Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak NBA TV Analyst, Stu Jackson

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 16th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss possible changes they can make to the Draft lottery. Then they speak with NBA TV Analyst, Stu Jackson. 


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Yeah. Really nice way to start the hour. Championship round Joseph will know it's coming your way right now Stu Jackson will join us and about 25 minutes at 93080s. Great to have you witness today as we get set for game two. Western Conference finals warriors at rockets at times 6 PM tonight right here. On 95 point seven a game our coverage will begin. At 4:30 PM here on 95 cent in the game. But that's just the official coverage we're talking hoops all day the basketball our today from one to 2 PM. Greg Papa Vontae hill Gary saint Jean clad Azubuike. No word on whether or not the key will be on the golf course or doing whatever he sees fit as he's a massage participates in the Radiohead but tune into when the new invite wanted to find out one news. That would be a 23 hour program that would be a long basketball our proof or decline in hours yeah going to be something David and Walnut Creek thank you for holding. We'll put you through we're talking hopes Tripoli 9579 divisive is the number David what's going on. Gavel at bat cat lady I know wall in its market value for more than a cabin and our. But I really didn't feel repayment of employer even know. It was all the players doing exactly what the warriors want god did Nadia. The market for the only player for a lower like you know I really think it's Rita aren't we over paper we competed exempt ourselves. It will be all. We are. We. Aren't even any. You think of loony for three to five. A guy. Thank you the phone call will dive into it just went to make short. Prayed about this is where it gets very fascinating because history is littered especially in European football history is littered. With individuals having. Raged out moments. On the biggest stage it's right there are a lot of guys court case studies of this. It just happened in the NBA Solomon Hill remembering he got like sixteen million after a solid policies. Sixty million yourself into the Mann's got remember when he gets sixteen wow all all your pet that in the history is littered with this this is where you have to become. Very diligent as a general manager or or an individual task was signing players. Not paying top dollar for a guy who has already hit that peak now that's not to say. Once you play your absolute best you can't reach again. But if you're gonna pay the highest possible price for a guy coming off remarkable World Cup for example. It's unreasonable to think he's gonna be able to do that every single game right you're paying top dollar for a very small window that's why you'll see a lot of teams. Go out like the niners did this past offseason sign and Richard Sherman. Bring in player acts player white guys who might have an injury they're coming off of might be a little bit older. Finding value in the economy finding someone that you could under today. In the hopes that they will outperform. That financial. Whenever payment so I'm. That being said loonie continues to play very well people is well tonight and it continues all the way through the finals he's heading to the open market. Do you believe seven million a year starting point would be the starting point at Zoellick and there's no way the warriors would probably be able to take. Can't pay that they can only pay him up to what his option wasn't just 2.2 million dollars that's the most that they are allowed to pay it opposes right there are color says three to five hold disappointed pop was making yesterday on his show noon to three wood Vontae hill. Is the warriors like we will go to the violence say. Look upon. We were the one who drafted you we would want to develop do you you know we can just did you 2.2. If the market is closer to three to five million lol let's just say. For the sake of argument out I'm closer do you think you will be more. But if it is three to five the lawyers it's made him look. We'll bring you back for 2.2. You know we take care of our guys look around this locker room and look what. New England dollars and making for trial on all these guys stick listen of the year. We'll take carried down the road that's the only way that they can possibly sell him on taking less than what he can command out there. What if something like would it be reasonable to think that maybe seven times for four years twenty million back to be out there for. It's something like that within the parameters of a reasonable. Reasonable number I mean I don't know to how do you turn that down. One dollar million yeah it is nasty I want to tell you used foreign twenties like this so like five million a year over four years twenty million dollars like that changed the game for the rest your life and that is that even how. Halfway properly right. You don't need to be extraordinarily diligently twenty million and he doesn't know he's he's already had hip surgery you don't all of this is gonna come around again it's not promised a guy can be injured. But what does everyone saw the mark we're into a month elect segment long been able to play out on the perimeter. I'd like it what it what does he had he let has lived in he can play out on the perimeter and he can guard point guard in Europe that long joke you can stand problem. Guys are usually. Tall and not necessarily athletic they can't come out let it go bear when he gets out there they've seen step putting and Michael wade the guy who did it's been top. Certain guys. On long impeachment and in the microwave is that actually the phrase America's kids that that the the food does spit in the microwave solid bat but that's not actually the phrases I know what blender. Yeah but when you put it washing machine the spin cycle Alderman all worked because the microwave does go round and round on this speaks to his Jean excellent bus go round and round. So as I digest so what I'm saying though you can get certain big guys like us talking about and you see how bad they look out there trying to guard guys go bear and they'd made a horrible. You have a guy Morita can get out there on these little guys and doesn't look because he doesn't leave his feet he doesn't jump so bad boy to merit the market's gonna give him that's admit. I don't care and the caller what I'll do respects there even though he's not necessarily a prolific scored the guy's got an. Asked the dividends on a team looks so why do that wider discussion. That the doing here so yes he's gonna die on the market interest. He's got to get to seven minute. Even just UCLA he averaged eleven point eighty game coach and I. Not a guy who's gonna go out there and be like a big score and just remember this before we. Push looney ought to be given seven million yeah push before we try to get this man paid. You remember Ian Clark pay when he went out on the market one Aberdeen Clark did he get seven million a year no he got an RRE it was frosty. Yes you are pretty internationally frost or more you play market saudis are near the minimum and if I can offer you this young man Michael Mac to do. James Michael Mack adieu and out of the market. And he had to settle for what. To a contract so as much just were all hyped about the bond looney and I know you're all up on come on looney. You're on his jock like static cling poll Percy doesn't mean he's gonna draw brings. And Diana Tara now we are on the same page. You just cross a line. Joseph if this guy you to sit three seconds ago forcing him to go we're trying to take. Low when products not a case this is not a cassette radio holds true. Rural wine he just said they would deal he's probably gonna get an analysis you can agent differ from I say I didn't. Ice ice and I think he's gonna get more than the 2.2. Closer to three to five. On the open market but keep in mind. Cautionary tales and I did you fat didn't give me that the guy that you talked about that one over to play over and over and with the pelicans he's. Home to Louisiana is outside with a here but I wouldn't put in Clark on -- I know let's talk about length cannot talk. A lot of value on what contracts players any sinner how do we all did that not descend on an O'Neill dominant market so when you look at similarities. Players who've left golden eggs. You see. That they don't get the same money in the evening to come on getting command so. Do your homework take a little time to do some re searched and then look at the facts before you start spout off. It did everything I did you look. I can't even if they can look into my. Their front and now I'm glad he's not exist that we see you guys are such good friends county it burned an IQ minutes' notice. No you would tell you finish up full peace. You didn't come between you one take wonder you guys were in pain just to. Yeah I don't takes today are you that see this extraordinary but not notice to show with the retail. Me. Could you believe it. Are you took under on your seven million cockamamie from three weeks ago when you foisted after the first time since it started coming in every wants to know when he's playing well everyone come on the show little room he's playing well always played against this guy who had a nice policies. Seen an NBA where the three point shot has become increasingly more important what team low. You tell me what teams get a look at c'mon loony and say here's a guy who's gonna go out there and get me fifteen intent he's a niche player. Who we showcase because of the role he's playing on a super team. Come on Louis in this post season run okay in this post season run 21 minutes a game. Five points. Four point seven rebounds one point three assists a steal half a block after turnover. I just keep those in mind because now flipping over to Timothy mas golf from a few years ago I read before he got paid where it was about 26. Minutes a game. 26 minutes a game that first year the warriors made to the finals in 26 minutes a game mas god gave you ten points seven boards. And assist have to steal two block. For twice the points and two more rebounds so more production over a little bit more time for sixteen million a year. Now does that help Loney. Because happier I don't get him up near seven or eight million half the cost or does the fact that Mozgov got dramatically overpaid. For that one brief run hurt loonie because people view that as a cautionary tale poet. They put ten to demonize golf. In the washing machine when he stepped out beyond the box when he got outside the paint Timothy became a liability. Here's what you guys got to realize to film indeed came outside the paint in you do certain things all living things they can make them look at times lost. Loonie is not. That's why loonie is going to go on the market because of what he does his skill set can go out and guard guys on the perimeter. Is going to merit the seven million or more. Why don't you to do a foot massage that. I love it I'm always in both feet. We want to do you mind. You know what miss cataract is what you look to your right as he throws a catcher's not once you squeeze. It is beyond it for two more days. You know what that I was sent me on the response but. As our listeners are not Eric and I are I. It do you want it yeah I ask for you to massage or else we need to massage. Also those sweat pants you are wearing today are so well unbelievably tight. How could you even breathe inside those things how and be viewed as culpable or. Yeah. Oh my god. It's like skin it's like an extra layer of somewhat stretch east skin. Edit these ideas well and they're like yeah the pairs like. Yeah and I am and and ram that I've made itty. I speak because it's. Let's put up on the table I couldn't help but see this sweat pants on the leg that we net to the Tenet book Campbell I don't. That shot by those we also did help me out I was working on something I'll help you got pregnant they tell you I was working and quite well such mouse club that's my bit of a John here for now for frost Lamar Frostee Rucker Wendy's frosty is so bad. Anyone more from out frosty I don't know how it started someone used the term frosty. And while you two were arguing I just started saying things out loud Wendy I would've put there's not going to the trustees'. Is that the added Frostee Rucker did you have won the other day I also not. I had that connect your. Also I. I have a right there in the states because they're just yet YUSA but the franchise indefinitely without question though could get French Fries and it's it's a mosque so frosty the snowman. Frostee Rucker. Frosty at Wendy's. And the fourth frost and be on wrap party do and do the the frost. The prospect frosts. Jack Frost nipping at your nose. I guess Jack Frost. Eight I mean it's under buzzer Ramel you've got control you give me five minutes monitor think time in the we come up with the rest now before you are you guys what you guys are you kicks stuff around ball for five minutes I came up with three so let's divided up to you only need one that was only got us now he's agonized and and so when he's pro he's number one. Led Lincoln position. How do you not when he's in there what I'd never heard of it you never heard of frost line I've never been a Wendy's so. Stop everything guy isn't as easy in 28 years and you hit you when these missing a lot of the yeah probably the Caribbean. You Wendy's what would I get I'm I don't think into space but I've heard of Mars. OK and and so Morris is to space as the Frostee used to Wendy's that's the analogy yeah dot org and those two dots and a tough tough to keep. And I'm gonna so they have they're known for their baked potato. They are one of the funeral. You know fast food restaurant to have a good baked potato port sheep. They have great vegetarian I stick stick stick to the winning point here I would start going down this rabbit hole no one's gonna side with the vegetarian options I'm just sunny for somebody who says he doesn't you know. Gold that's fine but they are very known for their prost did your 49 years old you didn't you've never heard of the frosty from Wendy's. Completion in my comeback how we can have a show where everyone just decides to turn their Mike off showed up mounting on the aisle literally only one criteria for this job it's talking. That's really the only. Finally sit on the red and two and a half minutes ago then I had never been to Wendy's and before that. When I said I've never heard of a frosty that I thought was definitive enough for you to turn that eight. I didn't notice frosty was in he I had never been a Wendy's at which time ms. Jagger racquets fresh offer vacation. Jump meet up and started talking about big details this is why I turned my microphone off because is a conversation about which I know nothing having never gonna Wendy's. And not knowing what a frosty is so good up several strong indigenous. And me on the other hand bids even though I'm in a Wendy's in hell they got some great cross is that the shakes are great and they do have the broccoli would cheese and I understand just. I didn't pal on because I understand you my friend. I do and I can understand your frustration. No frustration just knowing when to check out when you don't have insight. Or knowledge about a topic and this is has that ever stop anyone on this radio program from talking never. I have insight on virtually nothing I talk for hours a day and I every I don't even pretend like there's a middle ground everything is definitive with me. That's kind of the job. Although I admire the fact I. There's going to be like it when it's coming there's going to be a day I check out there you did I drink all night long and I coming here I just on the Mike off. And themselves. And their interest in. Before low ends up half naked and gives throws a fit over a milk shake from fast food no fit. That was effect if you turn the Mike off the back away its effect. What it isn't into collection units and the preservation of ones career to avoid getting the point where it's actually if that's what outfit more what just half an hour fitness yeah. Honda Fit and I nimble Jack be fit all yeah yeah I just enjoy when I see everyone kind of start didn't after it a little bit. In just to have their presence in steel fortitude in the ability to work through it is that every and I. To bring back it's not just apathy. The mine yeah he loves it right in the until it involves him and that turns his Michael somebody's walks out of the room. I always fight back I let you guys Pallet bombings sticks and stones may break my bones but remains a member speaking and I do take it and I'm wolf are everywhere and I. Around me because I love LeBron and an exit an anomaly in this morning and I see it what the cavs aren't going to the finals. And then I said if they I sit I will pay 200 bucks we'll go to properties that's right. Go to companies cannot go my idol which I don't like to do. The cold taking what I don't Dublin. Then I guarantee. That helical another hundred bucks for the listeners so we all have a great time won't go to little bargain buying drinks. That this next series is going to go six or more. I went out on a limb that's how. Takes I talked about. Did I do you know. May act in my talk about it in now what's going to come to get to the real take let's get the real thing than the fact that your predicting Cleveland will not advance that's that's. My bit Gillick subs did that last night and then and then he improved his parents after that take so you know what that's a baby to equal call but what about. The Celtics and the warriors Hassan Al party C series like that going. I'm a do another hundred on at that it's gone. It's 1:6 am about to take got anticipate for the warriors who have not been pushed past five in almost two years. You now see them going six with the Celtics no question. And if they go five west I'm like a simple another hundred on top of the two bits and you guys you listeners that's been there. You know I'm gonna make men not reach into my pocket which I don't like do weren't investments money on. Yeah that's undoubtedly saw Boston Police at Boston closes out the series there's already 200 box no yes open tab at grumpy for any listeners who wanna come by courtesy of view yes then there will be another 100 added. If the Celtics and the warriors go to six or seven game yes it's noble now that's good that's about it. Second portion is a big take why why do you see the Celtics being the butt what looks to be the biggest threat to the warriors at this point. Joseph you have a coach and Stevens what he's been able to do lose in two of his better guys won the superstar in other distill out important who or who he is but if you think about what they've been able to do. They went to seven in the first and then what they do to 76ers tournament but you look what they're dormant would be keen. These guys grew up I idolize and LeBron James and you saw LeBron go for forty some last night any steel lost it was a losing effort this team they're long they can play defense they can get on the perimeter and they give you fits they can shoot the three they don't give up their discipline. They play good ball. Everyone's talked about we're seeing in the finals right now. All washed we got the best ratings the first game two nights ago with a dozen rockets ratings went all time high and I'm Gary. CNN day and when this series start the first game won't get the same ratings at Boston. I've been the same ratings at these two teams the rockets into Doug's got. But I gained or or when the Boston Celtics is making its. You're gonna see ratings surpass that it's Boston in Golden State game one's ratings will be higher than the Golden State Houston game. Well yes it's a well Boston is a massive market. It's a massive market. Played the easy can't you are taken soul manual until my daughter nice job everybody on our senator Barack. Don't know if that's the take you out of this being locked in that take as well Boston is a major market major mark an MBA on the radio ratings. They draw their intense outrage the F conference finals I think on the regular guy and I'm not sure if there has been a time when the conference finals has out rated the NBA finals because they put him in those prime ratings locations spots as well schedule I'd love to see the worst NBA finals ratings of all time. Maybe it will put the nets play and you is that the lakers. Yeah Jason Kidd nets I can and I thank you will not Kerry Keating case totals John Keating by the way who was leaving notes. We're. Texted me looking for the shout out by the way. I'm sure he did the same eased out and I got like six messages message on let's go hot take from king number one stats gonna go for thirty plus tonight. Take the points with the warrior. On here what else yet through hot take out for you tonight and snuck one in without saying it. LeBron to the rockets' next year and then back to the cabs as owner when his career is over. Video has something called a warm mention to doubt the nineteen finals Celtics warriors making the LBJ two rockets moved. Even more infuriating for CP three and hard. And then went on to copy and paste that message and send it to me again this morning. Just to get a seeding get the birds found. John Kerry Keating we we love and let's do Jackson who's gonna dressed next to preview tonight. Is there anything. Mike Dan Tony can do to combat what the warriors did his rockets in game one will find out Jolo a dead body by some in the game chill go into its continue. On ninety fives have been the game. Former NBA head coach and general manager intention now as he terrific analyst. On NB ATV to great Stu Jackson joining us here on 957 game still thank you for your time how are you today. Well I'm doing really well I mean we're in the middle of also why wouldn't I do. Absolutely I love the optimism heading into the segment let's begin with game two warriors rockets are there any. Strategic adjustments that might Dan Tony can make tonight to give his team the edge or does it really just come down to. The same guys doing the same thing but on a much higher level. The rockets. The media have a really tall task ahead of them because if they're truly going to. You know having any effect on the game they need to change when they play offensively in my mind. You know what I'd look at his rockets team offensively compared. I against the Golden State defense I'd be a little bit concerned about the rockets and the reason is is that. You know 810 could be and it's been much written about much talked about but I do think it's true good use in. Relied very heavily on and Chris Paul and James Harden. Ability to create. Shots 101 for everyone else they do not. Typically have a lot of ball movement. Unless they get penetration they don't have a lot of player movement. Proceeding. Any sort of ability to get a good shot all you know you look at the numbers that in and of itself put me in the Golden State Warriors. Our first among playoff team. In this percent it's sixty points for Houston its fourteenth out of sixteen playoff teams. You know in the playoffs that just tells me the ball good movement. Moving they're playing one on one basketball and they really need to change rated well frankly if they expect that we chipped in two wars. They were the winningest team in the regular season by playing iso ball and now to switch at this point in the playoffs how difficult is that for a team to try to change. Its entire offensive philosophy. I think it's really difficult I didn't you know because what you're basically implying he is. The way that they play is really that are offensive DNA into try to change that midstream here is going to be very difficult. Like I've seen teams do it from the series to series I mean Greg our expected 2014. Basically change to where did they put it off and Tibet ball with more to dribble and off. Type of offense to a lot of player movement in that period where it's really tough and it. You don't but it they don't do it I think they'll rocket could control. You know what it was prime ball on the national Somali women coaches would tell me you know it all things being equal players make plays the coach is coming decisions to help determine the outcome of the game. Is all things equal when he comes of players to be able to make those change. Well yes yes yes and no I mean the players themselves they're really ask too. It would I would take sacrificed their duty. And that's really what it's going to take your and in the case of like a Chris Paul or James Harden. They've they've got to make the decision to do it off the ball. And you know and to move the basketball north himself that he east and west. Because there's this whole philosophy in the game of basketball the ball always find the best place. Anyone doubt he would put Paul and hardened but to just how on the basketball the way they are now. To make that decision to do otherwise it's a difficult one. Stu Jackson joining us here on 95 cent in the game we've had a of quite a few discussions over the last few weeks about c'mon looney. And the way he's elevated his game and taken advantage of his opportunities this post season averaging about 23 minutes a game. Now he's set to hit the open market. It's a small sample size based on what he's done so other teams could be a bit cautious Bo what do you see him commanding out there could he be headed for a a nice payday. Well it's interesting to do it really depends oil and young have a role player likable long movie it really took pains all in. What the media is of other teams. And how important that used to coordinate meetings between the schemer structure of their roster. Agreed to meet. Deal while looney have a great deal of offensive upside didn't you know he's gotten better. But since he's come into the league if you're looking for someone that can run for. Make kitsch rebound and if Satan on the perimeter. You know to put a longer defender all of them are keen cabinet needed it just. Come down to how willing they are and how much they're willing to pay for somebody but just fueled. Stay Jackson here on 957 game this buttons did we still as much as the NBA's become a league of outside shooting and three point specialist. Teams that are remaining light possible market Smart and the war is a dream on green they have. A tough guy a glue guy is this the one position that won't ever be eradicated in this new era of three point shooting. Guys here it will not I mean you need. Players on your roster that make quote unquote winning tight place. And that's what a guy like dream on does. And a market Smart they have to effectuate the team in the way he committed talent being way he's been many players cannot. I mean you need only to look the last nine. Some of the pure urgent effort. And possible play instead markets Marc made to me it was a real key in the game I mean what he does it is just. It's it's phenomenal his ability to read on the Beth well his ability to defend. Get deflection on the Basque all the lead the best break. Don't every want to walk he'll get a long range shot like a dream on green although neither of them is a prolific shooter. Guys like that just makes supplemental plays that glue your team's ability together to be able to win games. What is going to be Houston's counter. To slow down Kevin Durant. Well. Yeah I don't know that cannot seem more the slowdown Kevin Durant. I mean you've heard speak cursed at the other night. Kevin Durant can basically kit. A shot any time that you want PC only player maybe only perimeter player maybe in the history of the eighteen mid everytime he catches the ball. He's open. Because of the flight. Because of his release point and a jump shot in his ability to elevate so it's hard to slow him down. I think if you rockets what you need to do or try. You need some help from the officials is to try to be as physical as you can with him. They try to knock him off an inch or two off balance all on his shot. Make it difficult for him to get across to later come off the pick and roll. In hopes that you rattle him into missing ship took shots that ordinarily you would make. That's your only chance but again your banking on Kevin Durant basically having a bit night. Which at this time of the year on a deep breath that you guys have heard many good night so it's a tough tall order. Still I know this idea is gonna sound a bit outrageous but watching the NBA lottery last night they're showing all the percentage is. And chances everyone has of getting everything palm ball and then something happens and now all of a sudden Sacramento can't get this or Philadelphia can't have that. It's all over the place now I get the idea for monetizing it. But what it took the fourteen lottery teams. And held 8212. Tournament every year. Between those teams to determine draft order so the teams are the two worst record Phoenix in Memphis in this case get abide the next round. That leaves you with twelve they play each other in a 212 tournament. Make it take it twos and threes up to 21. And then once the first rounds complete you've got six teams plus the two buys that gives you eight remaining in you played eighteen tournament the rest the way out. Obviously none of players are gonna wanna get injured you build something into the contracts but. Is that that outrageous I think the people would enjoy something like that. Yeah I think from a fan perspective it may be enjoyable blood given mistakes on the line. I'm not so sure how competitive the players were being. I mean it's akin to. You know Major League Baseball actually putting some weight into the all star game in Miami I am not sure that the players really connect with bitter really understand. The sort of importance. Well you know. Getting an advantage in MLB playoffs or amateur they'd understand the importance of actually the lottery pick who would have them vested interest in itself. You know for something that important I'm just not to assure the players would be that engaged. You know playing for something that. They can't relate to books for fans you pressure to be fun. Former NBA head coach and general manager check him out now as a terrific analyst on NB ATV Stu Jackson joining us here. On 957 game still thank you so much for your time enjoy the rest of the playoffs look forward to doing it against him. Yeah I hope so thanks a lot and reluctant warriors. Thanks that we appreciate that. Put a million dollars on the line for the for each player each player move. There's a way to do with the structure you know why not. You know what you do Joseph back is that I like did you make them compete but what I would do is okay. I wouldn't get. Your worst free throw shooter to a 2 and in am gonna make them shoot the best the best get the best it that way it's not a game in not edited so you want. The fans can watch it and now it's personal knew the players are saying a free throw contest yeah. That way it simpler you don't have to about the injury he had not planned for it's not a teen UL announced its okay. Skits and dies in the line you get all these teams that are trying to buy for that. Put on a lot of OK with that I. The idea of just sitting around with ping pong balls and an opening envelopes. They do a nice job of building up the suspense like it's it's interesting for what it is. But can it be improved upon we're just gonna do ping pong balls well why not a free throw contest why not a to a two and it's so. You draw for ping pong balls and those four numbers magic combination in the Phoenix Suns had the most combinations on the board. There's a thousand possible combinations and he said 270 for a moment. It's I should start to go through this it doesn't make any sense in the ad brings up the fourteen on gloves and he goes through painstakingly. It's a joke Joseph you're right I don't know if it's free throws is the answer or at 212 tournament. Maybe somewhere in between for me like you would have an actual five on five NBA single elimination basketball tournament to determine the top. Hey if you could. You could this I had back up options as well you can get G leaguers involved. Right so now you've got guys who are hungry who look at it makes an extra money who are looking to get the facetime. Not necessarily going to be like. And I don't want this. I don't wrist injury we talk about the big clubs gonna mean did you I know every big club isn't tied to a minor league club did you leak. Much like you have in Major League Baseball but there's got to be something that has got to be a way to prove they showed all the combinations. How they're all on big boards laid out. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seeing the beautiful I would John. Totally all the different combinations of ping pong ball or aunts and do it for the number one pick in and put them on and they do for the number two pick began. And whoever didn't get it could be the number three there as well. I would like to see ideally. It would be something like English soccer is relegation so. You couldn't tank if you're one of the two worst teams in the NBA. Guess what you're now a geely team and eating the key off in the G league and you become NBA team that's really the only way to do away with tanking. I haven't seen it with the contest would also though wouldn't have to be dead the team that loses that get the what are you went. Yeah nuggets that's why the two worst teams get a box. That's the one thing you get Phoenix in Memphis to not have to play in the opening round and that will also create a a balanced portrait. CF fourteen teams right. So those two advance the next round now you've got twelve so for example I don't know who the third worst is saying it was Atlanta. Atlanta would end up taking on Denver or so in the first round now Denver since three got X. Two players for their to what he team and then a substitute Peja can substitute or change lineups or someone gets hurt that's it yet three guys. They play 221 twos and threes and make it take it the winner advances to the next whoever wins the hole wool thing. You get the number one pick. You get the Olympics all the winners market back to horse and I just do something do something other than this. I don't watch sports necessarily for the Mac. Now the offseason stuff I like apply math but I'm not watching an NBA game and thinking strictly in terms of com. Combinations and permutations that you were talking about this thank you know lottery they've done a nice job of taking. Whatever this isn't turning into something kudos kudos because of brilliant taking garbage turning in the something but why not take the garbage and make it. So a little bit more appealing. Yeah and make it something that would be settled on the court of sorts whether it's free throws or two on two or three on three something to where you can actually. Get some more entertainment out of how these draft picks are resolved and would do away. To an extent with the tank that we see instead of relegation because that's gonna be so hard to implement it's impossible in the current structure right. That the two teams flashy that finish worst. Get picks thirteen and fourteen in the lottery sorry. Yet to be competitive down the stretch he got to find a way to win games if you're the worst team in the NBA. Yeah get a number one heck yeah and you're not get an opportunity get the number one pick you as the worst team get number fourteen that's where you're. We used to do that with our out rotisserie baseball league where you we had keepers if he finished in last place you didn't get the most keepers I think it was if you finished. In the seventh place that the money was the top for so if you are just out and I think there's 1212 so if you heard the eighth place team. Which was dead in the middle you got the most keepers and then seventh and ninth would get. One fewer keepers and it would spiral out like that so that. If you were the worst team in relief you couldn't just tanked the fantasy baseball league and racked up the twelve keepers and then finish in last if he finished in last you only got. Five keepers the NBA could do some very similar. I like it I like it it's amazing I think if you took a bunch of really die hard fantasy players who've been doing it forever. And brought them into a conversation on how to avoid tanking kind of remedy that problem. They'd probably be the best suited because right there you throughout a great suggestion that's just won a sugar bunch of leagues all over the place and have ideas like that. Story of the day. Here's the headline feed. Break dances his way out of California office building after swiping laptop that courtesy of the New York Daily News. And it just send it over to me a little while longer read the story. He busted in. Busted a move and got busted a compliment so clamored. A California man was behind bars Tuesday after he broke into way. Fresno office building last week did some celebratory break dancing. And made off with a stolen laptop police said surveillance video shows the suspect popping. Locking and striding. In the lobby of the law firm on May sixth after he's keys to get to block door while the office is close to the weekend. Fresno police shared the video online as they announced the arrest of David steel 430. David. Get it organized down there what do you do it. Yeah break dancing Dijjer from the rhetoric at Fresno that's why this story is now part of the program. This news Gortat. What he's going. On. The dude but a mask homebody at 41. Why are you so he must mark dared to guy as key I just this is crazy I wanted to write your first piece of devices. Don't steal some dat it's where amassed. Beat these guys Braden did that mean he wanted to be seen he wanted to get our attention he wanted to tensions I imagined I had some issues he wanted to be caught so. This is business and I can't believe this is in Fresno all the talk to the guy may be any debris with. My favorite from the start lieutenant his quote was looking at his mug photo it would appear he would have does dance moves and then he went on to say. Instead of Dancing With The Stars seals saying. He is now dancing behind bars. Gaffe it's good stuff he's a white guy so they took out a swipe at white people there with the looking as mug shot you would think he can break dance. So I don't know how the New York Daily News Atlanta addressed that in this culture to stay in Iraq is ready but shut up Fresno once again making news for all. The wrong. No company. It in his things happen Joseph things happen I would get some I'll street. So yesterday this is a bet it's called hash tag for idiotic. And every borne out in this building is doing everything they can they just dump optics when they happen one of other showtime as as you know. You get bonus points for the based our power so if you get up tick and infiltrate other programs. Apparently however the uptick hasn't just been freed. It's catching on. Pop that bond today the caboose pistol yesterday take a listen as you look at Houston for game two as we start to click forward pop DC this as a must win and. Allah question suing I guess you know there and I don't limitless spot these before we're actually this year it won't I don't know why I might show like I don't ask did you did you get with the Purdue and now. The shy and I wanted. I don't know who spared I'll do what I did it just kind of like the county yet. They're letting their identity management. The bar girls listened to your views those. Deep deep deep pockets with their duel it out like he does hold no you can click Bob our candidates debate in the show clever the questions are so good you. Worried about I don't mangalore last word of the questions the questions are a little bit whatever yeah that's their big stay. If touched your child that I don't always morning guys at their hygiene. Oh she. Joseph Gibbs with the optics every night every morning six to 106 to ten. 66 intend to predict administration I think I hear about eating into it and yeah with that trip about a big. That's not bad the senate Netflix special hers at the app new program here I can't tell my. Just my side hurts so it's really ridiculous that and that yeah. Oh yeah you have a bond Dalia tick. Pop got in there we'll have to it sounded like ten years as a parent club and I don't I can't keep working on again he'll get a it was still. Here's how it works we come on in the morning. Yeah and we have so. Much contact so much art as you like to call we don't get to act now but the stuff we get there was so good. The other shows can't help. But rabbit for themselves. Completely restructure their own programs and run with it. Why people and because billions business program its programs kill people love it. I can't even drive on the streets of this town anymore forget about walk the mobs I gave a drive BC car. The comport in the streets. Mostly whack jobs on this but this. Still. People listeners can't match on your bike when your ride down market Vera yeah pedal faster to get away from China to buy a delays this week and I'm gonna suck up. Canada and into Austin and half marathon runner on the corner we get to find out habit. Run a single mile this calendar year I believe and yet I'm signed up for that half marathon what are and his I have when he let us faces are. I might not much you shall. Imagine demonstrate. Fortitude. And set an example there's that to me what day of the week is it. Is the actor have merit is like if Sunday is an opportunity ankle Wednesday. Birdie on the middle of rush hour idea and it's a weekend day. It just say that I don't I. Monday quite I was sorry everybody respects all we have I didn't it's actually New Year's on the Vegas strip its New Year's on the Vegas strip. And so so we and that's the candidates I think. I come back to stymie and the road up next the phone numbers triple 89579570. You'd like to uptick come they're gonna look for calls early so bottom up and just our optic and everybody may be. We not we low and did an Anna with towns and are back tomorrow. I about I'll see you Monday go warriors here on 957. The game.