Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the new Kirk Cousins deal

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, March 13th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down Kirk Cousins' fully guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings.


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Real home looking NBA champions Golden State Warriors yeah. Things he wants yeah. Videos and downtown San Francisco. Oh it's still a little kids and on 9570. Games we're gonna. Well you. This is gonna sound. A bit aggressive. But I think it has to be said and I think it's true. If what I'm reading is accurate as we enter. The championship rounds. Of the morning show our number four. Kirk cousins is about to become the most important player in the history of the national football. Now you might think that that is an insane statement. But cousins is a free agent quarterback who is free to officially sign with anybody in the business tomorrow at 1 PM. According to Adam shaft here. On Twitter eleven minutes ago quote Kirk cousins plans to sign a three year. Fully. Guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday sources tell ESP yet. Not sure why should there it's eight Thursday when the league your opens Wednesday but that's neither here nor there at the moment. Yeah I believe he's traveling there tomorrow and then he's supposed to meet with the team on Thursday that was his cousins timeline what is it the Serengeti he needs two days to get across the world it's Minnesota perhaps he had a horrible time courage maybe have plans already in Washington. It's on. Think about what is about to happen in the National Football League the first. Ever fully guaranteed contract we talked about this a little over a year ago it Derek cause death if he wanted to he can be the first guy through the wall. If Andrew Luck wanted to he could be the first guy through the wall Jimmy grapple and it's understandable that these guys don't do that to their teens they go out they take the standard deal they get what they can. Good for you it's a business. Cousins is gonna sign a three year fully guaranteed contract that's gonna be the first time in NFL history that happens. That means that the next time a player walks into a negotiation with the team. And says I want a fully guaranteed deal in the team says no we don't do that oh what you do. Kirk cousins got men if Kirk cousins got it I want it. This represents a dramatic shift in the way business is done in the national football. And by the way Doug Baldwin has already reached and said Kirk cousins is a hero for all young players that will follow after him now we need more players bet on themselves until fully guarantee contracts. Are the norm and not. The exception every team in the National Football League every owner is looking at the vikings right now it's a double barrels. Expletives you cannot be happy about this if you are Jerry Jones or any other owner in the national football if you're Aaron Rodgers right now you wake and you're just laughing year old and a laugh when you call Kirk in his native news sentinel quick thank you card knowing that. When you need to get your contract which could be the next couple days. You're gonna get fully guaranteed because of cousins gets fully guaranteed. You know Rogers will Matt Ryan and energy drew Henry knows though drew is ourselves for doing fifty countless. I think drew should've had that guarantee I'm shocked city chilled for five more minutes although he might not get big guarantee from Minnesota. If drew doesn't sign first remember Minnesota it was in really tight spot here they miss. On a breeze which was kind of predictable taste Gina leaves design would Denver if they song cousins they got nothing and just in the NFC championship game. You can't come back next year that brand new building but nothing. I'm sorry but Teddy Bridgewater is not gonna cut it for offending OK if you had to get this done it's the perfect storm. I did Kirk cousins is gonna end up going down an NFL history he's gonna go down in NFL history as one of the most important. Players of all time this changes the game for the rest of the league right now fury agent. Representing Jermaine Johnson represented anybody out there. Hold the phone yeah I'll take you guaranteed deal fully Laker 'cause it. Brees only would've had Danny gazans killed him like he's saying forget Netflix and she'll thank you ain't nice problem to any aids sit back to Jersey plays out of 'cause I. Instead he settled for two and fifty with 27 this first year but it will be interesting to see if if next year downplay as entry jobs is an elite corner we know that. But quarterbacks. Tend to get the big money not cornerbacks. Will see if his deal is more guaranteed or closer to fully guaranteed as a result how. How happy do you have to be if you are John Lynch and the niners had you already got to grapple and deal dot. This is why you don't wait this is why you don't sit around ago. You know maybe we'll put the franchise tag on animal play hardball to save a million. Now you go out there you'll like the guy you get the deal dot and the story and they did. And now Barack illicit there with a nice deal. But it made this deal now this is fully guaranteed if you look at cousins he's gonna go right back into the market in three years how she how old is he going to be in three years. Yeah I released you know we still gonna be sick right near his proper name he's not gonna get a chance at one more deal. You're right Aaron Rodgers if I'm him I want fully guarantee if I'm Matt Ryan I want fully guarantee the worst and worst for NFL teams. Is it duration. Now you're gonna have guys wanting three year deals. Instead of five years old fully guaranteed and then they're gonna wanna reenter the market this chicks everything in Saudi YouTube played in the National Football League this is a seminal mode. Right here if joke you're he said he might be this is it a moment that will ever will go down in history he changed. Her cousin was the first one to the door you talked about a year and a half a go to save a player needs to step up and getting guaranty deal. And Kirk hasn't got it done. And he's gonna go down in history as the first player to get a guarantee guarantee contract and it's just it's it's it's it's a proud moment because you know way to go you know what it's like. Analysts like to be cut Joseph would millions of dollars on the back in Mehmet. I know what it's like to you know to be out there in Indian you know to go through some of the things that these players are going through and went through. In workers and Kirk cousins has done and known as represented got to give a shout out to ever and represents a sky animate thing has happened. I think it's good for football I think it's good for these young men. It's time for the the suddenly doesn't Siemens. Valuable at the moment thousand dollars but Joseph relative coach it's a nationwide contest people and we had a winner from this morning show. Listening to Joseph blow and did that's how we do negro it's time for the twelve caper to a national cash contest is your chancellor thousand dollars tax code word. Secret 272881. Secret to seven to 81 message and data rates apply. What do you think Reggie and the raiders are thinking regarding colonial Mac is deals coming up do you think perhaps Khalili and his agent like ass so. Oh we're gonna want bad deal fully guarantee. Extra crispy. Seriously and put an extra bit of skin you gravy in there yeah well it all and I want multiple napkins I want lots of plastic one at all. I think you'll see guys don't like you talk about Joseph Gibbs do in short it it's like three year deals like Wendy Beckett table. I know I got mad three years at whatever a dollar whatever it is three years it's guarantee so I. I know it's guaranteed everything get back to the table game spared he's five years and six year deal because right they know the market's gonna reset itself so why not just to a three year guarantee and I'm like I'm coming up to get. I like what this is good. I think teams are gonna start paving years against guarantee you know and Kirk cousins gets a three year deal guaranteed full year NT whereas he probably would have gotten five. Maybe six years of a quote normal contract had he gone that route so Khalil Mac you make the point of if he goes for guaranteed deal. Maybe daily even two years the grieving doom three years because. For guy gets hurt. And he's fully guaranteed to what then and I know the same thing applies for quarterback but you need stability of that position. Even more so than pass rushers so I think you're gonna see the trend being. Okay he won't fully guaranteed what he need two years and 35 million fully guaranteed or. What he's five and 85. With the first two years guaranteed but well in the last three years and I think you'll find that now as the new bargaining point. You're gonna have to work something out for injuries what's interesting is that under the old way of doing contracts. Your contract would be guaranteed for injury should you get hurt that would be something where he'd still get paid. Now it's almost like look at how many give you three fully guaranteed and you go down. I'm out all that cash I got no recourse whatsoever I don't know they can take insurance out on these guys. But I would. And I never seen the data I'd venture to say NFL players get hurt at a more frequent rate and more seriously than NBA or MLB players yeah what I mean how would we probably all agree with that and I got out. No doubt a much more violent game so it's more a risk that. I got up I I can't. I can't say more any more about this I mean. The fact that we get to be on air and talk about this up as it happens why this is a historic yet all totally. Any other players should be moving towards a guarantee deal I mean collective bargaining agreements going to be coming up you're watching. The NBA in the MLB had its influence in the national football. No question John I think you to answer your question when I was coming down will claim all. Even in college I mean my daddy took on Lloyds align and we spent 95 to 101000 dollars for over a million dollar policy. And so it just minutes it looks onion you do this Harman do this for you so. I look at it and you know my son happens again that situation where he's and it's I would definitely do overcome as well. But these are some of the things that these teams now are gonna look at and say hey look if I'm gonna guarantee this deal. I never gonna have to pay higher premiums but they can they can definitely get these guys and sure if that's the case. Pump so it's some interest to see how work selling Iran. Quick side note you boy just lock down some life insurance of anything happens to me suspiciously in the next few weeks. Asked questions. I think you have to dive into it and ask questions. Any death on my behalf coming in the next few weeks there's definitely some things is why and that I see the Republican turnout I can smell so you're saying your your wife is the one not who's the beneficiary and not your co workers with whom you spend almost more time in your own spouse coach and have to rethink that's hurtful and that was it towns it would be here in five minutes approximately us I would be very barely a transitional pure and Bob body's not even Karl. I've got a courtroom. He. That. The technical here thank you could have done at other gifts he gave reporting that it's the real years and 86 million guaranteed count. Three and eighty C ads so once they come out since it's not 3619. Would be 87 over three so it's basically playing. Tony one point three her. Which that makes the highest paid quarterback right has paid player and at. The first ever die Jimmy G and that's that's Jimmy g.'s first right there and ran her South Beach that's about buying this is going to be grouse on Saturday when you're still making 27. I guess it wouldn't qualify as a bad deed he also actually has even played a demon that's ulyetza Lex still pretty did you think that's a pretty good cousins will go down in history not only is the first guy to get a full year and he contract but they'll probably retire as the career leader in earnings considering. What he made on the franchise tag in Washington. What this deal will be and like you say. He's only 29 years old he'll be thirty in all itself. Three years from now at 33 he still alive for one more last two wrong. Iraqis aren't like 36. 35 he's sitting right there but yeah but the point is I got even younger right come back and you can do another fully guaranteed deal this is a historical moment forget it you're good to know if you're the owners. You be looking at Minnesota thinking what did you just do you changed everything. Everything has changed. Moving forward there is no player that can be told no one fully guaranteed deal as long as you have to suitors. I'll take a little bit less because I think cousins came in a little bit below market value he was probably gonna get I. According to reports Arizona is offering 29 right unsure of the jets would have paid 29 or thirty. They probably weren't willing to do the full guarantee Minnesota dead that's what changes everything. Arizona had an offer on the table according to Mike to recchi who is a radio show down there. There is a deal on the table five years a 145000029. Million year ninety million guaranteed over the first three years. At the old way of doing business cousin just took less money in terms of average annual value. When it's all fully guarantee right that's what you want isn't a question you don't want to flop number of a 149 if you never gonna get any took less. Guaranteed actually if he gets 86 guaranteed over three it's less guaranteed money but it does give him a free out after three years as opposed be on the hook for 500 point and a new look at it to Joseph you think OK so that make what. Three years he's getting you know almost eighty million almost nine million till now I 9018180. Million we you know it's if it's a six year deal so. This guy's gonna be right back on the market it is coming in three years and it's gonna be reset so what he's going to make if he's healthy. He's gonna surpass what he would go for the five year deal. Stereo and less deep under performs or gets hurt if he performs as he had a but but here's the thing that you do with what reason my my point in time make is. If he and performs if we're that the deal he would got that right so he's playing this five year deal and he's. Under performs and not play well he got his eighty whatever is gonna get deluding guaranteed an a five your dad said ninety million guaranteed over the first three so he got his nine B plus Kobe and ultimate is make an amendment was a pro rated any product lost a lot of money so he'll lost that you know the rest and as well so. His interest in how you look at this can have big effects with the salary cap I'm wondering if you're gonna make it fully guarantee that means it's just gonna be even pro ration over the course of the deal also say it was three years ninety just for an even number it's actually three at 86. So that's 390 X thirty million against the cap per year that is huge number. You're not gonna be able to reach structure that. Like you can't like Brady and a lot of these guys Joseph Flacco is an end Ben Roethlisberger do this every year they restructure their deal they take a big signing bonus. And then they reduce their base salary. In an effort to get the team more cap space so they can sign hundred individuals this looks like you would just be. Thirty million year 130 million year to thirty million year three fully guaranteed. Against the cap. So if you are jammed up in your Minnesota say next you're Jan W won him the restructure. What you do you can't come in and say it will give you a ten million dollar. Raise so we can low where your base that money's already guarantee you would. You be paying him to take away some money you would have to restructured over five years in and give them more guaranteed and you stretch it out over time our change everything you might have to abandon this cap. Are you just wait a year to you look at your two and say OK we think these guys perform at a high level were to give you three year extension when I gonna give you. More money we're gonna you know you don't stretches stretch it out so it's a couple ways it can do but I don't think new player will we will go for that because he's 32 and three you guarantee I mean if your if -- anybody in the NFL who's gearing up right now you're looking at this Rogers I don't need a five year deal now I'll take six a you can take that job. Drew Brees got sick so. I don't know bus that day and still make it non fifteen large kids I mean they're like saying money and offer up in the trash can right now because he's so just. On and he might be a little bit bombed or maybe call your agent say you'll Jimmy. Pull your head out did you see this common. But I wouldn't seized eight necessarily naughty so they had to get done with a little financial perspective candidacy for Brees he could've been the guy that was the face of this movement he's always been an advocate for the players he's always spoken out for the players he's always been one of those guys that's led the charge for his team and for everyone out like hearing he would have been a great case for this to get that first guarantee deal and then it would have been tougher for other teams look. That's true greed and dad. Drew Brees got guarantee I'm sorry Matt Ryan you have won a Super Bowl we can do something nice we'll talk he had nice but we can't give you full guarantee. Kirk cousins has never done anything. He gets the full guarantee Rogers comes walking and shirtless. Al east I'll take 200 million over two year eyes guaranteed I don't want to talk I got. There is nobody here to Arizona got my stick in my state borrow money. And that's why known did you like okay Kirk cousins who talk about the guiding your guy he wants you to bet I've only got really excited about this guy. But I love you discuss 26 and 32 this season 31 let's not get in the hole bad thing because then it's you know he called Toronto last week. That's like it is too much what he didn't win or lose it needs it and. Okay that that team was a disaster that offense was ferocious Kirk cousins that a priest thirty year they had no rushing attack. And I apologies to buy your various. DC as he guy when you take up. Never heard of them shut out Oklahoma thank you they were decent they were one game away from win the bad so it's not disparage Kirk cousins too harshly. When you've got your guy Hugh Jack city who couldn't win a game. I am like full nerd mode I'm gonna go home later and I'm an a look at Mike every single team salary cap situation heading into next year. I mean if you are if you other raiders right now you almost have to do a pin it on any decision you're gonna make it any freeagent. Not saying you're gonna get that guaranteed deals anyone you might be talking to now. But knowing Khalil Mac is right around the corner possibly staring at a guaranteed deal how do you go about. Restructuring your business model. What are the niners gonna do. Moving forward you. A couple quarterbacks to work pretty angry out there who might be one or two years in Ben Roethlisberger has got to deal coming up he's gonna want fully guaranteed got a and Pittsburgh's known for sticking to a specific business model. He's completely beyond bell. I mean all the way around. All the way around it's changing the NFL's changing I I cannot believe this is happens. You thought it might happen yeah I didn't think any owner would allow this I didn't because it changes every. But you said it Joseph in Minnesota is an uncertain and I'll call it positive desperation mode because they know they're so close to winning a Super Bowl. And you see quarterback out there. Who is better probably a little bit in case Keno or he's comparable to case Keyon let's say. But you decide on cousins you know you need and you know your may be one quarterback away from winning the NFC. And so he'll do whatever it takes in Kirk cousins. In a rare situation where he got options and so if you really want him. And you don't wanna settle for the next best option which is. Might Glenn and who's now rumored to go to Arizona by the way you gonna do whatever it takes and that means giving guarantee deal is a perfect storm that's why I'm shot. That Minnesota. Didn't say okay we're gonna give Kirk cousins three years you know there when he guaranteed even cleaning your whatever may be. What we need is go to June consumer and even to your thirty min drew drew was finally let let's be honest here. That was all of big shell game drew is now ignore it I source Minnesota nailed they could have Drew Brees for two years ice sixty million fully guaranteed. They would do it true wasn't even that was all just a leveraged play you've talked about it before he's got down there he's got a Stanley down there is kids are grown up down there he's huge in the community. At the end to chase the Minnesota he was right there they they had Minnesota beat if not for the flu accused of flu key plays shut up music city miracle. Man. Not pollute more DJ flu occurs on their own don't usually Lugar. Did you see Erica from that play a vehicle Minnesota. Buster if that was the flu can now what I was hopeful yeah more playlist excuse me very very well. Then why doesn't that play you know I think if I was going to drive today. It would come out coach. To come out right away and automate your ego at play and Q hi how could either go flag of your joke and now you were. I guarantee you're gonna feel you decide judges is to shoot a late to be able to have the angle on that collection outside dude all things considered. Way to let that play go to. Imagine if they if they had since I was a dead letter imploded dead and then you go back and you look and it's like all what could have been no daylight. Holloway we shouting out the officials right now this is incredible is usually done on the camera no. High school championship. Where the team was all and they were underneath their own basket and they tried inbound with a few seconds left until the clock so they they threw a football pass to the other side yeah. The kid from the other team intercepts it takes like when he steps that he is it down the court and it goes enemy when the state championship all the or they won a playoff game. 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Triple Jacox stretchers that California lottery please play responsibly must be eighteen years or older we're just laying more blame. It's all the genuineness of an in N out burger times to be in and out double double double meat double cheese double fresh come taste the difference. 957 to gain. Trendy now. Third cousins changes afraid busy game a manic meg Aggies and breaking news Kirk cousins plans to sign a three year fully guaranteed contract with the vikings which is expect to be worth 86 million dollars. Free agency deals can go down tomorrow 49ers intend to sign former giants center west in Redford played by the idea one free agency opened. Richard also plays guard niners were one of the team discussing a deal with top guard target and you know allows reportedly signed with the jazz last. At five years 66 point five million dollars. And a new senator Richard Sherman is just an idea as he personally negotiated with the 49ers had a son networks Steve why spoke to GM John Lynch wife will join the afternoon to like today at 1 PM the lawyers. Good to play ever thanks to a spurs lost bones stayed back on the hardwood tomorrow against the lakers and everything out war against a right here on any size seven game place not to make young listed as probable. And Seth Green Jordan belts are scheduled to be reevaluated today I'm and it has Aggies on the health boys basketball. 78. Sure but what did just continues. On 9570. Game. Tuesday. March 13. 2018. That day they gained changed in the National Football League. Kirk cousins. Has just become one of the most important players. In NFL history. You're gonna start hearing what we've been talking about for thirty minutes now you'll hear that later tonight you'll here tomorrow as people catch on the what's happening. But cousins is going to sign a three year 84 million dollar deal with the vikings. On the surface. At about 28 million year price paid to gain a guy in. Fully. Guaranteed. This has never happened before the National Football League and the first guy through the door. Knocks that door down and opens it up for everybody else. If you're Khalil Mac. You're gonna wanna fully guarantee deal. If you all are. Someone like Carlos hard. You're agent's going to be asking for a fully guarantee deal you might not get it but no longer. Can NFL general managers and front office executives say sorry can't do that it's never been done before that's not how we do business. When Aaron Rodgers when Matt Ryan when Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson all get set to their necks we negotiations. Are all gonna say I want it fully guaranteed. The team's gonna say sorry we oh I'm I'm sorry before you finish that sentiment. Two words Kirk cousins. You like that. You fight that. You like that you do by dance very strong mom and right now he isn't bayou bettors are printed teachers before the people of Minnesota do you bike that I. I shout out to yours and I ripped that off off from Twitter about twenty minutes ago. Dad aren't you minorities out there I've had that off NASA could celebrity hot tub shout out onto a part of me just died trying to. Brian any added I looked at it filed it away but it assigned to sit at some point and in the second we really started getting accent is like okayed. Donated to hear a little attribution and in the what is now that I can get 84 million guaranteed Marion. She after reporting 84000028. Million per year. Fully guaranteed and your right Joseph these other players as they gonna ask their teams and they say oh we don't do. Guaranteed contracts then you come back and think Kirk cousins do you think Kirk cousins is better than me. I'm Aaron Rodgers I'm Ben Roethlisberger I've done things cousins only can dream out and so. Teams are going to be put into a little bit of a tight spot. And they're gonna be it you know sending hate messages to Minnesota kids. Good though I'm glad because now these team got the these players can say she what do working with. You know these cats mingle and I cash actually want to sell. You watch the NBA long enough and you see these dudes catch and and what do they all doing their controlling their destiny. I don't want five years I want to and I want player opt outs and I want fully guaranteed money the NBA get to the MLB gets it NFL players. They have more power than they've ever realized the problem is there's so many of them it's tough to keep them all in line. And what I mean by that is keeping everyone financially in line. They're never able to hold out into the season because enough guys don't manage their money properly. They can't afford to miss game checks they put pressure on their union wraps the refs put pressure on DeMaurice Smith and a DeMaurice Smith eventually has to get a deal done. That's the NFL's power. The deli owners are not going anywhere they can sit there and wait you out they've got the money they've got the power and most importantly they have the time. Kirk cousins has changed that dynamic at the very least the next time these two sides come to the bargaining table and a few years. If owners wanna do away with this think about what they'll have to give up. Think about it if you the players right now OK we'll walk back from the fully guaranteed deals universal health care for life what protection from CTE. We want hey we want be we would see what the all these things you've been to unless we want relaxed. Drug testing. The ability wanna businesses small minority out there so many things the players can. Walk back if the owners wanna say look this good Kirk cousins contract it was a mistake we as an ownership group don't want this to be. Possible so we're gonna go and eliminate that. You're right it be huge bargaining chip and as the NFL owners power rank what they want to change in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement. I think the eighteen game schedule will be more important to them then the idea of having to pay guarantee con. I hope I hope that they don't so I hope it's a like I hope that he continues to do go the way that it's going over to the players don't give keep these guarantees because. We'll talk about a couple things about the Nashville and we say it's astronaut along we say that you two guys are peace immediate says all these different things. Talk about having MBA in in Major League Baseball how they all buttoned up. We all talk about how NFL they don't really care at least pitch to you of two up and spit you out. Now what is this point two forced the teams who do. Build better relationship. Is gonna force the teams that you get these guarantee it's gonna say. We better make sure were taken better care of this part we got to make sure we put things more things in place to make sure we're gonna guarantee these things. I gotta make sure my product is is this feeling good about everything so many of these guys that are there I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna see that money menacing they just like they take our league in all these different things that happened. I think now people mourn the onus on the on the teams to take care of the players he'd better. I'm wondering how many owners right now they have until tomorrow at 1 o'clock when the league year opens I'm wondering how many are calling Minnesota right now sang walk this thing back. Walk this thing back right now. Do not agree to this deal you know have cousins will find a way to get you more money will kick yet couple scheduling quirks or something on the back and do not give this guy fully guaranteed you'll you have to assume there is some owner or some executives somewhere saying Minnesota you can't go through it this. You're gonna change everything. How are you even get a managing cat moving forward. If this is sick this was a ninety million dollar deal which is make it even across right or right that's thirty million in base per year it's all guarantee. So that's up thirty million dollar cap number that's a huge number huge. So if you need flexibility. That's like Roethlisberger Flacco Tom Brady they do it every year they take a chunk of money up front assigning books the team will give them like ten million. In an effort to reduce. That base salary. The signing bonus accelerates and you're able to shrink your cap number it's all just financial particulars behind the scenes but how would that work with a fully guaranteed deal. I'm Marty get the thirty so it's like look we're gonna need you to take 25 mobile speed up and give you a bonus. No you have to pay it all now anyway could. He essentially just do like a 4032 when he split and take forty the first year then takes thirty then take two when he in this ninety million guaranteed. Model that way you would lessen the cap hit on the back end. You could. And that could work for one team but that's not gonna be something that every team can do dot should not everybody's gonna have that wide berth of flexibility like the niners did with the problem deal which speak it which. Remember Carmen policy came on us a couple months ago and was talking about if you're John Lynch you walk into negotiating room and you just. Put the giant bottle of you know what on the table and you say be gentle deaths right now after a lynch you should be point self a nice stiff drink thing in war. Oh thank got we got this thing done with grapple before this happens. I mean it's still it's hard money ton of money for Jimmy problem but. At least there's some semblance of outage on the road I can get no outs. Now they they don't and the Kirk cousins one. He won his agent line. And how to play because I know it's a guy who's. Hasn't won a Super Bowl you know it's 26 and thirty. And he got paid and I think it's gonna change the way that people view contract's gonna change the way players are gonna do it and I think it's gonna have a huge pack uncle Leo and Matt. But Mac you just talk about it Joseph here's a guided the raiders are rumored to be trying to work out a deal Scott as a woman or guarantee. What does it mean for guys like Mike let. Reportedly he on the radar for the Arizona cargo to question rack like he's probably Rolen and guaranteed cash Ian Rapoport says that down Mike Glenn and is on the cardinals radar when he will officially be released. By the bears tomorrow on you know he's gonna command massive mass of money. What what's funny my lesson I have again are you not aware of the fact that he had fourteen million to go to Chicago and hold the Mitchell from Biscayne is actually sixteen. President told a cook or can't. Much coach because they get to contract out to get a first year he got sixteen almost positive they're not gaining sixteen he's not gonna get a massive deal they're going to be paying back that money and he's going to be a lower tier baca got a guy that he leads not fifteen is not gonna sixteen is not them in a fourteenth. He be lucky to get into what it's anywhere from that. Eight to twelve million dollar range in Columbia via S and he's the year wrong in your on line you are wrong and Adeline you gotta pay the more. Kodama don't want to hang it out number your pick it up four million dollar window that's that's a big window well I get. I sell. You don't think he's giving it twelve. I doubt. You know things get swindled the easiest twelve he's easily getting twelve go to besides the fact is he's twelve and I'd be willing to make a wager on this very thing. We'll put dinner on a closed door lunch stats because we know your history it's a bank not to hug that it's no don't know obviously you guys in a precarious situations of the losers the hugs the way notice is filed a final. Twelve under exit just 12100 guess saying 121000000 and one dollars or more this this is all predicated on him signing with Arizona and my MI who write anything can get the particular out there there because of Arizona's signing him and he ends up going. To the jets as a backup for any. Am a little political anywhere. Amendment dinner party to limit the one if I'm given an affiliate infield coach coach that's pretty nice. I'd seen buyers aren't you putting him into it nicely brother had more than one team wouldn't you order I want it it's specific to just Arizona. I think that if you look at other teams he has the chance to be slot there's a pack up there any wouldn't get the money you would get as Arizona but I'd be willing to go over twelve regardless of the team certainly I. I don't wanna bet lunch because your history of paying off lunch Spence is spotty at best here on lap one end and me online too but I digest. I would be happy to put a nice quality dinner with cloth tablecloths and napkins. Waiter and busboy service got a place. There's going over twelve million. You're saying it's over twelve now is this is this what is is based on the per. Year value. Yes not to let you know he's signs two years 22 million we call that eleven million under and that would be an under correct OK so what's the average value of that number that comes out. So they say if it's reported later today. Mike Lannan has signed with the Arizona Cardinals the deals two years 21 million dollars that's ten point five per year it's always when. Yeah. Okay that's what we had and were betting it at dinner yes we've cloth tablecloths and napkins coach not some like flop Paulus drive through. Oh I forgot my wallet can you spot me dinner. I'm talking about busboy waitress. Oh yeah desserts you know it. Yeah it was soup and sell cocktails before hand at the bar it's presumed to all presume. Duels for my friend case I happen in Louisiana be happy to find a place ads and a beer friendly and a dessert on that as well. A little hope. I think it's the little buzzer it's the dinner it's drinks before hand in his and a nice. Nice establishment that had to be of radio. And start us out to that nice play nice place a place that you had you would take a data fewer still the dating or an anonymous into job there the twelve million dollar number was now we were outside he said eight I was all over it now you same twelve I think you've given yourself that you don't put a nice number. That old Lauren about your trick. He throws a number out there you called on it and five seconds later usual completely different numbers great west an expert he's got to get at least nine Coachella played four games this year he's getting four. Well here's hope I don't think the big truck it back faster. It is a debate I would say I would lean over allotted idly over I'd lean over that he gets a little bit more than. Achy I'm gonna go to Marty got some dinners to you what's the bet. Dinner again into your own you to dinner that I have been trying to pay off I'm not betting you're another dinner just like you knock one off the list or at a third to the and our pride and you bring that car is that there's no one wants again in the face with a lie and apparently racism and violence were brought in an open. I got one created simple it's easy you wash my. I would. I would edit and did that and ask him that but we got to figure out what's on the other and sit you throw your feet in the equation what's on the other and welcome back from day. I'm an opportunity to attend Fresno state football game with you isn't exactly that to do maybe you put a nice offer regardless it puts chugging honey united child's college fund you know he gets started with a nice solid. Snack enough full stack high society but a piece of a stack for those in the back you suggest a slap that I'm not slap at a friend's fail what have I. I didn't think I could actually died a slap that we didn't do. But he's not trying to kill me Lowe would kill he seem yeah just like during its own or. Yeah yeah. I don't know because I'm. On voluntary murder. And by slapped down by two yet genocide the trap eye contact. Obama gadgets makes me happy Thanksgiving and Theo did you see that Michael Rappaport Johnny man's LB on Twitter. Not such good deeds it's such it's legal for three days. It's such good what anybody doing that supports his call on them out and me and Zell tried to come back mature he was like hey man you need to make jokes about. AA in and re have that's cool you know you do the two but I'm just trying to not be you know what anymore. Maybe should try brow it's better on this side and wrap we're just kept going Adam because he does it's good for his podcast and a different brand demands all of actually broken it just became a full out. A full out war Rapoport is such a good trash talker. And someone tried to jump in helping to help me and Zell and killer app in port rob Edwards told them how if he ever sees them. He's gonna slap them in the face time. He's getting hit it opened this did so that he doesn't get a certain charges apparently the difference between closeness slap. And it would never file a charge for getting slapped his body was incline so he's gonna knock him out opened this that he can't go to the police that you clap. I dream on green and your Michigan State football player in the and you you raised beef and you try to get him charged that under the cops mad that might have been part of the Sean Smith think as he went closed fist and that's why he had the accelerated charge. It's just such a great speech he cheated on the mantle he tees on a clock had he that you surgical look at this cluck said that going on and on just crushing a man's belt his credit tried to stay true to like. This new life and then he just completely folded and yet in the mix and told told about. He's an unemployed actor now is rubber board's been a lot of stuff China higher learning which is a great movie back narrowed that Omar Epps a lot of diesel Kristy Swanson was and imovie. But. He was like I'm I'm in the market for someone to follow me around a polish my Heisman so he needed job you can come up which on the payroll apostle eyes and and wrapped which is kept on Adam in hand really good. I had so little going on this week and I was bobbled and as I was tweeting the world telling them they needed to get involved and it is like Saturday night when most people are doing things. I was really wrapped up you do. Nice job of Sus announce these Twitter beach weather in one place where these fresh new. We have another one that doesn't got Lee begins Gary Parrish that was a boiling over late Sunday I was off nerd media beats what most college basketball did you not this story wrong and you accuse this team of this and how comedian retract that story it's like. All right get out of the way. Men's Al Rappaport is is the main events on the beach power rankings that's more of like hamburger whereas the Rappaport men's Al might be an IT bone steak. Well and Rappaport is rewarding cobol it's the main event a good kind of vague issue go to T-Mobile arena you do it up you go see a pay per view event. Between 201. Class. That's what that once. The other stuff it's all undergo immediate bees are fine with. But they only really go so far they slap fights sometimes they get good if you really out a guy on some stuff no one knew about but by and large generally. Well do you remember when you missed on this story hey don't accuse me that you missed on this its IRA in its stride into each other's DNR. Love your media beat voice is pretty funny it's is its in its they're essential new residential I've seen this stuff firsthand I've seen these guys go at each other. At the com why we got a few little modest gas in the remain nameless but I remember one. Running across the room and Indianapolis running across the room to his his boss now who worked for a company was like hey I was just talking to. Well no meaning guy he's gonna run with the story I told him I had it first and if he goes and he doesn't. Quote us we need to do something about it as we had that story person he's known for doing this. And the boss was trying to calm him down and trying to make clear that they brought the other guy over there just. Arguing over who had this miniscule story first and it's important for your credibility breaking news identity it's your job. But it's like well let's look spills over public it's like a slap fight yeah. I backed out and I just don't add it with each arm area's great stuff port Johnny put down although he had a good one of Rappaport is a clown on a teachers on that I usually get. The warriors have canceled practice today yeah when I understand a little too much so little to his party for minors and they all Wear their Steve. It was out there dancing on the dance floor definitely. A lot. And also the play outside coach I believe they have an indoor facility over there in Oakland have right there at twelfth and Broadway. And top floor that hotel so it isn't it curious when you got a team coming off back to back losses. India had a Monday off to travel back Sunday at home playing time Sunday night. Yet the money off and then Tuesday he's figure you wanna median buttoned up heading into three and four nights but you going give the team another day off. Coming off for a moment to be pretty fun party on a Monday night. As long as you win. As long as you win everybody's excuse is all this no one looks at it no one thinks of minutes just you do when you and it's great because everyone loves you. But you know how fans are not saying that's how we are what you know how fans can day. Stuff goes south and look for scapegoats they look for reasons they look for people to blame. You can be the hero for years. You make one mistake you are gone don't block had a nice career with the Red Sox showed its face Boston at that mistake in the plan aren't. Not trying to NASA compared to two but that's fair to them. That's how it works Richard Sherman was an icon in Seattle. Right up until his own team told him get out of here and then the fans burned his Jersey. They've heard his Jersey for getting cut. He doesn't have control over that. Did you one of the work for free might you know what just to make the fans happy don't want burning jerseys up all I'll work this year for 22000 dollars tiger come back up. Yeah I'll just stop playing because god forbid we enjoy the fans. That's how they act so this is all fun I mean I'm glad to have a good time nothing to worry about right it doesn't work out it's probably because and that seems better but. There will be hot takes there will be in the nick writes the world is looking for the takes its more than. Now when you look at it you Klay Thompson falling in May be. Slightly spraining his ankle Danson and company had staff curry on the side eating ribs while you forty was performing in his birthday party. Steve Kerr renewing his bowels. With his wife I'd do we have and I still all at staff's birthday party yeah it was a fun part first half comes in on a private yacht. And I apparently was a surprise party say here comes staff and I Asia but the party begin Matt Barnes is there. And then head coach Steve Kerr took the opportunity to read your vows of the mrs. Ireland's future even. Or. That was a judge would you do that ass again he asks Margo his wife and she says yes. I was renewed left the party continue romantic everybody have a fun time it was super Lucy mussina got loose and it's all great taken off. Come unrolled the lakers if you happen a no show against LA are you continue to struggle questions will be asked yeah. No show against LSU can know most of the rest of the way out we gotta win the title. That's it did that there is no. Other acts like he's a Minnesota needs to get in and make a little boys that's our expectation Philadelphia needs to get in and maybe make a little voice. Boston needs to go deep Toronto needs to win the east. Everybody's got different levels and. Yeah they're they're good I don't get it does is I didn't. I nameless and then I. Bit different not then again I just think if you look at the lakers. They for some reason believe that they can play and they think that they have a chance they think they have an outside shot which they do in their looking at this thing that let's go so. I would tell us that music plays. The tournament gets under way if you're looking to host a bracket five hour energy brackets dot com is the place to go they have got something completely. Innovative for this season's first time we've ever seen something like this. During the games you can actually change your picks right up until four minutes remaining got a five hour energy brackets dot com and I'll tell you what right now. If you're looking for some upsets this is the year that people are starting to think. Some could be cook and there's a region that debt Kansas. Duke and Michigan State are all together along. I don't believe we'll tell you talking about. Four minutes before the game he can still go any change your bracket for the attic I am eleven this is not say when I'm sick and bowler that's right. I'm pulling for those good bow makers is that's my boy goes with five battery energy they've really got to covered. Especially the game started early they are indeed in his latest they are guided couple balls of fire about anything to do today. Five hour energy brackets dot com is the website that is a wrap for us for did stray and a polo lounge out. Thanks rang and Alice and everybody whether you love them or not. Shout out Kirk cousins he has changed the game with the first ever fully guaranteed NFL contract. We're limited a brave new world and in that brave new world will see you tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 95 cent in the game. Hey dad can I just want to sell thank god managed so what you're working with us. Michelle. These new debt free. He's like seven big T. 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I mean yeah I think and and came pain. The key and plus names and yeah I was thinking and paying its.