Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Chris Haynes' article on Draymond Green

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, June 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss Chris Haynes' article on Draymond Green regarding the contract extension. Then NBA Insider for USA Today, Sam Amick joins the show.

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League championship rounds of Jolo ended here on 957. Game. Championship parade hangover addition. Great to have you with us today and it was outstanding. To see all of you who saw yesterday to shake hands. They have to take pictures. So many in the billions around there so many of the dot com three shirts are out there of some of the Tex lines at one point on the float low actually pointed to a guy. Hold up on the float and when the guy tried to jump we'll get all of it doesn't let you had to come up at the political the last of the moment you I I don't I only saw it on the tax I don't get the break I was so drunk with power I was just looking ahead pretend I was gone and a moment to get started making his way through it and how. And meg actually he was hammered you know by the way do. It is not in the I didn't mean. I was gonna go over the partition for crimes. And coma and how'd you find one drunk. Yanks it's like where's Waldo you had no hard to find there I was on no the intern was asking about his seat as having fun I was coming up I was a body and that thing I was. This close of like full stone cold Steve Austin just standing up on top smashed beer I don't know where you and then it was like I don't know exposed and he's here now I don't know how I mean their police everywhere I'm not sure how all right I'll I'll do everything I was and am not sure how far you go before a police officer is gonna look up to be elect our right nude. But we're letting everyone get away and everything do you really need to stone cold Steve Austin and those who you walk they would have toll to do but the best was that I mean a million listeners but there's five billion who aren't listening all the guys so the odds aren't in SMS it Levy told police dale Douglas. The guy who showed up to police it. And it's and did the police officer got I got about that I think that's date we certainly did you got him going he started breaking it down. Crowds are. I'm going crazy awesome shout out good open PD got it and yeah I do was added to what an up note this too was it. Nobody I'm down you know. The race card immediately. But the pleased it's a great job there's one point I did and I was. On new dance on both units and listening more broadly but I. Chance to go and I she's actually variety. You know when your man of all people and you live actually in a more diverse communities here more accustomed to people acting in different ways not necessarily depend on the race that I digest. Having watched your RI TV a little bit later you saw a couple fans get loose and come on the parade route the police handle it very well they just controlled the person. Move from the side they detected movement yes. Great job I don't want shut out all the people to did you see anyone get metal. It felt as if everyone had been there before and that's not necessarily to take a shot at the fact that you know the teams won three and four but. The way people conducted themselves yesterday there's some cows that cannot handle a championship there are some that cannot handle losing whomever what happened at Vancouver after they lost game seven of the Bruins. And deliberate the city now Bernadette why you burning down this. Makes no sense at all because the hockey team lost. There's anger West Virginia they'll burn couches its West Virginia it's it's. We have been whispered now and it's no surprise. Got us Virginia uterus US it is time but now you're you're there at the moment yesterday with just the epitome of the Bay Area doing its thing everyone having fun every smile and everyone was cool with everyone should. You heard you heard what LeBron said this team is becoming the New England Patriots it's all had. He watched the way they're able to do help organize now to get Al buttoned up they are Joseph let you word you like to say they're very but not. And the rock even alluded to at this moment you'll hurt you you give you give them an inch don't take them out. And it just goes to show you back to back three and four years. Yesterday about midway through the show we sort of breaking down this article from Chris Haynes ESP expo which in my green it was big piece fantastic piece. In the nugget we took away our first glimpse with that if an extension is offered this summer to dream on green he will turn it down. Naturally the extension would be three years 72 million straight month that two years of 36 million left but here's the kicker. If he wins MVP next year defensive player of the year or ends up on any of the three all NBA teams. He will then become eligible for a five year 226. Different colored deal that ordered forty million a year or sell. With that in mind you could see why he would turn down such an extension but. There were other revelations within this piece that are absolutely were discussing quote I took less so we can go after KD. I am a student of this game and I studied the business side of it and the numbers were some people don't they leave it up to their agent to do. What three months telling you is that a few years ago he saw all the opportunity that was coming with Kevin Durant had it for free agency. He signed a five year 82 million dollar deal. During that process he left twelve million on the table because he was eligible for five years 94 million rather than 82. Not seem like a ton but listen how this breaks now. The significance of the smaller deal was that the cap hit in the second year. Was fifteen point three million vs seventeen point six so it's about 2.3 million against the cap. But those savings. Combined with Andrew Bogut being traded. As well as the rights to Harrison Barnes and fest this is really being renounced created another Max contracts. That was the slot used to sign Kevin to rain so. Reminder he continues. That money is not changing my neighborhood probably six million after taxes and fees it's not change my neighborhood but championships Kent. Championships. Can change my life. The idea that I didn't necessarily know this before that dream I took less knowing that in the future it could help facilitate the acquisition of Kevin Durant that's a big nugget out there. Yet dream on greens super agent is what it tells me the guy knows the cap he knows his situation in the has the foresight. To think about the future and think about. What might be possible if certain things take place in you have dream on green take last. Knowing that the team likely get a move on from Harrison Barnes and fastest is really. And that from a salary cap standpoint. They're going to be able to afford and your body gets traded and you start to do the math and you realize. If you take just a couple million less now we have a Mac slot available and oh by the way. Kevin Durant who we know is going to be looking for a new team he's already intimidated as such you set yourself up in a position to make this happen. Now the team goes on you win two titles and you can rightly say. More maybe now it's time for meeting get mine and if the warriors can't. Beat the team to provide that but he go elsewhere or get that massive payday. This article is one giant old war in my estimation that's what I'm reading fitness equipment on this. First off I don't think a lot of people knew dream on took less to facilitate T he wants out he wants out there for very specific reason may be more than one. For example. A Mateen got. I'm willing to put winning ahead of every last dollar I'm also intelligent enough to see what's come. I understand the business I understand the intricacies of how this scheme works. Take that information combine it with the fact that steps on a Max deal Katie is headed for held a deal and Klay Thompson's deals up one year before trade. Drain money is not stupid. He knows that there is the possibility that he will not be a warrior lifer so what do you do that situation. Well you don't sit on your hands and hope for the best if you dream on green and you're known for looking to three years down the road. I don't think you're gonna let the warriors. Create a scenario where you can't come back and then you're gonna go signed with Orlando and never be heard from again. This guy's gonna wanna prove to the warriors. They made a mistake that's what you gotta love about the dog treat migraine. Listen this this is also from the Christine is an article. Green is the league's Texan aficionado. A texted to rant after the warriors blew a three run lead in the 2016 finals stating we need you. Got the wheels in motion bird team changing transaction. In January he texted Boston Celtics guard Jalen brown quote your all star. A nod to what he saw the second year player doing on both ends of the court. And during the warrior second round series against New Orleans it livid green setting long Texas foray into Durant after a loss. Challenging him to bring more to the next game. During responded by dropping 38 points. The article goes on to talk about that dream on having great relationships with LeBron James. The union Willard Jo -- B Donovan Mitchell Jalen brown all these. Adding three months at this stage forums on support. He knows he's here for two more years if they don't trade him he also knows that there's a possibility that a ton of money is going to be sent on staff. On TV. On clay. A possibility exists that with him being passed the age of 32 years on the road maybe they won't come back maybe he'll be too expensive he gets. He's Smart enough to realize that. So behind the scenes. He might be working his own angles just to make sure that when his time comes. He doesn't end up in Orlando chase and a few bucks at the end of a great career. Relegated to XIL in terms of competing for championships he's gonna wanna be right that they commit and I'm sure he'd love to go toe to toe with the warriors to prove to them that they may have gotten it wrong. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch but do you really think this guy is. It thinking big picture now of course he is and that's why he meant those statements be out there wouldn't say. Early when they say LeBron may want to get an interview with the to Doug's he's at I know what I wouldn't be here. He knows that he's expendable and he's he's come out publicly and say that so here's a guy he said this is the nature of the game. He took a pay cut he understood that in textile and he's a guy that knows LeBron knows all those guys. I've been at you know I've said that hey here's a guy that you look at and say. If you know the two gonna lose them in two years are any year you know you know I'm able to afford them. He said he's gonna refuses seven million and he's right he should be he should be refused at sending them for three years extension so he's gonna look at it okay. If if they wanna trade number I don't think his agent be on the phone and poke around and say. Hey LeBron but he don't. Are you gonna go to LA give local Luke Walton. On the Madrid mom pretty good principal who was one of the great relationship would dream on leukemia and had a phenomenal Luke control some they do a great job they respect one another. Hey hey LB man days here pretty much done and I don't give me the money okay so is it. It goes abroad say is this guidance look at look at this guy and say. Great mom went with LeBron can he be another Max player does his defense is tenacity can we get other guys and have those two guys get a there's so many options at this young man is going to have but he understands. This shelf life is not that he's never going to be a prolific scorer so he's got to get his wife can't and that's been in defense a guy that's been rebounding machine. And that's been and got its greatest assist so. And green understands the nature of this game and how it works and so does our ship and that's why ownership is at. Hey look we're gonna give these guys opportunity to test free agent market if they decide to that we can afford him. Alternately if you wanna sign early you have to sign a big bargain and dream on green looks is the difference between his two deals. 372. Or five in 226 it's not even the same ballpark it's one thing to give up twelve million. Which I know for me to say that it it's -- more many than I finish my entire career but Jamont gives up twelve which is really six it's not that much but when you give up. A 154 million. That's now also know a little bit more of the big juicy burger so. You can't. Look at this and say Altamont Jamont take a 372. And and you'll be ready go back out there the next time because the way he plays. The way his body is the injuries he's already had a. For me you can look at clay and say well maybe clay could take lasts in order to stay because he doesn't have the injury history. He's durable and he's for sure gonna get that next contract would drain on the in the injuries in the effort you just don't know is it. Wrong to even talk about this if if in fact he's thinking down the road like any. Forward thinking progressive human being would do right this guy has a plan for himself his family his career. Think there's anything wrong with that I think when you know the possibility exists that this may not be your home for your career. You can't just. You know. And willful ignorance you know just put it. Out of sight out of mind I don't think that's the right approach I think you have to be somewhat proactive I think a lot of NBA players are. But would it be wrong if you were thinking shoot if you can't bring me back damn sure gonna make shore. I'm on a good team that's gonna be able to be with you guys I let go to one of facial couple times a year just get motor voted by 48 humiliated out there Mary do you think he's gonna go out like that. Now why he won't sign that kind of extension to where if it is three and 72 which is 24 million this season. Dream on comes back and plays next year you win the title and maybe. The lawyers decide they want to trade him and we mentioned this earlier with KD all the sudden Dray Ahman green is gone back home establish like in Atlanta. The man who discovered him in Michigan State and was a key reason why he got drafted by the waters maybe you reunite him in Atlanta and two months ago now for a total of Anna even though I love teach length there are 65 loss team but. That's just the way the cookie crumbles when you're your contract is more tradable. Anthony Davis is up in three years straight months up into their variety of players around the league I think Tyree Irving is gonna be up and a couple years he just said he's gonna turn down any extension offer he gets from Boston. This offseason because it's gonna be similar to the Jamont situation in class. You could sign the extension but you could leave I think in parodies case it's like eighty plus million on the table he's not gonna do that it can be no difference in this stoked. If save your make him a 100000 year earned the seeming and 50000 also and some of them are few. 200000. That that's pretty jump that's a huge big jump comes to ignore that pour in BS a listen let's put it in common man and miss situation. I wouldn't turn it be hard Internet. A hundred for you know a 100000 calls more 250000. All the more and pay. Last Sam Champion make NBA insider about all this about twelve minutes at 930. Here's another somewhat uncomfortable conversation and I just have to put it out there. I'm not advocating for it but we do have to kick it around. Would it be wrong of the organization. To consider any sort of off season transaction. That would include a trade Andre it would not. Now again patience as you listen to the conversation. No one's advocating for it no one's pushing for but let's look at the roster. Steps at 200 plus million KD. Could end up taken that Max deal that's what five or six years 250 million Claes coming up three months coming up you got a bench to think about. It would dollars got two years left sixteen million this year seventeen point one million next year do you think he is untouchable. In terms of the trade that it even if his name was brought up by another team the organization would go to now part of Hampton five. Untouchable. Or do you think those thoughts would be entertained I think he's untouchable and it's based partly on what Steve Kerr said yesterday at the frame they talked about the core. And how the rosters can look completely different. He said you dream on KD. Staff and clay. Are the core along with a Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston he said those six guys. All are our core and because of that I think all six guys are untouchable. Can't. What do you think it won't be exactly what did you is talking about listen to what cursed in in being listened to what he would have to say about this situation. But I'm on I'm undecided they're gonna listen to suitors. If Andre Iguodala I think Andre definitely is right now part of this part of this team without a doubt but at the right teen. Picks up the phone and say we want him what is it going to take Steve Kerr also on an express it I wanna go younger because younger guys are hungry and wanna play. You know Andre Iguodala is going to play. But fifty games this year fifty games may be fifty so. Is he a big exit to this team no question but if someone's gonna pay of opponents say we're gonna give you a second or gonna give you a late first sort of is that going to change the way they view and I think right now they have no plans on trade him but if something came up they would have to kick it to us on it's just it's an interesting. Conversation because there's only so much money avail you have to look at every key piece you look at every now. You start staff and you go yeah he's not going anywhere you hit TV sake we him whatever he wants. And he's there working your weight out what we're gonna offer extensions that claim dream on but they're both gonna turn him down so we're gonna have to revisit this in the future and who knows of what have enough money. Then you've got to look at. Six guys headed for free agency so I TP Zaza David West who may just retire JaVale McGee I'm recast me c'mon look. He might be all right if those six are gone battle for a lot of space right. Those six combined. Are making 600000 dollars more than Andre would now. Those six combined accounted for sixteen point six million dollars in the cap Iguodala is sixteen million this upcoming year. Those guys are gone that's a big chunk for a dollar. And for these guys that adds up to like nothing if you have six guys clear in the Ross you would think are we got a big chunk of space coming up. Sixteen point six mas gob money that's not than most golf. Right Timothy mas gobs Megan sixteen million a year so all these guys even when really did much these guys will be back they'll have money they they don't. They really don't there isn't much out there especially after K besides the cap somewhere around a 102 million it's not taking another massive job. Very small step up in the cap by I think it's like 1% eight grew by and you look at. Some of the free agents who are available Dwyane Wade made seventeen point eight million last year. And you look at him as a player on this team he's Camilla still six holes even if you win in that direction guys like Aaron Gordon who has a freeagent. Their kids is a free agent all these guys in the eight figure players so. It's incumbent on Bob Meyers this might be his toughest offseason ever to figure out how you replace six guys act like you say sixteen million. And bring Katie DNA in the fold and a number that works for everybody going forward. I don't know I you know I do it. An act I intimidating and do it how you get a lease. Kick it kick the tires around. Reminding dream on green and Klay Thompson you're gonna go to the phone in saint what are you gonna give me for this guy. If you're talking say they're gonna shop you dream yeah yeah you don't necessarily you don't get rid of you don't say oh I'm gone but if you're saved. If Steve Kerr already said we got our core I get that some of those guys yes you don't wanna trade no you don't but if you're gonna looked out and say. Only got this one back one year he's already telling me he's not going to take this deal I'm not going to be able to give them. Our dream on. Words of the value was seeing how far can we go with KD instead. In San okay what are what can we what can we choir. Can we get is that a first round is dream is straight mom worked the first round pick. It's Klay Thompson weren't the first round pick absolutely we also have to worry about swapping salaries get you're saying Cabrera MBA with with this works but I write a series so you you got. You've got any new look at Mike you talked about Andre and hope when you have six guys that come up to six million dollars sixteen million bucks. Inning you know Andrei is on 600000 more or less so what you do you can't go out and say oh I'm gonna sign all these veteran free agents could you don't have to you don't have the money to do. I hope you like Jordan Mel steps up yeah you have to hope that there's one or two guys that wanna take out a minimum a vet minimum because they wanna chase a ring that's we've got to sell this Aussie right. Collegial at this to bring it full circle. We talked about dream under in the article with Chris Haines ESP NS service yesterday which rim on makes it clear he took less a few years ago to help facilitate the acquisition. On Kevin Durant. So walker this of the big four. Stepped curry was widely regarded forever as discount. Because he signed that deal and then blew up into MVP so people cease that this having sacrificed to an extent. Dream on green out here telling you he sacrificed twelve million help bring Canadian. Katie last year taking less money to help make sure staff curry can get paid. Is there an imam leaving out. I think Greg Johnson Randy would be Klay Thompson has Klay Thompson ever taken less money. Not saying he should but he is clay now at that point where in his deal comes up he's got to make the sacrifice because staff's done it. TD he's done it reminds apparently not it. One guy left he could do to what extent. In any can do if he does do it is still room did dodge it if he does do what is it still long brings great amount that is it going to be that much of a discount the following year they can get great month for the number eighty. And Kate keep KG in the internment I think that's the most interesting part about Michael Thompson clay is father saying we're gonna wait till next year because. You don't know what's gonna happen let's say they win one more title. And it's three straight its foreign five years and they all agree that they're not get along like they once did and Katie wants to leave and then clay has the freedom to go be a free agent. If this thing does break apart after one more year so. And aim make NBA insider USA today we'll get the lowdown from him next Jolo and it not a Tyson in the game. Children in case you want. Sentencing game room. Stephen I want and can I. You have a better version of I'm David migrant. The O line a little path. This seven rated really delighted that we much relentlessly on the ads aren't you got inspires both you can tell you really got them as he went back to back in each value. The revenue back to backs can't get them back to back yeah if you would Chris Berman on Jeanne back back back back aren't yet I'm still a library. There it is. It's just nice guy Steven hang in their kids we do a nice job we can because we love it you get heckled by the show you know you're in good shape. It's a bizarre way of thinking but yeah we never claimed to be normal as it really must love me and let's you don't elevate again everyday by mr. didn't we we do. We do. Notice how he doesn't say backed anybody. Typical top of the pyramid love everybody knows better than the rest. He's an NBA insider for USA today he probably wishes he had a better build up the ball we just gave Anna fox can mimic joining us here I 957 again what's up Sam how hard. Gentlemen doing grade are you good morning. We're well and we're kicking through a lot of what's to come for the warriors now that the parade is behind us let's start with a question on everybody's mind. Obviously. Kevin Durant has made it clear he wants to stay in Golden State. Do you have any idea what that deal might look like is the rant thinking along the lines that they'd be better for him to go short term may be another one and one with some flexibility to get free in a couple years. Forty cashing in here Max deal Macs years and forget about aids health concerns all that stop your lock in your good. I generally think it'll be the former I think part of it is today's NBA and the stars you know so what our leverage. And a desire Kirk flexibility. That you know that made you that you what is it like to one. Type of situation. I don't have total clarity permanent camp. And I don't think script and production. The important take away is that you know I predict it is something like to put one it's not an indication of any sort of reluctant to wanna be part of what the lawyers are Dylan adjuster reality of LeBron is the one who is actually at. The Collins said the standard where you know he's been shouted one your deals that do two things they give you an out if you do this you know have a different scenario popped up that. But you good tribe did it interest thinking you and they also apply a certain amount of pressure to the organization that you work or to make sure that these owners. So think about getting fat and happy and and not spent in every possible dollar collection could just. Is there a sense than maybe Kevin Durant would look to stick it out for two more years to be able to get to a place where maybe he too could have a no trade clause in place. Yeah I can see that that's a very good point that's what those. Touted things and only a select few Italy are good not even. Bring them and you know put on the table so he certainly could reach that point I just also think that it one thing that I think has changed with Kevin. Maybe you know indication of nothing but just think that. If you got a right now I'd know for a fact that Kevin your pension courier. What the lawyers had 100% enter you know you know and I think that. One of the show which is staying about his situation go forward. It's just it's going to be an annual taking of the polls for him to check in rhythm and see how he's feeling about what. This you know how this bit feels for him and his legacy I think he's been right now want to keep when he chipped. But I do think that question does that make someone. You want a challenge that it got different optics to look you know maybe that they're does comment that the military can't think would be bidding that's currently the ultimate Boller moved in India. The semi nude thing about the guys on this team free agency you look him and he looney David West led. The list continues. And it is Eric guiding. That you think will be better suited for this team safe he would fit earned their numbers would be better than any of these guys for this team and that's JR Smith. You same guys blow that that they'll be better fit than the US and Sean. Not not shamans because he's still under contract from Vermont right. Do what the less yes for us wag ease outside David West JaVale I'm recast me c'mon loony all headed for free agency retired and as we talk about guys the worries Gifford cheap. JR Smith I think one of the key names there interest in La. Yeah yeah I mean you know JR I I don't think they'll be bringing Jarrett out he'd the warriors you know it's maybe been one time that the nick young and -- wrote it worked out well analyst on the watched. Those guys do that thing yesterday I think though that take away programs. From last summer that they are going to live and learn from this summer is dead. You know you can't get taught into the trappings of success this you sound like a slight and those guys today there was an element. When they signed both those guys. And then reapply JaVale of a kind of you know they're letting that the core four and some of the star players. Have a voice when it comes to the role players and should ensure you guys you wanna chip we're gonna let you have a voice cheered you want Nikki are sound good we think he could say that's not to say that. Air bombardment. Was kind of giving up GMT but there is a good relationship here that I do you think came into play I think. What they've learned should these periphery moves have got to be just completely on target. And specifically they need guys who played go into the floor. You know JaVale out of grace finished its season but you know you elaborate player and same thing would make you need more sound players they want that shot in and it. To be better defensively like it was two years ago. You're prior that was a major weak spot on the team this year. I got like JR I just think is they are too much of the wildcard. And he got plenty of shooting on the team already that are. Sam and make NBA insider USA today joining us here on 957 game. How difficult is it going to be for this organization. To find a way to keep staff. Kevin. Clay and dream on long term everyone talks about the sacrifice a lot of these guys have made but at some point there is a salary cap there is a luxury tax threshold. I mean for five years and our they all still together just how big of a challenge is this for the organization. I think it's huge and it matches than and it has kind of like quietly. Quietly. Become real front center story in the last couple days you know like you guys know the whole subplot here clay and very much both are are likely to not China's ascension. This summer and you can't really blame them so again from the lawyers stand. View you can relax and sailors and the only reason our guys are reopening. Is because they're just they're huge financial gap between what is available to them true extension person free agency fine that's great but what it also does. Indication I can down the road and make sure the appropriate situations are gonna hang over the head so it leaves you vulnerable I think. Two. The the locker room dynamics did that eventually could change the way this entire thing feels so let's say hypothetically. You know next season. Some happened Leo at wheeled motor in my around outlets say there are a thing where Dre markers get a little sideways. With somebody and influence and power within your organization wall. The fact that he is now locked up long term the fact that he'll be created in 2020. You know then it is always is gonna put that thought in the proper mind and you know what did you better whatever they get trumpet portray Iran in the trade war chant thing clay you know yup free agency in 2019. It's just the common sense aspect the longer in the more guys you have that are not lock up long term it it means that more possibilities. Are on the table so I think it'll be a just think of the media purposes it's a great thank it obviously it makes it more compelling it doesn't as a whole narrative these guys are just. You know at least a BR percent utopia all the time and locked up for all of eternity and dominate your game that should not even called the true. Now and that's not human nature no group can stay harmonious and together over that length of time under that intense scrutiny so I'm wondering. How much of this is gonna coincide with their arrival at the chase that are we know it's one more year and oracle. Might these moves come out next summer before they make the big splash in their new building. They showed a personal does that feel like we need to acknowledge elephant in the room might share a moment at the Craig yesterday when Saudi Arabia. On the truck which you're here you shop cast. Is that really high level trolling it was not. Something we thought of last minute I thought I'd go with the it I was really proud of it and now hopefully. The bronze able to recover and so I don't feel bad about it to save as an insider do you know how the bronze yelling about that. I can I'll make sure that this is clearly a priority for me. And actually to have I'm just so happy ocean on this side of the road on Broadway at. And I somebody cut seven truck but I was in my own little world due to these and I'm so happy that I looked up did that smile he had on your face then you are so proud. All you it's well. I haven't as painter's tape being used two Mora more impact in front of a million people Sam thank you for the shout out brother I appreciate that. There are great the other question to you the idea there would be. That they that they would wanna make somebody who happened to call that the big credit repeal of the chase shattered deputy. I'm aiming camera my question anymore downing a shot out of them but I guess that was basically he had that. The big splash move would happen as they cross the water in the chase senator. Yeah I don't know what it would be that if I had I don't know I mean it's again the numbers are so. Matches I mean you won you can't you can't locked into double for the calendar gets here so that you've created she's not happening until those numbers are an extension thing. You can't you know you can't somehow play mind games with clan very muscular genocide extensions that are not. Be you know catapult them their financial interest so I don't know what the splashy move then we always kick around the thing about an Anthony Davis or mean that trade center Dolly. Possible I think it's going to be. Directly I think that is the performance of the team and it believe me there celebrating another title with this war. Next year at this time. Then the I yelled that it going to be more. Of building around the edges of the same court four and you don't necessarily need to let grew a minute about it splashy get to walk into your Hillary and her. What they have a third straight championship trophy. Sam a lot of people are kicking around the notion I mean this is what we do in this comes up of where LeBron James is gonna play next now I know there's a lot that's gonna happen between now and then that will determine that we're not necessarily looking for that. I think one of the Mitt perhaps incorrect ways of looking at it could be a whole what are LeBron joins Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston. I'm wondering that's what LeBron James recruits Chris Paul to join him elsewhere A could you see some guy that happening and we. How bad could that hurt the rockets for how close they got this year. Is there a scenario somewhat realistic scenario that could play out where they end up in a much worse situation next year than they were in the share. Technically speaking yes I've ya and I'll be spending a lot of time over the next. Couple weeks trying to learn more about these types of things collect I've yet to have anybody who knows anything. Legitimate. Help me that that is. And Blake hit it it certainly has been kicked around I'm with you guys Garnett like what do Chris where would LeBron for the lakers. You know preventing the lawyers might look back at that would weaken the rocket and a LeBron Chris Paul lakers would not much shelter and how much that scare you look so. And it PGM wise sure that can play. Yeah I got an indication on game seven on our instrument unit forgot it was a sweet game four of the credits. Long season Austin yeah that's the lesson that Chris Young this no word on the street is still recruit that not going anywhere and is it that you stick around. So then the question becomes like. You know there's all these obstacles to potential LeBron landing spot because. The other word on the street in Tikrit is not gonna take an ounce less than an actual five your Macs in Houston because at the very reason that he went to Houston in the first wait for the clippers wouldn't given the fighter deal he wanted. In LA are identifiable if you doesn't take anything less in the Mac they get what the project is not who accused you can't make that network a letter you treat. So no matter how that works. I'm dying to see what LeBron has up actually you and honestly nobody in their local Cleveland media nationally it seems to have any indication. And what direction this might be going. Because all these different possible you know possibility LeBron they've got major holes as far as ability so you know I don't know where you can elect. NBA insider USA today Sam came in with a Sarah 95 cent in the game since season's over I'm not sure how many more of these chats will have in the near future but it's been a pleasure as always and we do look forward to speaking again soon thank you so much for everything this year. Like our guy Alexander thank you. It's kind of sad it's the last day of school to an extent like and we all love summer vacation any Robin there is that moment like. Six in college when you know you walking away from some of the fun you had an error whatever else is going on. Saint abided to and then I Tim -- by Sammy may sit around Simon yearbooks and saw her at her at some of your exam a good place. Some of you guys I'm Gandhi Nissan act and I'd forgotten that I'd seen Santa he's seen all these people would and a coach that cast of the hit it a run in my boot cast material. I'm really happy about it it was sold bootleg too if he had put it like an extra couple minutes he could have made it look really good and instead it was the easiest. Shot easiest approach imaginable just to even conveyed the notion that it was the LeBron soft cast. Disagree did you go to any time into that whatsoever. To quote a good friend of mine Lorenzo Lamar easier trapped here because remember you put it on during the end of the show so you put time into the cast while on the show you took away from the shell. Coach you're wrong in your bottom line. To quote of the runs a Lamar O'Neal you are wrong in your reality that put a lot of time into the fast I put a lot of time and effort into it. During the parade. Right back. I would have. Yeah around my hand fourteen times he kept going no you you loved it I didn't love it it was a good it was so good about his good days it was it was. I mean you knew him I was gonna do something has every year dream on the Ronnie go back and forth it's been fantastic but you gotta wanna. And you've got Jordan bell running out of the crowd to get Tennessee that was remarkable it's all right. Which by the way very quietly. He seems a bit of party animal does he not everything Jordan bill has been. Two since this series ended. Has been in shirtless with goggles on its either champagne in Tennessee social media he is definitely having the did this I mean isn't living their dream right now be on this team is absolutely amazing and like you that we would talk among all the things must come doing and and it's crazy all right net bottled it thinks it's gonna ever gonna do it again next year I'm already planned route. Necessary and Potomac they're not gonna act expecting big they can and probably should be the favorites coming out but they are but to back. Like Sam and I think we did did ask the question to Sam. Do you see these guys been all for being together I got laughed at you guys there and this is crazy I. Senate and now it's become a reality they you know what. There's a chance they'll and that it's something you'll takes maybe that I'm gonna that's not what's coming relax and he saw me -- president and they show fine and I did a funeral take a while no I'm just say either one of you pick the warriors of form we could generalize those didn't beloved love would not. Well I'm just in is. There can be a chance now that the core four is not gonna open and that stated Michael foods that we call it appears that it could here's your big talking point this is the big elephant in the room. What he's going to be your driving talking point once next basketball season starts what wedge you're gonna try to drag. His team's next year study these guys like tiger here Irving pilot survey is not coming here. I'm sold out of this Boston team went and it would give in front of human Isaacs over all digital I was only big job. I'm not gonna get past Denver and sorry guys you as a starting this Denver team also what are we gonna talk about it and then it's a huge gap that remains on the Smart Yokich is unstoppable. The warriors don't have an answer for Yokich the warriors need to trade Katie to Denver right now from new joke it saves got a hold Denver answers the phone because I'm Deborah I don't think that called got you know it's something. Like your second guys are buttoning up your you know talking points next year it's better to get going this is what you guys and mourning did buy term it's definitely a talking point. Yes it's a point and rob yeah. Two guys to say that I didn't pay as we call. Now they end and you ask you guys now start to ask the same question that I've been asking. That's a signal whenever I. Question you were definitively stating things that were. Wildly out of line and incredibly Roni at all inappropriate in other words he's now we have to get doesn't fund closely house. This isn't fun it yeah. I have if you have seen this yet video surfaced yesterday. It's a video. A lot. Melee that takes place in Major League Baseball now we've also got the low incline at parity songs coming up so hang with this your articles show with that. Terry Collins in the Mets. Against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It's from 2016. Regular season game there were some beef between the two going back to 2015. In the playoffs when Chase Utley had a very dirty slide. I believe it was injured someone for the Mets I don't know at least eight. I don't care about the Mets Todd all right fine so Tata who Miguel Tejada whose wings not a proven to not have. It was Ruben Tejada macoute autonomy one emirates and the Mets. Op. Any view so the situation is that these two meet in the regular season cinder guard throws are my idol behind Chase Utley. And all heck break Luke's breaks loose it turns out there was an alt and a few other individuals who were Mike up for this. It is fantastic now we have the bleep out about 85% of it take a listen. Yeah yeah. Yeah. McNabb got a small. Amount of content yeah. I couldn't talk to me I don't. Yeah. I didn't really feel good look at the did not know when I'm playing great it's it's not you it's not like it's good to want yeah. Did the right now I know I play eggs and I didn't. Yeah. I don't at midnight that night. And I think the moment you don't bone but you know I think I'm too. But. Harry don't don't don't you have been a jackpot now Oprah Oprah that's underground. What that got you got you got the dude got everything now. What I I'll watch this model watch this and you thought that was good shot up probably some of that morning got a shot. It ease. Awesome Heathrow to hide you got arms arguing with players Collins is losing isn't buying half the whole thing is fantastic ability to listen that also Tex I don't assured this is correct. Is it free tacos at Taco Bell couldn't sleep. No between two and 6 PM today shout out the better years three talk the talk about because this week. Well actually we should be begging LeBron James in the cap student clinic JR talk absolutely extra hot sauce for JR Smith and he JR now today a bunch of things happened one a segment with the lull in two Kelenna Azubuike in the interview mr. sad yesterday. Yeah we did a committee that details what you need to know is couple parity songs are put together courtesy of the boys in the back producer Cody nice guy Stephen. Melvin intern who may or may not have played a role that I didn't see melted back to the party go home. Big day for Mel anyway and how I got. You can file on the Internet and I can I say I acknowledge him then how the anesthesia at the OK for just a believer a birdie and a bogey you have to build them up so it's like hey and then you just drop the right hook a nice. The first you're getting here is the low TI parity and the second song you're gonna hear is the eco land. And master. 95795. Let us know which ones you love the most we're back tomorrow 6 AM regular and difference in the game. It's. Go to ocean. Then it's chicken Hitler. You could have whatever you'd if you could have whatever you like yeah. You could have whatever you'd lie. You can have whatever you like. Who.