Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the four big questions surrounding the NFL schedule release

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Warriors TV Color Commentator, Jim Barnett. Then they discuss the four big questions surrounding the NFL schedule release as well as what the SF Giants should do with Hunter Pence. 


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Yeah. Videos and downtown San Francisco. Most chill a little wooden kids and on 9570. Games where you are. I won't kill you. Where's the little thing there really. I didn't say hip abductors Wear was so weird you know. And that can't be you know. I feel a bit more comfortable it's really up to loaded decide whether or not it was and I think Gil is good. How was your best whenever the garage I don't pray you know I don't impressions of you in particular if you do we got back so quick from being in the mean I had to give you will want. Little I want you to know Howard the lord this works in mysterious ways you guys try to stop me the elevator everything is lined up because. That is good on it yet and certainly get a little agitated at Maggie keep making it back. Because I like it when you're late and I can blow you up for IE you know that and I couldn't be better for the show when you yet the people that also congratulations and leaders said. Nothing to see here's San Francisco. I didn't see it all these legal does the day we had a meeting I was sitting there when we get out because. My. Not an out of I don't want to get out of the manure and it was good to forward how were announced that my music you run outcomes they do wrap it up put a bowl on the field by a smaller car. Park in the garage like the rest of us airway can ride or buy new cars small cars and ride a bike I'm environmentally friendly -- what you gotta departed brow like my German tank. Again that you're a little bit up closer than they. Yeah. Advantage it is to pace San Francisco rent out of that reporting and I I drive an hour today and yes. That sounds like a what do you call a EU problem. All although you go there don't come on man come on ansari. We have things we need to get to yes welcome to the championship rounds of Jolo and did here on 95 cent in the game he is a former warrior. Warrior color commentator for NBC sports Bay Area ladies and gentlemen the great Jim Barnett joining us here on 957 the game good morning Jim how ardea. I'm all right you're reminded me that I yeah it took a bicycle at a college and you should take drove out on dates on about. How does that aria that. Just put Obama into the top bar there that look it was okay it was kind of differ. You do don't. Jim Barnett so if you don't let me just see how does that work out where they were they they were receptive dvi didn't take it. Yeah I you know I'd I'd I'd warn of at a time and it you know I was sub. Can speed bikes they were conspicuous beatle fifteen these days they just come into California where I was from. Howard University of Oregon and so I immediately bought all of these spikes is that they were unbelievable. You go fast they at least entirely too. You know cruise down the road 3035 miles an hour when you're young and in shape like that and so a lot of that was a good way also you could just go to the main drag of the college. Talent and meet a lot of girls that waved and go to hard hold onto it that it was it is the bicycle and very useful. Jim Barnett on a sure win nineteen picture right now without out of. It was a U Rocco you are AG goes from the east perhaps. It was unbelievable sort of like. No we hadn't seen bikes like that this is your I think that get out of eighteen. 60s60. Yes 1960s the first come ever so bikes. I'm talking cycling was Jim Barnett you know and he's yeah flummoxed I forgot what I was gonna ask him and you have. I attended the two fronts this summer moody high. You know out whoever whoever whoever brought it brought. A lot. That's actually is fair assessment as you're gonna find anywhere whose. Are right I guess we'll transition to a basketball game. It's being played tonight warriors game three in San Antonio against the spurs the announcement just came down that Gregg Popovich will not coach tonight. This the tragic and sad news yesterday that his wife Erin have passed away it's at 67 years of age at moments like this. It's tough to try to put him in the perspective and then also related to a game at hand. I'd imagine that the mindset tonight is to just go out there and can do the best he can and realize that there is mortal life then sports right. Well actually the assets that touted as its it's a dichotomy or your. You you're serious about this series and that your livelihood and almost saying yeah. When you talk about life and asks it puts it in perspective and and so the challenge for Steve Kerr and his coaching staff in any of course. This Stephen has like very close to pop in his life. And it's. It's it's an emotional thing there and I didn't think they're great Pablo Popovich coached. And it obviously is going to affect dispersed when you don't know how it's going to affect them that I think the challenge for the warriors players just. You know to overcome that and and that's the challenge that there is facing Steve. Is that not to let that. Seep into the locker room that they you gotta keep them focused on playing your game. And so he's going to be this does basically is he's got to restart he's like a pair out. He's got to be strong for this team. So that he can prepared him to play game and focus on the task at hand. And the task at hand obviously is to get up 30 and keep your eyes on a possible sweep Klay Thompson has been so unbelievable. Offensively in this series what is seen differently from clay. Other than maybe shedding net foam wrapped it has him playing so well right now. Well it is really. We. I K nobody's rework target move. Moving without the ball all the time he's in great shape. Obviously when he was missing those gains and that before when he had the common. What sitting out he was doing a lot of running. And he's shedding the defense extremely well and he's patient he's disciplined. Because. Game true they came out and they were really. In your base they were chest to chest defensively they've. They kind of shocked the warriors a little bit. That first half predicted the first quarter. But but it didn't bother clay he was so humorous. Really disciplined about keeping moving well so what's grabbing you and holding you had all and that's what's gonna app escapee bore physical. In the play out. Play it was prepared for that. And he did he didn't let it bother me and complain. He's technically had two free throws in the in the entire series. He just keeps working to come up Austrian coming from we tried the strong side. They're getting him the ball and you know I mean it's it's incredible. What you're shooting in the first game in eleven of thirteen. The second game he's twelve to twenty which is 60% because it's spelled out a 60%. And he's made two and threes now and in each game make five in size so. He interact. You know they're giving you 5060 points. A game here and in the in the playoffs which is really really terrific but. Crisis focused. He's stoic. Let anything bother him he destroy that place and he's right now I don't target. Quote you talk about those who guys giving 5060 points we know LaMarcus argues gave it 3035 that was probably unbelievable what he did the other night. Who also met team is going to have to play big if they're gonna beat the doves in key you see this team hole in them under 105. Well I think you. I don't think they could play much better than they did gain true but they came here it's reasonable Saturday did better in game one. But they're not giving they're not getting much from Danny Green. Up Patty Mills didn't Molly could. Tony Parker you know could have a little run. It's tough when your you know 35 years old 36 years old thing was consolidates 37. The warriors defense has been terrific that's the that's the whole key. Besides you know the opposite clay tops and give urine and Kevin directors you're. With the warriors have really bad it's sending them well they're shooting 40% this series the spurs are so I think that's so key. Is doing that Rudy Gay started last game and they put him on Kevin Durant they were open your little more often done in we did get twelve point but. I the one guy they have to think about his LaMarcus Aldridge and he got its 34 and our game and went to the line twelve times. But I just don't think we've seen enough firepower to nobody's gonna come off and he's going to be doubled it has most of time. But it's it's so far not been an opt out. If clay didn't have a good shooting night there in that changes everything OK and then you'll see what direct gives them that. It's right now obviously. The warriors are playing very very well and they matched everything San Antonio has brought to them. So I I don't it would not surprise me if San Antonio won a game down here. And I don't know how the death of Erin Popovich great you know great slice is going to attract them. But I also would not surprise me at the warriors group would sleep. But you got a lot of afford do it and and you know for years the warriors had nightmare Saturday. I think and they had to beat him at regular season game Ferrara knows something like 3233 games but now. They've learned how to win down here so that makes a lot of difference. So you know I hope that they do sleep. The team that they would meet would be the winner of the Port of New Orleans series and that would concerns me to. As well sure everybody because. Surprisingly. New York who won both games not Portman told court ever go back. I wanna bet I would bet series to go seven games to get Seth Curry a little bit more rest before before our round true. So we're working but I out everything but the task at hand mr. wood in the game tonight to play the kind of defense. That there they're warriors are capable of LaMarcus Aldridge is gonna get here they get a good job adjusting getting here. Spreading or getting him in isolation. And the lawyers could have a difficult time double teaming right down the middle quite. So we'll see how that plays out but. He just hope the warriors go out shoot the ball well like they've been doing had been over 50% both gains well percent. And they've they've shown that they were ready to play in the switch was turned on that so far they've answered the bell there. Jim Barnett joining us here on 9570 game Jim I know you're on the calls you did it live. But Kevin Harlan during game two talked about how staff curry was going to miss another three weeks before he returned to the court. Steve Kerr was asked about that yesterday he said somehow it was a miscommunication. To heartland with that information wasn't true it's a day to day basis. Some might think it's a smoke screen some might think it's as simple mistake but being around the team. Two part question number one do you see step playing in the next round and number two if he can't go. Can the warriors get past New Orleans or Portland without him. Well secondly. A person. I think that. Knowing step and seeing what he's been doing I'd be very surprised and I I don't know I haven't talked to the training staff I haven't talked to Chelsea lane. About it at all like I try to stay out of that. I know the injury it's a three to four week. Rehab or you know dirt tour are your strong and it's as well and I'll I kind of stuff. But he has been running and doing some things so I've had these absurd not doing any lateral things right now but. I would be surprised if we did not play relative that's what I'll just say that based upon I have injury one time Celso. Does that round knowing how important is that from the bicycle. At the palace on the court then you guys that. Somebody stepped my foot as eloquent for a lay up from behind it and the bridge that me and I had an in Seattle. Problem but generate. I I would be very surprised that I don't know where you know Kevin. He is going to be I would say exaggeration his boys all the time it's exaggerated everything needs. Brings a lot there and I don't think you would maliciously do that because I think he's pretty honest about thanks. I think he got computers or whatever which I had to read that too in some other thing yesterday that not only back and well we had burdening. From our medical staff so I knew that if it was just took. Some blowing in the era there so I think yet to answer your question also. I think it lawyers could beat. I Arie thank the warriors it if they were really on top of their game could be anybody. All the way all the way and that includes the NBA championship I think they're capable that. Without one of their stars. If they're playing defense. And they got to score like this are gonna give you over fifty point tonight between the two of them it's it's possible I would I'd like my chances better with Stefan curry. I'm out there at all treated to ramp. Curry and conscience. The scores and then of course straight month green defensive leader has there. That's exactly it's he's gonna be back sometime and I expected wreckage like crap I certainly hope so and I hope that sir outdoors. Goes down a ball a little bit important to pick up the game at least so they can extend this series. The great Jim Barnett joining us here on 957. The game Jim always a pleasure thank you so much travel safely look forward to catch over the against him. Our primary. Care. Always voters knew them and that's the key. Getting innocent that is a basketball related the credit Oregon you ask him ball and with dates on the handlebars as house. Barnett stories of his slippery drive way who knew little icy at his home over there in the east Beirut and we had stories about that as well talking himself out of speeding tickets. That's right fascinating. I'm because people love Hugh O'Neill I am large I believe your probably the second most loved on this program. I think your first and in the evening I laughed out loud to the very notion of him being second second to whom certainly not URI and a well you I think if there were powerless. And everyone had to vote on us inning and it would probably come in one load too did three and actually myself for. I don't really if I don't accurate powering here and yet like the most humble thing I've ever heard you say aren't kind of nice but I kind of feel bad at the same time. I don't actually believe it I'm just saying it. Again I'm Hala. Yeah. Announcement Tom. Jokes aside. You have something you wanted to talk about there is a segment where you wanted to talk about greatness so seeing how the people love you. Seeing as how you're named as it says is on the marquee free you get opportunity here to talk about greatness. Well. I just hope everyone got to see. LeBron play last and a it was it was no I think it. Take take them love pave the way from LeBron in and understand and know that we'll talk high like LeBron. But what you've got to see a guy who sit and want to will this to happen. They lose this series I think. Indies shown that they local better they got more in the in the paint they're physical they just look like a better team but that for that one game. You got to see you guys say no matter what I'm want to win in a load to carry this team. I mean as Charles Barkley having scored 27 decimals and of course her I mean you look at LeBron what he's dead at 34 years old weight that he went out. And played in the first quarter or thirteen 1620 in the first quarter and it's it's and it's unheard of unprecedented doesn't happen often. You've got to watch something that you're not gonna see. So I just thought that that was very very just it was it was. LeBron the only normal latter part on his way down now but the way that he played in energy. In the ball skill at different things that he brought to the game last night. It was just good to be a. Should the players superstar players be allowed to have a say in the roster. You think's out now threes and I ask that was dissecting this last night I found. Conflicting ideas. We are at a point sports right now we're Tom Brady was allowed to have a say. A big today in the New England patriot roster. There is serious dysfunction in New England at the minute. We're at a point where LeBron James has had to say over his teammates for a long time. He's in an awful situation even though he played remarkable basketball last night I don't disagree with a thing you said they still only one megabyte three. And they were housing Indiana. On multiple occasions and act and that game I think that game tells you they're big trouble is they're not going very far and it's not because LeBron. On the court that it's it's because of the supporting talent. He's the guy that ran off carrier. He's the guy that demanded all these trades made all these moves. This team this roster composition. Is a result of LeBron the general manager not so much LeBron the player. So you get the Brady's situation in New England causing a problem you get the LeBron situation in Cleveland causing an issue however on the flip side. There's a famous story about. Game seven of the NBA finals two years ago not to open up any wounds but. Dream on furious after the game but immediately texting Bob Meyers about going after Kevin Durant. Apparently the players were able to have a say there and had ended up working out. I wonder is it a good thing to have your superstar talent involved in some of the front office decisions because I'm looking at some and it always happens until it's gonna happen Amazon strings start I don't and I'm not questioning that I'm just saying if you were able to started team today and you where the guy at the top you were the general manager making all the decisions would you want. To be dealing with superstar now would you want LeBron and they're telling you what to do. I don't know about eight I wouldn't want maybe you guys precipice upon but I think that you have to have your guys be happy. I've been situation Willie with LT LaDainian would go and say coach. Let's get this guy that seemed every team and I've been on and seeing guys talk about Chris Hill Chris Tillman was gonna leave a called agency AJ. This got to stop the ball when the news or ms. in Seattle as it he wants to be here 12 o'clock and nine as city let's get you know. It was certain things that guys do. And I think coaches GMs made they do like that they like that perspective that. Players understand what fits what works who they know chemistry it's held so coaches come to player and say hey how's a guy like as a person. Oh casting them what do you think about and they do that all the time but you want a guy isn't is is is little doubt. What a match you know we have a Brady went right in there and demanded a meeting forced to drop below trade and now it's caused a fraction a faction excuse me and he see what's going on I agree with and is still there should be some feedback you want to be in touch with what's going on in the locker room you want an understanding of the pulse of that environment right but how far do you allow the superstars to go. When it comes to decision making. Bob Myers still lake they might have a situation like that on their hands and the next couple years where players are coming in saying this is what we want and it might not be in the best interest of the club so what are you doing that's. You allow input and certainly if you have a question about a player like Nick Young I think is a great example many people son nick young and thought well this guy might come India distraction. He could potentially be a problem with his personality. And some of the off court stuff that he is being challenged by in the past but. They've brought a man I'm sure after talking to the other warriors say what do you think about Nick Young oh we love snake he's perfect fit. So you bring him in the idea let a player go to the lengths that obviously Cleveland has let LeBron conjure up the roster I don't think so because you've seen the time and time again LeBron James is not a great GM and he is not always advocated for the right decisions to be made in. You've got to coach get run off basically because he didn't it along with LeBron with the other new coach Janeiro isn't as good quite frankly sell. You make those mistakes that your own apparel and Cleveland has made a lot of mistakes letting LeBron do more than he probably should. I had to say but then you risk alienating the star player if LeBron wants a serious Sadie don't listen to what happens that you. They wanted to that's that's it's it's it's I see yeah I despise for eats him a bronze like Westbrook you you're wrong in your on line but here's the thing what did say. The last eight years who's been in the finals. LeBron right yes he'll have brought up that was rhetorical of their it was rhetorical but I'm making a point here because this and he hasn't played a good GM. In a situation where the guys in the finals for eight years. When you liking what has some decisions are good back who else consider what head coach can say that one player can say that LeBron James. So what he's done yeah every day and I don't agree with but at times he knows it can altered he knows what he needs to get where he wants this year. Might we might fall short so what it's been eight years so we say this guy hasn't acted as a good GM not trade him Ridley he's a healthy traders bet Fred away. Going way. Says hey can I let get but go back. Because he knew what this team it's so. Yeah I understand you can't have guys mean on certain things but I get it but if you look at LeBron what he's been able to do for that organization. In the last eight years. Pretty remarkable whether it's east being weak I get that. Not it's an honest and Wes is more competition. But what he still does it still takes time to get there. You know how I know that meter out there in the B visas full. Is blowing right to that break. Regardless no regard at all none whatsoever. Ruffle me. Omar Arnold on your Laura we Rhode thought you were being. But you know they don't. Not a half cocked up for questions. For questions for the NFL schedule that will be released at night at 5 PM coming up next Olympics. And the big these out here on defense and yet. Sure Boeing did continue. On 957. Big game. Weather's turning nines football is a long way off but it's getting closer by the moment this is the brilliance of the NFL. Taking not one but two administrative tack. Hiring college kids and releasing their schedule. And turning those in the prime time events ever worked at a restaurant you don't it was like to get your ships. Howard did outback it's not like that was televised. When you have a college job fair it's not like that's running on CNN or Fox News but here you go. The NFL and it's brilliance and marketing. Has taken essentially to administrative tasks and turn them into prime time events that's the power of the sport. Emmett that in my we have four big questions heading into tonight's scheduled release. Music please. Daniel will begin with a yield question number one. Over under peak eight which is October 28 over under week eight pretty raiders at 49ers match up. I've got an over job I haven't slotted as the third game on Thanksgiving the Thanksgiving triple had a do we know I think that's where the game. Should being will be played some going over October 28 low over under week eighth. Four raiders had niners it's under you've got to look at that they want to play this game early I think it's that we five or six question number two. Which Bay Area football team will receive more prime time games. The raiders for the night I think by the same amount you know I think each get or bush show the pushes out there. I asked earlier I can go with the push you said yes. So I'm not gonna change my answer god forbid we do that around here. I'm stand with the push I think they each hit for both are very attractive. And I think both will be featured prominently load you see it as a push as well no I don't know I think when you look at what Larry and done that went on sign I think room. Who sit in the face of Monday Night Football for years I didn't give this guy a couple more question number three. Who will each team play as it's Thursday night football opponent I think. Dead the 49ers are gonna take on the rams in Matt Damon yum opened take on the chargers they like those divisional matchups and even though they're trying to improve the Thursday night product. I think both of those matchups are improvements over the what what they were last year so those will be the game's most. Total what each team play on. Thursday night this season having to hike its you do raiders played against him for because that that he needed everyone likes to see those guys go after it and make the pitch I think when you look at the who San Cisco 49 to play it caught the heat lamps. And question number. For who will each team play in week one. I think they the leaks could it turn out to be true there's been some leaked information about the Packers hosting the 49ers. In the openers on the go with that and play the percentages on the leak. And on either side I think. OK we will have a game at the coliseum not the Oakland coliseum for the LA coliseum against the rams low. Pau will each team playing week one. Yeah you know what happened since we can change your answers since it's been leaked and I'm gonna go with the niners against Green Bay as well on the Monday night had to be green. I and I think it's in Oakland Raiders and all over the charges I think the only charges at the end. And so concludes. Whatever the hell that was a professor at this schedule predictions tonight at five we'll find out who's right who's wrong. You can't have them playing each other on Thanksgiving and then have playing other teams on Thursday they would already that would already be there Thursday game. Would it not. I'm essentially I'm I'm not sure of that Thursday night Thanksgiving game counts among the Thursday night football package because it's the third game of the Thursday night but it did play one wonders and I can't. Don't want him and game. I don't wanna mitigate it first of all from a national percent this game with such a good standalone. It's such a good I Ling game I don't think you need to package it in week one as the second half of the doubleheader people on the East Coast to announce that game. And I don't think you needed as the third Thanksgiving game for two reasons. In the fan bases. God forbid decide they wanna get into it down there you don't want that on Thanksgiving ranks of all the holidays you don't want that on Thanksgiving number one. Unless we get suddenly assume we can trust everybody now responsible for her which I am thinking we cannot and then whenever that's life. People on the East Coast are tired they're passing out from the Turkey people let's go to pass now from its argument that point. Why scheduled game at the and I mean. It would be a phenomenal way to cap off that day. But I think that game is being watched either way and we do need to burn a really good match maybe up over valuing raiders niners. Perhaps up overvalued might be fixated on a joke in my beach is too much attention being paid to it yeah. Porsche takes who I craft nice. I think he's you can look at that the net that Thursday that Turkey days is that they go and indeed the Mac tip it US that necessarily need to see now. I think that's gonna be a Monday night or Sunday nighter the raiders in the raiders and Amanda I don't I don't see it happen things. I want that game in December. I want to operate under the assumption that both teams are gonna contend for the playoffs not saying both either or neither gets it. But I think both teams have what it takes to buy a nation mid to late November find themselves in the playoff hunt. An operating under that essentially it's a gamble. Well by taking that gamble I would rather see those two almost. Play a de facto playoff game now granny you won't get them in week seventeen that's reserved for divisional games. But if you wanna throw those two against each other in week fifteen. Week fourteen weeks sixteen right now at December window. I'm okay that I'm okay with the playoffs being on the line for raiders had niners and it's it's a risk one of the teams bottoms out. Chance to play spoiler 'cause I don't think both teams bottom out this year. At least one team is going to need that game. Late in the season at least once a the other team's gonna have the opportunity to at least ruin it the Fed get up game yeah Michigan trying to ruin Ohio State season at Ohio State trying to ruin Michigan and it's at Thanksgiving game two you don't people people I think people still would lead to see Seattle and San Francisco that mean in it's annoyance of would be a little later but that's when the people. Are you on the fifteen neighbor we begin to reverse arterial fifty have a game in Seattle. And then I had chicken on the in the end zone are easier to burst Turkey and the Turkey scenario I don't see it be Sherman eating Turkey could. On Seattle fifty yard line but as a 49ers. I don't get a with the culture duck and that's mad building took us into your Turkey stuffed it in the dark stuff in the chicken stuffing the Turkey I I think that you have to stop. Boy aide to the San Francisco Seattle game on Thursday. Because Sherman got hurt on Thursday night last year. And if Sherman's gonna play his former team that's gonna be highlight enough for people to tune in endless. And the last thing to be NFL's gonna want is a big billboard telling everyone Thursday night is unhealthy for the players because that's the story line. German wrecked that ankle wreck that Achilles on a Thursday night in immediately came out afterwards look I knew it was gonna go it's been bad all season. Senator senator setter up. But played on Thursday night just made all the more risky if I wasn't played on Thursday I would have gotten hurt so actually that's an Hussein and his teammates agreed Thursday night's danger it is it's hazardous he would have been hurt if not for that. So while the niners will play Thursday night game. I don't think you wanted to get Seattle I don't think you want attention brought to that specific issue I'm not serve that will factor in the scheduling I don't know even go that deep got a decision making process. But that would be a storyline going into that game you would but I don't legally cares show they care they wouldn't have theirs and getting through and so I just look at it there and it's the number eight. They're gonna play and unfortunately Sherman. HUB to get out there and play that's just how did he doesn't rate you must eliminate. Wow wow that. That was pure genius right there. Unfortunately there's still more shot. How would you want them off is now mr. henin now are you sure you know your nerves to hit. You can't get over that I was dateline like I said it that I was like I kind of is gonna go home I want to just about the wind right here the film or anyone it's a little one floor up my own survival and all my chances I. You wouldn't because you're so much heavier gravity would really pull you down a lot faster like asteroid now but let's not act I would. Once you get it and it is true may actually physics want to certain months of big. At the beginning but then with six or gourds or speed and it doesn't yet but there's probably not enough distance here to change your. Let's let's call the nurse there's only one way to find out undermine. And open a little remote access. And I gonna come over after six same diet. You know the only antidote he learned a little. What got me with reboot he made two airplanes you know he met this dude he can make Marvin can make these best as we hear you didn't yeah. Yes and he's paid Marvin right the unknown right brother don't know known don't know jewels off. And this little boy can mix and held airplanes and I hit my airplanes wasn't that right now oh and now don't crumpled mean I was OK to Democrats. Means. And I also had a house playing with the world about us. Any goes the outrage I gave so he had that when I had a good one measles are trade you'd even at one day. And he just switched suckered Red Bull airplane around the bus and a good game. Car a man. Symbol Marvin all Marvin got me where is he now. We would go find him in 52 pianist and earnings Marleau Tommy was I stood up this tinsel town. I it got a time machine so I can go back a minute and get that back because that I might get mad at why don't what was originally talked about. Steal a hit rare plant come heartwarming story of buzz it EA really was really your heart is actually warmer now you wanna come over here and taking grab outfit on I'll take care of your life or death black minorities and poor little thing you're telling about the Israeli you know Indiana Jones yeah yeah. I'm sorry at Joe's so black cardigan on the scene of the joy in that moment and the sorrow the physics line weighing in the 95 the force of gravity is equal upon all objects really so yeah. So be it and it will fall off the twelfth floor at the same street mean it can't. Both objects. What's the floor hey you sir Isaac Newton from the 95. Exactly silence Meehan and enhance the well will not fault the same speed. I don't nets and he said on and said that the said the force. A grand day the force of gravity is equal upon all objects it is that that doesn't answer the question of which one falls first answer my question. Whether or not it's correct is for another deck him. Can't you're good enough people weighing in are nests it's unbelievable. It W could throw out of baseball question in San you know this and that you throughout a gravity nonsense he got people go it's. What have done things we all share gravity speaking of baseball. Paula Matt Williams sin or just let Hunter Pence continued at 127. Yeah you wait and underpants a little bit new you wait for Mac Williamson actually produce the AAA before you argued to hair trigger is Mack hasn't done a thing down their coach. Underpants excuse me is hitting 172 yeah that's much better this is the situation 172. With no power zero home runs and three RBIs with 22 strikeouts in seventeen games. The guys that a lot to the team buddies watched it's over and he can't see that. It's understandable that's fine if you're gonna let emotion play a role in this you want him out there because he help sell tickets and fans like him I get back to. But if you suddenly think this guy's gonna turn it on. And hit 280 and are driving balls out of the park you're you're mistaken it's over the signs have been there. For two plus years he's breaking down he's getting older father time catches up with everybody so get a giant in you truly want to win what are you gonna do. Continue to try to out there are you gonna call up Williamson has millions since hitting 4870. Waste away in Tripoli right now. Six homers in eleven games he's got an on base of 600. Now he's down there and you want him producing at that level. You have no intentional call them up at any point in their future that's your prerogative but explain to me why I'm supposed to believe that this is gonna turn around. Because last night's 43 when. Nice right about with a two run shot attempt to break the tie and they were able to hold on for the win but let me point something out. As it stands right now. Giant games this season have produced a grand total of 115 rounds that's the giants in their opponents have produced a grand total of 115 runs. There are only two teams that have seen their games produce fewer runs the twins who have played for fewer games. And the Indians who have played one fewer game and have the best pitching in the leak. No one in Major League Baseball has scored fewer runs by themselves in the giants they've got fifty runs that's it. It's a boring product. That's a fair assessment it is importing products night in night out. I understand they went out they tried to make moves on Gloria he went yard last night McCutcheon he's had a couple big moments but by and large right now. Almost one month in this season you've got to boring product. It's not even how would you talk about it. How do you come in today. And talk about that game for four hours what about it's exciting bell had a home run that's fantastic that look really good again dragon is your story line yeah and dribble he can dynamite. Bullpen found their way out of trouble hunter Strickland with a blown save but you making good point because. You look at the other side of the band and a's team that took their record is slightly better than the giants but they're not doing great but that's an exciting teams yesterday. 1111 into the fourteenth inning and that game. Was at least exciting there was action this giants team. It's a struggle to find I hit and it's what not aim at. A seventeen games they scored one or zero rounds. I threw it in our nightly email thread there basically a soccer team you sit you watch the giants could and I don't you wait for the vote goal in soccer sometimes you get to. Tried to gain some time yet to. Last night you had to wait for the the offense finally came alive with you probably had an adult home run. Anyone believe this is their turn around. Anyone I don't think so I'm a turnaround meaning they're gonna start averaging four runs and right turn. Around as in they're gonna content because they're not contending do the first month and this is what's so troubling the entire message through spring was that they needed a hot star. They didn't get the entire message through spring was at the locker room was a lot. More. And Jews gather favorable baseball they were they were in there they were getting along it was it if they reject up and now here we are reality you said an intent. I mean the Dodgers are off to a slow start and you're not taking advantage meanwhile the Diamondbacks is urging meanwhile Colorado's playing OK you got plenty of teams around baseball that. It's it's in National League they should've been that great. The Mets that are playing really well then you've got the team that you know we're gonna turn it on the Dodgers and cubs at some point we'll turn it on. Cubs are doing the same damn thing they did last year these are wild card spots that are just taking. Away elect I mean I don't know what at what point you consider making moves by. I Williamson situation is a bit alarm and he's. Knocked on the door and I think you're gonna see him up within the next week or so because. That's a specific thing Joseph you can 600 pence struggling mightily. Matt Williams and written the cover off the bond AAA that this I think easy. Like for like you obviously don't cut underpants because he's the emotional leader of the team when he can help you still but you wanna get Williamson some at bats and for the rest of it. I think you can rightly wait until you get to forty gates we talk a lot about the Kentucky Derby and it's almost derby season and it's a long race in this Nan. Forty games is basically the quarter pole and a horse race is still a long way to go and if you find yourself. At forty games at fifteen and 25. Well then you have a good idea of where you sit at the right now seven in ten. To me it's still too early to make really track. Some change in his good name for Hunter Pence or even he tried to switch topping a trading when the trade daylight is king is he can. Did he hang coach I think contract is Q I am I just said 172. Is the batting average he has no home runs he's not producing at all. And really value has run its not as if he's playing lockdown defense and that didn't see her yesterday. McNabb five all routine fly lefty drifts over and it was just the straight dad comes just missed it before and I just missed the ball and he's with Jason Heyward in Chicago he's not gonna hit. But he's gonna play the only defense and then you're just gonna get frustrated at the desk and this is they get access to attack that the man now everybody lots of but it or if it's it's over. How much longer he does stick around the idea as your saying you can't cut down because he's big in the locker room he was in the locker last year and the year before it didn't result in anything. These are very tough decisions and there on the ball club even though you don't suiting my biggest he'll sit on the ball could be got a payment anyway it's brutal watch it's absolutely brutal watch I mean it's a great career but they come to an end and sometimes they come abruptly and the injuries have taken their hole and he's always gonna have his place in in giant lore but I mean. How much time you would get this thing. We keep it you know it's early lead early. What do you mean early. It's not early every game carries the same way if you're gonna. These teams that say it's it's early they look at it as a 162 game season it's not. It's not you need to take the start of the season until probably two weeks before the deadline. That's your window because you're flipping the switch one way shape or form by that point. By that point is when you decide whether you're in or your out so it's not a 162 game season. You've got about eighty games. Eighty games to determine where you rat. You've got to be in contention or at least threatening showing people that you can contend by the deadline otherwise you got to sell off and you gotta make decisions for the future. And right now this does not look like a team that an eighty games is gonna have forty wins on the board. These don't they are staggering in the air for what expectation actually has about six and eleven rather than seven intent so there actually over performing their run total right. That was because what they did against LA winning those back to back one nothing game is that helped they're staggering in win total actually be lower than what actually should be. Because they won so many of those 1000 games. Do you think and I know we talked about this after the show yesterday. The idea of free Molly baseball the coliseum two nights ago 46000 shell op while accounts fans went out had a great time. How do you think that landed in the league office leave your rob Manfred you obviously know that a free baseball game just took place in Oakland 46000 people showed up. But didn't pay to get it. And you have to worry about how that affects attendance Jacques and how to fix revenue sharing what are they mantras thinking right now. I think it's a little bit of a wake up call for some of these struggling cities and forget the idea of a small market label but there are teams that struggled to draw fans and may be part of it is cost prohibitive it's also because the plot may not be great but a place like. Tropicana Field for example is a good exam by the because the team is not an interesting and the stadium is no place you choose to be. And I wonder how a free game might played out America's what we saw here in Oakland 25%. Of those fans reportedly. Hadn't been to a game before they were quote new fans so the days maybe they gave it away one night but they got a lot of new customers through the door so they can see the benefit. Maybe it maybe it was an Indian night I think Joseph baseball. To sit and as a whole. I think it's too many games I think baseball's gonna have that either the command I think they should cut salaries but you can play less games but if you really wanna try to save baseball. We got it I know they won't do what you always say about Bartz and church yeah. Let's go over like a far turned up at. Yeah Betty Rizzo from the cubs get out at the other day all the injuries that we've got it. We've got to shrink the season and he goes you know what I'm just the players have to take less and that's going to be a source of griping but he doesn't only ways to shorten the seasons we live that you talk about it all the time both he got so what kids on the phone they want information right now on the kid do. In ninety tomorrow. This many games this is is to meet me in it but I think the players salary should come back of course but I think. It's maybe a hundred. He doesn't. Proposal out there for a 154. Game schedule which is what they used to play. You expand to 32 teams you make more of a balanced schedule yet every team on a day off every week and you wouldn't have to move too much else around otherwise. Eight games look if you're gonna do it slash 200 writes last 200 don't don't that's a that's such a half measure the idea of well let's go from 162 to 158 that'll do something for games. The pending DL in place now he can go ahead stats guys into a restaurant the C one hundreds not enough coach you'd need to have won 44 minimum you'll even about baseball only he's a grinder ten. Ten game season the nature of baseball is all it's a marathon and it's not a sprint that's why one thing to do is so special uttered not a knock out you can't sit down lose games in Major League Baseball and still win. I think turn. Rest on that because this things done pins and allow Joseph thanks trying it out everybody's idea to Europe next. It's Hollywood it's gonna be about only attend a tournament but out here and I've I've submitted. You can not lose games in the NFL and still win.