Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether the SF Giants should deal Jeff Samardzija

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 11th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss A's loss to the Astros in extra innings and Bob Nightengale reporting the SF Giants are willing to deal Jeff Samardzija. SF Giants Insider, Alex Pavlovic joins the show. 

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Tonight starting at 99 JP IX five and stay tuned for the he PIX five news at eleven. This day in giant. And read your history it's the bottom of the seventh this score is ten tonight. One on two out 32 count twelve year old Darren Foster her was a fastball in the direction of his twin brother Daniel. And when one swing of the bat. Big game is over. Next stop and they should swing both teams and a wind speed up our post game giant hamburgers and pop. Now that's what I call a win win and keep good read and make it nations. The PG EMC INC. Want to teach EMC San Francisco. Come see you. Of them to be championship rounds of Joba. Lo and did here on 95 cent in the game thank you. For spending some of your morning with us. Alex how will the giants insider on the latest regarding Johnny Credo and Joseph panic in about 27 minutes after 93. Really jumped in the big story in just a moment but everyone's eyes glued to the television Roger Federer flows that Suze set lead at Wimbledon they are in the fifth there and it tiebreaker he's up 98 in the fifth set. Yeah and no tiebreak in the fists and they're gonna play this one out all life is their Mahmoud which was the famous match from ma. Some years ago that ended up spilling over into the next game they played some eighty gains in the fifth set itself. We put on serve in the fifth yeah. I don't riveting Zacks Corbett John Isner the six foot ten. American when audience Nicholas mood I was heavy admin who would remember that EA then you got burned because Isner got it out late in the fifth set that took multiple hours and multiple days to finish. So is going to settle in this Camilo won all sort of benign in the fifth. So if Federer is able to break in here it's over and over. Other could go on for years yet they actually it's falling in love they put up a graphic earlier this Kevin Anderson the guys playing goes about six foot eight. They put up the warriors Hampton five lineup on one side. And and they put five tennis players on the other and maximum height for height. Ended the tennis players were all Pollard isn't relaxed and now one Martino Poulter holes like 66. Kevin Anderson I can say 69 or something and so. Shut up told tennis play. What I'm more likely the five told tennis players beating the warriors in basketball. Or the five warriors beating the tennis players in tennis. I think that tennis players being the five in basketball loud shout at the Houston Rockets weren't able to and still hits include I. And a chance I get these days. That is what comes with winning the US conference finals and the overall championship I did see that fight's -- and indeed impact manga too. Pacman the Pacman airport fight tied and pulled it out Pacman is the human guy the guy when adding and if they were they were makes it an it sees the the guy to a couple nice ones in there and I don't wall Lehman impact linking him over the top battle and write in and gave a standing eight so knocking down impacted start the the barrage of punches they've poured in that those. Alternate route shout out to the professional football player of the professional athlete for finding a way to gut it out past the airport employee a very very important they found a way to get it out later rounds. Yes black on black crime tube than is Carol when I was to be doing and and it's clear that what does all this stopped frat. And he's thirty Florida. It's like every year it's something and of course the Bengals will keep them around because of the value but. He's done at what point does this type of behavior stop it when you get two point relaxed man. Everywhere I turn them get in trouble I just wanna stop even if this guy started whatever Pacman and I think to being those that he might think he's now I don't mean to play as intimately. It angles denoble franchise. Don't tolerate things like that isn't known to come down it's sort of behavior give you that seventy answered each Edinburgh the turnaround. Apple if only seven times shame on me guy that I Vontae is perfect she she flat out. Out of Angus couples on the corner but today's big story stems from this. It's earned in here it is in slowing and it's happened the first based on Raleigh it's a fair. All in Luke right doesn't take him on. I don't know bubbles that now both the first and it's. The Astros went 65 in the eleven. It was a little bro learn initially deployed trickled off foul within eroded they're a little left turn it was right on the shock. And then there were I was trying to tag the runner. Bregman who is just to the right double play just slightly up the line and it's not a confronted today give me in. Rick but no looting that's OK and then Jonathan the only way you had a doubt pointless it with a lot of birthdays. We get the out there. And the ball went five for a Q&A. And witness on the right field line debit detectors stored in the Astros have a 65 when there. First thing's first a big shout out. To degrade tencor. Because I don't think Matt play. And doing what we do here my first thought is iMac and explain us how do you explain this make it interesting make it is saying that right there. Electorate and that was fantastic. Shut the days are coming back and dived down for nothing easy to pack it in against the Astros on the road in that spot may rally they tied the game at war Twitter goes wild last night was a great baseball might be on Twitter. Steps to the eleventh Stephen biscotti for the fourth consecutive game hits a home run he's got a 54 lead the plate trying in the all star was an able to hold it. You heard the final play. Astros went 65 and the aides have still won 72 point two but that's got to be a tough when the deal would last night it the bad beat. Can described it perfectly was traveler and then trickled as the ball was adrenaline that it trickled back in the fair territory. Catcher dropped to throws it away so many things you don't see. And they all happened on one play but hopefully this a's team can located from the glass half full perspective which is. You down for not than Justin Verlander was shoving you couldn't get anything going and then you got to a susceptible astros' bullpen. You mating game a bit. Stephen the Scottie kept his streak alive and you gotta light in charge of emotion and extra innings and even though he came up on the losing end the they're going toe to toe with a chance you're going toe to toe with one of the best teams in baseball and even though you lost. A tough game and you lost it in dramatic fashion that you feel good about the fact you continue to show fight and you continue to show that. Anybody in this lineup one through nine it is a threat to go deep at any moment which keeps in ballgame. It's they believe now when when you watched the aged Joseph and gives when you watch the way this team is one about their business what. That's what seventeen LS 22 games they've found a way to win. Last night was no exception to the rule you saw him fight back battled back in the ninths four unanswered runs. Then what do you do you find a way to go up top of their game. An MP and I'm unfortunate and untimely hear it in any game they caution that ballgame if fought like hell to get back in it. He fought like hell to get the lead inning you lose a game you want to be in that situation now because you'd think about your are you planning its teen who just won. World Series won a title in your compete. In your competing well you're right in the thick of things to get a chance to take advantage of you don't go up two games and Neil when you're looking at what their do want and waited their plane. They are cooking in Crisco I liked what Bob Melvin or Bob Melvin got this team playing well and the guys who believe in what their duke went in what you have a team like that gets hot at the right time. Industry can at the right time they have the momentum rolling. And they believe that they can beat anyone. National and they can't like where they're at and I think they're gonna continue to. Search how many teams have a better record than them right now. The Yankee. Is the marrying there is the Astros. And the Red Sox in the NL so that's for bringing up the standings right now they're sick and 51 at. And 41 so the Phillies have them beat. That's five the brewers haven't beat that six the cubs have beat that seven. And that's it they're better than everyone in the NL west they would send leading three of the 6 divisions gel am sort of step I don't know that's good that bleeds into the point. You can get him in Vegas to win the World Series at eighty to one. Maybe price they have not moved that price since their opening odds on October 27 of last year now conversely. Conversely the Phillies open a year at eighty to one as well. They now lead the NL east they are fourteen to one to win the World Series. That's a natural adjustment you have a team that's not expected to be very good they come out and surged they catch a couple of breaks they lead the division. Pretty much at the all star break they drop all the way to fourteen to one very reasonable you expect that. For the a's to open eighty to one have a monster season be in the midst of a seventeen. And what. I've run right now seventeen of the last 22 so they're seventeen and five over the last 22. And to still be sitting 821 that's what they call value. You gotta ask yourself can they get past Seattle. Because they can do that they're one of the playoffs and menu might have a chance to pull the old magical hedge and at 81 that is a ridiculous hats. That's the hope remember the Carolina had seventy years ago do. Carolina I think it was five and one or five you know early in the season. And they were still sit like twenty Kyra 31 and we are talking about on there by him now because the rest of the schedule was a clown show I think they went fifteen and one or fourteen into. But they grabbed the one seat and then you could just play against that that the rest of the way now we let it ride until the Super Bowl. And that hedge against him when he came to Denver and took our weddings and moved on. But right here 81. 81 that's. That's a great price and I was looking at the MLB post season probability percentages a little while ago outside mentioned that. They had to be sitting at about 10% to make the playoffs and it's actually 15%. And that's considering how great they've been ten games above 500 yet six out of the second wildcard so 15% chance that they make the post season. Eighty to one though is still a price to where that's worthwhile eighty to one you would figure to be more like two or 3% chance to make the playoffs. We've gotta ask yourself can they maintain and can one of the two wild card teams in front of them drop off Seattle for example and did you talk about this all the time. Taking Bill James is the Bagger Rian. Fear of the tiger Ian run expectation and applying it to baseball using run differential the Mariners are 22 games over 500. That's indicative of the team that's probably may be at a plus 110 and run differential the only plus a Latin. They've only outscored the opposition by eleven total runs the theorem would suggest that they are going to fall off of that suffer regression. During the second half of the season similar though for the yanks were only plus seat she didn't run differential it didn't get by them the yanks and I don't think they get by the yanks to the yanks are gonna buy the deadline. You might ever real opportunity to at least walk into the wild card game and make heads back. Yeah and the odd thing about this hold a factory in theorem is that the angels who are trailing the days by four games. They're actually plus twenty so of the Mariners a's and angels the angels have the best plus minus when it comes to run differential cell. That tells you either the angels are gonna surge and of the two teams are gonna Saget or it's one of those weird years where an anomaly can happen that. A team like Seattle or Oakland with a mediocre. Run differential could do far better than they normally would be indicated. All right now we've got some breaking news from the world baseball Bob nightingale USA today this article surfaced about fifteen minutes ago wanted to read you an expert. Expert excerpt. Excerpt. Expert quote. The San Francisco Giants have let the Yankees know. That veteran Jeffs Amare Asia is available move. That's our had not. Nightingale sweep. But he's still owed a 46 million dollars. And the Yankees fear that their short right field porch would be eight death trap for some Marcia doesn't give up homers yeah it's a and that's kind of exactly what I said earlier that jelly. You pitch Jim eightieth to showcase situation and you have so many starters already. If you could find a suitor and the Yankees indeed chief among them that they wouldn't care about the 46 million let's be honest that's why then I get in the Yankees and the giants are on the phone briefing the Yankees are asking. Men and you know. That's what they say they let him the giants are probably based Smart is available exactly matches the margin he goes by NASA and sometimes so Bobby even via. He's got that's still and oh yeah that's that that's why. Don't think so Mars gun pits I think they're gonna think he's had to go on another direction and try to trade right now. All I can do is hurt you I mean I don't think he's gonna necessarily get better and lazy in you know can eat it in means all the different things but. If you're gonna try to hold a value it's it's flip appoint new plane he could pitch Charlie some of side you don't if you do blame can go flame outs is so. Pick your poison right now. I'll tell you why. They are going to make a move but they are not. Going to make them for Alex Martin that's not gonna put you over the top anything linked to many channel right now everybody wants the tot he is having. A monster year at the perfect time the Red Sox won in the Yankees won and apparently the report is that in order to acquire match Otto. The Yankees would have to give up their number one prospect which is what Justin Sheffield and if I'm not mistaken that's Gary Sheffield's son. So that's something the Orioles are just didn't they're gonna look to capitalize at the Dodgers are insisted Machado the brewers the Phillies are all looking to get down on that shot out. If it's gonna be the Yankees making a move from the pitching side here's the one big reason why. He's to be a fan favorite here but Sonny gray is not working out. In new York and we stop talking about last couple years because he's been a Yankee but those problems he developed with DA's. They have continued using 585. ERA in Yankee fans hate him. Absolutely hated because. They never got any of the good time right like DA's hands got the a's fans got some real good memories from sunny yankees fans have gotten nothing. But disappointments every knows having a monsoon season but. If they're looking to make a move its for a Frontline guy if the giants and yanks on the phone massive bomb learners names being brought. Yes and then they say okay thanks for your interest please hold and make you hold this they get angry old music so over you come back and say yes. Turns out Madison's not available ala. We do have a I am who throws hard right hander he's got some upside been Boykin he did things just some margin what do you think yankees in the mood and. Put him on that hole you get that music for like 1050 Mitzi partly to hang out music that called again posts are only. If you have student loans or health insurance those are two that really like to make you sweat it out of Neely like to make you sweat it out. So I clown show please enjoy music what I don't agree whole I'm yours every varies greatly our whole idea I cruised. I don't get our. The right to get our operators. Will outsource to India so I can dance through that conversation and eventually get sent back to the states after I demand. No more please bank news you know does that it's always thank you so much I'd be happy to help you I don't want the words of the actions no movement slam all day. I love it senator right on the phone. I mean I think Andy has to make your life difficult do you get outsourced to India now they're working of the script and they're very friendly. But you can tell they're reading the script and it's like get through telling you wanna help me stop telling me you're sorry that I'm experiencing is just get to. They get to you go through five or six levels of I'm so sorry you're experiencing that can you give me your name. And then you give the full length okay thank you so much I want you watching don't worry count and military he's also doing. I worked for a company where I had a script to read and call people players club international tele Somalis is old company where. 70% hotel room is 50% on shells on stuff that the you'd call people think. Hey I'll learn those dance from players club international can you hear me okay. Yeah you weigh in yet and it's true calling and the new media launch and is it a colleague today to offer you and but a global bonds so shut up the script because yadda get to as fast he can't yet. Can you you're you're relying on the script they make you read the script psyche dude could you want to and I am always not happy to participate near exit survey. But thank you for offering opportunity to stay on longer for free to give you. Consumer advice they would they've had they done that really just kind gets me going gets my goat right engineers yet. And that at. Places like or restaurants or even those fast fast food jingle block. In now and he put the purchase. They already have we not only the tip in our he has 102030%. What are good they get to that wake us you know you gonna do tip that they've they've. Smith will decide not. Suck they always give you money that we could you putting undue nun riding for an album no tip. Lot of different things gone so those are may be made that happened just on your card I. It's like you're saying is you just you just don't attempt to. I'm upset with being outsourced to India on some of my local phone what are what are you sad that people are asking tip on that have you. I have that I receive its debt has thank you for the food. Didn't say I didn't leave the tip GO telling you don't want to leave but sometimes we're now 5% button because kids want. Even do anything else that's even do anything though I did it and still leave it to but it. It means isn't much the calls it a good thing now they put more mayor goes to the amounts due to leave it for your convenience of course they wanna make it easy. Yeah trying to help notice when it when it comes to that getting something it's set up as a very expedient. Process. When it comes to you getting something there's 52 benchmarks you need to work through and then a chance for you to America to speak to someone. It works please enjoy the music during his brief hold right. Rave but over 28 minutes so we take some more calls on suggestions for the low sandwich. Oh. Robert San Jose things are waiting on hold Robert whether it's a name for a sandwich or what should be in the sandwich what are your suggestions for what I should do. When he opens up his location down in Fresno. Well I'll decide that lived there while I didn't. Good look at them well might well look I wedged it come I don't know about eleven looked alliger. Well I think it should be glad we did a good beat down wedged it to look at how light in the bedroom. I. I waited on hold just to drop that line I can act you know what robust action to get it. I mean it's honestly it's a democracy at all the chaos. Amanda quite frankly were on the rapper TV he you know he got called in. Where did not only help finance its wedding becomes that he meant beef jerky I mean where's the beef unit to justify that the response. You just go back to having your breakfast while on air just you know I don't that he didn't consider. Responding to that just at the pistachios spread on the edge of that thing yeah. In the mail. Him you know I've the only. Italy illegally is element of the only not electing them whenever Brad deal it's all right how to ravioli sand we know we Elise are still sauces we got like this by CL. Put us I will allow that to do it. So I'm Maria and only saw us will the spam at its ams are like the spam is a good direction of people in the top seller with a fried twinkie on the side. Primary him. Parent just it did at a dinner plate with prime real nasty data so you kids you know we can slice. Do you dead yeah I sound I make you sit here. Third. What you're getting guys like having a lot of play out of I don't deserve it goes dead air for a yeah. I'm telling him I've played this out of the C word apple that I announce that ranks as the stigma sometimes after Jamie and I bet you guys an example as they would if they get. They're so good good morning I got a simple process that would suggest in this maker. A chain restaurant was everybody in the current British use and because our our you can do is this true or Sri Lanka where it often and licked all. And they can handle that because Lula outsider tailgate so. That's something they'll be okay. Where but most of the likes. Yeah here and I. Don't think. I've I got a Daryle Ward. The my guys shot it so. It's just too good on bread I need to read this afternoon ultimately it's an off. This side a split the media and held at your Adobe can be taken to an off my salad I mean that was needed to go to air and now that he's. Because we happen nice big green I can grab something to eat and for some reason you choose to use your brain doing. God knows what and then you bring your meal into the studio we launch in the segment and you just start eating tuna sandwich oh. Precisely. The growth I have to bring that stuff on there. Do people need to know light and dark water black water you just bring them on or about a member have a man than anything live eager to limit you just. Element added the nuts you big maybe. After doing this for four years to you you yourself all stop eating during segments because I don't want him doing this anymore. You've actually progressed to a point where you're eating full meals before you know caesar's palace but failed. Right over there feed assert yourself throughout the duration of the program. And that's one thing and it made us not miss you when you're gone because Jim Coles more came in in through this segment while some Middle East. It's how. None other not I am white everything with the dirty black bananas didn't know who had a breakfast. It's a radio show vacation were Osama about what the service let us it's like we're. I mean I guess you guys as we who's been a lot of time together we fight or we throw you know we do dinners and we we argue we get mad at Letterman we win together we lose together and we definitely lose together and you definitely know when the other and he's no confusion there yeah kind of lawsuits repressing and take out out here sitting in fourteen to five in rural China trying to look at you know Alan. There's your oh yeah we get if we get this is you know coming out of my god please I'd I'm surprised we didn't do it every hour that the block call. As a debacle it was it was a team funerals attended the game is going to be to our rights acts panelists on this this of Marcia. Situation. Maybe it's a bait and switch maybe the giant in its today at Hayward centric but murdered you expect a well. We want. And just. Well it's gonna next to Linda Evans and. Good team improves every weekday from three separate. Name. Are real housewives. Of Beverly Hills. Are more important to Los Angeles culture than you'll ever be LeBron like the mural that he had in Cleveland. In nineteen poster yeah. Realize that goes like this city's number one tourist attraction do you mean Bruce weekdays to media center on 956. Routine. The Samsung galaxy S ninth and camera that takes stunning photos and any life or fallen. 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Stars star 1234. Stars star 1234. Hey Greg Kopp I hear about attack you here this Salvi miles and miles away from the studio relaxing and taking some much needed time off but you know me what I do for a living can never really get away from sports it's always there there always games being played so if I choose to travel I'm on vacation or just stay at home audio to watch all the sports I want on my tablet. Thanks to an expanded so let's say a lot of travel during my time off I am able to watch recording games on my tablet I know you're probably saying hey pop I'm not paying for any bingo bank go blowing -- hot spot out of played relaxed you don't need Wi-Fi on an airplane you could literally watch an entire baseball game. You've DVR back on an airplane. And not have to use some overpriced Wi-Fi suspect your vacation like me and cool brazen a cocktail a one handed a tablet in the other to watch television products that they got capped call wanted to ordered X into the rivers and an expert in the store today and see all they have to offer restrictions apply not all programming available in all areas and that is subject to. Change at your local lucky lucky jealous poignant pick up tasty chicken tenders in just 699 abound. They also have season's potato wedges that are just 399 a found only two local lucky lucky California. Tonight on TP IX I don't and our hosts TV's next great competition five contestants. One runs the other is trying to knock democracy fail series premieres tonight on three PIX files. Not beat like seven to gain. Cringing now. I'm in a peg thank you Dave battled back to court next as for the game ended in a one out walk up. That turned in here it is is going on its that the first baseman really it's a fair ball it looked right doesn't take on. I don't know bottles that now both the first and. StanCorp click to call you heard it here on 95 cents in the game Astros get beat 6:5 victory evening the series series continues in using coverage starts at 430 right here on ninety side seven the game instead Larry is announced are he will replace yankees labor Torres. Giants father because soon nothing Johnny Quaid I guess the ball on the rubber game today giants have also report to let the Yankees now that just Samardo is available for trade guys have talked to giants insider Alex tablet fits next. Roger Federer is out of Wimbledon after losing to Kevin Anderson a five set thriller World Cup today that even facing pro weighs just the winner will face France in the fifa World Cup final on Sunday and then it has as many facts. Seen. She'll going to discontinue. Its on 9572. Games. Giants insider NBC sports Bay Area Alex how list joining us here on 95. Seven game Al. Alex good morning as always thank you so much for your time. Last night's game bats and get gone and I'll tell you what how pleasant of a surprise has Derek Holland in this season. It's a huge I think you know that the guys very rightfully could've that he took that merit based demand I was a little the president. They did go accurate you can that are going to beat it to their history here in its history. Did the big leaguer and I think you know the speed of the good old are you want the ball pretty it's pretty welcome I'm certainly it. It we need to be energetic about the man at the idea of quality that the red belt the other day. On the last become outlet by him on an eye on the ball and it sort that. It is we had all their other starting pitchers that are murder warrant. They'll all figured it out you lie about that yet. How does it shape up then for the Bay Bridge series this weekend from a rotation standpoint with Derek Rodriguez. Eligible Leo Friday at some margin bomb garner but also you've got Flores could who could throw. As well do you expect him to stay on turn and then not pitch wise this series how do you think it's gonna go Alex. It I'd be yet I think both Bernard logo riding Rodriguez a Saturday but I don't know yet the London we you know a bomber who won the first two games and they would like Roger get our authority other orbit the commitment that kids today that. I really think they're trying to get through today without you and Rodriguez or margarine. So go from there I you know. There'll neglected for the repudiated the rookie in somebody's coming up. On it will be a pretty long either an analog beaten her career so I think it might give more break. On Sunday but again it depends on today and it really does feel like the last couple days kind of partner people around in the they are. Just a little bit concerned in terms of what they'd like it quit there and I'm in agreement in the. Let's last year you bring back Pablo dependent people laughed and said it's gray didn't you know his night in the Daiwa's. Different things that most surround him. And this year he UC Willie's door and has he met expectations is this guy no longer out of that that left in stock is he now a bonafide do you think he's. Earned it they're right to say that this guy belongs in any still can be a pretty good player. I think is that we need it all the isn't that in the credit card being you know. Basically a lottery again last year to Freddy give a second chance to beat they find something to go right. In in a really or he'd been we being. They're both reliable bench guy now being there everyday at their bankrupt Longoria doubted that a pretty good job I'd think you'd. The nuclear rhetoric is career right now it simply. You're humbled ruled it by the author experience in new Ambac is in bin. In every respect because he made it to good order form and the other red marks or hagel alternate so that the are one of the best Olympic Medal on prime bring it back and basically. Do inappropriate that we are part about the in the press box the last few days that in me. Yet the clear program to be the bully backcourt where it's incredible when you look at the way you left here. Alex Alex joining us here on 957 in the game the reports surfaced a little while ago from Bob nightingale a USA today that the Yankees and giants have apparently been talking about just some Marge has still a lot of money owed on that deal what's the likelihood that the giants moons of Mars it before the July 31 trade deadline. Well treated though it albeit to load their partnership that they've uploaded to pick up in depth there so I you know that that allow more money. They have Rubin creative good in finding people. The big compliment them by every minute they got rid of now more he'll do it in the art spends money so. They've done a pretty good job that may feel the same old Serb prospect I just think with Marge. Jab and they're gonna whatever they are available to guys go to I think the 4550 million maybe. They've had a shoulder issue advocates well here the hope you added up and they would love to get out my and a contract. On its departure gate at the anybody really on. Having too much bait sort of they're coming back and pitching great month here in July but it seem like the Yankees where mineral project you can line up there. In a post beat Merck based in a were at the moment I don't know that if you're an American League game you feel comfortable putting mark in that situation. As you look at other potential pieces I know Joseph panic is injured but how is he gonna. Factor in once he returns and would he be a potential trade piece considering they now have chased Darnell Alan Hansen has done such a good job in his stead. Well again at about three weeks circuit I mean you're talking about him back. Maybe the week before that that hard and make it to about a pop won't do anything. And again that the guy. Not having a very good beat them offensively and that. Outside an upper sweep and mop handle the rock forms so I think in value down in. It would be brilliant. Or are there that the try to get people value orbit might beat them in the off the northern look round at. And go we have and then we had to go over at the miners that we built LB around the and you know Ryan Howard's double AB. You find it CNET that you can't it that there really solid people beat Florida I think they do that they try to do bella but we've been. And discredited at the opera expected though. The united more upbeat the movement and really like with the mark but that that a little bit by a victory here. Any idea. Clues some potential acquisition targets could be before the deadline and they did some Wheeling and dealing the other day as mentioned earlier with Austin Jackson. And die Cory here and being moved to Texas scores of potential names they could be looking to add to the roster. Yet though Zuckerberg made it right at about one point five million to brand under the back though but very well and there's more money in the weather that. The barge or they indictment or somebody like that it muted there's just not. And not to spend before they get that back our beer and a look at I can look at a lot of guys on. It's got their pocket to get out there called holiday budget but it cost way too much and another team. Have a lot more to offer our that are out on him about idiot but I think that the type of guy on somebody to a pre arbitration and the army. And is it somebody you can help fill all like you know like they'll they be needed a right handed reliever may be reflected that being back guys that that the psychic I'd be looking at it. It's W a bit but our large you know cost you a lot but it did somebody who had two or three year last. You can kind of wall that like what they didn't will it become clear yeah. Popular conversation over the last few years has been the future of Madison bomb garner were down to a point where it's just a year and a half left on that contract. Any update on the giants out thought process as to how they're gonna approach the impending end of this contract. I believe at the statement that was when he signed I think you know they view him as somebody who they would like to be long term in. And whether that actually happened that mean will he Wear that he goes in the next here and how they feel about potentially having to rebuild it and all that. And poppy and accurate I think you know you know that you know Q are you might have up there go out there. And get a lot more money or you might look ground go to the unit is not gonna be in contention are wannabe. Hope you can or that it might bet that. And you know you might have other dealer you but I think right now I mean their their notes shot. That they traded their right rate in the aptly what sort of something really strange happening. Our that really credit knock them out and it really put them back where they were last year where date they've built the fate of that it laughter I don't bidding up before next spring either. Alex battle it's giants insider NBC sports Bay Area joining us here on 95. Seven game outs we know you're busy with a day game today thank you so much for your time with a four to do it against him. It. Oh cubbies are in and a sighting and should be a man out there. Coming last night you know 220 you know it's. And driller and it wasn't that could affect three extra time offense and that's a thing it's gotta be tough. Each hit manufactured in Iran and you lose 20 ye ye get a guy get your pitching to add to only allowed two runs. As a bog and you got to win and Holland was awesome. It's not for the series and today off then it's the Bay Bridge series which first time and a YL this is really meant something. Two teams that Hayes of which have much better record with the giants which close to playoff spot either way. There's got to be extreme interest from both sides meaning that hatred and fury has to be peak scary since I don't know what fourteen yet. Exactly twelve I think it was a big year the giants of course one World Series in both those years with the a's were good in both of those years so that the rivalry was a little bit more heated. I think it's in the interesting now especially with what Alex and about the rotation was bombed garner pitching. Either Friday or Saturday Derek Rodriguez being in there and then perhaps Jeffs Amare Jeff to close out the first half in what would be. A major showcase outing. With the Yankees reportedly being possibly interest in acquiring. I'm excited about tomorrow and Friday you know regained it through the our show because we're gonna be applicable fan base is the kind of weigh in on this series would what does it mean to them I'm excited to hear these fans. How you know how they feel that they should win this series or the giants he'll work cable that they should win so Scott major perspective and you do we ask the question. Who's got more pressure who's got. I think it's the age because. The first time their you know 89 games or 500. Really believe that they have more pressure from two to do whatever necessary more than anything else the a's wanna put a nice bat exclamation point on the first half of the season question Tony this week the giants mutate to a three. You can although in the break saying job well done boys job well done don't worry about Seattle aware of the yanks don't worry about Houston. We achieved what we set out to achieve your playing good baseball you're developing. Young talented players and your winning. Ball games so more than anything else you just wanna be able to emphasize the end this thing put a nice bat exclamation point on it. And move into the break that's why there's pressure on the days. To close out strong because the last thing you wanna do is roll over eighteen tee. Get rolled in three and look around on how did we let that happen. Get out on the eighteenth green had to be three putt the eighteenth you have to rent and bids bragging rights eighties it's like playing and actually it may W bye week. You want to lean before you buy use it I don't wanna go that bad taste of the two weeks off we could have walked in and I haven't played a game so. I think this is going to be big and I think both these games and MB people had a lot of you know bragging rights on the table to it is who's gonna win I just got to get revenge jays got to be able to run. News lasted only in the national bully got me it makes sense that heard that before an incidental why statement that continues to get more lies ahead as they Harry gets put in minutes. It. We've got more sandwich. We've got a funeral to get some almighty god cut date Heidi what do played out so here's what we've got the sandwich. World Cup date the funeral and may be able dabble again a little moon base eight. Again I think we analyze in the week we would go the rest in and we got to come back with the because I should have been act in actions were part it's in exile. You're rising again tomorrow if you want I do. I won't be here but I'd be happy and Colin Ford. Conveyed I deserve I deserve everything I want to get here at all. Well sorry the funeral can't put a ball that ought to explain to the people up to you opt for people who fit for the people. Let's open up the gates the black gate prison and explain what exactly. Happiness well what happened was a bunch of bombs plated trash soccer game and we need Eagles coach we didn't get him France and Belgium I saw a shoot out. I thought that it would be a three to afford to do so we took the older and I say we because. I convinced a good friend to come alongside and he pulled out a chill clone of of bills in Las Vegas and I I went to the window and I made the largest that I never made my life. Thinking France and Belgium would go over the two and a half come to find out just another adult turning a whole milk all the. Lose he loses his friend loses you lose we all lose that ultimately this comes on Mika let's go ahead and hit ball. You handled yeah it was the best analysts today there Hamlin got to do the whole feeling the look good beloved we're gathered here this tomorrow. They take. The pick. Yeah financial. Contribution. Ticket and both men. I'm gonna tell you right now it hurt me. In her digs in her Joseph hitter Todd you know everybody so this thing month recess. John Labatt Simon notes dot dot dot dot dot. Ali he only takes me yesterday you'd trade it does he call me they would italics. Still come down you quote that everywhere. Feel better at it a lot to come out. You how that I would read off the text message from low because I had a late flights of bibs and I would drug abuse in the airport watching this load gets off its light. The case here where is this. First text to 32 PM I got some would try to kill me what the hell happened. It is virus bots about not at the show tomorrow you know what happened the mafia took me out. Kids can actually the whole show about did just lock horrible but obviously ha ha obviously a little talked to text there. Enemies are talking about lots of funerals are today he says you picture of Mario Lopez for some reason what. And a double L draft. I. It's a very plausible. It. Money is and let's go see Mario like the good things about take off and in my current. Let's get situated in and the phone just lights up and take out as my wife responding to my head about to take off what you guys can't wait to see you sit there and it's. I guess it would try to kill it would that I have the talks are out. Yeah. What's going on began. I didn't nab to have I stalked my owing to the gate lies are left and about the 91 NASA I can't I can't stand on the second this garbage you saw men aged guys' bags I'll see impacted. A there before it's and adding that it's not a commentary on that's I know exactly what that's like watching soccer with him. He does quite a bit of screaming that borders on the bad and it. Of course screen. Might yet it it's quite screeched at any time there's an opportunity this comes out it's guys guys do it. We also realize you're in public and I'm sitting at. At the same table with honestly I don't wanna be. Gone screaming screaming and as we get a set piece and a flick header toward the back post. Can you wanna go in. Algebra lot of opportunities a lot of the analysis was right the opportunities were there they just couldn't convert. And number Steve vehicle hit a lot of greens couldn't sing any putts that's a fair analysis so that's that I'm over but it was so that's more calls on the sandwich. Ike is opening a location in Fresno he reached up to low on Twitter yesterday he wants to name a sandwich after La so we need to come up with a name for the sandwich we also need to come up with the sandwich. Those taking suggestions that ultimately the decision will lie with he would Ike we respect that we just want to see if we can crowd source this thing and come up with. Couple creative ideas and a and I. You're army but look you know me I'm a commitment America. Healthy type of guy guy did you want to admit that man's man zealots something prime rib. You know based with a little look up Colorado based also with some honey because element primal with honey you know what they want Joseph you know I love it. You see me in my prime rib and always will be running amok primer of it gives it flavored it's added as well it's a party gold on the amount you guys out there to try it before you knock it. Next time yeah primary bode well honey on there in new gonna tell me you're gonna absolute Levitt's death Doolittle lettuce tomatoes but honey I'm mad. You know the primary of but reject c.s I've talked about that the amendments or attempts going to be out of this world I can this. Tasted now a maximum service elevate to stay in about that that assemblage. Q Bob did you mean that al-Qaeda and honey put those together or were you just naming multiple things and just curious do those who makes well of a Colorado and honey in prime time never had a new yet there. Yeah even without the browns assailants away it's it's it's it is good we got a name suggestion on Twitter that I think is fantastic. Low friends oatmeal. Low Fresno meal or not. It obviously so you're now you started the day with eight Turkey ham combo is a relatively stated hey you guys enjoy it like oh yeah what does your signatures say. Little bit of flair. And that's wide primary and the economy economic I don't debts and soup. Seem to get married eight Su 64 hours seminars marinated. It just a dipping soup in a from the need at the ports by the French dip yeah that's it's I think he'd. Yet to take that into you gotta put composure doing the amount usually gives you an answer what you gotta be some debris in your sandwich. Our primary use he'd put the old so. I like that and get our stupid now now we're really bring in the show together. That's something that you have somebody else suggest and it with 41 cent or have been number 41. Yeah. To be that the most affordable salad you know what people when they eat this god is great sandwiches Philly. And it was the most affordable sound so what do we have median and went for every. And his cheek like prime rib Colorado and honey I. Think pop eyes of the target 59 cents because they got it McCarron yesterday gadget yet eyepiece and those get to dipping sauces and the sucking gave me one. In a McEnroe storming back there's like four gates down he'd they win congratulations pop eyes like. I would prefer not comment on that question I appreciate you asking but that's not the issue the issue. Could exhaust I'm focusing solely on the service and not on race religion gender creed sexual friends religious background. Out of that did anything to do that I was talking about I just got hustled out of my ex dipping sauce. And I felt the need to made reference. I didn't see color so I can't even remember who wants. Lot of people working there. I. I can't deny. Working hard is common stake. But I vent all World Cup daytime fire away big day for nice guy Steven who totally caught off guard. By the fact that this segment coming up tire life. Wow I don't even know how soft the English rock. All right Ortiz as it exists every state this play and I would hate it I could finish public's confidence do you have that whatever pick your about the gift. Absolutely not go to back on the whole I just 44 in the quarterfinal round of the bad lead in the first semi and I'm gonna go and play my hunch here and say it's Croatia this the team on a mission their team on a journey Croatian to move. Jolly old England with just one love I rights that would also be over as well. Snagged I'm trying to estimate the total noticed that it's okay nice guy Stephen all English descent this is a big match for you how do you see it well first stop dances picked. Well against England every single match and it really gets my go when you do that it's I gotta tell it. But I think England is gonna take Croatian down to nothing this is their first. Semifinal since. Harry and Andy those are the only two names in England Andy Murray and Harry was he came and then there's another Harry Harry Caine in Harry McGwire it's too. Jolo and its. I hate so excited that I gotta go Lawrence quietly become my favorite portion of this segment Cody the producer your thoughts on Croatia vs England. I wanna say thank you Steve who's gonna take the big chair the next couple days lie about it's I'm a big gain in this game Perry can't get majority leader Harry company Prince Harry. Perry styles Perry hard from the king's men draw in England wins god save the queen who won. Everything Libya today there's really does also didn't need an update you know that was so good it stands alone on its own. Croatia and your thoughts. I'm actually gonna slip. What did senate nominee go to England. 21 fading English and because it did his neck. Fading England because it didn't ticket existing play but based on good information from yesterday the house and breads oatmeal England vs Croatia. Which sandwich you have well I was gonna feed audiences think because and yesterday we did but it and it came back in most it's almost as opposed to the hot. I. It feels they hit the hole shows you know England for the most part I don't wanna be any positive frame today positive frame of mind. That's right to get there if any of that get it right she's the only one on Croatia and grow. You wasted your money hearing that your English all right so we're hoping this time it's. That's it for us died in the go were coming up next spring did spread of for the a lot of Joseph thanks for hanging out of the so everyone. We greatly appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow morning six they have right here on 95 cent in the game. CarMax you have to read you shoddy way you want extra ready for a we can easily giants' Iraq. And don't battle okay yeah coverages and people bring you resource Friday at 650. And there's only one station broadcasting games dating crystal clear advantage. 957. Yeah. A team. Did you know that most people buy a new TV every six or seven years really that long arm is about an old but still working not as well as the new four KTVs. Like atop Samsung LG and Sony models right now but they're too expensive what if I could get. 20500. Or thousand dollars pearl sat. 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