Final Hour - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the Breaking News on Sean Smith

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, March 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to share their thoughts on Richard Sherman signing with the 49ers. Then they discuss the breaking news regarding Sean Smith being cut by the Raiders and pleading guilty to an assault charge. 


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Videos in downtown San. Hosts still little wouldn't do. I'm not fine. Seven to gain or go. The championship rounds are upon us good morning. And welcome to the party that is Joseph lo and did on 957 game. We are span. With content today. Visited easy jima about this business. The news came down Saturday that the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers is Richard Sherman. We have a lot to get to one that the raiders are making moves at the quarterback position we got a lot to get to on that. And the word on the street is that OJ. The confessed. Shocking word yes have a little something for you at the end of the show we'll saw just the tip of that story. Because now we a lot to get to hear today Tom here's your story and the phone lines will be open for the remaining hour triple 89579570. Richard Sherman set to turn thirty years old in March. Is the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers. Now. For those of you were driving around trying easy and your week you'll hear a lot about roster bonus is training camp bonuses per game roster but I forget it at all. Here's how this deal works at the absolute man accent. Max and Richard Sherman will be forty niner for three years at 39 point five million dollars if that's the case Sherman's it all cronies playing in every single game. How does he really good deal for the niners because it thirteen million per you're basically right now the seventh highest paid corner in the game. All pro corners however they're only two of not only is that a good deal it won't even be top ten by the end of this free agency period. If however Sherman's banged up can't get healthy isn't ready to go at the start training camp doesn't played at all pro level. This could essentially be a one year six million dollar deal. Very. Little risk very high reward Sherman's willing to bet on himself the niners are willing to create spot forum and now we get set for what's next. But as we reflect on the Richard Sherman deal. The news came out Saturday. Maybe you're out golfing maybe you're gardening yeah probably outdoors what did you think I was on diet I was blown away how quickly it transpired then we need you look at the numbers in year three in 39 million you think oh god. The niners got fleeced thinking minutes you know and in other sports 39000039. Million little football. When you start to look at it you realize well. It's really only. Five million to start three million dollar bonus two million dollar roster bonus assuming he's healthy. And he thinks he will be and then from Mary it's show me what can you learn how well can you play. Are you on the roster are you an all pro are you in the Pro Bowl XL truck and if those things work out. Then it's a win win the team could end up spending 39 and a half million dollars and if they do that means Richard Sherman played. Three full seasons of nearly Pro Bowl caliber corner and at that point it's worth it. Oh that's absolutely worth it. Let's talk schematic fit let's talk production level what does he bring to this defense well I'd say you just in time in really would we did this same. You saw what happened just a couple minutes ago in in Oakland. Where the raiders released a guy like Sean Smith whose use long big call saint everybody's Dallas Sherman. Be able to GM guys at the line teeple VO do that couldn't do that so look I love what you've done Richard sermon you haven't got its long guys it's fast. And he's healthy this guys plan and a high level you that a Pro Bowl caliber you've got a Pro Bowl. Cornerback Super Bowl champ quarter of cornerback. Some guy who's been in the suitable twice this is all the things that you got leadership all the different things intangible that you can be getting in Richard Sherman. And you come on what else does he give you on the field he gives your god can go complete press man. He can play off man you can put him ownership shortsighted to feel because he knows how to play the boundaries really really well. He knows how to break on passes he reads the quarterbacks T gonna get a guide it's very astute football and that's why this could be a huge signing for the Oakland for the fourth. Where his senses were 49ers. So I'm really excited about this signing I think that they look at this in by this thing I love him Richard Sherman when he did. Because he signal I'm betting on me. I'm betting on me being get a huge deal didn't get a lot of upfront money but if he has a chance to make a lot of money and like did sit. When he's when he goes out he's gonna have to be from Missouri because he's not to show home if he wants to make this money. How it breaks down this policy get to three million dollar signing bonus he'll get it two million dollar roster bonus if he passes a physical. On the first day of training camp. His 2018. Base salaries two million dollars and he's got two million dollars in per game roster bonuses. That means for every game he's on the active 46 man roster Richard Sherman within a 125000. Dollars. He gets a million dollars if he plays 90% or more of the defensive snaps he gets a million dollars in the makes the Pro Bowl he gets two million if he makes the Associated Press all pro team. It's only two of the house. So Max and for your one. One year thirteen and a half million dollars the all pro. Would also trigger an eight million guaranteed for next season that's good news for the 49ers Pritchard Sherman's an all pro you'll gladly play. Evening guarantee next. Yeah because it would be closer to twelve to fifteen if you were an all pro even though he'd be 31. At that point in and you figure. Would all those things stacking up if he plays that much and he plays that well you have to think your team is going to be a situation to be a playoff team. If you have a corner of that caliber back there Richard Sherman able to play that much. You have to figure things went right for your team and that everything was gone the senate. I think if he plays that well into I think there at this wanna I don't think he go plays a message I think that's a pretty much a one year deal. If he comes out there and shows that he can bounce back from this Achilles injury that we talk about that's what they be excellent sit in base. I don't think that they give those who I think they say look you've shown you can do because they have a say OK now I get in pro ball well these those I think they'll let OK you've shown it to combat aspect. You've shown it you can play. In this was a great business move by Sherman you think about the other teams are talking the rage thing about Detroit. Would he have gotten exposure that he's gonna get here you'd think about what she means he's done won five games straight in a row ever want to talk about this niner team. He's gonna have the opportunity born Detroit you don't have opportunity to make first team all pro on almost everything because you don't get seen as much people don't know about you but Sam is the 49ers right now is a team that's hot. Everyone's gonna it's gonna have a lot of eyes on them people on whom one dead one missing with this team has gone so would determine I think the main. Best move for himself if he can get back the plane at the level that he's accustomed to when you start analyzing any sort of transaction like this you begin with a fundamental question. Is the team better today with the player than they were yesterday without the player. This team is better with you Richard Sherman and they are without now that's easy to set. In virtually every deal. So you start tequila back. What are the financial particulars what did you give up did you overpay with draft picks. This was a free agent signing. And the reason they were able to sign him now rather the way to Wednesdays because he was released he was released yet by the Seahawks which makes him a free agent. Earlier like Sean Smith who would be free assignment anyone right now because the raiders just dropped him and save themselves. John there are details now emerging in thanks to the gentleman in the back working so hard John Smith apparently has pled guilty. 21 felony count of assault with great bodily injury ended he will. Spend a year in jail and F three years of probation so he's going to jail for a yeah you're he's going to jail apparently faced up to seven years if convicted of all charges against him as a part of a plea agreement. He'll be sentenced to a year in jail and three years probation so. The raiders obviously got windows of this development. And so Sean Smith not only will he not be playing for the raiders clearly going to jail jail. Low and flat throughout all stemming from the incident involving his sister's boyfriend knowing when the other pro football he had pro football talk this just. Just being released. So he took else plea deal worth he's gonna go to jail for a year do you know what he was probably facing. Do you know what he probably did whatever it was against them in a pro athlete accepts a plea deal that stranger to prison for a year. Is again in six months of that time and here's a thing he message keeping money is on the ground for someone to get seven years looking at that want to want to guys down so my bed at seven. That he said he was facing seven years facing Ankiel I think and the guy was on the ground when he was on the ground that must add stompie in my opinion. To be able to be facing seven years. You had a really really take his board such. Origins felony assault with great bodily injuries that's more than just popular stop this guy is how do you correct. You did something as a pro athlete. As a famous person c'mon rarely are you doing jail time unless it's. Really egregious right Ryo are here Regis. I want to hear a knock this guy down media like you say if you got him on the curve and you curb stomp them he you know he's kicking guy around. This is for the raiders are not getting rid of him last year did you not know about this last year. When this news came across you have NFL investigators. You have investigators on your own team. And you're supposed to be eighteen number one against. By issues like this right they kept them around for an entire year just to watch and go to jail. That's an awful lot and it's not like he was a lot count corner his position always struggling. Struggling. Now but I think that speaks Iran has cut him last year they could have recouped all that money. That was why they probably kept and they didn't wanna be on the hook for any cash now this happens you would be able to recoup that money. And it happened in August so it happened before the season even started to Wear your right John they are in a position where they could have made that move but. You see that there's a certain leadership void last year with the Oakland Raiders that they hope is now fixed with Jack Del Rio not being there anymore. Archetype odd man and a ghost signed Jermaine Johnson we you for the love of god make a move that's positive. They everything wore off quick because he hasn't spoken to anyone you rarely hear him out there because he's grinding obviously these guys. My yacht while. While I don't think is deeply. Makes the rich Sherman you'll look fantastic here. My view the best deal the air but here the triple 8957957. If you wanna weigh in on this. It brings a lot of elements to the team that aren't necessarily originally discussed you hear about this in the first thing is everyone dives in the financial particulars. And then everyone asks if he's healthy whether or not comply. Ask yourself this how do you feel about draft flexibility because you no longer pigeon holed two quarterback and number nine you have improved the quarterback unit. Therefore at number nine you have a little bit more flexibility you can go liberal on Smith another linebacker don't look at running back you can look at wide receiver you can look at an old library to trade back. You don't need to go out to Denzel work from Ohio State. What about her free agency well you can go after remained Johnson or another corner or he would sit tight because you've improved your unit. How do you feel about all that you like it hello Witherspoon while suddenly you've got a guy who's been around long enough. Who knows what it's like to get the playoffs to win divisions to play meaningful games in December who knows what it's like to play in the NFC championship game into consumables. That is invaluable for a young inexperienced staff. And then. And I think this is overlooked and you can't really put a value on it. Some swagger. Who was the defensive leader. You wanted to be Rubin Foster but he's shown he can't handle that responsibility he can't take care of himself he's not buttoned up and you're gonna have to wait on. Who knows how that plays out. This is the guy that the very least. Brings a little hot sauce to the defects he might not be a top three corner but this defense needs a little businesses. They need a little bit this is a mining Sherman brings. I was trying to think who would be the defensive leader and even last year you can look it may be Eric Reid but he was shuffled between positions and he was. He was not exactly your key playmaker and you write about Rubin Foster you want him to be your leader you gave me the green sticker as a defensive communicate and a leader but he hasn't showed an ability. To take that next step so you'll get a young defensive line you can question marks the line backing core now you at least have this one veteran peace in the back. And you think he's gonna be a good corner you may not be top three elite anymore but he's gone through enough of the battle story can help these young players as they continue to for a. It's time for the twelve K predate national pass contest is your chance to win a thousand dollars tax code word hold. To 7881. Hole HO LDE 72881. Message and data rates do apply. Drew and Bilbray drew thanks for the phone call what do you think about the Richard Sherman signing. Eric your paper and a call. And you know back here and werder apparently Sherman reached out you're Reggie and rightly that he'd been out they. But I think they probably are I think the more I'm down in my pocket and talking about that for a while that Richard Sherman at the better in. With the niners that he would be whip of raider. And on the other opinion you know. I think you know maybe the injury did their mother and Bob I think you look at it to being drawn in new three years younger in May be it but raiders being better I think that. Maybe about that they're going and all they pop up the year a greater. Call you later. You are my thoughts off Vieira a geek all makes you get this phone numbers that we can actually give them our thoughts. Off the air at an uptick as well yes it does it is serious Joseph when you think back to last August when the raiders are in that situation in the Sean Smith news broke. And yet had to have some of the deet tails yet you didn't cut ties with the men they must have known at that point. They daring Conley had more than shin splints or maybe you worried about his off field issues either way to me. If you knew that Jerry Conley was gonna be a sure fire Marcus Lattimore type PC oh. Rookie of the year type corner anyway to cut ties are shots man but because he didn't know about Conley he had to keep Smith and and now you have this situation. Honestly last year for the raiders it looks like one problem turned in at two turns and afford turned an eight before anyone could get a handle on number one and everyone just panicked. Gorgeous panic no one made good decisions because you were too busy chasing. The last problem. It's like OK Donald Penn what are we gonna do about this before you can even figure that out the Gerry Connolly thing gets worse before he can figure that out Sean Smith. Then the team doesn't play all that well early in the season then there's the wash inning game in that nationally at the start car injury and then I quarterback's hurt and and got lack of production from a Marc Cooper and people wonder what's wrong and a defense isn't playing well many of another assistant coach fired it's like. It just snowballed on him so badly that they could never keep their head above water they couldn't address. Each problem as they came up they just got submerged. There and that was the result tell how we are here do credit to you clean it all out. You try to address is much of it is you can. Improve in the area G10. Come back this year stronger at the very least know grooms gonna come in he's gonna organize things right it's gonna be organized this year everywhere and hopefully come out this season to make couple plays are. Establish your will. Do you get pushed around too many football games. But we'll see out plays out. We don't know groomed gonna have this team playing on more fiscal gruden that's why isn't he's in the he's in the salt mines are in on guys grinding he's a way trying to get me this team tougher. And then they have to in the gonna have to dress a cornerback position without a doubt joke they're gonna have to go after freeagent. I'm going to remain Johnson gone corner I'm wrong corner so what are you gonna do look at I think it's Lastings via via via. Is one of the top defensive tackle prospects about their I know very little about him I do know he could be in play for the raiders attacked. Yeah and that's that you do I go on and why give me a lockdown corner of this team suffered the corner of this and has been. It has been their Achilles heel for the the last several years big time it's hurt this team. Tremendously and now you go for you don't see in the draft you go grab your defensive lineman because sue Greg now right now on the back into me need to be fixed it did it has to be you. Right but I think looking at the division into one thing Joseph has taught me in my sixteen months in the program is yet to look at your opponents when you start to look nice to construct a defense and all the sudden. The AFC west is not a hallmark of cornerbacks Denver you got a giant question mark garbage Kansas City got pat mahomes we'll see. He's supposed to be great unproven but in San Diego you've got Philip Rivers and a nice offensive tackles but to meet. Healy Kansas City and it's the run game he had to stop and Denver. It's still the run game that tight end so get me endowment and sue in the middle shore up your defensive line as a priority over the corner so those. Georgia is joining us this is gonna be a big week for 957 you're gonna wanna stay tuned for a variety of reasons why. Well today is the start of the legal tampering period in National Football League began 22 minutes ago at 9 o'clock. What that means is that the agents for free agents can go out and speak and other teams Navarro Bowman agent for example. Carlos Hyde's agent for example can now begin the process of negotiating with other teams. Now the players can't meet with the teams but the agents can't and they can negotiate deals but they can't officially greeted them. That comes Wednesday. March 14. So two days from now at 1 PM Pacific it's the start of the newly year that is when all these deals can begin being signed. Now from a nighter perspective with Sherman in the full what's the next move. What is the next move for this team personally I think you continue making. Mid level acquisitions I'd look to Nigel brown linebacker freeagent from the Philadelphia Eagles he's not gonna come any change the game he struggles a bit. Against the run. But he can do one thing very very well and that's something Rubin Foster did very well and that's cover he's one of the best cover linebackers in the game. Now in addition to that he is the flexibility and the ability to play inside and out that's big news because of Foster comes back proud and console at the field. If Foster care plan. Pratt and can hit the field and what you do is you give yourself more leverage at pick number nine whereas now you don't need a corner as badly because of Sherman. You wanted to linebackers Batman. Because of Braddock. That's the situation you put yourself and I don't think it's gonna cost a lot of money I don't think it changes the game but while a lot of teams are focused on these. Monster freeagent deals. I'd go out there and I'd look to sign three or four guys it may be three to five million per year six million or so those mid level bats and round up the team with some experience is an interest. Somebody in that top group. Is going to slide as we get closer to the draft and when clamor for a quarterback of the future and you've got four or five teams you know we're gonna take a quarterback. All the sudden you might have one of these great. Defensive nuggets just fall in your lap whether it's in the ward the quarterback or Fitzpatrick. Or god forbid Clinton Nelson the Garnett a Notre Dame. Jessica and San Francisco is a criminal defense lawyer who wants to shed some light on the Sean Smith situation. Just feel welcome to the program thanks to the phone call. Just feel I had good morning. Adam Laurie a dark you'll get seven year and he's being tried balloting at all a bit wet bent the minimum is a few years. Take a few three or four. He. I definitely wept and at three. What could be an example of the deadly weapon and well could be actual black and liked the. It was his call. Man I know what still very insightful yet. Yeah housing Joyner. And it's it is fascinating when you start to get in the though the legal definitions and what can be charged in. John Smith and his lawyer obviously were concerned enough about. Being found guilty for seven years that they planted out. She was screwed if a famous person pleads for jail time you are in a world of pain. Actually pled out for a year in jail when you hear famous people pleading taking a plea deal. For a year in jail anyway here thirty days in county because of wreck like Lindsay Lohan right you're out in 36 hours right fine but when you hear a cable plead down I'll take one year in jail. Person drowned. It's bad business all right here's a question. Now of the rivalry is gone. When the do the forty niners scheduled to Seattle game. Right so it's up to you when do you wanna see the niners play that first game against Seattle and has that game now become bigger. Then the raider game triple 89579570. Jolo and did not advise him and chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Game. Five. Months ago five months ago all the way back in November we told you about a guy named Andrew normal. He's an offensive guard for the Carolina Panthers who was having a hell of a season in a contract year. Told you how goody ones how durable he was how valuable he was gonna be when he hit the open market. And then a month went by in two months went by and the rest of the world caught up in started realizing it was time to talk about. Freeagent targets and well you know what's everyone else to talk about on the as a manifest and the talk about ignore all the time he might be good. Well yeah he's about to become the highest paid offensive guard in the business but. Everyone assumed it was gonna take place in New York with the giants who have been hot and heavy in their pursuit. Art Stapleton. Who covers the giants for USA today as well as a variety of other publications. Tweeted out. One hour ago. The following. Already hearing this morning. 49ers linked to injure Nora well in addition to the giants so don't buy into the idea that it's just a formality. Now perhaps that's the agent leaking some thing that someone local in the hopes that it gets out that David gentlemen the general manager the giants who. Oh by the way was responsible for bringing injured nor well to Carolina for years ago Mayweather trying to drive the price up. This has been the number one target in my mind from the beginning. You make the investment Jimmy drop below. And then you pick up your insurance. Get the quarterback protect the quarterback rushed the quarterback great to see then I might still be involved in this not sure they can pull it off it's gonna cost. A record breaking deal would I don't will reset the market for guards. I don't pay for a guy like this you didn't overpay for Sherman if you won that battle not overpay for a kid like this. Because here's thing and I think when you look at New York 20 you think about the giants. There wouldn't want to live there and however when no one of the chances we are getting. But he think about the kids from Cincinnati were word he would even be maybe guy once it played in Carolina. San Francisco a little better weather different things here in Simpson's goes Columbia in this thing down to the wire I really believe. That they are going to put their press their best foot forward to try to get this guy really do. I'll tell you why you sign him and that's pretty much it for free eggs you know can anything else that's a huge win that would be a huge when he's probably gonna cost about thirteen million a year. But you can do you do a problem you confront all of the hell out of the contract to pay him twenty million in the first year you take thirteen times five and what's that about 65 million dollars. Thirteen times 565 million dollar deal pay him at least one. He doesn't miss games he's only 26 years old he won't turn 27 until October this is a guy who over the life of that four year deal could be a mainstay on your offensive line. And as you're looking to make this offensive line a top ten unit as you mentioned to protect your number one investment. In Jimmy drop below you know you do need to tackle replaced Joseph Staley in the next two or three years you still trying to work Trenton brown in there. You got your center signed in Kilgore is gonna be a part of the full and you hope to draft an offensive lineman. Somewhere in the draft so you start to really see this thing coming together and if you Jimmy drop below right now. You're sitting back on a mountain of money in just watching them and piece after piece to try to protect you. What is Tommy your life it was different for you because free agency opened and that was that there was no. Legal tampering period there's a salary tampering yeah. Mike is a free and fun though and I salute you it is I mean it out of a trip to Detroit very witnesses showed up apparently assigned him he was that's when he was a thing about. You know saying cost at least this is the great Alexander the Great Barry Sanders you boy didn't need one and alone so he knows it was actually it was awesome man to be able to travel. In go to these different teams endless on how good you are. I'll buy you dinner I mean candidly wine and dine in chorus and a good story I went to Atlanta in the community at the Ritz Carlton in a mean. Moved serves machine or whatever you want unmarried at this time no known on them now so you get to go out on the town and didn't I didn't go on shall Moala had oaks and that's gasket no. When you're an adult well about ever won the gold club and apparently you didn't beyond its arms deny him strip joints because you just. By nine because his stories just fascinating so far only a foot I had some room service ordered a movie PG thirteen when wanna go too far it was rain you know our coach told us it was a snowman was rated. Those who don't tell don't know when those who don't know don't tell is now arrived August gimme something its radio Yemen on us and they do when they put chip the read to take you to dinner. Great dinner all those given what yeah. It's a little meals stake at the stake in the loss or you don't do will serve turf got to get that goal went sour chicken milk of course to wash all down and bingo cards in the course gosh it. You don't want that in the next it was just packed up. I couldn't pick Angel to did you trust record cream story ever. Shocking and silent Atlanta Joseph here's the no teen takes you out of sync here we're gonna give you much of bottles they don't do that don't care what guy I don't know that but I am assuming like when everything is done with the dinner I don't know maybe what meet some friends. I don't know. Flag come to use for the ropes it turns out. It's a great time. I guess in a hotel I had steak and such. A bag of potatoes priestly spoiled. Time now rushes that's unfortunate but that's this on you have got. That's a heartedly that knot winds of rules every year give enough spoiled chicken everybody. I'm done with the story they're trying to lure low they should've you know they should have known exactly what he was looking for milk Pettit are not sure Diego Adam yeah it's incredible. Come out here and you can order those are and dad but no for opposite OCC. But no three eventually go moved here to town who's using it in for a day or so and they're flat out in the knicks' next hour yet so it's really not a time you go to all of wanna party. When I get up in a more angle you physicals with a hung over angle where you partied all night on exactly eagle or he got physical got the rug got a dual so many different things. They went you went to get naked and yeah you know. Video protect you told our party in and up for grabs on I think it's yeah. Hello again lol yeah and that's sort of still in just don't like a prison in every visit. The lord touch you're supposed get a low get a loan you armory Dow Jones course. And I think that's what makes this vision journalists are adjusting for our dinner. Pianist Leon saying it's insanity and his wife it was just you know clean exchange of ideas over a four hour meal but it. It's Ralph and Oakland look at Oakland coming strong demoted from the number one mission to the number two position you gotta bring it Oakland what's up Ralph what do you think about the chairman signing. Here are the first ball good morning I got to a. No I think about a pretty getting rid of. Often they're so look I didn't know what the question no you guys pumped. Kind of think the British surely you'll be great for the miners like it's important to me like maybe would actually look a little bit desperate. I don't know I mean those numbers. Can be revealed things like maybe he didn't have a whole lot of confidence. There and perhaps. Seems corn syrup. Get offers from other teams. You're ready wanted to join our that we wrote or that either get more willing to even entertain them. The curious what does god think Mike I would do her own deals like this coming do you think they were counting money on the table because. I mean look at to a Little League and he's already kind of trying to meet a guy like him could win it probably you know maybe with a reputation can wait another two or three weeks. Maybe even longer maybe even got off to report game two of our elected the next season and went to somebody got hurt the public companies like an offer that was ten times better. Pilots are packed here let's unpack this from a variety of angles number one I'm. If you really interest in the details go to Sports Illustrated dot com SI dot com. Read Peter king's Monday Morning Quarterback fascinating behind the scenes account of how this went down he talked to Sherman he talked to lynch he got to pretty much everybody involved. And he lays it all out. Sherman representing himself we'll get to that in a moment but in terms of the deal it's clearly a deal licks he's betting on himself he wants an opportunity to make a lot of money. Which no one else was gonna give them. But in order to get there he's got to play well. And he's got to be healthy so that's what he's betting on. Key during these negotiations. Kept taking calls at Detroit Seattle who won it right of first refusal and also Oakland. When she read these details all those teams they all said and to be too rich for our blood. So he knew what the market wants plus. If you wait once Jermaine Johnson and all these guys get out their teams start filling their need money dries up and then all of a sudden your. Basically Jake air Rihanna and the five year 150 million dollar deal turns into the three years 75 million dollar deal yeah it's not the end of the world. But you start to see like you said the money dries up. And the market forces are such that as you wade in if you know the collar so wait until the season starts in there when your arm percent. A desperate teams that come calling for you and you read Richard chairman's comments about this deal. The one thing he wanted to more than anything with security in Seattle he didn't have any guaranteed money even beyond this year if you would have returned. What he wants is that sense of if he plays well and he's healthy enough. He's gonna get a guaranteed amount for next year and then next year be the same thing UV into a new deal or not. He's gonna have that guarantee money coming his way he's already established himself. As a great player a Super Bowl champion etc. he's look at that last quality payday he's looking for some security and he had the niners were able to both get that. You wreck yourself you seem the 3% though right there's a 3% charge that's what the agents take an NFL. So you save 3%. The one. Area where can hurt you is that as all of this was happening behind the scenes with Seattle getting ready to release them now your agent can be out there drumming up a market. You can't make those phone calls because that's tampering for other teams. But your agent can't your agent can be out there getting the market organized getting people to pit their bids against one another. Germans still enough of the marquee player that he was able to do it on his own we have to remember. Part of negotiating from the team side. Is telling the agent well. You guys banged up his that we saw Monty this year you end up saying some negative things that's a negotiating works when you went money. Insurance position you're gonna trumpet all the great thinks the other side to try to knock the price down. It's gonna bring up the negative effects the agent can sit there and listen to that and represented a client. Sometimes it's tough to talk to a player about that because ego gets in the way in those to be some very personal. They they really can't and so I think that's like Alex Sherman it behooves them to do something because. He gets its sixth installment breaking the polls when names and American he gets that he's been around where guys are saying that they charming you're getting all day look look I played the last couple years when I was not injured. Yes I'm I'm injured I get that so as chairman of the smartest student individual so he's got as on represented itself in the he went to Stanford he's gonna hit us go to Stanford and then leave Stanford and not have any sense whatsoever and and trust me it's it talks about or how hard this thing is it's really not hard so many of these guys are slotted. You you add in you know adding it would interest and you know another three to 4% it really doesn't change a lot you don't see deals it just so far you know skewed from one another so it's pretty hard it's pretty. Over the life of the deal he's gonna stand to save about one point two million agencies which is 3% at 39 and a half million. It's one point two million that's no small piece of change. For handling your on business really when you look at. 3% you can get a nice studio Daley said he seriously you pay among. About and somebody at our option at the tax on a lot of people apparently watching the Norway video that I'm watching right now and people are asking about it for those who don't know what we're talking about. Tom last few months. My entire life the goal is to slow everything down. Eat slower lit slower I relies to 37 years and just racing myself to death slowed down any. I don't need to be in a rush anymore so now I try to be more cognizant of what I'm doing and I try not to rush from point a to point B. One of the things I do that I knew I read about or I guess I should say it was Ted talk I heard is that in Norway. They created these videos where the one I'm watching is basically they strap three cameras in front of the train. That runs from Bergen us is seven hour train ride and you just watch the train. I had it on all morning SaaS and now it's great and very calming very slow moving. Not gone through many major cities here and I noticed we're back in the low yet we aren't not as much snuff tank as a lot sillier about an hour and a half today. Let me ask a couple of questions too you're probably gonna do it anyway so when he's just fire away movement but you gonna slowdowns will be nice to hopes that starts. Still radio show when you're when you're when you're watching this is it some did you succeed do you do you streaming in your day at you and he putting your Netflix coach. You corrected Netflix they add this one. So you design lesbian house in just had that all I just started yes this is actually the first time I'm doing this but it in the future Muhammad put on the TV just so it's in the background. Like the warriors aren't on the giants about the second place that just be a train in the background. Apparently they have a great one of the boat going through few words. All the fjords of of the Norway countryside your field and now Detroit sure they know my. Feels portrait or what but yeah play to your advantage you look at Mellon fortune off at all. There are trying to slow down for the occasional quicker but at NBC and grade of vandalism to go to the Ford logo on the inside that. Job agenda that we have to do some of the LSU I or over the blue liner. On the got to be done to Leo. And in Oakland we have a phone call from another lawyer criticizing the earlier phone call about the lawyer was talking about the Sean Smith case. For those are unaware Sean Smith has been released by the raiders recently accepted a plea deal as it has been a year in prison. Adam in Oakland what's up. Good morning guys calm so weapons are not going to do it justice about the blustery year. Com deep our first solo great bodily injury likely. War. And you have to read for inflicting actual great bottle and such a concussion or stitches or unconscious in this stuff like that. So that's great diplomat gathering and without violence strike which is the actual great bodily injury. He could spend 80% at seven years in state prison. The critical question Armenian army year probation or be your county jail that he applied for. Wish me to get through it on house arrest is the year agreed to either way it's exceptional month cut speeds are what their county jail or at all. This guy's button down dad thanks for click on up into the trap that phone call that I really another add the I went to law school is a lot cleaner fizzled out else out there and it may fifth and I think Jessica was writing what she's saying that these other a little bit more detail as to what he faces so they Sean Smith is remanded into custody. Let's say in the next few weeks or any does six months he's out in September so. What you do six months from home to eat eggs six months and AM six months and ankle monitoring and I don't know if that would include him the Nobel it to go and play in war it would. B six note when he was eluding to. Even those that a year it can be capped at six months to six months can be monitored at home so he would do no GO. So they they can do that too. Speaking of no jail time is the perfect segue to handle sideways. Last night it may have gotten lost in the shuffle because there were a lot of things a lot of different individuals had going on it was selection Sunday people are getting ready. For another week of war got Sunday the weather was beautiful yesterday about halfway through today and really peaked up. Perk up whenever the term would be. Early this shows who cares. On. I'd TV special aired on fox it was called OJ Simpson the loss confession. It was a two hour special that the network has been promoting for weeks as a shocking must see interview that was recently found. I find it hard to boo yeah I find that someone was just holding on this for the right moment financially. Originally shot in 2006. The conversation between mr. Simpson. And the publishing magnate Judith Reagan. Was intended and then to promote the Reagan book's release of quote. If I did it. Described as a hypothetical explanation. Of how the NFL hall of Famer money to have murdered his ex wife. Nicole brown and her friend Ron Goldman. A crime for which he was acquitted in 1995. Epic about the insanity of this. You're charged with double homicide you beat it and then you're gonna come out with a book on well if I had done it this is how would have been done. What is it man would do that. What is it men would skirt jail and then be like you know what. Let's go ahead and tell people if I had decided I wanted to murder of this I would not what you. What free in competent human we do is be that does that passer and he's doing anything like that this thing about it. How bad it is for you'd even play like Italy you have to be deranged. You have to be so it's hard detached from the rest of society. And if so many bad decision makers around you that you decide this. You have to be completely though yes this is the move I'm gonna go on TV. Now there are a lot of shocking clips chilling. Schilling clips and next thing we did a lot OJ Johnson is program but I mean day yeah we boiled down a five minute clip to about one minute. This is OJ in 2006 is being aired last night Nicholas. And to refine the call comes out there for those over role reversal fired. Got little loud and by that time. The call tomorrow. And we started a words about who is this guy was you. What's going on and she says this is my house get that they have found out there yes and the which I'd like because once again this is the same person if you read the book to see some things that happen in the two weeks leading up to this. That word very very irritated. You know. I think Charlie you following this guy had one big shoes no problem that he brought the knife. As things got heated. Additional on the call fail. And hurt yourself. And this guy kind of got into karate thing. Tennis you'll be good to get my hands and I remember my grabbed the knife I do remember that portion Dick and I from Charlie going to be on us. Good stuff comes down and have us all kind of stuff around. What kind of stuff but still not known. I think this is. Until we got to back off again that's. As far as well as part of. I'm about to go to try to make people believe and I'm. Why do play. Watts he's don't make sure. You this story as he's telling his story though as his friend Charlie it is unnamed person named Charlie was the one doing in any lapses in the first person. And he says then I grabbed the knife. And many catches himself that's why he starts laughing as he realized. That he had elapsed from telling about this mythical person named Charlie into telling the story. First person a what really happened. What is much did in the recent on this what was the special I think it was on HBO that came out last year two years ago about that famous wealthy old guy from New York. Who would like murdered his wife and then disappeared and was living in like Galveston Texas. And murdered his neighbor and he kept beating all the charges and in the last episode he's Mike up doing this interview. And any excuses himself and he has to go to the restroom and start talking now on. Drawn it finally happened. What what was that that special no. Looking around eight people no one has I can't find. Immelman on the phone and we were co awesome thing to got out to see you guy's name is Robert Robert durst yeah Robert durst who was called the jinx yes. Yes jinx John gets released out here real time fascinating television but that happened to. This guy is linked all these murders that he's beaten for decades and then finally they have them pinned up in this interview he for some reason chooses to do. About how to arrange to meet to accept these interviews. Any realizes he's stand up and he goes into the rest of this is like the final scene of the whole thing and he goes in and his mics on he doesn't realize it and he's just like they catch you out. They're Indians though it's over. Maybe it's the mountain of guilt that haunts you for so many years because even as narcissistic. And egocentric as OJ is. At some point you gotta be racked with unbelievable guilt knowing what you did he's laughing even he's tied it act like he's a candidate at this. It's been two or not I'm I would imagine we have Al Cowlings. Whoa are doing and OJ segment and we don't have. Eight how talented you stick out why don't we just go ahead hit music then please. There's never been a better time for this staff to have a five hour energy may be they can get themselves organizes the point we have a little forward thinking on the program but. They're not five hour energy brackets live and ready to rock and roll in your hosting a bracket this year you have an opportunity. To go to five hour energy brackets. And set your league got but there's a twist. This year you have the opportunity to change your picks right up until there's four minutes remaining and you say you know that's absolutely amazing five hours in and he's got you covered. I'm telling as early as these games start throughout the day in its latest they go. Why did you keep your fallen throughout the day in check out all these brackets. Big Jordan lined up tonight I'm pretty excited about five hour energy brackets ladies and gentlemen you be hearing more about him in the build up because we are fired up that's a wrap for us for debt strapped for low on Joseph. We're back tomorrow 6 AM right here on 957 the game.