Final Hour - Joe, Dibs, and Ray Ratto discuss the pressure for both football teams in the Bay

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, June 19th
Joe, Dibs, and Ratto discuss the pressure put on the Raiders and 49ers if they're off to slow starts this season. Then they speak with Host of Intentional Talk, Chris Rose and we have today's edition of WORLD CUPDATE!

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He championship rounds of Jolo and did here on 957. Game alongside candidly and re rat goes in for loads today. I'm Joseph four ball it is great. To have you with us. One more opportunity. For you to win a chance to come in with a gas to get your picture taking here. Would Larry be Larry O'Brien championship trophy we're doing it at the bottom of the hour every hour. At least today than throughout the week there are going to be many more opportunities but it's called node to show you got to listen. And we're gonna then ask you a question about something that was said in the previous hour. Chris Rose set to join us in about 25 minutes at 930. Let's go ahead and begin this segment with a positive note from last night. The. The and then this happens. Right yeah. In the big city. Shot and NBC sports Bay Area for the audio Miami's by Dave. Yours every Cisco giants for the Georgian black and now dropped six of eight they blew a four nothing lead in this game. Not exactly the way you wanna get started when it comes to the most integral stretch of the season twentieth the next 26 to be played at AT&T park. The giants lose the first one and they do so in just. I don't wanna same mind boggling fashion. We got to win those dropped 42 in the ninth you cataclysm. You're up four nothing in that game yet early home run to get a flu he run on. Buster Posey hit that brings in can't feel he goes down as a double you're in control you turn over your bullpen. They don't throw gas on the fire that I am embers burning and burning in and that the closer comes in the he can't close he buzzing the tower on Branson who then get to hit. And as he leaves the field Strickland is John and Branson to bad look for the closer who lost not only game he lost his composure fourth. Lo and save in seventeen opportunities this year ray would mark glancing back speeding boat she's contemplating a switch now. Come in he covered that in his post game chat is it he's still. More comfortable with Strickland by the way going back to story from last hour. Name are is expected to return to practice tomorrow so wasn't a chainsaw to the leg that we speculate and don't know why it's sitting hammer. And you speculated chainsaw that was me I'll take in either event Home Depot was not involved that are at. I had and grown toenail would despite closest to the truth that we saw limp off he's in the fine while as a sore ankles so you were actually not that close either. If I said toe ankle are all connected according to the song one they're pointing in different places you know. Medical I I can't speak to how your clubs work but I'll load meals hose were very early the most are sadly that's how is next in the heel and ankle yet well it's all. It's a mess but no that's getting back the question you actually ask no I don't think he's an exchange act so how not a bit not not in the near future. Yeah the scenario last night with a focus is gonna be on what happened in the ninth but I mean we do to an extent I have to point out what happened from the fourth inning on. That was you know Rhodes. Yeah it's. Pablo expect to run shot last night he get up for nothing you looking good feeling good you think it's a start some didn't. And then the offense just dies out. Let's see any need to score eight but let's go if you gonna get something going let's go out. Not just two innings and it we'd you know maybe put the put the bat on the ball we got a couple runs and then started to break our way imminent. Fairness state they got to walk out of reach and ski Guerrero and bear club of its big. Big if true I think debut the of that amount. But by and large I have to look it up you know these players your professional you had been defined very very loosely but I appreciate that. I don't know what to make that move for. I don't wanna put too much weight on one game but everybody knew what was at stake. Everybody knew Joey bark is in attendance last night that monster is. Now. I I did but I don't think his being in the in the years. In the building had anything to do with anything and had no effect on anything. Is it possible that he was intimidated that he was in the building yes they were completely petrified by someone who. Basically will be playing in the northern league for a year but you know Hillary footsteps and which is why he also saw that bloop double because he wanted to show Bart that he still is the man to get her life because he's worried that in four years when he's 36. That this guy might play twice a week. Do you think chili bar is regretting having signed that deal now that he saw all the product on the field yes. I do I think he wishes he would sign with the warriors can you can trade him now what do you do. Like annually take a mid level from jolly I I've I presume now that he's there there are property they could put our rocket shouldn't sought here. Since. Humor works or sort of kind of I don't know that that's a high percentage move but. I think legally you can do that. By much its database while you can laugh it off because the reality of the of the situation easy 300. And he couldn't get up that game so be it may be somehow Eric Rodriguez is pitching tonight maybe figure out a way to get it done but. The team lacks pop and the fans are really starting. To. Become infected. With the lack of I don't know of its overall excitement. I dig the dog for a walk down there. Every dad about same time around 645. And that's right as people are making their way into the state and last night. Had I not know there was a game I would not have thought there was a game. There was no laws granted it's Monday and it's Miami. But there is no buzz whatsoever wasn't as if parking was overflowing. In the area it wasn't as if there was a lot of Orange and black on the streets. And at the end of the game he had people blowing the team. I mean the fans are starting to turn this is now going on what two full years as we had the the break of really. Sub standard based if say. The break in sixteen were they were dreadful than last year of course in 98 losses of misery and here we sit it's an almost a full 300 games now. Without any real stretch of hey. The giants are back as it is after all an even year and even go back to Tony sixteen. There was still that even year chatter and they got to the break into any sixteen. Which I think the best record in baseball I'm not mistaken and yet here we are two years later and not only as the product flat but the fans' interest in it. Is flat as well and yesterday as a great example yet a four run lead. A lot of teams high quality teams would make that 789. NB a laugher you wouldn't have to worry about throwing your closer in there you're closer who. Has shown a tendency to get rattled and give up big games like that. If you're put in a situation where you had to sell this team is a legitimate playoff contender how would you do. If you were put into this Mary Europe on the stage and you're gonna be arguing the pro Al. As to why the giants are gonna be in this thing late in the year what's going to be your go to argument that there the cubs. That's. A that's. I didn't job I'd never thought that they work ten. I mean. And I and I could end up being wrong and I'd be fine with that I don't care because opinions are meaningless but no I never thought that they were going to. Beat 25 games better than they were a year ago. Because that's what I think it would take to get in the collapse why did teams then cling. Tennis I know it's money to keep people coming in the ballpark but at some point use Philadelphia is an example the giants knocked about 2010 and then it all started to fall apart. And make what they clung to that as long as they could then realized it was a disaster that they had some bad contracts like the Ryan Howard and then they decided to bottom out. And now there in that phase of hey maybe. Maybe will find a way to be in it this year. Right you're still gonna have years one way or another with the fans aren't interested in don't show up whether it's the front end. On the losing or the back so why is everyone always trying to cling to glory why not try to get it over sooner rather than later. Because. Each team has its own internal politics. And a C team I mean organization I mean ownership group. And the giants have always been fixated. On the notion that the park. Test abuzz with excitement for all of this to work. And when it has not busted excitement like it did not in the latter part of the parts. Interviewed there was a dead feel about the place. They have now to their credit. They have not had very many years like that last year was a year like that. This year might be a year like I mean again attendance is down 3000 from last year and if at some point yet you might have to swallow but every team has had I mean Miami you know they they don't care there's every bus at their place. You know they're gonna just mint money any. The point is that the giants operate differently than some other teams and for them having the ball park teeming with fans. Is a huge consideration more then when we start the repeal. Mean sometimes the regal is just forced. And it will be on the giants but they're not ready to face when you see something like that happen what's a realistic timetable for when this team goes. Magic sought. And now we've got to start from scratch a week from set a meet our path. I'm. A putt maybe the end of this year we look at pick 83 and 79. They could say we improved by nineteen games we are not that bad. There but if they are 75 and 87. Maybe they say you know what they might be taught. Do you think anything. With the way they construct their roster has to do with the fact that a certain dynasties moving him down the street a little over a year you think that has and mean. Any bearing whatsoever on their decision making process knowing that that team's gonna be right in their own backyard now because there aren't going to be in their own backyard for. One month out of a year under normal circumstances and very few games after that. Because these aren't that many home playoff games after that. You know it's it's ten dates from the fifteenth of April on if today. If that'd the warriors to make deep runs but until I don't think I don't think they view that as a massive impact. Not so much the the idea that they're no longer the the big thing in town they're no longer the big attraction down there and in south BJ you don't think they that plays on the psyche at all no I think they'll look they were not the big item in town in 2011 when Jim Harbaugh came in turn cancer. KFC park back into a happening placed in times a year. I imagine it's your I don't think this is a geographical or territorial issue I think they market two different fan bases. And the people who are gonna go to warrior games. Are going to be different than people who go to giants and zero point about marketing to different fan bases I think that's why this rebuild. Doesn't happen in the way it happens and other places with a fire sale because the fan base is so attached to Madison bomb garner. Buster Posey branding Crawford that. Those players won't get moved if you don't move your three biggest stars then I don't know how you doing rebuild by. What trading Joseph panic and Stephen jogger or whoever else you wanna try to reap harvest and sell off I don't think that Nancy you the pieces Stephen Reid bill. How many more years yet let the Johnny quite know who threw forty pitches yesterday into simulated innings apiece underpants. How many years let the other just Lamar. Even anymore and we c.s that get lit up on the mound now he's not even able to go up there and do anything for it your power ranking excitement. You go back a few years I'm sure the giants exist number one but right now it's probably the warriors taking all the Bay Area teams whose two. Who's number two in the excitement power rankings in terms crowd over the 49ers because of the the myth of grapple. Think about that they haven't had a winning record and how long no but. Forty niner fans. Are hooked on having a great quarterback more than any other place because that's the end what they define as. Their version of reality. They've always had pretty good quarterbacks but they've always operated on the effective we don't have good quarterback which gruden and I'm gonna stay well. They think right now the Jimmy grapple is that next great quarterback. Whether or not he turns out to be so there is an excitement around that there's there's a Mormon excitement around his existence. And there is. In their chances of of getting to the conference looks more problem in the organization I think right now yes I mean if they if they win. It will expand from that right now it's growth. How does this play out of the season starts for the niners. And there's going to be a lot of hype think about how long's it been since this team was gonna have this much excitement around it heading into week one yet to go back to hardball but probably not it in the last year hardball right. Rug and your history. You're now three went on eleven year you're talking about her no no that was that was thirteen. Our rights at 32 we're talking what five good fired at when they kick when they were coming off the Super Bowl even though there were already signs. That the relationship between him balky in York was for. It's still a team that came up off the super. Appearance all right so five years it's gonna be the most excitement in five years. Now if you go to Minnesota and you lose that game which completely reasonable given how Minnesota plays at home their outstanding and I don't. And then it's home against Detroit and you've got road dates at Kansas City in the LA chargers and somehow you start one in three what's gonna happen. Because there's a law. Lot of excitement and a lot of hype and remember it seemed close so strong last year they beat Jacksonville who ended up in the AFC championship game one drive away from the Super Bowl. There are a lot of people that are gonna believe this team is playoff back you go about one in three. What's that in a bill. And then how does that weigh on Jimmy problem Kyle Shanahan this is going to be that could be the first. Big sign of adversity they faced remember that a person here last year. There are no expectations but it's not inconceivable that they could win at Kansas City beat charger of course in which case they're three and one so. I think the most likely scenario is and a two and two. And you're still you're still in the game at that point you're fine it's it into yet at 11 in three though if it's one of three and you lose to the chargers. Given sit and given that team's history. I think they'll be some ground and because people want to have expectations. Even if they don't deserved. And you feel like you deserve to have him now because you finally have your franchise quarterback in you've got to GM and head coach they're getting along and seem to be moving everything in the right direction so. If it is a one and three start. Then you start to think about win warriors pre season starts because I'll be. Just a couple weeks away any excitement odd meter the excitement factor will drop dramatically which fan base thinks it's headed for a better season. Niner fan base or raider fan base. A niner fan base thinks so even with critic of the next few I think so because of the for the raiders I think you still see a roster that needs some retooling and there are some questions even if year. Over the mood over Chucky coming back you gotta have questions about. Whether or not he can adapt after having been out of a became for fifteen years. Rank same thing gruden has to prove that he is still group. I think. Because. Joseph Gibbs came back after some long lay off. And the game had moved. So I think there mean while there are some people who take gruden his brilliance for granted. I do not. Not because I think he's a bad coach but I think there are a lot of questions to be mean he's an old school guys. And the game. And the way the way teams are run. It is much different than when he left camp I mean the restrictions and practiced and try to increase. If he if those drive him crazy then god only knows what. You know full contact verses you know contact. Practices. Joseph Gibbs came back and gave Clinton Portis the ball 400. Names in a season that an exaggeration. 400 carries over for Riggans complaint synthesis of the Knute Rockne was huge candidate setup Senegal to another over Poland as we do the play by play air second straight dog. The doctors are in today after early Moshe did the 61 minute. You really see Colin scoring two goals note if they do lineup a scapegoat we know to blame now. After you just more dollar and a two goal lead and that's horrific yet can't possibly be the fault of saved for example the teams did little tender I on missed the ball apparently. There was forty feet away four yards away from his goal scored. That's not a good so we'll Duluth school keeping their best play by play ever. Put out hot summer California. The new pop Flores and Lincoln Kennedy right here we are a bit ethnic alone it Breyer. Bad and I do think and I don't think it's the mother of all bets but I do think one of the best nights of the year is going to be weak 12 half of the Monday night doubleheader when the raiders are hosting. The rams the rams are laying it. Awful lot of points. On the road in prime time to open the season you know the coliseum is giving extraordinarily hostile and I'm not necessarily saying you take the raiders because they seem very little. Out of luck Jon Gruden got off right and pre season is not gonna be too indicative of how does that play out but. But knowing the rams can play defense and knowing that this is gonna be a new offense. You could reason. That the EU raiders will struggle to move the ball. A key to lead Marcus Peters now both in the mix that wouldn't be an indictment of the raiders I think any offense is gonna struggle to move the ball consistently against Wade Phillips unit this year. So knowing that. And knowing the fact that there are crashing mark's question marks surrounding the raider defense you're gonna get the play that crowd noise. I think yet and under. I'm on it and he had a nice under second half Monday night double this year I think it's at around forty. I was gonna say it doesn't matter what we're artists you off the earnings for an. Off the number going to hammer out for the best price yet out of saint right now of all the stuff I've looked at we want and I haven't done a ton of it yet. I haven't necessarily locked in on my season win totals. That's the one that jumped out to me because you know the Braves and we need to bruins' offense coming out tearing up the field it's not a knock on the raiders the damn good defense this good deeds. Right you've got gruden coaching his first game in more than a decade and trying to adjust to the new NFL and what's gonna work offensively. From what he had back in Oakland and Tampa the first time around and what do brands like to do. Todd Gurley early tiger early off. Run the clock down that running game. So just a little sampler of what's coming doesn't get to me talk to some football yet it does. Yes does it's incredible from tears beacon which it's not here eights and here is anything is ranked. Eighteen are really as opposed to things that are actually happening right now. Yes Senegal's you know well since we are baseball games every day. Follow what a thrill Milwaukee Toronto let's break it all the way down the reports of the tigers tonight meets it and I and the sort of for a few more series not sure who they're playing you don't have your Tampa Bay's being forced to participate in baseball activity. Let's break down do you do understand that training camp. Has not started you'll understand also that the hyperbole in speculative season is well underway red. I'm there's no hyperbole speculation about the NBA offseason and there is about the NFL then let's do that. Vascular particular bronze Ellen. Secondly you miniature days. Narnia. It. At and for the new star earlier trivia question Arnie was the correct answer to who will win the senate hopeful and game and the letter if you don't mind I'll asking because we had someone who nailed that. Jim Smith blocked yet shall also is giving you material may. Whose fifth thoroughness and to have all incident by the way I don't know if you saw this but says San Antonio. I guess has talked the lakers and said there denied interest in ball as part of that. They're shocked that some may nevertheless you can caught in my head down there now but you know. What we assume in what turns out to be true word two different things when they say we don't need a ball to me. Look at they want Ingram include asthma and they had to take on. Bill what the dang contract problem is the other report is at the lakers want nothing to do with trading Kyle coups. But they love Kyle coups is so much that they don't want included in the deal well then there's no dealers there. The lakers wanna send gang in a basket full of oil dish rags to San Antonio and to get caught letters and a gang and James Edwards. All right Chris Rose host of intentional taught he's gonna join us next is Joseph did and it out of here and had about seven game show we're going he's continue. On 957. Big game. He's one of the best in the business host of intentional talk on the MLB network check him out on Twitter actress rose Chris Rose joining us here. On 957 the game what's up Chris how are up. Good morning guys. The morning where you are good afternoon more race. This week what you're doing all right. We're doing well and we appreciate your time as always. Here we are midway through June not far from me. All star break what do you think general takeaways for the start of this year's baseball season biggest surprise that the gate trio. Atlanta Braves are way off some. Amazing stories we knew that they had been. Planning to have these kids grow up together. That may be one you know what that free agent class became available after this year. This may be big make a play for somebody could kind of galvanized that he'd get a moment. That lineup that would yet. We started irritation and shock the world and in the exact guy like out of voltage is. And Brandon McCarthy we're more than carry their load. You know they've got my ball to David who's done a fantastic job on Newcombe. Literally came over in the integral demonstrate from the angels. Those young guys have been banned at the could well. Bull pens been really good I would expect them to probably Albert. Helping Pereira trade diplomats meet yesterday I didn't pull out. Arm of their own. If they feel like they're in serious contention which they feel like they should be. The giants are probably not in serious contention they're probably in just some contention at this point a few gains below 500. Is this a make or break time for San Francisco Chris do they need to make some sort of positive move here or risk being sellers of the deadline. Well. I try not to pay too much attention to the schedule because. I mean look we know that the Marlins to preempt the work and we're very close this week or being set. From the giant last week at Miami but. You can finish off this series nicely and Miami that he soccer. But he got a rock or. Slip sliding away from Korea to take on Arizona. And it. You know the Brett that this. Time before the break they can make it right little run. And by the way I'm gonna have to not a ridiculous number I mean within a week that could be doubted it would mean look what the doctors have done. Over the last month without quick Igor pro wrote a pitcher Cory figured they couldn't swing. Right. They've trapped seven games or whatever it is not in the so it. I wouldn't panic at armored giants in the bank acted be better if it tighten things up get some more consistent bat from veterans out there open. First can Baltimore win fifty games. Second. Should they win fifty games. And third which is the real serious question. Is baseball as. Inwardly concerned are. About the attendance drops across the board as they seemed to indicate they are now. Also our lab first. You know I've read the columns is well. I do hope that now we're summer school's out but there and then get a boost. To some degree I understand. Com. I think that baseball fairly reasonably priced at about. Sporting events right I mean an adult tickets are expensive which it could be only get eight home games. NBA tickets are astronomical. Right mean and there's 41 games. The big fight don't think it is a pretty reasonable. Endeavor for family port eighty anti Christ when you factor in concessions in cute ones souvenir when he. Thought it. And whatever I I get outlet you understand and respect but I. I hope that nobody is not enjoyed. The festivities because they responded to go to ball game it routine prostate. But at the same time every game's broadcast on. Right where we were he would he would get every game. On TV. So you're saying you know what else they've ordered point rocks and will watch their favorite thing that I from the comfort of home and spend thirty are some that are bringing it. Right. Now memorial. Like Chris Davis Cup is mind numbing that a I waited for people who have paid attention Chris Davidson is super slugger Wright thing from. Corzine. Twelve through 26 senior seventeen. Led the big league at over extended into a contract a couple of years ago. Bright seven years art 61 million. And they would beg for him to hit 161. At this point he'd it. He's going down the lane of maybe having the worst all. That works. And I think that this is whiter so much pressure on GM. And president routines to self evaluate. And you have to see where you are because you concede the Orioles going now and it'll quickly. More than a year ago and that when he retreated meaning the shadow. Instead what they gonna get a couple of decent prospect instead of all the great ones that they could guarantee your. Chris Rose joining us here on 957 the game only go back to what you're talking about regarding baseball the attendance. School being out. How do you think the supreme court's ruling to legalize sports betting to allow states to make their own determination. Is going to affect baseball do you think this could be a positive outcome how does the league feel about it what are your general thoughts on. Well yeah I think it can be. Com I think Camby part of it they're obviously looking at the out of rob imprint on Expedia a lot of credit and repeat told Tony that he used to be our bosses at MLB network you guys are mean and so probably there is and and what he does but they've been we're thinking the last few years now some people don't love everything the baseball done. But we're on the big proponent of trying to get that many new life or is possible that in its gotta go that route. Yeah why not at the look into it could be foolish not. Now let me ask you this 3510. Years down the road sports betting become legalized in 25 plus states may be it's 3035. And they're bouncing me any problems create some jobs you create some revenue everyone's able to go about their business. Do you think Major League Baseball revisits the idea then of allowing Pete Rose into the hall of fame. I want with the court. I think that you acted view. You know you have to deal with what was legal the time. And if he was doing some really wrong. He was. Once you know people say well he only bet on his team well I mean. But he knew who was hurt in New London and things of that nature. What and I grew up I wore fourteen as a kid growing up in Cleveland Ohio because I loved the way he wrote played the game. And it. I actually believed Pete Rose. But player. Should be at all Bain. But I can understand why why he's not and I don't I don't think. That legalized gambling even if they've become successful well evidence that comment I just don't. Condolences violate the Cleveland Cavaliers citing his chance to it's read it to you inside my heart broke I really felt parents are. But there please this is a no we can't lie if you can manage and I take your call. You're gonna lie I've really enjoyed it seven minutes ago. I'd opt out and do that I liked about it there was here's the deal. Like I've watched the finals and in game one was worried it really wasn't well on the cat could've played better or 48 minutes. Article 47 that 47 minutes and 55 seconds. And then overtime game and in the series was over that you really play well in pretty well. Everybody has you know the warriors who were basketball. I hope you get that way I did depth of the thirteen trying to get better. You know like I was an embarrassed by what we can't it be deported good. And for all the people that wanna have the LeBron discussions green and six in the files. How many times did he. Carried a better team into the final. Very quickly Gordon. Not what it is. For. Why did take a look at the final that you have been better. Right. I that question is Chris Rose a host of intentional talk on the MLB network check him out on Twitter at Chris Rose joining us here at 957 the game is. You know you. He had the better team three times off four times many many dead in a weigh ins JJ Barea and the mavericks they had better team and Alan. The better time. Wait they have the better team they're birth which means they worked. The three times they want written in time the dead they spit the bit against the mavericks. Well but the time being he won it in Cleveland they did not have a better game. They want to carry that weapon a better team and Golden State. And I would question your take on JJ Barea I think he's all fair share. Bragg and there you go again a hot cup. Getting back to actual things did it matter. You talked about the Braves. With it almost disturbing glow about you. Is the is the biggest disappointment among the good teams Cleveland. I don't think that they're your disappointment I think there's no there's a big gap between the opt for Ian baseball. Because they don't resign Warner currently in the abstruse yankees and Red Sox and it'll be put in the pairings order depending on each morning. And then Cleveland but it speaker of major debt never disappoint in his that the Indian window is quickly closing. They've got a lot of free agent at the end of the year. You guys at the back Interpol and Allen and Miller. Michael Brantley Gilani chisel dot com all right there have been major contributors during the brief from the edit an Indian and I can tell you there. That they don't get it done this year we're gonna look back a bit small I. And they are getting it wouldn't really spit the bit here. So disappointing. It's not a great team with a good team. They've underperformed but so over the Minnesota Twins and that that it can. But wouldn't even stated that there are the most disappointing team in the editor of the vision. Checking out unintentional talk on the MLB network Chris Rose joining us here on 957 the game Chris it's always a pleasure we appreciate the time hopefully we can do it again soon. You've got it in group called my purpose if you like we. I think that that's not the he got to one he got she'll want and I mean that it's. I'll look first got it say if I hit every sign I don't I would. I have eleven years and Evan the best lawyer the sport and I never had edited it brought up and it felt like it. Make your sport god for giving your LeBron. As we enjoy it. Looking on the bright side of things I love it and you'll always have the browns. I. Art but what we're here. Our order and a half I. That's crystal duck is a Michael Lewis and Scott McClellan is on Twitter can dance this browns team don't sleep on him. And every few days he's got some tweet out there trying to get people fired up I'm not saying that he's suggesting playoff bound to write a laughingstock of the NFL. You get the sense that he would put a flag in the ground and say I'm not anymore we're not gonna be the worst and this is their season win total I don't know if you haven't up right now but I thought it was that. Five and a half is that about where it opened in the Cleveland Browns expected to be. Maybe a six win team this year five and a half believe it or not if it was the case and I don't have an enemy right now but that would be quite impressive to gas it. Due due due due to mining input and the spider and we'll find it will find it somewhat but I remember sitting here thinking this is. Extraordinarily high. And five and a half for them would be high considering what you've seen did you send it four and a half. For a team I mean any team took to be that bad that many years in a row. It's remarkable you figure that at some point in a locked their way into a couple of wins so. I didn't think they would set win totals that I'll ever hear is the latest update from the west at Las Vegas super book. Today all are at the moment five and a half and they opened five and a half could call a so no move on a little bit of movement to Jews to be over the over was minus 120s which means risk 120 dollars 12100 on the over now it's minus 140 missed a 140 dollars 200 on the over. So they have it. Ray which direction would you go there over under on Cleveland fire and I don't trust Cleveland to do anything well. I'd go under a match because just because. You have to prove to me that you no longer suck FT sucked long day. Nobody goes. No wins one win two wins one win nine means that that happened. More importantly. If Cleveland serves winning games who's the new joke of the NFL. Who becomes the laughingstock this is a great question it just came in on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex like shut up for a late who would be in the new laughingstock of the NFL. Good question I mean you look at an organization like Miami team that hasn't really done much in a stretch but this is Marino has been that long. I mean how much futility the need to compare with the browns and their futility I thought about Cincinnati but they've into the playoffs in the last. Ten years. Shop who has ended its street and the jets the jets are garbage out and bought Christian Achtenberg thing how about is that he becomes the first. Draft pick I believe in the first two rounds in NFL history to not play as single snapped his first two seasons in the league. While the first time that's ever happened where you've had a draft pick in the first two rounds. Not clear single snap in the first who's not even our snapped not even us Cingular seven in the raiders signed him get rid of them after four minutes that's currently. Yeah that's not know for whatever laws. I'm all right it's time for World Cup date women in music and we do this. All right did we'll start with you give us the rundown on where you had to give us the rundown on picks happening for the rest of today's games into early tomorrow morning we'll Poland has scored much to the chagrin of one Raymond. The draw very much in play despite his race saying that. I expect pollen and ask your. And you they have they scored so yes sir first goal and six open. Yes as I predicted they would book. You can have a draw than a goalmouth that a team also doesn't snore but I digest as we like to say what and head EW likes. Actually everyone on this program I think that we know you obviously don't tune enough and energy spent on the ground. That's par heads park the policy had been chewing tobacco. As I don't have an eye on the cheese dip and over the Iran pageant in Egypt and Russia the 11 o'clock game at. Everything points to where you'd figure Egypt as you know we would most a lot coming back but the games in Russia. And people love to fix things. Go to the ruse skis one nil in the Russian uptake in Russia are right let's work our way to the back room nice guy Steve and congratulations. On the England victory yesterday bring. Erase doubts Tunisia squad. How do you see it Egypt of course his mother last I'm no batting ma'am I'm gonna head the over under much and take Russia to one. You think Russian Su one. Oh you mean did both have Russia. Cody the producer. Put the British how do you see it Egypt vs Russia. Well most solid back today but he calls cousin Robert Dunn at Santa Clara to help ease his defense mother Russia rolls through enough and and it's a no Russia rolls threat. Now pot melt in the entire. A big opportunity to get on the air he's not back their opening Andre is back there now and how do you see any teacher vs Russia are consoles on one goal 10. Puts a lot the best friends very nicely Diana how do you see. I'm siding with the fair and go on with the king of the Egypt here most dialogue going three to Egypt OK so that's now super day I did read. The big game coming up what do you think him. What kind. I don't know talent but that's left I'm hotel he did you know we'll Condit come kinda all right we'll kind. You have malaria and they can't be stopped. Just thought moving me. It's like yeah I'm gonna feel I'm gonna put this on emotion. I do you feel like an idiot if you went against Russia and Russia ends up winning because like you said it's can we believe any thing here is gonna be played above board. Give me a reason why should assume that this didn't have any sort of outside influence weigh in Russia's learning kit sponsored by at Cambridge analytic I. Take Russia very yet thank I think Russia on the impression wins and you know the World Cup mystic she could stop bad. And lets you figure all present and handle a lot of heart leaving your audience at this point because yeah. Realized yet you like Egypt tried ranked I don't you know it's out now as well kinda is the comes on the right it would O'Connor. Yes and while we're at it let's hook up some listeners it is an opportunity we are giving our listeners any guest. The opportunity to come in to 957 to game our studios to take a picture with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy. Beginning today at the conclusion of every hour on the show were going to play no they shell or we're gonna. Ask a question based on what we've talked about the previous hour. The first person to call the contest line. At 4154026865. Ends up winning. 4154026865. The question for the 9 o'clock hour is his final. Is as follows that. What is re read those favorite baseball movie. 4154026865. What is ray Raddatz David baseball movie ready. I was pleasant working with the last two days I know I did but treasury cumin and had a good time and now imagine that thrilled to tell her. Yeah your pretty jest about that ID go and drink in one way or another certain times but thank you for coming and we appreciate it the tortoise against them. Without too much of that too much are waiting on us. I was in fifth that was way too. Horror began studying the bureau are coming up next they'll be on from ten to noon for did Sarah and up for re I'm Joseph thanks rang analogous to everybody we're back tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 957 the game.