to be on time I'm gonna show up and I'm going to be dependable. Here's what he's got to do and those are guys like to Dray mind and Acadia to different guys on this team that got us a young boy you young but you gotta go work. You got a bowl army strikes you're not in college anymore and they got a gaining on that Redmond to be in a pro. Making sure that he's lifted make injury eating right make a dreaded isn't taking. Just start runner around spent his money traveling now you think you made it. No you made. It was hard to make it there it's even harder to stay there is every year there's a draft so I think the biggest focus is for this young man Evans that is. If sustained focus on his craft and understand. What he's brought in to do what they brought him in to do and he's got to surround himself with these older players and let them show them the tricks of the trade if you wanna have success last night's. NBA draft was the case study reputation and what reputation can do for you. And how powerful a tool it can be with the media and the fan base a may get out pertains last night the second but. There was a moment years ago. When Drew Bledsoe was quarterback and Dallas Cowboys and was about to give up that job is about to lose it to a guy who was undrafted. Out of what was eastern Illinois at a name's Tony Roma. And generally. This wouldn't have been that big of a deal right an aging quarterback is gonna get passed up for the guy behind them the young guy and a generally that's a second or third round pick may be a first rounder who's lying in wait. This is an undrafted guy but it was a big deal. Because Bill Parcells was the dad attracted Tony Roma. And because the big tuna is an all time legend and carries with him about his sterling reputation as anyone in the league ten. Everyone was looking at this role locate thinking this is the next big thing Parcells found this guy. That was the talking point for Al Michaels and everybody else when the Dallas Cowboys were playing in primetime and Bledsoe would struggle this kid Tony Romo Parcells found him. Parcells discovered. Rue Bill Parcells. Tony Romo went on the have a strong career. The same thing can be said. About some other guys out there. Based on the town Jimmy Barack was a perfect example because Bill Belichick discovered and incidentally enough quit selling enough he played in eastern on like Tony Romo. Last night. Take two teams who each way to pick in the first round and look at the reaction of the fan bases and the media. Go to the warriors it's funny they draft a kidney Jacob met. Evans hasn't put on the Jersey he hasn't met the media he hasn't had a practice yet. But if you go to most media reports people who were judging and grating the picks they love the ad inspect the warriors all of this makes perfect sense for Golden State. Here's how he fits with the warriors the warriors do it again these guys continue to have all the lot right. Hasn't even spoken to the media yet and people love the pet. Conversely the New York Knicks draft Kevin Knox at a Kentucky. The second his name is read knicks fans are brewing relentlessly. Now Kevin Knox just like Jacob Evans hasn't met the media yet he hasn't played. Stitch of basketball yet he hasn't practiced with the team he's done literally. Not. Something talked to actually help apply. But knicks fans are furious why. The reputation of the knicks is one of dysfunction is one of mistakes is one of turmoil. And Knick fans no matter what realize they're gonna boo this big you could say just about anything up there sort of Michael Jordan right and they would have been doling. Conversely the warriors three titles in four years hitting on guys like staff curry Klay Thompson dream my dream. And on and on down the list. They could've drafted anyone they could have taken Gregg voted last night and you know what happened yet to be risky pick but. You know. He didn't. A lot of Wear on the legs because he was injured he kind of a fill in the war usually given six to eight minutes a night Greg Oden could make apply the power a reputation. The warriors have a good reputation to pick looks great the next reputation as one. Of instability over the last few years so people bullet. Neither player has done anything but it shows you how important reputation can be just remember Chris downs forcing its was booed by knicks fans so I would proceed as we put the knicks fans into some perspective they've gotten it wrong before. Our exit two time NBA all star terrific analyst for TNT in the co host of Chris in Toronto on. Fox Sports Radio crime Butler joining us here on 9570 game what's up ground now aria. Very good brother Ari do what they probably don't show. Thank you so much for Jordan showed that we appreciate it let's us start at last night's draft you were on the coverage would Jason McEntire and some of the other guys at fox she did terrific job I checked in last night. Any big surprises to you. In last night's NBA draft what really stood out when the dust settle. Ford junior boys only because of the medical situation and in. I think this small problem you know what and you know out of the top spot than we were planted in the great situation. You know what John Arab and. When you look at Mo bomb by and you start to project out on what kind of a player could he be could he ever. Get to the Anthony Davis is sort of love or is asthma Obama projecting out to you as more of a classic senator kind of player. Oh yeah he's he's what the game is narrow you know it's his versatility it would be great for the Serb what if you can do so many things much you know. Gore to a lot of work out just it was they're bored or. Stretch and I'll stick popped out with all the more amazing is going to be asked you know to go live about his commitment to work. Well what do you think about you pick of the Cleveland Hamlet two XX and do you think that changes LeBron or anything what he's still doing moving forward. I hope that it can't do the Indian army that they could market that he told a news car political betrayal where it. Fact is regarded vocal throughout the you know he put the paper world situation you regard as well. Go down hill led straight to our no good they are still aren't vitality and basically what you look in the finals and civil portal road where. We've put their lives and not have another dialect are your limit kriegel shot. They had at before little brought the majority of actors get Croatia via military dignity and increase job and they'll also. Kron Butler joining us here on 95 cent in the game so I picked number 28 Golden State Warriors like Jacob and ends. Out of Cincinnati 66210. Pounds they had said coming in. They weren't necessarily looking to the highest ceiling they were looking for the highest floor if you're first round pick. In the neighborhood of 28 like Jake abandons. And your joining the defending champs of all that's our power how are you going to approach summer league and the start of the season might imagine you were rookie joining these guys what would be your approach in your one. What do you know back tomorrow than you know your major opportunity at that party admit rather quickly and which are good there. I mean the war has got to hear who can build from seven or an out of you got before. Or are doing you know Cory bird mart KB of both current and obviously you wanna continue to prepare their rosters are hurt because. They have the police they felt they got to our way to get better on the fly built to serve at all about I think that that you look it is. The lawyers reportedly were interested in buying a second round pick which they've done the last two seasons getting cash McCall and Jordan bell and yet know the team. Seemed to wanna play along is it surprising to you that. Other teams may be now or why easing up to the lawyers and their second round purchasing ways. There are I mean you know they are the bar and they are standard you know make with that Fargo. Or. These women three out of four I think they're. There are your beard got Dellucci on the matchup today relative and they do outlook. That would Devin said Wyss chief Kerr has to do when you have a young guy like Evans trying to fit into this full what is going to be some things you have to do as a young player in order to fit. Are they look you take these and virtual guys like nick you know did you will be key years you know pretty much guys will consider collapse sparked their vehicles sometimes been out there that are you know major had this you know about it or chart for the full anymore. It's you picked a young guys like like there's a tech company and immediately you do have impact Steve Kerr has the magic potion or whatever it is to get it so I don't think. If it is going to be the thing was turned the capital there. Chiron Butler joining us here on 95 cent in the game what do you make the quiet Leonard situation do you see the spurs eventually caving finding a trade partner and moving on pretty think why is playing with San Antonio this season. Look I I think that if you you know affirmative the bill you know straight up the barrel look I do not want a beer for the future here. No lakers lose to team that I wanna play with. No one's gonna take to give that must develop a way that they can award as the word also the lakers if they say you have to prepare littered. Whatever whoever orders rockers wide open. Pick Federer. I'm being. They're gonna have to do as well forward. And if they do that maneuver a near San Antonio which pieces would you look to get back yet you've got. Lob the ball Brennan Ingram you've got Kyle Cook is not what would be fair compensation if that thing was even still open. Amir on those hurt on the berg award cold coups both I want you grow Cold War period. Are they they were shy away from the ball situations because the curtains do you have particular problem along what is so. Popular that will be a lot insert O'Neal's not accustomed to all of you know do. That their track speaking in you know try to police all. Deferred compensation they're called the ball from him. Cry on this morning we were having a conversation with Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis lanky he was telling us stories about how last night. The hawks. Who were drafting at nineteenth for the first round we're working on a deal to move up to seventeenth with the Milwaukee Bucks but right before they closed the deal based all on Twitter who Milwaukee Planon drafting. And because of that information he backed out of the deal because they knew one of the guys they like would then be available at pick nineteen. That tipping picks from all the reporters giving it's a good thing or a bad thing especially when you consider Milwaukee just gave up an asset because that information made itself public. Yeah I don't operator breakaway leader that are going to pick away the shot the shot value but he gave smoke are literally had a couple groups early but I wasn't watching the television go look at their bias where people Bolger who they are trying to light you know nobody in the moment of the carpet that ultimate that we gave it is bad. Or you know to draft process I don't culprit you you know. That's a bigger disturb their tired beauty gate and it really doesn't think that is should be alternate that future happen real. And I think that need to stop. Two time NBA all star TNT analyst and co host of Chris in Toronto on fox Sports Radio crime Boller joining us here on 95. Seven to gain grip so after odd man we appreciate it have a great weekend and hopefully we do it against them. You to grow and our. Probably remember him UConn monster. And I was thinking about that actually now if Koran Butler was coming out of college today. Six foot six his ability to issued it to drive it and to defend all four positions he's a guy who might have been born ten years too soon. You know could he be a monster in today's game out quest with his diverse ability to go inside to shoot from the outside and also defend is the back in the day used to be about either being like Patrick Ewing David Robinson a big man. Four months or score. Now it feels like there's so much special is a should that the game has become so compartmentalize and say this is a good way. That's like look we need these eleven pieces we need a guy who does this really what we need a guy who can do this this and this really well one guy that does best. Exceptionally well when you piece it all together. You get this pie pecking go out there and compete at a high level no longer is it luck I needed I I need every wanted to do twenty and ten don't necessarily need that now. Late last night Jake about it grant the warriors are the exception to that but it's like what. We don't need you come and be a star but we do need you to come in and play good defense off the bench and knocked and a few threes and that's exactly what this kid can do. And you look at Houston Joseph from last year and how they tried to compose their roster. Guys like Ryan Anderson who was really just a designated three point shooter Nene was supposed to come in and be a defense of player. A reason could do both Tucker was supposed to be defense of guy a bomb moute same thing. They tried to create their roster to where they could be the counteracting. Of the Golden State quarters but. The bench pieces didn't perform as well they should have so even though he tried to. Put all these things in place like you say find eleven different attributes and slot Amal and it doesn't always work out that way and the warriors are lucky that they have guys like Jerry Mon who could do almost everything in clay can do everything. As your third fourth planners. By the way if I may take this moment chat out us. As we're on top stories on ES PM right now that conversation with Travis trying. As it should be that's so we do things around here sanity is being run in with that. If you're just tuning in what we talked we Travis schline LNR general manager former warrior assistant general manager. At 7 o'clock this morning he told us a story last night about how the hawks were looking to move up from nineteen to seventeen in the first round with Milwaukee. But Milwaukee's pick got tipped at seventeen. Take a listen the conversation. Well. I think did that thing. That speaks to society today more in general let me saying I mean especially in our business lives. Either sometimes that'll have a conversation in three minutes later it's out whether it debate. How fast information travels he. Clearly it makes things tough like its some of these conversations were trying to you know like Pete he confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard to beat the states. All well it could also be beneficial when you talk about being in a world and trying to project. Last night princess you know we had the nineteenth pick in you know we're coming Bowden. You know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like there's a couple of guys we felt really good about on the bank. And it leaked what to Milwaukee was gonna take so all the sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it keep people drop tickets at a packages picks to move up could we do two guys. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between and so. You know that was the apostle source are fun. A little and its changing the world for the better if you don't like picks being tipped. We're gonna go out there we're gonna try to change the game. We asked one question and answer something else yeah critiquing full credit for but that affect your luck at your boys have you covered as a result we're gonna go ahead we're gonna talk with Kirk lake of worries is general manager about that and more next because Travis told us that the warriors may have been trying to swing a deal with the Atlanta last night let's get to the bottom of Jolo and it benefits of the game. Chills going kids continue us on 957 big. And then. Your chance to win. A picture with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy coming up at about twenty minutes rather on the time we released World Cup team. We'll have a whole weekend where the picks how you doing right now are doing okay and Brazil and ice covered this morning I'm on the draw here but it's Nigeria won the whole industry is a totally okay yeah Nigerians. Again while they just hit the bar a moment ago. So it could have been 3 I am I'm back to the TV so I'd draw. Looks like it's a wrap my eyes went in all right if he had Brasilia the cover and soup. Yes yes I don't even at the work forty spectacular fashion and if I was doing updates Alice Stephen Lankford I would come without me ice is melting I'm Steve Langford. The caliber that we get from back there yeah I didn't shot. It's his birthday tomorrow bomber as ms. Byrd is not a nice weekend. It must not not to let the good news and thank you know float that's that he can heal slowly soccer is not a race. News flash did you gotta be able that's a run in soccer. He's the assistant general David love your Golden State Warriors ladies generally Kirk lake give joining us here on 957. Game what's up Eric how aria. Well thank you for your time this morning we appreciate it let's jump in the last night you guys are on the clock pick number 28. Had you been zeroing in on Jacob Evans the whole time was he essentially the guy. That when it got in the Taiwanese pick 2223. Year old looking at each other saying look at Evans is there he's our man. Yeah we I'd take the guy we really like all year. And and we we've rademan twice or the draft brought that. We had a we had a number of guys who we we're really changed event but it against the draft started suited to kind of continue to go on. It became pretty apparent to us bad a much but yet guys like we're not going to be there and we actually at one point try to trade up to get Jacob. We we're getting a little worried that he wasn't gonna get there but we're really happy that idiot up. Looked like it was a crazy run on Wayne starting in in the teens and run and all the way up the deer ticks that doesn't surprise me that you're. Look at and make that move tell me about that second work out. On the day of the parade how difficult was it from a front office standpoint to be able to focus on network out knowing your about the party in front of a million people. On what I honestly pretty easy. We. We did the parade in the morning and as soon as that was over would be we try to flip the switch and we are where we're all in the draft Oden. We're excited about that group with him coming anyway if I remember crackers are really good group. And so it yet it you know what when you enjoy what you do and we really enjoyed a draft lottery it makes it pretty easy. Bill was that by design he had the parades going on you bringing guys in to see let them see what kind of putt putt kind of or he would cut bombardment you guys have here. You know we we didn't plan it that way but I think we all realize that came up that morning. That it's a pretty unique situation and and the guys who came in that day were very likely to want to play here. Sure but not assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors Kirk lake and joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Tell me about trade mine Greene's involvement in the process from all the reports we've been reading dream mine's been some of the work out he was in the draft room last night he was on the phone. We Jacob Evans after you work you tell us a little bit about what it's like to have dream on involved. Yeah our world dream on is is just incredible is it basketball and emotional IQ is just off the chart. We we love talking with him about basketball and about. Honestly everything that have to do with the team he's got a really unique perspectives. I'm MR I think he wanted to beat it we we can ask him yeah. And the fact it is going to put in the work and NB essentially out of the room. I numerous times during the week made it all the more you deeper in to comment and be a part of the discussion on draft night. But what I can you eager to learn he he loves this game he loved our team and having him involved in that is terrific for everybody. Kirk as we project drain money out to post career career and is he a better fit as a coach. As a general manager or maybe have a player agent. Who stepped that up I honestly believe he's one of the few who could kind of do all of it. I think in some ways it might be easier for him to be on profit by. Because I think he'd be phenomenal coach but I think he'd get a little frustrated. That other people don't pick things up as quickly if he goes. But honestly if you want to be a coach I think he'd be fantastic. I'm yet such a good field for productive help people without all the people in general on what makes them tick. And and he just he knows the sport so well and I think he's getting to know everybody Miki ghost. Every single player you know so many coaches so many GM agent EE just one of those unbelievably well connected people. Well you seem like you guys know pretty much about basketball the way this thing going for the nation. When you think about what Steve Kerr you alluded to a once to a you know get younger and in electing our players you know for the pension different things. What does that consist of is that guys more guys that are. The. We really. We're going after players were really hungry. Who really want to earn earn a spot in the league or on the spot with in a rotation with the team. I'm I think. You know. That is not eating fine in the NBA all of that everybody has their own personal agenda and they deserve it. But we need people who really just wanna grind every day because we had players for years straight. Have played really really long beating and and they don't get a lot of part often they're back into it so we need people we're gonna had a pick a level content yet every single day and a lot of time that it's the young players who were extra angry or some I didn't the vet. Which is dying for an opportunity to play deep into the playoffs. I'm any compete per rink so we're really looking for that type of players are gonna help but. Get through the year push our push our core and and allow us to continue to respect. Kirk we set an over under this morning on how many teams you guys called over the last few days or last night trying to acquire a second round pick. Would you be willing to share that information with a how many teams you made a phone call to trying to win a second round pick. I think you can assume you can just go to on the lip and look whoever at 631. Men and all the way down to pick 45 or so if not on draft night actually much further than Matt. We're we're really active but we're Borough more than anything we we just never won and it's an opportunity. And if you don't if you don't call you don't know. I'm if you don't try. You never know and so we we even if we don't think something is likely we make sure call in and trying to find out he'll feel the water. And and find out what's going on but yet we we've probably called. 2016. Yesterday. Eddie over at. Is clearly set the over under ten like a bunch of morons and this output to X we should have justice don't look. Think they wouldn't call for everyone right and how is that third for Joseph vigil they can your father and you know the owner of the team when he's a guy who's used to. Not always getting what he wants but he's a nice run of success there with the organization. Was there frustration. Being unable to find a partner somebody who would be willing to take your money in order to get a second round pick. Are taking it to a level area that I mean once the draft and where we are all very happy we we are so like doubt about Jacob. You kind of forget about what their during the course event. And right yeah there there is frustration when you don't get what you really want when you feel you're being aggressive. When when you called making as we do is not all dvd you know either. And and sometimes we you know get that opportunity equality do we really wanna call these guys we know what you are two very good yesterday. And and Joseph vigorous or not. It's a big part and went in and it just. And so we separate the I mean what he did he say no but I go to that. App app certainly give jedi is a 957 the game do you follow. I'm NBA beat writers during the draft to see them tipping picks may be to gain an advantage with us some of this Wheeling and dealing. Yeah it's it's really insisting that he would it happens over the last few years and with the advent of Twitter especially in sport. I'm I know the NBA doesn't love it and I know it was pretty funny lot right away. Champion and flowed really went after it and and Loge using all sorts there. But it is helpful for us to know it and sometimes we do know pick before. There's there's lead group chat so we're aware you know couple picks or what the public cute but it'd help you you get in predation. I'm I know I think I heard Travis might wreck former friend and coworker or if he still might cracked open market but at the at a at a I believe he would you guys this morning dead that there were every union in where you're looking at a trade and you'd etiquette is that a player that they were gonna take any heat it can make the trade. I'm bit they're calling it something in Christine you can learn. Just by virtue in or probation or you have to be careful and dig through the information and make sure that what you're getting the sound. But to me more information is better and and we kind of split duty up. You don't wanna mind gained 81 Johnny west main duties and my Brothers duty. Is a moderate social media and into know what's going on in the league and into Marty Stewart checked. I'm and that way it allows off. GO Larry Harris to really being critically about how we want to approach and movement to draft or work to their movie not a movie now. I'm calling for other extinct like that. Kirk before I let you go are you heading to Vegas for summer league. Of course. Every single year. I will be payable on. Beautiful releasing what we're trying to convince our superiors that it is essential we be there covering aria all that is happening obviously this is groundbreaking stuff. Jolo and did need to be there so we're down there let you know let's all go grab a dinner over at the Cosmo or something. Absolutely are you you know what it is essential that you guys did it there's too many important things to cover there's the stock pick up basketball game really important. There's they get basketball. And then there's all the other things that we want to talk. As a great drop great iron outlast you and I had a great chat when I was down there with John Davidson in Kerry Keating and I thought it was vital to the success not only of our station but the team yeah. Yet as absolutely thank you for that endorsement we're gonna send that audio right over to our bosses right now means the world to a stark. Thanks for joy and I have an awesome weekend Kirk lake and assistant general manager of the gold they warriors got a hunch she's gone places yeah I like his chances that's a hunch I'm gonna I'm a play that much. And here's another much. Would probably weasel and yes hello last year was incredible. I know that. You guys running able to go for whatever reason now authentication and things are in and we aired differences here last year's low likes to say. Same church different PO but having been their last year you see all the games are battles of personal there's games from morning throughout the night. So if you're a fan of the NBA where the association as we like to say nature you should get down there for some early it's incredible. Two and galaxy in the season pool. She put on TV a great experience great visuals. When you go there though you get hit it kind of CT don't get during the regular season and it gamble I gained eagle from Jimmy Jam that's incredible on the gym rat a son of the Baghdad lovely people would topple. It depends I don't want the pool parties that's it's too much there's all the noise in the bodies and all that's gone as too much. A nice quiet in the winter during March Madness on fact if you ever down a lot of pools close at that time of human if you go to the win. They have the one pulpit not the pool party. Add on court date club over at the wind they've got this really nice long heated. Lap pool. The Big Apple that connects to bigger square pools outside you enjoy yourself the weather's nice even if it's a bit cool. You go and it's it's heated so it's fantastic nice and relaxing that's what I'm looking for a relaxing. Oddly out easy no doubt man of leisure as it with a man of leisure. It really to the rattle words this isn't the people who hit another listener you park program six company anything. He usually does I'm just listen grace. Q what are the billions. Now it's actually one of the three contractually obligated to speak on this program but you know what typically capped the fact that the microphone was not. Yet you incredibly after the attack on the huge huge round of applause let me microphones. Pat coming that was what I want to. A young David Brown like how they apply I don't 3. O'clock but you stop when it's time to stop tonight you don't don't talk just like it. That autumn days nothing about this the pool that Vegas and I was just think you know listen a year come and sit mad cool I know you'll look like an end date. I was tired UCLA is sitting back. The poor and nice I don't think I. And these are all the best part about Vegas when you get older. Yeah doing the older things about old people things played bingo although I've been known to do that on attempting that beat out. Beyond. Resident friendly place as the locals go out there on Tuesday you play a little bingo he got have a cocktail you don't. You know flexibility go to study though there you will big Billy catch a movie go to the bowling Alley. Restaurant the restaurant. Iraq now police trust on post and many cards what I mean using handle. I remember one of the keys parents came yet and Mickey's parents know all the best local places to go all the best nights like six senior citizens get. At this place on Wednesdays they have dialed it they are they are locked and loaded when they come in banks right. Platonic Italy may just like to go for the entertainment adjacent plant penny slots police and bingo they played big all the time. And my mother in law never ever. And this is early in the dating process the courtship as they call Aaliyah and remember we all went over the red rapidly Bengals with some big though. Fired a couple years would have rattled right. And we sit data were playing in your boy just ran hot really brightened Doreen space also seeing though after bingo I'll get hot. It was just look at her. She's like she's got but this whatever they barker and she of those you know bunch of colors she takes its enjoys she ever hits. I can stroll on in there a double fist in corona is not even paying attention. Talking in an erupting everything thinking people wanna hear it I have to say you know bingo and I'm just like rag mag I think. Oh isn't that high is another big guy he's earned Matthew like 200 people your book is run and hot it was just one of those rare nights where I ended up you know like. Every time I go to being I can't last long because the smoke in the air advantages unreal The Beatles you and understandable yeah. The smoke free environment or the filtration system like a lot of it is immediate so it wasn't that bad but that's it that's very fair criticism but as you get older. You get up a little earlier you guys like to walk around a little bit yeah. You go see some of the things like without you enjoy it you have nice meals. And drink you people watch some of the great people watching the carousel bar down at the win. You go through that atrium were all those expensive flowers laid out yet that. The morons from iMac and name place I got placed on borrowed car so really you'll flowers are real and this is these joint I told the his motorized. It was opulent it something else that looks years down the street in Annapolis caliber of the blue night is that to once I cattle and not another knock on boxer caliber I've had quite a good time at both those you know question. I was just seemed yielded yet I don't act like I miss football I don't audible play. But I miss it it's when you have the about the pool and all the isn't necessarily. Going out the team by Robert Wood and I put into my whole yacht late Stevie hokey thing but he's even if he had yeah that's cool I. An article from Ireland. It's cool bucks 86 to us all Myers is so. Almost half minutes so I don't could have ever I was trying to get that you if you're in VIP. Every girl in the place is trying to get up there to just load up your tab that's what everyone's doing business and you know when you're younger it's fun it's just. Now I just I just would like to lay out of the pool. Watched puma consume everything on the menu he gets lobster stuck in the chest hair I told that story is ground zero. We're drinking those electric limited's all day he wouldn't know that Caesars palace in these are watching it to a bogus he would spend didn't think he was talking earlier today and it was openings like. I would. Go to McDonald's the gate ticket Rudy you know that. Know back in the game that's a completely different story and this is another example. Yeah that was a private conversation. And good morning honey drive safe when you came today and miss and our hello here. Yeah I don't get it goes back Dark Knight has some special for you Osaka. Because it wasn't done that long ago when you make these gigantic close about what was gonna happen today we have the tape. Let's go to it now goes to I don't know I audits of radio show. Yeah this is not not there are rules here you go. This every single one last time he got through today without getting flak I was 1987. Joked okay I'll go to my second job of that okay I'll do it on children Kamal. It blows so those yesterday and you said it you do tomorrow you make a whole shell without getting a flag and it won't happen. The F flag around 830 and made it two and a half hours it was strongly got flagged and it's been awhile since we've done one of these fortunately. The boasting that the once proud man. Who couldn't make it four hours with the microphone on this one was written and stuck it may be asleep itself. Starting remedy cannot be able to play today because Peter Levy in love with the man. Who was just one job. On an all win this feeds on wind silence off but because he couldn't handle it all those postings from yesterday. Basically months really as. I was the only today. Wasn't the only one that. True I got one as well yeah I did make Y old and why we're seeing. Analysts on allegations and and predictions I'm bad winter and it's like I was trying to achieve this with Annika announced that gets it where's the music. We're joined Steve Dale Kiefer I've got to minus its book of the art World Cup date in deep. Did we got a do you have picks for today and the weekend where I wanted to on his lead in today I'm guided by god forbid we extended more than one Damon and if you tell me on Twitter at handedly guilty secrets and that the peak day I will not this will not be drawn Nigeria's winning but it. I digest coming up next. Serbia and Switzerland. Keep your eyes are injured and should theory. And jock out. Granted jacked up southwest wind smelling nail nice guys Steve and happy birthday tomorrow happy early birthday how do you see it Serbia vs Switzerland like Switzerland because I like she needs to one Switzerland's 21. She's dynamic stuff code producer Switzerland vs Serbia how do you see it among commuters like Switzerland nor editor of the in the Swiss and and other I got it prepares this every day. I gotta fill in what sense but it though it's pretty dynamic and Switzerland. Vs Serbia via. I almost want to go Switzerland because of that right now but I'm gonna go with Serbia are right now only because one of my Friesen was in front of mind is serving so that's why. Analysis is anything that audio program Lorenzo Neal Serbia vs Switzerland Switzerland. But let's deal that so that I cannot go to Serbia because I stated yesterday you took Argentina so I took Croatia and I want you take its its good. I'll take in Serbia despite. That's a pretty you lose out on it lets you know he laughs okay from a blocked number I won't answer it why don't mind the voicemail I delay would do that. He's a rat for us to me giants know the show. No I'm ready to do in the trivia first person to call gets the opportunity coming to take the picture for a 15. 4026865. You come and and you and aghast picture with Larry the championship trophy for a 54 to 6865. It's a rapids and a love Joseph. Had a great weekend we're back 6 AM Monday here and I bison in the game.